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VIOLET RAY Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine


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This issue features articles on personal growth, healing and spirituality. Our regular columnists continue to share guidance from the questions that you submitted in What’s Above, Insights From The Dream Expert and Where Is The Joy. Also with the oil spill continuing to pollute the Gulf of Mexico, be sure to check out the Ask Dr. Evers column on page 25 and Dr. Masaru Emoto’s Healing Prayer For The Gulf on page 16. Remember we are not powerless…our thoughts are the most powerful thing on the planet. I believe that through prayer and affirmations we CAN make a difference.

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ON THE COVER - “AUTUMN TREE” BY LAURA DOSTALER Words from the Artist: "Perhaps man should be more like a tree, embraced to the earth yet reaching for the sky."

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Until the next issue… With Love and Light,

Carol Uchytil Editor

Laura Dostaler lives near Edmonton where she is a student who enjoys living life. If you are interested in more of her work Laura can be contacted at:


In Every Issue 8

What’s Above - With Clairvoyant Kim


Insights From The Dream Expert - By Irene Martina


Where Is The Joy? - By Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod


Ask Dr. Evers - The Affirmation Doctor - By Dr. Anne Marie Evers


On The Cover 6

Colour Your World - By Susanne Murphy


The Gift Of Sound Healing - By Pamela Shelly


Creating Mindfulness By Creating Your Mastermind - By Christine Relic, M.Ed., CCP


What Is A Mantra And How Does It Work - By Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Namadeva Acharya

In This Issue 10

White Light… New Age Drug Of Choice - By Sarah Salter - Kelly


Your Beliefs Impact Your Self-Talk - By Suze Casey


Some Thoughts On Qi Gong - By Steven Logan


Creating Positive Change - By Abe Brown, B.Th., C.P.C., C.M.C


Coming Out Of Your Cluttered Closet - By Janelle HarrisBorm

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Not Yet - By Marlene Buffa Angel Connections - By Grace Diamond

10 Autumn 2010 T H E V I O L E T R AY | 5

Colour Your World By Susanne Murphy WHAT IS COLOUR? Our main energy source is sunlight and the entire spectrum of colour is derived from light. The colour spectrum lies in the middle of the electromagnetic range, but colour is the only vibration that we can visually perceive. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the colours of light through the prism. We can see the seven colours in a raindrop, rainbow or a snowflake. Each colour has its own wavelength and frequency, which produces a specific energy and can affect us physically, emotionally and mentally through our endocrine system. Every person has seven major energy centres (chakras) and each centre is governed by a major gland and one of the seven colour energies. We receive colour nutrition from the sun, food, herbs, essential oils, minerals, sound, colour bathing, clothing, decor, etc. HOW DO I KNOW IF A COLOUR IS AFFECTING ME? To fully understand the power of colour energy, we suggest that you keep a journal of how you felt after using a colour. For example, after using a colour note if you felt more emotional, mentally alert, physically energized, spiritually uplifted, etc. Also, we have found that the more senses you are able to stimulate at the same time by using only one colour vibration, the more likely you are to notice the effects! You can easily do this by creating a complete colour therapy treatment. For example, take a Colour Bath® with a matching essential oil, thereby simultaneously stimulating your sense of sight, touch and smell. By also listening to music that connects to that chakra you enhance the experience even more. If you also eat, drink and wear that colour you will increase the colour’s effect

power ten-fold! Generally, if you focus on one colour for a complete day, you will feel a difference! THE VIOLET RAY… Since this magazine is called the Violet Ray, I thought it would be most appropriate to write about the Violet colour. The Violet colour connects to our Crown Chakra. It is known as the colour linked to our knowing and spiritual self. Some of the qualities of the Violet colour are inspiration, charisma and being able to see the beauty in life. It also purifies thoughts and feelings and increases artistic and creative abilities – Da Vinci & Einstein used the Violet energy for inspiration. Violet is used to support the lymphatic and central nervous system. The Violet colour helps kill bacteria and heal skin rashes. VIOLET ENERGY IS YOUR VISIONARY/SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE When seeking a higher creative energy, use the VIOLET colour! VIOLET expresses your connection to the highest power and deepens your spiritual beliefs and values. It integrates your consciousness and your subconsciousness, allowing you to connect to the super-consciousness. USE VIOLET ENERGY TO . . . - connect to your inspiration and strengthen your spiritual values. VIOLET is the energy of a higher knowledge and your right to aspire and reach your visions and dreams. Tap into the universal energy flow (unlimited creative energy)! - alleviate emotional problems, and clear the situation you are in. VIOLET stimulates creativity and deep insights, helping with mental blocks. It opens you to trust the universe and your

6 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

spiritual reality. - integrate one’s intuitive energy with one’s intellect (right and left brain hemispheres) as well as one’s feminine energy with one’s masculine energy. VIOLET energy helps in situations of equilibrium imbalance. - stimulate hair growth. VIOLET is also known to kill bacteria and help heal skin rashes such as eczema.

Susanne Murphy is a colour expert and has been teaching about colour for over 17 years. You can read more about colour healing at


WITH Psychic Consultant, Teacher, & Author

There are several books that discuss colours and the chakra system. One of my favorite books is titled Colour Energy, by Inger Naess. The author approaches colour as an intelligence that exists within our personality. Red people are practical thinkers and blue people are great with finances. She states that we are all colours but each with our own colour-coded system. How you use your energy centres defines your personality, which makes perfect sense.


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Autumn 2010 T H E V I O L E T R AY | 7

W hat’s Above With Clairvoyant Kim Dear Kim,

where you are giving back somehow. Listen to it.

My Aunt was killed by her husband in a murder-suicide decades ago. I researched the crime and found the police report. Recently, a friend and I visited the land where the murder took place. A large beautiful butterfly landed in our path - twice. The butterfly seemed out of place and came from nowhere, no flowers around, just grass. It occurred to me later that it could have been a sign from her spirit. Am I right? And if yes, could this mean that my Aunt's spirit is trapped in the place where she was so violently killed? Is there a way for me to help her spirit to be released?

I recently had a reading with another psychic where I was told that I would have another child and it would be my mother-in-law reincarnated. I have never believed or understood reincarnation, so her comment was quite distressing to me. Is it possible for my mother-in-law to return as the soul of my new child?

~ Iris T., Calgary, Alberta ~ Wow, what a story. I really feel that the butterfly was your Aunt's way of letting you know that she was there with you when you were visiting the place where she passed away, and that she is at peace. Butterflies are free and beautiful, and she wants you to know that regardless of her violent passing, that she is with you, and is not part of her horrific death any more. She is free from it. Also know that when we think about a soul that has crossed over, it is similar to sending a text message. They receive the message, and it draws them in closer. Thoughts are energy. When you are at their home, grave, tree, etc. and you are naturally thinking of them, you can know, for sure, that "they� are there with you, too. I have some questions about my grandma. I feel her around all the time and I would love to talk to her . . . how would I do this? Also, I feel like I am here for something bigger than what I am doing now . . . but I do not know how to find out what that "something" is?

~ Laura H., Hinton, Alberta ~ With the universe, anything is possible, but it is highly, and I mean very unlikely that your next child will be the same soul as your mother-in-law, so relax. Every soul does reincarnate, but souls are not in a big hurry to return in physical form. I believe for most souls that it is about 100 life years before we return, but again, anything is possible. Earth is a big university campus, where we are all taking different classes with different lessons to learn. And, for some of us, we have to keep that same class over and over again, until we get it. Lessons are repeated until we get them, and learning never ends. Our souls are constantly a work in progress, whether we are in the physical or spiritual world. So, we come to learn, and every life brings us closer to some place of perfection, which none of us are close to yet. We are just learning that our son may have autism. In the past, you have mentioned that children three and under are like little mediums. Will my little guy lose this ability to see our loved ones from the past or will he keep it because he resides in his own realm and may not understand that he is not supposed to see them? ~ Angela R.,Lacombe, Alberta ~

~ Rachele D., Red Deer, Alberta ~ Just talk to her. In your thoughts or out loud, it doesn't matter. She did not die, she changed form. She is with you all the time that is why you feel her so close. Watch for prompts, thoughts, songs, anything that makes you stop and think of her, it is her. As for life, when a person has an overall feeling that there is something missing from their life/work, it means that their life/work lacks meaning. They may be very good at their job, but feel as though they did not, or are not, making a difference. Nurses and teachers may feel over worked and under paid but they do not feel empty at the end of the day. They have done something. Not everyone can work in service, but volunteering can be a way to fill that void. That "pull� that you are feeling, is letting you know that you should be in a job 8 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

Great Question! I believe that as long as your beautiful son is not aware that there is a difference between physical and spirit form, he will probably continue to make a connection with them ( a grandmother and a small child is very close to him). Souls are always drawn to who needs them the most, so if your son needs more, they will always stay closer to him. Kim Dennis is a proven clairvoyant medium who resides in Calgary. She is the author of the book What's Above?, a radio host on 1060 AM in Calgary, Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. and is currently producing a second television program. Her CD is available on at We invite you to send your questions about the afterlife to Kim by logging onto The Violet Ray Website at

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White Light … New Age Drug Of Choice By Sarah Salter-Kelly White Light… the hottest pill of the new age. Everybody is taking it; it’s “over the counter,” easy to get, easy to use…no cash required. All you need is the etheric ability to visualize 100% pure white light. Unfortunately there is no warning on the etheric bottle as to what the consequences of ingestion are, such as avoidance, spiritual irresponsibility, lack of accountability, or loss of integrity. Not to mention drowning in its image of perfection, possibly even over-dosing. It is the latest form of fundamentalism that is taking the spirit out of our healing, with an even greater illusion of security, severing us from the raw physical beauty of our earthly experience. On a personal level it is inhibiting our natural ability to know who we are. On a global lever it is enabling us to abdicate responsibility for what we have created in our world. We came here to FEEL… personally I have never been one for taking pills…. The concept of white light is based on the perfection of the divine. Its roots having a solid foundation upon which to take hold. However, in our human understanding of this perfection we misconstrue the regulations required to access it (which are make- believe) by applying rules, structure and format that we believe are necessary. Does this sound familiar? Is this not how we have allowed organized religions to hold power over us for 1000’s of years? The infinite perfection of the divine

Medicine Spirit Center Sarah Salter-Kelly - Reiki Master Teacher - Integrative Healer - Aromatherapist

- Full Moon Fires - New Moon Circles - Inca Medicine Wheels

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10 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

holds no structure… knows no boundaries. What we are doing once again in a “New Age” way, is assuming we must control the method in which we access our divinity, and therefore our inner mirror of God. We are doing this under the guise of “light workers” drawing forth the white light. In truth we are repeating a pattern in our Collective Consciousness that says we need to think “pure” thoughts to know God. What if there are no rules? What if the method of utilizing only the positive, only the white light limits our ability to delve into the mystery of who we truly are. The wounds we carry, the experiences we have created do not fit into a good/bad, positive/negative category. Our thoughts do not either. We contain darkness as equivocally as we contain light. It is through our willingness to understand our darkness that we may know our light. That which we deem negative, judgmental, shameful, embarrassing or painful are elements of our shadow side. Often times they are embodied by our inner predator and we react to them in a fight or flight response. We run from that which we fear within, losing sight of the fact that we are running from ourselves. When we begin the path of healing our lives and taking responsibility for our participation in them we are not often presented with tools to know these shadows. We are often taught to simply send them away, to surround them in white light, to focus on the positive. To bite down on that pill of light and allow yourself to become numb to what it is you need to heal. How can this possibly make any sense? Imagine the ancient Chinese symbol of the Yin Yang; white holding black, black holding white in an endless circle of balance. Honouring and knowing our darkness teaches us of our light. Blanketing it in white light gives us the excuse to run from that which we are afraid of seeing within. The white light pill is mis-informing those who want to heal with the illusion that you must control what you feel. If the

ultimate goal in our personal awakening is for each of us to embody the divine and grow the God within, then we need to allow ourselves to feel all… that is, to connect with and understand that which we are in relationship with. Know that our internal universe is a mirror for our external universe, reflecting what we need to see in ourselves and our world; giving us the signs of what we really need to work on to shift our vibration and heal. If we continuously send white light to what we do not like in our lives in an effort to force it away we will never learn the medicine of our wounds. We will never understand the magic behind all of the experiences we have created, especially the deeply painful ones.

ry in the gulf of Florida announcing to the world that they have sealed it with white light and not to worry? Would that heal the waters? Would that solve the problem, or assist them in taking responsibility? How do you think the oil soaked birds and water creatures would respond to that? However if we used our collective ability to shine that white light into the root of the problem healing is possible. We would have to be willing to accept what we see, that each of us have a part in this catastrophe … That the root may actually be based in our consumption, our lust for more…The leak may be in fact a mirror for what we all have going on inside. However, that is another story….

Each of you need to ask yourself what your intent is behind your awakening process, and if it truly is what you want. Are you aware of what awakening truly means? Awakening is the process of shifting your perspective to understand everything you are in relationship with and how these relationships have created your current experience. It is the power of observing who you are and how you engage in your life from a place of non-attachment, moving beyond the personal to “SEE” without getting stuck in drama. Then taking that understanding and utilizing it to heal all your relationships (with people, events, experiences, wounds, grief, pain etc.) so that you are empowered to co-create your life NOW with Great Spirit in accordance with your purpose and in balance with all your relations. It is about responsibility. This means a lot of work, and it means no work at all… Simply by showing up and trusting your intuitive nature in each moment you are guided to what you need to do to heal. You are shown what action to take in each moment, and where you may have limited your experiences in the past due to beliefs or wounds. Shining light on them, bringing the white light to them, rather than blanketing them, will allow you to know them and heal them. This is freedom, this is liberation. It is the choice behind recognizing a headache is signaling you to a deeper internal imbalance, or popping a pill.

Sarah Salter-Kelly is a ceremonialist, teacher and healer. Her history is laced with Integrative Holistic therapies such as Reiki Master Teacher, Andean Soul Retrieval, Alchemical Healer, Stone/Crystal healing, and Aromatherapy. She weaves these healing strands together to assist you in your healing process, working out of Medicine Spirit Center near Pigeon Lake or at the And Now Center in Edmonton. Sarah teaches the Inca Medicine Wheel in Alberta with Medicine Woman Denise Kinch. For more information on workshops or to book a session contact 780-314-9150 or Please see Ads previous page and on page 30

In this powerful time we live in we have an opportunity to bring our duality into balance. To be responsible for who we are. To know that there is no good/bad, negative/positive, right/wrong way to live or experience. There are of course, consequences to where we choose to place our power, and what we do with our lives each day. We WILL reap what we sow; be it from a personal or global perspective. If we choose to draw white light into those places of darkness we are gifted with new vision to understand HOW we may heal. If we mask them and intentionally cover them up with a blanket of white light, we will always be running. We have to transcend the ideology of being a pill popping culture. Let go of the idea that “something” outside of ourselves will fix us. Can you imagine those responsible for causing the worst oil leak in world histo-

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Autumn 2010 T H E V I O L E T R AY | 11

The Gift Of Sound Healing By Pamela Shelly For several years I have had an interest in Sound Healing and I believe it will become one of the most known and popular methods of healing. The psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that sound would be the medicine of the future. Everything is frequency and in a state of vibration. Sound can change molecular structure and initiate transformation and healing. Jonathan Goldman states: “The different rhythms of the body may also be changed through sound. This is known as ‘entrainment’ and involves the ability of the more powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object to change the less powerful rhythmic vibrations of another object. These principles of using resonance and entrainment are the fundamental concepts behind the use of sound to heal and transform. In groups, sacred sound can influence not only ourselves and those around us, but can adjust the planet to a new level of consciousness.” Sound provides a gateway for healing and higher consciousness. A few of the benefits of sound healing are: • deep relaxation • managing stress • pain reduction • achieving a state of unification and an altered state of consciousness • balancing and harmonizing the physical and energetic body A couple of years ago I realized I was working closely with the Hathors when one showed up briefly in front of me. The Hathors are an ascended civilization of inter-dimensional masters who have served our planet’s evolution and ascension for over 850,000 years. They are "healers of healers". The Egyptian goddess Hathor represents strongly their feminine nurturing and uplifting presence. That experience helped me understand why I was hearing strange noises over and over in my head for a couple of days. They sounded familiar to me but I didn’t understand the significance. After that experience, I began offering sound healing workshops. I have been attracting people to my workshops who are also aware they are working with the Hathors. These beings of unconditional love are working with more and more people to assist with the shift of consciousness we are now experiencing. Tom Kenyon is one of the best known people who works closely with the Hathors. He has also channeled the Hathor's message with Virginia Essene in a great book titled, The Hathor Material in which they introduced themselves to Tom Kenyon: “We are the Hathors. We come in love and with the sounding of a new dream reality for your earth. If you are ready to build the new world, we invite you to join us on a journey of the mind and heart. We are your elder brothers and sisters. We have been with you for a very long period of your evolution on this planet. We were with you in eons past - even 12 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

in the forgotten days before any trace of us is known in your present written history.” The Hathors say that they are a group of inter-dimensional, inter-galactic beings. While they do offer information in the form of language, their primary mode of communication is through catalytic sound patterns. These sounds are “channeled” through voice during “sound meditations.” In my workshops I call in the Hathors and we do a variety of toning exercises. I also use a variety of other tools including tuning forks, a gemstone infused crystal bowl, chimes, rattles and song pods. There are a large variety of tuning forks which produce pure sounds when tapped. The human body is like a resonating board to the pulses of the universe, since we are mostly made of water and water conducts sound. Cells will resonate with the sounds they are surrounded with in daily life. These vibrations can be strengthening or debilitating. The most harm comes from the fact that we are not aware that we are being affected. With using tuning forks, energy blocks can be released and the physical system brought back into alignment. Spiritual, emotional and mental bodies can also be balanced by using the tuning fork to create pure sounds that the nervous system and the whole body can attune to. One of my favorite Sound Healing tools are song pods. My clients also favor them. I first experienced song pods at the Crystal Skull Guardian Conference in Angel Valley, Sedona a couple of years ago. A lovely lady, Flordemayo used these prior to the beginning of the conference in a group ceremony. To help explain what they are I have taken some information from the website: “These are handcrafted by the last grand daughter in a lineage of Iroquois medicine women. They are often used by energy workers, massage therapists, hospitals, music/sound therapists, and others. The song pods are made of metal and contain Herkimer diamonds (which are healing crystals), meteor shards, antique beads, and magic. Autistic children have often “come out" to meet a song pod halfway. Babies in their mothers' wombs respond to a song pod serenade and critical care units in pediatric hospitals are reacting at sick babies' response to hearing the song pods.” If you have an interest in Sound Healing I encourage you to explore it. The Hathors may show up in your life to work with, and through you, to share their transformative gifts. Pamela Shelly is a Transformational Teacher with years of multi-faceted training and works closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters. She teaches the Advanced Tools For Self-Mastery workshop to assist you in discovering your unique gifts and abilities, move through your blocks and fulfill your Divine Life Purpose. See Ad on page 30

Your Beliefs Impact Your Self-Talk By Suze Casey If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to yourself, how many friends would you have? For most of us, the answer to this question would be “Not very many!” The reason? Because we frequently berate ourselves – putting ourselves down, and beating ourselves up. That little negative voice inside that tells us: “You can’t do that, you aren’t smart enough, you’ll probably fail, it’s too scary, you aren’t good enough,” and so on… is damaging to your self-concept, and to your success. Did you know you can teach that voice to say something else? Your inner voice can say something supportive, something positive, something real - without digging up the reasons behind the negative dialogue. Simply put, your current reality, your viewpoint, is a product of all your learning – parents, school, work, media, society – reinforced through your inner dialogue. That learning is directly responsible for what you believe about yourself, and the world around you. Some of your beliefs are positive, supportive and empowering. Some are not. So how do you get rid of the beliefs that don’t serve you? You create new ones. You are the engineer of your own life, so when the road you are on is full of potholes, ruts, bumps and roadblocks, consider building a new road instead of labouring to patch up the existing one you’re driving on. Belief Re-patterning™ is a revolutionary technique that addresses how you are able to identify those beliefs that do not serve you and replace them with new beliefs that will literally open up the doors to create the life you desire. It is an extremely effective method for creating calm, peace of mind and the ability to live your life “on purpose.” The result? Your life improves, including the quality of your relationships, your ability to be resilient to challenges, and your success in accomplishing goals. You will even discover the powerful link between your beliefs and your physical health! Quiet that voice inside that pulls you down and replace it with a new inner conversation that will support your potential, encourage you and love you. Witness the powerful ripple effect on your entire life; personally, professionally, emotionally and spiritually. Belief Re-patterning™ is painless, profound and delivers immediate, effective and lasting results. The Belief Re-patterning™ technique is facilitated by licensed practitioners and can be experienced in person, over the phone or via skype. Group presentations, seminars, courses and individual consultations are available. To learn more visit or contact our head office at 403-286-9380.

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Insights From The Dream Expert - Irene Martina Dear Dreamers, You are the writer, producer, director and star of all your dreams. Only you can really interpret your dreams. The language of dreams is symbols, metaphors and emotions. As our minds are unconscious in dreams, your dream “creator” can only pull information stored in your brain (data base) and try to use this to give you a dream message. I try to give guidelines to what the dreams may mean however you must ask yourselfwhat does the symbol, person, color, emotion etc. mean to me in my dreams?

they are trying to tell us something. The main recurring theme is the baby which often represents our vulnerability over some situations in our life. We often dream of babies when we need to look at our feelings and see if we are feeling vulnerable about something. Baby dreams can take us to a spiritual level if we are looking for a sense of nurturing self or a place of innocence is wanted or needed in our life. Rarely can dreams be taken literally. If we look at the other symbols with the baby you might connect your dream to the following:

Only you really know the answer and if what I say should resonate in a small or big way then you are on track to understanding what your symbols are meaning. My suggestions below are only my ideas and not meant to be replacing your own dream language or interpretations.

Breast feeding/forgot to feed baby- breasts in a dream are very common and often considered to mean nourishment, mothering, love and protection. This could be triggered by concerns about your children and even about yourself. Do you need to protect, nourish and love yourself more? You may be feeling vulnerable and you may need to consider having a breast exam.

To access Irene’s interactive column or submit a dream question logon to For more on Irene please visit her website at

Dear Irene, I am reading your book; Dream Talk- Your Hidden Biography - which my son gave me for my birthday. I am fascinated with dreams and love to go to bed at night just to dream. Over the last 12 months I have been dreaming almost nightly of babies. In my dream I am breast feeding; holding my baby; forgot to feed my baby or lost the baby. I have dreams of other people having babies. I have so many baby dreams that I’m sure there is something they are desperately trying to tell me. I even put my 16 year old daughter on birth control pills in case she was the reason for these dreams! However I still dream constantly of babies and I have 4 beautiful children with no desire to have anymore. ~ Judy R. ~ Dear Judy, Recurring dreams often have a sense of anxiety involved in them and this creates a strong need in us to pay attention to them as 14 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

Other people’s babies- if you recognize the people in the dream as someone in your life this could indicate that you have or may be afraid of being hurt or unsure of something in your relationship with them. I hope this may resonate way with you and if you have finished my dream book I would love to hear some feedback. Dear Irene, Here is my dream although I didn't think I was actually sleeping. I felt a presence in the room and walking behind me. I had a second of fear and than calm. I felt hands tapping on my shoulders and I heard myself say - "that feels good" and then someone said: “Just getting your energy going”. Next my mom is beside me as clear as can be. She is laying face down as if on someone and she says that if she puts her right breast on my liver it would help. We both turn and see our

reflection as if she is laying on me and we both start laughing. Then she is lying beside me and we are looking at each other. I asked her what she was doing here. She touched my cheek and said "to help you".

Reiki Master / Teacher - Reflexologist - Regression Therapist / Intuitive Counsellor

She starts to talk about the other side & how it is kinda picky or something like that. I said: “I thought it was supposed to be beautiful.” She looked away and said “It’s a miracle" and left. I called to her not to leave me and she was gone. I felt my stomach burn and I woke up just as the phone rang. Irene, this was soooooo real, I cannot even explain it. I did wake up with more energy and a lot of questions. Dreams are funny. They never seem to make sense so I am looking forward to what you have to say. ~ Terry~ Dear Terry,

SOUL IMPRINTS By Carol Jay Uchytil

There is a fine line between dreams, spiritual visitations and reality and it is hard to know which can be which. This dream/visit seems to focus on connecting your energy and wanting to assist you in the way of helping and/or healing you. Mothers always try to protect their children and when we are given assistance and help from dreams or visitors we have to ask ourselves what issues are going on inside of us at that time. Were you concerned about someone’s health or your own? The liver is symbolic of suppressed anger and irritability, right is the future and her breast could have been her way of healing and nourishing you. Your mother had a desire to come to you and for whatever reason she wanted to assist you. Perhaps it was to just get your energy moving or to uplift you in some way. The stomach is our way of digesting and if you were having digestive (emotional) problems before the dream or just when the burning happened it could have been for a healing as well. We don’t always know the reasons behind dreams or visits and I take them all as gifts and blessings. I hope you thanked her for the visit.

A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. It takes several hours to complete a Soul Imprint and since energy has no boundaries the client is not present. The print is 8”x10” and comes framed. For samples or information see “Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing. If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina SEE OUTSIDE BACK COVER FOR DISCOUNT

Sweet Dreams Everyone!

Carol at 403-358-1656

Blessings, Irene

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Natural Health News NHPPA DISCUSSION PAPER ON BILL C-36 CANADA CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY ACT A 46 page document by Shawn Buckley was released to the public for the first time, June 17, 2010. The NHPPA feels that it is important for Canadians to understand why Bill C-36 must be permanently opposed. The relevance of the threats found in Bill C-36 that pertain to the Natural Health Community are outlined in this work. The NHPPA is prepared to work with Canadian businesses, citizens and the NHP community to remove the threat of Bill C-36 and act to protect our rights and freedoms. On Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq

introduced Bill C-36, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act. Bill C-36 is the old Bill C-6. In 2009, tens of thousands of Canadians let our Members of Parliament and Senators know this type of legislation was dangerous to pass into Canada's law. NHPPA'S 3 PART PLAN LAUNCHED IN EARLY 2010 MOVES FORWARD 1) Seek a suspension of Current Regulations; 2) Start court proceedings to have the Natural Health Product Regulations declared unconstitutional and 3) Move to have the Charter of Health Freedom enacted. For more information visit to read NHPPA’s 3 Part Plan on Bill C-36.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's Healing Prayer For The Gulf This request was passed on to The Violet Ray by Anita Adrain to share with others to set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming in order to perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico. Right now, most of us may have an angry emotion when we consider what is happening in the Gulf. And while certainly we are justified in that emotion, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms, if we sincerely, powerfully and humbly pray the prayer that Dr. Emoto, himself, has

proposed. "I send the energy of love and gratitude to the water and all the living creatures in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings. To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, plankton, coral, algae, and all living creatures . . . I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. " We are not powerless. We are powerful! Our united energy, speaking this prayer daily...multiple times daily....can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening. We don't have to know how......we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any power active in the Universe today.


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Some Thoughts On Qi Gong By Steven Logan "Qi gong, also called Nei Gong (Internal Gongfu), is a practice that has been used by the Chinese people for thousands of years both to improve and maintain health and to develop greater power for the martial arts. Gong means work in Chinese, and Qi is the energy that circulated within the body, so Qi gong means the cultivation of the body's energy to increase and control its circulation.� Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming The universe contains vast amounts of energy in varying stages and types of manifestation; suns, swirling galaxies, earthquakes, lightning, and towering ocean waves all made from and transmitting endless amounts of energy. I believe the primal source of all this energy is spirit - the creative energy of and the substance of all manifestations. With spirit equally available everywhere I see Qi Gong as an exercise in opening up to, and allowing this energy to flow through me. No need to store, conserve or contain what is freely available in limitless quantities. So Qi Gong becomes an exercise in allowing, opening, softening, filling, flowing, and smiling. Qi is spirit and spirit is love, happiness, creativity, beauty, joy, and intelligence.

Finger Chan. These simple, loosely static forms are simple to perform and being static, take little conscious attention. I hold myself loosely in the posture allowing the qi to move me in ways which bring greater openness and balance. Sometimes the movements are gentle, sometimes wild. If I tire of the movement I bring myself back towards stillness. The qi always responds to my intentions and desires. Wild if I allow it, gentle if I wish it. The energy is spirit. I am spirit. This energy is me, I am this energy. In Qi Gong practice I remember this. My approach to Qi Gong is to find a technique that will hold my attention, so that I spend time each day with my intention to experience more qi, more openness to qi, more flow of qi. I believe qi is everywhere without limit, so my goal is to be open to an ever increasing flow of qi and to be able to feel and understand the flow of qi in all things. So I stand and I smile and I love the feeling of qi flowing through me. See for a Qi Gong Exercise.

Steven Logan has practiced, studied and taught Tai Chi since 1984 and Qi Gong since 1992.

Your Natural Wellness Shoppe For Body, Mind & Spirit

Innate intelligence! When I am practicing qi gong I let the energy go where and how it wants. The energy is intelligent and compassionate, caring. I open to the flow and allow the intelligence in the flow of energy help me to be even more open. The flow of qi compels motion which helps my body to relax. The flow finds blockages and softens them or breaks them up; being soft or hard, whatever is most expedient. It does this because that is my intention. Since qi always follows my intention, I keep my focus on the feel of the qi and my intention on what I want to achieve; more energy, more filling, more flow. Qi Gong practice is a means of connecting to spirit. I want techniques that are simple to perform, taking little thought or attention so I can focus on the feeling of qi and be open to its flow. If I was an accomplished dancer or pianist these might be perfect as a means to practice Qi Gong. Anything I can perform more or less unconsciously can be a means to practice Qi Gong. I have chosen the simple standing techniques of One

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Creating Mindfulness By Creating Your Mastermind By Christine Relic, M.Ed., CCP Life Coach / Director of Central Alberta Martial Arts Ctr. We have heard time and time again that in order to experience peace, within ourselves and within our world, we must first create a state of mindfulness. Mindfulness is our ability to acknowledge and appreciate every waking moment and to understand the connection of these moments to all of humankind. In other words, mindfulness allows for deep connection to our inner thoughts and to see them for exactly what they are worth and thus, allows us to transform negative and non-serving thoughts to ones that are positive and peaceful. Peace is our will to be mindful, and mindfulness is achieved through introspective daily activity such as meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, or a walk in nature. Through daily introspection we become better acquainted with how we feel about our feelings, and therefore we are more equipped to deal with them accordingly. So instead of dealing with a “Tsunami” of feelings that may drown us throughout our busy days and chaotic lives, mindfulness enables us to observe our feelings and allow the “Tsunami” to transform into gentle waves that simply pass us by, no longer disrupting our current state of being. When society as a whole can reach this, we then have individual, communal and societal peace through the means of mindfulness. Yet, to achieve mindfulness we must not only understand the concept of peace, but we must also embrace the concept of our mind. Did you know that we have not one, but three minds? This

18 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

does not mean we now must master three minds—in fact, mastering anything only gives that particular thing that we are so trying desperately to master even more power—rather, it means that we do our best to harmonize and collaborate our three minds so that we create a fourth mind … a very powerful mind … your mastermind. Our three minds include the Left Mind or Cortex Mind, The Right Mind or Limbic Mind, and the Reptilian Mind (our heart). The Left Mind controls the right side of our body and is responsible for our reasoning, calculations, logic and our need for order and control. It’s also the part of ourselves that has the most trouble letting go of our need to control and embrace chaos. The Right Mind controls the left side of our body and is responsible for our feelings and attachments to things and people. It is responsible for our creative, artistic and overall expressive components of ourselves. It’s what makes us cry over a good “chick flick,” what makes our heart skip a beat when we are in love, or what makes us want to thrash the laptop after a hard day at the office. The Reptilian Mind is our most important mind of all. Although scientists merely view this mind as our instinctive drive and need for survival, to help us better understand this portion of our mind we must first realize that in the grand scheme of things, science is considerably new and therefore the necessity to see the Reptilian Mind from a spiritual perspective is still lost in translation. Yet, if we allow ourselves to do so, we can quickly see that this part of mind is not only guided by instinct but primarily by intuition. Thus, the Reptilian Mind is an extension of the heart, which implies it is the highest aspect of the mind. It is therefore responsible for our dreams, past lives, past experiences and life lessons, as well as our higher calling or purpose in life. We must think and feel with our hearts in terms of ourselves and others in order to live a life

that is intuitively guided and experienced. Nonetheless, we have somehow forgotten about the importance of our Reptilian or Heart Mind and have all too often relied on our Left or Right Mind to lead us to feel, think and act either too logically or too emotionally. Instead, we must begin to balance these three minds, allowing for our third mind—our heart— to be our primary leader in terms of our daily decisions and actions. For example, tools such as meditation and relinquishing our preconceived values, judgments and other errors of perception can help balance our Left Mind; eating high-vibration foods such as fresh and organic fruits and vegetables can create a better state of emotions and therefore aid to balance the Right Mind; and daily Qi Gong, deep breathing, communal service, and humanitarian work will lend way to creating a more “open heart� thus open mind and intuitive nature. Although these tools may seem ambiguous at first, your first and most essential realization to achieving your mastermind, is to become aware that your mind is indeed three separate minds that need to be synergistically aligned for the betterment of yourself and all others. Then, begin to focus foremost on your Heart Mind and your own unique tools that promote openness and instinctive guidance. Inevitably, as your Heart Mind begins to open, so too will more awareness and understanding of additional tools, that you need most, to bring your three minds into an entire state of balance and existence. By creating balance among our three minds, we create a Mastermind, a fourth mind that is synergistically interdependent among your three minds. In other words, by embodying various tools that aim for mind balance, your mind inevitably becomes one strong working unit that can more easily achieve mindfulness. And, it is when you can experience daily mindfulness is when you will experience peace within yourself and within the world. With over 13 years of practical experience in the Health, Wellness & Personal Development Industry, Christine Relic has provided Leadership, Career Coaching, and Wellness strategies to various individuals and businesses. As an author, public speaker, and life coach, she has created many programs that promote Life Mastery Skills. Christine holds B.Comm. and M.Ed. degrees in Business Leadership and Education with a focus on Community Development and Change. Christine has 10 years of experience in Karate, Tai Chi & Qi Gong. She currently operates a successful Martial Arts & Personal Development School that emphasizes valuable “Life Skills� through the teaching of traditional martial arts. For more information visit

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Where Is The Joy?

By Juey Ann McLeod - The Sexual and Relationship Expert Juey Ann MacLeod is a Life Coach assisting individuals and couples to resolve sexual and relationship issues, sexual abuse patterns and facilitates personal growth steps. JOY Inc. was created 10 years ago along with the first Art of Joy-ful Loving Workshop. The continually increasing variety of JOY Workshops has assisted many people to empower themselves and enhance their relationships. Juey Ann will provide answers to the questions you always wanted to ask about sexual and relationship issues. For more information call 888-358-8789 or to submit a question to

Dear Juey Ann, Since you help people who are lonely, can you tell me something I can do to find friends? ~ J. , Edmonton ~ Since you did not share your age or your interests, it is difficult to give a definite answer. If there is something that interests you (drawing, hiking, home repair, computers, etc.) attend a class, workshop, meeting or join a club in the subject. It will be something you can talk about easily from a place of knowing about the subject or sharing why it interests you. Participating in events that attract you brings you into contact with people of similar interests, giving you the opportunity to connect and build friendships from that introduction. Nothing grows until a seed is planted!

Desire More: Connection? Intimacy? Passion?

Contact Juey Ann at 1-888-358-8789

Once you have been around more individuals of like-mind, choose two or three you think would be especially nice to have as friends. Please keep in mind that it will not happen immediately. Go slowly and use the tips below. A few short conversations at first and remember others can be shy so do not take a non-action as a rejection; let others warm up to you. Also, remember others may be looking for the same opportunity to build friendships you are seeking. So if someone approaches you that you may not have noticed previously allow a bit of time to get to know that person. Some of the opening “conversation starts” could be “How long have you be interested in . . .?” “What got you interested in . . . . ?” A tip to get over the fear of someone liking you is to like yourself. I ask clients working on this

20 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

issue to always talk to themselves about their strengths and attributes before entering into a “new situation”. This creates a positive energy around you and assists in your attraction level. If you don’t know what your strengths are, ask your co-workers or the family members you like. The most important tip is co-creative conversation - a skill some of us have not heard of. To be co-creative, we need to be responsible for 50% of the speaking and to be 100% present. Present, means to be totally in the moment and giving your total attention. Thinking ahead to what they may say, what you want to say next, being in fear of speaking or being afraid of them not liking you is not being present. Being present with someone conveys that you want to hear what they have to say and it is important to you what they think. It is often felt as safe and honoring. This automatically allows the expansion of the heart energy that creates a sense of closeness. Another tip is to ask the other person about themselves. It also opens the door to closeness. If you are asked about yourself give a small amount of information (not your whole life story or an expert opinion) then let the other person ask more questions about what you have said. Or leave the sentence open, by asking if they have had a similar experience as you end to your sharing. These techniques help to keep the conversation going back and forth making it easier to stick to the 50% speaking rule. Nodding your head a little, smiling at certain times or bits of information and a quiet “yes” are techniques that let the other person know you are being attentive to what they are saying. Eye connection that is soft in nature – by that I mean bring a smile into your eyes – also affirms you are actively engaged in listening to them. Remembering the information shared so you can use it in conversation when you meet another time, also implies you find them interesting. For example: “Did you get the program you were challenged with last time to do what you wanted it to do?” “How was the . . . . exam on Friday?” Use a pet’s name or any other name associated with them and their life. All of these greatly assist your ability to co-create conversation with ease. The next tip is help to support the growth of the new relationship by not speaking to a third person about the information that was shared with you. You can always speak of your own experience without using the other person’s name or anything specific information about them – sharing only how it affected you. This helps to build trust in a friendship! Thank you for your question. May your friends be many!

Creating Positive Change By Abe Brown, B.Th., C.P.C., C.M.C. “I am struggling to help create positive change in the people closest to me. How can I work towards positive change in those I care about?” Most of us live our lives in close and intimate relationships with those we care about deeply. As a result, we often attempt to help them to create positive change within their lives. As parents, spouses, family members, partners, co-workers, and friends, our desire is to help them grow and blossom. Sometimes we even try too hard. We often run into roadblocks. So, how can we create positive change in those closest to us? First, Look At Your Motives. If our motives are unhealthy when creating positive change in others, they sense it intuitively. And, when they sense that our motivation is basically selfish and self-oriented, for our benefit as opposed to theirs, they will consciously and even sub-consciously resist. This keeps us honest in creating positive change in others. The reality is that leadership is all about facilitating other people’s development. To facilitate others’ progressive development, our motives must be healthy.

crucial. People will be discouraged if we seek to create positive change in them, and yet are unclear or lack specifics. People can only respond to the specific. Seek to create positive change in a way that allows people to discover the truth you want them to get for themselves. Blaise Pascal said this: “We are generally the better persuaded by the reasons we discover ourselves than by those given to us by others.” This is so true. Learn the gentle art of positive persuasion. Fifth, Look In The Mirror. Before you aspire to create positive change, insure that you are always growing, always progressing, and constantly evolving into a healthier and more complete leader. This will give those you are seeking to influence motivation, inspiration, and an example. Create positive change in others by continually allowing positive change to be created in yourself. Never give up seeking to create positive change in others. We were born to influence and help others grow. But these easy steps above will multiply your efforts abundantly. Abe Brown, B.Th., C.P.C., C.M.C. Abe Brown is the Certified

Second, Look At Your Mutual Relationship. Often we think Master Coach Trainer and Regional Vice President for the those around us should change simply because we tell them to. Certified Coaches Federation for the Atlantic Provinces, as well Perhaps we have the authority, title, or position; and think we as Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. He has been a procan just sway others with the force of our will. However, I have fessional Life and Executive Coach for over 15 years, and also discovered through much pain and frustration that people will trains others to be Life Coaches. More information can be only be influenced from within by those they have a deep and found at or by calling mutual relationship with. You cannot influence a person 1-866-455-2155. See Ad this page beyond your level of relationship with them. So, in creating positive change spend more time building the personal relationship and less time trying to steer the person. Spend BECOME A CERTIFIED LIFE COACH more time caring, and less time control- or EXECUTIVE COACH ling. Our 2 day intensive course will teach you everything you need to know to succeed. All Certified Coaches Federation graduates also receive admission

Third, Look At Your Message. The ques- (at no additional cost!) to our 1 year CCF Continuing Education Program! tion here is simple: Are you positive or Only Certified Coaches Federation™ graduates earn the negative? I learned this watching leaders esteemed Certified Life Coach Practitioner™ designations! who were frustrated, unable to motivate REGISTER TODAY: their staff, primarily because they were Certified Life Coach Courses negative and downbeat in their orienta- September 18 - 19, 2010 tion. Wanting to achieve so badly, they Winnipeg, MB - Holiday Inn Airport became pessimistic and depressing, and October 16 - 17, 2010 that negative energy could no more Regina, SK - Location TBD October 23 - 24, 2010 inspire positive change than make a Calgary, AB - Calgary Delta South flower bloom. This is not about your November 13 - 14, 2010 words, but about your energy and spirit; Edmonton, AB - Holiday Inn Express South your aura and what you emanate. Insure For further information please call: that you radiate - positive life always! 866.455.2155 or 403.389.1190 Fourth, Look At Your Method. Clarity is Autumn 2010 T H E V I O L E T R AY | 21

Coming Out Of Your Cluttered Closet By Janelle HarrisBorm It is time to come out of the closet; awareness is the first step, then acceptance. Reclaim your power. For the first time, you may feel like you belong to a majority instead of a minority. Release the guilt and shame. No, this article is not about the gay rights movement but about coming out of the cluttered closet. I am referring to average people who are productive, creative and regularly have moderate messes on their desks, in their houses and lives. Some unknown benefits of disorder include: permission to authentically be who you are, to unleash hidden possibilities as well as strengths and, finally, learn there is an individualized middle ground for you to find. Myth # 1 If there were no rules about how it should be, what would your house look like? You are living an untruth because how you normally live is not reflected to others to avoid judgment. Messiness is seen as a sign of weakness, and being less than. As a feng shui practitioner, I invite you to be courageous and acknowledge your authentic self. Stop apologizing for the condition of your home. I need to see how homes normally are,

not after a cleaning/organizing frenzy before I arrive. Your home is a direct reflection of your life. The question is what is it really saying about you? De-cluttering is an important cornerstone to better energy flow; however, it has been overdone, and needs to come from a more balanced place. The problem is that the environment can become too sterile and minimalistic. It becomes difficult to manifest what you want from this place. Myth # 2 Neatness and order are necessary to be productive, successful and organized. “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, what then, is an empty desk?” Albert Einstein asked. He kept a very messy desk yet is still considered one of the greatest minds in the world. Many inventors and Nobel Prize winners would not have brought forth discoveries in neat environments. There is a thrill of creating out of the box solutions by wading through a pile to discover things that inspire or take you in a different direction. Unearth and relish the hidden possibilities of discovering what you are hiding within yourself and your messes. You may be the next Einstein. Instead of possessing us, our things need to free us. You need to find and define your middle ground. Your mission, if you choose to accept is “ to obtain an optimal level of mess where effectiveness is maximized,” according to Abrahamson (2007, p. 215). De-cluttering should be a gentle, meaningful, and personal process. Get in tune with your natural ebb and flow cycle around this. Avoid declutter regrets of decisions made in haste. Utilize your strengths of flexibility, adaptability, efficiency, creativity, and invention (Abrahamson, 2007, p.78). Be inspired by the genius of people’s discoveries that have come forth due to their messiness. Stay tuned, the “how-to” of this new de-cluttering path will be discussed further online at Reference Abrahamson, E., & Freedman, D. (2007). A Perfect Mess. New York, NY: Back Bay Books.

Janelle HarrisBorm is a productive piler who lives in Calgary and is a feng shui and dowsing practitioner.

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Yuen Method™ Of Chinese Energetic Medicine With

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Yuen Method™ Certified Practitioner & Instructor In gaining proficiency in eliminating blockages in all of the energy systems of the body and mind, students and practitioners of the Yuen Method™ are provided the opportunity to improve their own wellbeing, as well as the ability to enhance the physical, mental and emotional health of others. In the Yuen Method™ Classes you are trained to work simultaneously with the microcosmic, intrinsic (DNA) and macrocosmic life force energy systems thereby effecting change on all levels of existence at once and eliminating the root cause of an issue. Often immediate and lasting results are available with this touch free technique. In the Level 1 Class you will learn the fundamental theory underlying the Yuen Method™ as you become familiar with all levels of existence and your energetic anatomy. You learn how to target energetic weaknesses in yourself and others and eliminate it through energetic corrections. In the Level 2 Class you learn how to speed up the process to achieve immediate and lasting results with fewer energetic corrections. You will gain a working knowledge of basic physiology and become proficient in eliminating physical aches and pains. In the Level 3 Class you learn specialized protocols for dealing with weight loss, tumors and other complex conditions. Relationships, finances and rejuvenation are covered in depth in this module. Anyone can learn the Yuen Method™. It is a simple and straight forward technique that can be easily integrated into everyday life. All participants will witness and feel the powerful results of this technique. The instructor, Stephanie Monsen, will ensure that each participant is doing the technique correctly and getting good results.

CLASS SCHEDULE Level 1 Class August 13 & 14 Penticton, BC October 2 & 3 Kelowna, BC Level 2 Class September 11 & 12 Calgary, AB Level 3 Class To Be Announced Contact Stephanie for more information and to Register. Class location will be provided upon registration.

Available for private appointments

Stephanie Monsen Yuen Method™ Certified Practitioner & Instructor

403-614-5789 / 866-281-2166

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Not Yet By Marlene Buffa When asked if she would continue to perform even after retirement, Beverly Sills was reported to have responded, “No. I’ve done that already.” So many times we complacently stay within the boundaries of our comfort zones. Predictable outcomes spring from predictable behaviors, and set the tone for the remainder of our life. Job seekers find themselves locked into typecasting deadlocks when work history on a black and white resume indicates a pattern of inertia. Upon spiritually breaking free of the banal routine, the awakened employee finds difficulty in convincing a new employer of capabilities other than his history denotes. Yet, the sense of freedom earned from realizing we are more than our occupation proves addictive and life-changing. Giving ourselves “permission” to be extraordinary, to step away from the limited viewpoints of our past, brings us to fresh experiences and with it, a more fulfilling future. Do something you never did before This morning at breakfast a friend shared photographs of a cave in southern Arizona. Peppersauce cave spans 7000 feet and includes 3 large lakes. A few years ago, divers explored one lake and found ancient ladders left there by native people, indicating a rise in water level. After reaching a depth of 300 feet, the divers still did not reach the bottom. While I’ve never entertained the idea of spelunking, the photographs intrigued me enough to imagine crawling, climbing and creeping through a natural playground. Cave exploration on a figurative level takes us within the hidden crevices of essence and to the depths of psyche. Taking the risk to crawl around inside of who you are requires no special equipment or preparation. It harbors little danger and offers great rewards. Poke around in the hidden rooms of your spirit. Take a look at the stalactites of old attitudes and conditions, hanging on tightly to your inner barrier. Move around the obstacles of stalagmites of “I can’t” and find the path to your true self. Not Yet When approaching the only means of escape in the film the Matrix, Neo asks Trinity “Do you know how to fly this thing?” Looking at the helicopter undaunted, she responds, “Not yet.” So often we approach life within the limitation of what we think we already know. When we dare to speak loudly that we

possess all the tools we need for success, the Universe rewards our selfconfidence and assuredness with results – sometimes way beyond our expectations. Remember that simply because you haven’t done something in your past, you are not restricted to staying there. So what if you’ve never done something before? Is that it for the rest of your life? Who made the rule that you can’t learn or do anything new? You did! Break free from selfimposed limitations and dare, try, and expand your possibilities. The willingness to learn something new compliments our nature with such positive sunshine that our spirit grows into a lush garden of self-expression. Whatever the results, know that the true importance and the true lesson learned appeared when you made the decision to try something new today! Been there, done that Ho-Hum. Sometimes we marvel at how boring life appears. Same old, same old. Same stuff, different day. Stuff happens. Another day, another dollar. We humans profess to detest the status quo, yet seldom do anything to break free from it. We’d much rather whine and complain and suffer that life has “done me wrong.” Wait a minute? Who’s living YOUR life for you? You hold all the choices, all the options all the opportunities you need to change your life. The next five years doesn’t have to look like the last five years. Really, it doesn’t. You don’t have to take a vacation in the same place every year – even if you own a timeshare. When he’d take a different route home, my Daddy used to say, “When you take a new road, you open up a whole new world.” Explore what’s out there – the world awaits you. When you reach the end of your life with your checklist smudged, crinkled and barely legible, then you can rest in the joy of knowing you really did go there, and do that and be your authentic self! Belief in oneself, knowing you possess everything you need to not only make your life work, but to succeed and experience fulfillment brings you happiness. As far as I know, we’re never going to be done learning. Life is a continuum of problemresolution lessons. Daily we face new challenges for which we hold no experience. As best you can, without judgment, examine your hesitations and doubts and then set them aside. Your spirit already knows your capability and your greatness, and it waits for you to set it free. Of course you can do it – you simply haven’t done it YET! Taking a quiet sideways glance at life, Marlene Buffa offers insight through her words from experiences. A student of newthought teachings, Marlene finds practical spirituality around every corner and seeks wisdom through observation of life’s inter-relationships. Sometimes playful, sometimes poignant, always thought-provoking, her writing inspires readers in meaningful ways.

24 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

ASK Dr. Evers - The Affirmation Doctor By Dr. Anne Marie Evers Dear Dr. Evers, You are the Affirmations Doctor. Please help us create an affirmation that we can all work on to stop the oil spill N O W in the Gulf of Mexico. It affects every one of us here on planet earth. We desperately need your help. ~ Russell, Teacher, Edmonton, AB ~ Dear Russell, Thank you for your email and for encouraging me to create the following Master Affirmation. MASTER AFFIRMATION TO STOP OIL SPILL IN GULF OF MEXICO “We NOW jointly affirm that the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is NOW stopped. We place a White Light, (Dome of Protection) over all people, machines and equipment that they are using to reduce and stop the leak which in turn lessens the harm to all lifeforms. We send love, healing, and protection to the Eco System and all Forms of Life, Mother Earth, Oceans, Beaches, Skies, and the air we breathe. The safe pockets in the ocean continue to team with healthy life. We affirm a positive and highly successful re-building and cleansing of the water, beaches, and all life forms that have been, and are being negatively affected by this oil spill and that our ocean water becomes clean, clear and healthy for all concerned. We also affirm for money and people, both employed and/or volunteers to complete all that is needed in the re-building and cleansing operation. We affirm healing, prosperity and peace of mind for all those who have lost their source of livelihood and income. We give thanks and honor all those who have, and are working so diligently to mitigate and stop this leak. We collectively send them love, healing, loads of positive energy, protection and our deepest gratitude. We now join in with any person, anywhere in the world who is at this moment thinking thoughts of total success in stopping the oil leak; healing, peace and love and we jointly send these thoughts into every corner of the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” AND SO IT IS The Joint Master Affirmation you have just done here affirming that the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico is NOW stopped is similar to Master Minding. In this totally awesome, wondrous and

Ask Dr. Evers is a regular feature in The Violet Ray. Contact Dr. Evers at or at 1-877-923-3476. Even if your question does not appear here, Dr. Evers will answer each one in the order in which it is received.

completely orderly Universe that we live in the natural Laws of the Universe are carried out with exquisite precision and perfection. The Master Mind is the Power Source that created and directs this incredible Universe. The Master Mind Principle is a scientific method of focusing the power of intention and thought of a group of people for the specific purpose of establishing a direct connection with the Master Mind and manifest what it is affirming. When we are doing this Joint Master Affirmation to stop the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we are accessing the Master Mind and working together for the same end result. The ancient premise teaches that the combined energy of two or more like-minded people is far greater than the energy of an individual. So when we are affirming jointly we are collectively setting up positive conditions to manifest our desire. Please read this Master Affirmation every morning and evening and bring in your five physical senses. SEE (in your mind’s eye) the oceans, beaches, life-forms and everything connected therewith becoming clean, clear and healthy; HEAR people saying, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” and the birds chirping happily and the fish, whales, dolphins and sea-life splashing; SMELL the clean, fresh, healthy air as you breathe in deeply; FEEL dip your hands into the clear, clean ocean (sea) water and feel it slipping through your fingers; and TASTE either take a drink of fresh, sparking water or visualize biting into a juicy apple to complete the five senses. Please share this Master Affirmation to as many people as possible and let’s all affirm for a speedy, easy, positive and healthy outcome for everyone and everything concerned. AND SO IT IS

Reverend Dr. Anne Marie Evers is an ordained Minister and Doctor of Divinity and Philosophy. She is also a best-selling author of many books on positive thinking, some of which are, Affirmations Your Passport to Happiness 7th edition. She coauthored the best-selling series Wake Up and Live the Life you Love in Spirit with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Wayne Dyer. For more information, please visit Dr. Evers website at We invite you to send your questions to Dr. Evers on the Violet Ray Website at

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What Is A Mantra And How Does It Work A Selection from Healing Mantras, by Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Namadeva Acharya A saying from the Vedas claims that "Speech is the essence of humanity." All of what humanity thinks and ultimately becomes is determined by the expression of ideas and actions through speech and its derivative, writing. Everything, the Vedas maintain, comes into being through speech. Ideas remain unactualized until they are created through the power of speech. Similarly, The New Testament, Gospel of John, starts "In the beginning was The Word. And the Word was with God and the Word was God..." In mainstream Vedic practices, most Buddhist techniques and classical Hinduism, mantra is viewed as a necessity for spiritual advancement and high attainment. In The Kalachakra Tantra, by the Dalai Lama and Jeffrey Hopkins, the Dalai Lama states, "Therefore, without depending upon mantra...Buddhahood cannot be attained." Clearly, there is a reason why such widely divergent sources of religious wisdom as the Vedas, the New Testament and the Dalai Lama speak in common ideas. Here are some important ideas about mantra which will enable you to begin a practical understanding of what mantra is and what it can do. Definition # 1: Mantras are energy-based sounds.

Yoga Alliance of Red Deer Presents

Gurus, Avatars, Siddhas and Masters A Mantra Workshop with internationally renowned Sanskrit Mantra teacher NAMADEVA (Thomas Ashley-Farrand) Oct. 22nd – 24th For details on classes and the Mantra Workshop see: Call 403-350-5830 Email Calgary: Lakshmi Workshop Oct. 15th – 17th For more details on the Calgary Workshop see: Call 403-240-7100 Email

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Saying any word produces an actual physical vibration. Over time, if we know what the effect of that vibration is, then the word may come to have meaning associated with the effect of saying that vibration or word. This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is intent. If the actual physical vibration is coupled with a mental intention, the vibration then contains an additional mental component which influences the result of saying it. The sound is the carrier wave and the intent is overlaid upon the wave form, just as a coloured gel influences the appearance and effect of a white light. In either instance, the word is based upon energy. Nowhere is this idea more true than for Sanskrit mantra; for although there is a general meaning which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra. Definition #2: Mantras create thought-energy waves.

The human consciousness is really a collection of states of consciousness which distributively exist throughout the physical and subtle bodies. Each organ has a primitive consciousness of its own. That primitive consciousness allows it to perform functions specific to it. Then come the various systems. The cardio-vascular system, the reproductive system and other systems have various organs or body parts working at slightly different stages of a single process. Like the organs, there is a primitive consciousness also associated with each system. And these are just within the physical body. Similar functions and states of consciousness exist within the subtle body as well, so individual organ consciousness is overlaid by system consciousness, overlaid again by subtle body counterparts and consciousness, and so ad infinitum. The ego with its self-defined "I ness” assumes a pre-eminent state among the subtle din of random, semi-conscious thoughts which pulse through our organism. And of course, our organism can "pick up" the vibration of other organisms nearby. The result is that there are myriad vibrations riding in and through the subconscious mind at any given time. Mantras start a powerful vibration which corresponds to both a specific spiritual energy frequency and a state of consciousness in seed form. Over time, the mantra process begins to override all of the other smaller vibrations, which eventually become absorbed by the mantra. After a length of time which varies from individual to individual, the great wave of the mantra stills all other vibrations. Ultimately, the mantra produces a state where the organism vibrates at the rate completely in tune with the energy and spiritual state represented by and contained within the mantra. At this point, a change of state occurs in the organism. The organism becomes subtly different. Just as a laser is light which is coherent in a new way, the person who becomes one with the state produced by the mantra is also coherent in a way which did not exist prior to the conscious undertaking of repetition of the mantra. Definition #3: Mantras are tools of power and tools for power. They are formidable. They are ancient. They work. The word "mantra" is derived from two Sanskrit words. The first is "manas" or "mind," which provides the "man" syllable. The second syllable is drawn from the Sanskrit word "trai" meaning to "protect" or to "free from." Therefore, the word mantra in its most literal sense means "to free from

the mind." Mantra is, at its core, a tool used by the mind which eventually frees one from the vagaries of the mind.

intuition and subsequently tested by the person who first encountered it.

But the journey from mantra to freedom is a wondrous one. The mind expands, deepens and widens and eventually dips into the essence of cosmic existence. On its journey, the mind comes to understand much about the essence of the vibration of things. And knowledge, as we all know, is power. In the case of mantra, this power is tangible and wieldable.

4. Sanskrit mantras are composed of letters which correspond to certain petals or spokes of chakras in the subtle body. There is a direct relationship between the mantra sound, either vocalized or subvocalized, and the chakras located throughout the body.

Statements about Mantra 5. Mantras are energy which can be likened to fire. 1. Mantras have close, approximate one-to-one direct language-based translation. If we warn a young child that he should not touch a hot stove, we try to explain that it will burn the child. However, language is insufficient to convey the experience. Only the act of touching the stove and being burned will adequately define the words "hot" and "burn" in the context of "stove." Essentially, there is no real direct translation of the experience of being burned. Similarly, there is no word which is the exact equivalent of the experience of sticking one's finger into an electrical socket. When we stick our hand into the socket, only then do we have a context for the word "shock." But shock is really a definition of the result of the action of sticking our hand into the socket. It is the same with mantras. The only true definition is the experience which it ultimately creates in the sayer. Over thousands of years, many sayers have had common experiences and passed them on to the next generation. Through this tradition, a context of experiential definition has been created. 2. Definitions of mantras are oriented toward either the results of repeating the mantra or of the intentions of the original framers and testers of the mantra. In Sanskrit, sounds which have no direct translation but which contain great power which can be "grown" from it are called "seed mantras." Seed in Sanskrit is called "Bijam" in the singular and "Bija" in the plural form. Let's take an example. The mantra "Shrim" or Shreem is the seed sound for the principle of abundance (Lakshmi in the Hindu Pantheon.) If one says "shrim" a hundred times, a certain increase in the potentiality of the sayer to accumulate abundance is achieved. If one says "shrim" a thousand times or a million, the result is correspondingly greater. But abundance can take many forms. There is prosperity, to be sure, but there is also peace as abundance, health as wealth, friends as wealth, enough food to eat as wealth, and a host of other kinds and types of abundance which may vary from individual to individual and culture to culture. It is at this point that the intention of the sayer begins to influence the degree of the kind of capacity for accumulating wealth which may accrue. 3. Mantras have been tested and/or verified by their original framers or users. Each mantra is associated with an actual sage or historical person who once lived. Although the oral tradition predates written speech by centuries, those earliest oral records annotated on palm leaves discussed earlier clearly designate a specific sage as the "seer" of the mantra. This means that the mantra was probably arrived at through some form of meditation or

You can use fire either to cook your lunch or to burn down the forest. It is the same fire. Similarly, mantra can bring a positive and beneficial result, or it can produce an energy meltdown when misused or practiced without some guidance. There are certain mantra formulas which are so exact, so specific and so powerful that they must be learned and practiced under careful supervision by a qualified teacher. Fortunately, most of the mantras widely used in the West and certainly those contained in this volume are perfectly safe to use on a daily basis, even with some intensity. 6. Mantra energizes prana. "Prana" is a Sanskrit term for a form of life energy which can be transferred from individual to individual. Prana may or may not produce an instant dramatic effect upon transfer. There can be heat or coolness as a result of the transfer. Some healers operate through transfer of prana. A massage therapist can transfer prana with beneficial effect. Even selfhealing can be accomplished by concentrating prana in certain organs, the result of which can be a clearing of the difficulty or condition. For instance, by saying a certain mantra while visualizing an internal organ bathed in light, the specific power of the mantra can become concentrated there with great beneficial effect. 7. Mantras eventually quiet the mind. At a deep level, subconscious mind is a collective consciousness of all the forms of primitive consciousnesses which exist throughout the physical and subtle bodies. The dedicated use of mantra can dig into subconscious crystallized thoughts stored in the organs and glands and transform these bodily parts into repositories of peace. Thomas Ashley-Farrand, Namadeva Acharya, is one of the Western world's foremost authorities on the application of Sanskrit Mantra to life's problems. Mr. Ashley-Farrand is the author of several books and audio programs including Healing Mantras, Shakti Mantras (Ballantine Wellspring), Chakra Mantras (Weiser Books, 2006), Mantra: Sacred Words of Power (a 9-hr. workshop), several other CDs and Mantra Meditation (a Book/CD) (Sounds True), Mantra Therapy Healing Intensives, Gayatri Mantra Meditation, Mantras of the Goddess and more (Saraswati Publications), The Ancient Science of Sanskrit Mantra and Ceremony (in three volumes, with recorded mantras, slokas, astottaras, etc.) and other works. This last book for advanced students contains over 4,000 mantras and is the most comprehensive book on transliterated Sanskrit mantra in the English language. For more information about his many works, see his website, Autumn 2010 T H E V I O L E T R AY | 27

Angel Connections By Grace Diamond Welcome to Angel Connections, the column where you will learn about the Angelic Realm and how to increase your connection with the angels. In the Angelic Realm, there are several classifications of souls that we encounter on our journeys. Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and Departed Loved Ones are all present in our lives, yet their purpose differs among them. When we need help, all we have to do is ask for it and be open to receiving the messages that they are sending to us. The word “Angel”, when translated from an ancient language, means messenger. Angels send messages to us from whatever creator or divine being you believe in. We don’t have to be religious or on an extreme spiritual path to get messages, all that we need is to be open and ask for their help. The Angels are here to help us live a life filled with love, harmony and joy. They will direct us to be kind to others, loving with ourselves, show us our purpose in this lifetime, and help us keep out of harm’s way. They will also guide us in finding the right relationships, inspire us to live a healthy life, and help improve our career and financial situations. Angels have never been human, which allows them to see the good in everyone and not have the judgmental perspective that is inherent in a human’s nature. The Angels are here to help us bring love and harmony to the world so that the future can be bright for all generations. They

do this by sending messages to us through Guardian Angels, Archangels, Romance Angels, and other divine beings. Guardian Angels are beings that are assigned to us at birth and stay with us for our entire lifetime. Every person has at least two magnificent beings with them from birth to death. Many people think that they don’t have any angels and that they are unprotected in their journey. The truth is, most of the time the human has blocked contact because of fear or other reasons and they are not listening to the guidance being offered. Every human has lessons that they must learn and defeat in each lifetime. Guardian angels are here to help guide us to a better life. Our only task in this area is to be open to the messages that they are giving us while we are working through our life’s lessons. Archangels oversee the guardian angels and all the other divine beings that are working to make our world a better place. They are bigger and more powerful than our guardian angels, and they are here to help everyone, regardless of religion or social status. If we need extra protection, or wish to call in the “big love”, ask the Archangels for assistance. Ascended Masters are people who have lived on earth but reached great spiritual achievements, such as Jesus, Joan of Arc, Buddha, Quan Yin, and other spirits who reached enlightenment while human. They are here to help each one of us by pointing us to that which brings us the most joy. Their primary role is to make the world a better place, so be open to ideas of harmonious relationships and world peace when contacting them. Spirit Guides are with us along with our angels to ensure that we are protected as we play out our life path. These guides were human in a previous lifetime and can guide us or navigate the forks in the road on our journey. Since they have experience as humans, they work alongside our Angels to guide us through tricky, egotistical experiences to help us find peace and joy. Spirit Guides have to be dead a certain amount of time before they can come back and help us, so it is likely that our spirit guides were from our family line many generations back.

28 | T H E V I O L E T R AY Autumn 2010

Departed Loved Ones are the spirits of those in our lives who have passed on into the light. They can check in from time to time and give us messages to help, but they are not angels. Once a certain amount of time has passed (usually at least 100 years), they can become spirit guides to a future descendent of their family. Therefore, we may feel their presence around us, but they are not our angel or guide in this lifetime. Their primary purpose is to send us love when we need it.


Grace Diamond is an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER , certified by Doreen Virtue who operates her business out of Okotoks, Alberta. If you have any questions that you would like answered on the angels, please email Grace Diamond at or visit for more information.


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Reiki Level 1 - Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki October 16, The Center, Edmonton, AB $150.00 Contact Sarah Salter-Kelly 780-314-9150

Andean Soul Retrieval Practitioner Training September 27, 28, 29th, Buck a Boo Acres, Alberta $700 All Inclusive. First time ever offered in Canada. Interview process required. Contact Sarah Salter-Kelly 780-314-9150 or

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Sound Healing Workshop October 23 & 24th, Calgary, Alberta Working with the Hathors, Pamela will offer you a variety of tools and experiential exercises. This workshop is for self-healing and assisting others to heal. No prior experience is necessary for you to greatly benefit from this 2 day workshop. This workshop is also beneficial for anyone in the Holistic field who works with adults, children and animals. Contact Pamela Shelly at 1-866-847-3454 or visit

NOVEMBER EVENTS Inca Medicine Wheel SOUTH Direction November 5, 6,7th, Medicine Spirit Center $550 Call for Details. Contact Sarah Salter-Kelly 780-314-9150 Integrated Energy Therapy ® November 12 - 14, 2010, Calgary, AB Integrated Energy Therapy® is an angelic energy therapy that helps you safely release limiting patterns of your past, empower the present, and evolve your future. No prior experience necessary.

Aura & Chakra Imaging Session Events For more information or to book your Aura and Chakra Imaging session contact one of the businesses listed below: The Aura & Chakra Imaging Device captures and records energy fields and vibrational frequencies within the body. An Individuals aura colours are determined by their current physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. By analyzing an individual’s current aura and chakra states we empower them by providing insight and clarity.

Red Deer, Alberta

Sundre, Alberta

Leduc, Alberta

Wholistix #2085 - 50 Avenue 403-346-3393 Sept. 18, 11-7pm

Centre Street Bistro 106 Centre Street N.E. 403-638-2015 Sept. 12, 10-5pm

Everyday Miracles 5014 - 49th Avenue 780-986-4834 Aug. 21, 10-4pm Sept. 25, 10-4pm Oct. 23, 10-4pm

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Natural Solutions Health Store Bay 7, 5004- 46 Street 403-887-5655 Oct. 2, 10-5pm

Shanti Wellness Centre 4527 - 56 Street 780-352-0945 Sept. 23, 12 - 8pm Oct. 15, 10 - 6pm Oct. 16, 10 - 4pm

Lacombe, Alberta Healing Hands Therapeutic Massage 4910A - 51 Avenue 403-782-4600 Sept. 11, 10-5pm

Camrose, Alberta Yin Yang Wellness Centre 4819 - 51 Street (across from Co-op) 780-608-1515 Oct. 30, 9-6pm


Sylvan Lake 8th Annual Women’s Wellness Retreat

Drayton Valley, Alberta Health Connections 5105 - 51 Avenue 780-542-5334 Sept. 14, 10-6pm Sept. 15, 10-6pm Sept. 16, 10-6pm

THE VIOLET RAY Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine

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For all women 18 and over • Incredible sessions to choose • Refreshments • Keynote speaker • Catered Lunch • Door Prizes!

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During the day, two ladies will have the opportunity to forfeit their sessions and be whisked away for a fabulous makeover.

Saturday, October 16, 2010 Sylvan Lake Community Centre 4725 - 43 Street For more information call:

Barb at 403-887-5132 Sponsored by: The Violet Ray - Natural Health and Conscious Living Magazine, Henday Association for Life Long Learning, Sylvan Lake FCSS, Sylvan Lake Community Partners, Local volunteers and businesses

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By Carol Jay Uchytil

A Soul Imprint is Custom artwork that I create and transcribe based on the energy vibrations of the client. Since energy is Universal and has no boundaries the client does not have to be present for me to create a Soul Imprint for them. There is a substantial amount of creative and intuitive energy that goes into each and every Soul Imprint. Starting with honing in on the clients energy, to creating the actual imprint, to reading the imprint, writing / translating and finally to the minute details which results in the end product. The entire process takes several hours to complete. My goal for each client is to Awaken…Inspire…and Delight… (AID) while providing them with a keepsake they are proud to display. For additional samples and information please visit I just received the Soul Imprints ...they are STUNNING!! They look so much like my friends. The descriptions are very cool too, quite accurate, but I am blown away by the images. Thank you so much! I am very happy to have such a beautiful and unique gift for two very special friends. - M.W. -

“Carol Uchytil’s Soul Imprints are truly distinctive and utterly amazing” “If you are looking for an unusual gift for yourself or a loved one this incredible intuitive and beautiful soul work is a life long treasure to have and enjoy” “...I must admit I am truly amazed by the degree of accuracy with regards to my personality and other key points!” - Irene Martina -

“Carol's interpretation of my Soul Imprint is amazingly accurate. I look at this imprint daily as it has a life and energy of its own. It actually seems to pulse. I love it! I enthusiastically encourage other's to experience the allure of their own Custom Soul Imprint! Thank-you Carol for such an exciting work of artistic beauty!” - Nadine Gordon -

SOUL IMPRINTS - Discount Certificate Give your friends and loved ones a keepsake they will be proud to display!

10% Off All Phone In Orders (valid August 1 to October 31, 2010) Contact Carol at 403-358-1656 Visa, Mastercard, Amex payment available.

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