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BADMASH is an independent lifestyle zine, showcasing creative intelligence and entertainment. Enjoy! - Vinti Singh swagazine editress in chief 4/my stuff 6/recipe 7/thought 8/fitness 10/science 12/humor 14/music 17/fashion Art by Nikolay Milushev Cover: Choke Inside Cover: Oceanic Monster Fest Cover photo by Brynn Ditsche portfolio on Interested in contributing? Contact


THE PLASTIC DRESS The plastic dress was made for the Philadelphia Swadeshi Project, a challenge I have undertaken to collect 10 pieces of completely locally manufactured garments. Each garment must be 100 percent sourced from within 200 miles of my house near Philadelphia. Each part of the process, from fiber collection to garment construction, has to happen within that radius. This dress was made out of 40 used plastic bags that were collected from waste streams nearby. Fiber artist Melissa Maddonni Haims, who is lives in Chestnut Hill, Penn., cut the bags into strips and crocheted them together. She lined the inside of the dress with a used bedsheet. She sliced a used wine bottle cork to make buttons to fasten the back.


To follow my project, visit &

Food Skillet-Cooked Chicken with Pan Sauce and Roasted Potatoes For the potatoes: 2 medium russet potatoes 2 sweet potatoes 3 T extra-virgin olive oil 1 t italian seasoning 1/2 t red pepper flakes Salt and pepper, to taste

For the chicken: 1 1/4 lb. bone-in chicken thighs 1/3 cup all-purpose flour 1 t poultry seasoning 1 t each onion and garlic powder 1/2 t fresh cracked black pepper, plus more 1 t kosher salt, plus more 2 T unsalted butter 3 T extra virgin olive oil 1/2 cup red wine 1/2 cup apple cider 1/2 cup chicken stock 1 T dijon mustard


By Sarah Kowalyk Preheat oven to 425d. Peel both types of potatoes and cut them into bite-size pieces. Coat pieces in olive oil, then sprinkle spices over them. Stir well, then place on a greased baking sheet. Bake for 30-40 minutes, turning once, while preparing the chicken. Heat a large pan to medium heat. Pour in the 3 tablespoons oilive oil. In a shallow bowl (a pie plate works well too), mix flour, poultry seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper together with a fork. Dry off chicken thighs with a paper towel, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Dredge each piece of chicken in the flour mixture and shake off excess flour. Keep the flour for later! Put the chicken in the pan, skin side down, and brown for four min-

utes on each side. Be careful not to crowd the pan or the chicken will not brown. Once brown, remove the chicken to a plate. Add the butter to the pan and let it melt. Once melted, whisk in the flour (saved from dredging the chicken), stirring constantly for one minute, turning golden. Whisk in the red wine, and cook for one minute to let it thicken. Add the stock and the cider. Let cook for 3 minutes, stirring occasionally, until it has thickened. Stir in the dijon mustard, then add the chicken back to the pan. Cook for 10-12 more minutes, coating the chicken in the sauce, or until the chicken is cooked through. Serve the chicken and potatoes with lots of the pan sauce, a salad, and some crusty bread.

Thought By Amy McCourt Wanting it all is an integral part of the American woman’s identity, but is having it all really possible? In the July/ August 2012 issue of The Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter wonders if feminists have sold young women a fiction that they can “manage to rise up the ladder as fast as men and also have a family and an active home life (and be thin and beautiful to boot).” Unfortunately, she writes, social pressures on career professionals in the United States require women to sacrifice commitment to family to advance in the workplace.

aware of the plots in the trilogies of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight or Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games. Focused on love triangles involving the “heroines,” these narratives offer the same two options.

Twilight’s Bella is a clumsy new girl who becomes instantly obsessed with vampire Edward. This Romeo and Juliet inspired story provides a high school marriage, ending in Bella becoming a vampire herself. In line with high Shakespearean drama, Bella actually gives her life for love, abandoning personal aspirations to live within her husband’s familial life and career Similarly, Tracy Mcmillan, vampirism - instead of author of Why You’re her own. Not Married, argues on that if a Hunger Games’ Katwoman’s ultimate goal niss lives in a futuristic, is lasting love, they dystopian society, and “should not let success only concerns herself in their workplace bewith providing for and come the biggest thing protecting her famin their lives”. ily – she literally hunts and gathers their food. Turn to pop-fiction, and She pays the male best the either/or mantra friend who is head-overis reverberated. Most heels in love with her no young women are well mind, and she grants

no real attention to her true feelings once she finds herself in the midst of a love triangle. After successfully overthrowing two corrupt governments, which comes at the cost of the death of her sister, she eventually marries one of the members of her love triangle because he hangs around long enough for her to agree. Why do our “heroines” have to be reduced to extreme stereotypes? Can we instead heed Slaughter and McMillan’s cautions that trying to “have it all’ is a wasted effort, but still try to find a balance between the two? For each woman, that compromise is going to be slightly different, but for very few it will mean abandoning career or family entirely. If no two women choose the same path, it means we can stop judging and comparing our “successes”, which will be liberating on its own. And no woman’s path will have to start with a fork in the road. Illustration: Nikolay Miluchev, Sweet Suicide

WORK IT THE THREE RULES OF SCULPTED ABS By Bella Barak owner of Bella Body Fitness, Houston


et’s admit it: If someone is a marathon runner but doesn’t have ab definition, we don’t consider her the image of fitness. The question of how to get flat, sculpted abs is one I get on a weekly basis. Here is a question I received recently: “If I want to work my abs/core hard, how often do you recommend? I don’t want to overwork them, but I don’t want to not do enough either. How many times a week should someone work their abs?” First things first: You will not see ab definition behind a layer or two of fat, so you must have your cardio and eating on point. There are three ways to work your core:


. Doing exercises specifically targeting your abs and core (i.e. planks).


Personal trainer Courtney Fieltsch Photographed by Jaclyn Mercadante


. Performing exercises that challenge your core to stabilize your body (i.e. single leg deadlifts)


. Holding your abs tight through daily activities like sitting and walking. For the best and fastest results, you should be doing all three. The most effective exercises that strengthen your abs are those that have your body depending on those muscles to hold you up, such as the plank position or the boat (sitting, legs and arms raised, body in a 45 degree angle), and any variation of those exercises. It’s also crucial to work your abs in all angles and directions, not just linearly like in a crunch.

Incorporating stability exercises into your regular routine does wonders for your core by firing the small stabilizing muscles that are too often neglected. It also forces you to engage your abdominal muscles as you attempt to maintain balance. You get toned faster the more you incorporate your abs, so the next time you’re doing shoulder presses, stand on an unstable surface or on one leg, alternating. Or perform single leg squats or deadlifts. Holding your abs in isn’t just for cosmetic purposes; it creates proper posture because it relieves the pressures from your lower back. But the other major benefit is that you really do see major improvement in tone by simply

SUSPICIOUS SUPPLEMENTS By Dev Sharma Many guys use supplements, such as whey protein, to aid their muscle building process. Earlier this past year, I was feeling very tired during my workouts and my friend suggested I try pre-workout supplement, Jack3d. I bought it over the counter at GNC shortly after and began using it as recommended. At the time I started to take the pre-workout, I was also in the process of applying for jobs. In the “proprietary blend” of ingredi-

“sucking it in” throughout the day. That’s because holding your abs in all the time puts you in a habit of making your muscles work continuously. Don’t strain to the point where you can’t breathe, but do remember to keep your midsection from jutting out and lead with the hips when you walk instead of your torso. As far as how often, treat your abs like any other muscle group. You don’t want to overtrain your abs by directly working them every day. Doing a 30-minute ab routine 2-3 times a week is sufficient. You don’t want to go more than that. What you’ll get: sleek, ab definition, a defined waistline and best partno lower belly paunch.

ents in Jack3d is a chemical called dimethylamylamine. This chemical shows up in corporate drug tests from time to time as a false positive for methamphetamines! When I learned this, I promptly quit taking the supplement and was lucky to pass drug tests, although I had done nothing illegal. Since then, I have been a little skeptical of any supplement that doesn’t provide full disclosure. The moral of the story is to be careful as you try to meet your fitness goals this year,

Cruising the magnetic highway

We’ve stayed in touch with a hunk of metal with less memory than a basic calucator as it has hurtled into space for more than 30 years. By Stuti Singh, Boeing Engineer Illustration by Allison Goldberg



ave you ever gotten lost while using the navigation services of your smart phone? You entered in your destination, Siri told you she had you covered, and all of a sudden you were on the wrong street or in the wrong neighborhood or wrong town? Well, Siri had a bad signal. This excuse may seem reasonable, at least until you compare Siri to NASA scientists on the Voyager program. These scientists have kept track of a vehicle the size of a compact car for over 30 years as it has traveled more than 11 billion miles towards interstellar space, all with orders of magnitude less computing power and memory than you have in your calculator or that smartphone.

sent to and received from a series of large antennas called the Deep Space Network. The network has antennas in the Goldstone Complex near Barstow, Cali., as well as in complexes near Madrid, Spain and Canberra, Australia. These locations are approximately 120 degrees apart so that at any time, at least one of them is facing the deep space probe. Three times a day, communication with the probe is switched as each antenna turns away and out of range.

Our planet also has a translational component to its movement as it rotates around the sun at 18.6 miles per second. Our varying location in our orbit sometimes results in the sun getting in our way. If we are on one side of the sun and the probe is on the Traveling at approximately 8 miles per other, we cannot send radio waves second, the Voyager 1 space probe is through the massive star. We may get currently in the outermost layer of the trapped out of touch with our probe heliosphere, the region of space domi- for months at a time, but we use our data and knowledge of astrophysics to nated by the sun, and will probably calculate where Voyager should be so be the first manmade object to leave the solar system. Designed to expand that when we return to a proper position, we can find it again. our knowledge and understanding of our solar system, Voyager has sent us thousands of pictures of Jupiter’s Putting it all together, as we spin at moons and Saturn’s rings, and the 1000 miles per hour and rotate around first “family portrait” of the sun and the sun at 18.6 miles per second planets. Though it is no longer sending with periodic interruptions by a giant photographs, Voyager is still sending sphere of hot plasma, we keep track us data about the far edges of our of an object that speeds away at 8 solar system such as the properties miles per second, billions of miles of magnetic fields in the regions apaway to the edge of our solar system, proaching interstellar space, the space all with technology from before the between star systems. days of cell phones or even compact discs. These days, a consumer has infinitely more information at his fingerSo how do we keep track of a hunk tips with the internet, smart phones, of metal as it speeds deeper into the and computers. depths of the unknown? If it sounds simple, remember that our point of It makes you feel a little silly for letreference, the earth, is spinning at 1000 miles per hour. We communicate ting Siri get you lost within your own planet, doesn’t it? with Voyager through radio waves

A Travel Guide to Philly! Based on the last time I was there, visiting a friend in 2009.

By Chris Duray, New Englander Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art Kick things off with an old standard! It may be a little conventional but with an iconic Rocky statue and 227,000 piece collection, it’s a classic for a reason! Stroll down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway Leaving the museum you’ll walk right onto the Parkway: A gorgeous promenade and statue garden on par with the Champs Elysees! Eat a hot dog from the first vendor you see There may be lots of great restaurants in Philly, but you just walked a mile; just put some food in your stomach. Do they have cheesesteaks? Fuck it, you tried. Visit McGillian’s Oktoberfest If your trip is in the fall, why not visit one of the city’s many Oktoberfest events? Drinking is an American tradition, and Immediately get separated from your friends Fuck, they were standing right behind me. Well, alone time is important — take the opportunity to explore the shops in this historic district. Buy enough drink tickets to cover your entire party May as well get the party started while you’re looking for your buddies. Try a local brew like Stoudt’s! If you’re my friend Katie, try answering your fucking phone! Reconnect with your three friends Alone time was fun, but it’s good to be back with the gang! They’ll be excited to see you magnanimously bought tickets for them. After all, it’s the city of Brotherly Love! Each of them also bought tickets for everyone else Too much beer? Never fear! ...This is like $200 worth of beer tokens. Fail to receive a refund How do you expect the four of us to drink 20 pitchers of beer. What kind of a fucking scam are you running? We had plans today! Drink 30 liters of Budweiser for five hours juST a sMAlL ToWn gIrl/ liVIng iN HeR lOnely wOoOoRLd/ tOok a bliBMigHt pLaNe gONna anNNnyYyYY WheEEeeeRe Forget concept of personal space, what ‘up’ is Also I threw up on a guy in a Tommy Bahama ‘Shake your Bambooty” button-down. Fall asleep at 5 p.m. but wake up at 3 a.m. to the sound of loud sex somewhere in the building. 6 sleepless hours later, make a 5 hour drive home in 8 hours because of traffic on the GW. This was the low point. Never go back to Philadelphia.


Illustration: Nikolay Miluchev, This page: Flying Low Opposite page: Milk All Natural

On Why Breasts Are Like Those Valentines Day Cards We Used to Swap in Elementary School By @Nick_Benedetto, Pro-Woman A disturbing trend has been called to my attention by Victoria’s Secret’s “miracle bra” commercials: trouble filling out. The “miracle bra” attempts to “correct” the adult equivalent of the empty basket on Valentine’s Day, the empty bra. Now, venture with me inside the mind of every bro. 1. Just like opening that Muppet Babies card and finding my name misspelled and a distinct lack of lollipop in the envelope did in my youth, so too does disappointment swell inside me when I unhook that sucker and find nothing but flat surface area staring back at me. The only “miracle” that may potentially arise from this situation would be that I continue to date you after your treachery.

farces. Just stuff the dollars you planned on spending on the “miracle bra” into the bras you already own, take them out after your hot date and put it toward looking good on our second date.

2. I just got your name, number, and I’ve Facebooked you. I’m going through your pictures and I like what I see. But something is troubling; your bust size is constantly fluctuating. Now I’m wondering if you’ve had a reduction, an enhancement, if you constantly crash diet, or if you simply wear a lot of oversized clothes. Oh, silly me. It’s just a bra that adds “2 full cup sizes” to your already perfectly proportioned frame, and you only have one or two because they’re outrageously expensive. Which brings me to...

4. I wasn’t always thrilled with getting 30 Rugrats cards and only one Garfield card in the basket on my desk, so I treasured that Garfield card like a steaming plate of lasagna while the rest were avoided like dirty diapers. People conform too much as it is, do we really need 500 million Christina Hendricks walking around? Though I will be a sheep and eventually watch some Mad Men. For January Jones.

3. Why are you paying for an optical illusion? It’ll be a “miracle” (last time, I promise) if you can afford clothes, haircuts, or other things that will naturally enhance your overall look after flattening your wallet with one of these

If I haven’t convinced you, then do your thing. I’m sure it won’t be the end of the world or your relationship, as my dramedy suggests. After all, we’re guys above all else. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some James Blunt and the second season of Girls on my agenda.

5. Kids can be easily duped into thinking that the 15 extra cards you brought in from home and stuffed into your own basket are coming from friends in other homerooms. But I won’t be deceived by your high school mentality of being image-obsessed.


Ascending the ranks of Philadelphia’s trap scene, 26-year-old Garry Ethan Warner, Jr., a.k.a. DJ Ethan Dubb, sees 2013 as the year he will break into producing – and bring back the moombahton. Ethan Dubb spun house and hip hop music at college parties while he attended Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, and honed his craft as dubstep, moombathon and trap emerged into the EDM scene. He released his first moombathon mixtape in September, and by December was opening for Nadastrom and Diplo at the SoundGarden. He hasn’t completely acclimated to his status. Although he and his roommate, drum & bass DJ Chris Frost, share a professional booth in their basement, his original decks still adorn the wooden dresser in his bedroom. “Like now we have little monitors set up where we spin, but like before I would do birthday parties and stuff, so there’s like these huge subs with 12-inch speakers and I had that as a monitor next to my head blasting in my eye,” Dubb said. “And I thought that was appropriate. Like my ears are probably ruined for the rest of my life.”

#ratchetravegirls “I started using this term to describe all the young girls that go to shows and raves dressed in the sluttiest outfits, doing all the drugs, and dancing like whores on the stage. I started it as a joke and some people have been using it all over twitter. It’s funny because some girls view it as a term of endearment. While others think it’s funny because they can see a ratchet rave girl from a mile away. So if you see one, call em out, lol.” - Ethan Dubb


Dubb looks up to producers like Munchi, who create what Dubb considers the best moomba - heavily infused with latin beats. “It reminds me of reggaeton like Daddy Yankee and Don Omar, old reggae music like old Sean Paul and stuff like that,” Dubb said. “That’s what gets me excited, when I look for new songs or new tracks, I really stay away from anything that sounds like dubstep on 110 bpm.”

MUSIC Although he loves the deluge of trap Munchi and others are producing, he misses the moombahton, and would like to see it maintained on the scene to keep balance. In the coming year, Dubb wants to begin producing himself, but doesn’t plan to constrain himself to any one genre. “I’m trying to bring a new side to it by mixing it on 45 rpms,” Dubb said. “I switch all the trap from like 140 to 190-195 on the 45 on that and it gives it a whole new feel. I just came up with a short 20-minute mix with 23 songs on it running through them at that speed. And I get people that are like, this is way too fast. This is on fast forward. It does not sound right. You shouldn’t do this. And I agree, like yeah I’m taking a big risk, but you know what, my desired result comes through. It takes the track to a whole ‘nother level, a whole ‘nother energy, especially on the trap.” For now, Dubb wants DJing to stay a hobby. He works full time at a mortgage processing company. “You get to a point where you’re good at it and it’s just fun for you,” Dubb said. “You can have fun in an empty room like yeah, I really liked that transition and I like this music, and vibe out by yourself. I never want to lose that feeling.” SoundCloud: Ethan DuBB Twitter: @2BsIfUrNasty

Turnt Up In a male dominated industry, 21-yearold DJ and producer Cherise Gary, a.k.a. DJ Uniique, is flaunting the girl power. Uniique, a Hillsdale, NJ, native, grew up on Jersey club, and that continues to be her signature style. She compared it to Baltimore club but slightly faster. She first DJed at teen parties in New Jersey, and organized her own all female promotion and dance team. “It was our way of getting money,” Uniique said. When she turned 21, she met fellow female DJs Gun$ Garcia, of Philadelphia, and Venus X, who the New York Times called “an experimental turntablist.” A poetry writer as well, Uniique began rapping, and soon after she was being solicited from music producers around the world through SoundCloud to add vocals to her tracks. In her most popular song, “Boy I gotta Donk,” Uniique blends a simple lyric, “make my shit clap,” over a minimal beat. Being a female DJ in a mainly male dominated scene comes with its challenges, she said. “Guys will be like ‘you got it easier,’” Uniique said. “Ok we may get noticed faster, but (ctd.)

(ctd.) you know how guys are with their egos. If a female says I want this much and bottle service, (ctd.)she’s a b-word. But I don’t want to get walked over because I’m a girl. Also, lots of guys in the industry they can easily team up. Girls, at least in Jersey, are really catty.”

Called PULSE, the event will debut later this year,

“It’s going to be all genres,” Uniique said. “I want it to be so you never know what to expect when you walk in there. And somewhere we can go and have fun. In New Jersey, there are a lot of clubby clubs. I don’t like those clubs Uniique released her own clothing line, because you gotta impress somebody. called Jersey Jawn, in January. Girls are in their tight dresses that they can’t move in and in shoes that hurt Uniique is also in the process of astheir feet. I don’t want it to be like that. sembling a new dance team through I want it to be fun.” which she hopes to help other females break into the industry. She is SoundCloud: Uniiqu3 also organizing a monthly teen night. Twitter: @IAMDJUNIIQUE

PLAYLIST ETHAN DUBB’S PHILTHY PHVE 1. Rell the Soundbender - Angels x Demons (ft. Clint Mansell) 2. A trak & Zinc - Like the Dancefloor (Party Favor’s ‘Smash the Dancefloor” remix) 3. Ree$e - Molly (LOUDPVCK remix) 4. Rell the Soundbender - Oblivion 5. Skrillex - Ruffneck (Full Flex) (Munchi Anonymous Revolution Remix)

Illustration: Nikolay Miluchev, Lost


wilkommen in der grafikvilla

Hair: Lyna Nguyen Makeup: Suchi Hong Styling: Vinti Singh Photographed by: David Vuu All outfits are thrifted/ models’ own. All accessories are models’ own. Illustrations by Craig Johnson, II.

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Printed on 50% recycled paper

Man is temporary Man is borrowed Man is fleeting Man is ebb and flow and rise and fall and sleep and breathing A vision steeped and seasoned ambles onward bleak and bleeding A love for sake of love can undermine the deepest reason. - Zachary Horwitz Illustration: Nikolay Milushev, Sonic Fence

BADMASH Issue 1  

BADMASH is a lifestyle zine, showcasing creative intelligence and entertainment.

BADMASH Issue 1  

BADMASH is a lifestyle zine, showcasing creative intelligence and entertainment.