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Replica Timaru’s First Car Built by C. W. Wood

January 2019

Vehicles parked at Bruce Washingtons property for lunch in his well set up “Man Shed” Thanks to Bruce and Partner for your hospitality

NOGGIN ANDNATTER First Thursday of the Month


JULY 12TH July 21st

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Mid Week Run 50 yr Badge Presentation

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Garage Raid —Timaru Mid Week Run Quiz Night with Ashburton @ Ash Cancer Society Run

September 9th September 30th

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Opening Run with Ashburton @Ash Continental Vehicle Day

October 20/21/22

Sat/Sun/Mon Mount Cook Rally

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Safari weekend All American Weekend Vet/Vin/Comm Rally



Christmas Dinner



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Fairlie New Years Day Parade Ladies Rally Open day

April 19/20/21


Easter Rally – Ashburton

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Sunday -Queens Bthday All British Run Thursday Branch AGM Thursday Mid Week Run Saturday Night trial

Mid Week Run PV/PWV/P60/P80 Rally Restoration Run


Branch Correspondence to PO Box 623, Timaru 7940

Phone: 03 6885234 Chairman: Secretary: (Evenings) Treasurer: Club Captain: Newsletter Ed:

Ashley Milliken (Evelyn) Miles Winter (Cia)

686 0834 021 344883

Nola Day (Alistair)

688 6108

Shona and Bill Weir 6886750 Email: C/R Convenor: Alistair Day (Nola) 688 6108 Parts Manager: Clive Merry 0274 409 384 Librarian: Barry Barnes (Carla) 688 5105 IT Officer: Shannon Stevenson 686 3263 Committee: Neil Manchester 688 2112 John Campbell (Janet) 6860282 SWAPMEET COMMITTEE Chairman: Colin Johnstone (Trish) 03 693 9093 Treasurer: Nola Day (Alistair) 6886108 Site Convenor: Michelle Munro (Gavin) 686 4824 Grounds Convenor: Barry Smith 684 7405 Committee: Gavin Munro (Michelle) 686 4824 Alan Patrick 615 8803 Lex Westoby 03 612 6556 Allan Geary 021 062 2132 For Identification Certificate Processing – Alistair Day 688 6108 Warren Cox 688 8758

Penrite Oils


Just to let you all know that I am still able to supply you with Penrite Oils for your Vintage Vehicles. Engine and Gear Box oils, also Steering Box grease. Phone Alistair Day ph 6886108 ————————————-

The Swap Meet Committee has a speaker system for hire.

Enquiries to Michelle Munro 03 686 4824 or email

———————————— 2019 VETERAN & VINTAGE TOUR

START ASHBURTON MONDAY 6TH MAY FINISH HANMER SPRINGS MONDAY 13TH MAY Details yet to be finalised but we will be travelling through the Haast Pass Expressions of interest to Diane Ross, email; Address 38 Keenans Road RD 2, Ashburton Phone 03 3082356


Deadline for Tricar is - 20th January 2019 New Address



NOGGIN & NATTER, Thursday, 3rd January 2019 7-30pm at Clubrooms, Redruth St, Timaru Kitchen Duty, Bar Duty,


NEW YEARS DAY FAIRLIE PARADE 2019 1st January– Tuesday Meet at the Fairlie Domain, bring a Picnic Lunch Parade starts at 2pm. Always a great day ————————————-

Ladies Rally

Sunday 13 January 2019

Meet at Club Rooms around 10am for morning tea. Cars away around 10.30am. Ladies are invited to drive while the old man is responsible for providing lunch. Best effort wins the highly sought after Pinny. Effort is the key word - let’s get into it guys! Participants are also invited to wear period or themed clothing. Bring your lunch, of course, and some gold coin for a collection at one of our stops. Run will finish with afternoon tea at the Club Rooms and we suggest participants make a day of it, stay on a little longer and have tea at the Club Rooms too. Bring your own or get some takeaways. Carla and Barry ——————————————-

19th January— Saturday 2019 Open Day for our club 10am - 2pm ———————————— COVER

Club Vehicles participating in the annual Christmas Parade on Stafford St.



Was informed recently that a very close, now deceased relative was once a bootlegger in Southland during its prohibition days, it fascinated me, so thought I’d try to get a book on this rewarding but risky occupation. E bay in the USA had such a book entitled “Driving with the Devil” by Neal Thompson it’s the story of moonshine and bootlegging in the southern states and how it evolved into NASCAR racing as we know it today. Another great read it tells some interesting tales of bootleggers out running the Revenue Men in their vehicles mainly prewar Ford V8 and how the state of engine modifications and tuning along with beefed up suspensions had these cars fully loaded with illicit grog hurtling along unsealed mountain pass roads at speed of around 100 mph. That’s also definitely one for the club library. The silly season is about to start in full swing so the roads in the back country will be crazy with tourists so I urge fellow members to “ Be careful on our roads, have a great Xmas and let’s all be around to enjoy 2019. Graham Pauley.

The Club donated $3500.00 as net proceeds from the Daffodil Day run



No doubt there are amongst us, a number of member’s wives / partners / lovers who groan when a holiday with the other half is to a destination where a swap meet, car display / run, or museum just happens to be going on there or is within the handy vicinity at the time. Want to avoid that ? then a trip to Rarotonga will certainly do the trick. Nothing in the Vintage or classic lines are anywhere to be seen. Armed with the above knowledge and heeding Ruth’s advice that we needed a “relaxing holiday” I scoured around for some suitable reading material to take, as that, and a couple of bottles of duty free would go a long way to enjoy a quiet break. First purchase was a book with the tittle Carabase which claimed to outline the history of the automobile in NZ which it did for about a third of the book then branched out into road ing development and urban sprawl. A rather dull read which I left on the motel free bookshelf. I exchanged a $5.00 note with a dubious looking character in Wai iti road who handed me a copy of Jeremy Clarkson’s, Clarkson on Cars which had a message on the back cover that it was a free giveaway and not to be resold. Same gent then tried to push another of his books onto me, Trade me has a lot to answer for ?. I find that Jeremy’s books require an almost intimate knowledge of England, its people, way of life and obscure European cars, lots of short stories but a hard book to get into, so it’s now, Free to a good home. “The Romance of Motoring” was first published in 1933 and tells of the progression of the automobile in mainly England & Europe and details some early motor racing in that part of the world. A good read which I’ll donate to the clubs library. Motoring writers I’ve found out churn out some damn good reads so when I had the chance to pick up a copy of N Z motoring writer and car reviewer Paul Owens “Test Pilot“ I grabbed a copy and it’s one of those books that is hard to put down. I’ve read Peter Gills “10 times around the clock” and Maurice O Reilly’s “ A Series of Small Explosions” I think most of these men are of about my age who writings are both entertaining and witty but not recommended for reading in the confines of an aircraft as apparently my shaking with laughter results in concerned glances from fellow passengers and a daggers look from my wife.



Dear Bill, I read, with interest, as always, the December Tricar and Graham Pauley’s Looking back. I can remember most of what Graham wrote about but must correct him on one part. It was my brother Barry Goodman who rebuilt the three litre Bentley. Some where there is a photo of Barry standing on the family home front lawn holding the four piston that started the work. Brother Brian did help but it was Barry who owned the car and did most of the work completing it in time for the 1965 “Haast International Rally”. Brian later bought the car from Barry. Regards, Donald Goodman. ——————————————-

SCVCC Chairman’s Report for January 2019 Dear Fellow Members Happy New Year ! I hope everyone had a great Christmas & is looking forward to a positive 2019’ My message to members is to get those cars out on a run , its later than you think We would love to see you at an event The Branch has a full programme for the year plus hosting the National Veteran Rally the week before Labour Weekend. A BIG thanks to Alistair Day for taking on the Job of Rally Director for that event, and the team he has assembled to make it happen. It is hoped that some of the cars will stay over for the annual Mt Cook Rally which I’m prepared to oversee again. The Christmas Dinner went off well & was thoroughly enjoyed, The Lions ladies did a wonderful Job of the catering. Hoping to see lots of members & cars at Fairlie on New Years Day Ashley

19 6

Hi Everyone. This notification has been sent from our main bank, Southland Building Society. This is a great opportunity for everyone to benefit. Maybe an account for grandchildren or your adult children., or even mention to friends and neighbours. A great account to have for saving for rallies out of the district, ie the International rally in New Plymouth. $50 for free, not to be sneezed at , especially just after Christmas. Every account opened would give OUR Vintage Car Club a boost. Seriously think about this. A really great offer. Thanks for taking the time

PARTS SHED A busy month for the parts shed team has culminated with the tractor operational again and running on 4 for the first time in years. It's place in the workshop is now occupied by a pre-war Morris 12 in very straight condition but needing engine and transmission replacement and some fettling before hopefully being sold as a runner. Another project has been to replace the 3 pin plugs on the speaker trailer amplifier speaker outlets with proper outlet plugs to guard against someone inadvertently plugging the former into a 230 volt outlet. This was seen as sensible insurance given the trailer is due to be hired out next month. We have the two electrical Barrys - Yates and Smith to thank for attending to this task. As the festive season is almost upon us I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone the compliments of the season and my special thanks and gratitude to the Wednesday Team who keep the parts shed and myself on track. The parts shed is open Wed. 19th Dec. but will be closed on Wed. 26th Dec. and Wed. 2nd Jan. due to these dates falling on statutory holidays. Seasons greetings. See you in the New Year. Clive Merry —————————————— NEW MEMBER Neil Marett - Geraldine Welcome to our club and we look forward to seeing you on our rallies and also at the Noggins.


David Thomson


Carleen, Morgan, Chelsea& Ivan, Larissa& Mark , Ryan& extended families On behalf of The SCVCC I would like to extend our sincerer condolences. Dave joined The South Canterbury Branch of the VCC so far as I can establish, in 1977 after moving here from Greymouth. Not long after that he instigated the club obtaining a liquor licence after an official complaint was made to the police after an altercation at the clubrooms, apparently we were the first branch to get a bar licence He was awarded his 25 year badge recognizing 25yrs of continuous membership. Dave served as branch chairman in 1998/99 & would have also spent time on the branch committee as well Dave had a love of old cars , Especially Buicks and had owned cars from every decade 1910 -1971 Riviera, with 6 cars still in the collection. I first me Dave in when his only Buick was the 1922 tourer I too have love of the Buick marque but as my car took 27 yrs to restore, finally hitting the road in 2014, Dave kindly loaned me the Riviera for the 2003 Buick centennial rally held in South Canterbury . It was a challenge to drive such a large LH Drive car or the first time but I had been to ChCh in it once previously in the front Passenger seat so had some familiarity with it. My memory of driving it was seeing the fuel gauge retreat when you “gave it some Jandal” When meeting up from time to time we always had plenty in common to discuss. I will miss our occasional contact. The above was Chairman Ashley’s eulogy at Dave’s Service


SCVCC Website Updates

To access other club newsletters go to scroll to News from our Branches as hard copy newsletters are not mailed out now. December Website Updates - December Newsletter placed up - Focus given to the 2019 National Veteran Rally - Article link and Video of the All American Weekend placed up - 'Get to the Point' car show photographs gallery - taken by 'Ambodavenz' - Further members vehicles added to gallery - Behind the scenes Wordpress updates Upcoming - More stories of various runs, online version of newsletter, information about upcoming events, members vehicles in gallery Stories and photos from members are ENCOURAGED and can be sent through to

Notes from the Library

17 by Barry Barnes

Donations this month came from Gavin and Michelle Munro and it seems several anonymous donors. All arrived in the Library when I was not present and there was no indication where they came from, but thanks to Gavin and Michelle and whosoever was kind enough to pass on the other items. Among the items was a selection of VHS videos including ones on Jaguar Ferrari and Pts 1 and 2 of the BBC productions The Power and the Glory. Other items included various motor racing books around 1988, Jaguar cars 1955-57, The V8 Affair- an Illustrated History of the Prewar Ford V8, Popular Mechanics Textbook on 1954 cars and Car Facts 1960, and the one that interested me most, the Popular Mechanics Auto Album sub titled The Motorcar in Picture and Story from 1769 to 1952. It covers development of motoring, early motoring pioneers, early American motor racing and so on. Being produced in 1952 much of the material would be from personal knowledge of the people and times involved. Steam and electric vehicles are covered in some detail with the electrics being described as still dying its lingering death and the passing of steam cars which by the end of their production in the mid 20s had overcome the key problems of delay in starting up and needing frequent water top ups but were still unable to retain a viable market share. The final chapter “The Crystal Ball� indulged the penchant of the times (and illustrates the folly) of speculation on what the future would hold. Certainties that have not made it so far 67 years later, include atomic powered vehicles, tear dropped shaped vehicles, electronic beams to take over car operation, though this may not be far away after all, multiple oil pumps to displace conventional transmissions by pumping oil to motors on all 4 wheels, the combined car/aeroplane and so on. One thing that has come to pass is the adoption of automatic transmission along with aero dynamic (if not tear drop shaped) bodywork. One forecast that gained some traction for a while was the rear mounted engine, which has now all but disappeared, ironically, in favour of compact transverse engines and front wheel drive which was presaged in an illustration of the mighty 130hp 1908 Christie racer, but not included as a possibility!


Here are photos from about 1928-29, Supplied by Grant Mehrtens From around Waimate.


Behind The Hedge supplied by Barry Barnes



Here's a couple of photos taken in Rock Creek British Columbia, and one in Grand Forks BC. which may be a feature for Behind the Hedge. The first car is of course a Buick 8 which appears to be of late 1940's manufacture. The 2 door fastback body is a style available on other GM marques like Chev and Pontiac of the era. Very few if any were imported new into NZ and would be rare here today. If encountered they would almost certainly be LHD imports.

Eric Robins


A BIG THANKS to our contributors over the year, your efforts are much appreciated “ keep them coming” it makes our job so much easier. Best wishes for the festive season from your Editors Shona and Bill

Tess Robins “Gumboots”, apparently there is quite a story to the “gumboot saga” as on early Mt Cook rallies some renegades, Tess Robins and Val Cooper amongst them were known to dance on the tables wearing “gumboots” and singing the Fred Dagg song IF IT WEREN’T FOR YOUR GUMBOOTS WHERE WOULD WE BE!! “THEM WAS THE DAYS”


Xmas dinner It was an interesting evening - particularly the handout of 60th year badges to Eric Robins, Alan Averis and Terry Wilson and the presentation of 'dancing boots' from Tess Robins there is a story regarding this on tables at a Mt Cook Rally from many moons ago (decades before my time in this club!). Regards, Shannon


Terry Wilson receiving his 60th year badge

This particular car is parked up as "Garden Art" something seen from time to time in mostly rural communities though we also saw this 1930 Chrysler set up under a shelter in the town of Grand Forks. Barry ————————————-

Entry Form for ASHBURTON EASTER RALLY 2019 We have some Entry Forms at the clubrooms but if unable to come and get one you can email - and I will send an entry form to you.

Alan Averis on the mike and Eric Robins



Members Vehicles made a great contribution to The Timaru Xmas parade.

Club Xmas Dinner

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