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AUGUST 17-20 2016



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SCHEDULE AUGUST 17: Kitsilano in partnership with Publik Secrets at 4-10PM Hadden Park. AUGUST 18: East Vancouver in Partnership with Dance 330-9PM Troupe Practice in Pandora Park and workshops at Trout Lake Park. AUGUST 19: Strathcona in Partnership with Oncle Hoonkies at 12-8PM Maclean Park and East Vancouver in partnership with Fresh Roots at Norquay Park. AUGUST 20: Vines main event at Trout Lake Park. 12-7PM

LOCATIONS 1 HADDEN PARK - 1015 Maple St 2 MACLEAN PARK - 710 Keefer St 3 PANDORA PARK - 2325 Franklin St

4 TROUT LAKE PARK - 3300 Victoria Dr (South end behind the concession)

5 NORQUAY PARK - 5050 Wales St

EVERY EVENT AT VINES IS FREE! Bring your waterbottle, a blanket, a snack and enjoy nature with us!





Join Lori Weidenhammer, aka Madame Beespeaker, for a walk through Hadden Park looking at the flora and landscape through the eyes of bees. We’ll evaluate the area as for bee nesting sites and bee foraging with a particular emphasis on Vancouver’s native bees. Lori will share stories on her experiences with bees of all stripes and answer any bee-related questions you might have along the way.

REE-WAHYLD – KELLY MCINNES 715-815PM | HADDEN PARK (1015 Maple St) ree-wahyld is an outdoor specific work that explores the shedding of our social etiquette, as a sort of ritual, to indulge in our sensations through nature. The work questions our relationship with our bodies, carnal pleasures and our natural habitat. It is also concerned with empowering the female form, breaking apart objectified representations of the body and celebrating the wild, sensual, untamed beast inside us all.

PEDAL-POWERED CINEMA - PUBLIK SECRETS 830-10PM | HADDEN PARK (1015 Maple St) Join the artists of Publik Secrets at their Hadden Park field house for a pedal-powered cinema experience. Participants will take turns powering a projection of short films in the park thr ough the use of repurposed bicycles as energy generators. This screening will take place outdoors, so bring a blanket!

AUGUST 18 CLOWNING WORKSHOP - AVYEN VON WESTERBURG AND ANJELA MAGPIE 330-5PM | PANDORA PARK (2325 Franklin St) Entrance into awareness…. Without an entrance, the play can not happen. Without an exit there can be no transition. In this class we will be specifically exploring the awareness of timing, rhythm, space and presence work that goes into the entrances and exits on stage, in nature and in daily life. In this process the participant will be able to connect with others in a playful and present way and create a devised piece with their peers that will include an entrance, a piece of business and an exit in relation to nature, others and the nature of space DANCE TROUPE – WANDERING CARTOGRAPHIES 5-7 PM | PANDORA PARK (2325 Franklin St) Choreographies in sound, installation and performance will be spun together by members of Dance Troupe Practice at Pandora Park, the site of the collective’s Field House residency. Vocal compositions and sonic moments from the past and present will be the focus of ‘Close Line’, a site-specific installation by prOphecy Sun, comprised of found sound, processed voice and the imagined environment. A shared artwork will emerge from wanderings through the park as Juli Rees leads participants in a creation made from found materials. Robert Leveroos and friends will be spinning stories and fleece and finding the many horizons of the park in an open rehearsal and work-in-progress showing. LORI SNYDER - URBAN FORAGING 730PM-9PM | TROUT LAKE PARK (3300 Victoria Dr south end behind the concession) Come out and discover urban foraging and the basics of medicine making through an interactive workshop identifying wild, edible and medicinal plants growing beneath your feet. We will touch on how to incorporate wild foods into your lifestyle, when best to harvest and how to receive the most of this earth wisdom.

AUGUST 19 ONCLE HOONKIES – WOOD CARVING + LIVE MUSIC 12 – 530 PM | MACLEAN PARK (710 Keefer St) Join us at Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop for a day of wood carving and improvised music. Master carvers, Martin Borden, Karen Barnaby and Dave Bartlett demonstrate hand-tool methods for making utensils and bowls, while Keeper-of-the-House, Mr. FireMan labours patiently upon his next large wood-horn project. At 2:30pm, join us for the Super Hippie Public Access Jam, when all the horns come out to play and Strathcona neighbourhood is alive with sound of ‘music’. Previous musical experience an asset, but not required. Oncle Hoonki’s Fabulous Hornshop is at MacLean Park Fieldhouse at the corner of Heatley and Keefer Streets. SAMMY CHIEN – NATURE CENTRE GONG/ ENERGY PRACTICE/MOVEMENT HEALING WORKSHOP 2-330 PM | MACLEAN PARK (710 Keefer St) Sammy will lead a workshop session on accessing our own spiritual energy as a form of movement and healing practice. He’s integrating his interdisciplinary background with Nature Centre Gong a kind of Qi Gong that’s shapeless and formless, resonating with the Taoist principles of Wu Wei (the non-action)—there are no specific goal or much intention but just to follow flow of energy effortlessly while attaining harmony with the universe and the mother nature. Get ready to meditate while physically moving with our spiritual energy that enables this deep and beautiful interconnections within each one of us. “the Tao does not act, but there is nothing that it does not achieve” FRESH ROOTS – GARDENING WORKSHOP AND BBQ 6-8 PM | NORQUAY PARK (5050 Wales St)

Ready to grow your garden? Help create the first of it’s kind Herb Harvest Garden at Norquay Park. You’ll be able to take home winter seedlings to prepare for harvest all year round! While we’re planting - we’ll also learn how to grow effectively here in the Lower Mainland. When should you start your tomatoes? How should you plant them? What sort of soil should you use. Work with the experts to learn how to get your garden up and growing! We’ll have a grill going so come and bring your veggies to roast on the BBQ and enjoy! Learn more at



THE MAN DIED ON THIS. - Nicholas Masato Ree, Pascal Alexander Reiners, Eddy van Wyk (12-1225PM + 615-640PM) Performer: Louie, Tracy, Slaslaslav Slav. Slaslasky Anna Mona Stella, what has come to pass? Now, we sit all tied up. Men die. Poof. The world dies. POOF! Everything dies... TRANSVERSA - Eleanor Hendriks (12-1215PM + 2-215PM) Performers: Eleanor Hendriks, Helen Spiegelman, Noelle Pare Music: Pascal Vaucel TransVersa is a performance around an installation which is composed of two abandoned pipes; spectators can sit, crawl, hide and even watch the performance from inside the pipes.

GRIEF + DIGNITY - Ariel Martz-Oberlander (1230-1255PM + 545-610PM) Performers: Elizabeth Marston, Jane Braithwaite, Joylyn Secunda, Laura Burke, Raven Sto Inspired by the struggle to stop the Site C Dam, we follow five women as they begin a blockade against a mega dam project that would flood their community. RADIATA - Polymer Dance (1230-1PM) Performers: Ariana Barer, Courtney English, Miriam Esquitín, Sonja Janousek, Karin Johnson, Leslie Stark, Klara Steklova, Henry Wong Improvisation installation focused on physical qualities of, movements in and somatic responses to the wilderness. HOLD MY BEER - Alex Mah and Arash Khakpour (115-130PM + 530-545PM) Performers: Alex Mah and Arash Khakpour By using voices, body percussion, and raw physicality, this duet brings to light the consequences of masculinity. INTEGRAL ELIMINATION - Meegin Pye (115-140PM + 415440PM) Performer: Meegin Pye It is time to break the pattern pause and reflect to reevaluate the relationship we have with our natural landscape and re-imagine what “city living” needs to be. SON BOHEMIO (130-2PM) Performers: Nyra Chalmer (Violin),Hector Falcon (Cajon) and Joaquin Gonzalez (Guitar.Voice) An ensemble that performs music from all over Latin America and Spain with a gipsy bohemian style. PSEUDO-FLORA-COMMORANCY - Sophie Brassard, Carly Penner (2-215PM + 4-415PM) Performer: Alissa Merlin, Carly Penner, Chelsea DesLauriers, Jenna Mazur, Mackenzie Penner, Rachel Helten, Sophie Brassard, Theresa Doan Exploration of the modern -day concept of returning to harmonious existence with the Earth.

AUGUST 20 - TROUT LAKE FOLLOW – Sarah Gallos (215-230PM + 415-430PM) Performers: Sarah Gallos, Hailey McCloskey “Follow” brings you on a moving meditation, taking time to stop and observe the landscape. ARCHAEA – Molly McDermott, Stefan Smulovitz (230-245PM + 615-630PM) Performers: Molly McDermott, Stefan Smulovitz To acknowledge the tiny; yet, ubiquitous microbial lifeforms in us, on us, and around us, we challenge ourselves to heighten our senses and direct our awareness to the smallest pieces that compose our bodies in space GENERATION HOT TEASER – Monster Moon Theatre, Krys Yuan, Two Gents of New West, Ariel Martz-Oberlander, in partnership with The Only Animal (230-3PM)

Performers: Amanda Sum, Brennan Campbell, Tricia Trinh, Laura Burke, Sarah Stupar, Josh Murdoch Chelsey Moore, William Sandwith, Raunaq Singh, Ellen Wakely, Robert Walker, Jordii Wust, Wynn Siu, Johnny Wu, Kerensa Cooper.

Cease Wyss/ T‘uy’tanat (3-330PM) Performer: Cease Wyss I am hoping to share information that I tend to share on a regular basis, about the work i do with plants. This includes forests and gardens, as I spend most of my outdoor time in these places. TOOTHPASTE - Carolina Bergonzoni (345-4PM) Performer: Carolina Bergonzoni Toothpaste is a performance-lecture that intends to teach the audience how to make toothpaste at home, in order to reduce the use of non-recyclable toothpaste containers. LIGNE_ - Amara McPhail (330-345PM + 445-5PM) Performer: Amara McPhail Music: Olga Wojciechowska This work questions the significant relationship among geographical, biological, and artistic lines. Valeen Jules (430-450PM) Performer: Valeen Jules A young poet and motivational speaker from the Nuu-chah-nulth and Kwakwaka’wakw nations. She has been writing and performing decolonial poetry for a year and a half with the hopes of delivering powerful messages of healing and meaningful change. TILLER - Georgia Lee Johnson (5-530PM) Performer: Georgia Lee Johnson Georgia Johnson draws on her training in experimental performance to use song as a format for story-telling, mixing vivid imagery with lush harmonics. Sydney Del (630-715) Performer: Sydney Del His recent solo act mixes folk singer elements with electronic and percussive rhythms, bringing an authentic aim to modern music.



1000 PAPER WHALES - Linnea McPhail (All Day) Interactive origami exhibition that engages with the public on the large task of folding 1000 origami whales.

A COMMUNITY CREATION - Graham Cunningham (All Day) A meditation for you to explore your internal world and see how it harmonises with others.

IN THE DIRT - Tin Gamboa & Forest Borch (All Day) Performer: Kayla DeVos While biking and physically creating the energy to power this piece, may we reflect on the resources we take from this earth and how much we give back to it. II PAUSE - Matthew Ariaratnam (12-3PM) “II Pause” brings pausing, sitting, and listening together to public spaces in Vancouver.

IN YOUR HANDS - Danielle Vallée (130-7PM) The work relies on the public, they will collaborate to create something unique and beautiful: a piece of art that no one person could create on their own. STATIC: UNHEARD NOISES - Valerie Christiansen and Jadie Clifford Pena (1240-120PM) Performers: Eddy Van Wyk, Jasiah Pena, Joshua Pena Sound Designer Marc-Olivier Harvey Inside the four walls of a home on the other side of a television screen. This performance was created to honour the men and women colour who lost their lives and families to police brutality. AT HOUSE, AT HOME- Elissa Hanson, Claris Figueira (130-630PM) “A quite stylish building which does not spoil the feel of the lovely Trout Lake park surroundings.” -Yelp Review, 2014 THE RAINMAKER - Jeff McBride, Jeff Christensen (130330PM) This piece traces the First Nations legend of the Thunderbird. It uses story telling, movement, music, political protest and illusion to create a wonderfully unique piece of magical theatre.


Roaming: Roaming:

PAINTING THE CLOTHES OF CHANGE - Bronwyn Preece & Carolina Bergonzoni (1230-3PM) Interactive moving installation -- come paint and (ad)Dress the change we can be in the world...

BOOTH CONNECTION - Arash Khakpour (2-415PM) Performers: Arash Khakpour, Diego Romero What if all you have to do is win a lottery. You will have your own journey. It won’t be like anybody else’s. I promise you will be comfortable. Welcome to Booth Connection. TWO° - Kelly McInnes, Taylor Pearon (215-230PM + 445-5PM) Performers: Kelly McInnes, Taylor Pearon Two° explores the contradiction of our desire to save our species, yet our inability to make drastic change in the direction that is needed to do so. It asks the question, will we ever prioritize our planet over our unsustainable society? HOMETOWN REMEDIES - Sarah-May Redmond & Tallulah Winkelman (3-630PM)

Performers: Sarah-May Redmond, Tallulah Winkelman, Thomas Jones

Feeling the crazy of this crazy world? We’ve got some local remedies up our (slightly grubby) sleeves. We’re two old guys walking around with some signs. ATTU - Charlotte Newman and Georgina Alpen (330-415PM) Performers: Charlotte Newman and Georgina Alpen Two mad zoologists embark on a whimsical migration north across land and water, only to find their home has dwindled in size since last summer. OVER THE HILL - Katie Gartlan-Close & Carmine Santavenere Music: Yann Tiersen (515-615PM) Two women lugging around a physical manifestation of their old home, filled with memories and belongings.


MAKE A CRAFTIVISM BANNER TO HELP OUR BEES - Lori Weidenhammer (2-5PM) Drop in, chill out, and help stitch a banner that sends a message to the neighborhood: “Protect our Neighborhood Bees”. EARTHBODYMENT: SITE-SPECIFIC COLLABORATIVE POETRY-INTO-PERFORMANCE - Bronwyn Preece (5-6PM) Participants will collaboratively respond to the place we find ourselves in: employing a series of creative tools to generate an easily accessible poetic performance interpretation.




THE MAN DIED ON THIS Nicholas Masato Ree, Pascal Alexander Reiners, Eddy van Wyk

12:00 PM 12:15 PM 12:30 PM

GRIEF + DIGNITY Ariel Martz-Oberlander

12:45 PM 1:00 PM

AUDREY SIEGL HOLD MY BEER Alex Mah and Arash Khakpour

1:15 PM 1:30 PM 1:45 PM 2:00 PM


2:15 PM 2:30 PM 2:45 PM 3:00 PM

LIGNE_ Amara McPhail

3:30 PM

4:00 PM

PSEUDO-FLORA-COMMORANCY Sophie Brassard, Carly Penner

4:15 PM 4:30 PM

5:15 PM

FOLLOW Sarah Gallos LIGNE_ Amara McPhail

TILLER Georgia Lee Johnson HOLD MY BEER Alex Mah and Arash Khakpour

5:30 PM 5:45 PM

GRIEF + DIGNITY Ariel Martz-Oberlander

6:00 PM

THE MAN DIED ON THIS. Nicholas Masato Ree, Pascal Alexander Reiners, Eddy van Wyk

6:15 PM 6:30 PM 6:45 PM 7:00 PM

TOOTHPASTE Carolina Bergonzoni


4:45 PM 5:00 PM

FOLLOW Sarah Gallos GENERATION HOT TEASER Monster Moon Theatre,Kris Yuan, Two Gents of New West, Ariel MartzOberlander


3:15 PM

3:45 PM





TRANSVERA Eleanor Hendriks

RADIATA Polymer Dance


TRANSVERSA Eleanor Hendriks ARCHAEA Molly McDermott, Stefan Smulovitz

TWO° Kelly McInnes & Taylor Pearon

ATTU Charlotte Newman, Georgina Alpen


1-115PM Audrey Siegl (ancestral name sχtemtəna:t), a Musqueam warrior and protector will give a traditional welcoming.

If you see something that is not on the schedule you will find it on the Installation, Workshop and Roaming sections in your guide!

TWO° Kelly McInnes & Taylor Pearon


ARCHAEA Molly McDermott, Stefan Smulovitz

OVER THE HILL Katie Gartlan-Close, Carmine Santavenere

Full descriptions of works and artist bios at

WELCOME TO VINES 2ND FESTIVAL! As Vines grows and matures, our vision has gained clarity and our community has begun ripening. Now a four-day festival, we have partnered with Vancouver Park board’s Artist’s in Residence as well as the Only Animal’s youth project “Generation Hot”. Our programming includes diverse workshops from both environmental experts and artists. We have focused on nurturing relationships between artists and environmentalists as we recognize the need to transform stories and messages for community concerning our planet. I would like to draw your attention to the Coast Salish land, the provider for the work we have done and the work we will continue to do. She is the most important performer and an organizer here today.

DONORS Arbutus ($500+) Darlene Martineau Douglas Fir ($250-499) Peter Dickinson, JoAnn Martineau and Brian Lamoureux Cedar ($100-249) Robert Azevedo, Bernadette LeBlanc, Ken McBride and John Steil Sitka Spruce ($50-99) Anna da Cunha, Laura Lange and Lindsey Neville Alder ($1-49) Andrea Rabinovitch and Karen Russell Join our donors to support more public performance and eco-art in Vancouver. You can donate in person or at

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Andrea Rabinovitch (Chair), Robert Azevedo (Vice-Chair), Mitch Hodge (Treasurer), Carolina Bergonzoni (Secretary), Akeisha De Baat, Jana Posyniak, Tracy Wells, Danielle Vallée, Kevin Kimoto, John Steil, Alisha Lemire, Michael Mahoney

I hope this year’s festival will expand your vision, ground you to the earth and inspire growth for our community.

Thank you to all of the volunteers, artists and our community. Without your work, love and energy this wouldn’t have been possible.

We would love to hear your feedback!

Heather Lamoureux Director, Vines Art Festival



Thank you to our sponsors!