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Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

whoo doo voodoo We take inspiration from dark places to shed light on an active lifestyle that embraces good and evil. The supernatural aura of All-Souls connects the present to the past, the dead to the living.

PHOTOGRAPHY: ERROL JOHN PHOTOGRAPHY AND DESIGN Fashion Editor: Jeremy Payne Fashion assistant: Makeda Greene Model: Chantel Lighting assistant: Maximus

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Westford Stilly Joseph EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Jamila Soso-Vincent FASHION EDITOR Jeremy Payne Assistant - Makeda Greene BEAUTY EDITOR Amirh Dennie LAYOUT AND DESIGN Westford Joseph Dane Browne WRITERS Jamila Soso-Vincent, Ronelle King Jeremy Payne, Westford Stilly Joseph Dane Browne. Samara Murphy Shari Osborne, Odini Sutherland Simply TIa. Shavar Maloney Kenrife Matthias CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Jeneille Lewis MANAGING DIRECTOR Westford Joseph SPECIAL THANKS TO Errol John Photography & Designs, Cover Model Chantal, Makeup by AmirhD, MaxEthan Providence aka Maximus, Makeup by Kimesha ,PAYNE, SVG Town Board, Kimya Glasgow, Tivoli & Fiache, Nyasha Lewis of Phoenix Ny, Melanie Hyman, Raisa Bruce-Lyle, Amos, Shonell, Sheresa, Rodney Small, Unique NaizShan.



Errol John Photography and Design PAYNE Jay Ess-Vee Photography Makeup by Kimesha Makeup by AmirhD Tivoli & Fiache Styles Phoenix Ny


MODEL - Chantal PHOTOGRAPHY - Errol John STYLING - Jeremy Payne MAKEUP - Amirh Dennie COSTUMERY - PAYNE

FOR ADVERTISING Westford Joseph (784)-455-6288

Published by New Marketing Concepts SVG Belair, Dauphine St.Vincent, W.I 784-455-6288 Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8





02 exhibition, we give you a little look into who the artist is and where she drew knowlege and inspiration from.

17 02


Drawing inspiration from a dark place, beauty shows one of her many faces, as we mix it with a bit of the supernatural aura of a popular Caribbean character: the Voodoo woman.



We’ve listed some of the major happenings during the months of November & December


MOCK HANGING...CALAMITEEE, CULTURE, CREEEATIV-EEETEEE... booops describes the tradition of mock

ALEXANDRA MASCOLL AND HER hanging and make a plea to keep the ‘CHANGING TIDES’ tradition alive. Following the success of Alex’s fine art 10

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

editor's note

Welcome to the November Issue I’ve always shied away from writing an editor’s note in previous issues. However, as Vincy eZine just celebrated its first anniversary, and with the wind of change swelling the magazine’s sails, I’ve made a resolution from this issue onward to always include one. I would be telling fibs if I said that it felt like yesterday that we started this magazine; and indeed if I said that, I daresay the magazine pages would materialise from the computer and smack me in my face. Vincy eZine over the past year has come on in leaps and bounds; consistently improving issue by issue. It has been a long year – filled with stress, disappointments and much free labour. But despite all that, the magazine has proved to be somewhat of a desert rose; blooming beautifully in spite of its harsh environment. Through the hard times we still managed to have fun, forge great friendships and serve our country.

24 22


Samara doesn’t let a little blood and gore get in the way of preparing or enjoying a fantastic meal. She shares a few amazing movie ‘creepy eats’ moments and some of her gourmet popcorn recipies you can try for your next scary movie night.

I must thank all those persons who stuck by the magazine even when we couldn’t provide food on shoots. THANK YOU! It saddens me, however, that some of the team had to cut back their involvement in the magazine. Jamila Soso-Vincent, our Editorial Assistant/ Photographer, who was in charge of our previous issue has migrated; and before that, our Beauty Editor Jeneille Lewis stepped down due to other commitments. I wish them best of luck in their future endeavours, and know that they will forever remain #teamVincy. I also extend a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ to them for being a part of the magazine and for putting up with my alter ego during our ‘Palance and Flockery’ sessions, lol. *don’t think too much, just keep reading* With all that said, we’re proud to present this spook-tacular November issue! Forget American Halloween; keep reading to see just how scary SVG can be when jumbie leh go! Immerse yourself in the stories and see how we intertwine a gothic element in our fashion spreads with local folklore. You’ve been warned, after this issue, witches and trolls may just be the least of your worries! *cue eerie laughter* Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8






Steel Pan Player/ Musician/Steel Pan Arranger/ Musical Director/Entertainer. Delve into who exactly is Rodney Small and how he got started on his journey to become an amazing entertainer.

42 12

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8







GRUNGE. VINTAGE. ROMANCE. FASHION. Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8 Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 3


JP: Who are you? AlexandraM: Well my name is Alexandra Mascoll. I’m 21, and I am an artist who strongly believes in creativity as an outlet to overcoming a lot of life’s struggles JP: And how did u get started as an artist? AM: Of all the toys I had as a kid there were 2 spray cans of paint I would always play with and I told my mom I wanted to be an artist who paints pictures.

Alexandra Mascoll and her

'Changing Tides'

Sittings editor: JPayne

JP: You’re a member of CYAM [Contemporary Young Artist Movement] and you just finished up some years of studying Art & Design at SVG Community College? AM: Yes, I did all of the art courses there. I did sculpture and that’s where the work evolved. From the first sculpture I made during that course, the changing tides.

It felt very humbling to ring in the month of November with an art show that was based on a variable factor. ‘Changing Tides’, an art exhibition presented by emerging artist Alexandra Mascoll, saw a great turn out with its opening night on the November 1, 2013, at the Oleander Café in Kingstown. It was a combination of paintings, sculptures and installations that told the story of inevitable change through the exploration of movement, colour, texture and structure. Undoubtedly the work brought life to the room with a presentation that felt grounded in the space. This certainly added another element to the collection of work and showed the significance of experiencing art in living context. I spoke to Alexandra shortly after the exhibition’s opening night to get insight on the art and the artist.


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

JP: What kind of art do you make? AM: I think my work would be considered environmental art. Environmental art basically exemplifies the artist’s connection with the environment, and nature’s process of constant change. JP: So ‘Changing Tides’.... What inspired this collection of work? AM: I was going through a period where I had to make a lot of changes in my life, and I found it very difficult to accept them even though I know change is an inevitable part of life. Like the saying goes: “The only thing that is constant is change.” I needed a way to embrace all these changes in order to move forward. JP: I was very privileged to see you in action while preparing for the exhibition. How intense was your creative process during that time? AM: Oh, yes. ‘Intense’ is a very fitting word. There were a lot of mixed emotions about it as it’s my first time ever to exhibit work of this nature. There were moments of doubt and a lot of anxiety but I felt it was something I needed to do to showcase a different take on what our perception of art may entail and stretch the boundaries of the collection. JP: Do you think the work was received well by the public? How do you feel about the Vincentian public’s response to art as a form of expression, as something substantial? AM: Well from those who viewed the collection, there were only positive and uplifting responses to the work. I am of the belief that Vincentians really like art… there’s a lack of exposure to the arts in everyday life. And we lack the belief that creative arts can be empowering, and transform attitudes.

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


JP: What’s next on your creative agenda?


AM: To be honest when it comes to my work and having a set agenda I leave that entirely up to JP: Is there anyone you want to thank on your my imagination. Albert Einstein said logic will journey thus far? get you from A to B but imagination will take AM: Oh, yes, most definitely! I’d like to thank you everywhere. Miss Vonnie Roudette, Shanelle Bascombe, Jeremy Payne, the hospitable owners and staff JP: What then does ART mean to you? at the Oleander Café, Sheresa, my family, close friends and everyone who came out to support AM: Art, to me, is not only a means of me. expression but a means of creative problem ‘Changing Tides’ ran @ the Oleander Café [Rose Place on the way to Edinboro] from 2nd – 15th November. Alexandra Mascoll is a freelance artist doing commissioned pieces in various media. Contact her @ email: and telephone: (784) 433 3638.


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


november december PROJECT_X TEAMSPOTLIGHT PRESENTS: OVERDOSE: The Fantasy Edition! A house Party, Pool Party & Sleep Over in ONE! 24 HOURS OF NON STOP FUN Date: November 23rd Location: Atlantic View Hotel DINNER INCLUSIVE: 1 meal & a drink Attractions: Free Shots All Day & Night Long [Kissing Booth] events/253643614788742 /?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

........................................... SCANDAL X-POSED Presented by SVCCC Division of Nursing Education Performing Arts Club Date Fri, 29th Nov – 1st Dec Time: 8pm nightly Location: Peace Memorial Hall

........................................... Gospel Explosion Date: 30th November, 2013 Time: 6pm to 11pm. Location: Victoria Park Admission: $20 ages 5-12.

$35 regular

........................................... Live lounge Season 2 ep 1 Starring Amanda Gooding (Indie Alternative) Ezra Forde (Jazz Saxophone), Jeremy Payne (Arts), Alexandra Mascoll (Contemporary Artist) Date: Sat, 30th November Time: 8pm until Location: Palmyra restaurant + Bar, Pembroke Admission $10 Tel: 4921088/533-2915 Email: liveloungesvg@gmail. com

........................................... R.O.K Entertainment/ MainEvents Presents the 7th edition of CanFest Date: Fri, 13th December, 2013 Location: Victoria Park

........................................... Get wet for the first time ever with Curfew entertainment. Mount Gay Barbados Rum SUNSHADES The all inclusive catamaran ride to Lower Bay, Bequia

Friday 20th of December Tickets: $90. Music by: Captain John& Da Big Dog Pitbull. Boat leaves Paradise Inn Villa Beach, at 10:00 AM. Curfew Shots when boarding. For more info 784–495-6809 OR 784–530-6356


A Premium Ultra All-inclusive event. HYPNOSIS – WINTER WONDERLAND The Ultimate Gala experience. MUST WEAR WHITE Date: 28th December, 2013 Time: 8pm -3am Location: Balcombe’s Estate, by the sea at Indian Bay

........................................... STUSH “THE RETURN” Ultra Premium VVIP All-Inclusive Event DJs: Private Ryan, Chemical X, Scratchmaster Date: Sat, 28th December, 2013 Time: 8pm until Location: Arnos Vale Playing Field Tickets: $200 Early Bird, $250 Regular Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


his play revolves around four (4) characters. The story introduces a wife living a life of denial, a sister who is manipulative and deceitful, a husband who is not only cunning, but also commits the worse kind of crime to a close family member and finally a daughter who is misunderstood, abused and lack any real friends she can rely on. Come out and see how the drama unfolds, as scandals are exposed and tempers flare on stage in true theatrical marvel. SCANDAL X-POSED Presented by SVCCC Division of Nursing Education Performing Arts Club Date Fri, 29th Nov – 1st Dec Time: 8pm nightly Location: Peace Memorial Hall

A look at the new HYpNOSIS Venue A Premium Ultra All-inclusive event.


The Ultimate Gala experience. MUST WEAR WHITE Date: 28th December, 2013 Time: 8pm -3am Location: Balcombe’s Estate, by the sea at Indian Bay FOLLOW ITS FB EVENT PAGE AND RSVP

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 3


Each one... help one

Richie Spice for 2013!

less fortunate. This year, organisers will be distributing cans of food to the St Benedict’s Nursery, Salvation Army, House of Hope and the Red Cross, among other organisations. Sponsored by LIME and Scotiabank, Can Fest will take place on Friday, December 13 at the Victoria Park under the theme ‘Each one, Help one, Build a better Vincy land’. The press conference also revealed that the leading musical act would be international reggae star Richie Spice, who has performed at major shows such as Reggae Sunsplash and Sting; as well as opened shows for the likes of Rita Marley, Chaka Demus and Pliers, among others. Some of his biggest hits include Brown Skin, Di Plane Land, The World is a Cycle and the hit Earth ah run Red, which earned him his reputation as a reggae warrior. Supporting him will be a host of exciting local artistes and top deejays, along with a dance off competition. Patrons can gain entrance to event with three cans of food, and tickets can only be obtained at both branches of 1st Choice Enterprises – one located in Middle Street and the other close to Heritage Square. In the spirit of giving, Can Fest ticketholders gain automatic entry into a draw to win various prizes, including a 32-inch flat screen television. There will also be many giveaways and surprises via social media and other mediums.


even years ago, a group of likeminded and innovative individuals came together and created what is now one of the biggest charity events in SVG – Can Fest. It is the aim of Can Fest to continue on its mission to bring the Christmas spirit to the less fortunate. At the official launch held at the UWI Open Campus conference room on November 19th, Candice Sealey (founder & Marketing Consultant of Ignite!) added that since Can Fest’s inception, over 200,000 cans of food have changed and saved the lives of the


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Event coordinator David Brown stated at the launch that the Can Fest brand has evolved over the past few years, and will continue to do so in the future. The organising body, therefore, found it fit to evolve into an event management company; so this year, the event is being organized under a new brand: Main Events. It has also procured the services of new Marketing & PR consultancy firm ‘Ignite!’ to assist in taking Can Fest to the next level. Repeat sponsors LIME and Scotia Bank expressed their commitment to the event. Nikala Williams of LIME indicated that its customers can also receive their tickets when they top up, and that monies from the top ups go towards LIME’s outreach programme that gives food baskets to the needy. New sponsor SVG Football Federation also pledged its continuous support.





Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8




by Samara Murphy


annibal Lecter’s dinner in ‘Hannibal’ may have turned many people off eating, but I never get tired of watching the scene in which Lecter carefully prepares dinner tableside in an exquisitely set dining room, and cooks the prefrontal lobe straight out of Krendler’s open brain and then feeds it to him. It is sheer horrifying, disgusting, gratifying movie magic. In ‘The Golden Child’, they attempt to feed the golden child blood from a kidnapped little girl by hiding it under something that looks like porridge – lumpy white stuff topping bowls full of an innocent’s blood. Clever kid - he opts for leaves. Mrs. Lovett’s meat pie shop business explodes when Sweeney Todd starts supplying her with his murdered barber customers to grind into meat every day. Poor Toby finds a toe in one of the pies. The movies are filled with wonderful ‘ewwy’ food scenes. The strangest thing is that these gross moments always inspire me to cook. It’s the same feeling most people get when they see food on television - suddenly hungry and craving the onscreen goodies. Of course, my reaction to these scenes is a bit of a paradox because while my mouth is screwed up in utter disgust at eating human parts, I’m imagining recreating a delicious meal with more socially acceptable ingredients. Hannibal Lecter’s dinners, in keeping with his classy, worldly character, are actually pretty impressive - particularly for a homicidal psychopath. And he even bothers to pair them with great wines. In ‘The Silence of the Lambs’, he tells Clarice


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

CLICK TO VIEW FULL VIDEO CLIP about the occasion when he ate a census taker’s liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti. I’ve often wanted to replicate his sweetbread ragout from ‘Red Dragon’ for a Halloween sitdown dinner party, but the only thing that seems more difficult to find in these parts than a gourmet cannibal is lamb sweetbreads. I have thought of topping a red fruit coulis with overcooked oatmeal to feed to guests as a Golden Child dessert, but I somehow don’t think it would go over well. As for the meat pie, I’ve actually managed to do that one, but a great deal of the

excitement is lost without the use of toes. Halloween, All Souls’ Day, All Saints’ Day and The Day of the Dead are all between October 31st and November 2nd. It is definitely a spooky time of year. And while we may not observe these days in the elaborate commercial style of the US, you can still visit graves in candlelight, look out for the spirits of the dead roaming your yard, and share tales of Caribbean folklore like the jumbie, jabless and soucouyant. Then, (if you’re not a crazed cannibal) why not have some popcorn? Grab a couple horror movie classics, make yourself bowls of gourmet popcorn, settle in on the couch and get ready for sleepless nights.

Popcorn 1 package of microwave popcorn for each recipe (one with only salt and no additional flavouring will work best) 1. Pop each package of popcorn in microwave following package directions. 2. Pour into large mixing bowl.

Garlic and Rosemary Popcorn 3 tbsp butter 1 small garlic clove, finely grated 1 tsp finely chopped rosemary 1. Melt butter in pan on low heat. 2. Add garlic and rosemary and stir. Cook for about 30 seconds. 3. Remove from heat and pour over popcorn, stirring while pouring. 4. Eat immediately.

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


Caramel Popcorn 6 tbsp butter ½ c brown sugar ¼ tsp water ½ tsp vanilla 1/8 tsp baking soda 1. Add butter and sugar to a small pan and stir over medium heat. 2. Continue to cook the butter and sugar until the sugar has melted and the mixture is bubbling. Cook for about 6 minutes after it starts to boil. 3. Add water, stirring continuously, and then remove from heat. 4. Add vanilla and baking soda. The mixture will bubble. Stir. 5. Pour over popcorn in small batches, while stirring popcorn. This should help to spread the caramel more evenly. Work quickly to prevent the caramel from stiffening in the pan. 6. Pour the popcorn out onto a waxpaper lined surface, spread out and allow it to cool. 7. Eat immediately or store in ziplock bags when completely cool.

Jerk Popcorn 2 tbsp butter 1 tsp dry jerk seasoning mix red food colouring 1. Melt butter in pan on low heat and stir in ½ tsp of the jerk seasoning. 2. Remove from heat and stir in two drops of red food colouring. 3. Pour over popcorn, stirring while pouring to ensure even coating. 4. Sprinkle remaining ½ tsp of jerk on popcorn and shake in bowl. 5. Eat immediately.


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


mock hanging...

calamiteee, culture, creeeAtiv-eee-teee... by booops

Unfortunateleee folk culture + its rituals are rapidleee fading awey from disss tiny rock stone of a civilization…curruption, crime, unlawfulll sexual conduct + violence are onnn deee frunt burner + justice hides her face! A “mock hanging” was deee ceremonial ritual folllowinnn deee “mock trial” beeefor deee “mock court”, wen a community presented its case after a member of deeer village commmitted an unlawfulll sexual act; rape, incest. An “effigy” (life-size doll) was made to resemble deee accused fysicallleee + fashionableee.

Boook it sure, ev-reee offfence brought beeefor deee mock court wud end innn maximum sentencinnn- deee effigy of deee allleged guilty offfender: hanged! A ver-eee cleeer signal was sent to deee accused + alll future offenders. Disss creeeAtiv folk punishment opened deee dooors on acts of sexual violation + fillled deee accused wid shame, humiliation


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

+ dissshonour…unlike tooodey, weeer deee victims, mainleee women, are burdened wid shame + self-hate after being sexuallleee abused, becaws most offfenders get awey wid murder, literallleee… Weee are NEVER emotionallleee deee same after deee violation. Although intended to sen a sireeeUS messsage on sexual misconduct, deee mock trial wud beee ver-eee entertaininnn…a cast wud beee selected to play alll deee parts of judge, 12-man-jury, bailifff, victim, witnesses, deee hole workinnns of an actual court, costumes, sound effects, pseudonyms + all. Deee mock trial wud run for weeeks dependinnn onnn deee severity of deee offfence. Disss was “performance art” innn its puresss form!

big moOon nite, wid booom-drum/string band/steeelpan musick, plenteee peeeple dancing innn deee street, carrryinnn deee effigy to deee place of deee makeshift “mock galllows”, vendors selllinnn ev-reee ting from bredpudding to calllalllooo sooop, soft drinks to rummm…deee parteee na tun uppp it tunnn ovah!…but deee arrrival of deee “hangman” pan deee sceeen, fullleee dressed innn black weeerinnn a face mask, wud immmedeeeatleee stop alll activiteee. Deee blind-folded effigy is brought to deee galllows by deee prison guards, deee hangman takes control + performs deee x-e-Q-shannn. Deee deeecapitated effigy remains hanginnn for alll to seee…dead, dead, dead… justice lifffs her head! …dem beeefor weee weeer deee bold creeeAtives who used art as part of ev-reeedey life to truleee x-presss demselves, take matters intooo deeer own hands as a means to attain emotional + psychological justice...

At deee end of deee trial deee judge passsed deee sentence “guilty as willl beee taken to a place of confinement + innn 21 deys, onnn deee nite of full moOon, you will beee hanged by deee neck until you are dead, dead, dead”. After signing deee death sentence, heee broke deee pen. Deee mock hanging is compleeeted innn one

Weee stilll hav deeer bloood runinnn tru our veins anah. Disss one is for alll deee women who hav beeen raped, murdered, emotionallleee + fisicallleee abused, traumatized, threatened. Is time for weee riiise UPPP + speeek out. Use weee heARTs to guide weee intooo deee liiite! Blaze deee spiritual wickednesss innn hi + low places! x-presss weee self! live weee life!!! closed…pen bruck no fcuk. selah… Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

HIGHLAND GRUNGE Love and Loss go hand in hand for the season. Paying homage to a worldwide tradition and a portrayal of nonchalant romance through decadent vintage clothing. PHOTOGRAPHY BY JAY-ESS VEE PHOTOGRAPHY.

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


NONCHALANCE On Shonell: Tartan Vintage jacket;Thrift. Chantilly Lace, Satin & Organza Dress; KIMYA Glasgow. Set1 Make-up: Kimesha Llwellyn.

MELONCHOLIA Model Sheresa wears a Linen Halter Romper with handmade Cotton Voile flower applique;Kimya Glasgow. Printed horn hat; PAYNE. Fashion Editor: Jeremy Payne. Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


ON the EDGE Cotton Lycra dress with Brass & Sisal rope detail;Kimya Glasgow.


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

LOVE IN A HOPELESS PLACE Burnt Out Velvet & Cotton Voile Dress with Cotton Voile Rosette detail. On Amos, white H&M button down shirt;Tivoli & Fiache Styles. Suspenders;Thrift. Pants and boots;Models’ own. SET 2 Begins here

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



HIGHLAND LOVE On her, Striped Brocade Skirt, Lurex Waspie/Waist Cincher. On him, Tartan waist coat;PAYNE. Black H&M button downshirt; Tivoli & Fiache Styles. Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

WINDOWS French Lace top; Kimya Glasgow. Set2 Make-Up: Nyasha Lewis Manicurist: Melanie Hyman

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


HIGH MAINTAINENCE Embroidered Organza & Tafetta Dress; Kimya Glasgow. On Amos, lace n cotton jersey tee;PAYNE. Jacket, stylists own. Vintage red scarf used as pocket square.

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8




PLUS GAIN A CHANCE TO WIN COOL PRIZES The year is coming to an end from a very successful volume of Vincy eZine. As the new year approaches, the Vincy eZine team would be taking a bold and brand new approach in marketing and promoting all things Vincy to locals and the world. YOU our venerate readers have the opportunity right now to make an input in our rebranding, as we seek a more suitable catchy name for the magazine. Note that our tag line ill be “the Vincy eZine.” Let us know what name you think will grab readers! Email suggestions to or send us a message on facebook: fb/vincyezine

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8 41


Rodney Small

Photographed by SirRooster Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8 42 Photographix

For 15 years he has been living in the world of music; immersed in a career which started out of curiosity at the tender age of seven. One evening after school, his oldest sister couldn’t find him; but after relentlessly searching for the diminutive wanderer, she finally tracked him down in the school’s music room, fooling around with the instruments. It was at one of these curious musical adventures a tutor asked him: “Young man, do you want to learn how to play the steel-pan?”The answer, of course, was yes, and that was the birth of the multi-talented musical genius we know as Rodney Small.

Expounding on Carifesta 2013 which was recently held in Suriname, Rodney recounts: “The experience was wonderful especially for me because for a small country we were looked down upon but from the time we started performing at different venues all that eventually changed… the most memorable thing was when SVG was selected out of so many countries to perform at the closing ceremony… we did SVG proud as a team.”

In his opinion, his music has colored the world with acoustic tranquility. From his humble beginnings in the suburban village of Sion Hill, Rodney quickly rose to musical stardom; he is the only musician in his family. By the age of sixteen, Rodney Small became a house hold name in St. Vincent and the Eastern Caribbean. He was the proud recipient of a National Scholarship to further his studies at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, Jamaica. Having been involved in the national cultural foundation and performing with several local bands (both soca and secondary school) over the years, Rodney is no stranger to the stage. “I feel at home on stage, so every stage I step foot on becomes my home during that performance. As the old saying goes: home is where the heart is...” Rodney has had the opportunity to perform globally: at Labor Day celebrations in New York City, Carifesta in various Caribbean countries; World Cup Cricket Finals 2007 in Barbados, for Cuban independence celebrations in Havana, and in Jamaica at various events and locations. He is now one of St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ top junior arrangers in the steelpan world, and has won three consecutive junior panorama competitions(2010 – 2012) arranging for the Sion Hill Euphonium.

The young maestro arranges music for the Sion Hill Euphonium Steel Orchestra and other musicians locally. One of the things he enjoys most is production; and revealed that he aspires to be a production manager or a musical director for Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


popular artistes, among other things. Rodney has a fresh and enthusiastic approach to the world of music, and is determined to establish himself not only as a steel-pan player but as a musician. He feels that his mission is to uplift steel-pan music and make it more recognisedon the international arena. Rodney plans to release his first album called ‘Musical Soul’ in the near future. “My love for music is part of my spiritual being and, with God on my side, anything is possible for me to achieve my goals, and make my dreams come true.Everyone has dreams; lucky

for me I am living and enjoying mine by performing for my fans.” Rodney organized ‘Steel Expressions’ last year at the Peace Memorial Hall. This in his opinion


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

offered him the platform to showcase what he has learnt over the few years at music school. “This is just the beginning. I am full of ideas, dreams and vision, and I know I am determined enough to pull each one off...” As a young man who has covered a lot of ground, he humbly explained what keeps him motivated. “First and foremost is God Almighty, as I was raised in a positive and Christian home by my mother who is my tower of strength… it wasn’t an easy road so whatever I’m doing, I cherish it because of where I’m coming from. I know exactly where I want to go…”

On the note of musical production, Rodney will be showcasing Steel Expressions ‘The Graduate’ on December 29, 2013 which he promises is a “must see”. He said that preparations are

on schedule, and assures patrons that the showcase will be filled with a lot of different aspects of the creative arts like no other. One cannot help but admire his vigor for the arts, as he described the legacy he wishes to leave. “I don’t want to just be known as a good entertainer, performer, musician or whatever accolades. I want to be able to have young people saying they want to be like me or better but having the same determination, passion and love for the arts.” In his opinion, SVG has a lot of talent but most persons don’t get a chance to foster and hone their craft given the lack of financial support and other such opportunities. However, he is encouraging those within the creative arts community to start doing more for themselves, and to not give up when they meet obstacles.

Rodney is now a proud graduate of the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, where he obtained the Bachelor degree in Jazz and Popular Music Studies (Honors) and the Director’s Award. He was also a nominee for the Chairman’s Award. Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


The Unique Soul behind Unique NaizShan

Shavorn Stephens by Westford Joseph


here are persons who fear change and things different, but then even persons like that would love the offerings of Unique NaizShan – a jewellery/accessory brand owned by Shavorn Stephens. The brand is unapologetically bold, trendy and, of course, unique. Who is Shavorn you may ask? Well, even she stumbles a bit on that question, but it was evident that under her shy disposition sat a born entrepreneur, a creative spirit and an opportunist. Her entrepreneurial spirit surfaced at an early age – in secondary school – where she devloped her passion for craft and design. She soon turned this into a business, as she would


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Shavorn Stephens often sell little trinkets to her fellow school-mates. After graduating and moving back to the Grenadine island of Canouan, she opened a souvenir shop in 2006 which she largely stocked with items she made herself. The closure of this business prompted her to give life to Unique NaizShan - with the help of her fiancé Orman Samuel and inspiration from her daughter. Shavorn limits her use of typical materials that others may use in their jewellery, preferring to opt for materials such as metals, gems, wires, weathered glass and, sometimes, corals – which are more difficult to work with. She maintains an open mind as she does her work, and because many of her creations are made to order (based on the client’s specifications), she combines her vision and that of her customer into her creative process.

Jewelry by Unique NaizShan PHOTOGRAPHY: Duane Lewis Models: Maridonna and Trisha

It is obvious from the late hours Shavorn works that she is extremely serious about her art – she aspires to be a master jeweller in the near future. Her aspirations don’t end there, though. She intends to reopen the doors of her souvenir boutique and tackle an even more ambitious business project, which she is keeping ‘hush hush’ for now. Shavorn also plans to undertake fine Jewellery design this year, as she endeavours to provide stock for a several luxury hotels. The fearless entrepreneur hopes that those looking to enter the field of design or business ownership can embrace the spirit of being different. “Never be afraid to take risk or to experiment” she said. “Create a plan, and then take it one step at a time. This may very well be your opportunity to leave a legacy.” We hear you, Shavorn! Keep being...UNIQUE. Contact Unique NaizShan via FB

Model: Rebecca Dunn Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


Model: Maridonna Burgin

Model: Kellonn Telemaque


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Model: Rebecca Dunn

Model: Trisha Soleyn


Model: Onika Barbour

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Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8


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simple rules for

choosing makeup brushes

A makeup brush will help you create a more precise and flawless makeup application. Here are some things to keep in mind the next time you clutch your purse and go shopping for makeup. 50

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

by Amirh


1. CONSIDER YOUR MAKEUP ROUTINE - Purchasing eye shadow and lip brushes when you hardly wear eye makeup or lipstick makes absolutely no sense. These tools may inspire you, yes; however, you’ll probably just return to wearing no lipstick. Always keep your everyday makeup look in mind when purchasing brushes. Your choices can be easily narrowed down to the basics: a foundation brush, a powder brush (which can be one brush) and a concealer brush.


USE YOUR FINGERS OR A BEAUTY BLENDER - I prefer to apply my concealer with my ring finger. I simply pat the concealer under my eyes then blend in an outward motion. My concealer looks flawless after using this technique. Clean fingers can definitely be your best makeup tool as well as a beauty blender. This is an elliptical sponge which makes application foolproof by allowing you to access hard to reach areas with ease. It has unique curves which fit into the contours of your face, leaving your makeup undetectable. The beauty blender was invented by top Hollywood makeup artist Rea Ann Silva, and is a hit with makeup artists around the globe. I have a few and I love using them on my clients!!


TRY/TEST BEFORE YOU BUY - Just like a car, you should test out the brushes before you purchase them. This can be done by rubbing it against the inside of your hand. If it streaks or sheds like crazy, please, put that brush down!


DON’T OVERDO IT – ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED - Only professional makeup artists require a wide selection of brushes, but we sometimes try to cut corners. I use a powder brush to apply both my foundation and powder. Yes, I do! ****Reasonably priced brushes can be found at the Corea’s City Store, Kingstown in the EvoK brand. I own a few, and I adore them! Other brushes e.g. Eco tools can be found at Kismet Beauty Supplies*** So, start hunting for those fabulous brushes!


The trick to achieving a MATTE lip is in the powder, baby. First, moisturize your lips & apply your fave glossy lipstick. Tap baby powder on your bottom lip & press both lips together. The more baby powder the more the matte finish.

Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Come out on the 14th December, 2013 SOV NIGHT CLUB from 6PM to hear poets from accross the country perform in the finals.


Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8



Vincy eZine | Vol1 Issue 8

Vincy ezine Vol 1 Issue 8  

VINCY is a magazine which focuses on fashion, entertainment and lifestyle in St.Vincent and the Grenadines. This is the 8th issue to be rele...