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BARBECUE ON THE BEACH: The best tips for a relaxed barbecue · Page 22 ·







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friends 21 –––––– Spring/Summer2013


Dear Reader,

gourmet plate

SHIMMERING GOLD FOR THE B O C U S E D’O R M A S T E R C H E F S Above: Head over heels in love: the shepherd’s wagon where we feature Lina, the new mix-andmatch set in a modern vintage look. Centre: Photographer James Merrell didn’t even have time to sample any of the delicious cakes. The threat of impending rain forced him to call it a day on our photo shoot in idyllic Somerset. Below: Just like Robinson Crusoe’s island: the dream location for sunny days by the sea. The highlight: a gathering of driftwood for a beach barbecue.


o commemorate Bocuse d’Or 2013, the culinary championship for the world’s finest chefs, Villeroy & Boch joined forces with French celebrity chef, Paul Bocuse, and designers Dominique and Alain Vavro to create a unique ‘New Wave’ gourmet plate. With a vibrant burst of colour and shimmering gold elements, it captures the diversity of modern cooking – thus mirroring the very spirit of Bocuse d’Or, the most prestigious international cooking competition. This project representsx yet another step inxx the many years ofx successful collaboration betweenx Villeroy & Boch and Paul Bocuse.

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Elegance in gold and platinum


o celebrate the wedding of the Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg and Countess Stephanie de Lannoy, Villeroy & Boch released a limited edition collection of just 200 pieces worldwide – a royal tribute in gold and platinum, on the finest premium bone porcelain. What’s more, with every purchase of one of the four collection pieces, € 5 was donated to the Fondation du Grand-Duc et de la Grande-Duchesse, which promotes solidarity, integration and human dignity. Giving to charity has never been so attractive.

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A great partnership:


The best thing about colourful table arrangements is that they can easily be changed to match mood and occasion. And there are even scientific studies showing that colour can actually affect our appetite! In 2012, several experiments at the University of Basel revealed that we eat only half as much from red plates as from blue or white. Now if that’s not a dieting tip ... It was also discovered that tables with red, orange and yellow tones stimulate conversation and that cooler tones seemed to create a quieter atmosphere in which people are less talkative. However, the Swiss psychologists themselves admit that more research is required on the subject. We agree and until then, we’ll continue to live it up in colour. After all, with Villeroy&Boch, every colour is appetising. We would like to thank you all for the many kind letters we received in response to our anniversary edition and the good wishes for our tenth birthday. We are delighted that our editorial features continue to inspire you. We are now commencing the next decade with an extra-special premiere: friends is set to embrace the internet and is going online. Enjoy the stylish world of modern living, news, ideas, recipes, videos and features on our visits to friends overseas and much, much more. We will continue to release the popular print version, which is sent free to your home. Please do recommend us. Simply by clicking on, you can order a free subscription for your friends, too. Happy reading! The friends editorial team


In this issue of friends:



hat’s is your favourite colour?” At some point, you’re sure to have seen how this seemingly harmless question can evoke extremely emotional responses. Not just from little girls shouting out “Pink!” in excited unison, but also from adults who work with colours on a daily basis in their jobs as designers. The product designer Michael Shannon insists on a warm, sunny yellow for the packaging of his exquisite Bellocq tea. Artist Isabelle de Borchgrave reveals her passion for red, whilst young Berlin-based fashion designer Ettina Berrios-Negròn loves blue tones, especially petrol blue shades. Whatever your favourite colour is, whether it’s kiwi, lilac-pink or orange, forest green or midnight blue, burgundy red or fresh turquoise like the Caribbean Sea – this season, Villeroy&Boch offers you a never-ending rainbow of colours in tableware, glass and even cutlery. We show you the prettiest combinations from tone-on-tone for a more tranquil colour harmony to lively mixes for a vibrant atmosphere, just like a bright summer bouquet. The inspiration behind these concepts stems from nature, that cornucopia of colour. Relax with us in the idyllic English countryside, where ceramic designer Caroline Aston invited us to a tea party in her breathtaking garden. Let your soul run free in a rustic paradise – a romantic shepherd’s wagon. In a lush, green meadow beside a magical lake in south-west England, we enjoy the charm of the simple life where the hustle and bustle of the city is but a distant memory. The perfect finishing touch: Lina, a new tableware range with an array of rural and simple designs in fresh colours and matching textiles from tablecloths to aprons.

THE SUMMER IS BRIGHT! Red is for energy

The all-rounder

Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave and her lifelong love affair with the colours of the Far East. · Page 04 ·

From oven to table: Steffen Henssler proves that everything is easy with Cooking Elements. · Page 16 ·

Yellow is balm for the soul

Tranquil days in paradise

Product designer Michael Shannon insists on nothing less than intense sunny yellow for his delicate Bellocq tea. · Page 06 ·

Holidays in a shepherd’s wagon! The epitome of romantic summer living. · Page 18 ·

All for blue Fashion designer Ettina Berrios-Negrón tempts us into her world of subtle blue tones. · Page 08 ·

Country living on Cook’s Farm London-based designer Caroline Aston and her hideaway in the English countryside. · Page 10 ·

Black &White The vibrant cuisine of Asia – served with style on black and white tableware. · Page 20 ·

Unbridled freedom A perfect day at the seaside with a laid-back barbecue. Summer really doesn’t get any better! · Page 22 ·

White magic Masterpieces of avant-garde design, made in Germany by Villeroy&Boch. · Page 26 ·


ith more than 100 establishments worldwide, Vapiano restaurants welcome several thousand guests every day to enjoy their fresh, home-made Italian specialities. Represented in 28 countries including the recent addition of Brazil, this successful and ambitious company chose the Villeroy & Boch Dune range to support its food concept. With its sensuous forms inspired by nature, it perfectly fits Vapiano’s interior design created by Mattheo Thun. This is a success you really can see on a plate! And best of all: with the timeless simplicity of the Dune collection, you can make pasta and other Italian dishes into a real culinary experience at home, too.

IMPRINT Cover photo: James Merrell

Even more new ideas

friends is the ideas magazine of the Table Culture division of Villeroy&Boch AG. We are always pleased to receive positive feedback, criticism or suggestions on how to improve our magazine as well as ideas for new articles:

Published by: Marketing Communication, Table Culture, Saaruferstraße, 66693 Mettlach, Germany

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Editorial and creative design Select NY. Hamburg Hoheluftchaussee 18, 20253 Hamburg, Germany

Hello happiness! The days when grey and off-whites set the tone for home furnishings, and monotonous colours pervaded the wardrobe, are over. Colour blocking and neon tones are today’s hottest trends in fashion and interior design. The entire world is embracing colour. After all, colour rules our emotions and always makes an individual statement. Finding the optimal tonal harmonies can be a walk in the park with Villeroy&Boch. Take the butterfly on the Amazonia bowl – it’s the same ‘sky blue’ as the rim of the Anmut My Colour plate. That’s no coincidence. Every new colour we use to enhance our palette each season is repeated in a range of designs and is complemented by accessories from vases through to glasses, so that you can combine pieces to your heart’s content to satisfy your colour cravings. Hello to a bright new world!








The American philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 –1882) believed that flowers are the earth’s way of laughing. We agree with that epithet and combine the colourful fountain of blossom of Anmut Bloom with the bold colours of Anmut My Colour to create a smile on the table. This striking cocktail of colour is inspired by a vibrant summer bouquet. The lively mix is particularly effective against a wall in a strong, rich berry shade which highlights the tableware’s colours and fresh white tones. The wall colour shown here is Z0.30.30, available from Sikkens or Relius. Anmut Bloom pieces on the table: coffee cups with saucer, espresso cups with saucer, mugs and bowl. On the wall, dinner plate, Anmut Universal side plate and espresso saucer, also available in blue. Anmut My Colour with a rich colour rim and fine platinum contour is available in nine shades – shown here as espresso cups, bowl and dinner plate. The melon has been placed on the Amazonia leaf dish, 47 × 38 cm. Villeroy & Boch table textiles such as serviettes, place settings and table runners are an indispensable part of the colour look.

·3· friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013






Photos: This page, above left: Philippe Leclerc, above centre: Jean-Pierre Gabriel, above right: René Stoeltie. Portrait of Isabelle: Andreas von Einsiedel



Ever since the Belgian artist drew on the walls of her childhood bedroom with red crayons, red tones have been her favourite. And not just for her historical costumes made entirely of paper.

GIFT IDEA An illustrated book featuring Isabelle de Borchgrave’s opulent scenes from the Friederisiko exhibition has been published in English and German: 2012 Der Modeaffe – Potsdam, New Palace. Available from Walther König bookshop, Cologne,

New Palace. With an intricate series of breathtaking paper figures and decorations, de Borchgrave portrayed several scenes from the passion play Der Modeaffe (The fashion monkey) penned by the young Frederick The Great. Absolutely everything is made of paper, even the most delicate lace which, to the naked eye, cannot be distinguished from silk, brocade or velvet – thus creating the perfect illusion. During her career, which has spanned more than four decades, Isabelle has tried her hand in various creative disciplines: she has illustrated books, painted ceramics, developed designs for paper plates and serviettes, spent many years in textile design – and, at some point along the way, she also became an interior designer. As such, she knows exactly how to use red. “As always, it depends on the mix. Red can look absolutely stunning with orange and pink, or teamed with black and white, or natural tones as is done in Japan. Something I don’t really like, however, are red flowers. As far as I’m concerned, they can stay where they look best: on Swiss balconies.”

Styling: Gerd Sommerlade


really do have a special relationship with red. Maybe it’s because I’m an Aries, a fire sign,” muses Isabelle. “I remember going shopping with my mother as a little girl and being allowed to choose crayons. I wanted to have them all. But because that would have been far too expensive, I was only allowed to choose a few – and I always went for reds!” It is hardly surprising, then, that the fabric for the very first dress she sewed at the age of ten was also bright red. Like the seat covers in her Smart car today, like the hints of colour in her otherwise white studio, like the red-toned kilim rugs and cushion covers in her living room, like the blouse she is wearing now, and the wine she sips every now and again. “All children love red. And I have kept a childlike spirit!” laughs the feisty artist with sapphire-blue eyes. She explains that she’s also like a child at work, and even tells herself stories. After all, “it’s the only way to make others dream, too”. And she certainly succeeded in doing just that last year, when some 350,000 visitors flocked to see Friederisiko, her exhibition in Potsdam’s

Harmony in red: The perfect match for Anmut My Colour tableware in red cherry with platinum rim are the red buffet plates, red tumblers and dessert bowls from the Colour Concept glassware range. The Nek bottle vase is now also available in deep cherry. On the stool: Caff è Club uni berry espresso and coffee cup in two elegant red tones.


Despite achieving her breakthrough as an artist with her paper costume creations, Isabelle de Borchgrave has never given up painting. Top left: The painting Selle (Saddle), 50 × 50 cm, 2012. Most of her paintings are inspired by her travels. Above centre: Her studio in Brussels, which is open to visitors. Bookings at Above: Born in 1946, Isabelle de Borchgrave lives in her native city of Brussels with her husband Werner, who is also her manager. Her daughter Pauline works for the family company too. The family has a second home in Tuscany. Above right: In 2003, Isabelle took her inspiration for these 180 × 140 cm paper kaftans from the traditional robes of an ottoman sultan. Many of her models come from old paintings “so that people can actually see what the clothes look like at the back!”

RED goes



Red needs refinement, believes Isabelle de Borchgrave and so she combines this regal colour with unconventional tones, such as a dash of purple. Her favourites are: Anmut My Colour Red Cherry and Pink Rose with wide single colour bands and delicate platinum rim. She uses these as the basis for the table decoration which can be varied depending on the occasion and menu. Perfect for Asian cuisine: rice/serving bowl (above left) and dishes (above bench) from Anmut Asia. Great for grand tables that ooze glamour: the oriental, red and golden design of Samarah Purpur (fruit bowl on bench and dessert plates below) on the flowing shape of New Wave or Samarah in white and gold (deep bowl below). Delicate golden tendrils create a charming effect on Golden Garden (dessert plate below), whilst the elegant graphic borders of Samarkand (coffee cup with saucer on bench) and Samarkand Mosaic (dessert plate at bottom) are guaranteed eye-catchers. The Nek and Numa bottle vases (lower right of picture) are now also available in deep red. Those who love combining red with wood in authentic Japanese style are sure to fall for the Soulmates wooden vase. Its sculptural shape makes it a real head-turner in stylish living spaces.

·5· friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013







Behind an unassuming door in Brooklyn’s industrial district lies ‘one of the most magical shops in the whole of New York’, according to lifestyle magazines all over the world, which are currently raving about the Bellocq Tea Atelier. The trademark of this refined tea company is a radiant golden yellow for a world replete with warmth and joy.


ne thing was clear from the outset: compromises would not be made, neither on the quality of their teas, nor the packaging design, and certainly not the interior of the store. Michael Shannon, who had previously worked as a product designer at Martha Stewart Omnimedia and Anthropologie, Heidi Johannsen Stewart, a stylist at Martha Stewart Living responsible for the most delicious food images (and a passionate tea expert in her spare time), and Scott Stewart, the interior designer behind the looks of stores such as Barneys and Anthropologie, left absolutely nothing to chance when they founded Bellocq Tea in 2010. Rather than starting out in their home town of New York, they opted for King’s Road in London, simply because they found the perfect premises there. Almost overnight, Bellocq Tea Atelier became a magnet for tea connoisseurs, and soon began to export its fine range of organic teas to Japan and California. “We had a cultivated, well-travelled and demanding clientèle in mind, beyond the mass market, one that was seeking quality products and an appreciation of traditional craftsmanship,” explains Michael. “Nevertheless, we wanted to give these values a modern interpretation – nostalgia isn’t really our thing.” Therefore, the creative trio combined the unpolished natural wood of the store’s furniture with a deep aubergine tone for the walls, the chrome shine of beautiful tea cans, and above all, a radiant golden yellow for the labels and packaging. “It pleases the eye, warms the heart and lifts the spirit. An immediate warmth seems to blow over us,” quotes Michael from Goethe’s Theory of Colours. “This is exactly the effect we wanted, which is why only warm yellow was an option. The colour is our trademark.” Since the end of 2011, it radiates from nine locations throughout Brooklyn, after the lease on their London premises was surprisingly terminated. In contrast to the industrial surroundings around Westbank, the bright yellow seems to shine even stronger. As soon as guests open the unassuming door into the deliciously fragrant Bellocq emporium, they are transported to another world, one full of harmony and sensuous pleasure. In a city of coffees-to-go in paper cups, this is pure poetry and recuperation for the soul.

Open Friday and Saturday: 12 – 7 p.m.; Sunday: 12 – 5 p.m.

Styling: Gerd Sommerlade

Bellocq Tea Atelier, 104 West Street, Greenpoint, NY 11222

Product designer Michael Shannon in the photo above right, one of the three founders of Bellocq Tea, loves traditional craftsmanship. In the Brooklyn-based tea atelier, a radiant yellow shines from tins and boxes arranged along rustic wooden shelves on rich aubergine walls. To give customers a special visual treat, Bellocq sprinkles dried petals amongst the finely chopped tea leaves. But you won’t find any teabags for a quick cuppa here – the brewing ritual is an inherent part of the overall concept. Poetic names such as ‘The White Duke’, and exquisite, shiny chrome cans with velvety paper sleeves in warm yellow reflect a deep appreciation for the natural product, and also have their price. The smallest can (225 g) of No. 52, for instance, costs $ 40.


GIFT IDEA Left: Michael Shannon’s colour choice: dark wood teamed with yellow and aubergine. Filled with white decorative flowers, the soft raspberrycoloured vases Nek, 32 cm high, and Numa, 20 cm high, are real eye-catchers in a refined setting. Right: beaming like the summer sun: Anmut My Colour premium bone porcelain in ‘orange sunset’ with delicate platinum rim. Colour Concept glasses in amber. Combined with the Kima white glass vases, 30 and 40 cm high.

Photos: Bellocq Tea



SUNSHINE for extra


Relax and simply enjoy the moment with warm sunny tones, lots of fresh white and gorgeous floral designs. Embrace summer with the delicate meadow-flower design of Althea Nova (teapot and warmer) and Charm & Breakfast Althea Nova (cake plate far left and rectangular plate below). Blooming peonies look particularly pretty on the clear, modern shape of Modern Grace Peonia (serving plate, flat plate and teacup with saucer above the clock). With their green and yellow leaf and blossom designs along the rim, Green Garland and Charm & Breakfast Green Garland are simply delightful (cake plate on the left above the clock, milk jug beneath it on the left and soup bowl with yellow rim). Flora Tournesol features a single, large sunflower. The espresso saucers in the Anmut Bloom range create superb decorative highlights that are great for mixing and matching with Anmut My Colour: tone-on-tone with sunset orange or in a striking contrast with rock grey. Yellow also looks great with a touch of sky blue, as with the espresso cup in sky blue (on yellow table). Glass bowls in amber from the Colour Concept range make a great multifunctional accessory, which is not only perfect for serving desserts, salads and snacks, but also as a decorative object for the home. The transparent green of the new Soulmates collection and the clear white Arctic breeze tone of the Tiko and Kima glass vases are a fabulous way to enhance the mood of summer. Violets, daisies and other dainty flowers look gorgeous in the little Spring Decoration egg vase, which makes a particularly charming addition to the Easter brunch table when arranged in a group or by decorating each place setting with a floral greeting. A beautiful decoration for summer tables: cupcakes with butterflies. For even more sun on the table: the new S+ cutlery is also available in the colour ‘sun’. New: the traditional Old Luxembourg design is now also available on wine glasses and champagne flutes.

·7· friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013

Photos: Barbara Schmidt


GIFT IDEA New in fashionable petrol blue: the Anmut My Colour tableware, Colour Concept tumblers and bowls and Nek vase.

E T T I N A B E R R I O S - N E G RÓ N







The Berlin-based fashion designer loves the deep blue of Brandenburg’s lakes on clear days, the dark blue-green walls of her fashion studio, royal-blue ink and elegant fabrics in bright ultramarine. It is blue that fulfils Ettina’s desire for tranquillity, space and boundless freedom.


In winter 2011, Ettina opened her first store dedicated entirely to her own designs, and left Konk – the legendary concept store which she founded in 2003 for avant-garde fashion, art and design – to her successors. Above: Silk fabrics in dazzling blue-green tones on the store counter. Ettina wears one of the blouses from her collection. Extravagance à la Thone Negrón: wine-red silk fringing with two shades of blue for a sleek short dress. Below, drawer with threads in an array of blue tones on blue-and-white-striped silk. Below: “Getting undressed is for the bedroom,” says Ettina who prefers high-necked evening wear.


hould I or shouldn’t I?” For three whole months, the fashion designer debated whether the petrol blue she wanted for the shop and tailoring workshop she opened in 2011 wasn’t perhaps a bit too much and might look a bit gloomy. “Until I was flicking through a magazine and saw an advert for a car with leather seats in exactly that colour. Then I knew it was the one!” recalls the 31-year-old Berliner with the Spanish surname that she owes to her Puerto Rican husband. “I like decisive colours and surprising effects, both in the home and in fashion,” says Ettina. “This deep blue-green tone looks different in the morning than in the evening. It seems more yellow in the sun, and bluer on dull days, but it’s always elegant, unusual and intriguing.” It therefore provides the perfect background for the feminine extravagance of her collection, which Rachel from Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner – Ettina’s favourite style icon – would surely adore. “I especially love the blue of Brandenburg’s lakes when the smooth surface of the water reflects the sky on clear days. I also fell in love with the city of Chefchaouen in Morocco, where the houses are painted in every imaginable shade of blue. In the hot climate, it has a

wonderfully cooling, fresh effect. Some things just have to be blue for me – ink, for instance, can only be royal blue!” If her dream of having a house in the country ever comes true, “the hall will be painted a dark, dense blue,” like the bathroom in her studio, muses Ettina. And the garden will be full of her beloved delphiniums. “If I’m honest, I’m not really a city person at all,” she explains. “After one day in Manhattan I’m absolutely exhausted. Luckily, we live in Berlin at the end of a quiet lane surrounded by of lots of trees. And indoors by whitewashed walls, because Luis dreads having to paint everything white again when we move out!” “My childhood colour was yellow though,” says the designer. Childhood colour? “Our parents gave me and my three siblings a colour each, and everything from our school bags to bed linen was only bought in that colour.” Blue was assigned to her sister Friederike, now a doctor, whom she has also to thank for the name of the fashion label Thone Negrón. But those days are long gone, as a simple glance at Ettina’s toenails painted in blue nail varnish proves. Thone Negrón, Schröderstr. 13, 10115 Berlin, Germany

So quiet and



Calming blue and green tones reminiscent of the silence and vastness of nature are a soothing balance to the hectic pace of everyday life for Ettina. Villeroy & Boch makes the relaxing effect of blue shades particularly beautiful. With the wide singlecolour band and platinum rim, Anmut My Colour is available in three rich tones: deep ocean blue, bright sky blue (both on the right side of the table) and the new shade, petrol blue (coffee cup with saucer in the middle).The striking Authentic Avantgarde Collection Majestic Blue espresso set (left with the mocha spoon from the Modern Grace cutlery range) creates the perfect finishing touch. The decorative Samarkand buffet plate in cobalt blue (above, with Modern Grace cutlery) and in aquamarine (centre) are perfect for combining with tableware in other blue tones and sleek white. The range of floral designs is equally vast. A single cornflower not only decorates the Flora Bleuet plates, but also all pieces in the entire range. Simple blossoms in blue on white or white on blue adorn Farmhouse Touch Blueflowers (milk jug, sugar bowl, bowls above), and are beautifully enhanced by Farmhouse Touch Blueflowers Relief (plates with flower head border, centre right). The branch and bird design of Switch Cordoba (cornflower plates, bottom and above right) is enhanced further by a thin green rim. Breathtakingly beautiful, and ideal as gifts, are the new decorative porcelain pieces, such as the Mini Flower Bells and the Spring Birds. The delicate tendrils of the Old Luxembourg design (cake plate above table) bring a touch of elegance to the country-house style of Charm & Breakfast. A selection of glasses in blue tones: Farmhouse Touch blue fluted glasses, Boston with honeycomb pattern and various Colour Concept tumblers in fashionable petrol blue. Vases, but not just for blue flowers: the little Soulmates vases (above left), clear glass Signature Blossom vase that opens like a flower, and Nek and Tiko (below left) in the shades of midnight sky and Caribbean sea.

·9· friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013









For designer Caroline Aston, the best contrast to the hustle and bustle of London is an old farm in the heart of Somerset’s picturesque countryside. A garden to die for and a surprisingly modern, airy and light interior turn the remote property into a rural paradise for nature and design lovers. · 10 ·











aroline Aston loves London. “I love the buzz of the city, its dizzy pace, its diversity, even its noise,” she admits with a laugh. “We live in a very lively, very noisy street in East London and we really feel at home there. But every now and again, when it all gets too much, coming here to the middle of nowhere and immersing ourselves into the other extreme, surrounded by nature, is a pleasure you just can’t begin to imagine!” In this case, the middle of nowhere is an ancient farm house on the outskirts of the small town of Bruton which, with just 3,000 inhabitants, lies in south Somerset. In recent years, the area has become a creative enclave for countless London-based artists. Nestled in the picturesque wooded


1 For daughter Carlotta there’s no better place to play. Even without the ignition key, tractor driving is great fun! 2 A feast for the eyes against a backdrop of lush green: the delicate Mariefleur petals teamed with the fresh pink of New Cottage Rose glasses and Anmut My Colour Pink Rose buffet plates. Mariefleur plates, such as the dessert plate. Torino jug. Numa vase, 20 cm high. Sereno cutlery. 3 The old stone walls of the farm house give no hint of the super-modern interior. 4 Still life with style: Numa vases, 20 cm and 34 cm high. 5 A pond filled with water lilies is the crown jewel at the heart of the lush, green courtyard.

hills of south-west England, transcending and surpassing all romantic clichés about the English countryside, an extra-special hideaway awaits: Cook’s Farm, which first appears in the historical records of Bruton early in the 17th century. The name has stayed the same, although the house has not been used as a farm for a long time, apart from a couple of sheep kept here in the 1980s by the property’s previous owner, a BBC cameraman, to save him from cutting the grass. Unfortunately, he also left a chamber of horrors in the form of unsuccessful DIY projects on the floors, walls, bathrooms, fitted wardrobes and everything else he had attempted to renovate. “Luckily, I never saw the house in that condition,” says Caroline. “I probably wouldn’t even have managed a day here!”

· 11 · friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013


My SOURCE OF INSPIRATION? Nature in all its

After the farm was bought from designers Robin Levien and Patricia Stainton some 20 years ago, it was almost completely gutted – leaving only the natural walls made of local sandstone, the original oak beams and other original details. Years later, ceramic designer Caroline Aston made the extensive farm her second home. At weekends and when daughter Carlotta is on holiday, the family tries to get out into the countryside as much as possible. “Nature and the slow pace of life here do wonders for my creativity,” she says. “In particular, our garden is a neverending source of inspiration.” It is the work of Patricia Stainton, a renowned garden designer who often appears in leading garden and lifestyle magazines. Over a period of more than eight years, she created the basis of this rich, colourful paradise, combining plants in a fascinating interplay of vertical and horizontal, colour and shape, light and dark, dynamic and static. A large greenhouse is home to seeds for annual flowers and a range of vegetables for the kitchen garden. It is a hub of seeding and transplanting, and also provides a warm and sheltered corner for azaleas, oleanders and other frost-sensitive potted plants during the winter. “The Mariefleur tableware is perfect for this house,” says Caroline. “After all, it is inspired by the famous Monet garden at Giverny. Like the entire house, Mariefleur unites rural charm with a freshness and modernity. With a design like that, you just can’t help being in a good mood!” When asked whether her favourite is Mariefleur Basic or Mariefleur Gris, she quickly answers “Both! It depends on the occasion and also a little on the season. In winter, I love to use Mariefleur Gris, especially around Christmas time. The minimal colour palette looks amazing with crystal chandeliers and elegant tablecloths. But it’s also great for more relaxed dining.”







The Numa vase is now available in ‘juicy lime’ and seven other colours. 20 cm or 34 cm high.


The long-necked Nek vase is available in ‘soft raspberry’ and six other sophisticated tones. 32 cm, 46 cm and 70 cm high.


1 Caroline loves spending time in her huge, modern farmhouse kitchen, where she tries out recipes by her favourite chef, Yotam Ottolenghi. The Israeli has four restaurants in London where he serves up new interpretations of Mediterranean cuisine. On the table: between the Numa vases stands the Retro Accessories footed plate, 31 cm ’, with a glass cover, 19 cm high. Mariefleur Gris milk jug, 0.3 l. Mariefleur Gris dessert plates with Mariefleur Serve & Salad salad bowls 36 × 24 cm on top, behind are the serving plates, 50 × 30 cm – both in a beautiful leaf shape. 2 The perfect match for the elegant Mariefleur Gris colour palette: Anmut My


· 12 ·

Tiko in ‘Caribbean sea’ is also available in three other shades. 35 cm or 55 cm high.


Colour Rock Grey. Pictured here: buffet plate 30 cm ’. Nek white glass vases, 32 and 46 cm high. Orchid in the Numa vase in the fashionable tone ‘Sweet Caramel’. From Mariefleur Gris: French bowl, 0.75 l, dipping bowl, mug, Sereno cutlery. 3 Guaranteed to draw all eyes to the table: the different floral arrangements on Mariefleur Gris and the different round and organic shapes. 4 Perfect for a big helping of Carlotta’s favourite breakfast muesli: the French bowl with 0.75 l capacity. 5 All the rooms are light and airy thanks to large windows and a fully glazed conservatory. In winter, the iron stove keeps everyone cosy.

A room with a view: The table by Enrico Franzolini, stools by Hans J. Wegner, glass and tableware by Villeroy & Boch: the stylish conservatory has a special place in everybody’s heart. A breakfast table with a view: Mariefleur Gris. Breakfast cups and saucers, 27 cm ’, dessert plates, 21 cm ’, soup bowls, 23 cm ’, French bowl, 0.75 l. Teamed with Colour Concept dessert bowls in midnight blue and burgundy, 13 cm ’. The fruit is served in footed bowl No. 3 Retro Accessories, 30.7 cm ’. Farmhouse Touch tumblers, 10 cm high. In the Numa vase, violet garden flowers elegantly mirror the tones of Mariefleur Gris. Below left: Caroline with a box of seedlings to plant in the flower garden.


Mariefleur – Inspired by Monet’s garden at Giverny, the elder sister is a real charmer with a delightful colour palette.

Mariefleur Gris – With its grey grasses and blue and lilac flowers, the little sister is the epitome of subtle elegance.

· 13 · friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013


GIFT IDEA Charming eye-catchers that look great in any kitchen: Whistling kettle, 2 l, colander and tray from the Mariefleur Kitchen collection.



1 The quickest way to save an outdoor tea party when rain clouds gather: a parasol! 2 Two Retro Accessories footed bowls in different sizes arranged on an Anmut My Colour Pink Rose plate make an attractive centrepiece for any table, and create space on even the smallest of surfaces. For the strawberry cake, Caroline covered sponge cake with vanilla cream. 3 Colours with high luminosity on premium porcelain and a delicate, deep-red rim ensure that Mariefleur looks young and fresh in all surroundings. Especially pretty: the large ring of petals on the espresso saucers. Espresso cup and saucer. Polished Sereno cutlery. 4 A great idea for little guests tea parties: serve cupcakes in cups, so no one has to juggle with a plate.


“I love Mariefleur in summer, especially in the garden. And it’s perfect for a tea party like today with colourful cupcakes and berry cakes. Berry tones are the perfect match to the colours in the meadow flower design. I like to team it up with a couple of rich contrasts in petrol blue, citrus yellow and pink. Everyone knows that we English have a weakness for prettiness,” smiles Caroline and sets about preparing the table. As always, she is celebrating the beginning of the holidays at Cook’s Farm with a party for her friends and their children, who have long been Carlotta’s friends, too. “In truth, I don’t really give too much thought to decorating the table,” admits Caroline. “There have to be flowers, and candles in the evening. But everything else is a spontaneous decision,” she says and grabs a couple of brightly coloured table runners, the citrus-yellow Numa vase and some Anmut My Colour Pink Rose buffet plates for serving her cupcakes and tartlets. What – no cucumber sandwiches? No salmon canapés served with tea? Caroline is amused. “That sounds more like a high tea in a large, international hotel. Most English people serve afternoon tea with cakes and biscuits. We only eat savoury things with tea in the evening if there’s no time to cook during the week.”

Caroline’s plum tartlets with custard crème filling INGREDIE NTS FOR 7 TARTLET S For the tartlets: 150 g flour, 100 g ground almonds or hazelnuts, 125 g sugar, 1 egg, 125 g cold knobs of butter. For the filling: 250 g cream cheese, 75 g sour cream, 1 egg, 1 egg yolk, 3 tbsp sugar, 2 packets vanilla sugar, 500 g plums, 200 g redcurrants.

PREPARATION then 1. Briefly mix all ingredients for the tartlets with the dough hook of a hand mixer, use hands to knead quickly to form a smooth dough. Roll into a ball, wrap in cling film and place in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. 2. Mix the cream cheese, sour cream, egg and egg yolk with the sugar and vanilla sugar until smooth. Quarter and pit the plums. 3. Preheat the oven to 180 °C or gas mark 3. 4. Divide the dough into seven portions and press into greased tartlet tins (’ approx. 10 cm). Press firmly around the rim of the tins. Pierce the dough several times with a fork to prevent bubbles from forming while baking. 5. Distribute the cream cheese mixture between the tins and stand the plum quarters on around the edge. Place one or two plum quarters in the centre. Bake the tartlets the bottom shelf of the oven for 30 minutes. 6. Take the tartlets out of the oven and leave to cool. Use a knife to carefully remove them from the tins and decorate with a cluster of redcurrants.

More recipes are available on our website:

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We ENGLISH have a



Like many girls, Caroline first fell in love with cooking as a young teenager, when she started experimenting with cake baking. Today, she’s a huge fan of the chef Ottolenghi. The Israeli, who owns four restaurants in London, is renowned for his creative, aromatic take on Mediterranean cuisine. Like her role model, Caroline places utmost importance on top-quality ingredients. “With the vegetable plot right on my doorstep, I really couldn’t have it any better. You just can’t get any fresher.” Some of her favourite places to stock up on meat, fish and cheese are the farmers’ markets and farm shops dotted in and around Bruton. “I often arrive back in London with so much food that I have to invite friends over to help us eat it all!” she laughs. She also lets us in on her future dream: a restaurant with a food concept à la Caroline, where every detail would be designed by her. And she’d definitely have a vegetable garden on-site. “Ever since I saw Raymond Blanc’s unbelievable kitchen garden, there’s just no other way!” she resolves. The Frenchman, who is self-taught in the art of cooking, owns and runs the kitchen of the twoMichelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saison in Oxfordshire. To get guests in the mood, you’ll be greeted with a cool, refreshing drink and usually some music, too. Alice Russell, The XX, Alabama Shakes, Richard Hawley, Massive Attack, Nick Drake, Betty Wright and Ann Peebles are favourites on the restaurant play list. But today, they just can’t compete. And with good reason: “The soundtrack of twittering birds and leaves rustling gently in the countryside wind just can’t be topped!”

Photo: Nigel Freeman

Scenes from a tea party when an unwelcome cold front passes over Cook’s Farm. Friends and children in tow, Caroline sought short-term refuge in the barn. The old kitchen table provided the perfect place to keep the kids amused with painting and crafting. After all, there’s never a shortage of paper, paints and good ideas in the home of a designer.

Photos: Iain Kemp

Ideas for a trip to BRUTON, SOMERSET

friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013

GETTING THERE By car from London, the journey takes around 2½ – 3 hours. Alternatively, the train from London Paddington (change in Westbury) takes approx. 2¼. Download maps of particularly pretty walks from or buy directly from the Community Office in the High Street. The postcard shows Bruton with its emblem, St Mary’s Church, which was once a Benedictine Abbey. WHERE TO STAY A unique experience: At the Chapel. Built in the 18th century, the former Congregational church is now home to a bakery, a cafe and an excellent restaurant and bar. In addition it has four

rooms and a suite, all of which are equipped with king-size beds, Wi-Fi, TV and a range of further comforts. Worth a special mention: the wonderful hospitality here. Rooms from £ 100. Address: At the Chapel, High Street, Bruton, Somerset, BA10 0AE, Tel. +44 (0)1749 814070, ONLINE GUIDE Every month, The Conduit Magazine is published online with information on all events in Bruton and South Somerset, along with interesting background stories and useful addresses for visitors. Go to to download the magazine free of charge.

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Our idea: Heat a few flat pebbles in the oven and serve the meal in the dish placed on its lid, or on a larger one, scattered with the warm stones; this is perfect for keeping it warm on the table. For the roulades, we used the 21 × 21 cm square oven dish and used the lid from the largest rectangular dish as a serving plate, 36 × 26 cm. Parmesan shavings and olives in bowls with 10 cm ’. Salt and pepper are offered in the smallest bowls, 6 cm ’. Serve herb oil and lemon zest in the 8 × 8 cm and 10 × 10 cm lids.

The entire main course can be prepared in advance. Covered with the matching lid, the veal roulades stuffed with diced aubergine, mozzarella and Parmesan, can be kept in the fridge until the guests arrive. Heat the roulades in the oven at 80 °C – for as long as you want. The matching lid prevents the tender meat from drying out. Just before serving, take the lid off and turn the grill on for two or three minutes to give the meat a little more colour.

Whether rectangular, square or round, whether maxi for a meal with friends and family or mini for soufflés and party food: Cooking Elements – oven-, microwave- and freezer-proof, are real all-rounders in the kitchen and on the table. Every oven dish, down to the smallest, has its own matching lid, serving as a cover for the fridge and oven, which can also be used as a flat oven tray. And the lids excel as a solo pieces when used as serving plates, trays or small serving dishes for dips, spices and other accompaniments. Their sleek, modern shape in pure white not only makes Cooking Elements ideal for easy cooking, but thanks to their versatility, they look great on the table. PHOTOS:

· 16 ·









Photo: Mark Eckardt

loves creativity – especially in the kitchen

Cooking Elements are hot. They can withstand oven temperatures up to 260 °C and are also suitable for use in the microwave.

Cooking Elements are cool. In the freezer, they can withstand temperatures up to – 30 °C. Silicone lids in red, yellow and petrol blue are brilliantly practical for chilled use.

Cooking Elements make ideal serving dishes. Whether you want to impress guests with a grand roast straight from the oven or go for individual servings, Cooking Elements bring style to every table.


Stuffed baby sweet peppers with cucumber dip

Every dish has a matching multifunctional lid to prevent meals from drying out in the fridge or oven, whilst doubling up as stylish serving plates, mini trays or bowls for extras. The deep, round oven dishes can even be used as a complete set of bowls that offers great versatility in the kitchen and unrivalled style on the table. The minimalistic, modern design looks fantastic on any table. The fact that the dishes and lids can be stacked to save space offers huge advantages for

storing in the cupboard or fridge. The countless ways in which the dishes and lids can be combined for an endless range of meals can be seen in the recipes developed by Steffen Henssler for Cooking Elements. The secret for all courses: you prepare everything in advance at your leisure, keep the dishes fresh in the fridge until your guests arrive, then simply pop everything in the oven. Except the tiramisu, of course!

He is Germany’s unrivalled master of sushi and sashimi, having learnt the art of perfect preparation directly from a Japanese sushi expert in California. With simple recipes that don’t require a high level of cooking expertise, he has enjoyed enormous success as a television chef. Cooking Elements are just his thing. Instead of using lots of pots, pans and bowls, just one single multifunctional cooking and serving dish with a super-smooth surface allowing a quick wash in between, without the need for soaking or scrubbing or scouring. A dish that can be taken directly from the fridge and put straight under the grill when time is of the essence. And the fact that they all look great on the table makes it even better. If there are leftovers, simply cover with a lid and pop it into the fridge. Although we have to say that with the dishes he developed for ‘friends’, it’s highly unlikely that there’ll be any leftovers.

serves 8 as a starter 1. Bring 175 ml of chicken stock to the boil. Add 150 g of couscous and 1 tbsp of butter, leave to stand for ten minutes and then fluff with a fork. Finely chop one garlic clove and two onions, and coarsely cut 4 tbsp of pitted olives. Chop thyme and parsley leaves. Finely grate the peel of one organic lemon and squeeze the juice. Finely dice five dried apricots. Crumble 100 g sheep’s cheese. 2. Sauté onions and garlic in 2 tbsp olive oil. Sprinkle with ½ tbsp of hot curry powder. Fold the onion mixture, olives, apricots and chopped herbs into the couscous and season to taste with the lemon zest, cinnamon, salt and pepper. 3. Halve the sweet peppers lengthwise and fill to the edge with the couscous mixture. Sprinkle the sheep’s cheese over the top. Thinly grease an oven dish with butter. 4. Place the sweet peppers in the dish, drizzle with olive oil and cook in the middle of the oven at 180 °C for 25 – 30 minutes. 5. For the cucumber dip, peel the cucumber, cut lengthwise and remove the core with a spoon. Finely dice the cucumber. Add the cucumber to 200 g full-fat yoghurt and season with chopped mint leaves, salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil.

The baby sweet peppers can be cooked au gratin in a large oven dish, or arranged on smaller, individual lids to be served as elegant nibbles. They look great placed on a large serving plate like the 30 cm ’ size. The mini treats are delicious when accompanied with a fresh and spicy yoghurt dip with diced cucumber, mint, lemon juice and olive oil with toasted bread. Fantastic as a summer starter or finger food at a party. With large sweet peppers, the dish is perfect as a main course for all the family.

The irresistible Italian classic dessert is given a seductive, summery twist with the addition of passion fruit and a good glug of rum. Decorated with fresh fruits like berries or orange segments and a sprig of mint, the magnificent dessert is guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of all of your guests. Prepared in the large oven dish, 34 × 24 cm, this tiramisu serves up to 12 people. We serve it simply on a square lid, 10 × 10 cm. The large dish is placed on ice in a serving plate. This is because all dishes prepared with raw eggs must be kept cool. That's easy with Cooking Elements!

You can find all of our recipes on our website:



8 to 17 cm ’



7 x 7 cm, 9 x 9 cm, 12 x 12 cm

4 PORTIONS 26 cm ’

6 to 15 cm ’



30 cm ’

28 cm ’

24 cm ’

36 x 26 cm


with 4 lids 34 x 24 cm

32 x 22 cm 21 x 21 cm

24 x 14 cm

23 x 23 cm

30 x 20 cm

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Tranquil days

Just imagine doing nothing but gazing at the water, lost in your thoughts. Bliss! Add a little snack on the side and your happiness is complete. Lina Floral mug with flowers in hand-printed effect with beige rim, Lina Cherry dessert plate and soup bowl. Farmhouse Touch tumbler.


paradise PHOTOS:





KIRSTEN SCHMIDT Tea towels are available in three patterns: flowers on a white background, cherry and aqua. The apron with a large, practical pocket is available in cherry.

Holidays! We create our little piece of paradise, run barefoot through the grass, watch butterflies and dragonflies, listen to the gentle lapping of the water and the rustling of the reeds in the soft breeze. Free and easy – everything is possible. Like Lina, designed for a lifestyle of harmony, evoking a relaxed holiday mood, every day of the year.


or decades, shepherds’ wagons lay neglected, gathering dust in barns or used as hen houses or even extra storage for junk. It seemed that their day was well and truly over. Ten years ago, if such a decrepit old wagon was sold for £50, both seller and buyer would have been pleased. Those who did buy then renovated their wagon with meticulous care and usually put it in the garden where it could be used as extra accommodation for guests, playhouse for the children, home office, mini studio or simply as a summer house on wheels. Freshly painted, with curtains framing the tiny windows and fitted out with cosy seating areas, bunk beds, cooker and sometimes even a wood burning stove, it was love at first sight for practically everyone who laid eyes on them. Nowadays, they can be seen throughout the English countryside. There is such a high demand that new models have had to be built, now being sold for prices

· 18 ·

often exceeding £10,000. Yet such prices don’t seem to be putting people off, since the shepherds’ wagons can create additional living space without the need for planning permission. Many are rented out to visitors who want to spend a few days or longer away from the hustle and bustle of the city and prefer a morning swim in the lake at the heart of nature to a spa break in a luxury hotel. Of course, the fact is that a shepherd’s wagon is a great deal more comfortable than a tent, but unlike a modern caravan, is considered cool and charmingly rustic. By the same token, an allotment was once considered rather downmarket, but now the desire to grow our own fruit and vegetables has made them prized possessions with long waiting lists. A love of country living is the new trend. Lina is a wonderful expression of this feeling, and fulfils our longing for simplicity with a hint of nostalgia. Every day, everywhere.

1 1 Pretty combinations: Lina Floral oval plate, 34 cm long. Lina Floral mug, Lina Cherry and Lina Aqua dinner plates. S+ Chili cutlery, Play! blue ocean cutlery. 2 The fine contours of plates and cups, the plate rims and the two-dimensional design with its interplay of colours and patterns are sure to put everyone in a good mood. At the front, the Lina Rosy, Lina Cherry and Lina Aqua dessert plates. In the centre, the Lina Beige dinner plate with the Lina Floral oval plate at the back. With its charming pattern, the design looks



Lina tablecloths, available in sizes 140 × 140 cm and 150 × 250 cm. Comfort is provided by a patterned pillow. Tea towel also available in red.


With colour-contrasting rims, the patterned Lina Cherry, Lina Aqua and Lina Rosy plates are great for mixing and matching.

Left: No WiFi, no TV – but bags of atmosphere! We log off from the virtual world and enjoy the rural life. We have everything we really need – enough pretty tableware for a lavish meal in the great outdoors with our loved ones. Right: Lina adds a colourful exuberance, both to the kitchen shelves and the table. With a range of plate sizes, cups, tumblers, bowls, dishes and an oval plate, Lina Floral is ideal for cheerful mix-andmatch combinations. The Lina Cherry and Lina Aqua ranges offer a multitude of different plates with rims in hand-printed look and fine colour-contrasting contours or simple graphic designs. Lina Beige comprises a dinner plate with aqua-blue rim and two saucers. Lina Rosy is available as a breakfast and soup bowl with patterned border and cherry-red rim. Every pattern can effectively be combined with simple white tableware – and with its trendy modern-vintage style, it looks equally great in a country house or a modern interior.



as if it had been stamped by hand. 3 The Lina Floral milk jug is shown here holding the Play! blue ocean cutlery. Underneath, a floral tablecloth provides the perfect finish. 4 There are so many textiles to match Lina, making it easy to create limitless combinations of cheerful patterns and colours. In addition to tablecloths, aprons and tea towels, place mats, serviettes and an oven glove are included in the collection. Lina Aqua dinner plates plate with red rim.

friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013


With a monochrome border and a different coloured narrow rim, Lina Aqua and Lina Beige plates are pretty companions for cups and bowls from the Lina Floral range.


Lina Floral is the heart of this vibrant mix-and-match collection which – with various cups, bowls and dishes, sugar bowls and milk jugs – perfectly complements all other designs.



i d n I


· 20 ·







WHAT COULD BE BETTER than immersing oneself in the magic and diversity of Asian cuisine? Inhaling the heady scent of lemon grass, curry and coriander, or feeling the heat of ginger and chilli on the tongue. What’s more, Asian spices are good for our health. Their essential oils and antioxidants make them a real superfood for our immune system. What a truly captivating sight for the senses when the brilliant colours of these three Asian classics are arranged on the organic, flowing shapes of Cera. The epitome of sophistication in sleek black and white.


Cool and breathtakingly attractive: the premium porcelain Cera range in white or black glass. Food loves it! And your guests will, too. The square, rectangular and round dishes are great for mixing and matching. LEFT PAGE: Cera pasta plate and dinner plate. Perfect companion: Urban Nature bowl. THIS PAGE, LEFT:

Black is beautiful! Soup bowl and rectangular snack plate from the Cera Black glass range. Chopsticks and spoon rest from Royal. BELOW: Cera Black gourmet plate and the polished, hammeredfinish Blacksmith cutlery – a true gem of elegance.


V IE T N A M Asian noodle salad with red snapper While the fish infuses in a hot and sweet marinade, an Asian noodle salad is created with sweet peppers, sugar snap peas, pak choi and baby corn.

T H A ILA ND Grilled Thai mango with curried prawns The spicy coconut curry sauce marries the crispy fried prawns with the juicy mango. Crunchy topping: roasted peanuts and coconut shavings.

INDI A Tandoori chicken on spiced rice



The succulent chicken fillet is coated with tangy tandoori paste. The rice gains colour and aroma from a spiced stock of turmeric, star anise, chilli, cinnamon and ginger.

All recipes and craft instructions for the decorative ideas on this page can be found on our website

friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer2013

T hai l

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The dream beach location is already in sight. The wind has carried the last dark clouds inland. Sebastian, Sven, Uli and Polly have armed themselves for a long day in the sun with an authentic barbecue to round things off. The light-blue metal box is great for carrying wood or bottles. The large wooden box with practical compartments for plates, cutlery and much more offers a safe haven for fragile porcelain and glass. Polly carries the small Chalet wooden stool, whilst Sebastian has the large one. With the extra-light picnic blanket and seat cushion made of crocheted natural fibres, also in anthracite, Uli is glad that the men are in charge of cooking today.


A BEACH BARBECUE Away from it all at last. One glance at the open sea and all the cares of everyday life fall from our shoulders. Total relaxation! The world is a beautiful place and life really can be this simple . . . we build a fire pit with a couple of stones and wood and enjoy a chilled-out barbecue. We make use of old wooden planks to set the table – with Villeroy&Boch tableware that radiates the charm of handmade pieces. A few finds from the beach – driftwood, grasses, shells, pebbles – are the best decoration for a natural look. And they can bring a beach feeling to garden barbecue parties, too.


· 22 ·








LEFT: Weathered wood or a couple of pebbles in glass jars and some shells add atmosphere to the Artesano Original antipasti dishes with handles, the original shape of which is reminiscent of traditional artisan craftsmanship. Primitive charm can be created with the simplest of means. Decorating pebbles with chalk is something all kids will love. The four-piece dish set with wooden tray is perfect for serving dips, sea salt, pepper and piment d’Espelette . The Natural Living cork bag is ideal for the baguettes. Ready for twilight: rose vase No. 3 and candle holder No. 3, both from Light&Flowers Clear. Mulberry tree discs, bag. ABOVE: Cheers! With a sip of chilled apple juice, Uli contemplates the sea stretching to the horizon. Allegorie tumbler.

Barbecuing is a MAN’S THING – according to MEN. CLEVER women go along with it.

” Let your guests marvel at the sea bass on the stamped Urban Nature BBQ serving plate, 50 × 26 cm, before barbecuing the fish. This will really whet their appetites! Natural Living wooden salad servers.

Above: A dessert straight from the barbecue? Of course! Barbecued pineapple with fresh coconut shavings and mint leaves tastes divine. The added bonus of Artesano Original bowls is that their handles make them so comfortable to hold that there is no need for balancing acts whatever the event – not just on the beach, but also at parties or simply a cosy TV night on the sofa.

Above: Have you tried barbecued asparagus? Delicious! Corn on the cob, sweet pepper and potato halves are great accompaniments for prawns, lamb cutlets and entrecôte steaks. RIGHT: An enthusiastic Polly helps arrange the wood (no one has told her yet that barbecuing is a man’s thing). Smart women indulge men to believe that they are the masters of the fire. Meanwhile, the ladies lie relaxing in the sun.

· 23 · friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013

In complete HARMONY with NATURE.


s soon as the first hint of warmth heralds the dawn of summer, men everywhere come up with the same idea – almost at a given signal. “We should get the barbecue out!” they exclaim with enthusiasm, and set about hunting for the best charcoal, the ideal wood for aromatic smoke and the juiciest meat. “Barbecuing awakens the primal instincts in men,” says Nina Degele, professor of the sociology of gender relations at the University of Freiburg and head of a project on ‘Barbecues and Lifestyle’. “When in charge of the barbecue, men are transported back into the role of the hunter, responsible for catching the prey and feeding the entire group,” explains Degele. What’s more, gathering around the fire continues to nurture a strong sense of community today, just as it did tens of thousands of years ago when the human race first began to roast their prey over flames. Canadian cultural researchers Matthew Ruby and Steven Heine ascertained that, as a result, women not only enjoy a break from

the stove, but also find the ‘real’ man who masters the element of fire sexier than the vegetarian who steams his veggies in a wok. The fact that they smuggle fish, seafood and lots of vegetables in amongst the barbecue ingredients, sometimes even throwing together a tasty sauce to boot, doesn’t dampen the barbecue chef’s high spirits one tiny bit. Nevertheless, the real reason why the most primordial food preparation technique of all has become a global trend in the last 20 years is quite different: the desire for a down-to-earth existence close to nature, without all the high-tech gadgets, is constantly growing. Our souls long for balance. The feel of natural wood, simple, traditional forms, the charm of handcrafted objects – all this is good for us and keeps us grounded. Take the archaic shovel shape of the Artesano Original antipasti dishes, for example, or the simple flagons with natural cork stoppers and the stamp on the Urban Nature BBQ tableware with the irregular printed stamp. After all, real life isn’t perfect – it’s just beautiful.

The Strandgut tea light holders made of natural wood are available for two or three tea lights.


Barbecued prawns with thousand island sauce and lime salt serves 4 INGREDIENT S 12 prawns, 12 small twigs for the skewers. For the sauce: 2 egg yolks, 1 tbsp ml ketchup, 1 pinch of salt, ½ tsp mustard, 1 tsp white wine vinegar, 1 tsp water, 100 neutral vegetable oil, 100 ml vegetabble oil, 1 dash of Tabasco. For the lime salt: 1 lime, 4 tbsp sea salt


Above: Before barbecuing, we skewered the prawns onto twigs soaked in water, and then serve them with lime salt made with sea salt and lime zest, and a delicate thousand island dressing flavoured with Tabasco. Artesano Original antipasti/salami plate, Artesano Original dipping bowl.

· 24 ·

For the thousand island sauce, whisk the egg yolks, ketchup, salt, mustard, vinegar and water together in a medium-sized bowl. Stir in the oil drop by drop, whisking constantly. As soon as the sauce begins to thicken, pour the oil in a fine stream whilst constantly whisking the mayonnaise. Season the thousand island sauce with a dash of Tabasco and salt to taste. Store in the fridge until ready to serve. Wash the lime, rub dry and grate the peel with a zester or grater. Mix the lime zest with sea salt in a small bowl and use fingers to break the salt crystals down. Wash the prawns with cold water and pat dry. Remove any leaves from the twigs and pierce on the prawn onto the twig. Without removing the head or shell, place the prawns the barbecue and grill until the shell turns red all over and the prawns are cooked through (they can still be slightly translucent on the inside.) Take the prawns off the barbecue and remove the head and peel the shell from the tail before eating. Serve with the thousand island sauce and lime salt.

You can find all other barbecue recipes at

BELOW: Simply ingenious: the Artesano Original BBQ plate, 36 cm long, makes sure that

the juice from the lamb cutlets stays well away from the separate compartments for salad, bread and dips. This also makes it the perfect dish for fondues and sauce recipes.

Pineapple on a stick: served on lemon grass skewers, barbecued pineapple makes cutlery a thing of the past. Simply serve in a Colour Concept highball glass, decorate with a sprig of mint and let everyone help themselves.

The pretty Artesano Original flagons with tight-fitting cork stoppers are ideal accessories for barbecues. The large one-litre flagon is designed for your favourite oil. The 0.5-litre flagon is perfect for drizzling balsamic vinegar or soy sauce. The small flagons can be used as milk or sauce jugs, spice shakers or containers for chopped herbs, puréed berries or simply for sugar.

RIGHT, TOP: Sven enjoys a sophisticated salad of barbecued octopus, sweet peppers and tomato with capers and chilli from the Urban Nature BBQ bowl. Play! white pearl cutlery. ABOVE: Natural lines made of feather-light bamboo: Natural Living plate and snack bowl. Plates available in two sizes. Also in light blue, light green and anthracite. Play! cutlery is also available in chocolate brown. ABOVE RIGHT: Home-made lemonades and freshly squeezed juices are delicious straight from the bottle, but taste even better from the bright Colour Concept glasses.



An oasis of happiness under a shady, makeshift canopy made of a bed sheet tied to birch branches. For a perfect day at the beach until after the sun sets: light-coloured wood Chalet stools and candle holders (from left to right): Archaic Nature in rattan holder, centre, a glass cylinder in leather holder, right, Archaic Nature Strandgut in twig holder. On the pallet table: Home Elements Storing container with the script ‘Utensils’.

Like sparkling jewels on the table: the Colour Concept glasses and bowls. Whether tumblers for water or bowls for soup, salad, starters or desserts – their possible uses are infinite, and they also look fantastic as home accessories. Which makes them ideal for gifts. In addition to amber, burgundy, red and midnight blue, Colour Concept is now also available in kiwi, petrol blue, smoke and clear, for brightly coloured drinks. Tumbler, 10.8 cm high. Highball glass, 16 cm high. High-sided bowl, 12 cm ’. Low-sided dessert bowl, 13 cm ’.

· 25 · friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013

They are the masterpieces of tableware design that revolutionised the accepted norms and broke with the established rules of of ceramic design: the ‘Flow’ bowl with handle, the ‘Urban Nature’ traverse bowl and the ‘New Wave’ double bowl. Their innovative, dynamic design makes them real eye-catchers – wherever and however they are used. Their unique character has earned them a reputation as modern style icons that are coveted by design enthusiasts and recognised as renowned works of art all over the world: “It’s Villeroy&Boch!”




· 26 ·




Every great invention is preceded by a very simple question: why don’t we just use the sun’s rays to generate energy? Why should we have to carry suitcases if we can roll them along behind us? And does a plate really need to be round? Or is a bowl only a bowl if it’s round with no handles? Questioning traditional conventions and refusing to accept things the way they have always been, but rather basing design on function, allows us to identify what is important and completely redesign it. Does a chair have to have four legs? Of course not. If that were true we would never have seen some of the most striking and beautiful chairs in the history of chairs: the Panton chair, one single curve that offers maximum comfort, or Marcel Breuer’s famous cantilever chair. Focusing solely on function, Villeroy & Boch revolutionised the shape of the bowl and created Flow: a flowing, oval dish with a stylish handle. Hot dishes can be carried to the table without any risk of burns. In addition, the curved handle continues the shape of the bowl, giving it an amazing aesthetic quality. Flow bowl with handle, 1.8 l capacity.




· 27 · friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013



路 28 路


ARCHITECTURE IN PORCELAIN When soft curves are inspired by nature, and traditional craftsmanship and urban architecture, something completely new is born – like Urban Nature porcelain. Traverses stretch, like arches over flat plates in intriguing, flowing forms to create a new dimension in table culture: floating

bowls. The largest of four traverses, the fruit traverse, measures 57.5 × 26.5 cm and has a capacity of 2.2 l, turning it into a real eye-catcher which also makes a fascinating centrepiece for all tables, not just when filled with fruit, but also when brimming with stylish decorations to create

a completely different look every time. It also makes a beautiful decorative piece for the home, portraying a floating weightlessness that seems to defy gravity. Nouer bracelet and necklace, Flowery Violet Caster Sugar ring from Susa Beck, Munich,

BEAUTY Diamonds are forever – like the classic shape of the Anmut milk jug, a timeless classic from the 1950s. Milk jug, 0.2 l. Vertigo dress from Claudia Skoda, Schilf ring from Susa Beck,

· 29 · friends 21 ––––– Spring/Summer 2013

AVANT-GARDE MODERNITY The world’s first-ever innovation award, the German Business Innovation Award, was given to Villeroy & Boch for the New Wave cup in 2004 – both, for its unusual and extremely ergonomic design, but also for a completely new production process: the high-pressure casting method created by Villeroy & Boch, which made asymmetric forms possible for the first time, thus revolutionising tableware design.

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BORN TO BE A STAR When our imagination is given free rein, the previously unthinkable becomes reality. Porcelain that flaps in the wind like a flag? A seemingly absurd idea. With New Wave, however, this became a reality. The typical New Wave wave shape is a snapshot of a flag blowing in the wind – a frozen, dynamic movement and therefore an aesthetic revolution in tableware design. In 2011, this concept was subject to yet another ingenious transformation: it became an asymmetric double bowl, the powerful geometry with a size of 49 × 30 cm that makes it an awe-inspiring and extremely practical centrepiece on every table. But this is certainly not its only stage. Its perfect shape means that it is destined for success as a single piece, too. Its owners therefore make a strong statement, revealing their passion for avant-garde design, their appreciation of lateral thinking and their admiration of poetry: in fashion, interior design or when choosing pieces for the home. New Wave double bowl. Iza wears the Liebesspiel dress by Claudia Skoda Berlin.



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AMAZONIA inspired by the beauty of nature

A TROPICAL PARADISE FOR YOUR HOME. Passion flowers and orchids, butterflies and hummingbirds – based on drawings by Alexander von Humboldt, the extraordinary design of Amazonia brings exotic beauty to your home. Whether you are looking for a complete set or simply beautiful pieces for gifts, such as vases or leaf dishes in a range of sizes, discover the complete collection of premium bone porcelain at your specialist retailer.

Glassware: Colour Concept. Vase: Numa in pure stone.


"Friends" Magazine 21- Spring/Summer  

All set for stylish summer living. Experience Summer kaleidoscope of colors...

"Friends" Magazine 21- Spring/Summer  

All set for stylish summer living. Experience Summer kaleidoscope of colors...