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Developing Business Leaders for a Better World

The Villanova School of Business seeks to be a leader among business schools in fostering a learning environment that enables students and other members of our community to develop the knowledge, experience, values and capabilities needed for a lifetime of learning. Strengthened by our Catholic and Augustinian traditions and liberal arts foundation, we collaborate with the business and academic communities­ to create, share and apply knowledge that connects theory to practice. VSB’s holistic approach encourages students to explore the interconnected nature of business disciplines and to shape innovative and strategic solutions that address contemporary business problems. The VSB community will maintain and enhance its commitment to an environment of mutual respect, professional development and continuous improvement.


Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

At the Villanova School of Business, we bring together world-class experts from varied disciplines and exceptional students to cultivate an appreciation for the interconnected nature of the business world as well as diverse ideas. Our extended community of alumni, parents and corporate partners is a key component in our ability to deliver a high-quality education. In partnership, we can expand our boundaries of current business knowledge to develop new and better practices that take into account an ever-changing global economy. The VSB community—faculty, staff, students, alumni and friends—is our greatest strength, and I am honored to serve as dean. Our shared Villanova experience represents our continued commitment to finding new ways of increasing our impact through the Augustinian principles of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas. We strive to create a learning environment unprecedented in the world of business education— one that transforms lives, positively impacts society, nurtures creativity, assures an analytical approach, provides a global perspective and develops ethical leaders.

Joyce E.A. Russell, PhD The Helen and William O'Toole Dean Professor of Management Villanova School of Business

Developing business leaders for a better world through the Augustinian values of truth, community, caring and leading through service.

Undergraduate Business

Undergraduate Program Villanova School of Business students think strategically, explore globally and act ethically. With an innovative and academically rigorous curriculum, supported by a liberal arts core and Augustinian values, Villanova business students are fully prepared with knowledge, skills and experience to make a meaningful difference in the world. Ignited by change, VSB students become well-rounded leaders and committed citizens who go on to become top executives and renowned experts. A balance of business and liberal arts coursework serves to instill the fundamentals of critical insight, mature judgment and independent thinking. The knowledge students gain fosters a sense of the importance of values and the moral responsibility of caring for others, allowing them to work for the betterment of society. VSB offers six majors, three co-majors and 10 minors. Students benefit from small class sizes, with only a 15:1 student-to-faculty ratio, and an average class size of 30 in business core courses. In addition, VSB students can earn a minor or major from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in such disciplines as communications, political science or languages.

AREA OF STUDY Accounting Business Analytics Business Law & Corporate Governance Economics Entrepreneurship Finance International Business Management Management Information Systems Marketing Real Estate

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Undergraduate Business

Students VSB students are well-informed, highly motivated individuals who excel in the classroom and beyond. Students come from more than 40 states and more than 30 countries, bringing with them diverse backgrounds and experiences. More than 50 percent of VSB undergraduate students study abroad at least once. Beyond the classroom, our students are involved in more than 25 active business societies and nearly 250 campus-wide clubs. Involvement in the organizations provides outlets to gather information focused on a specific industry or career path, connect with employers, and network with students who share similar professional interests. They help to bring industry speakers to campus for a variety of co- and extracurricular events.





Through in-class assignments, service trips and volunteer opportunities, students have the chance to serve local, national and international communities and support nonprofits around the world. In fact, one of VSB’s student societies, Business Without Borders (BWB), coordinates microfinance lending, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, nonprofit partnerships, international projects, and various speaking and discussion-based events. BWB is a chapter of Net Impact, a national organization for students and professionals that uses business skills to serve communities by promoting social and environmental causes.

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Business Societies Accounting Society Alternative Investments Society Business Analytics Society Business and Leadership Society Business in Entertainment Society Business Without Borders Corporate Finance Society Economics Society Equity Society Fashion in Business Society Global Investments Society International Business Society MIS Society Mergers & Acquisitions Society Multicultural Business Association Real Estate Society Society of Women in Financial Training Villanova Consulting Group Villanova Entrepreneurship Society Villanova Instructional Golf Society Villanova Marketing Group Wall Street Society Women in Business Society

Service Groups VSB Ambassadors VSB Peer Advisors VSB Peer Tutors VSB Senators


Undergraduate Business

The Clay Center at VSB The O’Donnell Center for Professional Development Named in honor of the late VSB Dean Emeritus Alvin A. Clay '51 VSB, who was a dedicated alumnus, faculty member and dean, the Clay Center provides undergraduates with a complete program services center to call their own. The Center offers students exemplary academic resources that enable them to be active members of the VSB student body, to explore and develop educational and career goals, and to successfully apply their unique talents and knowledge to become socially responsible members of the global business community. The Center houses The Charlotte and James V. O’Donnell '63 Center for Professional Development. The O’Donnell Center connects students with experiential learning opportunities (internships and CoOps) and professional development programs. These programs and support services help students achieve their educational goals.

The VSB advising team facilitates the exploration and development of academic and career goals, including advising on internships and study abroad opportunities, and empowers students to be responsible decision-makers and active participants in defining their futures. Academic Advising VSB offers a a four-year, integrated advising model that includes academic advisors, peer advisors, faculty mentors and coordination with campus resources. Each VSB student is assigned a Clay Center academic advisor who is available throughout his/her entire VSB experience. Freshmen and sophomore students are matched with junior and senior peer advisors, who serve as a point of contact for guidance on college transition issues, selecting classes and areas of study, getting involved in VSB and University activities, and considering available on-campus resources and programs. Faculty mentors are also available to all VSB undergraduate students to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise about their discipline. These faculty mentors provide guidance regarding opportunities and career paths, and suggest elective courses as well as secondary majors and minors where appropriate to further support students’ interests.

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students graduated in 2018 from Villanova School of Business

Professional Development The Clay Center at VSB, the O’Donnell Center for Professional Development and the University Career Center work together to provide a multitude of professional development activities that serve to enrich students’ academic experiences and prepare them for success in the profession of their choice. These opportunities allow students to learn about themselves and the business world from practitioners, as well as apply what they’re learning in the classroom to the business world. VSB provides support to more than 100 career events each academic year—all designed to help business students gather information and contacts that will lead to well-suited academic and career paths. Students have the opportunity to participate in events ranging from skill-building workshops to career information sessions and from employer networking events to corporate site visits. Examples of such opportunities include resume writing workshops; networking practice events; career fairs; corporate panel sessions; mock interviews with industry professionals; presentations on utilizing technology to job search; and “treks” to financial services companies, advertising agencies and sports management organizations. These programs provide students with venues to interact with more than 500 practicing professionals each year, many of whom are VSB alumni representing their employers.

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Undergraduate Business

Preparing Students to Succeed Rooted in Villanova’s Augustinian intellectual tradition, graduates are compassionate problem-solvers with strong critical-thinking skills. Villanova graduates are building careers with top companies—or starting businesses of their own.

Featured Employers 3M Bank of America Merrill Lynch Citigroup Inc. Comcast/NBC Universal Deloitte EY Goldman Sachs & Co. Google Inc. HubSpot Johnson & Johnson KPMG L'Oréal USA Ogilvy PwC Reckitt Benckiser Salesforce SAP America Inc.

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98.1% Successful Placement Rate

Undergraduate Business


student mentee and alumni mentor pairs matched since 2014

VSB Mentor Program The VSB Mentor Program brings Villanova students and alumni volunteers together in oneon-one and flash mentoring relationships to support the students’ professional development. Alumni mentors provide industry insights and share their knowledge and experience. All participants have the opportunity to opt in. Students join the program as sophomores and use state-of-the-art software to select a mentor based on their field of interest. The mentor facilitates career exploration and provides job search, networking and communication tips and more. Mentees gain a trusted advisor and role model to support them in decision-making, navigating the business world and planning their careers. Mentoring pairs work together through graduation and beyond.


The best part about having Lorraine as my mentor is knowing I have someone in my corner supporting me no matter what. She has made me feel more confident as a VSB student and more excited and hopeful about my future than I could have imagined." – Jessica Andrade '19 VSB

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Undergraduate Business

Career Placement

Class of 2017

VSB provides an impressive return on student investment. 1,452 companies posted full-time job opportunities for VSB students—223 came to campus to recruit.

$62,879 $7,448 VSB AVERAGE SALARY

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Undergraduate Business

Internships and CoOps Experiential education is an integral part of the VSB curriculum. Every undergraduate student is encouraged to complete at least one business internship or CoOp program as a means of gaining real-world experience. Part-time or full-time internships and CoOp experiences provide students with valuable opportunities to: • Make the connection between business theory and practice. • Explore what it is really like to work in a particular industry or organization on a daily basis. • Develop a competitive edge by having proven business experience to offer future employers. • Earn a full-time job offer with an internship employer, as many organizations utilize their internship programs as a pipeline for entry-level hires.

CoOp Programs VSB’s CoOp program provides an opportunity to experience


95% participated in at least one internship. Class of 2017

complete immersion in a professional work environment. For six months, students work at the sponsoring organization on a fulltime basis. Work content mirrors that of an entry-level professional. Students earn six credits and a competitive salary for successful completion of a CoOp. The program is designed so that students maintain full-time status and remain on track to graduate in four years by completing coursework before, during and/or after the CoOp. In many instances, students participating in a CoOp will receive priority consideration for full-time entry-level opportunities


70% completed more than one internship.

upon graduation at the sponsoring organization.

Spring Accounting Internship (SAI) Program The SAI program offers students in-depth exposure to the accounting environment during the busy season. Accounting majors work full time at an accounting or related firm during the spring of junior year, earning six credits. The program is designed so that students maintain full-time status and remain on track to graduate in four years. Upon successful completion, many students are offered job opportunities at the firms.

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Undergraduate Business

Curriculum Highlights VSB is nationally recognized as a top business school and a pioneer of curricular innovation. Our highly integrated, rigorous curriculum— infused with team teaching, guest speakers, simulations, global perspectives, service learning opportunities, a firm grounding in ethics, and an applied education—prepares students to become outstanding leaders and global citizens within the ever-changing, complex and fast-paced world of business. Students study the fundamentals of business, explore new issues in real time and complete corporate projects. All students have access to an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal, which is incorporated into their classroom experience. VSB students begin taking business courses in their freshman year and continue to fulfill VSB core requirements during sophomore year. In junior and senior years, students focus on major and minor coursework. VSB students take approximately 50 percent of their required courses in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. VSB brings together exceptional students with world-class faculty. This collaboration, along with our multidisciplinary approach and liberal arts tradition, ensures that VSB students become successful businesspeople and first-class global leaders—leaders who know how to think holistically and solve problems creatively, and who remain committed to their ethical responsibilities throughout their careers.

Concentrations In addition to our majors and minors, VSB offers four concentrations—a curated group of related courses—to complement a particular major field of study:

Applied Quantitative Finance for Finance majors Consulting for Management majors Business Development for Marketing majors Digital Marketing for Marketing majors

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Undergraduate Business

Backpack to Briefcase (B2B) B2B is an innovative initiative, integrating professional development into the core business curriculum throughout the four-year academic program, supplementing students’ participation in traditional academic courses and providing holistic preparation for success as professionals. Freshman Year – Students are required to participate in and reflect on professional development activities related to their selection of major(s), career exploration and professional skill building. Each student crafts a professional resume, participates in a networking etiquette workshop and earns Bloomberg Certification.

Sophomore Year – The required B2B sophomore seminar focuses on self-assessment, career decision-making, personal branding, internship and job search processes, interviewing skills, and networking. Students are presented with opportunities to interact with alumni and employers to practice skills critical for success.

Junior Year – The B2B junior year seminar provides preparation for and culminates in an internal case competition. Written and verbal communication skills, analysis, team dynamics, and leadership are integrated throughout the course while students simultaneously work in small groups to analyze a case and present their findings and recommendations to a panel of company executives and faculty. This course also provides networking opportunities for students to interact with and get feedback from business professionals.

Senior Year – VSB partners with the University Career Center and the VU Seniors program to provide a series of social, professional and spiritual activities designed to unify the senior class while preparing them for life after graduation.

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Undergraduate Business

State-of-the-Art Facilities Applied Finance Lab (AFL) is a nationally recognized financial research and learning center that brings academic theories to life through a combination of real-time and simulated exercises. The AFL offers students the same resources available to Wall Street traders via 22 student work stations. Among the many groups that utilize the lab, members of the Equity and Fixed Income Societies—Villanova’s student­-run organizations that actively manage a portfolio of equity and fixed income securities—use the lab extensively to obtain real-world investment experience. VSB’s Behavioral Research Lab provides faculty and students with the resources to conduct interdisciplinary research to gain a deeper understanding of human behavior and decisionmaking. Studies conducted in the lab yield insights that inform theory and practice across business domains as well as research endeavors, class projects and entrepreneurial ventures.

EY Read to Lead The VSB Read to Lead Program, sponsored by EY, is an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum. The program connects and inspires students around a common, highly relevant business theme through the collective reading of one book. It aims to offer students a realworld context for learning and provides a launching point for integrative discussions, projects and analyses of topics in the freshman Business Dynamics course.

Opportunities for Non-Business Students There are two options for students to earn a business minor at VSB: the Academic Year Business Minor and the Summer Business Institute. Admission to both programs is competitive. Please visit our website for more information:


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All undergraduate students receive Bloomberg Certification by the end of freshman year.

Undergraduate Business


Global Opportunities VSB partners with the Office of Education Abroad to provide students with the opportunity to experience the world beyond the borders of our campus and country. More than 54 percent of VSB students study or work overseas during their time at Villanova. Students also have the opportunity to participate in international service trips, enabling them to share their skills and capabilities in developing countries. The Global Citizens Program, open to VSB freshmen, is an example of one of our many unique offerings. This overseas, 16-week spring study experience combines academic coursework with a practical internship located in either London or Singapore. The program is designed to offer a unique and life-altering academic experience to first-year business students. Designed to provide students with an opportunity to emphasize and integrate global leadership throughout their undergraduate experience, the Global Leadership Fellows Program includes special curricular and extracurricular offerings that encourage increased international study and support the pursuit of careers in global business.

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Centers of Excellence

6 Institutes and Centers of Excellence

Learning, in the Augustinian context, is to be understood as the pursuit of wisdom, the capacity to understand one’s self, others and the world in light of the Ultimate reality.

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Centers of Excellence

Institutes and Centers of Excellence VSB strives to attract, develop and retain faculty members who are both outstanding teachers and leaders in research. The school’s Institutes and Centers of Excellence carry VSB’s pursuit of scholarly distinction, provide an outlet for cuttingedge research and help to guide curricular design. These Institutes and Centers are designed to focus attention on critical business issues and to leverage the expertise of VSB faculty in a way that emphasizes the cross-disciplinary nature of business and the intersection of research and business practice.

The Daniel M. DiLella Center for Real Estate The DiLella Center for Real Estate provides students with insight into this transformative industry through outstanding academics, thought leadership and experiential learning. Students have the opportunity to participate in corporate and site visits, case competitions, industry events, and alumni programs. The Center supports the Daniel DiLella and Thomas Mulroy Student Managed Fund—the first undergraduate fund of its kind in the nation—which allows students to gain experience by investing in real deals. Through the Real Estate Society, they develop relationships with industry leaders, build modeling skills and have the opportunity to serve as leaders themselves. The Center works in partnership with the O’Donnell Center for Professional Development to support students in their search for internship and career opportunities, and undergraduates may choose to earn either a co-major or minor in Real Estate.

Elenore and Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership The Elenore and Robert F. Moran Sr. Center for Global Leadership contributes to the development of VSB’s global strategy, emphasizing integrated international business studies, responsible global leadership and cross-cultural awareness. The Center serves as a hub of innovation for VSB’s international curricular initiatives, faculty research, service and outreach activities. The Center awards more than 30 scholarships and fellowships annually to support international education and oversees the unique Global Leadership Fellows program that challenges students with a four-year intensive set of global curricular and extracurricular initiatives. Its goal is to strengthen Villanova’s participation in the global communities in which our students will work and contribute, and advance ethical and responsible leadership for the betterment of business and society.

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Centers of Excellence

Institutes and Centers of Excellence continued Center for Business Analytics (CBA) CBA is dedicated to preparing VSB graduates to become analytics leaders in their organizations. It brings together industry experts and world-class faculty to create curricula and experiential programming that positions students to solve complex business problems using analytics. CBA hosts career panels, lectures, site visits and data-mining competitions and supports VSB’s student Business Analytics Society. In addition to the required sophomore Business Analytics course, the Center supports an undergraduate Business Analytics co-major and minor, a Master of Science in Analytics and an analytics concentration in the Villanova MBA.

Center for Church Management (CCM) CCM performs research and conducts both for-credit and non-credit programs in church management. The Center offers a Master of Science in Church Management, as well as several non-credit programs in church management. Through collaboration with seminaries and dioceses throughout the country, the Center works to help church leadership be good stewards of their resources, use their facilities effectively and build a stronger church.

Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights (CMCI) CMCI leverages world-class faculty and an alumni advisory council of executives to offer unique learning experiences for students. Launched in 2015, CMCI has established a number of initiatives focused on experiential learning and career development. Students experience the dynamic field of marketing through treks, industry conferences and corporate immersion programs. CMCI also houses the Consumer Insights Lab, which facilitates primary consumer research for students and faculty. These programs ensure that Villanova students enter the competitive marketplace with both fundamental and applied proficiency in marketing.

Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (ICE) Institute The ICE Institute supports traditional student entrepreneurship, but its broader mission is to serve as a symbol of Villanova University’s commitment to help students stand out in the marketplace as creative and innovative thinkers. Founded upon the concept of innovation—one of its four strategic pillars—the ICE Institute has a multi-disciplinary focus that advances the University’s strategy by fostering cross-college learning and embedding entrepreneurial thinking more deeply in the Villanova culture. A main principle of the ICE Institute is the belief that students from Villanova University College of Liberal Arts and Science, College of Engineering, School of Business, M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing, and Charles Widger School of Law can all learn from one another how to become more well-rounded, innovative and creative thinkers.

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VSB seeks to develop business leaders for a better world. We do this through the promotion of academic excellence; a focus on building a strong community of faculty, staff, students and alumni; opportunities for students to serve others; and student services and programs that provide a student experience like no other. We continue to build programs and initiatives around these ideals.

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Graduate Business Programs

Graduate Programs VSB offers six master-level degree programs including the Part-Time MBA and Executive MBA programs, both designed to equip students with management skills and a strategic perspective. Our specialized master's programs provide in-depth technical training in specific functional areas.

Villanova MBA Programs Part-Time MBA The Villanova MBA allows students to pursue their degrees on a part-time basis, either online or in person in our Center City Philadelphia location or on Villanova's main campus. The curriculum features two required courses with embedded consulting projects: – Social Enterprise Consulting Practicum – The Global Practicum The projects offered through the Practicum courses focus on applying what has been learned in the classroom to real­-world scenarios—in essence, a living case study. Throughout the 14-week Social Enterprise Consulting Practicum, MBA students research and partner with a nonprofit organization to help detect problem areas, such as branding, funding, logistics or membership retention, and to identify possible solutions. This course and our students have served over 250 local and international nonprofit organizations. The Global Practicum course allows students to travel to foreign countries with developing economic systems in order to understand the geographic, economic, political, social, cultural and competitive factors that shape opportunities in those markets. Students apply what they learn to a semester-­long project with industry partners, where they develop innovative solutions to challenges facing these organizations in their respective markets. Since the course’s inception, students have traveled to locations such as Brazil, Chile, China, India, South Korea and South Africa, and have worked with international and domestic companies in these locations. In addition to these unique interdisciplinary courses, MBA students have the opportunity to take elective courses that require an immersion experience in another country, with the goal of exposing them to business practices as they relate to and are different from those in the US, as well as cultural and ethical considerations unique to the countries they visit. Past trips have included China; Belgium; Poland; Italy; Australia; and Dubai, UAE.

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10 Specializations Part-Time MBA students can specialize their degree to support their professional interests. Analytics Cyber Security Finance Health Care Management International Business  anagement Information M Systems Marketing Real Estate Strategic Management Sustainability


VSB / 21

Executive MBA The Villanova Executive MBA program focuses on transforming rising managers into effective executives who can anticipate change, adapt to shifting conditions and creatively problemsolve in an ever-changing world. Through the admissions process, students are carefully selected to include a diverse mix of professionals who contribute a value-added dimension of peer learning to the overall experience. The program offers students a unique and customized one-on-one opportunity to work directly with a highly skilled and qualified executive coach throughout the duration of their EMBA experience. Students collaborate with their coach to identify opportunities for growth that align with their personal and career goals. They use these opportunities to measure progress in their EMBA and personal journeys.

Renowned faculty and a Systems-Thinking-based curriculum transform students’ ability to tackle complex business challenges, positioning them for increased leadership opportunities and higher earnings. The Executive MBA program features an international immersion trip in which students travel abroad for an eight­-day experience studying the economy, gaining knowledge of local business practices and learning about the culture of a foreign country. Previous host countries have included South Africa, China, Chile, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey and Hungary.

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Graduate Business Programs


The Executive MBA curriculum features five strategic content streams. Tying these streams together is the concept of Systems Thinking, which equips students with an interdisciplinary, strategic approach to problem-solving, encouraging them to think beyond functional silos and appreciate how their actions affect an organization as a whole.

STRATEGIC CONTENT STREAMS Strategic Leadership Quantitative Decision-Making Innovation and Creativity International Business Professional Development

The EMBA program takes 19 months to complete and meets every three weeks, Friday through Sunday. The residential, weekend-based program allows students to immerse themselves in their learning and begin building a lifelong network of business connections.

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Graduate Business Programs

Specialized Master's Programs VSB’s Specialized Master's Programs pair highly qualified students with our top faculty to provide a deep and comprehensive understanding of their area of interest and expertise. Master of Accounting with Data Analytics (MACDA) Designed with input from top global firms, MACDA offers a highly specialized program that integrates data analytics with other essential skills—valuation, risk, tax, fraud and qualitative skills—to prepare students to become multi-dimensional accountants. Students also complete courses in leadership and negotiation in preparation for longer-term advancement opportunities. The 10-month, 30-credit MACDA program also provides students with advanced industryspecific credits, which, when pooled with the appropriate undergraduate course work, result in exceptional knowledge in addition to the hours necessary to earn a CPA license.

Master of Science in Finance (MSF) The MSF program is a 12-month, full-time degree program that builds technical skills, provides hands-on investment experience and offers professional development support to position students for a variety of opportunities within finance. In the classroom, students can expect to tackle relevant topics including financial theory, portfolio theory and financial markets. and have the opportunity to manage real-world investment funds in VSB’s nationally recognized Applied Finance Lab. Students also gain access to a variety of professional development support, including firm visits on Wall Street and mentor pairing.

Master of Science in Analytics (MSA)


Designed to expose students to the whole analytics continuum from data collection to analysis to implementation and use, MSA teaches students critical analytics skills and transforms them into business analysts prepared to assist organizations in developing and sustaining a unique competitive advantage. This 36-credit hour program consists of 10 foundation and core courses plus an application-based project in the final capstone course. The program can be completed entirely online in as few as 20 months.

Master of Science in Church Management (MSCM)


The MSCM program is built upon two foundational elements—a solid business curriculum and a faith-based approach to church management. The MSCM curriculum is holistic and fully integrated so that each course is meticulously designed for church managers and addresses management issues from a faith-based perspective. MSCM courses cover topics including leadership in religious organizations, civil and church laws, financial oversight, and human resource management in a ministry setting. After completing a one­-week residency on the Villanova University campus, all MSCM courses are provided online.

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VSB is a dynamic and evolving environment characterized by a world-class, committed faculty; an energized student body; and an engaged alumni base consistently bringing meaningful change in countries and companies around the world.

The Villanova Network VSB alumni volunteer in the classroom as guest lecturers, participate as judges in student case competitions, act as career mentors, host corporate site visits, recruit our students for internships and full-time positions, and send employees to our graduate programs. VSB alumni, parents and friends also provide significant philanthropic support to the school from endowed funds to annual support for our many initiatives. The VSB community extends beyond alumni to include many corporations. In addition to recruiting our students for full-time and internship positions, alumni are represented on VSB advisory councils. VSB supports nine advisory councils, comprised of over 265 high-level executives across a variety of industries, including an advisory council for each of the Centers of Excellence as well as the Dean’s Advisory Council, the Accounting Department Advisory Council and the Finance Department Advisory Council.

Villanova Women’s Professional Network Promoting and supporting women in business is a key component in helping them reach their full potential during the course of their careers. This support begins during their educational experience. VSB supports the Women in Business Society and the Women’s MBA Network— two organizations that support business education specifically geared toward women and help students connect with successful female role models. VSB also launched a women’s alumni engagement program to extend this support beyond graduation.

Ranking and Reputation Rankings are an important external measure of the quality of the Villanova experience. They help us to validate our many strengths and to see potential areas of improvement.







National Rank Among Elite Business Schools

Online Graduate Business Degree Programs

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