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Flora Niagara Stakeholders • The following organizations are the stakeholders involved in securing the AIPH sanction for an International Horticultural Exhibition in 2017: – Landscape Ontario (lead) supported by

- Canadian Nursery & Landscape Association (CNLA) - Canadian Ornamental Horticultural Alliance (COHA) – – – – – –

The Tourism Partnership of Niagara The Niagara Parks Commission Hamilton Halton Brant Regional Tourism Association Royal Botanical Gardens RDÉE Ontario Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

International Horticultural Exhibition • Sanctioned by AIPH, International Association of Horticulture Producers, representing over 25 countries • On September 11,2012, Canada received an A2/B1 sanction for 2017 which means outdoor/indoor displays, exhibitions and competitions

What is it? • An international trade platform for the horticultural industry • A world-class garden tourism attraction for the host country and region

Last International Horticultural Exhibition in Canada • Les Floralies de Montréal, 1980 - May 31 to September 1 - 40 hectares - 1.7 million visits – 108 days

- 24 countries participated


Canada’s Ornamental Horticulture Industry • Economic impact: $14.45 billion • Number of businesses: 20,000 • Number of jobs: 110,750 full-time equivalent positions

Ontario’s Ornamental Horticulture Industry • Economic impact: $7 billion • Number of businesses: 10,000 • Number of jobs: 70,000 full-time equivalent positions • Farm Gate Value: $1 billion – larger than corn, wheat, fruits soybeans, and vegetables. • Economic Impact: $3.8 billion in employment income, $820 million in end-user taxes of which the HST alone is $315 million. source: Deloitte & Touche LLP

The Business Case - Horticulture • Aligned with Landscape Ontario’s mandate and objectives • Supports and stimulates the Golden Horseshoe Region, Ontario, and Canada’s horticulture industry development, innovation and competitiveness • Provides multiple B2B opportunities via meetings, conventions and trade shows and delegations • Fosters professional development of the industry • Facilitates international business opportunities • Prepares the next generations of gardeners • Tells the story of Golden Horseshoe’s horticultural industry and heritage

The Business Case - Tourism • Supports the Niagara brand • Integrates and features the Golden Horseshoe garden, culinary, wine, music, culture and art experiences in a unique way • Broad appeal to Ontario, Canada, US, and targeted overseas markets • Creates a compelling reason for extended stays • Profiles Spring and Fall ‘shoulder’ seasons • B2B appeal – meetings, conventions and trade shows • Numerous legacies • Brands the region a “Garden Tourism Destination”

Imagine. . . For 5 Months • Being the “International Stage for Horticulture ” • Hosting the World’s best of Horticulture • Profiling everything the Region is and has to offer • Showcasing to the world all sectors of the Canadian horticulture industry • Hosting a world class international event unique in Canada and North America

Imagine. . . • Celebrating Canada’s natural and horticultural heritage and innovations like never before • Showcasing the Golden Horseshoe as a prime destination for Garden Tourism • Tourism and horticulture working together to stimulate the economy of the Region, Ontario and Canada • Activating strategic initiatives and existing plans • Leaving a legacy of infrastructure and social impact • Engaging all the communities, attractions, culture, wineries, education institutions and everything that Niagara/Hamilton/Halton/Brant is: to create Canada’s most memorable celebration on the occasion of our 150th

Flora Niagara 2017 Duration – 5 Months – May 10th to October 9th, 2017

Attendance – 3 million visitors Theme - “Wonders of Nature” • Four Pillars: – Water – Horticulture – Creativity/Innovation – Sustainability

Flora Niagara – Concept • Primary Site: 34 hectares Hosted by Niagara Parks Commission steps from the Horseshoe Falls, comprised of four experience zones • Two Satellite Sites – Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens: 40 hectares – Royal Botanical Gardens: 161 hectares • 21 communities of the Golden Horseshoe Region • Engage Ontario and Canada • Coincides with Canada’s Sesquicentennial Celebrations

Flora Niagara – Primary Site by the Falls

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Flora Niagara – Primary Site by the Falls CLIFTON HILL


Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens

Royal Botanical Gardens

Flora Niagara Community Program • 21 communities of the Golden Horseshoe Region • Creating unique experiences • Creating networks of experiences • Niagara Region Fort Erie - Grimsby - Lincoln - Niagara Falls - Niagara-on-the-Lake Pelham - Port Colborne - St. Catharines - Thorold - Wainfleet Welland - West Lincoln

• Hamilton Halton Brant Region Hamilton - Burlington - Halton Hills - Milton - Oakville Brantford - Oakland - Paris - St George

Flora Niagara Community Program • Connecting Flora Niagara with the region’s existing experiences • Attractions • Wineries • Culinary • Tender Fruits and Agro-food • Culture and Art • Education Institutions • Connecting Flora Niagara to Ontario and Canada on the occasion of Canada’s 150th Anniversary

Marketing - Participants • 50 Countries • 15+ American States • Canada’s provinces and territories • Canadian and international cities • Canada’s 150th Anniversary Corporate Gardens

• Organizations: private, public, not-for-profit at a local, provincial, national and international level

Marketing - B2B • Projecting 10% of attendance to be related to B2B • Industry Trade Shows • Provincial, national and international industry meetings and conventions • Provincial, national and international industry related competitions and exhibitions • Trade platforms for product and technology exports • Research and innovations platforms

Marketing - Visitors • Our Target: 3 million visitors • 74 million population within 800 k (a day’s drive) • 50% new visitors – direct spending of $240 million • Three-tier marketing approach for Flora Niagara 1. Ontario (40%) 2. Rest of Canada & U.S. (35%) 3. Overseas markets (25%) • Flora Niagara marketing collaborators: – Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation – Canadian Tourism Commission

Flora Niagara - Budget Exhibition Expenses Exhibition Operations: Exhibition Activity Structures Exhibition Legacy Infrastructure Host Venues Legacy Infrastructure

$ 51.9 million $ 48.3 million $ 75.8 million $ 118.7 million

Revenues Horticulture Industry (committed) Event Earned Revenues Provincial Government Investment Federal Government Investment •

$ 30 million $ 77 million $ 94 million $ 94 million

Flora Niagara – Impact and Legacies Estimate Over Five Years • • • • • • •

Total Economic Impact: $889 million Job Creation: 6,560 jobs $200 million in infrastructure legacies Tax Revenues: Federal $60 million - Provincial $56 million Profiling the Horticulture and Tourism Industries Creating opportunities for B2B via a trade platform Up to 10 % sustainable growth for the Horticulture and Tourism Industries

Sources: 1. Economic Planning Group 2. Deloitte & Touche LLP

Flora Niagara ‘Elevator Pitch’ • Economic impact of close to $1 billion and over 6,500 jobs • $200 million of infrastructure legacies to the region • 10% sustainable growth for the Horticulture and Tourism Industries • Provides export markets via international trade platform • Stimulates research, innovation and competiveness • Creates a compelling reason for extended stays • Profiles the Spring and Fall ‘shoulder’ seasons • Unique B2B platform – with over 500 conventions, meetings, trade shows, symposiums and delegations • Brands the Golden Horseshoe as a world class “garden tourism destination” • Associates nature/horticulture to Canada’s 150th

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Flora Niagara 2017  

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