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Now in St. George! By Alicia Lockwood | Photo Credit: Anna Lytle


o one was really prepared for what 2020 unleashed. In the wake of COVID-19 and a slew of other things, normal life has been hard and more stressful than ever. It has caused people to question the ‘givens.’ It has forced us to look at where our money is going and who we are supporting. From these questions, a lot of hard truths have come to light, but also some amazing things have transitioned. One of those beautiful truths has been a rededication to locally made goods. Farmer’s Markets are seeing record-breaking attendance, and Etsy has seen a 79% increase in sales over last year's numbers. This is all fantastic news, but how do you make local a more accessible choice when Saturdays are spoken for with work and family activities, or you need a last-minute gift and can’t wait for shipping? Local, in the past, has needed to be planned and a conscious effort. There has never been an accessible choice for locals here in St. George - until now. In the heart of Historic Downtown St. George, a new local-only goods store has opened under the


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moniker ‘MoFACo,’ which stands for the Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op. The Modern Farm and Artisan Co-op is a local 501(c)3 non-profit founded in 2019, and they are here to give locally-made artisanal businesses a fighting chance during one of the most trying economic times on record. When you walk into the brick and mortar location at 55 N. Main Street, St. George, Utah, every one of your senses is immediately awakened. You are greeted by the hearty aromas of lavender, freshly roasted coffee, and raw wood. Everything in the store screams out to be touched, from handmade children’s clothing to gleaming jewelry and seductive golden jars of raw local honey. “We went out of our way to make sure everything in here was as locally and sustainably sourced as possible. We reused wood from the construction in the back and had a local woodworker Teri Jensen from Outdoor Chic Designs, refurbish it into our check-out stand. She also used up most of our scrap wood to make our jewelry displays.

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ViewOn Magazine November\December 2020 Holiday Issue  

ViewOn Magazine November\December 2020 Holiday Issue