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The Fire By Nichole Clyde


arly Monday morning we woke up to something everyone knows could happen, but never thinks will happen to them, our house was on fire. A loud boom shook our house at three o’clock a.m., waking me and most of our surrounding neighbors. My husband was teaching online downstairs; we were both confused as to what the noise was when we texted each other. Moments later I hear rustling, thinking someone was in the house I got up to run and get my baby. When I opened the bedroom door I was greeted by a wall of smoke. I hurried to get my baby getting both of us out of the house and met my husband running up the stairs as we both ran out the front door. Shocked and at a loss at what to do, we watched our house being engulfed in flames. Heartbroken for our loss as the flames engulfed our home, we were thankful the three of us escaped and our other four children were safe asleep at a loved ones home for the night. Our neighborhood joined us, doing all they could to support us in this moment of uncertainty. We were in a state of shock, not knowing what to do. Neighbors were helping us move our cars, my husband running around to the back door to get our dogs; unfortunately our animal babies didn't make it due to the limited oxygen and their location to the fire. Other neighbors opened their doors so my baby could crawl and be warm, bringing us blankets and clothes so that we were not standing around outside still in our underwear (lesson learned, wear pajamas to bed).


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