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Extraterrestrial Highway By Cliff and Ilene Bandringa


ou’ve probably heard about the Extraterrestrial Hwy or Nevada’s State Route 375, it being the closest road to the mysterious Area 51. A lot of people, mainly conspiracy theorists, talk about the things that go on around this road, but they don’t provide facts. They also rarely mention how scenic and beautiful this highway really is. Well, we’re here to explain a few things.


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Many people think the Extraterrestrial Hwy, or ET Hwy for short, is located just outside of Las Vegas. It isn’t. ET Hwy is located 110 miles north of Vegas and starts from the small hamlet of Crystal Springs. It ends at another small hamlet called Warm Springs. The one word that best describes the ET Hwy is – remote. You can easily stop along the ET Hwy, in the middle of the day, and not see another car for five to

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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021