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Step into the Past; Near and Far

There’s nothing quite as grounding as stepping into a place that calls you back to a simpler time. A place that connects you with those who walked there before can be almost therapeutic in the power of connection that can be found. Whether that time is distant and mysterious like the pathway of the Parowan Gap, or classic and comforting like a vinyl record shop straight out of the ’70s, it’s still nice to step back. The Parowan Gap is a towering and mysterious rock formation in the valley between Cedar City and Parowan. The walls of dark Navajo sandstone are adorned with stories of the past, etched into history by various tribes and people who used this natural thoroughfare. With over 1,500 petroglyphs on 90 panels, there are so many stories to discover and ideas to connect with. From the iconic Zipper Glyph to a small mountain goat etched carefully behind a larger stone it’s incredible what you’ll find on the walls at this historic site. For a dose of more recent history and some incredible nostalgia give Groovacious Records a visit. This Cedar City favorite is a truly classic vinyl record shop, run by some incredible people to boot! Step through the doorway to the tunes of Pink Floyd as the smell of incense rises to greet you. You’ll find memorabilia, new releases, and even a wall of cassette tapes as you browse the impressive collection. With a wide variety and diverse taste, Groovacious stocks music from all genres and decades. Check out the work of local artists on the Art Wall and chat with the owner, Lisa, for some incredible recommendations.

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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021