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What a great way to spend our time together with our family and these amazing chefs. I enjoyed their coaching on quick tips, walking us through cooking, and being readily available for questions. Chef Debbie checked in with us often, having us show her our rising dough, which helped us to stay excited and take away any insecurities we may have had from not cooking before. As a busy mother, it was so nice to have premeasured, color coordinated containers for easy quick access. Harmons not only sends you with the ingredient list, equipment list, the prep before class, recipes, hints, and future tips for prep or storing, they also send you with all the ingredients ready to use. This way, we can recreate these mastered meals in the future. With the world so unknown of our future endeavors outside of our homes, this experience was so fun to share with my significant other and my kids. The interaction with virtual friends and a class that is tailored to move, engage, and enjoy made me look forward to more opportunities like this. Family time is so important and I was getting burnt out of ideas! There are 19 Harmons locations in Utah, locally owned and operated. I personally shop at Harmons. I love the cleanliness they have always had, and even more so during these troubling times. I also shop because they reflect my vibration of shopping local, with quality foods, many specialty and organic, allergy free options that are important to me and my family. Thank you Chef Jackie for creating such an amazing experience with the people we love!V To learn more about these classes and enjoy it as much as we did, please visit www.HarmonsGrocery.com to see the many opportunities of online cooking classes.

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