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their time? With a 3 step process: BRAINSTORMING, PRIORITIZING, & PLANNING. Let’s start with brainstorming. This is simply the process of getting everything out of your head and onto paper. You know those nagging little thoughts that keep you up at night? Those “should do’s” “need to do’s”, “want to do’s” and “must-do’s”. Take a look at your time buckets for inspiration. What physical goals do you want to achieve? Which home projects keep nagging at you? Do you give yourself any quiet time? If not, what does that look like for you? I want you to write them all down on paper. Once you’ve done that it’s time to prioritize. Take a look at your brainstorming notes and begin to circle the items that are your priorities. Once you’ve circled them, it’s time to number them. Try and capture at least one item from each of your Time Buckets. Some buckets will have a lot of notes. Some will have a few. Last, it’s time to put those thoughts into ACTION by making a plan for each and every day. Again, I’m a believer in writing these down; or typing them out if you’re using a digital format. Plan each and every day. Break down those goals into small actionable items. Now this doesn’t mean


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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021  

ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021