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A Step Back in Time By Jennifer Sperry


elcome to 2021! A year the world has been waiting for is finally here! We have all needed a break from the stress, for quite some time. With the inability to travel to a vacation destination, hug loved ones, see family members grow up, many of us have felt stuck. Looking for unwinding moments, sitting, longing for better days, have led us to spend more time with our electronics; such as Kindles, phones, computers, and televisions. Searching for the happiness and escape we once were experiencing. Not so long ago television and phones were really not a priority in our life. I remember the days we would wait for our show to come on once a week; not getting the opportunity to “binge watch” years of seasons in one sitting. A time where the television was filled with commercials. Commercials were a time to hop up and yell, “tell me when it starts” as we darted off to grab water, put a load of laundry in the dryer or laugh with the family sitting next to you as you talk about the show you were watching. Times were so different. Electronic entertainment was a novelty, not a part of life. Our grandparents watched the news, but only at 10 o’clock, because that was their favorite anchor. They didn’t search every couple of hours for the numbers to the pandemic or if the riots were getting closer to their home. Never searching, searching,

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