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After gearing up, the fifteen minute ride in a side by side ATV gives you top side views of the experience you are going to be hiking. Jared, the guide, was a huge part of the experience. He had a calming personality and is a true lover and steward of the land. His love and knowledge of the area, exposed the beauty of this hidden gem that is now available to the public. This private property is shared, in a controlled environment for the public; a very special opportunity for both parties. Because of his passion for the land and love for climbing, we could feel safety was important to Jared. His attention to detail made me feel confident in our upcoming experience and knowing that low impact land use was important to them. After leaving the ATV’s, you start to see the metal rungs which are drilled into the cliffside, about 13 inches apart from each other, always promising the best handhold and the best foothold. Along the side of the rungs runs a metal cable, which everyone is clipped to at all times. The first climb, when you drop down, the beauty is very apparent and each step just becomes better and better as you step towards the heart of the hike. The hanging gardens were a nice diversity in beauty. Being in high desert, these hanging gardens stood out from the red rocks with their deep colors of green foliage. As you progress up the canyon, the climbs do get a little more intense as the landscape opens and the exposure of heights come into view. Never did I feel unsafe. I felt in control which made all


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ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021  

ViewOn Magazine January / February 2021