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Dixie Rocks and Fossils was named after the iconic “Dixie Rock” because the owners wanted to bring the feeling and sense of community to the shop. They quickly learned that the community is what was going to help make them successful. The owners found a much larger than expected community interested in stones and crystals being used for self-healing, meditation, yoga, massage and by local artisans. The owners immediately started to collaborate and help bring great resources with other companies such as: Breathe of St. George, IAM Retreats, and The Beauty of Perspective to connect further with the community and inform each other’s customers of the other opportunities this collaboration has created. They have also dedicated a location in their shop dubbed “Collaboration Corner”, this is for artists, yoga instructors, aestheticians, energy workers and others to place cards and flyers for their upcoming classes or events. Future plans include expanding the inventory at the St. George location, incorporating lapidary equipment, holding classes, and expanding community awareness about rocks, fossils and fun.V You can meet the owners, Kyle and Edie, in St. George at Dixie Rocks and Fossils on 946 W Sunset Blvd, Suite I (435)580-9257 | kyle@cispls.com

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