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Brixton Salon 2010-2011 In celebration of the Viewfinder Photography Gallery’s move to Brixton in September 2010 we turned our gallery walls over to the people of Brixton and greater London to promote community spirit and sharing photography.

Viewfinder Photography Gallery 52 Brixton Village London, SW9 8PS

Sophie Mutevelian

Photographs by: Barry White Josie Dixon David Sampson Gavin A. Fernandes Gordana Johnson Jamie Cobb Daniela Quilici Emma Sywyj Vanja Vukovic Monserrat Rubio Sophie Mutevelian Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury Sarah Slater Gavin Mecaniques Laura Berman Ralph Berman Michael Rodgers Anna Struth Edward Hill Curated by: Kathleen Brey Edited by: Kathleen Brey Design by: Mandana Ahmadvazir and Kathleen Brey

Published by: Viewfinder Photography Gallery 52 Brixton Village London, SW9 8PS First published December 2010 Š The artists and authors.The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily the views of the publisher or editor. Acknowledgments: Thank you to Kathleen Sadler and Laura Berman for helping to put on Brixton Salon 2010/2011. Thank you to all Viewfinder volunteers for their hard work in 2010, it has been a busy and exciting year. Thank you to the people of Brixton and London who have welcomed the Viewfinder into their community and shared their creative energy with us!

Brixton Salon 2010/2011 21 December 2010 to 9 January 2011

In celebration of the Viewfinder Photography Gallery’s relocation to Brixton in September 2010, the Viewfinder launched Brixton Salon 2010/2011, an opportunity for photographers to express the vibrant community of Brixton and London. Brixton Salon 2010-2011 was an exhibition showcasing the energy of Brixton, greater London and its inhabitants through the language of photography. Everyone was invited to submit a photograph capturing ideas about community. All submissions were included in the exhibition. This was the first Brixton Salon curated by the Viewfinder. The future of Brixton Salon looks bright.

Exhibition dates: 21 December 2010 to 9 January 2011

Gavin Mecaniques

Brixton Salon 2010/2011 Photographers and Statements

Barry White With its small shops and take away food outlets, passing through Crofton Park London SE4 might seem like just a place to ‘pass through’. However the short thoroughfare is enclosed by two buildings which together bring some notoriety to the area. At the north end is The Rivoli Ballroom which, after many threats of closure, and with its chandelier and velvet interior, has become renowned as a venue used by many celebrities such as Sir Elton John as well as television companies and of course for community activities. By contrast, at the southern end is the more grandiose historical building of The Brockley Jack public house apparently acquiring its name from association with the highwaymen of long ago and now adding to its drinking and culinary facilities with theatrical entertainment. I chose to show these buildings in their surrounding environment to emphasise how we might overlook such venues and how photography can play a valuable part in promoting the community.

Sophie Mutevlian I am intrigued by the community in the heart of London and the architecture that surrounds them everyday. This photograph captures a group of city workers on a lunch break at the popular Leadenhall Market. It is a restored covered market designed in 1881 by Sir Horace Jones. Although restoration continues around them, it will always be a favourite meeting place.

Josie Dixon As a social researcher with a special interest in ageing, I have a deep interest in people and their personal narratives. I see social identities as a form of (frequently normative) social performance. In my photography, I aim to look past these performances to explore people's more textured and complex personal realities. In particular, I have a keen interest in exploring how personal characteristics and desires that are not 'compliant' with the performative expectations of dominant social identities (such as those based on age, race, class, gender etc) are expressed in social space. This picture shows a spontaneous display of public affection and, as such, presents us with an unguarded moment. The couple are middle-aged but something about the quality of the hug suggests that they are lovers or maybe even just friends rather than a married (or cohabiting) couple. There is a sense in which the hug is surprising and possibly (age?) inappropriate; it requires explanation. David Sampson These images form part of a series of photographs taken in and around Brixton and it’s market. My approach here is to observe people, surroundings and everyday objects and to try and give meaning and hopefully a sense of beauty to what we see around us, that 'every day life.' Gavin A. Fernandes Travelling and living in different parts of the world over the years, I have always held a passion for capturing the essence of a destination through photographing aspects of its culture, often portraying people in public spaces. This image was shot in May 2010 at the Dulwich Park Fair, a place I have known since childhood.

Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury

David Sampson

Gordana Johnson Walking along a street in Deptford on a murky morning the three shops caught my eye - close by there were three shops representing three different cultures. I could not resist framing the pork and halal butchers next to each other.

Jamie Cobb These photographs were inspired when i was visiting family in California, last Christmas. The photos were taken at a very surreal drive-through experience, at a Christmas Fantasy lights show put on by my family's community. I had never seen anything like it before, we had to queue in the car for hours, and my cousin kept telling us 'its worth it, its worth it'. I had my doubts, especially when we had to keep my 3 year old and 6 month old baby cousins entertained. These pictures are a constant reminder to me of how communities can work together to build something beautiful and awe inspiring. Daniela Quilici This photograph is titled "Neighbors" and was taken in Brixton. Emma Sywyj sywemm1.xml The main themes of my work currently are centred about the way women are represented in society and in particular why there are so few prolific female artists in comparison to men. The lead off work from this year is also looking into the way that ethnic minorities are portrayed in visual culture also. Colour and rhythm are essential to my works I also work in a variety of media, including oil paint, video. My current works are centred around documenting Asia by photographing small towns in Malaysia, to Bejing and Nanjing in China also. I'm trying to capture an area of the world in the process of growth, both economically and culturally.

Vanja Vukovic A refugee does not have any solid place, only a way and his hopes. Westeurope is the paradise. There, they are "kept safe" and bureaucratically ordered in portakabins. Secreted by the German small town idyll. Waiting. For the time being. Life in transit. The residents form the small town barely try to get in contact with the people. The staged photos bring the "refugees" on the other side of the invisible wall from their housing to the outside. The way out of the camp. Their needs are placed there. Perhaps, a new home? They would like to take it for them self, to call it home. But it happens only at night, in growing dark, when no single glance appears. It is a game with an illusion. Like a dream. When the sun comes out, the residents live their ordinary life again; the refugees disappear in the waiting loop - again. Transit. Monserrat Rubio This photograph was taken in Spagna, Rome. Cinnamon Heathcote-Drury This piece is taken from a wider series entitled Spice of Eden, an intense study of Indian spices and vegetables selected for their unique structure, taste and medicinal properties. Cinnamon twills are used to flavour both savoury and sweet dishes, mulled wine, vodka and even chewing gum throughout the world, and the ground powder is known to reduce inflammation and limit bacterial growth. More precious than gold in 1st century AD, and used for embalming by the Ancient Egyptians, its popularity remains constant, shared by many cultures, and to be found in innumerable different recipes to this day. Photographed predominantly on large format negative, the wider collection of spices and vegetables celebrate diversity of shape, texture and pattern. Each is presented as a studied portrait, revealing the unique structure, idiosyncrasies as well as mathematical consistency and precision of nature, displayed as monumental, timeless, quasi-architectural forms. Sarah Slater I was born in Brixton, live in Brixton and amoung other things I take photos. These photographs are part of a Christmas series taken between 2004-2009.

Laura Berman

Gavin Mecaniques Taken from a series entitled "Waiting For The Night To Fall" and created during a 6 month collaboration between the photographer and mask maker / designer Jules Newman, the resulting photographs came from a shared interest in ideas of mythology, dream and narrative and night explorations of urban London. Laura Berman This image was taken at Rinse FM’s 16th Birthday Party at Fabric. Rinse FM started out as a small London-based pirate radio station, broadcasting from secret locations around the city. In June 2010 it was awarded a community FM broadcast license. The station is home to some of the best Grime, Dubstep and UK Garage and has helped launch the careers of artists such as Dizzee Rascal and Wiley. Bushkin (right) is one third of UK Garage act Heartless Crew, who are part of the Rinse FM family. Ralph Berman The photograph was taken in Streatham. There are a number of contrasting themes beyond the title 'Black and White'. Shade and light; observing and being observed; being on the inside and being on the outside-caged and free. In each instance the balance leans towards the former and overall it is more harsh and unsympathetic despite being part of a local play area. Michael Rodgers Saturday Morning, Vassall Road I don't photograph many people, but this man was standing very close to me on the pavement as I photographed a pink mitten caught on a fence. He wouldn't go away, so I slowly turned the camera toward him, clicked the shutter, and gave him a nod. He sort of huffed, then walked on down Vassall Road. We never spoke; he never changed the expression on his face.

Anna Struth This image is part of "Neither here nor there" an ongoing project that engages with the use of the space which is surrounding us. The project shows how we transform our living space through habits. Neither here nor there shows the gap between structured places. It shows the desire to structure our surrounding according to our needs and create new paths. Edward Hill I am a landscape artist based in Greenwich, and have developed a digital method of creating photospheres, which are circular projections of the spherical reality which surrounds us.

Sarah Slater

Daniela Quilici

Vanja Vukovic

Michael Rodgers

Jamie Cobb

Barry White

Emma Sywyj

Gavin A. Fernandes

Josie Dixon

Montserrat Rubio

Ralph Berman

Anna Struth

Brixton Salon 2010/2011  

Brixton Salon 2010-2011 In celebration of the Viewfinder Photography Gallery’s move to Brixton in September 2010 we turned our gallery wal...

Brixton Salon 2010/2011  

Brixton Salon 2010-2011 In celebration of the Viewfinder Photography Gallery’s move to Brixton in September 2010 we turned our gallery wal...