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Viet Ho GD208 Project 1 Editorial Illustration

Creative Brief Article: “This is Scary: Scientists find a way to erase frightening memories� People have been got threaten since their childhood. Those fears are still affecting them even theygrowed up.

Problem: How to remove or erase those fear out of people memories. Solution: Scientists at Uppsala University in Sweden have been found a way. They use electric shock in a specific brain area that respsonse to fears. This will produces protein to replace the fear mermories area slowly.

Target Audience: People who are reading technology blog on Yahoo and caring of their health.



Create illustration and employ on computer.

Key Benefit :

Help to illustrate and imaging a random topic in future.


Light and emotion.


Webpage and pdf file

Original Article

Sketches and Concepts

Source Photos




Citation inside-the-mind/emotions/fear.htm

fixed Project 1  

fixed project 1

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