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Foyer Designing For Big Another Kingdom Tower in Southi Arabia Home

Designing tips by Herman Chan

A re you looking for design your rooms

in big house.Do you want to impress your guests by welcome to your Beautiful houseWe are glad to let our readers know that Herman Chan International Interior Design Expert would be giving us design tips through this interview. V“Sometime people focus so much on the big rooms like kitchen, living room, master bedroom suite that the smaller spaces in a house get swept under the rug. One small space that I urge you not to forget in decorating your house is the entryway foyer.I see this time and time again when I assess properties. What I usually see is, at best, the foyer is an afterthought and shoddily decorated, and at worst, it is simply overlooked by many people”.

Quirky vintage street style

at New Trend Street.Style at New York Design Week.Now introduce the New modern home world.

Break the Record:It’s just been a year and

a half since Dubai opened the world’s tallest building, and already The US-headquartered architectural practice Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture has revealed the design for the Kingdom Tower, which is to be the world?s tallest building at 1 kilometer height.

Great Way To Keep Your House Fresh! Few people consider a bathroom as a room. For most people it is a place to fulfil the morning ablutions. A chosen few consider it a room and are creative enough to make it more than a place to flush and wash the face. We have some mint fresh ideas. So dig your noses and learn how the scent of the talcum and perfume can rejuvenate not only you but also the guests when they want to retouch the make-up after a delicious dinner. The existence of powder rooms started in the early 18th century during the Victorian era. Ladies excused themselves to use the powder rooms rather than using the term going to the bathroom in public places. Creativity can do wonders and heres how once you add the powder room to the amenities of the guest room. It is an understated luxury that will be appreciated. In today property mart having a powder room means you belong to the elite neighbourhood. Most places

Welcome!! Welcome!!

have undergone renovations to create a niche for indulgence by cutting down the balcony space, by converting closet space into a small bathroom. It provides

the soap dispensers to scent candles and antique framed mirrors with linen towels embroidered the range is endless.

all the liberty to be creative. You dont need the perfect blend of colors. The range of accessories in the market contributes to the kind of variety that can be displayed to enhance your mood or that of the guest. Right from

Even though your powder room is being placed in the smallest area in the home, it will grab the attention of guests if done well.

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The Mirrors On The Walls T h e


ong ago plain mirrors were shifted from the bathrooms and dressing rooms to more attractive locations of good looking homes. A finely decorated mirror in the living room, a corridor, a crooked nook or another other imaginative place can attract attention.

r e a l

E d i t o r i a l

iron, fibre, glass, carved wood makes a style statement. Hung on the wall or placed on a corner table, it adds to the value of the room. You can place a vase of fresh flowers on the table facing the mirrorand you can view your face with the miror .What will mar its position and look is if some neighbor?s room is reflected. Sharp sunlight reflections

If narcissism has reached venerYou can place a able heights it is because vanity vase of fresh flowmirrors have become the target ers on the table facof professional interior decoraing the mirrorand tors for wealthy patrons. What an oil painting or a queer shaped you can view your face with the miror flower vase cannot do, a mirror can definitely do. And it will .What will mar its always reflect the current status position and look is of the person peering into its if some neighbor?s also make one gilded frames. And thus create a room is reflected. squint. There dramatic effect. are various Mirrors decorate various rooms. They usually function as reflective points, style and shapes in mirrors enhance aesthetic value of the room, add that can be used to enhance light in dark areas, make the space appear the worth of the room. The larger, and emerge as a beautiful theme. color swatch of the walls and Here are some ways that are already trendy furniture can be taken in mind in some living spaces. You can place a vase before bringing a decorative of fresh flowers on that table and with mir- mirror home. For example, a rors creating their magic creative wooden framed square In the living/ drawing room piece will work wonders for a The mirror in this room reflects not only traditional or ethnic theme. An the sunlight, or other objects but also the urber cool fibre glass paneled aesthetic sense of the owner. An odd shape, mirror will add to the beauty of oval shape framed in decorative wrought a modern living room.

Art And Attitude

Artitude is a brand of home accessories, that aims at putting this debate to rest, because both functionality and beauty are an integral part of a good design. We at Artitude with our products combine the aesthetics of beauty and art, with essence of functionality and form. Currently they are retailing in Bangalore through a boutique store called “Sunshine Boulevard” and another high end lifestyle store called “Featherlite Living”. We take it a step further and reinvent the box, we say art does not have to be just a beautiful painting or

P a g e

Bedroom The corner dressing table can have tri-mirror frames. With space constraints, the mirror here is more functional than decorative. A full length mirror on the wall is the best which is behind the door and away from the bed. Old wives tale say a mirror should not reflect the occupants of the bed at night! It should be positioned in a place where it can be cleaned easily. Ensure that it does not bang into doors or any sharp objects. Corridors and study rooms

Why would anyone want to place mirrors in the corridors or the study room? In a large home a long mirror placed at a strategic corner has a dual purpose. When a person is walking towards or outside can be noticed easily. It serves also to avoid bumping if pets and children are constantly running around. As long as the mirror is placed where it cannot be damaged it is fine. In case a mirror cracks or becomes opaque and reflections are not clear, it is time to replace them. In a study room, a small oval mirror can be placed on a bare wall. It is a perfect distraction from a busy project being worked on. One can preen into it and treat the tiredness if necessary due to overwork. Children rooms The young girls need the mirror on the walls of their rooms. They are forever dressing up like their mothers. From the age of 9 years they spend a lot of time in front of the mirror rehearsing their lines, catwalk and personalities.

photograph that can be hung on the wall, it can be functional as well. In our products the wax shell of a candle, metamorphoses into the canvas of a watercolor artist. Art prints are pasted on the wax shells which make the artwork glow once a simple tea light is lit inside the wax shell. A beautiful renaissance Victorian painting, is hung on the wall, or taken of the wall propped in a corner with its inbuilt support frame or even further with the snap of a couple of latches it becomes a perfect usable chair. What they have to say about their journey so far has been fabulous, when you give birth to an idea, it is really like giving birth:) from the anxiety, to pain to extreme joy one really gets to experience the entire spectrum of emotion. After birth the idea becomes real and then you nurture it and see it grow, slowly and steadily it gains strength, giving you joy in its every growth step and that is where we are with their ‘lil’ baby “Artitude”. Home Alone wishes them all sucess for thier journey forward and hope lot more people follow their footsteps

Sisters (Nidhi and Nishtha) with some “Art and Attitude” mixed both and started Artitude 6 months ago, there has been an age old debate, regarding functionality and beauty ? which is more important?

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Women Rocks Everywhere!! W o r l d’s M o s t F a m o u s W o m e n In t e r i o r D e s i g n e r s

I nterior design increas-

and sales. They enjoyed excellent lives at designing as they showed proper etiquette and unbeatable artistic skills to master their craft of bringing out the best of the available space. Here is a list of highly-praised and recognized interior designers around the world. Their respective stylistic artworks combine architecture, environmental psychology and decoration as they apply color, texture, lighting, and furnishings.

ingly gains popularity due to appreciation of art and beauty as these components are incorporated to establishments and landscapes. Several schools now offer courses inclined with interior decorating to be globally competent. Decorators play an extraordinary role of making life easier for clients in achieving their needs. The famous personalities that set a remarkable impression on this field are being idolized especially in enhancing productivity

1. Frances Adler Elkins Style: Futuristic, inspired designs Elkins got inspiration from her architect brother David Adler, Jean-Michel Frank and Alberto Giacometti as she combined the trend with vintage designs. She set the eclectic popularity with the play of colors and contemporary furnishings. It varies from country French and English to Chinoiserie to art deco as well as loved by most art appreciators. She even influenced other popular designers like Michael Taylor.

2. Petra Blaisse Style: blend of interior & exterior Blaisse creativity extended to textiles, exhibits, architecture and landscapes as she mixed styles to bring graphic effects through colors, flexibility, movement and lights. Her urbanized design is a combination of nature and culture with much sophistication and functionality.She designs or the famous Modern Baroque on most public large spaces using unusual color combinations, florals, stripes and elaborative furnishings. She believed in the idea of “if it looks right, it is right”. And also she used earth colors and raw materials as well combinations of modern and classic or extravagant and minimalist designs. She was inspired by historical narrative of decorative arts especially the 1700s French toile.

3. Laura Day Style: creative developments and renovations Day's sophisticated designs were manifestation of easy elegance with personal touches to satisfy client's needs of function and beauty. Her simple masterpieces reflect personality as it is based on classic principles on playing with colors, lights, and furnishings. She focused on natural elements to come up with clean, comfortable work of space. She has laid-back designs reinventing the West Coast feel with lush color, texture and cinematic light as well as the classic fabrics for quiet beauty. She appreciates naturalism and history to emphasize serenity. She luxuriously plays with color tones in layers as well as patterns with textures. Simplicity and glamour are the primary impressions with Day’s work of art.

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Design Your Business Interiors Of Your Own today’s




Modern Office Interiors T oday’s Modern Office discards

to have dull and sober colours with conventional antiquity furniture typical suiting to official work. Modern office interior is contrasting, sophisticated and comfortable in many more sense. Keeping the contrary view in mind, modern office interior is designed in such a way that it attracts more clientele and provides accustomed environment to the staff so that they give their best performance. Well designed office is not only necessary to project good image to the clients but for everybody working here. Significantly, today most of our time spends in office and if its designing doesn’t compliment over all décor pertaining to functionality and comfort then problems may creep. To get unending business deals and consistency in

employees designing the office whether it is home or individual office is essential. Notably not only comfort but everything decided for office interior should compliment with every aspect and proper planning is essential. Today market is flooded with wide range of office furnishing and other architectural designs that can be incorporated to improvise the office interiors. But few things have to be kept in mind before embarking such as space and budget. Modern interior is completely in contrast with conventional office interior which was rather bleak, dingy and place of antiquity. Contemporary modern interior design inculcates defined lines, creative thinking and luring interior ideas to attract business deals and clientele.

Cinema Hall Interiors Cinema hall in today’s contemporary world the most visited place for entertainment and have gone long way from old conventional movie hall of earlier times. With the time everything have improve and cinema halls got a crucial makeover in the few decades. The interiors of today’s cinema hall entertains visitors in most thrilling way because apart from watching movie on the big screen people seeks for comfort to make their visit worth. Interior design cinema hall involves designing the auditorium with clear lines, comforting furniture and managing technology with magnificent interiors. Apart from well designed interior visitors gets attracted with succinctly designed exteriors of cinema hall. To make lifetime experience for movie lover’s interior design plays an important role. Design the office with all possible techniques and interior ideas according to the budget. While choose any of the interior décor theme for your office from a wide range of interior designs. Although there is no hard & fast rule to incorporate typical official décor as you can eventually have any kind of décor which is in some way compliment office.Sound proofing office area is rather mandatory to keep the environment in sink and at par from outdoor noises. Hire good interior professional to get the soundproofing done for your office. Involve in professionals for high-define office interiors and lending a touch of modern technology which will surely impresses your many business clients.Keep a touch of professionalism with imperative resources for a good deal of international and national clients. Employee cabinets should be designed with high care and modern ways so that they love to engage with work and capable of providing good results. Most important in the office interior is environment which should be comfortable, functional and adjustable.

Interior Designing  

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