60 Super Busy Websites Where You Can Upload Your Videos Besides YouTube

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60 High Traffic Sites Where You Can Post Your Videos Besides YouTube www.quickregister.net /wordpress/high-traffic-sites-can-post-video/ 0

(Note: If you get the concept and just want somebody to submit your videos to all these sites just click here to order our video submission service.} Videos work great for marketing any business but especially for local businesses. Most local businesses will upload their videos to their YouTube channel (if they do that) and stop there. But there are many other very high traffic sites besides YouTube where you can upload the same videos. YouTube is definitely the most important video site and you should start your promotions there. But I find that Google also indexes my videos very quickly on other sites as well. This strategy works especially well if you have varied your titles. The best strategy is to actually write 60 different titles for your videos and alternate titles on each site. If you business is locally based remember to put your local keywords in the title . Google puts a heavy emphasis on the titles. If you have 60 different videos all with related yet varied keywords pointing back to your site you are dramatically increasing the ways customers can find your business. Most of these sites are very high traffic authority sites so they are very valuable backlinks to your video as well. Plus they have huge traffic right from within their site’s network. Here is the list of 60 sites. If you have more let us know in the comments area.

1 wordpress.com– Alexa 37– You can create a free blog on wordpress.com and embed your YouTube video into the blog post. Here is an example where I did this for one of my clients. 2 flickr.com– Alexa 147– Flickr allows you to embed your YouTube video on their server. They have a beautiful layout. Here is an example of one of our videos on Flickr. I really love the live links and easy to read keywords. 3 vimeo.com– Alexa 181-Vimeo is a legit video hosting site like YouTube. The links are live in the descriptions which is great. They can be picky about which videos they accept though. Here is one of mine which was accepted. 4 stumbleupon.com– Alexa 302– Stumpleupon is a popular social media site which allows you to share your YouTube video with their service. They create a nice url for the video and it loads automatically. However, I do not see anywhere for the video description with links. Viewers would need to click on the YouTube video directly to view your video. Here is what I am talking about. 5 facebook.com Alexa 2– Don’t forget about Facebook! You have the option of directly uploading your video and/or sharing your YouTube or actually any video hosted on any of the other services as well. Check out this Facebook post. I like the nice long description with plenty of meaty content and keywords. As you can imagine Facebook content gets indexed rapidly. Plus there is the chance that your followers will share and like the video giving it even more juice in the search engines. 6 twitter.com– Alexa 9– Twitter does a swell job with videos. Don’t forget to tweet your videos! Example video tweet. 7 plus.google.com/– Alexa whatever. It is Google. Google’s own social media site. Definitely share your video on Google Plus. See mine here. 8 vk.com– Alexa 20-That is not a typo. There are only 20 other sites in the world that have more traffic than vk.com! VK is the largest European social network with more than a 100 million active users. That is beaucoup users! Yes, you can create an account there and upload your video for all 100 million active European users. It does not matter if your business is not located in Europe. The key is the title. If you have your local keywords in the title it will get picked up by Google search. Then people searching for your local keywords will see your video hosted on this network and it will not matter that it is a European network. Google puts heavy emphasis on traffic when giving authority to site. This site has lots of traffic and your videos will still get ranked for your local keywords no matter where the site is based. See mine here. 9 blogger.com -Alexa 77-Blogger.com is owned by Google so they like content on Blogger.com. You can create a blogger.com blog through your Google account then just click the blogger icon on the share section of your YouTube video and it will post your video automatically on your blogger blog. Example is here. 10 pinterest.com- Alexa 36 Pinterest is know for photos and the ladies seem to favor this social media site. Get your videos there! Example. 11 livejournal.com– Alexa 196– Live Journal is a very popular free blogging platform like wordpress.com or blogger.com. Create your free blog then embed your YouTube video on the blog like this. 12 photobucket.com- Alexa 415- Photobucket is a photo sharing and hosting site. However, you can also post your videos on Photobucket as we did here.

13 dailymotion.com-Alexa 96– Daily Motion is basically the next real video hosting site after YouTube. They get millions of visitors. You need to create your account like you do on YouTube then simply upload your video as we have done here for one of our clients. 14 screencast.com– Alexa 2,219– Screencast has excellent screen capture software. I use their pro version for my screen capture videos. They also run their own video hosting site. I recommend both. Here is a sample. 15 4shared.com– Alexa 412– This is a file storage site. You can upload your video and have it hosted there publicly. 20 mefeedia.com– Alexa 3 5,000– Another video hosting site like YouTube that you probably never heard of. Still it has an Alexa ranking of 35,000 which is decent. Here is a video hosted on mefeedia. You have to click “more details” to see the description and link which I do not like. Also the links in the description are not clickable. 21 www.fotki.com-Alexa 11,067– This is a photo hosting site similar to photobucket which also allows videos to be hosted. Here is a video hosted on fotki. 22 jimdo.com– Alexa 568. This is a German based site which is in English which allows you to build your own website on their servers with their online web building tools. 23 tumblr.com– Alexa 42 .Tumblr is a very popular social sharing site. You definitely want your video on this high traffic site not only to expose it to Tumblr’s considerable audience but also for the backlink from such a substantial authority site. Here is my video on Tumblr.com. 24 vid.me– Alexa 463. A video hosting site which is in the top 400 most popular websites in the world. Have you ever heard of it? This just shows that there are some serious video marketing platforms outside of YouTube. Vid.me is a straight up video hosting site which encourages members to follow each other. Where are we going by the way? Clean layout. Here is my video on vid.me. Very YouTube type of look. They even have a link to the original YouTube channel of the creator of the video with a button to subscribe to their YouTube channel. Apparently if you upload your video from a YouTube link they help you build your YouTube subscriber list as well. Great video site!

25 9gag.tv– Alexa 212,834. Not as much traffic as the big boys but they have a sharp look and seem to be going for more sensational type videos. Definitely a younger audience here. Here is my video on their site. Big easy to read type with clickable links in the description. Yeah! 27 medium.com– Alexa 603. The domain name alone must have cost them a bundle but it is a bit strange. Who wants to be medium? Maybe they are a medium. In any case they get a ton of traffic! There are only 602 other websites on the planet that get more. This site has minimalist design and features stories. It looks like they have some high quality content on this site. I like it. You can create your own account and write your own stories and embed videos. Here is my video on medium. They do not track visitors like YouTube does do on my YouTube embedded video there is a warning saying you are leaving our site to visit a site which will track you. 28 community.good.is– Alexa 6,427 . An Alexa

6,427 is a very very busy site. It may not seem so compared to the monster under 1000 Alexa sites but this site gets serious traffic. Their motto is “ Discover and share stories of adventure, connection, and change making.” They have an ambitious agenda and seem to be doing well. This is a similar site to medium.com as it revolves around stories. They are kind enough to give you space to embed your videos as well. Here is mine. Note that the links in the descriptions are not clickable. 29 archive.org-Alexa 238– As you can see sites that host video get monster traffic. Archive.org is no exception. This is how they describe themselves “Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, and more.” Why not have your media archived on one of the highest traffic sites in the world? Here is my video on archive.org. Once your video is on archive.org people can view and even download your videos. It is not just an embed of a YouTube video. Your video is hosted on their servers. The links in the description are clickable. 30 clipsharedemo.com-Alexa 441,043. This is a site where people share videos, photos and even blog posts. I submitted 2 videos there and it looks like they both got deleted. Hmmm? Not sure what happened but I would not make this site a priority. You can give them a shot if you like. By the way, do not freak out if this happens on this or other sites. Your content might not be a match for all sites. There are plenty of sites to submit your video to that want them. Just move on.

31 myvidster.com-Alexa 3,469. Here is what they say about themselves: “MyVidster is a social video sharing and bookmarking site that lets you collect and share your favorite videos you find on the web. You can also explore and follow video collections from other users with MyVidster.” Here is my video on myvidster. I do not see any place where they allow descriptions or links. This is why it is always good to identify your site in your actual video. In case your video is hosted somewhere that does not have an area for links and descriptions.

32 storify.com- Alexa 4,033. “Storify is the easiest way to find, collect, and share what people are saying all over the web. Join top companies, brands, and agencies as well as millions of users on the best platform for leveraging social media.” Here is one of my videos on Storify.com. Easy to read layout. Clickable links. I love it!

33 bagtheweb.com– Alexa 16,540- Create focused bags, containing the best links on your favorite topics. A bag is a hybrid media container that allows you to organize the links you find most interesting into a cohesive unit. That is all we need, another social media “container.” In any case you can host your video with bagtheweb and here is mine. Links are clickable and they repeat your description twice. 34 kindredthefamilysoul.com– Alexa 115,103- Kindred the Family Soul, also referred to as Kindred, are an American neo soul duo consisting of married couple of Fatin Dantzler and Aja Graydon. They apparently have created their own social media site where you can upload videos. Everybody on the site is African American but there does not seem to be a problem posting on the social media site. I had a hard time figuring this site out. If somebody could clue me in I would appreciate it. Here is a client’s video, on their social media page. This network might get you a completely different audience that you might not have thought of.

35 myspace.com– Alexa 1,843- Myspace is used heavily by musicians now and at one time was ahead of Facebook as the number 1 social networking site. It still gets serious traffic and you can create an account and post your videos there.

36 ibotube.com– Alexa 181,580- Media sharing for business owners. A media sharing site for people like us! Here is my video on ibotube.

38 bundlr.com– Alexa 12,804-Create bundles with photos, videos, tweets and documents. Share them with everyone.Available on the web, Android and iPhone. My video is here on bundlr.com. No hyperlinks and very basic layout. Minimal description. 39 newvideos.com– Alexa 2,668,462- This site basically gets no traffic and probably should not be on the list. Ok so 59 places where you can post your videos besides YouTube. But if you are already one the site you might as well post your video there. Here is mine. Kudos for the domain name though!

40 purevolume.com- Alexa 13,224- PureVolume is a website for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. Each artist has a profile that typically contains basic info, updates, photos, shows and music for streaming. Artists have the option of making each of their songs available for free download. Listeners and fans can also create profiles to interact with artists and each other, as well as track and share music they like. See my video here. No description or links at all allowed. Not the best set up for our purposes. But every little bit helps. It is a high traffic site and if you put your website in your video you are good to go. 41 wat.tv-Alexa 10,468- This is a video hosting site in French. Do not be afraid of the foreign language sites. There are authority sites and if you titles are in English your videos will be found by English speaking people. There are also English speaking people in France. I used to be one of them. Voila ma video! Oh la la!

42 businesstube.com- Alexa 564,984- This is an up and coming straight up business friendly tube site. Hence the name. Check out my video on their site. The links in the description are not clickable. Bummer.

43 plurk.com- Alexa 1,841- Here is what Plurk says about itself. Noun. plurk (plüer-kh) – A really snazzy site that allows you to showcase the events that make up your life in deliciously digestible chunks. Low in fat, 5 calories per serving, yet chock full of goodness. Verb. plurk (plüer-kh) – To chronicle the events of your always on, action-packed, storybook, semi-charmed kinda life. Well they have the traffic so go ahead and get some and put your videos there. Mine seems to have disappeared. Like I said it happens. No biggy.

45 crazyvidoes.com- Alexa 645,361- A website based on a misspelling! You have to love this! That is truly a crazy idea! Here is mine. Clean blog style layout with clickable links.

47 pearltrees.com- Alexa 7,447- This is a social bookmarketing site with some serious traffic. See my

video here. It is basically and embed of my YouTube video. 48 amara.org- Alexa 31,397-“Amara is home to an award winning subtitle editor that makes it easy to caption and translate video. Amara also hosts volunteer localization & accessibility communities, and offers professional tools and services for subtitles.” See my video on Amara here. It cannot hurt to have a powerful .org backlink going back to your site and video. Amara embeds your YouTube video but also has clickable links in the description area. 49 tinypic.com-Alexa 1,696- Image and video hosting site. They did not invent any containers or anything. You can just put your stuff on their site and look and their numerous ads. Example of video on Tinypic here.

50 rebelmouse.com-Alexa 15,178- “Tell a cohesive story in real time. Distribute social content into all key social networks. Analyze and understand data to teach and empower your editorial and sales teams. Sophisticated, powerful and simple.” Some sort of social network distribution deal. Still not exactly sure what their angle is but you can put your videos on their site! See mine here.

51 zugme.com- Alexa 650,174- “Unmatched support for photo, video & audio At Zugme, you can leave audio comments, as well as Specify photo, video and text comments, on any Share (post). And it’s easy to discover new artists and videos, which are grouped together on every page so they play consecutively.” Most of my sites have more traffic that Zugme but I bet they got millions of Silicon Valley start up money to start this hipster website. Go and put your video there. I did and it got deleted. Maybe yours won’t. Like I said. I can happen on any site. 52 mobypicture.com-Alexa 9,627- “Directly share your photos, videos and audio with your friends on your favorite social sites: facebook, twitter, flickr, youtube, and more!” A social media site to help you send content to other social media sites. Wow! I am starting to get social mediaed out! Check out my video on their site here. Nice layout with live hyperlinks. This is a keeper.

53 spis.pl- Alexa 809,775- This site is in Polish. I have no idea what they are talking about but I managed to get a video posted on their site. Here it is.

54 videobash.com-Alexa 36,415- “VideoBash is your first and final stop for free funny videos, games and pictures guaranteed to brighten up your day. The funniest jokes and the most unbelievable pranks caught on tape have been collected in one spot for your viewing pleasure. ” Is your video funny? Here is a great place to get some laughs and traffic. Not sure how funny mine is but here it is anyway.

55 wistia.com- Alexa 6,320- “Business smarts meets video smarts.” Not sure what that means but that is how they describe their business. Good traffic. Here is my video uploaded to their site. No description. No hyperlinks at all live or otherwise however the video is uploaded to their servers it is not an embed of a YouTube video.

56 dotsub.com- Alexa 132,223 – Do you want your videos translated into other languages? Here is what dotsub has to say about their site: “Upload a video, check a few boxes, use your credit card and we will do

the rest, providing you with your captions and translations within 5 business days. You will get the excellent service from our project managers and professional captioners and translators that Dotsub is famous for. It’s just that now the way to get them to spring into action on your behalf is so much easier. ” In any case they let me upload my English language video without paying anything.

57 clowdy.com- Alexa 244,575- “Publish your projects and give credit to those who worked with you. Credits connect everyone you’ve worked with and everything you’ve worked on. ” See my video here and please give me credit. Clean layout. Live hyperlinks and video is actually uploaded to their servers.

58 ipeace.us- Alexa 87,801- Welcome to iPeace.us- a free network for peace: * Exemplify and realize peace – online and on the ground * Empower people and orgs with interaction, information and inspiration * Enable movements for peace with internet and networking technologie We are all for peace. Upload your peaceful videos to ipeace.us. See mine here. Clean blog layout with live hyperlinks. I approve. 59 postbit.com-Alexa 36,948- “With Postbit you can create your free blog and photo album. Post your ideas and images. Easy upload with drag-and-drop. Instant setup, easy to post, professional-looking.” See my video on postbit here. Blog layout with comments. Links are clickable. Rather than host the video they just hosted the thumbnail of the video. Make sure you put links to your site AND video in the description. This way no matter what the platform people can get to both the original video and your website.

60 pen.io-Alexa 12,252- Simple clean layout. ” Publish a Beautiful Blog Post Online in Seconds It takes just seconds to publish your article and share it with the world/” I did so and here it is. So there is the list. Have fun posting your videos to all these sites. It will take you forever if you try to do so manually. If you love spending hours on excruciatingly tedious tasks please go ahead. If not for $39. we have a service which will post the videos for you and give you back a nice report. Click here to use our video posting service. Take my advice. Forget about posting your videos yourself. Spend your time coming up with great content and great titles for your videos. Let somebody who has a system down do the tedious work. You are welcome to share this post as a resource. All the best, Matthew Meyer

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