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SERVICES At Video Caddy we strive to deliver the best video & audio editing services to our clients. In order to remain at the top of our game, we continually invest in some of the best software and technology relevant to the services we carry out. Herein are some of the services that we offer:

Video Editing Services Embrace Opportunity In regard to the advancing technology we are offering you some of the best cuttingedge services for video editing that you can come across. Our uniquely talented team of professionals will make sure that you can get all the work you need carried out to your specifications. Some of the services that we offer include: Video Clipping It is important for businesses to get the attention of their clients in all the right ways. This is why our video clipping service is designed with your best interests in mind. This service is designed to get you the best out of your brand. You can make the best use of this for your public relations, corporate communications and marketing. Depending on what you are looking to achieve with your videos, you can trust us to edit and process them for you in the best way possible. We also make sure that your portfolio is well designed to get you the best results for your presentation. Interview Video Editing Your marketing campaign should be well orchestrated in order to achieve the success that you desire. Without a strong call to action you will not be able to succeed in marketing your products or services. We do have a professional team that can take care of your interview video editing services in the best way possible. For your business, this is important because it allows you to assign your team tasks that they are able to handle with ease instead of trying out different people with different tasks.

Corporate Video Editing There are important aspects of meetings or conferences that should never be missed. It is such that make headlines when they hit the mainstream news fields. Some of them are also used to sensitize the audience wherever necessary. In such a case, you can trust us to edit you conference videos and deliver to you a neat and professional final video that you can release to the media, post on your website, or even use on social networks to achieve your intended purpose. We help you weed out the useful content from the whole video presentation and fine tune it to highlight the most important parts. Product Video Editing When marketing a new or already existing product in the market, the nature of your presentation will play a huge role in determining the success of the whole venture. First impressions are important because they are built to last. You should not try your chances in the market for success when you can let us edit your videos and assure you of success. In marketing, you either make it or break it. Our video editors deliver the best services in the market because we have invested heavily in making sure that we deliver none but quality editing services to meet your needs. Read more about video editing services.

Audio Editing Services

Impressions That Count We cannot insist enough on the need for good quality in audio devices and audio recordings. Audio plays a huge role in all the areas that it is used, from marketing to the usual music files that we play in our music

players. For the best quality in these, you can rest assured that we will be there to offer you the following services: Corporate Audio Editing There is a lot of data that passes through the organization on a daily basis, and all this depends on the relations that you have or the ones that you come across. From meetings to conferences and lectures, all these hold some important information that should not be ignored. With our audio editing services you should be able to make good use of the audio data collected. We can record your meetings, training programs and even conferences if you wish. There are some audio conversations that you might want to keep with you for reference purposes. You can be most certain that the audio editing services we have come second to none. Radio Program Editing Radio is all about delivering the quality that listeners expect, and more. We have some of the best audio editing services in the market that you can get to make use of to ensure that your radio presentation works like a charm. Among those who can use our services include radio presenters and marketing managers. If you are planning on a radio ad, you need to ensure that the final product is decisive. We have the professionals to serve you best. From editing, removing background noise or even mixing the audio, you can leave it to us. If you want to include some music or a tune in the background for your radio presentation we can also do that for you. Music Editing & Mixing Recording music takes a lot of time, effort and other important resources from the conception of the idea to the final production and sales of the track. You might even be thinking of producing an album. One thing that you need to focus on is the quality of

your music. This is very important because it determines whether or not your music will be a success in the markets you are targeting. We have a professional team of skilled editors who will make sure that you get some really awesome results. The kind of equipment we use if anything to go by, should show you just how serious we are about working for you. Audio Conversion Today most people use a lot of different kinds of audio formats on data for different reasons. Some people consider particular formats because they are easy to share or are small enough to make them easily shared on the internet. However you should never ignore the importance of quality. We can handle all audio file conversion from one format to another. The best thing about our conversion is that we do it so perfectly that you do not have to worry about loss in quality in the end result. We thank our top class software and equipment through which we are able to work for you. Podcasts Editing So many people are using podcasts today to share their work and experiences with one another. It has become a very common way of getting information into the mainstream press, and social media, and this is one of the reasons why you need to make sure that you can get the best editors for your podcasts. We have the best audio technicians around, which allows us the expertise to get you some really good results with podcasts. Some of the work that we carry out with podcasts includes mixing and editing, getting rid of interference in the background and we can also combine different audio tracks into one file. Ad Jingle Creating Jingles have been used for ads from so long ago, and they are increasingly being used for ads today. The use of jingles will most

certainly make your ads very attractive to the target audience and this is one of the reasons why it is advisable for you to have them designed by professionals. It is important to reiterate the importance of some real good quality in as far as marketing or advertising is concerned. The best jingles are designed by professionals; this is why you should come to us. We understand the importance of your ad campaign and our experts will most certainly be able to assist in designing the perfect jingles for you. Read more about our Audio Editing Services.

Storyboard Services

Impressions That Count If you are designing movies or films, you have to appreciate the importance of storyboards. It is through the storyboard that you will be able to get the best out of your animations, adverts and other features that you are designing. For the same reason therefore you can trust us to deliver the best of the following services for you: Illustration Storyboard One of the challenges that so many people have when coming up with designs is that they end up having to do it over and over again until they come up with the right design. This can be a tedious process, and the costs involved are also unwarranted. Instead of spending so much editing and doing the work until you get it right, why don’t you let the professionals handle it for you? We will make your work easier with our intuitive experience in Animatics, comic books, cartoons and video games. Our skill set surpasses anything you can come across in the market, which makes us your best bet yet for these services and so much more.

Character Creation From productions to films and advertisements, the importance of characters cannot be ignored. The characters are important in the sense that they allow you to get your message across to the audience that you intend to pass it to, and this is why you have to ensure that at all times, you are able to really focus on this aspect of your creations. The services that we offer in this regard are one of a kind. We are able to create characters for your video games, cartoons, mascots just to name a few. Whether you need the characters in 3D or 2D, we will most certainly deliver above and beyond your expectations.

Animation Services

An Opportunity to Engineer Dreams You have to give it up to technology when it comes to animation. We have seen the best of these in animated movies on the big screen and lots more through ads and other media. Animation services are therefore an important aspect of our services thanks to our skilled designers. Our professionals are able to offer you some of the following services: Logo Animation The advancement in technology has in the recent past seen the rise of animation in as far as designs are concerned. Lots of people are coming up with intuitive logos that represent what they stand for, and the businesses that they are running. Through the logo, you can be sure that you will be able to get your business message across to the entire market that you aim to serve. We can assist you with the best designs in as far as 2D and 3D logo

designs are concerned. This enables you to get the perfect finished product that will send you way ahead of the competition. Character Animation For character animation, Video Caddy is your best alternative. We are not just the best at what we do by name, but because we offer quality services. Our team meets the ISO Quality Standards set worldwide for the kind of services that we offer to our clients. Besides that, we have invested in some of the best infrastructure that allows us the chance to deliver beyond your expectation. The best thing about all this is that we still manage to offer very competitive rates in the market. TV Commercial Animation In as far as advertising is concerned TV commercials are the best way of passing a message across to the masses. Our team of professionals is one of the best in the market, and the fact that we offer the best 2D and 3D animation just shows you how much we focus on quality production. When designing your commercials, we will help you craft a commercial that will appeal to interests of your audience and set a call to action for your products or services. Feature Film Animation In the event that you want to develop a feature film, you can let us also take care of that for you. There are lots of reasons for this. First of all, feature films usually require a lot of work which must be done properly. Designing the characters for such films requires experience and skill that we possess especially if you want to get the best quality. We use the best technology and software in designing the 2D and 3D animation for the films to get you the best results. From character creation to animation, you can rest assured that we will get you what you desire.

Flash Animation One of the most common places where flash animation has really come of age is on mobile devices. There are lots of devices that support flash designs, and this makes it so easy for you to advertise content for your market on mobile devices. To deliver what you want in good time, we usually work hand in hand with you to ensure that we can get the content you want. We are also able to design flash animations in 2D and 3D. Titling Animation Titles are very important in advertising or in any work that is being presented to an audience. This is because it is the most important element of your marketing message that should remain embedded in the customer’s mind. The title allows the customers to associate with your products. We have a team of professionals who are tasked with making sure that you get the appropriate tiles for your work. From the credits, to the sequences, we can help you out. We can also help you in animating the titles that you already have. Architectural Animation For architects, there is nothing that makes the clients happy than to see the architectural animation of what their project should look like in the long run. We can help you come up with the best architectural animations that will most certainly appeal to your clients. Our team of professionals can design elements like residential walkthroughs, furniture, art galleries just to mention but a few. Continue reading about Video Caddy’s Animation Services.

Why should you work with us?

Our competitive rates in the market will help you cut down on costs you would have incurred in designs. You will as a matter of fact save up to 60% while still getting the best value for your money.

All our work is ISO certified; a guarantee of safety, timely completion and most importantly, the best quality in the market.

We secure all the data we work on through digital access controls and proprietary VPN.

We have one of the most highly skilled personnel in the industry, working tirelessly to deliver good results for you.

Our team boasts of special skill in CAD and other animations while at the same time we still offer awesome rates for clients.

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