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E Questions & Answers Europe Cruises are defined as Eastern Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Northern Europe, Transatlantic and Transcontinental. Exotic Cruises are defined as Dubai/Suez Canal/Egypt, Far East, South America, Indian Ocean and Canada/New England.

Please see the “Terms & Conditions” on page 137 for more information about the terms and conditions applicable to your cruise vacation or visit

Caribbean Cruises are defined as any cruise that both depart and arrive in either Ft. Lauderdale or Miami. What is included in the price of my cruise? Virtually everything. Your cruise fare includes ocean transportation, stateroom accommodation, all standard meals on board ship, entertainment and most activities on board the vessel. What’s not included? Items of a personal nature, such as spa treatments, salon services, photographs, telephone calls and faxes, internet access, gratuities, shore excursions, wines, liquor and beverages, laundry or valet service, or any other goods or services purchased on board the ship. For additional exclusions, see the Terms & Conditions section titled Fares, Charges, Taxes and Fees on page 137. Will I need a passport or visa? On European and Exotic cruises, all Guests must have a valid passport (expiring no less than 6 months from the scheduled return date) and appropriate visas. All Guests should contact the appropriate embassy or consulate to confirm their individual requirements for entry. Visas are required for independent touring in St. Petersburg, Russia. On Caribbean cruises, we recommend that all Guests travel with passports (expiring no less than 6 months from the scheduled return date). To enter or re-enter the United States, all persons (including U.S. citizens) must have a passport or other acceptable travel document. Children under 16 may cross land and sea borders using proof of U.S. citizenship (such as a U.S. birth certificate, naturalization certificate, consular report of birth abroad). Costa is not part of the USWHTI “closed loop” cruise program. Visa requirements are subject to change. Naturalized U.S. citizens are advised to carry their naturalization papers. Aliens who are permanent residents of the U.S. must carry their Alien Registration Card and passport. Guests are responsible for obtaining all necessary travel documents and for complying with customs and immigration requirements. Guests without proper documentation will not be allowed to board the vessel and will be subject to full cancellation charge. Fore more information about current passport and visa requirements, U.S. citizens may visit and Canadian citizens may visit, or ask their travel agent. Do I need to be inoculated? Because requirements for inoculations often change, we suggest that you contact your local health service or personal physician for specific information. What time is embarkation? Embarkation for European and Exotic cruises varies please refer to your cruise ticket for exact boarding time. Embarkation for Caribbean cruises begins at 1:00 pm. Guests must be onboard no later than 90 minutes before the scheduled sailing time. It is the Guest’s responsibility to arrive on time. What is the climate like? Temperatures vary by country and season. Please make sure to check the anticipated weather before departing on your trip. What clothing should I pack? Daytime dress on a Costa cruise is casual such as light, cotton clothing or swimwear with cover up when indoors. Sweaters, lightweight jackets,

raincoats and hats are also appropriate for cooler climates. Tennis shoes or low-heeled walking shoes are recommended for exploring the ports of call. While most shore excursions do not have dress codes, some Europe and Exotic tours specifically prohibit shorts and sleeveless shirts, and require ladies to wear knee-length skirts or slacks. Most every night is informal. Feel free to dress comfortably in resort attire, jackets are not required. There are typically one to two formal nights (depending on the length of your cruise) where you may choose to dress formally, elegantly in a suit for men and cocktail dress for the ladies, or more casually in elegant resort wear, as how you want to enjoy your night is up to you. Voltage in staterooms is 220V/110V. How many suitcases can I bring? Each Guest is allowed to bring 200 lbs. of personal luggage on board the ship. For air travel, weight limitations may be lower and luggage may be limited by air carrier as to the number and size of pieces allowed per Guest. Airline imposed baggage charges for the first or second standard size bag may apply. Check with your airline prior to departure for specific restrictions and charges. There are porters at the airport and the pier, but hand luggage, valuables, medications and breakable items must be hand carried by the Guest. For security reasons, Guests are required to unlock their suitcases at the pier prior to giving them to the porters. What about laundry and dry cleaning services? You need not burden yourself with overpacking. Complete valet services including laundry, pressing and dry cleaning, can be arranged through your stateroom steward/stewardess and billed to your shipboard account. How much money should I bring? Costa’s onboard cashless system allows you to sign for drinks, shore excursions and other purchases onboard and apply the charges to your credit card at the end of your cruise. We recommend that Guests carry Traveler’s Checks and U.S. dollars or Euros in small denominations. These may be exchanged at the Guest Relations Desk. Personal checks cannot be cashed on board ship. Onboard currency is the U.S. Dollar for Caribbean, South America and Far East (short Chinese only) cruises and the Euro for all other Europe and Exotic cruises. In ports of call, most major credit cards are accepted at many shops with proper identification. What should I do with valuables and cash onboard? Valuables and personal funds should be placed in the safe at the Guest Relations Desk, or in the safe deposit box provided in your stateroom. Do I need insurance? Travel, luggage, trip cancellation, job loss, medical and personal injury coverage are contained in an all-inclusive policy designed for Costa Guests and available for purchase through your travel agent. The policy covering our cruises also covers any preor post-cruise packages you may choose to purchase. For additional details on the policy, please refer to

page 133. We recommend that you insure against lost or damaged luggage and personal effects, since airlines and Costa have limited liability for loss. What about kids? Costa offers a comprehensive children’s program on all of our cruises. There are four clubs: 2 for children: Mini from 3 to 6 years, Maxi from 7 to 11, 2 for teenagers: Teen Junior from 12 to 14, Teen from 15 to 17. Teen Junior is only active during certain periods. Children under the age of 3 are allowed to enter and stay in the room only during certain times (not during busy times in high season) and must be accompanied by an adult. These are interactive programs that provide daily activities such as costume parties, board games and junior aerobics. Children have special counselors and a room designed for their activities. Most vessels are equipped with a video arcade. For more details on Costa’s Kids program, visit What about a children’s program when we’re in port? Guests who participate in Costa’s organized shore excursion program (either pre-booked in advance online or purchased onboard) can take advantage of Costa’s complimentary “In Port” baby-sitting program. Children will be entertained with a variety of activities on board while parents explore exotic ports of call worry free. Parents will receive information pertaining to scheduled activities at the beginning of the cruise. Or, if you prefer to explore the ports of call with your kids, ask about specially priced shore excursions for children 12 years and under. Is baby-sitting available? Costa offers Mini and Maxi group baby-sitting for children age 3 (out of diapers) and older (service must be requested one day prior). The baby-sitting schedules can be found in the Daily Program distributed on board (private in-stateroom babysitting is not available). There will also be two “Parents Night Out” during the cruise where parents have the opportunity to enjoy their evening while their children will be entertained with special activities, including their own themed buffet or pizza party. Best of all, these special nights are offered at no extra charge. Are there any adult-only areas or activities onboard? For the comfort of our Guests, some areas and activities on board have been designated as adultonly. These areas may vary from ship to ship. Once on board, please consult your Daily Program for details specific to your ship. Can I phone home? Ship-to-shore telephone service is available at an additional cost 24 hours a day from your stateroom while the ship is at sea or in port. You’ll find a telephone and dialing instructions in your stateroom. All Costa ships can be reached by satellite phone while at sea. The caller will be charged for the actual conversation time after the ship responds. If you need to be reached by people at home, have them call or fax the ship directly; or they can contact you via email through your own Internet Service Provider which you can then access via the Internet Center.

Is Internet service available? You can send and receive e-mail through your own service provider and surf the Web or send epostcards in the Internet Center for a nominal charge. However, please be advised due to atmospheric conditions and high volume usage, the speed of internet service may be affected and long delays may occur. How do I plan my onshore activities? While not recommended, you are free to explore many of the ports of call on your own, however Costa has arranged a variety of shore excursions for your convenience. Each excursion is carefully researched by our Shore Excursions Staff to ensure your experience ashore is as enriching and enjoyable as your stay on board. You may pre-book your excursions online by visiting You will need to enter your booking number and your name as it appears on your reservation. The charges will be debited to your onboard account when you sail. Or, if you prefer, you may purchase the shore excursions once you board the ship. We suggest purchasing shore excursions as soon as possible, since capacities are limited. For additional information, see the Terms & Conditions section titled Shore Excursions, Land Packages & Other Arrangements on page 137. Can I celebrate a special occasion? Ask your travel agent to make special requests for birthday, honeymoon or anniversary celebrations such as cakes, Italian sparkling wine and party arrangements at least two weeks before sailing. Can I get married on board? Yes, several wedding packages are available on our Caribbean cruises only. Contact for more information. How much duty-free merchandise can I bring back? U.S. residents are generally allowed to bring back U.S. $800 of duty-free merchandise, including 1 liter of liquor (if the Guest is over 21 years old) plus 200 cigarettes or 100 cigars. U.S. residents will be required to pay a flat 10% rate of duty on the first U.S. $1,000 above their exemptions and the applicable rate thereafter, as determined by U.S. Customs. Please visit the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol website at for more detailed information. What is the dining schedule? It is a good idea to state your preferred dining times to your travel agent at the time of booking. Restaurant table reservations will be noted at time of booking but can only be confirmed on board by

the Maitre d’. While Costa cannot guarantee your time of seating, we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please let us know if you wish to be seated with friends. Europe and Exotic Cruises Main Seating Breakfast 7:00 am Lunch Noon Dinner 7:00 pm

Late Seating 8:30 am 1:30 pm 9:15 pm

Caribbean Cruises Early Seating Main Seating Breakfast Open seating from 7:30 am - 9:30 am Lunch Noon 1:30 pm Dinner 5:30 pm - 5:45 pm 8:15 pm - 8:30 pm Times may vary by itinerary and vessel and may include open seating on certain days for breakfast and lunch. Most ships have specialty à la carte dining restaurants available each night by reservation only for a flat service fee. How are special diets accommodated? Costa will make every attempt to satisfy dietary needs. We ask that you have your travel agent submit your request in writing between four to six weeks prior to sailing: Attention: Special Services. You may also call Special Services at 1-800-4458020, ext. 5009. What about alcoholic beverages? Alcoholic beverages will not be served to Guests under 21 years of age on cruises departing from U.S. ports and under 18 years of age on cruises departing from non-U.S. ports. An individual’s age on the date of sailing determines his or her status for the entire cruise vacation. Costa Crociere reserves the right to limit or refuse alcoholic beverages to be brought on board the ship for consumption during the cruise. What is the smoking policy? Smoking is only allowed in designated areas in most public rooms on board. However, smoking is prohibited in the theaters, restaurants, buffet restaurants (indoor), corridors, halls, elevators and in the stairwells. What if I’m disabled or have a medical condition including pregnancy? Pregnant women are allowed to sail only if pregnant for 24 completed weeks or less on the date of cruise embarkation. ALL PREGNANT WOMEN MUST PROVIDE TO CCL AT EMBARKATION A PHYSICIAN’S LETTER stating the estimated date of delivery and that the mother and baby are in good health and fit to travel and the pregnancy is not at risk. Guests who have a physical or mental disability or any medical condition (including pregnancy) are encouraged to call CCL’s Special Needs telephone number at 1-800-445-8020, ext. 5009. The vessels have a limited number of staterooms equipped for disabled Guests. Check with your travel agent for availability. For additional information, see the Terms & Conditions section titled Pregnancy/ Physical/Mental/Medical Disability on page 137. What if I require medical care? A physician and nurse are available aboard the ship 24 hours a day while at sea, and during certain hours of the day while in port. If necessary, they can visit your stateroom. Customary charges are in effect for medical care. What are the security procedures? Costa has implemented strict security procedures in the cruise terminals and on board the vessels. These

measures include screening all Guests and their personal property prior to boarding. For the safety and security of Guests, Costa Crociere complies with established international and national security laws, regulations and guidelines. We appreciate your cooperation in this very important matter. How much should I tip? Tipping is a personal matter, and your own judgment is the best guide. For your convenience, Costa will automatically debit your onboard account a modest service charge, as described below. Please note all service charges (other than South America) are per person per day. Europe/Exotic South America Cruises of up to 8 nights ¤6.5 Cruises of 9 nights or more ¤5 Per Night U.S. $8.00 The applicable service charge for teens between the ages of 14 and 17 will be 50% of these amounts; and there is no service charge for children under 14.

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Ship Ocean Code Telephone # Fax # Costa Allegra 870 324-798-190 324-798-193 Costa Atlantica 870 324-798-083 324-798-085 Costa Classica 870 324-798-182 324-798-184 Costa Concordia 870 764-604-939 324-700-542 Costa Deliziosa 870 764-947-193 764-947-196 Costa Favolosa 870 TBD TBD Costa Fortuna 870 324-799-770 324-799-776 Costa Luminosa 870 764-890-565 764-890-566 Costa Magica 870 764-029-390 764-029-391 Costa Marina 870 324-798-229 324-798-232 Costa Mediterranea 870 324-799-684 324-799-685 Costa Pacifica 870 764-896-930 764-896-932 Costa Romantica 870 324-798-187 324-798-188 Costa Serena 870 761-114-781 761-114-779 Costa Victoria 870 324-798-215 324-798-197 Must be dialed as an international call with the prefix of 011-.

Caribbean Cruises of up to 7 nights U.S. $11.00 Cruises of 8 nights or more U.S. $7.50 Guests under the age of 18 will be charged U.S. $7.50 per person per day for cruises of up to 7 nights and U.S. $3.75 per person per day for cruises over 7 nights. Service charges are subject to change and may vary based on ship’s onboard currency. Should you wish to change the amount of the service charge, contact the Guest Relations Desk. Bartenders, servers, deck stewards and other staff may be tipped as service is received. For your convenience, a 15% service charge is automatically added to beverage purchases. As a parent or guardian, can I be held responsible for the children cruising with me? If a child is cruising under your supervision and exhibits dangerous and disruptive behavior (i.e., drunkenness, fighting, verbal abuse of a crew or staff member, unruly behavior, vandalism, etc.) the parent or guardian will be held responsible. What is the Guest’s liability? Each Guest, or his or her parent or guardian if a minor, agrees to indemnify Costa Crociere for all penalties, fines, charges, losses or expenses incurred or imposed upon Costa Crociere by virtue of any act, omission or violation of law by the Guest and for all damage to the ship and its furnishings and equipment, or any property of the ship, caused by any willful or negligent act or omission on the part of the Guest. Can passage be refused? Passage may be refused to any Guest. Any Guest’s cruise vacation may be terminated and the Guest disembarked at any time at the risk and expense of the Guest if, in the opinion of the ship’s Captain or physician, a Guest is unfit for travel or a risk or danger to themselves or a disturbance or danger to others; or for breach of any onboard rules or regulations; or for failure to provide proper travel documentation. Such Guest may be left at any port or place at which the ship calls without liability to Costa Crociere for refund, payment or compensation. Costa Crociere shall not be required to refund any amount paid by any Guest who must leave the cruise vacation prematurely for any of the reasons set forth above or otherwise, nor shall Costa Crociere be responsible for lodging, meals, return transportation or other expenses incurred by the Guest.


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Costa 2011 Brochure

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