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THE DAY A GIRL BECAME QUEEN Who needs to reads novels or soap opera's when you have it all in the Bible without all the bad stuff!


f thou altogether holdest thy

peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father's house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" Esther 4:14 I have lots of memories reading the book of Esther. I love the drama, romance of the Old Testament!

Esther changed my life when I was 25 years old. Frank and I had been pastoring for about 4 years ad I just had my 3rd son. Overwhelmed probably would describe my life. Our church was growing, and with it my family and my insecurity. It was the day at the kitchen sink that got my attention. The boys weren't the problem, they were doing their usual running around the house, but that day I found myself falling apart. The Lord seemed to come to that kitchen that day and began his gracious work on me. He told me that I had spent the most of my life making excuses. It was almost as if my life was on replay. He ever so gently took me to my mistakes and shortcomings and showed me each time I had failed only caused me to back off and either fail or not even take a chance.


I just finished the book of Esther, I felt so encouraged by her. He reminded me the predicament Esther found herself in. Here was a girl that before she even got started in life, had a limp. After a long conversation that day with the Lord he seemed to reach down into my soul and took out some things that weren't so nice and encouraged me to step forward, "for whose to say whether you’re not called for such a time as this". The formula was simple, reach out to the "other Parris'" in life and tell them what you always want to hear. (That Jesus loves them) Spurgeon says, "with the courage and resolution that became a queen she, seemed to say to herself, "If I sit still, I die; if I venture, I may live, and be the life of my people: if the worst come to the worst," as we say, "I shall but die." Nothing venture, nothing win. She said not this in despair or passion, but in a holy resolution to do her duty and trust

God with the issue; and welcome his holy will." Everyday another little girl becomes a queen at Mary’s Song. You can see it on her face. Gone are the horrors of the past as they embrace God's love and forgiveness. We should every one of us consider for what end God has put us in the place where we are, and study to answer that end; and, when any particular opportunity of serving God and our generation offers itself, we must take care that we do not let it slip; for we were entrusted with it that we might improve it. We will not miscarry when God comes on board. I too, that day felt something within say, nothing ventured, nothing won. I was tired of facing my own ghosts haunting me day after day. That day a little girl became a queen.


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Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; the new has come. [2 Corinthians 5:17]

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4 years old. Kassidy has been in and out had a drug addiction for

years, and I thought I couldn’t live without it. My life was like an unending cycle. I couldn’t find an end. I have four kids– Erika, Darrian, Jude and Kassidy. I acted like had no responsibilities. It was all about me. I lived with no peace. One day I was sent to jail. God allowed it to let me know he had a good plan. God opened the door for me to go to Mary’s Song. I came in lost, broken and knowing nothing about God. I knew God existed but I didn’t know him. My daughter Kassidy had a liver transplant at 7 months old. She was born with her

the hospital since I’ve been at Mary’s Song. Her body was rejecting the new liver. The doctors said she needed another transplant. Debra, Pam and Sam began to pray with me for my daughter. In my time at Mary’s Song l have learned that by His stripes we are

told me that Kassidy’s test came back showing that she did not need another liver! The doctors said her liver is working better than ever! Praise God! He is so good! Jesus is so worthy! He has healed my daughter and restored my relationship with my family. I thank him everyday for what he has done and choosing me to serve him! •

healed! At Mary’s Song I learned who God was. He is a good God. And he is so able! Kassidy got sick again recently and the doctors said again she needed a transplant. So my momma brought her back to the hospital everyday for a week for tests to get ready for another transplant. That Friday I was in worship just asking God to let me have some good news when I call home. And when I called my mom

organs reversed. She is now



decided to get married. I put

really is, and how powerful his

my marriage in a place of righteousness

love is. His love has never given

Father years ago. My boyfriend

for all that I was before

up nor allowed me to feel any

and I had developed a drug

became the inside out. It

less of the part of his greater

problem. We eventually sought

was not long before we both

plan than I have become.

help. This is when I first saw

relapsed. Drug use and negativity

Fear not for I am with thee.(Is

God’s love in all things. During

only created more distance

43:5). No longer do I have to

this recovery I became very

between myself, my family,

fear; for he has restored me

focused on what was right as a

society, and God. I had a

and the faith for him which I

Christian Life, being responsible

chance to go to Teen Challenge

now carry. God is delivering

but still short of some

in Pensacola with him but I

me from a life of hurt that

things. After this season, I split

decided that we needed to part

would not go away

up with my boyfriend and began

ways once and for all.

Recovery was not enough. I

a new life.

Upon my arrival at Mary’s Song

needed to put God first. I am

With the road of righteousness

my life was at rock bottom. My

forever grateful to Him for

at my feet, I was an honorable

cry out to God was heard by

opening my life up to Victory

student at my school listed on

many….he also hears their cry

Fellowship and the staff of

the Dean’s List as a Pre-Med

and saves them (Ps. 145:19) As

Mary’s Song and restoring relationship

major. I had perfect attendance

I strive each day to take hold of

with my family. My

with my employer I was free of

this journey, beginning with the

Heavenly Father and me are

any triggers. I truly was soaring!

death of the old part of me -

Then one day I reconnected

closer now than ever before. •

drugs and self-pity. His Word

with my ex-boyfriend.

has become the center for me.

He was doing really well. We

to see how great his presence

had a rude awakening by our

Graduates 3RD PHASE

Nina has completed 3rd phase and her internship. She now pursing a college degree

2ND PHASE Nina Ficaro

Judy has completed 2nd phase and has decided to intern at Mary’s Song for the 3rd Phase.

Alice has completed the 2nd phase and is now in the 3rd Phase at Victory’s Airline Campus. She is working in the church’s administrative office.

Alice Saltzman

Judy Mikell

1st Phase Completions Rachel Simoneaux

Brie Panepinto

Rose Estrada

Megan MacCracken

Penny Haaland

Robin Davis

April Verzwyvelt


Fun in the Sun


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Mary's Song Newsletter Summer 2012  

Mary's Song Newsletter Summer 2012