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South Africa

Reaching out to children and their families in need


Lots of children in the informal settlements

Good education, which will give children

of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp, South

a better chance on a bright future, is very

Africa, live in terrible circumstances. They

expensive and therefore inaccessible for

face hunger, illness, violence, prostitution,

the thousands of underprivileged children.

a lack of adequate housing and sanitation etc. Often they lose hope and don’t expect

Victory4All runs different projects which

their future to be any better than that of

offer the children education of high

the people around them.

standard and loving care. This gives them hope on a future without

Every day more children are affected or

poverty and hardship. The Bible,

even orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

God’s Word is our standard.

In addition to the different schools we also organize Bible studies, homework classes and skills training. Wherever possible, we also offer help to the parents of ‘our children’.

The founders, Johan and Astrid Vos, a couple from the Netherlands run these projects, together with a wonderful team of over 70 local and international staff and volunteers. More than 600 children receive good education in a loving environment.

Good education in South Africa is very expensive. for their children because their salaries are

Foster Homes • 8 homes with 6 children each • Loving foster parent(s)


• Close collaboration with the social department • Training and guidance for the foster parents

Cape Town

Africa King’s College



• 350 children

Af r


• Christian Primary School • Emphasis on sports and cultural activities • Lots of practical teaching

Many parents can’t afford proper schools very low. That is; íf they have a job.

Rainbow Day-Care Centre • 115 children • Children with a physical and/or mental disability • Reaching out to the parents • Healthy meals

EASTERN CAPE Humansdorp Jeffrey’s Bay

Noah’s Ark • 140 children • Playschool, Biblical principles • From 1 to 6 years old • 2 healthy meals per day • Learning through playing

King’s College

We believe that good education is a way out of poverty

Good education is expensive in South Africa. Parents can’t afford good education for their children because their salaries are

King’s College offers Christian education

way to low. Many parents are unemployed

to approximately 350 children in classes

and have no means at all. Their children

of maximum 25 children. The emphasis on

would have to go to the free government

this primary school is on spiritual growth,

schools where the level of education is very

Kingdom rules and leadership.

low. The classes on these schools are very full; 70 children in a classroom is not an exception.

Every morning the children receive breakfast at school because one can’t learn on an empty stomach.

Noah’s Ark

From a very young age we try to contribute to their development

Before our children go to primary school, a

development, since many children daily

firm foundation for development is laid out

get to deal with three languages; English,

at Playschool Noah’s Ark. Through playing,

Afrikaans and Xhosa. We emphasize

crafting, singing, dancing and stories, they

this by reading a lot of stories. Bible

get prepared to go to King’s College.

stories are their favourite!

140 children between the age of one and six are offered a safe and caring environment to play and learn. They are provided with two healthy meals a day, which is often all they will eat per day. We focus on language

We keep the classes quite small. This ensures that every child still gets enough individual attention.

The little ones really enjoy playing outside, which is educational too.

Rainbow Day-Care Centre

Written-off by society, embraced with love by us

Children with special needs, like physical


and/or mental disabilities or learning

intellectually stimulated and trained in

difficulties, deserve a safe and caring

social skills each on their own level. They

environment. Some home situations are

are offered a loving, caring environment

very difficult and a lot of those children

and two healthy meals a day.






are often on the streets, all by themselves. They are prone to a lot of dangers. The

The oldest children are working in the

government is not offering much help in

Rainbow garden where the vegetables for

this regard.

these meals are grown.

Many of these children suffer from the alcohol abuse during the pregnancy, insufficient medical aid and bad hygiene.

Talent development Opposite the school building is a beautiful centre in which parent evenings, assemblies and celebrations are held. This space will also be used for therapy (movement etc.), indoor sports and skills training. In the eyes of the community these children are often of little worth but we see them as valuable people who deserve to be seen.

Foster Homes

By offering these vulnerable children a loving home they start flourishing.

Often the home situations of children are

Victory4All has eight foster homes. Each

so bad that it leaves the social worker with

home contains six foster children who now

no choice but to remove them from their

receive love and protection. A few of our

homes. Many children face an immense

main goals for these children is for them

amount of abuse and have to deal with

to gain confidence in themselves again,

being neglected and alone. Because of

to experience God’s unconditional love



for them and to realise that He has a plan

can’t take care of their children. Due to

for their lives. Most of the foster children

the major problem of AIDS in South Africa,

attend one of Victory4All’s schools.



many children don’t get the chance to grow up with their parents around.

Traumatised children will get confidence again when they are in a loving home.

Help us build a future for

Sponsor a classroom To offer the children good education we need well-equipped classrooms. Please help us to build a future for these children. Sponsor a classroom. Visit or email us on

water and electricity




furniture stationery

the children of South Africa

Sponsor a child Help us to offer more children good education and loving care. Support Victory4All by financially adopting a child. For $ 40/€ 30 per month you invest in the future of an underprivileged child. You will get connected to one of the children in one of our schools and we will regularly send you an update.


Would you like to give a child hope? Go to for more information or email us on

Your donation, small or large, gives children who live in poorer areas of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humandorp the possibility to receive good education so that they stand a chance to a good future. Victory4All Foundation Trust ABSA Bank Jeffrey’s Bay South Africa Victory4All Projects is a registered NPO (Non Profit Organisation). Donations are tax-deductible.




Thank you for all your support !

The team of Victory4All Projects strives towards a better future for the children from the rural areas of Jeffrey’s Bay and Humansdorp. Victory4All was founded in 2003 and currently there are more than 600 children in the different schools and foster homes.



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