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PROFESSIONAL SERVICES RECRUITMENT Your Dedicated Team Mary Quinn Professional Services

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Head of Professional Services, Mary specialises in HR, Admin, Sales and Marketing.

Katie specialises in Temporary staffing solutions.

Leah provides recruitment support across the team.



Helping people achieve their aspirations through work is why Vickerstock exists, it is our company purpose. Seems simple – and it is. We are a recruitment agency. At a basic level we help fill roles for our clients so that they can complete their work projects and we help find jobs for our candidates so that they can make ‘one move ahead’ in their career.

Integrity, Knowledge and Hard Work

However, it is not just Why we exist that is important, but also How we go about completing our Why. At Vickerstock we value Integrity, Knowledge and Hard Work. What does that mean? Integrity means ensuring that all parties (our clients, candidates and colleagues) have all the information they need in order to make informed choices. It means respect, complete confidentiality and fair financial dealings. Knowledge is the key to making good decisions, and since we work across many dynamic and ever changing industries we are always learning and sharing our new found knowledge. Hard Work is about putting in the effort to do what you say you’re going to do. It’s about going above and beyond the requirements in order to provide a good service to clients and candidates and also and to help your colleagues.

Helping people achieve their aspirations through work

Vickerstock Professional Services Division Providing professional support to the business sector.

HUMAN RESOURCES | FINANCE | SALES | MARKETING | TRAINING | ADMINISTRATION | OFFICE SUPPORT | RECEPTION From graduate to senior and director level we can reach thousands of high calibre candidates via the Vickerstock internal database and external network - allowing us to find the perfect fit for your business. What sets us apart is our commitment to treat each client and candidate equally. Every placement is important and worth our maximum focus whether it is for a major corporation or a small business.

“We have found Vickerstock to be extremely professional, responsive and resourceful...”

“We are often faced with challenging recruitment needs, where our project timelines are tight and the technical skills requirements have been quite niche. We have found Vickerstock to be extremely professional, responsive and resourceful in helping us identify some great technical candidates. Vickerstock have successfully placed a number of high calber candidates with us recently and the specialist consultants seem to have quickly grasped the needs of our business. Well done !! “ Melissa Loughran, HR & Group Resourcing Manager Camlin Group Camlin is a global technology leader that operates with the vision of bringing revolutionary products to life for a wide range of industries, including power and rail, and also has interests in a number of R&D projects in a variety of scientific sectors.

Vickerstock Engineering and Technical Clients (2017)

Vickerstock provide professional services support for the engineering and technical sector. Call us today to find out more: 028 9031 3720

“We are delighted with the service provided by Vickerstock.”

“We are delighted with the service provided by Vickerstock. They take the time to listen to our recruitment requirements and understand the difficult to find technical skillsets required within the food manufacturing sector, to successfully provide candidates with the right skill set and personality to fit our needs as a business at Dale Farm. I am happy to recommend Vickerstock for recruitment solutions.” Nicola Graham | HR Business Partner | Dale Farm Dale Farm is Northern Ireland’s leading dairy company employing more than 1,000 people. We are proud of our heritage and our extensive range of products including milk, cream, cheese, yogurt and spreads, available worldwide.

“Working with Vickerstock made our recruitment process much easier.“

“Working with Vickerstock made our recruitment process much easier. They took the time to understand the needs of our business and send us highly skilled, job specific candidates. We look forward to working with Vickerstock again in the future.” Sheree Totton| HR Manager | Irwin’s Bakery Irwin’s are Northern Ireland’s largest independent bakery. They employ over 450 staff and operates 24 hours a day, 363 days a year. Irwin’s manufactures a full portfolio of breads encompassing 4 brands: Irwin’s, Irwin’s Joeys, Rankin Selection, and Howell’s.

VS: Mary, you have been working in Recruitment now for 20 years, how did you first get into the industry? MQ: I came across an ad targeting the graduate class of 97. There was a big drive to hire recruitment consultants at the time and I was one of a large group who all started in the industry together. VS: How has recruitment changed during your time in the job? MQ: I think a big change is with client knowledge. The companies I work with are more astute now than they have ever been when it comes to recruitment and some of them have even worked as professional recruiters themselves. Another trend has been a shift from the large generalist recruitment agencies to small specialist and niche recruiters, with in-depth market knowledge on clients and candidates. Also, the never-ending increase in the use of digital

technologies is constantly changing how we communicate and promote available positions. First it was the online job boards taking over from newspapers and industry magazines, now we have social media taking over. Our lives have become increasingly intertwined with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the rest. This has had a major effect on recruitment as it has on many other industries by opening up multiple new lines of communication with potential candidates and clients. VS: You specialise in recruiting for Professional Services, what type of roles fall within this category? MQ: The main roles I recruit for are within HR, Sales & Marketing, Accountancy & Finance and Office Support. I also recruit for all levels of experience from entry-level/ graduate to senior management and Director positions. VS: When you meet a new candidate, what process do you use to figure out if they are right for the job?

Mary Prof Recr

MQ: Apart from the initial CV review it is important I get to know my candidates. Where they worked before and what they enjoyed most within their previous positions – not only the day to day projects they work on, but also what they liked about the company and culture. An in-depth vetting of candidates ensures the right long-term fit for both my candidates and clients. Recruitment can be perceived as a CV processing industry, but the behind the scenes work to get that right fit is 98% of the work we carry out. Getting the right personality fit for a company as well as the right skill set is essential for a successful placement. VS: What advice would you give to companies wanting to hire in 2018, how do they best position themselves to attract the top talent? MQ: The right internal company culture will make your business. If your employees are happy then word will reach the market and talented people will automatically be attracted to

y Quinn Interview fessional Services ruitment Manager you. A report in January’s Ulster Business magazine stated that only 45% of an employee’s decision on whether to move to a new post was influenced by salary. Culture, training, the opportunity to progress and other benefits actually outweigh salary when it comes to employee decision making. And of course hiring a specialist recruiter, who understands the industry and has an already established network of highly skilled candidates will make your life a lot easier! VS: You have worked with a number of recruitment agencies over the years, what makes Vickerstock different from the others? MQ: As a small highly specialist agency we invest more time and energy into each client and candidate that we represent. This is because we are not absorbed with the massive contracts which force some of the larger recruitment agencies to push out candidates as if they are on a production line. Every

consultant we have is a specialist in their own sector with expert industry knowledge. Clients trust our judgement after years of providing good workers. Having that sort of experience in the team and having trusted relationships with clients means everything – for example many of the candidates I placed in the past have now become my clients and I am recruiting for them! Vickerstock is also unique in it’s company culture. Becoming a trusted source of information is a cornerstone of the culture at Vickerstock. Our clients rely on us for market analysis and employment trends along with demand and supply within niche areas. We add most value when our clients are seeking to develop new markets and new product offerings and require the skillset solutions available to support this.

VS: In such a competitive market, what will be your focus in 2018? MQ: The continued demand for talent shows no sign of abating

in 2018 and the war on talent is as strong as ever. Our success in attracting the best talent has been found through years of research and development on exactly how to cut through the noise of all the job adverts which are out there. It’s a continual learning curve and with the onset of Google for Jobs coming to the UK job market, we are putting in the ground work to ensure we have our client vacancies and Vickerstock well positioned. We are also seeking to add a talented consultant to look after our Accountancy and Finance recruitment due to the continued strong demand for talent in this area. Our clients have traditionally viewed Vickerstock as a technical specialist, but having joined to grow the Professional Services division I’m excited about the challenge of leading this growth throughout 2018. Contact Mary 028 9031 3720

Keeping Yo Job Description Working with Vickerstock we help tailor a bespoke description: Providing a well-documented account of the role and a clear definition of who you want to hire. Key areas of responsibility and an accurate reflection of the day to day duties required to carry out the role. Skills and experience required to competently carry out the daily duties. Problems or challenges involved with the role. Critical industry knowledge. Deliverables expected from carrying out those tasks. Emotional intelligence and core behaviours required to excel.

our Hiring Process One Move Ahead Company Presentation

Candidate Retention

Working with Vickerstock to bring a fully informed accurate portrayal of values and benefits:

Working with Vickerstock to improve employee retention:

Support and understanding to provide the best strategy to appeal to the targeted audience.

Conducting accurate exit interviews is essential - 3rd party confidential exit interviews can often provide the most informed results available.

Identify your target market and understand the reach points. Craft your message, identify the USP and communicate both clearly. Understanding why current employees joined the firm. New technologies or projects they will be exposed to. Training and development opportunities. Vision for the future.

Our market knowledge can help your organisation recognise key factors influencing staff turnover. 45% of candidates do not move based on salary and benefits alone.

“Vickerstock provide a high quality, professional and thoughtful service...”

“I have worked with VickerStock as an HR Manager and job seeker. VickerStock provide a high quality, professional and thoughtful service that makes them stand out among recruitment agencies.” Emele Logan, Human Resources Manager M & M Contractors Ltd and Mascott Construction Ltd (Europe) M & M Contractors is a national service provider delivering major infrastructure projects and maintenance works in the utility markets, as well as construction and civil engineering services for the construction industry.

“Vickerstock have consistently met our demands by supplying high calibre candidates...�

Mivan has worked with Vickerstock for a number of years sourcing candidates for a wide range of positions. Vickerstock have

consistently met our demands by supplying high calibre candidates and we continue to be impressed with the timely, responsive and professional service provided by them. We look forward to

continuing to work with Vickerstock and would have no hesitation in recommending them to other employers.

Karen Anderson, Senior Human Resources Officer Mivan Mivan is an internationally renowned specialist construction and

fit-out company. With headquarters and manufacturing facilities based in Antrim, Northern Ireland.

“Vickerstock have proved they can provide excellent candidates...”

“Delap & Waller are a leader in the field of MEP Building Services Engineering Consultancy. The only way to provide a market leading service is to hire the best people on the market. Vickerstock have proved they can provide excellent candidates that not only match our skillset requirements, but just as importantly match our company culture and professional values. We are delighted with the recruitment service provided by Vickerstock and look forward to working with them again in future.” Liam O’Hagan, Director Delap and Waller Ltd

Vickerstock Engineering and Technical Clients (2017)

“Vickerstock have been on hand to assist and deliver the best available candidates on the market.�

Avondale Foods is one of Northern Ireland’s largest and most successful food manufacturers. We produce a wide range of prepared salads, soups and sauces for the large multiple supermarket retailers in the United Kingdom and ROI including M&S and Waitrose. We are dedicated to continuous product innovation and development and are proud of our reputation for quality. Due to our high standards and constant development we always seek the best talent for highly skilled and technical roles, Vickerstock have been on hand to assist and deliver the best available candidates on the market for us when needed and always take the time to understand the role and what is required before shortlisting suitable candidates for us. Over time we have developed a relationship with Vickerstock who have filled numerous roles across all departments and we will continue to work closely with them for our recruitment needs. Mia McKeown | HR Manager | Avondale Foods.

Working together we will find the perfect fit for your business

On average we screened over 300 relevant candidates for every professional services position filled in 2017 Vickerstock are dedicated to ensuring long term client-candidate relationships and will search the market extensively to source the best possible fit for your business.

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Vickerstock Professional Services Recruitment Brochure 2019  

Vickerstock is a leading independent recruitment agency specialising in the supply of sector specific candidates to a wide range of clients....

Vickerstock Professional Services Recruitment Brochure 2019  

Vickerstock is a leading independent recruitment agency specialising in the supply of sector specific candidates to a wide range of clients....