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Editor's Letter We're here today with another issue! Every time my team and I get together and come up with content for you readers it lights and warms my heart deeply. I truly am in love with Vibez and the wonderful women behind it. We are truly amazing. We face so many tasks and hardships and seem to pull through every damn time. Talk about super strength, yea? It's been a bit over 3mos and we're still learning new things for the magazine. We've received a few complaints about the "professional look" of Vibez Sim Magazine. Well, sorry to disappoint you guys but WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS! We're just a group of women who want to provide the best quality possible with the knowledge that we have obtained so far while using unfamiliar programs and meeting new people from communities we are still learning about. For the most part critiques have been kind, and we appreciate it so much, but I had to lightly speak on the negative. We are a The Sims 4 primary team with growing skills using Adobe products. So yea, nothing will be perfect but it will ALWAYS be the best thing we can do. Bare with us! As time goes by, we will get better. All we can do is go up from this point and with your help it can run more smooth. If you have a suggestion, submit via message, ask, or our submission tab on our Tumblr blog. You can also hit us up on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. We have many ways for you to send us comments, suggestions, or concerns without being absolutely rude. We understand that all will not like Vibez, that is fine. I created Vibez Sim Magazine with nothing but positive intentions and with a team that's working on bettering voices and inclusion. We want every and any person on board, don't be shy! We seriously love when people submit to be featured. Enough of that though... This issue is lighter than the last but just as important to us. Summer is near and it includes some helpful tips on how to get ready along with some of our lookbooks, game reviews, and more. I hope you all enjoy and check us out next issue for Pride Month. It's going to be dope! -Mickey; Founding EIC 3




Where do Black Bodies fit in the Body Positivity Movement? By Kristin

The body positivity movement has gained some serious steam over the past decade. Popular media outlets and many marketing campaigns have adapted to this trend — though not necessarily, as many have pointed out, for the better. In 2012, Seventeen Magazine agreed to stop airbrushing models. In 2015, Women's Health vowed to ban "drop two sizes" and "bikini body" from its cover titles. Sports Illustrated featured plus-sized model Ashley Graham in one of three separate cover images for their annual Swimsuit edition in 2016. Even Miss Teen USA ditched their swimsuit competition "as part of a commitment to 'evolve in ways that celebrate women’s strength, confidence and beauty for years to come.'� All the while, Dove, Aerie, and Victoria's Secret have attempted to incorporate what appears to be body positivity into their advertising efforts.



What is body positivity, anyway? Body positivity is unlearning the idea that only certain bodies are worth acceptance and praise, and instead recognizing that all bodies are equally valuable. It's deciding what feels good and healthy for you personally and letting other people do so for themselves. It's understanding that you deserve to live in your body without receiving the prejudice of others (whether that means rude comments, reduced economic opportunity, inadequate health care, or something else), and working toward a world where no one's body is the target of such bias. Body positivity is about radically re-imaging how American culture views bodies, moving from a society where differences are ranked to one where they're celebrated. The movement aims to make people (it does not target a specific gender) heal the ways they have felt divided from their body because of the way bodies like theirs have been devalued.

Body Positivity and the Black community. Earlier, companies were mentioned that are trying to move in a way to support body positivity, but are these changes supporting black women? As stated previously, body positivity is supposed to support everyone. Its not gender or race specific, but just like most things, it has become centered around whiteness. Much like the feminist movement, body positivity has been taken over by the thoughts and opinions of White women and a small number of people of color, so it seems diverse. Kinfolk Kollective writes: The trendy body positivity movement is lost on me. Conversations about allowing people to exist in their bodies, however those bodies are formed, are most often centered around white women. It’s not really

about respecting people and treating them with dignity regardless of whether their body shapes or sizes fit into your margin of attractiveness. It’s about ensuring that anybody cased in white skin is protected and upheld. 7

When you google beautiful women it’s a bunch of thin white women, with a thin cute sistah with melanin (not too much though) sprinkled through the images. When you google curvy beautiful women, it’s the same thing. Almost all white and very few of the “curves” that you see in a lot of Black bodies. The beauty standard is set so far apart between races, I wonder do we even get to be included in the body positive movement. Ashley Graham is one of the most famous “Plus” size models. She’s 5’9” and a size 16. When you look at her pictures, she looks just like any other model, just maybe a bit bigger. She is an acceptable form and the average size for a woman. Tess Holiday is another white plus size model. She is 5’3” and is a size 22. She is visibly stouter than Ashley, but she is still respected and is heralded as a poster child for body positivity. Black women do not seem to be afforded the same luxury. Gabourey Sidibe, a plus-size actress, has been continually insulted about her size and looks. Though she has a long resume and is gorgeous in her own right, she is shunned for being a big black girl only known for playing the sad and fat Precious. White feminists were also deafeningly silent when Leslie Jones was body-shamed on Twitter not long ago. Even her three Ghostbusters' co-stars didn't jump to defense as Twitter trolls ridiculed her dark skin and statuesque frame, despite Melissa McCarthy speaking publicly about her own battle with fat-shaming. It was once again the job of black women - the likes of Vanessa De Luca, editor-in-chief of African-American Essence, actor Kerry Washington, and Bernice King, daughter of Martin Luther King Jr - to step in and defend her right to live peacefully in the skin she was born in without being subjected to being harassed, attacked or humiliated. With all these inconsistencies in the Body Positivity movement, Black women are coming to claim their piece. There a are few ladies I’ve come across that are positive influences for Black Body Positivity that I would like to introduce you to.



SheRea DelSol, 25, plus-size fashion and beauty vlogger With more than 69,000 Instagram followers, 48,00 YouTube subscribers, and an audience of almost 9,375 on Facebook, SheRea DelSol is showing the internet that taking care of a Black woman's body is itself an act of resistance. She lives and works at the intersection of body positivity and fashion, though she acknowledges that the industry has never fully embraced large Black women. When she was a 19-year-old student, DelSol started My Thrifted Closet, an online platform to showcases her love of affordable fashion. "I was Black, fat, and newly natural at Wake Forest [University], and I didn't see folks who looked like me," she says. "I looked toward the blog world to be affirmed, represented, inspired, and uplifted." Her platforms, including a YouTube channel and an online closet shop, in addition to her social media sites, have since grown to encourage women to love their bodies and hair—on a budget.


Marché Robinson, founder of Robinson Style `Marché Robinson's fashion blog is a place where Black women can see something they don't get enough of in mainstream media— photos of women they recognize. "Women want to see women who look like them," says Robinson, founder of Robinson Style. "And I think that's something that is missing in the fashion industry." The lack helped motivate Robinson to launch her blog in 2011. Because while her blog is a creative outlet for her to showcase her love for fashion and creative expression, she adds that it's just as important to her "just to reach a lot of women." When she started Robinson Style, there weren't as many bloggers and there were even fewer bloggers of color. And so, what started as a post-law school hobby became a platform to reach the kind of women that the mainstream fashion industry wasn't speaking to.




Nadia Aboulhosn, Beauty blogger A fashion blogger, model, and designer from Florida, she runs a self-titled blog and though she admits she’s technically not plus-size but is seen as such due to not being straight-sized.

Stephanie Yeboah, plus-size blogger and fat positivity activist Stephanie Yeboah has been in the blogging game for years, having started her blog, Nerd About Town, in 2009 while at university. “It started out as a beauty blog because at the time I was too self-conscious, and I had very low self-esteem, so I wasn’t ready to put myself out there as a fashion blogger,” she recalls.



Things changed, however, when Yeboah went to New York. There she encountered several “beautiful black plus-size women” and, coincidentally, met Nadia Aboulhosn, too. “It was just really random how we met,” she says. “I was staying at an Airbnb and the person who I was renting the Airbnb from was her ex-boyfriend.” The two eventually got talking and Yeboah revealed her desire to be a plus-size blogger. “She was just like, ‘Go for it, because that’s what I did… Just take a picture of yourself and throw it out there, regardless of what anyone says’” – which is exactly what Yeboah did. These ladies have done what we, as black women, often must do. Take something that is not designed for us and make it our own. We do not have to sit back and be validated by white beauty standards. Validate yourself. Big or small, dark or light, you are just as beautiful in your brown skin as any white woman is in hers. Credits: Kinfolk Kolective Buzzfeed Elle Wikipedia




Switch It Up A Code-Switching 15

By ki “You talk white," a black classmate in college told me

one day. I must admit, it caught me off guard, even though I’ve heard that since like 5th or 6th grade. I was the smart girl in class. I read the dictionary and at least 2 books a week, aced all my tests, never had bad grades, and used big words in front of my classmates. Yet, my peers would always tell me that dreaded statement. “You talk white.” Middle school came and I eased into using slang around my friends and peers that led to them welcoming me with open arms. Despite that, I never stopped reading my books alone and maintained my grades. I graduated with honors and received a scholarship to a PWI, which I currently attend. Whilst there, I reverted back to my ‘proper speech’ around my teachers and nonblack peers, but spoke more freely and casually around my friends. I had mastered the art of having two different personas. Sure, my friends knew I was intellectual and never without a book nearby, but my non-black peers didn’t know me as the smart 16 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE


mouthed, silver tongued, trap music loving sis that would curse you out if you crossed her the wrong way. I never quite understood why I did that, as I was never ashamed of my blackness. Even though I honestly stopped caring to an extent what people thought, the habit followed me into adulthood as I entered the work force. During the time frame where I was transitioning into adulthood, I found the definition for my personality switches. Too many times have I heard the phrase, “When I’m at work, I’m proper and professional as hell, but when I’m with my friends, I turn into Tupac.” Relatable, right? Definitely relatable for me. If you’re two completely different people at work and in your comfort zones, you code switch, sis. We’ve all code switched before, whether it’s putting on your customer service voice when the bill collector calls, to speaking in your native tongue or dialect around family and friends. Code-switching is typically defined in linguistics as a mixing of languages and speech patterns in conversation. We have many different reasons why we code-switch. Some of us do it to fit in, to get something from a situation or actively ingratiate themselves to others, or convey a thought effectively. Many people switch languages or employ colloquialisms to express particular ideas. In this sense, every individual code-switches, but according to many students and professionals alike, the behavior carries much more pressing implications on the way minorities are perceived and thus treated by those around them. Although this definition steps away from its traditional meaning, the act of switching between multiple languages within a single conversation reflects the same cultural shape-shifting that minorities or people of any disadvantaged background may face today. (http:// Lots of us are the lone cookie in a sea of milk in our places of employment, especially in the corporate world. We hopscotch 17


between linguistic and cultural spaces along with different parts of our identities, at time within a single interaction and responding accordingly. Let’s take me for example. I’m as southern as a southern woman can get, complete with the very thick accent to match. My southern drawl and continuous usage of AAVE (African American Vernacular English) comes to the forefront at home and around close family and friends. Now I work in a professional setting, so at work as well as in public, I speak very properly, my syntax expands, and my accent disappears. Have you seen Barack Obama around white people versus how he is with black people? We celebrated him being the embodiment of black culture as a public figure. (Read more here: pdf?seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents and here: https://www. So, why do we really do this? Why is it something that’s been ingrained in us to do? Too often we feel the pressure to sound more refined to be better accepted by our peers. So in order to seek that acceptance, many people of color hide part of their true identity from others to escape the negative views associated with their cultures and the languages that accompany them. Language discrimination is honestly a serious widespread matter which often subconsciously devalues certain people and their abilities based on the way they speak. It could implicate a symptomatic of racial prejudice in America. It’s not that we are ashamed, cause tuh!! Why would be ashamed of being black and lit? Although I can’t speak for all of us. Cause there really are people out there uncomfortable with the thought of “acting black.” But damn. Be yourself! Why be ashamed of who you are? Honestly, at times I feel like code switching holds us back from expressing how we really feel and being our true selves just to avoid negative perceptions. When I was younger, I enjoyed it. I basked in it. The shock of teachers pleased about my subjects and verbs 18 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE

agreeing and my grasp of verbal clarity, but often left me self-conscious of whether or not I sounded too black or not white enough. Looking back, I think that’s why the “You talk white” comment bothered me so much. I was trying to overcompensate.


Do I still code-switch? Hell yeah! It’s frowned upon to curse a bitch out in the work place and tell her that I will drag her by her edges from here to Mt. Kilimanjaro, but despite all of this, it is a useful skill to have. It’s a balance. I can speak and relate differently to different people, tell them what they want to hear, and make them comfortable talking to me. I think they key is really just to find your balance. Don’t let it dictate your true identity and utilize it to appreciate communication in all forms. Just…. don’t go around mocking peoples’ accents. Please don’t. There’s code-switching, and then there’s being an ass and doing too much. Ask Hillary Clinton. Ok I’m gone. Bye!

BTW: A Read Here (Similar story to mine so I relate hella hard):






ost of us have heard of being invited to the proverbial cookout. It’s the place where we invite black and sometimes non-black persons to be a part of our culture and experiences. Lately I’ve heard people express that we need to stop inviting non-blacks into our spaces, and I’ve seen the alternate where someone who does something relatively simple, like doing a dance well, gets someone an invite. These are two extremes of the situation, but what about the middle ground? What about those who aren’t black that are genuinely interested in helping to build us up? Should we accept their help? Do they deserve an invitation? Do we do it all on our own? Black people have been told over and over that we have the same opportunities as white people in this country; all we need is to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and we could have the American Dream. Many of us wonder how we can do that with so much stacked against us, even today in 2018. The school to prison pipeline, racism, prejudices, and more. To be honest, this doesn’t just come from outside of our community. While we do face many obstacles that are thrown our way by nonblack people, we often have a hard time supporting our own, and in ways block our own paths. Personally, I believe we should have allies. There are people of other races that have genuinely supported uplifting us and believe in racial equality. There are people who have made sacrifices either to stand with, or because of standing in solidarity with Black people. One such story is that of Australian Olympian Peter Norman, someone most of us had never heard of, including me before last year. In 1968 Black Olympians John Carlos and Tommie Smith one 1st and 3rd place in the 200-metre race. They were part of a campaign called Olympic Project for Human Rights, which was aimed at stamping out racism. Norman, who won 2nd place in the race, believed in their cause and wanted to show support. While on the podium accepting their medals, Carlos and Smith wore buttons on their uniforms promoting the campaign and raised a gloved fist in protest. Norman, also wore a 21

button in support of the campaign. Carlos and Smith were stripped of their medals, kicked out of the Olympic village, and suspended for their protest. According to an article posted by, “Norman returned to Australia to face his critics after Mexico City. In an interview years later, John Carlos said: ‘If we were getting beat up, Peter was facing an entire country and suffering alone.’” He was also left off Australia’s team the following Olympics. Norman continued to support the organization. This is just one example of someone who’s actions in support of our rights genuinely believed in what was being done and did not back down even when everyone was against him. Norman was a genuine ally, and someone who was hoping to make a difference. Have you heard of The United Order of Tents? I hadn’t until recently either. The Order of Tents is a secret organization of black women who help black communities. Founded by two ex-slaves in 1867, They formed to help take care of the elderly and perform burial services for those who had no family to do so for them. They also established a sixteen-bed home for adults in 1897. They were able to operate under the radar by being incorporated under the names of two white men as The J.R. Giddings and Joliffe Union. Today they are still operating. They support charities such as the United Negro College Fund, Sickle Cell Anemia Research Fund, and even have offered as many as 7 scholarships a year to deserving students. Even Black Panther had an ally in the final battle played by Martin Freeman. While Freeman’s character wasn’t a shining white knight to save the day, he did play a critical role in keeping Wakanda’s borders secure from outsiders. He allowed the rest of the characters to focus on the main battle 22 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE


and become triumphant. I know, slight spoiler alert here, but honestly, if you haven’t seen the movie by now, I don’t know what to tell you. Even though this last example is fictional, it is an example of how another race can operate in the background and allow someone else to exceed. If anyone outside our community should be invited to the cookout, it should be people like these. Yes. Our community does need to make the effort to move forward, create spaces for us in areas where we are constantly told no, and succeed despite everything we are up against. If genuine help is given, why not accept it? It can lead to more exposure for our cause, our business, our culture. I do not, by any means, believe other races are our saviors, but I do believe if the help is genuine, we should be big enough to accept it. This brings me to supporting our own. Nowadays there’s probably product from a black owned business to meet everyone’s needs, whether it’s for daily use like toothbrushes or deodorant, to services like counseling and attorney consultations. There are some reputable services out there, but not every black owned business is worthy of being patronized. Look carefully and the quality of the product you are purchasing. Don’t settle for something just because it is black owned. If it’s poor quality, defective, etc. it doesn’t deserve our money. We need to stop expecting a hook up. How can we support our own if we are taking from their profit? What gives us the right to take away from their profit and call it support, just because you don’t want to pay full price. Not everyone “owes” you a discount and it is wrong of us to expect a business to give an automatic discount simply for being black.


I’ll conclude this article with word

Sometimes, [an ally] is just necessary. I feel if we are to li ethnicities, diaspora, and classes need to have the guts an blacks even when it's their own brethren doing it. This isn't t going to be the savior of Black Americans (especially in cases white people speak on racism using the same reasoning and harder to invalidate their opinions based on race. White peop and saying, "you know you're wrong and that mom and dad for white and nbpoc who stand in as SJW’s (social justice wa speak for us, or understand 100%. Pointing out the wrong a and Brad being invited to the hypothetical "cookout", I disap the Quan really good, or Chad can hold his own in rap battle someone's intimate space, their community, requires more cultu



ds from Vibez Art Director, Sheva:

ive in a society where we're truly "united" people of all ilk, nd decency about themselves to point out injustices against to say that whites & non-black people of color are somehow s of racism), but I have witnessed more than once that when wording as a black person, the offending racists find it much ple speaking out against racism is like looking at your sibling d would never approve of this". All in all, I have great respect arriors) for Black Americans, even when they can't every fully and standing in support is more than enough. As for Becky pprove of people handing out tickets just because Becky hit e with the black kids from across the street. Being invited into e than a superficial 'appreciation' for a small facet of one's ure.


OUR BLACK IS BEAUTI FUL Colorism, Discrimination, & Diversity in the AfroLatino Community



In our last issue, Vibez Magazine spoke about colorism. Colorism is defined as a prejudice or discrimination against individuals with a dark skin tone, typically among people of the same ethnic or racial group. This isn't something that affects only persons with African heritage, but it is found in all cultures, including Asian and Hispanic/Latin cultures. When society consistently flaunts Eurocentric features as beautiful, acceptable, and in high demand, persons of a darker complexion can begin to feel as if they aren't beautiful, as if they aren't wanted, and as if they aren't worthy. It can be even more disheartening when these mentalities, that were meant to knock someone down, comes from people who share your same heritage. Take Amara La Negra, for example. She is an Afro-Latina with dark skin and Afrocentric features. While on Love and Hip-Hop Miami, she was told by a producer that she needed to change

her image to look more like BeyoncÊ and less like Macy Gray. That her afro was not elegant, and she needed to have a cookie cutter image. Personally, being a person of color with dark skin, the most I've experienced was having my sister who is light skinned, tell me to straighten my natural hair for an interview and a former boyfriend who is dark-skinned, tell me years later that he was no longer attracted to dark-skinned women. While these instances are far from okay, it barely scratches the surface of what others go through on a daily basis. I sat down with Enrique Rodriguez (@ serrenema), an Afro-Latino born in Honduras and brought to Chicago, IL while still an infant. He reached out to Vibez to help bring light to colorism specifically in the Afro-Latino community. "[‌] I have a privilege they don't, and I want my AfroLatino brothers and sisters to know that they are beautiful and real. [‌] The world needs to know that Black people are the most diverse group there is, and I am here to represent the Afro-Latino community." 27



So why did your family move to the United States from Honduras? Honduras is not a place you want to raise a kid, it's a drug war. My parents did what they could and got us here and we had family help us get to Chicago. Growing up were you raised with both your Latin and African American cultures? Yes, Ma'am. Can you tell me what that was like for you? It was amazing. How so? Personally, the food and you have so many things to celebrate and learn about your history. A lot of Black Americans don't have the opportunity to learn about their heritage. It's great to hear that you were able to experience that. Yeah, and I feel for my friends who all they know is that our ancestors were slaves. But I invite them to my culture to celebrate and feel some sort of joy. So, what was your experience like growing up as an Afro-Latino? I won't even lie, there was

a time where I hated being called black when I was a kid. I guess cause when people first saw me it was either "Are you mixed or are you black?" I would deny it until my grandmother sat me down and asked me, "Look at me and your mama, are you ashamed of us?" At that moment after, she told me how it was for her growing up back in Honduras as a black woman. It changed my point of view. I started wearing my hair out proudly, etc. Overall, I was not treated as bad because you know colorism and all and add I spoke another language fluently, so my life was not all that hard. Is that what you meant when you said you had a privilege that others don't? Yeah. How does it make you feel to recognize that about yourself? The fact that I could be rude and disrespectful yet still get a position over someone darker than me simply because I have some Eurocentric features disgust me.

privilege? Back in high school, I went to a predominantly white school and teachers treated me a lot better than those who were darker than me. I was hell on wheels, yet if they breathed too hard they got detention and more. Did any of your friends confide in you about their experiences? If so, can you describe one example? My friend told me how he had applied for this job as an accountant and he is probably the smartest man, in math, I know. He can handle all sorts of numbers and digits. His name is Daurius. He did not receive any calls or emails even when he sent them several times. Now he used his same application and used a common name you'd hear on a white man and he got an email a week later saying he was called in for an interview.

Going back to the time you said you didn't embrace your black heritage. Was there a specific experience that made you feel that way? When I would be teased about my hair because it Was there an experience would never grow straight you had that made you like all the other kids at realize you had this school. My nose was wider, 29

so I was always called a "mono negro" and "Perro" and it got worse when my mom picked me up from school.

Racism and colorism. The closer you looked too white the better.

What would you say to someone Wow, that's crazy to experience as a who doesn't embrace their kid. My daughter is Black & Mexican Afrocentric features? and got teased about her curly hair I'd tell them "Look at the world around in preschool. I still don't understand you, look at how wide and diverse our how kids can be so cruel. people are. Look at how beautiful and And I am sorry that happened to your different we are from the rest of the daughter. The fact it's still happening world." even today is sad. How do u think u can use your Thank You. Have you experienced privilege to uplift Afro-Latinos? or been told about an experience, I feel I can by showing that just because of discrimination against someone we are black, it does not mean we don't within the Latino community, know our perspective cultures and specifically for their darker skin or remind them no matter how white they Afrocentric features? may look they are still considered less. My mother and Grandmother. My mother didn't have it as hard due to the What is something you think the fact her hair was loose curls and she had community can do to uplift Afroblue eyes, but she was still dark skinned Latinos w/Afrocentric features? with Afrocentric features. Both had to I feel as a community we can celebrate deal with being called slaves and other Latin holidays or have a day to speak degrading names and be sexualized about historical Afro-Latino people that because many saw darker women as helped influence the black community prostitutes or desperate. This was why and share photos of Afro-Latinos darker women were more likely to be representing their cultures assaulted. My grandmother was. My POCs are already underrepresented. mom got lucky when she met my dad who loved her for her. Why do you think there is a divide within the Latino community? Wow - I am sorry that happened. I'm Racism due to history. happy that your family was able to get away from it. How does it make If there is one thing you would like you feel to see an afro-latino person our readers to take away from this who doesn't embrace their black interview, what would it be? features? That black people are everywhere, and [It's] sad how the Latino community they need your help in learning to love has been so brainwashed that they tell their blackness. Definitely in areas where us Afro-Latinos that our features are their culture was slowly stripped away to disgusting. the point many forgot their roots. Where do you think that stems from? 30 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE


If Africa is where life started, it is no wonder that black people are found on every continent. We are every shade the world has to offer. Our features are as diverse as the countries we live in. From the way we style our hair, to the clothes we wear, to the music we listen to, we are a unique people. Our differences, our cultures, these are things to be embraced, not a tool to be used for discrimination. Be Bold. Know Our Worth. Encourage others to learn. Teach. We are not our stereotypes. We are not here solely for your profit. We are rich in the cultures and heritages that were meant to be stripped from us. Be proud of who we are. Unapologetically.

If you would like to check out Enrique and follow him on social media, he can be found here: Instagram: Twitter: For another look at how colorism affects the Afro-Latino community, as well as other cultures, check out the videos below: DECODED: COLORISM IN THE LATINX COMMUNITY! WHAT DARK-SKINNED PEOPLE WILL NEVER TELL YOU AMARA LA NEGRA – COLORISM & RACISM IN THE AFRO-LATINO COMMUNITY



LADIES LOVE young, athletic, and loaded with lots of "omg", naethanyl pereira is for sure one of the hottest beings around right now! Naethanyl Pereira has been catching a few stares from afar and we at Vibez are quite guilty! People go crazy over his posts on social media; loving his selfies and daily life updates. From his long hair to his amazing skills at Capoeira and keeping fit, its safe to say Naet has it going on. Today we get to know a little bit more about the Afro-Brazilian male model from SĂŁo Salvador, Bahia.






The ladies love Naet! I see the comments while scrolling through social media sometimes. What kind of spell have you conjured up? Hmm? Haha, I wish I could say it was a spell of some kind. But I am from Bahía, Salvador de Bahía, and the magic runs strong in the people there, so you never know. Would you say you have a “natural charm”? I would. I like to believe all Brazilians have a natural, likable charm but maybe I’m just special.


Okay but that body! How do you keep it in shape? Which exercises do you do? I want to be a part of Naet’s Workout Plan. Haha! I don’t do too much that’s special. I’ll go to the gym and lift weights, but Capoeira is the core of my exercise. You’d be surprised at how physically demanding it can be. An accomplished Capoeirista can make a move flow like water but those moves can use all the major muscle in the body. You teach Capoeira, yes? How did you get into that? How does Capoeira make you feel? I do teach Capoeira. I own a few youth centers back home where we teach Capoeira and other activities to the kids in the favelas. It keeps them off the streets and out of trouble. Capoeira is what kept me out of trouble as a kid too. A lot of us in Brazil, in these favelas and slums, we’re Black people and Capoeira is a Black martial art, its roots are from West Africa. I think a lot of people outside of Brazil forget that there are a lot of Black people here. We’re descendants of slaves just like Black Americans. It was designed to look like dancing and celebration to confuse White slavers. Slaves used it to defend themselves during slave uprisings. Now, it has become an important part of Brazilian culture. Learning its history and teachings helped turn my life around for the better. It centers the body and mind. So as a Black Brazilian, Capoeira is very important to me. Is this something you see yourself doing, like, forever? It is. I don’t know what I would do without it. Even after I’m old, I’ll still be teaching it haha. 36 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE



How do you keep up with all of that hair! It must be frustrating managing it. It’s so long! Sometimes I just want to cut all of mine off and say fuck it, haha. It is hard to manage sometimes but my hair has been a part of me since I was a kid. I’ve learned to manage it by myself, but it’s usually not hard to find someone to braid it for me when I don’t want to be bothered with it for a while. It’s kind of become part of my look.

in high of demand as female models. The fashion industry runs off girl-power, which makes sense, but just like it’s hard for Black female models, it’s hard for Black male models as well. You have to fit a certain look or trend, or you just won’t get the job. It helps when you have connections or already established fame.

What’s your favorite thing about modeling? What’s your least favorite thing? To be honest, my favorite thing would have Have you ever thought of cutting your to be the attention. It can make you feel hair? powerful to be the center of everyone’s Ha! I think if I did that I would have angry focus for a while. That and I just genuinely fans at my door or women wanting to enjoy being in front the camera, you know? make it into a wig. I usually only trim it to a You can transform into a whole new more manageable level after it gets so long, person in front the camera and lights. but there was a time when I was younger, My least favorite thing would have to be and I cut it to just over my shoulders. My the long hours in can take to get that mom actually cried about it. perfect shot they’re looking for. You have to sit for hours in a chair and in front the The model life! Tell us a bit about IMG camera. It can get tiresome to be poked Modeling? How did you get into it? and prodded for that long. I was just recently signed to IMG. I really like it, it's opened a lot of doors for me in “When Naet isn’t modeling, he is…”? the modelling industry and I’m really happy Trying to relax in between work. with it. It’s what I came to America to do. Unfortunately, there is more to being I’m putting that Visa to good use haha. a model than just being in front of the camera. We attend events at clubs and Did you always want to be a model? parties, put in guest appearances to shows No, I was actually scouted in a mall when even. I try to rest whenever I can. I was 16. I did local work for stores and small ads and it paid good enough for me to keep going back. I was a natural at it. Modelling is something they came easy to me, so I figured I shouldn’t let the talent go to waste. How is modeling as far as being a male and a POC? Do you think it’s harder or easier? It's definitely harder. Male models aren’t as 38 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE





You seem like a man of some wisdom and knowledge... If you can give any relationship advice to a new couple starting out what would it be? Ahh, I will be honest, I am not the best at relationships. But for a new couple, I would say to take things slow and learn each other as well as yourselves. You should be able to grow and change with someone for the better. If there is no spiritual connection, it’s not a match.

NOT tolerate while being in a relationship? Like, what’s something someone can do that will make you not consider any second chances and break things off immediately? Broken promises. I have had enough of those in my life. Don’t make promises you don’t think you can keep. I’m an honest and open man and if you can’t give that back then we can’t be together.

You knew it was coming… Who’s the lucky lady right now? Come on! We’re What does it take to win over your heart? Something that will just make dying to know! Are you taken or single? you go crazy in love!? That’s a tough question…I’ve never believed Yeah, I’m currently in a relationship. Her name is Renata Estevão. We were in a in love at first sight. You know how they relationship previously when we were say in the fairytales? I’m a hard man young. We’re picking up where we left off. impress when it comes to love…I would She’s my little Bambi. She’s crazy, but she’s have to say consistency of character and mine haha. self-confidence is something I find sexy and attractive in a woman. I like assertive women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to say it. It drives me crazy. Anything you just absolutely WILL


Aww! I love happy endings! Vibez wishes you guys the best. Ok, ok. Let’s play a little game of this or that shall we? Let’s do it! Books or movies? Movies, I like it better when I can see things and not just imagine them in my head.

Meat or vegetables? Ooh this one is another hard one. You would think most men go straight for meat but I like my vegetables. Can’t I just have both?

Okay. Last one! Vibez Sim Magazine or Kicks or slides? Vibez Sim Magazine? Answer carefully Haha, Until I came here I had no idea what Naet! Haha. this even meant. Kicks when I’m out and Definitely Vibez Sim Magazine. slides in the house. I really loved interviewing you! You’re mad chill. Are you always this way? Fast food or home cooked meals? Home cooked meals over fast food every It was my pleasure, I always try to be open day! McDonalds will never compare and hospitable. to Acarajé and Coxinhas or my mom’s Moqueca Baiana and Feijoada! I can dig it. Well thanks so much for being a part of this issue and taking The Avengers or Black Panther? the time out of your schedule to sit Wakanda Forever! here with me. What great news or projects are coming ahead that you Sunny days or rainy nights? may want to let the world know Sunny days. Rainy nights in Brazil are hot about? and uncomfortable. I can’t say too much but expect great and big things with my name and face on it Money or knowledge? in the near future. June is Men’s Fashion Knowledge can get you money. So, I would Week, so you haven’t seen the last of me! have knowledge first. If the ladies, or anyone else, want to Love or fame? follow you where can they reach you? Love. Fame is overrated and draining on I’m always around on Twitter and tumblr. the mind body and soul. Talking to people and answering asks. I don’t bite very hard so hit me up any time. Phone or text? Texting is easier for me depending on what you want to say. It is more convenient as well.






y s s a l C y a l S I love dressing my Sims in the latest fashions and trends within the community. You can never go wrong with some cropped tops, distressed jeans, a cute ass jacket, and some accessories to match. What's hot today, in actual life, is most likely what I go for to get them looking fabulous in game. SlayClassy, a Sims 4 creator, has been slapping the game backhandedly with her latest creations. Since she’s been creating, her unique style has been setting tones and we’re loving it! Trendy, casual, just pretty much everything you need in your closet, her items are a must have. She literally came out of nowhere and dropped bombs on us. I feel like Bruno Mars, trying to catch all the grenades! Today SlayClassy is here with us to give us an inside look what she’s about and how her creations came to one.




I want to start this interview by saying I am so in love with your style! We often see many creators create things similar to one another, but I can honestly say yours is its own kind of deal. Do you purposely try to make sure your clothing is different or kind of just go with the flow? To be honest, there always be something similar out there, no matter what, because sims custom content has been here since long time ago, and we are always looking at the same ideas too, which is Pinterest, tumblr, Instagram, celebs, and many more. But I’m always aware of what other people are making, I always check first. If there is any similar style that already exist, I will try to modify some parts of what I am about to make so It won’t look similar to another.

match with what people really into. What made you want to be a clothing designer? Why not objects, shoes, makeup, etc...? The need of having more style for my sims. Same as the other creators honestly, I’m making clothes because I feel like I can’t find anything that really fits my style. There is a lot of cc out there, and many different style but of course you will feel pleased to make your own hahaha, but I started making cc lately, I’m learning how to do bags now hahaha.

You literally just came out of nowhere and dropped clothes back to back! Have you been holding out on us? You did a “Beyoncé Drop” Haha! Where did all this inspiration come from? Hahaha, making cc is really addicting for me, especially when you already get the hang of it, I believe most of cc creators have the same feelings. Honestly sometimes I just look on several fashion blogs, celebrities, or even magazine and I kinda just get the inspiration from there. How do you explain your overall style/aesthetics? When it comes to style, I usually just go with trap / baddie / grunge and try to




Your clothes are so detailed too. How long does the whole process, from creating to texturing, usually take per item? The fastest for me is 2 hours. The longest is 4 hours in total. Texturing is the hardest part for sure. It's hard to keep going after coming up with so many ideas. How do you find ways to come up with new things? There is no end in fashion, there are so many things to make and even though some will look similar, I always try to mix the style, trying different cuts and sometimes it just happens, I don’t even know how. Taking suggestions from your followers also help me to find something new and get inspired by what they really look into. Sometimes I wish I can just go to my closet and wear all the things I download for my Sims hahaha. It would be so cool if my closet looked as theirs did in game. Does your real-life style have any relation with the styles you create for The Sims? I know right! To be honest no, not at all, I’m the opposite hahaha. I only wear simple stuff like t-shirts, denims, sweatpants, all black, white, grey hahaha... I’m guessing I make something that I know I won’t be able to project them in real life because hey, it’s a sim, I can dress my sim with whatever I want hahaha. A few creators inspired me before I learned how to mesh from scratch. Are there any creators out there that inspired you before becoming a creator yourself? Oh yes there’s some creators that no longer creating, Savagesims, SLYD, hell yes, their stuff is everything. I adore Savage because her style is similar to what I always wanted to dress my sim with and SLYD when you are looking for a high-quality content, SLYD is the answer hahaha.




The “Kiyoko Top” is my fave out of all your designs! I also looooove the jerseys you made. Do you have any faves that you’ve created? The shift shorts is my favorite! It’s something I always wear in real life, the simplicity and how stylish it is, you can never go wrong with shorts. What was your inspiration for your March Collection Part 1 and Part 2? How does the first one differ from the second one? I get inspired by French designers, so I’m trying to make March #1 based on French style/cuts. And for the second one, I was looking at fashion blog and I saw Rihanna, and from there I get inspired by one of her Fenty stuff, and that blog just kinda drag me into so many inspo hahaha. The Spring Catalogue is so cute. Is it safe to say we’ll be seeing more collections in the future for the other seasons? Honestly, the name is not related to what cc I put in it hahahahahaha. I was just lazy to think of name for my collection. So, I was like oh yeah lemme just make it easy and simple. But for sure I will start matching my stuff with the seasons. It’s just sometimes I create something instantly without even care what season it is hahaha. I’ve noticed you primarily create for female Sims. Would you ever consider making clothes for males in the future? I always wanted to, I swear hahaha. But for some reason I hate male sim rig in MD it’s just so weird, the shape is not proportional, so I feel weird to even make cc for male hahahaha. Do you plan on learning any other forms of cc to create in the near future? Yes, shoes and bags. If I have free time I want to learn shoes and accessories or even hair but seems like making hair is so hard.


The clothes creating side of the community seems like it’s been on a “glow up”. Lots of people want to learn how to create clothes from scratch. What advice would you have for the members of our community that wish to create clothes as you do? Patience. It took me a good 5 - 6 months before I finally succeed on making 1 lmao. But this is also because I am so slow, I give up pretty easy, and I don't really have a lot of free time. Some people did it in a week or even 2 days. The key is patience, and don't give up, nothing good comes easy! Vibez Sim Team would love to thank you once more for being a part of this month’s issue. Thanks for letting me interview you. How can the readers find your content online for download? Thank you for having me Vibez! It’s really a rare chance for me to be part of this issue and I really adore your hard work for doing such an amazing work especially for POC sims. The readers can just follow me on tumblr because I will always post my stuff on there. Or just type ‘slay-classy’ on google and it will show everything to you hahaha. I wish you good luck on everything and keep blessing our eyes with creativity!






PLAID SHIRT - Lumy-Sims TANK TOP - Nightcrawler DENIM SHORTS - PZC SHOES - DreamTeamSims


TOP - Marigold PANTS - PZC WATCH - Grafity SHOES - Madlen






SWIMSUIT - JS Sims GLASSES - VittlerUniverse


JACKET - JS Sims TOP - Marigold SKIRT - Younzoey SHOES - Madlen







Tips on Getting that Summer Glow Ready


witching from cold weather to warm weather can be such a headache! My hair wants to act out of control, skin turns for the worst… It gets so chaotic! Within every problem there is a solution. After so many struggles, routines and answers have “delivert” to my steps and helped tremendously. So, no worry my beautiful POC beauties! I have gathered some amazing tips on how to get your hair, skin, and body ready for the summer.


1. Don't Be Thirsty sis! Drinking water is soooo important! I’m pretty sure you have heard this before though. WELL LISTEN UP, BECAUSE WE ARE TELLING YOU THE TRUTH! If you want that natural glow and clean skin, you must stay hydrated. It's almost law to be very honest. Water helps your insides and gives them proper functioning to do everything else right. It will cleanse and clear your skin to give you that glow you’ve been wanting since last year. Drinking a glass of water when you wake up and about 4-8 glasses a day can do so much greatness for you skin and will definitely have you summer ready.

2. Exfoliate! Exfoliate! Ex… well… you get it. Built up skin cells can dim that summer glow, Honey. You need to grab a good moisturizing body and face exfoliator that will scrub away what's in the way of a beautiful and healthy glow so that summer skin can be on point! Don’t be out here ashy like EA’s skin tones. Stay away from the flake and you’ll be poppin’ Boo! Mix some honey and brown sugar to exfoliate your lips. You can thank me later (;



3. Add some moisture to your life! Moisturizing is so important to healthy hair, skin, nails… almost everything! Take some vitamin e or tea tree oil and get those cuticles right. Find some deep conditioning treatment or leave in conditioner for those beautiful coils. Jojoba oil and shea butter will do your skin JUSTICE! Trust me. If you want to be as radiant as the sun you have to keep your skin right! Pack on a little extra at night so your skin can thank you in the morning.

4. Healthy eating is really helpful! I know, I know. People have been on our heads for a minute about eating healthy but it’s all for a good cause. I promise. Eating more fruits and veggies will work with you, not against you, and help your hair to have better sheen, skin to have better texture, and more. Find a smoothie recipe on Google using your favorite fruits and/or veggies. Eating better shouldn’t feel like being in a prison, trapped with decisions that aren’t enjoyable. Fruit salads mixed with nuts are my fave! You can even find recipes on Pinterest if you’re daring and looking to try something new. Don’t be afraid of the green smoothies either. They can be very yummy with the right things added. 65

5. Let's get physical, physical!

Looking for a perfect summer bod? Start exercising now! Join your nearest gym. Don’t be discouraged by the fit bodies around you. Set your own goal and go for it. Feeling uninspired? Watch YouTube videos and find some exercises that may work for you. You don’t have to go to the gym if you don’t like crowds. There are plenty of exercises you can do at home. Amazon is a great place to buy personal weights and yoga mats if you need to grab some materials for those stretches without sliding all over the place. You want to start off small and up the scale once you feel you’re ready. Don’t overdo it and take your time!

I hope these tips help you towards your #SummerGoals beautiful! Remember to take care of your body so it can take care of you. We have to stay poppin’ because we are fierce, amazing, and cool! We owe it to ourselves to glow like the rays of sunshine we were born to be! 66 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE




with Arnez We all know it’s two sides to every story, and here at Vibez, we are very much interested in both sides. Last month we had the pleasure of having the lovely Karley Maxwell sit down and tell us her views on single motherhood, stereotypes, and her pregnancy journey. She had recently split from her boyfriend, leaving everyone who loved them wondering, “Why??” So we figured, why not catch up with her ex, Arnez Ortiz, whom she very much still has a great relationship with. Fatherhood is just as much of a journey as motherhood, and we were curious to how he’s holding it down on his end. I met up with Arnez on a breezy Monday afternoon at Pump It Up!, a local gym in east Windenburg. Sweaty, shirtless, and towering over 6 feet tall with an amazing set of tattoos, we sat down in the gym’s break room to discuss his life, his relationship with Karley, the thirst in his DMs, his rehab stint, and his new business.




How is life going for you right now? Anything new going on? Life is pretty great honestly; I’m focusin’ on becoming a better man not only for me but for my daughter, who will be here before I know it. Uh… as of yet, nothing really new is goin’ on. I’m steady gettin’ new clients at my gym so that’s a plus for me. Oh, you have a new gym opening soon? Tell us about it. Are you excited? I’ve actually already had the gym opened for a good couple months now, and I’m hella excited. It’s doin’ real good, ya feel me? A chance for me to be legit and leave all that dumb young boy shit in the past. I got a fam to provide for now and this gym was the greatest thing my dad has given me. What’s the name of this gym and where can we find it? I’m always looking for a new gym to join. **laughs** My gym is simply called “Get Fit” and it’s currently located in East Harlem, NY. And come on by I’ll give you a free 1st month trial **laughs** I’ll have to check it out! I love the word free. **laughs** So what are your plans, besides being a new business owner? plans is def to get married and settle the hell down. I want be so wealthy that don’t have to lift my finger for a damn thing, ya feeel me? :) I definitely feel you on that! Have you and Karley’s relationship dynamics changed since your breakup? Is anything different or is it still the same? Ima say this…I f–cked up real bad and I did my part to mend those mistakes and Karley leaving me was honestly my eye opener. She’s a real good woman...straight savage when she needs to be**chuckles** but she never gave up on me. We talk more, I feel like we workin’ on having a relationship again…I damn sure wanna put a ring on it. Do you get chased a lot since the breakup? The thirst gets real out here in these streets. Man…if I could show you my inbox **starts laughing** These chicks have no shame. It’s 70 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE

crazy!! This one jawn just inboxed me a pic of her roast beef and I ain’t talkin bout food. No words, no intro, just straight up sent me a pic of the kitty **shakes his head** The thirst really is real af then. Say no more **laughs** Ok, I didn’t get to ask this question to Karley…have you guys picked out a name for the baby? Aite, so we def was goin’ wit Kattaleia cuz that name is just so gorgeous…but we ended up goin’ with Emerson Jaliyah Ortiz. I fell in love wit it. I even got it tatted on my back already. I heard you were in rehab. Is that something you care to talk about? I usually don’t be tellin’ my business and shit, but I might be helpin’ otha ppl get through some shit so nah, I don’t mind. I was in rehab for my drinking. Just got a lil too crazy and a lil too outta hand. Didn’t even realize I had a problem, but I was drinkin’ every day; all times throughout the day. **wipes his sweaty face with his towel** What triggered your wakeup call and made you realize you had to change for the better? Man **starts laughing again** Karley chewed me tf out man. She ended up leaving me, told me to get my shit together. Like I got a lil one that’s gone depend on me. I can’t be out here bein’ some bum ass drunk nigga, ya feel me? So I got into rehab, had to get off the grid for a better purpose so I could be a better man for my fam. A lot of people don’t understand that shit, her (Karley) friends was all in her ear doggin’ me out basically…but through it all she neva listened to the hate. Til this day, she rocked out wit me, stayed by my side as a friend, and really helped me through a lot of shit. For that I’m foreva grateful for her man…my cinnamon apple and shit.





Cinnamon apple! **bursts out laughing** I’m sorry. That had me weak! I love it. Whoo!! **wipes away tear** So while we’re reminiscing, what are some of your best memories with Karley? Too many to list man. Me and that girl done been and done so much shit. We be chillin’ out in the car, eatin’ McDonalds, just clownin’ on each otha and otha people. Karley goofy as hell man. Yall don’t know her like I do **laughs** She a whole ass clown. That’s a beautiful thing. What’s your other support system like? Do you have great friends who help you keep your head on straight? My support system is very small yo. It’s funny but it’s not but it’s whateva. I got my pops, but he in Puerto Rico so it’s mostly verbal support. I got Karley and my friends Nasiir, Verdell, and Nik. They keep me sane and always have my back no matta what. If there was anything in life you could go back and change, what would it be? I definitely woulda tried to do more to save my mom. **pauses** I was only 14 when she died of cancer and I know it’s not really anything I coulda done, but I wish I was more willing to at least try… I miss my mom so much and with the birth of my daughter comin’, it just hurts that she ain’t here to witness it, ya know? Very true. I’m sorry you had to go through that at such a young age. Our experiences shape us into who we are. So what’s your story? What makes you who you are? I’m just a young nigga growin’ up in NY doin’ me. Life was mad hard growin’ up son…but that’s life for a lot of people. Shit be maddd crazy, but that’s just how it is. Like I said earlier my moms passed away when I was just 14, and that shit was like a shot to tha chest foreal. Started actin’ out, hangin’ wit tha wrong crowd, just bein’ a hoodlum. My past and my struggles is what makes me me…iont give 2 shits what anybody think, feel, or got to say bout me–straight like dat. Straight like that. You ever have those moments like, “I’m really bouta be a whole dad outchea?” All the fuckin’ time man. Actually Karley and I talked today briefly about it in disbelief…like EJ bout to be here sooner than we know yo. I can’t wait man. I’m mad hype.


I gotta ask. How’d you get the name Arnez the Bully? Haa! That’s self explanatory. I’m a BULLY! I mean... not necessarily in a bad way…more so just me not givin’ a f*** what the next person gotta say bout me ya dig? I tell it straight up, call it like I see it, and ain’t afraid to get my hands dirty period. I fear no man…all I fear is God himself. Preach! Alright, we gotta wrap it up right here. It’s been so great having you Arnez and I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview with Vibez. We appreciate you. Do you have any closing words? No problem. Thank you for havin’ me. I appreciate this to the fullest. I want put it out there that I’m very much in love wit Karley and I’m working on getting’ her back. Just want my family together, ya feel me. Also just want put out a lil promo– Ladies...fellas…summa time comin’ and yall gotta get dem bodies right. I see some of yall ladies out here wit them fupa pouches and it ain’t a good look, and fellas out here wit tha bird chest and shit; Hit me up on my page @arnezthabully schedule you an appointment and let’s get them summa body goals poppin’ ya dig! And to all the nosey ass people that feel like that know me and my situation...kindly hop off my sack...mind ya business...focus on ya own shit and stay out mine. Otha than that, peace and blessings yall!




Ki & Kyrie's Study Tips For the Culture Tips by Kyrie 1. Plan your study days. Planning is the key! Make a studying schedule as soon as you know when your exam is. This will allow you not to stress out and relax. Waiting until the last minute is never good. Plan accordingly. 2. Get in a quiet environment. This is includes turning off cell phones, gaming systems, & friends. You need to be in an environment where you can focus on studying. 3. Organize your study space. Having all your study materials scattered all over the place will make it extremely hard to study what you need to. GET THEM PAPERS IN ORDER! 4. Use Quizlet! Quizlet is a free website. YES! FREE! I KNOW I LOVE FREE! DO YOU LOVE FREE? Once again, Quizlet is a free customizable learning tool for students that allows you to create your own study sets with terms and their definitions. You can study with Quizlet by using the flashcard feature or generated tests based on your study set.



And if you're a gamer Quizlet's got you covered with two challenging game modes: Scatter and Gravity. Who says you can't study while blasting away asteroids to protect the planet? Don’t believe us? Go check it out for yourself. (Psst. Sometimes you can find the whole test on there depending on your questions.) 5. Take regular breaks. Studying for hours can be draining. You will get burned out quickly if you don’t take breaks. I personally take 15-30 minutes after every 2 hours of studying. Grab a quick snack, take a quick walk, and refresh your brain for a second. 6. Most importantly, RELAX!!! Don’t let the exam take you! You are taking the exam! You got this! Look in the mirror and tell yourself “I GOT THIS” You will do fine. Believe in yourself!


Ki & Kyrie's Study Tips For the Culture Tips by Ki 1. I like music when I study. Don’t you? It helps me focus better. Keep you a playlist of music you can vibe to while you study. However, make sure it’s instrumentals and nothing with lyrics because it can go from a study session to a concert real quick. 2. Plan study groups with your friends. Get them involved. Team work makes the dream work. Not only can you guys quiz each other to make sure you have it down, but they can also help out with questions you either don’t know or you’re stuck at. 3. Organize your study space. Is your chair comfy enough? Is your space tidy? Messy work spaces are distracting. Do you have everything you need like snacks, pens, paper, books, and notes? 4. Make to- do checklists. Believe me. It helps. As soon as you complete a task, you can check it off to stay organized and keep a flow going. Wunderlist is a great tool if you’re working from a laptop as well.



5. Practice on old tests! You’ll get used to the test formats and it will help you understand how much time to spend on each section. 6. Take breaks! And eat! Don’t overwork yourself or stress yourself out. Eat snacks. Take bathroom breaks. Look away from that book or that computer for about 10-15 minutes and unwind. 7. Develop a routine that works for you. If you study better in the morning, start early and take a break for lunch. If you study better at night, take larger breaks so you can be settled by evening. 8. Stay positive! Get plenty of sleep for exam day. Eat breakfast. You got this boo! Bonus Tip: DON’T STUDY AT THE LAST MINUTE!


WRITER'Z BLOCK a section for literature





an interview with with SombreSims 82 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE


How did you get into storytelling for The Sims? What inspired you? I was always into writing, but it never occurred to me to create a sim story until I became a part of the sims 4 community. I have worked with sim film in the past with sims 2 but this is completely different. I was reading sim stories and I did not see much of black simblrs doing storytelling. I was in my sophomore year of college and I started playing the sims during the peak of my woke phase. I was being unapologetic black in a predominately white institution and I was constantly getting problematic white people together and then I became this pro black activist and that pushed me to create dynamic black sims that I didn't see, or the stories no wanted to tell. It seemed like every popular sim story was white and cute. I wanted to show black sims with painful and powerful moments. Therefore, I pulled from my experiences from being black. those beautiful moments that makes us great, those painful and powerful moments, those funny moments that make us great. And of course, classic black cinema and shows has a had an impact on my personality and writing. Like Soul Food, Martin, Poetic Justice, Boyz in the Hood, you know the classics! Lol! I am so here for it! I've been scrolling through my Simblr and I see more POC story tellers these days. I love every bit of that movement. Your current story is "Consideration". How did you come up with that title? How does it relate to the story itself? Thank you and it is getting better. A lot of my readers are becoming excelled story tellers as well. I still hunt for POC stories lol. It's crazy, I think at the time I was looking to describe the energy of the overall story. I had written out the outline for the story and I was like I need to name this something that can capture an audience and be the epitome of what goes on this story. And I just started writing the first chapter and Shai keep saying considering, consideration considerate and One of Helen's infamous sayings was "Life can be

inconsiderate as fuck". So that word became a motif and that became something that my sim/characters was all seeking. In a weird way, that idea of Consideration is a myth in their eyes. And now I remember being in my feelings about Consideration written by SZA that was on Rihanna's Anti album and that songs speaks that particular energy I wanted to convey in that story. It's like a sense of wonder is shit going to be okay or is it going to be same? Or am I lying to myself? Oh wow! That's amazing. I could never figure out a title for anything I write until after I've started writing. I'm so bad with names personally and would always change titles lol. Were there any other titles that came to mind before or after? It's definitely not always easy. It's a lot of black storytellers that do not have a title and their stories are still great lol. But I didn't think too much with the Title, I kind of envision as a new tv show commercial like a Shonda Rhimes or Issa Rae show lol. I just trust my gut and didn't want anything too complicated because there can be a lot of power in a subtle title. My advice to others is not to overthink it. Write the outline and have fun with it if you want, and let it match the tone of the story. I just decided to stick with my gut and I'm glad I did. Picture the movie narrator guy with deep voice saying your story title hahaha. That narrator's voice seems to make everything official, haha! Speaking of Shonda Rhimes. She's very influential to many people. Who in the community influence you sometimes? Oh, I would definitely say Cinamun She's on a hiatus right now. We started our simblr at the same time when TS4 simblr got big and we encourage each other's work and I said I'm going to do this story and she supported me and I thank her for that. I didn't even have that much CC at the time. 2015 was rough for us at that time lol. But I end up going on a 2-year hiatus, I came back and seen that she took one of her sims, Indya and made this wonderful story full of fun, suspense and drama and I was like mama look at you doing the thing! 83

And She was like "boo! I'm glad you back and I'm excited to see you do your thing as well." I'm so grateful for her support. Cause you no it's always damn drama in the community. Every week it's something chillee lol! And the other simblr who inspires me is @josiesimblr. We share a lot of similarities in our work because we deal with the complexities of family but we both share a unique way of exploring that and she is such an amazing writer and her attention to detail is great. So, they pushed me to take my writing, work, and everything as serious as possible. So, I do it with my full ass, not half of it. Both cheeks! hahaha! I'm a mess forgive me lol

her future and actions. Due to all the pain and bullshit, Shai responds to situation sometimes not in the best way. She has a very low tolerance because of all the shit she went through. Shai places an idea of how things should be in her life and reacts if it does not fit. Which could do more damage in the long run for her. However, on the other hand. Shai is full of surprises. She is smart, fun and hella ambitious and has a hidden passion for poetry. They used to call her Thug Angelou in high school.

"Thug Angelou" is definitely how I pictured her after reading your description. Shai Omg I'm just in smiles over here! It's so is someone I'd love to befriend honestly. nice to have that support and someone We can set it off together! I got you girl! cheering you on. With all of the things that Haha. So what kind of reader would sourly goes on within this community, Consideration draw attention to? finding inspiration or staying motivated Consideration will draw attention who looking can get rocky. for honest and truthful moments. They will find beautiful and vulnerable moments that you do Okay So let's get into this story! I've had see much of and especially from the perspective a chance to read some chapters and of POC. So, my readers are usually POC and oh my god... It's getting so good! Shai is looking for something original and not being so beautiful, and I love her attitude. She's afraid to go outside the box or be truthful no such a warrior if you ask me! If you could matter how difficult it may be to express and be describe to stranger about who she is, how willing to go there when no else has the courage would you go about that? Who is Shai? to do so. Thank you, you know I think you might be spot on with Shai being a warrior lol. She is a really My readers are usually understanding of caring person who puts her family before multiple perspectives and secretly live for drama herself. Her love ones are what thrive her to do and spice and crack a smile or release a lot of the very best in life. A very ambitious one but is laughs. forever humble caring about everyone’s feelings. She is outspoken and silly. Those qualities make Sounds like I have to finish reading! her a great wife, mother, friend and big sister. Consideration is one of the first stories I've She has overcome some much strife, including dipped into on the POC side of storytelling the cancer but continues to be great person. and I can definitely say it has hella flavor! However, Shai is still a work in progress... What's next after Consideration? Any other stories lined up? If I were to compare her to movie/tv show wThanks... ooooh I don't know Consideration Characters I would say Justice from Poetic Justice is my main priority and I expect to finish it or Lida from Set it off. Oh, and she does have before I get into grad school anytime soon. her set it off moments lol.  I’m trying to figure out But I would say that I do have ideas of doing is Shai the homegirl next door or the bitch down a black fantasy thriller. But I have to see how the street lol...But back on her being a warrior... I everything unfolds. I can't speak too soon. might say wounded warrior. That's a big goal that idk if I will have time to do that lol. She has a problem with letting the pain dictate 84 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE



A black fantasy thriller?! That would be so different and amazing to read. I'm over here trying to put it together already and it hasn't even been created haha. Well I'm sure whatever you create will be just as good or even better. Your writing drew me in and I can't wait to see more! Do you have anything to say to any POC simblrs who are inspired to write but don't know where to start? I would definitely say follow your gut and don't be afraid to go outside the box. Create something you wish there was a better representation of like I did. It's okay to be inspired by others but don't copy and it's okay to share similarities with other story tellers as well. Make sure you are writing a story that you enjoy and don't write to be trendy. Read as much of stories you can and binge on Netflix shows if you can, also web series are life! and can help your writing. Don't get caught up in the likes and reblogs because those come and go it’s all about creating audience and having a whole bunch of replies which is life! Tough advice, don't expect a lot response and feedback if you don't put a lot of work into your story. If you do a lazy job and its predictable, it will be hard to keep a steady audience. When you put a lot of work and effort in your writing, sims and editing. People would 86 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE

see that and gravitates towards you. Be you and create what you want but do it well and put in the work! *clears throat* and Let me know so I can add you to my list lmfao haha. But before Consideration returns I will be using my blog as a platform to promote great sim stories I have come across. That's such great advice! If anyone is planning on writing and posting their stories on Tumblr you should def take this in. You are a beautiful soul to want to help promote and share sim stories to get people out there and seen <3 Its one of the reasons Vibez has come into play; to show love and support. I thank you so much for letting me interview you! Where is the best place for people to find your work and read Consideration? Yes you can find Consideration on my Tumblr tagged/consideration/chrono/ I now have a mobile index chapter directory created for individuals who are mobile and cannot access a computer now which is here:   https:// consideration-index-directory-for-mobile  






arley Dias is a 12-year old author. She was inspired to begin writing books when her frustrations grew stronger with the school system only providing books that cater to the average white children and preteens. So, she set out to change that try to give her fellow POC students more options. The goal was simple: collect and donate 1,000 books that feature black girls as the main character. Today, Dias has accumulated more than 9,000 books and has landed a book deal of her own. Dias has written her first book “Marley Dias Gets It Done and So Can You.” She simply wants to show children all around the world that their dreams can come true. No matter the circumstance, if you put your mind to it, you can do it. The book is to help children realize that they can get it done as long as they try and continue to believe in themselves. Scholastic Corporation, a global children's publishing company, announced that the book will be released in the spring of 2018. Marley said, "I think writing gives me creative freedom. I love just being able to do whatever I want. When I create a story, I can make it however funny, sad, or happy I want it to be." "I had a lot of choices about how I was going to address this problem. Option 1: focus on me, get myself more books; have my dad take me to Barnes and Noble and just be done, live my perfect life in suburban New Jersey. Option 2: find some authors, beg them to write more black girl books so I’d have some of my own, special editions, treat myself a bit," she said. "Or, option 3: start a campaign that collects books with black girls as the main characters, donate them to communities, develop a resource guide to find those books, talk to educators and legislators about how to increase the pipeline of diverse books, and lastly, write my own book, so that I can see black girl books collected and I can see my story reflected in the books I have to read." Dias, of course, went with option 3, and her effort is much needed in the world of children's literature. According to an analysis from the Cooperative Children's Book Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, just 8.4% of 3,400 trade books published in the U.S. in 2016 had an African American main character. The numbers got even smaller when they looked for protagonists of Latino, American Indian or Asian/Pacific descent: just 55 books, or 1.6%, featured a Native American character in a starring role; 169, or roughly 5%, had a Latino protagonist; and 239, or 7%, were about a character of Asian/Pacific descent. "This gap hurts all of us," Dias said. "I’m working to create a space where it feels easy to include and imagine black girls and make black girls like me the main characters of our lives."




Father Son and Holy Ghost I have not ever seen my father's grave. Not that his judgment eyes have been forgotten nor his great hands' print on our evening doorknobs one half turn each night and he would come drabbled with the world's business massive and silent as the whole day's wish  ready to redefine each of our shapes but now the evening doorknobs  wait and do not recognize us  as we pass. Each week a different woman  regular as his one quick glass each evening pulls up the grass his stillness grows  calling it weed. Each week a different woman  has my mother's face and he who time has changeless must be amazed who knew and loved but one. My father died in silence  loving creation and well-defined response  he lived still judgments  on familiar things and died knowing a January 15th that year me. Lest I go into dust I have not ever seen my father's grave. 91

a e R d o Go The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women

Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, Rhonda Joy McLean, Angela Burt-Murray The perfect college graduation gift for her, this invaluable “mentor in your pocket” by three dynamic and successful black female executives will help all black women, at any level of their careers, play the power game—and win. Rich with wisdom, this practical gem focuses on the building blocks of true leadership—self-confidence, effective communication, collaboration, and courage—while dealing specifically with stereotypes (avoid the Mammy Trap, and don’t become the Angry Black Woman) and the perils of self-victimization (don’t assume that every challenge occurs because you are black or female). Some leaders are born, but most leaders are made— and The Little Black Book of Success will show you how to make it to the top, one step at a time.



z d a Binti

Nnedi Okorafor Her name is Binti, and she is the first of the Himba people ever to be offered a place at Oomza University, the finest institution of higher learning in the galaxy. But to accept the offer will mean giving up her place in her family to travel between the stars among strangers who do not share her ways or respect her customs. Knowledge comes at a cost, one that Binti is willing to pay, but her journey will not be easy. The world she seeks to enter has long warred with the Meduse, an alien race that has become the stuff of nightmares. Oomza University has wronged the Meduse, and Bintiâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stellar travel will bring her within their deadly reach. If Binti hopes to survive the legacy of a war not of her making, she will need both the gifts of her people and the wisdom enshrined within the University, itself -- but first she must make it there, alive.


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Hey y'all! Hey! It’s Ki and Kristin and we’re back at it again this month with our At the Movies discussion, and this month, we’ve brought in our other fellow journalist, Millah, to hit us with the facts about POC excellence in movies. Y'all know representation in media is important to us and we are all for spreading the education and facts to our peers. So tune in and let us illuminate this excellence. 96 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE


Kristin: Millah. Tell us what makes you passionate about Excellence in Films of Color? Millah: I've noticed that recently there have been some excellent films being recognized at the Oscars. This year I saw a post on Tumblr highlighting the success of Latinos in the film industry and it made me think that not just Black films, directors, and actors are being noticed, but other films and persons of color are. It became something I really wanted to bring forward for our audience. Ki: Well let’s drop these facts, shall we? I’m eager to listen and learn. I hope our readers are just as excited as we are. Let’s begin. What are some accomplishing highlights you’d like to share with us today and how have POC taken the film industry by storm? Millah: Since 1929, the Academy Awards, affectionately nicknamed The Oscars, have been one of the highest awards an actor or film can achieve. The Academy Awards are presented for movies, short stories, documentaries, music, producers, and the list goes on. Throughout their history these award winners have predominantly been white. This doesn’t mean that the winners weren’t deserving, nor does it mean that there weren’t excellent pieces that showcased the talent of people of color. However, there could have been, and most likely were, biases for winners. Let’s take a look at some awards given for actors. The first nomination for any person of color was Merle Oberon, who was the first Asian to be nominated in any category. She was nominated for Best Actress in 1935 and there hasn’t been another Asian American to be nominated for that category since. The first award given to a person of color was Hattie McDaniels in 1939. She won best supporting actress for her role in Gone with the Wind. The second person of color to receive an Academy Award was Jose Ferrer in 1950. He was the first Latin/Hispanic American to be nominated for an Academy Award and won for Best Actor. Next was Anthony Quinn in 1952 for Best Supporting Actor, Rita Moreno in 1961 for Best Supporting Actress, and Sidney Poitier in 1963, who was the first African American to win Best Actor. Dorothy Dandridge was the first African American to be nominated for Best Actress in 1954 for Carmen,



but there wasn’t a winner until 2001 when Halle Berry won for her role in Monsters Ball. Sir Ben Kingsley was the first Asian to be nominated for Best Actor and worn, and Fernanda Montenegro was the first Latin American to be nominated and win an award in 1998. Think about those dates. Not only does this show a handful of winners being people of color over the years, but it also how much harder a woman of color needs to work for the same recognition. There’s even a lot less winners in the prestigious EGOT club. EGOT stands for the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony awards. There are twelve people who can claim they have won all four major awards, 3 of them persons of color: Rita Moreno (1977), Whoopi Goldberg (2002), and Robert Lopez (2014). Viola Davis is the first African American to win an Emmy, Oscar, and Tony specifically for acting.


Ki: What about from a behind the scenes standpoint? Directors, producers, writers...the people who make the movie happen. Have they garnered any recognition in those categories as well? Kristin: Especially for NBPOC, with movies such as The Joy Luck Club, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Memoirs of a Geisha for example. Millah: The first nomination for Best Director for a Latino was in 1985 but the first winner was not until 2013 when Alfonso Cuaron won for Gravity. Best Picture for Birdman, produced by Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu in 2014. He also was the first Latino to win for Best Original Screenplay. Ki: Oh, this is very insightful. What about movies we consider classics? Or current movies that have generated a lot of buzz recently? Kristin: Great question Ki. To point out, our fellow black directors are really making major moves this year. Like Ryan Coogler and Ava Duvernay.

Millah: John Singleton was the first African American to be nominated for Best Director in 1991 for his film Boyz n the Hood. Steve McQueen was the first Black producer to win Best Picture, and the first Afro-British to be nominated Best HALLE BERRY Director. In 2018 Jordan Peele became the first 98 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE


African American to win the Academy Award just a movie. Shut up and enjoy it and stop looking for Best Original Screenplay and the first to be too deep into things?” What’s your opinion Millah? nominated for producing, writing, and directing Why is it important that we discuss these topics? in the same year.

Millah: Why bring all of this up? As a whole, people of color are very much under represented. This shows in media, movies, even the games we play. How many times have we tried to create a character, even outside of the sims, that even remotely resembled us and failed? Exactly. We want movies and television that represent us. America isn’t called the melting pot for nothing. We welcomed people from all over and it should Kristin: I know the questions and criticisms come be reflected in our day to day activities, including up like, “Why does race even matter?” or “Why is the games we play and the movies we watch. this even brought up when it comes to movies?” Kristin: I remember a couple of years ago there Ki: **sarcastically** Or my personal favorite. “It’s was the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag. Has the As far as major awards for Asian films, the first nomination for Best Director was in 1985 for Woman in the Dunes, but there wasn’t a winner until Brokeback Mountain in 2015 which went to Ang Lee. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was nominated in 2000 for Best Adapted Screenplay. However, there has not been any nominations for Best Original Screenplay or Best Picture.


Academy awards progressed in a way to allow not forget he put forth his own money to be able Black people and NBPOC to really be recognized? to produce his films. You gotta give props where it’s due. Millah: Personally, I feel it's on its way to being changed. We still have a way to go to become Ki: How do you feel about this year’s Academy equal with our white counterparts. I think that Awards? Do you feel as if maybe there’s a shift in by us voicing our want and need for films that recognition and people are finally opening their represent us, black filmmakers and stepping up eyes to the excellence we bring to films? and paving a way. In recent years, there have been noticeable films Kristin: And whether people are learning and that showcase our talent as directors, producers paying attention to the social and/or cultural and actors. Films like Precious, For Colored Girls, significance behind the events that some of the Moonlight, Fences, and Hidden Figures to name movies portray and broke barriers. a few, were very well received by audiences and critics alike. Black Panther is still dominating Millah: This year at the Oscars there were some the box office and Get Out was 100% fresh on big wins for Latinos. Coco won Best Animated Rotten Tomatoes and was an excellent movie as Picture and Best Original Song for Recuerdame well. Lee Daniels produced Monster’s Ball which (Remember Me). If you haven’t seen Coco, I suggest gave Halle Berry an Oscar for Best Actress and you do it now and don’t forget to bring your tissues. produced Precious and The Butler as well. We I’ve seen it 3 times and cried each time. It helped have Ava DuVernay, the first African American me better understand Día de los Muertos (Day of

woman to be nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Director, who directed her first film at the age of 32 ( She directed Selma in 2014, 13th, which is a documentary on the 13th amendment and modern-day slavery, and Queen Sugar, which airs on the O Network to name a few. She is also behind the recent film A Wrinkle in Time. Read the book then go see the movie. Also, someone who is notable is Tyler Perry. A lot of people may give him grief for his films, but let’s 100 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE

the Dead) and why it’s so important. There are even parts of it that have been commercialized and to be honest, I never realized why it was an issue because I never stopped to think about the reason behind the celebration. Guillermo Del Toro won Best Director and Best Picture for Shape of Water. He also directed Pan’s Labyrinth, which I recommend, and he’s worked on several other movies, such as The Hobbit films and Hellboy. Personally, I love his movies, especially his horror


films. Last, but by no means least is Una Mujer Fantastica (A Fantastic Woman) which won Best Foreign Language Film. This film is about a transgender woman played by Chilean actress Daniela Vega who is also transgender, and according to, the first transgender presenter at the Oscars as well. Shout out barriers being broken. Ki: We have some of the most notable Asian actors in the industry. We know of Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Do you think that they’ve paved the way for other Asian films, actors, and directors? Millah: To be honest, I know even less about Asian films and directors. There’s The Joy Luck Club, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Memoirs of a Geisha that we all know. And you are correct. We know of Jet Li, Zhang Ziyi, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan and I indeed do feel like they’ve paved the way. We’ve probably also heard of director Jon Woo who directed A Better Tomorrow and Face Off. If anything this list shows how little I know

of Asian Films. Asian filmmakers and films are more than just what is listed here, and it should be acknowledged. If it weren’t for my husband, I may not have learned about and enjoyed movies such as Ip Man and The Last Emperor, or even enjoyed anime films such as Howl’s Moving Castle and Spirited Away. In conclusion, I would just like to state that every culture has something to offer and appreciated by another. There is so much more that to be offered than what is considered mainstream and I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zones and take a look at some films by non-Black persons of color. You may be surprised at what you find. Kristin: What, if anything, has changed in the movie industry to permit Black people to prosper and excel? Millah: We are showing them what we are capable of and that there is a want for it. I think people are starting to listen. It's a very big step towards change. Ki: It was so wonderful to have you Millah. Thanks for stopping by the studio. Come back anytime. Millah: Thanks for having me you guys. It was a pleasure. I will definitely be back.

Join us next month for another segment of At the Movies with Ki and Kristin. Deuces and #Wakanda Forever. We ain’t forgot, and be sure to check out our boy T’Challa in Avengers: Infinity War, now playing in theaters.



H ow T he S i ms ™ 4 M y F ir st P e t S tu ff

The latest release in The Sims™ 4 video game series was The Sims™ 4 My First Pet Stuff. My First Pet Stuff was released March 13, 2018. EA says “Welcome home a new small animal and show off your love for Cats and Dogs with The Sims™ 4 My First Pet Stuff. Teach your Sims how to care for smaller household pets, decorate a home with pet-inspired furniture, and dress pets in your favorite Sims outfits!” Now, coming off the high of the beautiful and fun pack that was The Sims™ 4: Jungle Adventure, imagine my dismay at My First Pet Stuff. Typically, I am too excited about giving EA my money. I immediately log on and buy whatever crack pack they are offering and I either love it or suffer through it, depending on how awesome, or not, it is. This time, though, I was livid. Who tf asked for this? I decided to be mad, led my own personal boycott against it, and purposely forgot about it, because don’t nobody want no pet clothes and hamsters, and by nobody-I mean me. 102 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE

i s overw hel m in g l y u n d erw h e l m in g .

Well my magnificent publication, Vibez, gives me the task of reviewing the latest releases, so to my disappointment, I had to make the purchase I had successfully boycotted for a month. Not because my wonderful boss made me, because she said I was free to continue my boycott, but because I really do enjoy reviewing (and I was tired of looking at that gray—you ain’t got this pack-- bubble). Well y’all, I purchased the pack, but I didn’t play. Not really. There is literally nothing I find appealing about it. I don’t want hamsters, dog shirts, or cat onesies. The hair is ugly and the couple of clothing items are too. Not to mention, most of it is just recolors. I could have saved my money and downloaded some bomb af cc if I wanted some recolored t-shirts. Most of the furniture is blah. The one item that seems worth anything is the aquarium table, and I have yet to use it in any of my sims dwellings. I’m back to being annoyed. *insert a deep eyeroll here*


I asked the community (i.e. The Black stay greyed out in my collection lol. They better Simmer Familia) how they felt about it be coming with something GOOD by the end of and here is what they had to say: the quarter after this. Soooo many people were upset behind it and with good reason MONET AHMIRE: I give the pets stuff back a smooth 3 out of 5 NICOLE POWELL: simply because I think it’s a pack they could’ve There is no question that The Sims 4 My First included in either an update or in Cats and Pet Stuff pack has been a hot button issue Dogs. I don’t think it was worth $10, but it that continues to be debated. When I saw the is entertaining. For someone who plays with announcement that a new pet related pack was mods I still love all my expansion packs and being released I was a bit confused, didn’t we stuff packs. This stuff pack brings another small just get The Sims 4 Cats and Dogs? I decided element you might not have noticed or really felt to hold off on forming an opinion until I got like you were missing. The hammy’s are kind of my hands on this pack. On release day I looked entertaining and tedious to take care of, like in at what this game had to offer, and my first real life. So that still gives you a lot to do and reaction was – underwhelmed. Here are my tasks to add to your queue. Because if you don’t thoughts on what this pack has to offer: feed them they die and if you don’t clean them Create-A-Sim- Even though this is a pet stuff they give you some kinda rodent rabies and you pack I was expecting a few more options for my might die. They go on adventures and do weird Sims. There is one recolored shirt for all Sims as things when you aren’t really paying attention well as sleepwear for child Sims. These shirts are (then you get a notification) which is probably simple and more of the same of what we already my favorite part. They even come back with have in the game. We also got a hamster suit postcards. It’s so cute. I love that toddlers can with one swatch – which is disappointing. This interact with them, note that I’d be mad if they is something I would never use in my game, but weren’t able to. That’s like half a star right there. it may be appealing to some or could be useful I think the extra furniture or recolors of cat and for a holiday or costume party. dogs outfits, wall decor and what nots were just Create-A-Pet-One of the highlights of this pack a throw-in really, because they just wanted to are the new Cats and Dogs outfits. There are give us hamsters but couldn’t think of any other several cute options to choose from including way to justify paying $10 (still didn’t work). I matching Sims and pet outfits, some hats and just love the funny little elements it brings like hoodies outfits for your pets and even dresses the hammy suit and hamster disease; all the fun for you pets. While I find most of the outfits cute, surprises you get. It seems more like real life not I’m left wondering why they weren’t included just a game. I feel like if Sims can go in a darker with the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. humor direction, it would be received better by Build/Buy Here is where I found the items I the people. liked the most. I was concerned it would only be a bunch of paw print recolors to decorate with, CHRISSY BATES: but I was pleasantly surprised with a few of So, for me, My First Pet Stuff was extremely the new items and disappointed in others. For underwhelming. I’m always excited when me the main attractions of this section are the we get new content but a lot of the content in aquarium round table, the round end table and this pack was basically rehashed content we’ve the loveseat. Round surfaces have been lacking already received from existing packs. It felt in The Sims 4, so I am happy to have these thrown together and out of place. Kinda makes new items, however I do wish a non-aquarium no sense that an expansion pack should even swatch was included for Tap Tap Table to have its own stuff pack. make it more versatile. The loveseat can be The hamsters are the only reason I got it and configured into a sectional, which I’m excited because my OCD wouldn’t allow that bubble to about but again, I wish there were a few more 103

swatches without paw prints or animals for the sake of versatility. There is a new desk, chair, lighting and activity table for the kid’s bedroom which are cute but feel like they were forgotten items from the expansion pack, as well as some recolor items. New Pet The main feature of this pack is the addition of small pets. There are hedgehogs, rats, hamsters, voidcritters and bubalus. These small pets live in a habitat and require less care and attention than a cat or dog which I find appealing but because they require less sim attention, I tend to forget they are there. The new small pets have little lives of their own and can build rocket ships and take off on adventures. I think this is a cute feature but after a while, the notifications of what your small pets are doing become more annoying and less interesting. With new small pets comes a new Sim death. Sims will now have a chance to catch the contagious Rabid Rodent Fever which can be contracted from a pet bite, so keep those little critters happy! Overall, I have mixed feelings about this pack. Most, if not all, of these items could have been included in the Cats and Dogs expansion pack. I don’t feel like there are enough new items in this pack for it to be sold on its own, however because I am a builder, the round surfaces and the new loveseat made this 104 | VIBEZ SIM MAGAZINE

pack for me and I have found them to be very useful. If you are a Sims Pets super fan then you may enjoy this pack, otherwise this stuff pack can be left on the shelf. COREY REDIX: I really haven’t seen much of it to review to be honest. I haven’t had the interest to play with the hamster and that's all I've seen from that pack in my game, besides that fish table which they made a much better cc version before the pack even came out. On a positive note, it’s a nice add on if you're just trying to collect all the packs and you like hamsters. Every little pack adds to the complete game, so I usually end up buying them anyway, but it's not a must have.

Welp, there you have it. EA gets our hopes up and then dashes them with some bs. Some like the pack more than others, but basically My First Stuff Pack is a letdown, and could have been a free update. Shame on you EA for your nickel and diming. The next pack better make up for this in a huge way.


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