Vibel Group

Vibel Group

Torino, Italy

Since 1979 Vibel Group deals with the processing of metal sheets. VibelGroup operates in the most creative sectors collaborating with artists, designers and universities. Since 2005 it has received the recognition of " Piedmont Craftmenship Excellence ". In the same period the company creates a department dedicated exclusively to the design and the realization of works of art, design and architecture: VIBELDESIGN

Unique selling points

Thanks to the design capacity (CAD, CAM), realization and production (laser cutting, bending and welding) VibelGroup creates artifacts of excellence enriched even more by a deep study of the manuals aesthetic finishes (satin finishes and acid etchings) developed by artists who collaborate into the Company.


Sculptures and street furniture, furniture for offices, bars and shops, plaques and trophies, designer furniture, lighting, gates, stairs, architectural coverings, artwork.