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Quarterly Newsletter of the Clerics of St. Viator

Celebrating the past, serving the present, embracing the future “We are committed to serve the people of feathery Corozos palms. He invited others to God,” echoed the St. Francis Xavier parish join him and on October 29, 1847, christened leaders as they renewed their commitment to the place ‘San Narcisco de Corozal,’” chronithe ministry in Belize. One by one the priests, cled Father Henrey Gillet, SJ. religious sisters, extraOther Jesuits arrived in ordinary ministers of 1861, followed by the communion, ministers religious orders of the of the word, music Sisters of Mercy and ministers, lay leaders the Pallotine Sisters and alter servers joyfully some 40 years later. On responded to the September 15, 1998, invitation to serve the U.S. Clerics of St. during the Eucharistic Viator from Arlington celebration of the 150 Heights, Ill. accepted years of evangelization Students from San Andres Village demonstrate the Belize mission. a Maya Mestrizo dance. of Belize. Both Fr. Daniel Hall, St. Francis Xavier parish hosted a gathering of CSV and Fr. Chris Glancy,CSV began their over 2,000 of the faithful on August 25, 2002 pastoral ministry at St. Francis Xavier in at the Corozal Civic Center. The crowd Corozal along with Viatorian Br. Carlos received the Eucharist, shared a meal, and Ernesto Florez from Columbia. Fr. John enjoyed cultural presentations and displays on Norbert Peeters,CSV from Maternity BVM, the history and life of the Church in town and Bourbonnais, Ill. arrived in September 2002 as in the 24 surrounding villages. did John Eustice, a Las Vegas pre-novice, joinThere have been many changes in Belize since ing the staff for the 2002-2003 school year. the first “Yucatecan to build a house on this Moises Mesh from Chunox, Belize also joined shore was old Tata Solis from across the New as a pre-novice in September. Both men are River Bight, finding a good location among the continued on page 2

Provincial’s Perspective My dear friends in St. Viator, God Bless you in 2003!! Last year we were inundated with news about priests who have tolerated abuse. The Church allowed it to continue through ignorance or because of misplaced loyalties. We have seen the abuse and arrogance of power as a refusal to accept responsibility for allowing this criminal activity to continue and an

Volume 8, Number 1

Medical help to Belize On November 4, 2002, a volunteer medical team from Maternity BVM Parish, Bourbonnais, Ill. left for a ten day mission to Belize. A doctor and five nurses were among the medical personnel participating in this trip. Patty Wischnowski and Brother Dale Barth, CSV, who organized the trip, collected donations as well as donated drugs and other needs. Dr. Hershel Wix, a cardiologist, brought along an Ultrasonic Cardiogram machine. It was the first time one was used to examine patients in Belize. Other team members included two deacons, the Mr. EJC “Mush” Marcotte and Mr. Francis “Foo” Chamness; Doreen Collins; Ruth Goodpasture; Mileen Joines; Terri Prentkowski; Olivia Waggoner and Henrietta Chamness. continued on page 3

Dr. Hershel Wix examines a Belize student.

unwillingness to listen to the pain experienced by those who have been abused. We have come, in recent years, to see the sinful church as very human indeed, subject to human failings and weakness. All of us share in complicity by our unwillingness to believe that priests could or would act in such a manner. All of us prefer not to believe the worst about others whom we normally trust. We excuse ourselves from having to make the difficult decision to make waves and risk disapproval. In other words, we are all participants in the human condition - we used to call it original sin. In some cultures, and to a great degree even in our own, the greatest punishment would be that continued on page 3


Celebrating the past... continued from page 1

a special gift of fresh fish, rice, and beans that they prepared that morning just for the celebration. Other cooks prepared a huge banquet of tamales, rice, beans, fried fish, salad and watermelon. There was more than enough food for all the guests, parishioners, and participants of the celebration.

Rev. Charles G. Bolser CSV Provincial Brother Leo V. Ryan CSV Director of Communications As a non profit and tax exempt ministry, the Viatorians are very grateful for your prayers and financial support in “educating for the future.� For Wills and Bequests: Clerics of St. Viator an Illinois Corporation

Join Nazareth Prayer League. To order; Prayer Cards Mass Cards Perpetual Certificates or call 847/398/6805

Just like Tata Solis brought life to Corozal some 150 years ago, the town became alive that day with open displays of cultural and historical items. School children from Libertad village, the Creole dance group from St. Francis Xavier School along with Mestizo dance group from San Andres all proudly performed their cultural dances to the delight of the audiences.

Pre-Novice John Eustice and students, Pre-Novice Moises Mesh, Chunox, Belize.

exploring a possible vocation within the Viatorian Community.

Our Appeal to You Belize has survived natural disasters, cultural, political and economic distress of the last 150 years. Through it all, the Catholic Church has flourished and reached out to every section of the country. Through evangelization and education, the Church continues to enrich all levels of Belizean Society.

The festivities began on the eve of the commemorative day. The parishioners transformed the Corozal Civic Center into a place of worship and celebration. With much anticipation, people began arriving at the center as early as 9 a.m. The songs of praise and joy were heard throughout the center as the combined choirs of our Lady of Guadalupe School and Santa Clara Village under the leadership of Maestro Luis Escalante and Maestra Hermina Escalante and Maestro Gregorio Moralez and Maestra Leticia Morales respectively. Children, youth, lay leaders and the elderly from Corozal and each village made up the Eucharistic procession. Invited interdenominational congregations also joined in the celebration. Bishop Osmond Peter Martin, the main celebrant, delivered his homily on the theme of the Sesquicentennial of Belize Evangelization. Fr. Christopher Glancy, CSV; Fr. Jesus Riverol, SJ; Fr. William Oulvey, SJ; and Fr. Carlos Franco concelebrated the Mass.

Father Chris Glancy CSV offers The Bread of Life to a St. Francis Xavier First Communicant.

We Viatorians thank God for the opportunity to minister to Belize as we serve the people of Corozal District, so too are we blessed and enriched. Our ministry is possible because of the generosity of our friends and benefactors. We invite you to join us in our call to mission.

The Spirit of Tradition

Build a Chapel. Build a Community Belize is in urgent need of chapels for overcrowded communities now celebrating Eucharist in classrooms. For more information contact the Clerics of St. Viator at 847-398-6805.

Dressed in traditional costumes, a group of young people proclaimed the prayer of the faithful with petitions in all the representative languages: Spanish, English, Yucateca, Garifuna and Creole. Young people also presented food for the needy as well as bread and wine for the Eucharist. A group from San Andres village performed the Maya-Mestizo peacock dances after communion as an offering to Our Lady of Guadelupe.

The Holy Spirit is working in Belize; the places of worship are packed. However, the places of worship are a barn, a cleaned up beekeepers shack, or a village schoolroom. In the Corozal District, Belize, there are at least four village communities without a chapel and five more where chapels need furnishings.

When the mass ended, Fr. Glancy personally thanked the many people who helped with the celebration, the invited guests and the members of the Corozal Catholic Mission who traveled in buses and private vehicles from throughout the district.

Our appeal this year is directed to the village parishes of San Andres and Chan Chen in Belize. In San Andres, located in the southwest part of Corozal District, the present chapel is the size of one classroom. The building is a former beekeepers work shed that the parish painted and fixed up to use for their liturgy.

In the spirit of giving, the people of Sarteneja brought Fr. Glancy and Bishop Martin (who like fresh fish)


Medical help to Belize continued from page 1

Giving vaccinations in Belize villages Please help replace this church at Chen Chen.

Chan Chen is one of the northern most villages in the Corozal District and has a very small chapel. We have promised to raise funds to build chapels. The parish community donates most of the labor allowing the women and children an opportunity to participate. The funds they require are mainly to purchase building materials. For the people of Belize, the chapel is the heart and center of their village. We invite you to join us on this mission outreach, “Build a Chapel, and Build a Community!” We Viatorians extend our thanks and prayers to you and your family in advance for your generosity. May God richly bless you for answering His call to mission!

Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV organized the group’s day which began at 7:30 a.m. Hundreds of sick people greeted the team daily as they stood awaiting the opening of the makeshift clinic. The team diagnosed an epidemic of influenza. Many people were suffering from earaches, fevers and coughs. Some of the team contracted the flu themselves but worked relentlessly to care for the sick of Corozol. The total number of people the group examined on their mission exceeded 1,100. Dr. Wix, after examining several people for heart disease, diagnosed a young man who needed immediate surgery. Dr. Wix made arrangements for the patient to have heart surgery in Cleveland and promised to have him home by Christmas. “Foo” Chamness, who works with the Bourbonnais police department collecting and

Dr. Wix and his ultrasonic cardiogram.

The medical mission team from Maternity BVM.

restoring old bicycles, sent 45 bicycles to Belize last year. He recognized many of those same bikes on this trip as people rode them to and from work. Another medical mission to Belize is the team organized by Judy Glancy R.N. from Rock Island, Ill. The group is scheduled to arrive in Corozol in February 2003.

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Provincial’s Perspective... continued from page 1

within the diversity of life. We are called to be aware of this indwelling presence and to proclaim this mystery to others by the very way that we live.

of being ostracized or put aside. In the history of the Church, this was and is called excommunication. We fear not being accepted and we therefore fear taking stands that might be unpopular or “heretical.” We are afraid to be branded as “radical.” We therefore find it easier just to keep our mouth shut and mind our own business. In this I share in the guilt of the church, which is both abused and abuser.

We realize that sexual abuse has been a part of human existence from the beginning of time, in all places and times. It is not restricted to low-income families. It permeates the very substance of humanity. It is found in families and in all of the variety of institutions that comprise our society. One of the most damaging tragedies that result from this crime is a profound loss of trust - trust in others, trust in self and trust in the process of life itself. When men and women in positions of authority and trust harm or destroy that trust in children, we experience the instant passing on of sexual dysfunction and immaturity from one generation to the next. It is impossible to understand the ripple effect. Healing can only come from active awareness of the harm done and a strong commitment to be a people of life.

We, as a community of faith - as the body and blood of Jesus Christ, are called to a higher standard. We are called to love one another. Love is most difficult because love is not passive - it is active. Love calls for the heart and the mind to lead and the feet and hands to follow. We must follow the mandates of the heart and mind. For the heart and the mind to lead, we are required to hear and listen. Again, to “see” and to “listen” are active not passive. To see and to listen are much more than simply opening our eyes and ears in the morning. They call us to pay attention to the world around us and therefore to actively participate in that world. We are called to understand fully that the Spirit of God lives and works in and through each of us. Jesus reminds us that the kingdom is present in all of creation - not just out there somewhere, but also here in this place and this time. The kingdom is expressed and experienced

May we know the joy of healing and peace in 2003, in the Lord Jesus Christ;

Fr. Charles G. Bolser, Provincial


dition Around th a r T n e Wo ia r o r t ld a i V Spain




Belize U. S. A France

Ta i w a n


Haiti Colombia I v o ry C o a s t

Burkino Faso

Peru Chile

Colombia: Fr. Brian Cooper, CSV has been dreaming and planning and working toward building new homes for families living in the barrios of Libano. With the support of Rotary Mission Viejo (CA), Rotary Libano, and generous family and friends, he has been able to acquire land, meet with an architect and experienced builders. These men have 30 years experience and have built 40 such homes. The project has been named San Francisco Barrio.

Louisville. Gifts for the Chapel Fund will be welcome throughout 2003 or a Chapel Memorial in your will would be appreciated. For further information call 847-398-6805.

Ivory Coast: Viatorian missions are caught between government forces and military rebels in the current civil war in the Ivory Coast. The country is dangerously divided North/South. The South (Abidjan) is controlled by forces loyal to the government. The rebels control the North with Bouake as their “Capital.� Abidjan, Ferkessedougou, and Bouake are centers of evangelization and education, staffed by French, Spanish and Ivorian Viatorians.

Brother Edgar Suarez, CSV was advanced to the ministry of Acolyte by Father Mark Francis, CSV Superior General on November 27, 2002 during the provincial visitation to Colombia by Father Charles G. Bolser, CSV, November 25 through December 2, 2002.


Two Ivorian Viatorians remained in Bouake in solidarity with their people who now lack food and are threatened with violence because of their ethnicity, religion or political views. Their mission has become humanitarian relief especially with the International agencies. Associates, postulants and novices were transferred to St. Viator, Abidjan.

Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV, Pastor St. Francis Xavier, Corozal Town, Belize, represented the Belize Mission at the first meeting of Viatorian Latin American Caribbean Council, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Oct. 1-3. The Council was established by Viatorian Provincials to coordinate mission efforts in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Peru in South America, Belize and Honduras in Central America and Haiti in the Caribbean.

Failed negotiations indicate a long war. Join us in praying for peace and for our missionaries and their people.


Fr. Chris Glancy, CSV, when in Arlington Heights, Ill. for the Provincial Chapter, met with the Comprehensive Development Office to plan the Fall 2002 Appeal focused on building two Chapels in the Corozal District: one at Chan Chen, another at San Andres. Other village chapels also need support: Patchacan, Paraiso, Cristo Rey and

On Sunday, February 9, 2003, the region of Chile will officially become the newest Viatorian Province. The Chicago Province Viatorian delegation for this ceremony will be Fathers Charles G. Bolser, Thomas von Behren, Robert M. Egan and Father John Norbert Peeters from Belize.


in his life

God still calls to religious life

• Is responsive to the needs of others and has a desire to serve generously in a variety of settings • Has leadership ability - can invite and enable others to use their gifts, and can be collaborative with women, men of all ages and ethnic backgrounds

When we were baptized into the Church, we were given the equal dignity to be called God’s sons and daughters. Each of us, in our own unique way, also has received a “vocation” or call from God. God calls us to holiness and calls us to service - to continue the mission of Jesus Christ by preaching the Good News and building the Kingdom of God.

• Is able to make a positive choice for the consecrated life of poverty, chastity and obedience Pope John Paul II stated, “There is an urgent need for a more widespread and deeply felt conviction that all the members of the Church have the grace and responsibility to look after vocations.”

Each vocation or call from God can be lived out in various lifestyles. The lifestyle one chooses is the fundamental way he or she decides to relate to God and other people. There are many lifestyles one may choose. They include being a single person, a married person, a priest, a brother, a sister or a deacon. God still calls young people to religious life today.

We invite you, our partners in faith and ministry, to join us in encouraging young men to consider a Church Vocation and specifically the life of service as a Viatorian brother or priest. Personal invitation is still the most effective tool to encourage men to think about Viatorian Vocation. Who can you invite to Join Us in Mission?

People experience God’s call in different ways. Most young adults, who enter a formation program for a religious community, describe their experience of “call” as a gentle and persistent invitation that comes into their lives from time to time. This invitation tempts them to think about priesthood or religious life. It is not dramatic; it is consistent with a person’s values, temperament and capabilities, and it is often recurring. Most young adults experience this call more persistently after they have achieved significant goals.

“The harvest is abundant but the labors are few; so ask the master of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest.” Matthew 9:37


They have completed their education, they have started to climb the corporate ladder or they have found the job they thought they always wanted...and end up wanting “something more.” That something “more” is often described as a call. “I want to be more” or “I want to give more” is frequently heard in this call. Frequently young adults state they are seeking opportunities for meaningful service, a deepened relationship with God, and a sense of belonging and purpose. As Viatorians, we encourage young men to continue to consider how God is calling them in their lives. One does this only through reflection and prayer. In their reflection and prayer, we invite these young men to consider their goals and personality with what the Viatorian Community offers.

World & National Vocation Events


National Vocation Awareness Week

January 12-17

World Day for Consecrated Life

February 2

World Day of Prayer for Vocations

May 11

Vocation Prayer Call to Service and Leadership Loving God, You speak to us and nourish us through the life of this Church community. In the name of Jesus, we ask you to send your Spirit to us so that men and women among us will respond to your call of service and leadership as Viatorian priests, brothers and associates. May those who are opening their hearts and minds to your call be encouraged and strengthened through our enthusiasm to support them. Amen.

We are looking for men who are college educated, normally between the ages of 20 and 35, and have the following qualities: • Is an active and fully initiated member of the Roman Catholic Church • Exhibits enthusiasm, a sense of purpose and a positive life direction • Has sense of perspective and humor • Has an adequate intellectual capacity • Is generally physically and psychologically healthy • Is a person of integrity and has an awareness of God


Companions on the Journey: News of the Chicago Province Associate Program mission in their daily lives. Associate Candidates are fully initiated adult Catholics, men and women, single or married, who show energy and enthusiasm for Christ’s call to change the world; who share the Viatorian commitment to liturgy and to service at the Holy Altar; enthusiasm for ministry with young people and families, and who seek to grow closer to God through Viatorian spirituality. Associates are people who know their personal strengths and weaknesses and show willingness to let Christ use both to spread the Gospel. For more information, contact Marilyn Mulcahy 815-932-6716 or 815-932-7372 or e-mail her at

Linda Connor, Tim Schwarz, Patty Wischnowski, John Ohlendorf, Kevin Wischnowski, middle row - Marilyn Mulcahy, Cathy Abrahamian, Henrietta Chamness, Kay Dowling kneeling – Donna Schwarz and Randy Baker.

Friday, November 25 - Associate members gathered at the Province Center to spend time in prayer and reflection. The Associates, while sharing their thoughts, ideas, and suggestions, offered input that will be very important as we continue to define and refine the Associate Program within the Chicago Province. After their meeting, the Associates joined with Brothers Corey Brost, and Rob Robertson for Evening Prayer and a tour of the newly renovated St. Viator High School residence. Associates have espoused the Viatorian mission in a number of ways: Linda Connor and Cathy Abrahamian, staff members at St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, promote and help prepare Morning Prayer and weekly Liturgies for Saint Viator High School staff and faculty; Randy Baker is involved with the St. Viator High School student outreach programs;

John Ohlendorf and Mary Finks head the liturgical commissions in their respective parishes;

A call to mission

Kay Dowling continues to serve the Provincial Council and is exploring new ways for Associate connections to develop.

Recently, we spoke to an extraordinary young girl who took a very ordinary hobby of jewelry making and raised it to a new level of giving. Anna Redfem, a 12-year old from St. Thomas Moore Parish, Las Vegas, likes to draw and design clothes, make jewelry and shop with her friends. Sounds like most junior high school girls in this country. What sets Anna apart is her compassion for the sick and needy and a “can do” spirit to make a difference in the world with her jewelry design business.

Gathering on Saturday morning, November 26, the Associates were joined by a group of people considering the pre-Associate process. This second annual day of reflection began in the Province Center chapel with a prayer service on shared mission. Provincial, Fr. Charles G. Bolser addressed the group about the postVatican II church, the changes and challenges the council brought about in religious life and in the lives of the laity and in our shared journey. Associates are people who are attracted by the mission and the charisma of the Clerics of St. Viator and make a decision to live out that

“I wanted to help people who are hungry and don’t have a good home,” explained Anna. “My mother suggested that I could help the needy people by contributing to the missions.”

Patty Wischnowski and Henrietta Chamness, both registered nurses, have just returned from another Medical Mission to Belize; Henrietta, Patty and her husband, Kevin Wischnowski are all involved in service ministry in their parish - Maternity BVM in Bourbonnais; Tim Schwarz takes an active role in the St. Viator High School retreat program, and his wife, Donna Schwarz is involved in the leadership of the St. Viator High School Mother’s Prayer Group;

Anna and her 14-year old sister, Laura, started a jewelry business called Crystal Beaded Jewelry. “We usually make the jewelry during the summer and on weekends,” said Anna. “We sell it at the country club we belong to in Flagstaff; we also take special orders from the people right here in Las Vegas.” continued on page 8

Marilyn Mulcahy presides at the Associates meeting.


Viatorians in the News


St. Viator High School, Arlington Heights, Illinois - September 4th, St. Viator High School held an exchange program with 17 students from Spain. These students came from Colegio San Viator in Madrid, a Viatorian High School. For 19 days they lived with host families from the High School and attended classes, workshops and activities to learn about American Culture. Most of the St. Viator students involved as family sponsors will go to Madrid and stay in their host family’s home Spring semester 2003. This is the first year of the exchange program and it was very exciting for everyone involved.

Fr. William Fisherkeller, CSV Father William P. Fisherkeller, CSV, 71, died Tuesday October 8, 2002 after an extended illness. He entered the Clerics of St. Viator in 1950, pronounced first vows August 15, 1951 and perpetual vows in 1954. He attended Regina Angelorum Seminary, Evanston and was ordained by Bishop Martin D. McNamara. He was a graduate of St. Ambrose College and Loyola University. Fr. Fisherkeller served as a high school teacher, missionary, pastoral associate and pastor. Among the earliest Viatorian missionaries in South America, he helped establish Colegio San Viator, Bogota. He served as pastoral associate in Chicago Archdioceses, the Diocese of Las Vegas and Springfield. In the Joliet diocese he served as associate pastor, St Patrick’s parish, Kankakee, 1978-1982. His last pastorate was at St. Joseph, Granite City 1986-1988 and Holy Family parish, Granite City from 1986-2002.

Brother Dale Barth, CSV, Pastoral Associate at Maternity BVM parish in Bourbonnais, Ill. has been accepted into a program of studies which will lead to his ordination as a Permanent Deacon. This program has been developed in collaboration with Bishop Joseph Imesch of Joliet. Brother Barth will continue his work at the parish during his studies.

Fr. George Harris, CSV Father George G. Harris, CSV., 65, beloved history teacher at St. Viator High School since 1987 died Thursday, October 31,2002. A 1954 graduate of St. Patrick’s High School, Kankakee, Ill. He entered the Clerics of St. Viator and pronounced first vows September 8, 1955 and perpetual vows in 1958. He earned his history B.A. and M.A. at Loyola University; an M.A. in Educational Administration at Catholic University and did postgraduate studies in church history at Notre Dame. Fr. Harris studied theology at the Viatorian Seminary, Washington D.C. and was ordained in Chicago June 8, 1963 by Bishop Cletus F. O’Donnell. A career teacher/administrator, Fr. Harris taught at Griffin High School, Springfield, Ill. 1964-68 and at Gorman High School, Las Vegas 1968-80. He served as Principal at Gorman 1980-87, returning to Griffin as Assistant Principal 1980-87 at which time he joined the faculty of St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Ill.

October 29th, sophomores, juniors and seniors at St. Viator High School had the opportunity to save a life. The Chicago Bears, along with the Walter Payton Foundation, have started a program called Youth for Life, Remembering Walter Payton. Walter Payton’s daughter Brittney, and fans of Payton’s, Erin Kinsella, Mark Pendleton and John McCaskey founded tis campaign in order to promote an effort to educate young adults about the nationwide need for registered organ donors. They dedicated the effort to Walter Payton who died in 1999 of a liver ailment after a long, unsuccessful wait for an organ donor. The program is especially important to the St. Viator community because of their connection to the Payton family and the Chicago Bears, Walter’s son, Jarrett, is a 1999 graduate and Natalie Catron, a McCaskey grandchild, is a 2002 graduate.

Fr. Daniel Nolan, CSV and Provincial Fr. Charles Bolser, CSV departed on November 18th for Bogota, Colombia. Fr. Bolser was making his yearly official visitation with the Colombian confreres and Fr. Nolan was visiting as Director of the Diocesan Missionary Coop Program to learn of the ministry of the Colombian Viatorians. He will take this information to the parishes he visits in the Spring and Summer of 2003 for their prayers and financial support for our Viatorian Missions. Fr. Bolser also met with the Viatorians to help form a new Foundation Council. During their visit, on November 27th, the Viatorian Community of Bogota celebrated the Eucharist where Brother Edgar Suarez received the Ministry of Acolyte.

VIATORIAN JUBILARIANS Sixty-Five Years of Religious Life Rev. John C. Puisis ............................................09 Sept 38 Sixty Years of Religious Life Rev. Charles L. Maranto ......................................25 Jan 43 Sixty Years of Priesthood Rev. Patrick J. Hayes ..........................................29 Aug 43 Rev. John A. Toolan ............................................16 Feb 43

For the 2002-2003 school year, St. Viator High School has awarded nearly $500,000 in financial assistance to over 18 percent of students of need. Various scholarships and grants were offered to the students through the support and generosity of alumni and friends.

Fifty Years of Religious Life Rev. Victor E. Betrand ........................................08 Sept 53 Twenty-Five Years of Religious Life Br. Michael T. Gosch ..........................................17 June 78 Br. James E. Lewnard ..........................................17 June 78 Rev. Thomas R. von Behren ..................................17 June 78

Chicago Viatorians will gather in Retreat and Assembly July 8-10, 2003. The Retreat theme “Contemplation and Viatorian Lifestyle” will be facilitated by Sr. Jean Lavin, OFB of Erie, Pennsylvania.

Twenty-Five Years of Priesthood Rev. Robert M. Egan ..........................................06 May 78


Clerics of St. Viator 1212 E.Euclid St. Arlington Heights, IL 60004 847/398/6805



Quarterly Newsletter - Winter 2003 Return Service Requested

A call to mission continued from page 6

All the proceeds from their jewelry business went to the Clerics of St. Viator for Belize missions. Anna says she knows the missions help people get food, better homes, clothes and medical help. “Missionaries spread God’s true word. I pray that God will continue to watch over the missions and that His will be done everywhere in the world,” she continued. Anna said she prays often and when she grows up would like to be a doctor who helps sick people in poor countries. “ I want to do a lot of things like Mother Theresa, but I want to get married,” she proclaimed. We are certain that with Anna’s determination and her strong love of God she will accomplish her future goals and the missions will be blessed by her giving spirit.

Viatorians E D U C A T O R S O F FA I T H The Clerics of St. Viator are religious priests and brothers sent by the Catholic Church to teach the faith and reclaim Jesus Christ as Gospel. In parishes, schools and a variety of ministries Viatorians work with Christian communities to live deepen and celebrate their faith. Fr. Dan Nolan, CSV Vocation Director 1212 E. Euclid St., Arlington Hts., IL 60004 847-398-0685

Viator Newsletter 2003 Winter  

Vol. 8, No. 1

Viator Newsletter 2003 Winter  

Vol. 8, No. 1