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Message from our Foundation Executive Director As we publish our second annual Impact Report for The VF Foundation, we reflect back on an unprecedented year around the world. From weathering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic to navigating the growing realities of racial and social injustice, it has been a year of extraordinary loss and revelations, as well as unparalleled acts of kindness, generosity and bold action. While this report provides data on our grantmaking impact in FY 2021, it also gives voice to remarkable stories of the true power of human innovation, optimism and resilience – even in the most challenging of times. You will read about the strength of individuals and communities coming together as a force for good, and about our company, Foundation, associates and partners working together like never before to help power relief and recovery, build roadmaps to help heal our planet and advance equity to foster a better future. We are so proud of the organizations we fueled, the causes we strengthened and the meaningful change we helped to power. We are humbled by the people we have met along the way and we look forward to sharing even more of their inspirational journeys and powerful stories of impact over the coming year. Beginning with the video below, we invite you to explore the many and diverse ways VF and The VF Foundation are making a meaningful difference in the communities where we operate around the world.

Gloria Schoch Director, Global Impact, VF Corporation

Message from our Foundation Board Chair

Foundation Executive Director

At VF Corporation, we’ve always been committed to being more than an apparel and footwear company. And with so much going on in the world over the past year, we’ve never been more certain of how important it is to be purpose led in everything we do. As we watched the effects of the pandemic take a toll on communities across the globe, we deepened our commitment to leveraging our resources and expertise for good. We supported and empowered the individuals and organizations who not only were already hard at work, but who were ready to change direction and create impact in new ways as COVID-19 and the spotlight on social justice changed the world. Together, VF Corporation’s family of brands and The VF Foundation donated more than $24 million in monetary and product donations to positively impact millions of people and the planet we share. This report will introduce you to some of the organizations we partnered with in FY 2021 and highlight the innovative ways they turned our grant funding into impact. As we continue building on our legacy of giving, we remain committed to listening, learning and powering relationships that generate tangible results to help create a more equitable and sustainable future for all. We believe that VF and our brands are uniquely positioned to help find solutions to some of society’s toughest issues. And we remain committed to leveraging The VF Foundation to help power the organizations and people who are doing their part to create a better world.

Steve Rendle Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation Foundation Board Chair

Powering What We Believe In

WW Worthy Work We believe in investing in educational pathways across the apparel, outdoor and skilled trades industries to build a pipeline of next-gen, inclusive leaders who can reach their full potential.

Our Legacy has Been Built by Staying True to our Values Since the Foundation’s inception in 2002, we have granted nearly $60 million in the communities where VF operates across the U.S. and around the world. We are proud to have a legacy of leveraging our resources and expertise to support



Outside Matters

Free To Be

We believe in the power of

We believe in fostering creativity and

nature, the importance of

self-expression, and empowering

protecting it and making it

those who are advancing diversity,

more accessible to all to foster

inclusivity and equity, to ensure that

sustainable and active lifestyles.

everyone has opportunities and support to follow their passions and dreams across our giving priorities.

people, organizations and causes that align with VF’s purpose to power movements of sustainable and active lifestyles for the betterment of people and our planet. The VF Foundation supports non-profit organizations whose vision and programming advance our priorities: Outside Matters, Worthy Work and Free to Be.

Disaster Relief & Recovery VF Corporation and The VF Foundation provide coordinated support for disaster and humanitarian relief and recovery efforts around the world. This includes monetary grants and product donations to organizations leading relief efforts, as well as employee donation matching and volunteer efforts. T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


FY 2021 Grantmaking & Global Impact Supported 91 Community Partners Whose Programming Aligns with Our Priorities 4DWN PROJECT INC


























































































OUTWARD BOUND INC T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


We are Proud of the Difference our Partners Make

Total Impact* 3,016,422

Individuals Served Through Programmatic Grants Each icon represents 50,000 people

Below are highlights of the impact created by the game-changers, planet-savers, go-getters and big thinkers we support. We share their vision, passion and commitment to important causes. Our grant partners put our funds to work in ways that change the world. Sometimes our grants help to advance work in progress; other times the funds help to get an innovative idea off the ground. Powerful change is enabled to elevate communities today and for generations to come.

$8,369,950 Total FY 2021 Grantmaking



Outside Matters

42% - $3,480,300

Worthy Work

Grant Partners








31% - $2,629,150 1%


Transgender or Non-Binary

14 - 22

49% Male

46% 0 - 13

BY RACE/ETHNICITY** 5% Disaster Relief & Recovery

23% - $1,950,000


Free To Be

4% - $310,500


Black or African American Hispanic, Latino, Latinx or Chicanx Native American or Alaskan Native

Our purpose fuels our priorities. Our priorities drive our actions. Our actions change the world.

Not Disclosed

43% Steve Rendle, Chairman, President and CEO, VF Corporation & Foundation Board Chair *Aggregate of data provided by grantees in FY 2021 Results Reports **Aggregate of data provided by U.S. grantees in FY 2021 Results Reports

20% 5% 4% 1%

Two or More Races White

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


Helping Non-Profits Weather the Storm

This year presented unprecedented challenges for non-profits and the causes and communities they serve. We watched these organizations make extraordinary pivots to find new and imaginative ways to continue fulfilling their purpose. We witnessed kindness and compassion grow exponentially when fear and vulnerability seemed to be surrounding us. We saw a resolute commitment to caring for the great outdoors as more people realized nature’s healing power. And we observed a renewed passion and fierce determination to work for inclusion and equity. In a year filled with unthinkable roadblocks, our grant partners innovated, prevailed and worked tirelessly to further our unified missions in the areas of Outside Matters, Worthy Work, Free to Be and Disaster Relief & Recovery. We encouraged their resilience and fueled their work, even when it looked different than what was originally planned. This impact report is a reflection of their can-do spirit. They powered through exceptional times, all while powering a better world.

Our partnership with The VF Foundation is unique. We share a strong alignment in our values, and we don’t have to explain to the Foundation the efficacy of helping people heal by time spent in the outdoors. That mutual understanding led to The VF Foundation’s unwavering support when we had a new idea to pivot and help our healthcare partners. Ray Shedd Director of Development, First Descents

First Descents


For over 20 years, First Descents has championed the healing power of adventure to provide life-changing outdoor experiences for young adults impacted by cancer and other serious health conditions. They had planned to use their grant from The VF Foundation to provide 2,000 of these adventure experiences in 2020. They ultimately served 235 oncology and MS participants with outdoor programs prior to canceling in-person activities in March. While they could no longer bring young adults together for adventures, First Descents found innovative ways to offer virtual programming and much-needed peer support to its community. At the same time, First Descents realized this was an incredible opportunity to pivot and deliver the healing power of adventure to an entirely new audience – the healthcare workers on the front line of the pandemic. And, The VF Foundation pivoted right along with them. “We have a relationship of trust with The VF Foundation,” explained Ryan O’Donoghue, CEO of First Descents. “And that made it easy for us to move together quickly, in an exciting new way, to meet a different need during the pandemic.”


T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

First Descents’ HERO RECHARGE program offers healthcare workers and first responders the opportunity to recharge and reconnect through adventures in beautiful, wild places. This program allows healthcare professionals to prioritize their mental health, nurture supportive peer relationships and process grief and loss. While HERO RECHARGE was originally designed to address the urgent community needs of the pandemic, it is now a long-term program of the organization. We are honored to partner with The VF Foundation to advance its Outside Matters priority. Together, we have increased outdoor participation for communities coping with serious health conditions and a workforce reeling from the trauma of a pandemic.

13 outdoor programs for173 healthcare workers in 6 of the hardest-hit cities participants reported a 76% ofreduction in stress and anxiety

Ryan O’Donoghue CEO, First Descents

participants reported feeling more 94% ofconnected to the healthcare community

In a typical year, First Descents works with over 520 hospitals and 1,000 healthcare influencers to reach their young adult patients. As COVID-19 spread, First Descents knew that these healthcare professionals were going to be greatly affected by the stress, trauma and human tragedy they were enduring. “We recognized the best way to be of service was to use our programs to care for frontline workers,” said Ray Shedd, Vice President of Advancement for First Descents. “Dunkin’ Donuts® made an early investment to help launch HERO RECHARGE and The VF Foundation quickly followed to reinforce this great need.” In total, over $800,000 was committed from a number of corporate, foundation, and individual donors, in 2020, and Emma Burick, Development Officer for First Descents, said, “When The VF Foundation models the way to provide emergency relief other philanthropists follow.”

$102,000 2020 GRANT $50,000 2021 GRANT

Powering the Mentors, Life-Changers and Skateboarders STOKED

Virtual Youth Mentoring and Mentor DEI Training Los Angeles, New York City & Chicago OM



50 teenage students with mentors for online workshops and more, Steve said the pandemic caused video conferencing burnout for many. “We knew we couldn’t reach as many people as we had hoped,” he said. “So, we switched and used the time and resources to better prepare mentors by offering them diversity, equity and inclusion training.” It became a huge hit and over 700 people in the action sports industry participated, including VF Corporation team members from Vans® and The North Face®. “Though we had to pivot this Dallas, TX year, we ended up doing so much more,” Steve OM WW FtB said. “This opened up a whole new avenue for mentors and will be powerful in helping kids find a career path in this industry.” Rob Cahill and Mike Crum are both retired pro-skateboarders and co-founders of 4DWN. As in-person activities opened up, STOKED Named for “four wheels down” which is short was also able to provide students with for a successful landing after a trick, the scholarships for a skateboarding camp, host organization began when the two wanted a skate basics summer program as well as to build a DIY skate park for the community. Summer Skate Fridays. They soon realized that even a $5 fee to enjoy the park was out of reach for many Dallasarea kids, so they started a non-profit. Their mentors engaged in diversity, equity and inclusion training skatepark is offered for free as a place to skate, find peer support, take art classes, play music and more.


Waste Not, Want Not Program

STOKED (Success, Teamwork, Openness, Kudos, Energy, Determination) is a mentoring and leadership development organization that empowers youth from underserved communities through action sports including skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Their STOKED Pipeline prepares young adults for careers in the action sports industry and beyond through career development workshops, mentoring and industry networking. Prior to 2020, they worked with 650 youth each year across the country. “For more than 12 years, we have been supported by Vans®, and that led to a conversation with The VF Foundation and Vans® on how they could amplify their collective impact,” Steve Larosiliere, Founder and President of STOKED, explained. “The Foundation is aware that there is a lack of diversity in the action sports industry, and they wanted to help change that.” In the wake of the pandemic, the original grant intended to fund an online e-mentoring program. While they were able to connect


provided for students 20 scholarships to attend Woodward Skate Camp

“The park is located in one of the most underresourced parts of town and we soon realized 4DWN’s Waste Not, Want Not food rescue program generates

1,000 POUNDS

of compost a week for their cultivation partners

New cold food storage expected to bring

10X INCREASE $25,000 2021 GRANT

in food distribution

Harold Hunter Foundation

HHF Legacy Program that it is also a food desert,” Rob said. “There isn’t a grocery store for miles and no access to fresh produce.” So, they expanded their vision for 4DWN and it became one of the only skate parks in the country with an urban farm. “Our park is in an industrial neighborhood surrounded by wholesale food warehouses,” Rob explained. “We watched as they sent truckloads of food to landfills. We knew there was a better way.”

New York City OM



across 25 skate parks were 135 skaters served by the Legacy Program sessions held for 18 skate women / queer / trans skaters

“We connected with The VF Foundation through our long-time association with Dickies®,” Rob said. “The grant they gave to us was the first grant we had ever received, and their support of this program increased our efficiency, helped us expand education and made it possible for us to add a cold storage unit that is a major asset to food rescue and cultivation for the neighborhood.”

Established in memory of legendary skateboarder Harold Hunter, The Harold Hunter Foundation is a grassroots, community-based organization that uses skateboarding as a vehicle to provide underserved youth in New York City and beyond with experiences that nurture creativity, resourcefulness and the development of life skills. With monetary and in-kind support from The VF Foundation, Dickies®, Vans®, Supreme® and other donors, they created the Harold Hunter Legacy Program. This program recruits the most passionate skaters from NYC’s five boroughs, builds a sense of community and helps them to share their love for skateboarding within a positive peer group. The program features weekly skate sessions and a series of monthly large group workshops focused on life and coping skills. It also includes bi-weekly small group meetings where participants develop skills to address the issues affecting their lives. Each program cohort concludes with a week away from the city at Camp Woodward, a world-renowned action sports camp in Pennsylvania.

$25,000 2021 GRANT

$25,000 2021 GRANT

Their urban farm practices regenerative farming and grows healthy food right from the skatepark. They are also building the world’s first Vertical Ramp Vertical Farm, which will generate seedlings and plants with a fraction of the water, time and space of traditional farming. “Through all of this, our skaters learn that the best way to help yourself is to help others,” Rob said.

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


Realizing Ambitions and an Equitable Talent Pipeline Fashion Scholarship Fund Alumni Mentoring Initiative USA WW


The Fashion Scholarship Fund (FSF) is a fashion-oriented education and workforce development non-profit, awarding $1 million+ each year in scholarships to students from diverse backgrounds seeking to pursue careers in the fashion industry. In 2020, with a grant from The VF Foundation, FSF launched its Alumni Mentoring Initiative to reach FSF alumni who have graduated from college in the last three years, with a focus on alumni from underrepresented backgrounds. “FSF has a longstanding track record of mentoring our scholars,” explained Peter Arnold, Executive Director of FSF. “But students one to three years out of school need support and guidance to help them navigate starting


new college graduates matched with mentors

sessions between 337 1:1 graduates and mentors attended 600 participants 3 online mentoring events 8

The partnership with The VF Foundation sparked conversations around how we can provide opportunities using even more data about equity. This grant enabled us to improve our program data intake and evaluation capacity and enhance our technology platforms to ultimately increase the impact of mentorship on each mentee’s career success. Peter Arnold, Executive Director, FSF

their careers. We especially wanted to pair mentees with near/peer mentors, particularly connecting graduates with executives of color within the industry.” Ifeoma Ike explained the importance of near/peer mentors. She is a consultant with FSF and founder of Pink Cornrows, a policy, communications and social impact firm catalyzing equity. Because of COVID-19, FSF switched to virtual mentoring and events which proved to be highly effective and enabled the program to reach people from a wider range of regions, fostering a stronger community. “This initiative was even more important to new mentees during the pandemic,” Ifeoma said. “They built optimism, confidence and found connections to help them regain their footing and develop a positive mindset.” We are looking at representation within industries where people of color are marginalized and underrepresented. I have been in industries where I haven’t seen myself – where I had to find my own mentors or sponsors. Ifeoma Ike Consultant, FSF & Founder, Pink Cornrows

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

$44,000 2020 GRANT $120,000 2021 GRANT



Circularity and Sustainable Design Asia WW


Redress is a pioneering environmental NGO that educates emerging designers on sustainability and serves as a catalyst in reducing waste in the fashion industry. Their Redress Design Award is the world’s largest sustainable fashion design competition. It puts sustainable design talent in the global spotlight and creates a unique platform for fashion game-changers to learn more and begin to transform the global fashion industry. This past year’s winner, Jessica Chang, won the opportunity to design a sustainable capsule collection with VF’s Timberland® team.

The industry needs knowledgeable professionals entering the market and our work to educate the future generation of designers and business owners is vital. Christina Dean Founder, Redress

Hannah Lane, Director of Partnerships at Redress, explained, “Participants learn about fashion’s environmental impacts and gain insight in sustainable design techniques of zero-waste, up-cycling and reconstruction. They are challenged to transform textile waste into stunning, scalable and commercially viable collections to inspire and redress the world.” Redress Founder Christina Dean said, “Our shared vision of ensuring that the fashion industry leaves a positive impact is core to our partnership. VF and The VF Foundation are among few organizations truly demonstrating a progressive approach to sustainability, and the opportunity for the competition winner to gain real-life industry experience with its brands is a true career-changing opportunity.”

Supporting Redress aligns with our purpose of bettering people and the planet, and watching our global teams embrace this competition to mentor the next generation of designers is incredibly rewarding.

“The Redress Design Award showcases what is possible when emerging designers have the opportunity to innovate around sustainability,” said Sean Cady, Vice President of Global Sustainability, Responsibility and Trade at VF Sean Cady, Vice President, Corporation. Sean served as one of the judges for the Global Sustainability, Responsibility and Trade, VF Corporation competition and said that fostering talent and innovation is both good for business and a necessity for the future of $1 9 , 5 0 0 2 01 9 G R A N T $ 5 0 , 0 0 0 2 0 2 2 G R A N T our planet.

Powering Next-Gen, Out-Of-The-Box Thinkers and Leaders The VF Foundation is proud to partner with colleges and universities that are finding engaging and innovative ways to inspire students and foster a diverse talent pipeline for the apparel, outdoor and skilled trades industries.




Colorado Mesa University Foundation Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies Sarah Shrader is the Founder of the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of Grand Valley, a group of businesses and organizations committed to economic development in the outdoor recreation industry in western Colorado. She is also the Program Director for the new Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies degree at Colorado Mesa University, where a grant from The VF Foundation is helping the University empower a more diverse pipeline of well-trained graduates ready for leadership roles in the outdoor industry.

“Through the Outdoor Recreation Coalition, I connected with VF Corporation and The VF Foundation,” Sarah said. “I shared that CMU’s program was filled with amazing students who were first-generation college students, women and students of color and that these are the people we need in the outdoor industry.” She said the mission of The VF Foundation is in direct alignment 9

Colorado Mountain College Foundation

To expand outdoor education and community engagement with the outdoors, grant money funded scholarships for five non-traditional students pursuing sustainability degrees. It was also used to fund a feasibility study to create an Outdoor Industry Minor curriculum, as well as an initial study on creating a Soft Goods Fabric Program at the school’s Aspen campus. Grant funds also helped to create directional signage and self-guided tours for the college’s Bear Park Permaculture Center.

Camber Outdoors

Camber Outdoors is a community of nearly 300 non-profits and businesses committed to accelerating systemic workplace change within the outdoor recreation industry by providing programming, resources and tools to organizations committed to creating inclusive cultures, implementing equitable systems and attracting diverse talent to their workplaces.

North Carolina State University Foundation Receiving The VF Foundation scholarship is an honor and means more to me than just getting help financially. I plan on pursuing a career that helps conserve the natural world around us for future generations. Sierra L. Scholarship Recipient Outdoor Recreation Industry Studies

with how CMU strives to create an inclusive, diversified workforce that will strengthen the industry as a whole. “We need new faces in the workforce, in leadership and in the boardroom,” she said. With The VF Foundation grant, 10 scholarships were awarded for the new program. “We are preparing students to go into a wide variety of careers from tourism and conservation to outdoor education, working in the ski industry, adventure filmmaking and more. They’re learning how to succeed in business, affect policy and develop new products,” Sarah said. “This degree and the scholarships are not only opening up new worlds to a diverse group of students, they are a game-changer for the industry.”

The VF Foundation grant funded 153 scholarships for underrepresented, non-traditional students in the Wilson College of Textiles, Poole College of Management and the College of Design. Additionally, funding supported DEI training for faculty and staff in Textiles and made it possible for The College of Design to offer Design Identities, a virtual artistic program to further their diversity and inclusion goals.

Oregon State University Foundation

The grant supported the design and delivery of a survey to capture workforce trends in recruitment, retention and diversity and inclusion strategies in the outdoor industry. Funds were also used to support and help train participants in the first National Outdoor Recreation Economy Workforce Development Consortium, bringing universities together from across the country to foster an inclusive talent pipeline.

Western Colorado University Foundation

Funds were used to advance the Inclusion and Diversity Action Plan for the University’s Outdoor Industry MBA program and were also used to help award two scholarships to individuals from underrepresented populations. The Outdoor Industry MBA includes concentrations in specialized courses including Sustainable Outdoor Product Development, Resort and Hospitality Management, Natural Resource Regulation and Economics and more.

10 The VF Foundation

scholarships funded by

participated in this 58 students program in its first year

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

$835,000 2021 & 2022 GRANTS


Employers across the $887 billion outdoor recreation economy represent more than


Take Action Initiative

Grant funds supported Camber’s initiative to help companies move beyond awareness and intent of DEI to tangible action in building inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces. Their Building Blocks of DEI Series disseminates workplace DEI best practices across all levels of an organization through modules, podcasts and tools, and drives long-term outdoor industry impact in the form of enhanced career access and employee engagement, satisfaction and retention. Additionally, funding from The VF Foundation was used to support scholarships and increase participation in the Camber Professional Mentoring Program honoring Ann Krick for women in the outdoor industry with an increased emphasis on using mentoring as a tool for creating inclusive, equitable and diverse workplaces, as well as professional development in the increasingly diverse outdoor recreation economy. “The VF Foundation grant was especially pivotal for the mentorship program as it became a professional anchor in the midst of health disparities, layoffs, family obligations and a global pandemic. Camber strategically aligns our DEI programming to meet workplace challenges across the nation,” Tiffany Smith, Chief Development Officer at Camber, said.

$1 5 5 , 0 0 0 2 0 21 G R A N T S $1 4 0 , 0 0 0 2 0 2 2 G R A N T

Advancing the Work of Urban Game-Changers We Are Urban (WAU!) Bosco Invisibile Italy

Salazar Center for North American Conservation Thriving Cities Challenge

USA, Puerto Rico, Canada & Mexico OM


The Thriving Cities Challenge is an incentive competition led by the Salazar Center for North American Conservation. It focuses on finding innovative solutions to improve the equity, health and resilience of urban communities in North America. Founded in 2018, the Salazar Center had previously hosted a conservation challenge focusing on large landscapes. “We knew we wanted to shift to urban environments,” explained Beth Conover, Executive Director of the Salazar Center. “Cities are facing the effects of climate change and dealing with policies that often leave communities of color more vulnerable to the extreme weather that climate change brings. So, this conservation impact incentive prize, the Thriving Cities Challenge, focuses on advancing and amplifying racial equity and BIPOC leadership in North American cities.” tree steward training will also be offered to local volunteers who can then serve as leaders in their communities, engaging neighbors in planting and caring for trees. The Urban Tree Hub will further be the future location of an urban tree nursery, with a planned land purchase and infrastructure improvements to prepare to plant nursery stock. Throughout, the project team will continue to explore opportunities to create workforce development training, with the goal of employing individuals who have had experience with the incarceration system in the planting and maintenance of trees. If successful, this project will provide a scalable model for bringing trees directly to the neighborhoods that need them the most and for empowering communities to tackle the challenges of climate change through workforce development opportunities. Learn more about Western Reserve Land Conservancy at, and watch the team’s proposal video.



submitted from across 52 applications the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada & Mexico teams awarded capacity-building 15 finalist grants, training and mentorship opportunities

8 winning teams received implementation awards Catie Boehmer, Communications and Engagement Manager of the Salazar Center said, “This Challenge aims to generate new and different ideas to advance climate resilience and racial equity through solutions in the applicants’ urban communities.” There is no universal solution for every city in North America to adapt to these issues. The Salazar Center believes that the way a city approaches these challenges has to be unique to its community members and its geography and that those most affected must lead the charge for change. The VF Foundation grant helped fund staff time, awareness building, website development, application portals and prize money for The Challenge. The VF Foundation was the first funder to support the program. The Salazar Center was able to leverage that investment to secure an

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

OM We were looking for nature-based solutions to achieve climate resilience and remove key barriers to health and equity, support racial equity and prevent or mitigate the destructive impacts of climate change.


​​ We Are Urban (WAU!) works in Milan, Naples and other regions in Italy with a mission to take care of cities in a myriad of ways that municipalities can’t. “We clean parks, create Catie Boehmer, cultural happenings, paint walls that were Communications and Engagement Manager, destroyed by vandalism and more,” said Salazar Center Donata Andreutti, Secretary of WAU! “Our aim additional $500k in funding. This allowed them is to create awareness about how individuals to increase the program’s scope, raising the can keep their cities clean and inviting.” She finalist teams from seven to fifteen and awarding explained their work as “Tactical Urbanism” eight winning teams instead of one. because they often transform places that aren’t well utilized in a city, such as turning Finalists were chosen from a pool of 52 an unused street into a gathering place, or applicants representing a range of communitya parking lot into a plaza through color, new led efforts across the United States, Puerto Rico, street furniture and plants. Canada and Mexico, as well as several Tribal Nations and Indigenous groups. Each finalist team, including the eight winning teams, received a $10,000 capacity-building grant, along with training and mentorship opportunities.

$146,000 2021 GRANT

100 volunteer change-makers 27 classrooms with improved air quality When Timberland® associates inquired about doing team-building with WAU!, Donata’s group learned about The VF Foundation. The grant from the Foundation funded a project to repaint the inside of a local primary school with Airlite®, which, according to Airlite®, is a paint that improves air quality. The grant funded paint for 27 classrooms, corridors and the gymnasium. “It wasn’t just good for the school,” said Donata, “It helped raise awareness about the importance of clean air and environmental stewardship among a new generation of students.”

$25,000 2021 GRANT

Partnering with Those Who Connect Everyone to the Outdoors Trust for Public Land

The purpose of this park is to alleviate chronic flooding through its innovative design, offer safe, close-to-home access to stay active outside, build community connection and climate resiliency and pay homage to the area’s rich history

Closing the Outdoor Equity Gap USA OM

The VF Foundation and the family of VF brands have a collaborative partnership with Trust for Public Land to amplify collective impact. Mary Chranko, Director of Corporate Partnerships at Trust for Public Land, says that what is unique about the relationship is that The VF Foundation is highly engaged with projects and identifies opportunities with shared vision and goals. “Our organizations have great alignment with our mutual dedication to ‘Outside Matters’ and bringing nature and outdoor experiences to communities across the U.S., particularly underserved areas where there has not been equitable access,” Mary said. “Thanks to support from The VF Foundation, some of the nation’s most underserved communities will realize their visions for safe, vibrant parks and greenways and welcoming trails and natural areas.”

Equitable Communities Fund

The outbreak of COVID-19 underscored the importance of open space for health, wellness, happiness and overall quality of life. People turned to the outdoors like never before for fresh air, exercise and a much-needed break. But this also exposed stark inequities in park access for lowerincome and minority communities. To combat this, Trust for Public Land activated The VF Foundation’s seed gift and additional funding from others to form The Equitable Communities Fund. This fund created community-driven, community-designed parks and other open spaces that • provide economic and outdoor relief for communitybased groups most impacted by the pandemic. The Fund generates resources, capacity and financial support for parks • where they are needed most, and helps people enjoy outdoor experiences as they cope with the pandemic while bolstering their resilience to future challenges.

The VF Foundation grant helped to fund the wall murals and supported a steering committee of residents who identified two local artists for the projects. Trust for Public Land hopes this committee will grow into a long-term “Friends of the Park” stewardship group.

Westwood Via Verde - Denver, CO

Alice Branch Creek NEXT STEPS

June 30, 2020 – Virtual Groundbreaking

Denver’s Westwood Via Verde (Greenway) runs through a community with one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in Denver, and 87% of children in Westwood schools qualify for free or reduced lunches. With funding from The VF Foundation, Trust for Public Land connected a network of neighborhood amenities through wayfinding and multimodal infrastructure, partnered with D3 Arts and community members to complete a photo mural addressing gang violence and completed a visioning process for a new skatepark and art campus.

Fall 2020 – Site Remediation (debris and litter removal, removal of invasive The park will fulfill the community’s vision for a world-class skate park, cultural center and species, infrastructure installation, etc) Cook Park - Atlanta, GA In Atlanta’s Historic Vine City, two new permanent wall•murals have a home at Cook Park to honor and promote the history of music in the neighborhood and the neighborhood’s central role in the Civil Rights Movement. Cook Park is in a community that has been affected by years of underinvestment and environmental challenges.

gang intervention hub

Spring 2021 – Heavy Construction South Oak Cliff (grading, concrete, lighting, equipment Renaissance Park - Dallas, TX The groundbreaking for South Oak Cliff Renaissance installation, etc)

The VF Foundation aligns with our goals of supporting community members and groups in the creation of public art, greenways and parks that reflect their needs and culture.

Summer 2021 – Grand Opening!


T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

Kevin J. Beaty/

Los Angeles’ Urban Orchard transformed vacant and unused land along the Los Angeles River into a vibrant multi-benefit park. Located in an underserved, denselypopulated community that faces environmental pollution challenges and social vulnerability, this project is addressing park disparities and environmental injustices. The grant from The VF Foundation helped fund a mural that graces a water tower and acts as a beacon for park visitors. During workshops co-facilitated by a Tongva (Indigenous people of California) artist commissioned by Trust for Public Land, residents asked for the mural to include imagery celebrating nature along the Los Angeles River, as well as the city’s rich history and culture.

38,000+ lives improved by these projects The Dallas Project will increase park access by over the next five years, making it the leading park access city in Texas


Park was the beginning of a resurgence for Dallas’ Oak Cliff Neighborhood. With The VF Foundation grant, discarded tires and overgrown brush were replaced by a The North Face’s® “Walls are Meant for Climbing” campaign has walking trail, fitness equipment, and, thanks to The North ® Face , a custom rock-climbing boulder unlike any amenity in the city. In Dallas, 415,000 people do not have access to a park close to home. This project is part with youth around the country as part of several of a regional greenbelt of trails and 500 acres of open of The VF Foundation funded park projects space where Trust for Public Land projects will increase park access by 10 percent over the next five years, making it the leading park access city in Texas. $ 5 0 0 , 0 0 0 2 0 21 G R A N T $ 7 0 0 , 0 0 0 2 0 2 2 G R A N T S


Mary Chranko Director of Corporate Partnerships, Trust for Public Land

Urban Orchard - Los Angeles, CA


Supporting Creative Visionaries and Urban Game-Changers

Downtown Denver Partnership

16th Street Mall Urban Art Walk Denver, CO FtB


people will enjoy the RiNo ArtPark each year


families participated in free programming

RiNo Gives Back

RiNo ArtPark Youth Education Denver, CO OM


The RiNo (River North) Art District in Denver is a former industrial hub that became full of empty warehouses when industry moved out of the area. In 2005, local artists established the River North Art District in the Five Points neighborhood to create a community that would connect artists, creative businesses, architects, galleries, furniture makers, painters, photographers and more. RiNo Gives Back is one of the ways this District invests in the community and The VF Foundation’s grant helped to fund part of their new RiNo ArtPark project and community art activities. “We are working to engage youth with art, ensuring that they have access to free or low-cost programs


youth engaged in online and in-person outdoor art lessons and activities

and collaborative gathering spaces,” said Marian Pulford, Development Director of RiNo Art District.

With the grant money from The VF Foundation, Sharon and “We did have to pivot because of COVID-19,” explained Molly her team started by hiring local artist, Thomas “Detour” Pailet, the Director of RiNo ArtPark. “Instead of all in-person Evans, to paint a mural on a large trailer in the vibrant, events, we created a combination of online art classes and multicultural Five Points neighborhood. Then, they focused in-person activities. Participants were able to pick up art kits on Denver’s 16th Street Mall and the idea to hire artists to from the local library and join Zoom calls with artists.” reimagine downtown. “This grant also supported local businesses and artists by bringing more attention and traffic to the district,” Marian said. “Many people will feel the rippling economic effects of the pandemic for years and especially hard hit will be lowerincome communities. During this time art and creativity are more essential than ever, and our youth programming provides empowering ways for children and families to improve their physical, emotional, economic and mental health in the outdoors.”

Thomas “Detour” Evans Mural Artist

$ 5 0,0 0 0 2021 G R A NT $ 4 0,0 0 0 2022 G R A NT

work was funded to 17 artists’ reimagine Denver’s urban core visitors explored 100,000+ downtown the Urban Art Adventure Walk

“We brought 17 diverse local artists together to paint and share their stories,” Sharon explained. “The finished pieces were showcased over Labor Day weekend at the Urban Art Adventure Art Walk. Art is a big part of Denver’s culture, and by incorporating more design elements along 16th Street, we attract more people downtown to enjoy it.” “One of the goals for this funding was to reduce barriers and do intentional outreach to artists,” Sharon said. “The VF Foundation absolutely made that possible.”

My inspiration for creating ‘Kayla’ was to add a lot of color to the space while showcasing a fantastic Denver resident and musician. I truly wanted this mural to have local representation and honor the music scene that was influenced by the Five Points neighborhood.

20% of families in the four surrounding neighborhoods live below the poverty line. The VF Foundation grant was instrumental in helping us start much-needed programming for the community that we would have had to wait several years to activate. Molly Pailet Director, RiNo ArtPark

Last year, Sharon Alton, Senior Vice President of Downtown Experience for the Downtown Denver Partnership and staff from The VF Foundation talked about their mutual desire to bring more life and color to urban spaces, invite the community to move and explore outside and engage artists from a wide variety of backgrounds. “We also wanted to find a way to support artists and create community connection during the pandemic, which was especially hard on the creative community,” Sharon said.

The VF Foundation grant allowed us to pay each artist $1,000. The diversity of the artists we chose helped to bring an authentic urban storytelling vibe to Downtown while building a sense of pride and community connection. Trenyese Shields Public Events Coordinator Downtown Denver Partnership

$25,000 2021 GRANT T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


Supporting Those Who Care for the Earth and Make It More Accessible

Coordinators were funded to expand 2 Ranger NPC’s volunteer network and impact Rangers activated to help make 110 volunteer London healthier, greener and wilder

Ben explained that they have a vision of a network of Rangers working to catalyze projects that are positive for London’s environment and improve people’s health and wellbeing. The volunteer Rangers, ages 14 to 72, help tackle the climate and ecological crises, scale greening initiatives and conservation activities, run education and youth programs, improve access to green and blue space and inspire Londoners to eat better, get outside to exercise, explore and have fun. “Our Foundation was created to spread the knowledge of how to create a National Park City in other cities,” Ben said. “We’d like to see 25 National Park Cities globally by 2025. Here in London, our vision is for a full-time foundation staff and 1,000 Rangers.”

The Nature Conservancy

People for Nature & Nature for People Colorado and New Hampshire OM

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) works to create a world where people and nature can thrive. This year, they put a grant from The VF Foundation to work in Colorado and New Hampshire.

Fishers Peak State Park

This new Colorado State Park was created through a partnership between TNC, Trust for Public Land and Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Grant funding from The VF Foundation helped advance the master plan. “This is raising the bar in combining conservation and recreation,” said Matt Moorhead, Conservation Partnerships Director for TNC in Colorado. The project’s Inclusivity Expert Review Panel identified barriers to participation and connected with historically-underrepresented stakeholders. Additionally, Tribal Nations were invited to participate in the planning and helped tell the story of the land’s historical and cultural significance. The first trails were created with efforts from local Trinidad State Junior College students. Matt hopes engagement like this will be another way to support the community by attracting more students to study resource management and professional trail building. The park will provide habitat for wildlife and boost the local economy


acres of protected park space,


trails opened

VF Corporation’s Timberland® brand helped to promote and support the National Park City Foundation through its Nature Needs Heroes campaign, donating jackets and boots for the Rangers and providing £75,000 in funding to support the first year of the Ranger Programme. The VF Foundation provided funding to continue the sustainability of the program after its first year.

The Manchester Cedar Swamp All Persons Trail

“The original vision for this trail was to make it universally accessible,” said Joanne Glode, Southern NH Stewardship Ecologist at The Nature Conservancy. “We went to the community and asked how we could improve upon it and their responses resulted in many features that we wouldn’t have thought of.” She said The VF Foundation grant helped cover the cost of those community listening sessions where they collected input that would later be implemented, including constructing an expanded parking area with accessible parking spaces, widening the 1.2 mile-long trail to accommodate wheelchairs and guide dogs, upgrading trail surfaces, installing benches along the trail, constructing an observational platform, integrating interpretive panels explaining the ecology of the preserve and addressing social barriers to accessing the trail located in the heart of downtown Manchester.

$500,000 2021 GRANT $510,000 2022 GRANT

National Park City Foundation National Park City Ranger Programme

London, United Kingdom OM


London National Park City is the world’s first National Park City. Its name distinguishes it from traditional Urban National Parks which are found inside or beside cities, but don’t include entire cities. Ben Smith, Trustee for the National Park City Foundation and an environmental consultant, said, “The key aim of these National Park Cities is to work together to improve relationships between people and nature, wildlife and habitats, clean air and healthy waterways, and outdoor play and learning.” National Park Cities link public space and green space with everything from cycling, walking and kayaking to outdoor art and performances.

We are amplifying the role of nature in the city. We’re connecting citizens, communities, schools, businesses and local government to mobilize projects that help make the city greener, healthier and wilder. Ben Smith Trustee, National Park City Foundation and environmental consultant

$50,000 2021 GRANT T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


Improving Haitian Lives & Protecting Our Planet nurseries funded, yielding 679,145 29 trees for reforestation & slope stabilization increase in the area where 20% smallholder farmers grow cotton, improving livelihoods and climate resiliency new farms with 112 farmers 56 benefitting from The VF Foundation’s investment

Impact Farming Foundation Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA) Agroforestry Program Haiti OM


Haiti’s agricultural economy has been in crisis for decades due to deforestation, changes in climate, and a lack of training and resources for smallholder farmers (farmers tending to five acres or less). The Impact Farming Foundation (IFF) is helping reverse this trend by supporting Haiti’s Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA). The SFA aims to revive the agricultural sector and help reforest Haiti by using a new agroforestry model through which smallholders plant trees to earn credits that they exchange for seed, tools, training and other agricultural and community services. The VF Foundation grant to the IFF made it possible to address the escalating agricultural and economic crisis in Haiti, made worse by the outbreak of COVID-19. With the funds, IFF expanded the area where smallholder farmers grow cotton and consolidated their cotton supply chain from field to export. Additionally, the Haiti Green Corps, a new 6 to 12-month long national program, was designed for Haitian university graduates to advance best practices in sustainable agriculture and agroforestry in their backyard. 14

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


New farmer members of the SFA on average see a increase in their crop yields along with a increase in income


Funding from The VF Foundation grant also fueled innovative new technology for smallholder farmers. The SFA’s new data-gathering app tracks the agricultural, financial, social and environmental impacts of cotton growing and processing. Grant money helped fund the creation of new features for the app including tracking organic regenerative cotton practices, tree planting metrics and data valuation that improves the quality and transparency of data used by third-party certifiers. “This app makes it so individual farmers can own the data they provide and eventually sell the data to companies committed to using regenerative cotton in their products,” Hugh Locke, President of Impact Farming Foundation and Smallholder Farmers Alliance explained. “It means we can verify regenerative crops sold in small farms to build a farmer’s wealth while protecting the planet.” “This app also lets us tell consumers the stories about the farmers who grew that product,” said Atlanta McIlwraith, Director of Global Community Engagement and Activation at Timberland®. “A growing number of consumers care about the people behind the products they buy. Information gathered through the app will enable us to raise consumer awareness and their sense of connection to the cotton farmers at the beginning of the supply chain.”

Timberland® and The VF Foundation moved from valued partners to innovative investors. The reintroduction of cotton growing to Haitian farmers followed Timberland’s® successful five-year partnership with the SFA to plant 5 million trees in five years in Haiti. After five years, not only had the SFA farmer members planted the trees, but they had also experienced an average 40% increase in crop yields which led to a 50-100% increase in farmer incomes. “We saw this success and started thinking about what the farmers could grow that we could purchase and use in our products, allowing us to truly become an investor in these farmers in a more meaningful way,” Atlanta said. So, Timberland® invested in a feasibility study to bring cotton back to Haiti, helped start commercial planting and launch footwear products that have cotton grown exclusively by SFA. Given the proven success of the pilot, The VF Foundation joined the effort with Timberland® to catalyze and amplify stakeholder impact.

SFA’s work is proving to be a powerful and replicable model for other small-scale farmers in other parts of the world to improve their lives and protect our planet. Timote Georges, Country Director and Co-Founder Smallholder Farmers Alliance (SFA)

Funds from this grant helped to educate rural farm communities about how to take

COVID-19 PRECAUTIONS and made it possible to provide additional seeds, goats and emergency food vouchers to address the food security crisis triggered by the pandemic

$150,000 2021 GRANT $210,000 2022 GRANT

Powering Women Who are Building Up the Next Generation She Built this City

Creating Career Pathways in Skilled Trades Charlotte, NC WW

Women’s Wilderness

Outdoor G.I.R.L.S.

Front Range, Colorado OM

$5,000 to fund 2 youth programming / volunteer events stipends for an adult workforce $11,000 for development pilot program


Founded by Demi Knight Clark, a residential construction industry executive, She Built This City (SBTC) works to empower girls and non-binary individuals ages 7-17, and those who are entering the workforce, with construction trade skills and fearless confidence. Through afterschool programs, camps, workshops, women-focused career fairs and conferences they are sparking interest in construction and “maker” trades. Their mission is advocating for space for women and non-binary

75 women and girls participated in building events and activities


Outdoor G.I.R.L.S. (Girl Immigrant and Refugee Leadership Series) is a year-round program offered by Women’s Wilderness. It uses the power of connecting to the outdoors and play to support the physical and mental health, social connectivity and leadership development of girls and young women who identify as immigrants, refugees and asylees.

they want to build duck habitats creates excitement!” She explained that after conveying the “why” they go on to talk about the “what” and finally the “how.” “For next-generation social entrepreneurs it’s not just about making money,” LaToya said. “They are much more focused on the why, and how it will impact others.” SBTC also shows young women and girls that the trades are not necessarily what they thought they were. “We are repackaging the trades as a lucrative career choice,” said LaToya.

individuals in the trades, working towards a goal of 50/50 equity by 2030. LaToya Faustin, Executive Director of She Built This City, said, “Workforce development and career decisions start at a young age. Early exposure to STEM education for girls is an important factor in the career paths they choose. By the time they reach high school, some have decided that they don’t like math and it can be difficult to change this mindset.” LaToya explained the way SBTC engages girls with construction skills is by showing them the “why” of a project. “If you ask a group of girls if they want to use a drill, they will often say no,” she said. “But asking them if

We have a heavy art curriculum because construction is an art, it just hasn’t been marketed that way. We are rebranding it to appeal to girls and women and they thrive in this space once they’re introduced to it. LaToya Faustin, Executive Director, SBTC 15

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

LaToya said they are grateful for the grant from The VF Foundation which supported staffing and materials for a project where girls built little libraries with Providence Day School, constructed iPhone holders with the Girl Scouts, built tables for a shared space that hosts Innovation Alley workshops with the Charlotte chapter of National Association of Women in Construction and hosted a volunteer day. Funding was also used as part of a stipend for women going through the organization’s trades training program. COVID-19 has disproportionately impacted women, especially women of color, and LaToya also said that as they look to the future they are working even harder to make sure that the trades are diverse in both gender and ethnicity and that these groups are well-trained and adept at the technology that will be needed to be successful.

SBTC is creating more pathways for women in the construction and manufacturing industry, more on-ramps for women in the trades and new approaches for training to address the widening gap for women $15,000 2021 GRANT

Girls participate in weekly climbing, nature immersion and leadership skill-building sessions. The pilot program in Denver’s East Colfax neighborhood included weekly sessions at a community center, nature immersion exercises in city parks, climbs at local gyms, field trips throughout the Front Range and immersive hiking, backpacking and climbing trips in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. Activities are led by certified Women’s Wilderness instructors and young women leaders ages 16-21 from the girls’ communities. In return, these young leaders receive stipends and training to advance their skills in program design, facilitation and outdoor recreation. Funds from The VF Foundation grant were used to cover program costs, as well as expanded costs for transportation and staffing to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions.

$23,000 2021 GRANT $25,000 2022 GRANT

Girls at Work

Build Me Up Program

Manchester, New Hampshire WW

This New Hampshire-based organization empowers girls through woodworking. Their programs build confidence, self esteem and resilience for 8-18-year-old girls who participate in their programs. After school programs for girls third through fifth grade, leadership programs for girls in middle school, and summer camp are a few of the many programs designed to empower girls to feel confident, strong and capable. The grant was used to offer innovative programming at no cost to girls in need. Over 94% of participants would be unable to attend the powerful workshops without financial assistance. “We were honored to receive this grant because of our meaningful relationship with Timberland® and now The VF Foundation also,” said Elaine Hamel, Founder and Program Director for Girls at Work. “Scholarship funds for our programming have a tremendous impact on our ability to reach the girls who need us most.” The program continues to grow through partnerships with the school district and other youth-serving agencies and they are also introducing a collaboration with partners to advance STEM learning for middle and high school girls. A speaker series of women in the trade profession is also in the works to expose girls to the potential career opportunities that exist but are not encouraged.

$40,000 2021 GRANT

Working Side-by-Side for the Safety and Self-Sufficiency of the World’s Women United Nations Foundation


The Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains for Women in Global Value Chains Bangladesh and India

The Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains is a new, first-of-its-kind funding initiative that is redefining what is possible in corporate philanthropy through pooled investments, a democratized process and women-led change. “The Resilience Fund provides unrestricted grants to local and regional women’s funds, female-led organizations and feminist leaders who know best what their own communities need,” said David Wofford, a Senior Director with the United Nations Foundation’s Universal Access Project (UAP), which manages the fund. The fund offers companies, corporate foundations and other donors the opportunity to chart new courses with feminist © BSR’s HERproject™ leaders as true partners in shaping philanthropic strategies, engaging those who are at the center of change in their communities. The Fund is currently supporting organizations in India and Bangladesh that prioritize women’s safety, security and sexual and reproductive health and rights as long-term drivers of economic resilience, with planned expansion to Southeast Asia in 2022. “Investing in women-led organizations is more important now than ever because women have been more vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19 including increased violence and care-taking responsibilities, lost wages and jobs and limited access to healthcare, including family planning services, leading in some cases to unintended pregnancies,” David explained. “This is particularly true across global value chains in sectors like agriculture and apparel where women make up large parts of the workforce.” The Fund was jointly developed by Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), Women Win/ Win-Win Strategies and UAP, in collaboration with several brands. Before the pandemic, UAP had already been talking with The VF Foundation about joining a UAP initiative that engaged major corporations to make measurable commitments to women’s health and empowerment in its supply chain. During the pandemic, The VF Foundation was an early investor that asked what could be done to best help these women, recognizing the need to go beyond emergency relief. “The idea was to be more systemic and drive philanthropy in new ways. The Fund partners wanted to invest in women and focus on value chain communities where local grassroots organizations could address the needs of current and future workers and advance transformative solutions,” David said. 16

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

We are redefining corporate philanthropy and working to make sure we are not just giving power to the funders, but trusting people on the ground Lorem ipsum officia quam hit a ilia si as sit omnim to determine how funds are best spent to advance latist liti si aperumq uiscimusame doluptam, tet odit ommolenis delicipsam, cuptam faccus porepel gender equality as the pandemic evolves.” ium quist accuptur ratquid ut pro et alignata uritem.

© BSR’s HERproject™

Wofford R E A D David M O RE Senior Director, Private Sector Strategy & Engagements United Nations Foundation LOREM IPSUM

Currently, the Fund has raised $5.25 million from eight investors, mostly in the apparel industry. The goal is to raise at least $10 million and invest in several regions. In 2021, it awarded almost $1 million in grants to 33 organizations in Bangladesh and India in partnership with Women’s Fund Asia.

The Fund was named

1 OF 11 BEST-IN CLASS CASE STUDIES featured in the World Economic Forum’s 2021 Lighthouse Report on Social Justice through Stakeholder Inclusion


of grants supported women’s funds in the Global South that redistribute resources swiftly and effectively and ensure local transparency and accountability for investments

2/3 of grants supported primarily women-led, community-based organizations and those that are committed to significantly increasing women in senior management positions Before COVID-19, women made up:

75% of apparel workers 60-80% 41%

Learning is central to the Fund. This includes a Learning Hub in which grantees of export manufacturing workers share their experiences in real time and are exposed to new sources of funding and partnership; and brands are able to develop relationships with these grassroots, feminist of agricultural laborers organizations with whom they may otherwise not have connections. David added, This fund invests in communities in these value chains “When companies garner new insights about what works locally, it will help inform their social activities and community investments and provide a deeper understanding of the issues facing women in their value chains.” $250,000 2021 GRANT $250,000 2022 GRANT

VF Associates Volunteered People Power Habitat for Humanity

Team Building Through Home Building Global WW

At VF, connection drives meaningful change. When the personal passions of our associates align with our efforts to make a positive impact, we unleash great potential for real progress in our communities and beyond. Volunteerism energizes our associates as agents for social change. Our commitment drives every one of us – from our CEO to our newest colleagues – to give our time and expertise to the causes we care about. VF plans to grant 40 hours of paid time off (PTO) per year for full-time associates and up to 20 hours of PTO per year for part-time associates who volunteer with eligible nonprofits, like Habitat for Humanity. Habitat believes affordable housing plays a critical role in strong and thriving communities. In 2021 and 2022, The VF Foundation funded four Habitat for Humanity home builds. VF associates also donated their time and talent to help build three of the homes in their local communities.

Denver, CO

These meaningful volunteer opportunities enable our associates to come together to embody the company’s purpose, as well as to reflect on our collective power to deliver a positive impact on people, communities and our shared planet. Anita Graham EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer & Public Affairs, VF Corporation & Foundation Board Vice Chair

Greensboro, NC

Funds from The VF Foundation grant were used to build a The Denver home funded by The VF Foundation is part of house in the Willow Oaks Community in Greensboro which Habitat Denver’s Homeownership Program, in the Swansea neighborhood, to build community wealth for generations to come. will become home to a family of four. With the rising cost of rent, this home will help them gain financial stability and create better opportunities for their family.

Fort Worth, TX

Trinity Habitat for Humanity in Fort Worth makes a sustainable impact for families and empowers women in construction. The home funded by The VF Foundation was a Women Build Project spearheaded in partnership ® with VF’s Dickies brand and their Women’s Employee Resource Group. Funding supported the construction of a Partnership Home for a single mother, helping to address the housing crisis faced by many women and children in the Fort Worth Area.


100+ VF associate volunteers mobilized across three U.S. projects

1.6 BILLION PEOPLE globally lack adequate shelter It’s powerful to see colleagues who haven’t been able to connect in the workplace due to the pandemic come together to create meaningful change in our community. Paige B. Associate, VF 17

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T

Habitat for Humanity is helping over

22 MILLION PEOPLE improve their housing conditions across the U.S. and 70 other countries

The VF Foundation grant has meant hope for many families who had lost it, as a result of COVID-19 and the passage of Hurricanes ETA and IOTA in Honduras. Decreasing the country’s housing deficit helps fulfill the belief that safe and affordable housing is a crucial foundation for breaking the cycle of poverty. Alberto Benítez Director Ejecutivo, Hábitat para la Humanidad Honduras

$343,000 2021 & 2022 GRANTS

Powering Relief When The Entire Planet Needed To Heal

$10.3+ MILLION


COVID-19 Response and Disaster Relief & Recovery


2020 marked an unprecedented time in modern history, with numerous natural disasters and the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The VF Foundation, VF Corporation, its associates and family of brands donated more than $10.3 million to extend relief and recovery in communities around the world. The Foundation alone provided nearly $2 million in aid to partners in 72 countries.



CALIFORNIA AND COLORADO Supporting our firefighters became important during a time when wildfires engulfed much of the American West. Through a $100,000 grant from The VF Foundation, the Wildland Firefighter Foundation provided immediate assistance to fallen wildland firefighters’ families and firefighters injured while battling grass and forest fires to protect the lives and lands we love.

Tafel Deutschland is the national association of food banks and community pantries in Germany with a network of 60,000 volunteers at nearly 950 branches nationwide working to safely provide food and other resources to 1.65 million beneficiaries throughout the country, many of whom are more vulnerable due to the pandemic and the economic downturn. Funds from the The GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund helped finance a cold room to increase the capacity of refrigerated goods for distribution to people in need.



Thanks to a grant from The VF Foundation, Movimiento de Apoyo a Menores Abandonados (MAMA) was able to ensure that the rights of child workers and homeless youth continued to be prioritized in the State of Jalisco during the pandemic through the funding of critical services and support made possible by the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund.

As the pandemic continued to claim lives worldwide, Tropical Storm Eta and Hurricane Iota ravaged Central America leaving homes and towns uninhabitable. 20% of the population of Honduras, including 4,000 VF associates, were impacted by the flooding. In response, VF associates, its family of brands and The VF Foundation provided essential emergency relief funding, clothing, shoes and supplies to Honduran associates and communities in need, including a $75,000 grant to the United Way of Honduras.



The VF Foundation, in partnership with GlobalGiving, supported Mission Bambini’s “COVID-19 for Italy: Education Doesn’t Stop” initiative to ensure that while schools remained closed during the pandemic, the most vulnerable of students could continue to learn, grow and connect with their teachers through access to innovative digital platforms and engaging multimedia content.

Since the launch of the One Foundation’s pandemic response, its teams across China have provided critical medical care, coordinated the distribution of medical equipment for health workers and provided basic protective supplies for children covering 309 child service centers in 9 provinces, benefiting 349,170 people through the support of GlobalGiving, The VF Foundation and other funders.

© BSR’s HERproject™


Women make up roughly 80% of garment workers worldwide. They face inequalities in employment, pay, division of domestic labor, decision making and participation that has worsened during the pandemic. To combat these challenges, The VF Foundation became a founding investor in The UN Foundation’s Resilience Fund for Women in Global Value Chains to ensure the long-term economic resilience, health and well-being of women and to drive fundamental change to advance gender equality.


The Cambodian Children’s Fund has transformed thousands of the most impoverished kids into tomorrow’s leaders. After nearly a year of relatively low COVID-19 cases in Cambodia, the country began experiencing an outbreak. Providing distance learning to students living in extreme poverty has proven to be difficult. Students don’t have computers or access to computers beyond school computer labs, and often don’t have internet. Despite these challenges, the distance learning attendance rate averaged 97% through the funding of at-home learning packets and lessons students can access from family members’ mobile devices.


Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT Foundation) is working tirelessly to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and respond to the impact of the pandemic on Indonesian microbusinesses which have struggled to generate income due to reduced production capacity, shortages of raw materials and social restrictions. ACT Foundation beneficiaries are weathering the storm through sustainable, revenue-generating investments in innovative programs such as aquaculture.

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


The VF Foundation Team for FY 2021










Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, VF Corporation

Executive Director, The VF Foundation & Director, Global Impact, VF Corporation

President, Emerging Brands, VF Corporation

Vice President, Treasurer, VF Corporation & Foundation Treasurer

Foundation Board Chair


Program Manager, The VF Foundation & Global Impact, VF Corporation

Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer & Public Affairs, VF Corporation Foundation Board Vice Chair


Intern, The VF Foundation


Vice President, Government Affairs and Global Impact, VF Corporation Foundation President


Vice President, Global Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Action, VF Corporation


Vice President, Marketing, Global Dickies®

Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary, VF Corporation Foundation Secretary

Director, Global Community Engagement & Activation, Timberland®

Vice President, Corporate Affairs, VF Corporation

Vice President, Global Indirect Procurement, VF Corporation


@VFC Foundation @VFC_Foundation


@VFCFoundation @VFC Foundation


Foundation Treasurer


Vice President, Global Sustainability, VF Corporation

Vice President, Treasurer, VF Corporation

Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer, VF Corporation





Director, Social Impact and Advocacy, The North Face®

LIBBY STOCKSTILL *Reflects March 29, 2020 - April 3, 2021 time period

Vice President & General Counsel, Global Vans®

T H E V F F O U N D AT I O N / / / / / F Y 2 0 2 1 I M P A C T R E P O R T


THE VF FOUNDATION 1551 Wewatta Street Denver, CO 80202

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