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Avoid the unhappy and unlucky. You can die from someone else’s misery and emotional states are as infection as diseases. You may feel you are helping the frowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. The unfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead. --Robert Greene With that being said Stay happy and eliminate yourself from any negative situation. Thanks for the support people and stay bless(ed).

--Jo’el Jfresh Lumpkins aka 2ktrillion

Letters from the Ed I’m all for peace, but please fight for our schools. Little kids shouldn’t have to protest for their right to have a teacher for their 2nd grade education, just as college students shouldn’t be forced to remain in debt for the rest of their adult lives just to pay for school today. Shouldn’t we be educated? Shouldn’t we learn and grow and be useful contributions to society? Yes, the economy is bad, and the government keeps spending our money on stupid shit, but I feel like while you’re gona require a college degree to land a decent job, you shouldn’t raise tuition before students get the chance to make a dollar. Don’t force kids out of school, and then wonder why there’s violence and nonsensicalities. Don’t take away “extra” creative classes that develope innovation, problem solving, and positive, expressive outlets, and

ditors then complain about how lazy or angsty or clueless kids are about what life is really about because they’ve spent their adolescence being filed through a system that expects them to either become a corporate robot or spend another lifetime learning how to compete for All American ever-Perfection. “Now this costly Teaching Technology is bankrupting the system. So, in order to Cut Costs, the (Negative-Energied Naysayers) are eliminating what they consider unnecessary classes -- Art, Creative Writing, Drama, and so on -- classes that help students observe, reason, and communicate, as well as keep their spirits and the right sides of their brains alive.” --Benjamin Hoff [the Te of Piglet] 1992 If we have to pay to develope half of ourselves (the right side of our brains) in a failing economy then I’m not quite sure where we’re going, or if I’d like to

know. Stay positive, know your rights, and contribute, especially to publications like this. I want Veuxdo to be a resource and a communication vehicle of the arts, mind, sound, and soul -- not only from Jay & I to you, but from you to the world. Share your thoughts & excercise that right brain. Peace & Love, Lauren Cheung [is] lala akbar  asalamalala@gmail

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Jae Michelle


J.FRESH: When was the first time you decided you want to peruse modeling? 
 JAE: I decided I wanted to pursue modeling full time when I was 21 years old. People had been telling me for years I should model and how pretty I was because I used to take pictures at the local photo studio in the mall, and they used to tell me how photogenic I was. So once I stepped out into the world I started doing my thing. 
 What type of model do you categorize yourself as? 
 I actually don’t categorize myself as any type of model. When people ask me am I model I always say “I’m not a model, I model” I just have fun in front of the camera dressing up in different fits is fun and the out come is always the best. I just go with the flow. 
 Do you feel it’s a need to keep your image in tact in the career? If so how do you go keeping your intact in your situation? 
 Don’t believe in an “image” I believe in being yourself because you can’t be on 100% of the time. And I’ve seen people who try to keep up with an image go crazy, because their not being themselves and when people come around your doing things you know in your heart you would never do. Its very important to be yourself. 
 What’s going through your mind and what type of emotional feelings do you get out of being in front of the camera during a photo shoot? 
 I feel sexy, concerned, happy, excited all at once. I worry about am I making the right face, am I posed right, I wonder what that pic will look like. But if you have a good photographer that knows what their doing, those things you don’t have to worry about because he/she will always make sure you look good, from the face your making to one hair being out of place. So you can just relax and do your thing. 
 Do you feel like anyone can peruse the career of modeling? Why or why not? 
 No, anyone cannot. Like anything else it may not be for you. You have to have a lot of free time and patience. You may not make it for years. You have to be com-

mitted. You have to be open minded and willing to take pictures you may think is too much but what you have in mind may not be what the photographer has in mind. You have to trust off top. A lot of ladies debate back and forth instead of just going with the flow and letting the magic happen. 
 Are you single? 
 Yes I am. 

 Having a relationship in this profession or any type of industry situation do you think it’s a difficult task to handle? 
 Yeah I think when your focused on your career and a relationship cant be your number 1 priority it could be really hard. Even if the two are in the same industry. The plus side is you may understand each other a little more but its still hard because this industry doesn’t sleep. You have to keep going and be consistent or people WILL forget about you and you don’t always have that time to give to someone else like you would want to. 

 Modeling industry as of today, what are some of your view on it? 
 The industry went from petite light skinned girls, to petite brown skinned girls, to big/huge booty brown skinned girls, to light skinned big/huge booty girls, to a whole other race of big/huge booty big tittie girls. I think because of the rap side of the industry, modeling has changed with the music and I think the women aren’t humble anymore. They are too cocky for your own good and your far from a celebrity. The only “urban” model I can think of who made a transition from music videos, to hosting a T.V. show or two, to a full urban high fashion spread for apple bottom was Mylissa Ford. 
 Ok so now how did you switch from modeling to running your own promotional magazine web site? I always wanted to be a writer. People used to tell me I’ll be the first model out with fiction novels but entertainment journalism is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was a little girl. One night while I was sleeping (I think a lot in my sleep lol ) I came up with the idea. When I woke up I got a pen and paper mapped it out, made some phone calls and my plan went into motion. 

Can you tell us a lil more about upnextis. com? is an ENTERTAINMENT PROMOTIONAL site. I cover every aspect of the entertainment industry. I don’t only focus on hip-hop that’s why its not called a HIP-HOP site. But it is fueled by music. I feature break thru, established artists, and artists who are trying to make a name for themselves. I feature the people who are usually looked over but are very much responsible for an artists career, like graphic designers, producers, directors, fashion designers, models, promoters, ent groups/labels, DJ’s and photographers. Upnextis displays their work so you can see how talented they are and their contact info so if you want to work with them you can reach them, we give interviews so you know how hard these people work and their struggle from the bottom to working their way up to the top. 
 What are you looking to get out of the situation that you have at hand right now? SUCCESS !! I love what I do and I have fun doing it. Its hard work but I love it and everyone is very supportive. Its only going to get bigger. 
 What’s next for Jae Michelle? 
 Anything god has in store for me, I’m ready. 
 J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins


Jillisa Lynn 

J.FRESH: Why Modeling? 
 JILLISA: I’ve been an entertainer dancer and Cheerleader for years and love to entertain.. I have always been photogenic... after my first shoot I knew there was lots to learn it’s about more then being a pretty face It’s an art and a way to express yourself and a product! 
 What’s the inspiration behind it? 
 The people who I look up to, seeing that you can be a role model to many people and have the ability to help other people to be successful, I love to teach what I’ve learned... My mother and the people who support me are what inspire me to keep reaching.. 
 Your only 21 years old and been modeling for about 3 years now. Are there any other fields you want to peruse in the industry? 
 Yes, I’ve just started ..I have many other things to accomplish with Modeling that I’m continuing to work on but also this year it’s about acting and training my other talents! The sky is the limit :) 

 What was the reason for the relocation to Los Angles, California?


I was offered a job as a creative model director for a company called YourKandy! Also got signed with 90210 talent agency and recently Izma Model Management! My main reason was to pursue acting classes and LA seemed a better fit then NYC. 
 Being from New York tell us a few differences between your home town Rochester and Los Angles the city you have relocated too. 
 The weather! It’s beautiful in LA and Rochester is gloomy not much summer n people more hype lol people here are very laid back and time passes slower. LA is a big hustle a lot more opportunity... I felt stuck in Rochester that’s why I was always traveling! Name a few projects you have been apart of during your career? 
 1st Magazine The Source 2008, recent Mags Covers I was on are Nine5four , Zaria and 305hiphop .. Coming soon Show and Spicy Mag!! Victoria Marie Fashion! I also won 1st place for America’s Next Top Bikini Model For BET’s Rip the Runway swimsuit Designer Bernard Moore, Sean Charles Apparel, Many music videos... Keri Hilson, Three6Mafia,

couple of Snoop Dogg’s, Wale and Gucci Mane, new artist Paypa and also Bobby Brackin feat. Ray J... to name a few videos.. I’ve had recent roles in 2 movies one was with Ice T and Mya Good and the other an Italian film and recently drop my 2010 calendar all credits on www.modelmayhem. com/534917 
 Any favorites? If so why? 
 Everything I’ve been involved in are my faves I learned so much from each experience... to name a few landing a lead role in Snoop’s Video Pronto less then 1.5years after he was on the Cover of my 1st Magazine, my 2010 calendar a lot of work was put into it, Victoria Marie Fashion because I’ve helped be the face of the line! 
 How do you feel about the image models portrays in the industry today? 
 Every model is different depends what field your in but in the eye candy industry seems to be about pushing to the max... I just recently started being comfortable showing booty shots and getting more risky .. But there’s a way to do it without going over the top so as long as your cool with it make it art :) There are a lot of models I actually look up too and think are very beautiful and more then just looks! 
 Have you ever date inside the industry? If not would you ever do so? 
 Plead the 5th lol 
 What’s your feelings on being in an relationship in this profession? 

It’s not easy especially if you date within the industry can’t be jealous!!! You don’t have a lot of free time and you’ll either have to have a lot of trust or have a very open relationship, at this time I don’t need a serious relationship I love being focused on myself and I could disappear for 2 days and the only person that needs to know is my mother lol no one to answer too
 Define successful? 
 Success is something that you work for, making sacrifices to accomplish a goal you’ve set and the journey you take to get there without giving up to make it happen! 

 What is the mark that you are trying to reach in life to say that your successful? 
 When every dream and vision I see for myself is accomplished and my hard work pays off and is recognized. 
 What’s next? Anything to look out for from you this year? 
 Look out for my 2010 calendar that floating around .. Few more magazines and Mixtape Covers coming out, an Iphone App. Is in the works...Producing a workout tape with “Shapin America”..I’ll be attending many auditions so the year is unpredictable but Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll land a lead role in a feature film! Be sure to follow me on twitter I’ll keep you updated @jillisalynn lol 
 J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins

Paul Jarrett Nelson From the first time I met PJ Nelson I could tell that this boy was business. He lives and breathes model and has the face for nothing less than Milan. From sitting in as moral support on his go-see’s to picking out all the cities we’ll take over once we made it big, PJ and I go way bay. Now that he’s back in the Bay, I finally got a chance to sit down and document his remarkable talent for his first magazine appearance ever. Veuxdo virgin FTW! LALA: PJ, Dahling! Tell the people where you’re from. PJ: I’ve grown up in Santa Clara, California, but I have also lived in San Francisco, Morro Bay, and a small town known as Roseburg, Oregon. Let me just say, Culture Shock! Lol, overall though i’ve learned to adapt to almost any environment. What made you want to start modeling/what got you into it? Who are your idols? I got into modeling looking for a chance to experience something new and life-altering. My very good friend, Nicole Vanlandigham used to work with me at a little Red Robin in Oregon, and became a very successful model, and her drive sort of inspired me to achieve the same. I would say some of my Idols would include Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, and Will Smith. Describe the first time you fell in love with modeling/ your favorite part about it. The very first time I fell in love with modeling would probably the very first day I did a full on photoshoot and received runway lessons. Hearing the feedback in a positive and constructive way to radiate my self-confidence in photos and just walking alone? Felt amazing, and you can say I’m kind of addicted... hahaha.


What’s your best quality? I believe that my best quality would be my personality. I try to sustain good relationships with everyone I cross paths with, because generosity and compassion doesn’t cost a dime, and being positive makes life much better lived. Favorite subject in school? Music! I have been studying music several years now. I’ve played piano for 12 years, vocals for 11 years and saxophone for 10 years. I live, eat, breath, sleep, and dream music all day everyday. I hope to eventually one day use my talents professionally whether its on the stage or working the studio. Its my true love. Favorite movie? I don’t know if I have a favorite movie. Each has its own to offer =] Describe your dream gig. I would have to say, probably New York. I have never been there, but from what I have heard, its somewhere I would have a lot of fun and growth. Any opportunity that would be granted me there I would be 100% thankful for the experience. Anything else you’d like to add? My grandmother always said, no matter what, “Its time to be great!”. No matter how low or depressed you are feeling, even if the worlds on top of you, to always remember there’s always a time to be great. Never loose sight and its amazing how the results arrive in your favor. Thanks Lala! lala - Lauren Cheung




work is amazing to me and his colors are captivating.

Aja Adams is a good friend of mine, and an amazing artist out of ATL. Painting, tattooing, going to school, doing work for Cartoon Network – this girl does it all. Her painting is expressive and colorful, and shows a distinct influence from her history in graffiti and fine art. Definitely someone I’d like to spend some time in the studio with. I’m still trying to convince her to move to the Bay, and when she does eventually make her way out here, I’m sittin her ass down for some endless chai and hardcore collabos.

A/S/L? haha...ha...ha Age: endless Sex: Female Location: Atlanta, Ga Haha, just kidding. Who is Aja Adams? A gypsy always in motion, always finding some inspiration and creating, having a nomadic sort of lifestyle in this industrialized society.


Who is your favorite artist(s) past or present? My favorite artist is Pablo Picasso... I was introduced to him at a young age and I didn’t like his art at all. As I grew older, I would read the things he would say like a favorite book and he became a mentor to me. Also, Romeare Beardon. His collage

Describe the first time you fell in love with art. I was nine. After school I had a drawing assignment to do and there was this guy named John and he would get up (tagging) around the area. He came over to my table and asked me to draw his name like he did, and it came out just like his. He asked me to join his family of other artist and that’s when I felt like, this is what I was made to do... nothing else mattered. How do you feel about the life of an artist versus having an office job and doing art on the side? The life of an artist is only a life when you’re creating constantly. There isn’t a time where you’re not so you don’t allow your life to turn into that dichotomy – by that, I mean doing something you love only in your spare time. Everything you do,

even in your spare time, you should love and enjoy just as equally. Agreed. What projects are you working on now? Right Now I have a lot of projects I’m working on. Lately a lot of my time and energy has been focused on my third series. Tell me about that. It consists of 15 pieces inspired by a women I passed by coming home. It was a really bad wind storm, about 18 degrees. It was freezing, this woman is sitting down in a dress and a headdress. She touched me and inspired me to do this series on the human condition. Sounds beautiful, I can’t wait to see it. What’s next? What’s next… Allowing my art to speak for itself and taking over the world one crowd at a time. That’s the dream. If you could do anything in the world tomorrow, what would it be? Wake up, walk my sister to the bus stop, play with my dogs, have a cup of coffee, talk to my mom about her day, and walk to my studio and paint all day outside. Veuxdo is all about hard work. Do you feel that you can do anything with hard work, or do you think talent is a necessity no matter what? And in addition, how do you feel about artists (musical or otherwise) who make it big doing seemingly less-than-passionate art (or who suck at music but get paid because of hype)? I don’t discredit anyone for allowing themselves and their art to be critiqued by viewers who determine whether or not it is “good” or bad”. You have extremely talented people everywhere – what sets apart the artists who you say are “getting paid for doing seemingly less-than-passionate art” is the fact they are pushing what they do and taking a chance when the “talented” person is scared to take that step and would rather self sabotage. Art is completely subjective what you may dislike another person may love. …aaand you just hella retrospected my shit. That’s what this is all about though right? Reacquainting ourselves with the world and continuing to grow and learn every single day. But back to this growing experience… next question. What is your dream life? My dream life... I’m living it.

You do commissioned pieces right? Yes, I do commissioned work for Art Collectors and Private Venues. I also have done murals. Where can we contact you about getting some Aja Adams original artwork/ink? Anything else you’d like to add? “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” lala - Lauren Cheung

Who is Scott Urban?


Who is Scott Urban? LALA: Who is Scott Urban?

SCOTT: A creator, currently of wood spectacles. Your glasses are quite unique. I’ve never seen such detail and craftsmanship put into creating spectacles, especially ones carved out of wood. Where did this idea come from? It was just an idea that popped into my head one day. The frames I had been wearing at the time, about seven years ago, was my dad’s old pair from the sixties. They broke a million times over and I finally could not super glue them together again. So being cheap and not enjoying shopping, I just said “I am going to make myself a pair out of wood.” This first pair took a while to make but came out looking very nice, so I just continued to make frames for myself and then eventually other people. What inspired you to create

Urban Spectacles? It allowed me to live off of my own hands, not wasting my talent spending 8 hours a day at some other odd job. And the thought that I can have a body of my life’s work, showing all my stages of technical evolution, design stages, frames that are oddities, and so on. Do you have any favorite artists/heroes? They are all unknown people I have gotten to know in my life. Veuxdo’s philosophy is that hard work can bring your wildest dreams and ideas to fruition. How is this applicable to your life/work/art? What are your thoughts on it? I agree and I disagree. I’ve been making bespoke frames for individual clients for the past five years. Working in this manner is extremely long days, constantly thinking about the frames I am making, new designs, how to grow by becoming more efficient, all the while making just

enough to keep it going. Its not so much hard work that got me here, rather it was devotion to an art form that I have passion for and want to become a master of. That and most of my time in the day. I disagree in the fact that investment money works for most people. Look at the trash out there that sells, a snuggie? And also, if you are working hard on something that is not good, what good can come from that? Agreed. So back to your nontrash product, how can I get a pair? At this point, just speak with me. I do all custom work right now for individuals, but pretty soon I will have a small scale line available for boutiques. Where can we find your work? lala - Lauren Cheung

Mike HO J.FRESH: For those that don’t know, who is Mike Ho? 
 MIKE: I’m an artist straight out of the Bay Area and owner/creator of oneSHOTmedia Productions. I’m a graphite artist, graphic designer, photo manipulator, photographer, editor, director of photography, and Director. My main focus at the moment is Directing music videos/commercials/short films and my Photography. I try to push myself to be educated in all feeds. I am not only limited to what I just mentioned either. Put something in front of me that I’ve never tried and I’ll do everything in my power to master it and exceed your expectations as well as my own. I’m an artist striving to be the best at what I do and will not stop until I feel I have accomplished that, which honestly will be the day I die because I am a very hard person to satisfy when it comes to my own artwork. I am my worst critic. If you were to meet me for the first time then you might see that I am very self motivated and very hungry. I am very humble but confident in what I do so please don’t misjudge my confidence with an ego. I believe we all must be confident in our craft in order for anyone else to believe in it. So with that said I am an artist trying to make a difference by dis-

playing what my mind renders for your viewing pleasure. My job is to make the people, or audience they would say, visually satisfied by delivering visuals that are crisp, unique, and meaningful. I want to be able to make you happy, sad, mad, and cry emotionally when watching one of my films. I don’t mean this in a bad way, but only will then will my mind feel satisfied because now you just felt everything it envisions. 
 What inspired you to get into the profession of directing and photography? 
 This is a loaded question. My inspiration comes from many places. The one that opened my eyes and showed me that I had the vision to do what do is Bernadette Taplin. My high school Art Teacher. She blessed me by helping a stubborn student like myself realize that drawing would be a great way to free my mind. I had no clue that I had this creativity in me until she said, “...You know what...I can’t motivate you no don’t do my what you want...if you want to graduate...DRAW WHATEVER YOU WANT... or you wont walk.” To make long story short. I was forced to draw and lets just say my first drawing had my teachers jaw dropped to the floor.


She then taught me the concept of light and angles. Once I learned how to create my own light, it opened my doors to everything else. Now, for photography. My inspiration came from a good friend named John Agcaoili who happens to be a professional photographer himself. He told me, “ me...once you clicked that’ll love it”. So I did. Bought my camera and started shooting all the local bay area Rap stars. Then that was just domino effect to everything else. Heres the funny thing. I was always into filming and directing though. I filmed 3 short movies at the ages of 11-14 and I did my first music video at 13 years old. Also, I did a couple skate videos in high school for skate crews. Now I didnt shoot no star, but I had my cousin be a rapper and rap over his song while I filmed it and edited it with him. He helped of course because he was educated in film as well, Thanks Pete! But only now did I really start to take it more seriously. What inspired me to pick the video camera back up and do this seriously was the moment I seen Director Taj Stansberry video “FROM THE HOOD” by Traxamillion, San Quinn, and The Jacka. Then I saw Director Collin Tilleys “GO DOWN” by LIL B and thats when I was like I want and can do this. Thats when I met up with Tragik to help me with oneSHOTmediato knock out some amazing videos. So here I am now. Doing what I did as a just a big kid Does that answer your question? hahaha How long does the directing process takes? 
 It depends. Directing never goes as planned. I honestly could not put a time frame to my directing. My mind always changes when I step on set. Its like being a football player and having all these plays written down and memorized. Going over them over and over again in practice. You think you have an idea what your getting into but once you hit the field everything is irrelevant. Your plays are now altered because you got Troy Polamalu on defense and now you have to figure how to catch the ball but still get around him after you caught it. Thats how directing is. I have this treatment and shot list that I know I need to do. I definitely go by it...but If my mind decides to make a u-turn on me on set because the location, artist, or sun decided to change on could be for the better...but then now a 8 hour shoot just turned into 14 hours. 


How about the photography process? 
 The photography process is a lot different then directing in some ways. Photography is one of those things were I have a vision but I dont start working until I am at the studio or on set. I dont write anything down nor do I have a guide. I can provide a treatment if needed because I know big labels and magazines want and expect that, but honestly I dont need it. My mind is my treatment and guide. If the artist tells me what he wants I usually come up with an idea in a few minutes and pitch to them. I only write down the most important ones. I do something different EVERY TIME I am doing a photo shoot. My lighting changes and I like to move things around. Now don’t think I don’t plan because I do. I will go scouting for locations when its not in studio to insure the sun will be there when I go back or the sun will be going down by this time. Its a must. But even then what you might like at that location might be gone tomorrow. You never I taught myself to work with pressure and on the go. 
 What kind of or type photographer do you consider yourself ? I consider myself an urban studio commercial photographer. I love hip and music so since I cant rap, sing, or perform I wanted to play some role in it so I decided to help make my photos represent the Artist’s music. My job is to convey and make each artist look like the superstar they are once they leave my studio by capturing their character through my photography. You are very multitalented, you direct and you also do photography as well. Which one do enjoy the best? 
 Wow... I get this question a lot. I love photography and enjoy doing it but I love making my photography move. So I’d have to say I enjoy directing more because it allows me to be more creative. 
 List a few people that you have worked with through out the industry? 
 Some people I’ve worked with are Royalty, Brittanya O’Campo from VH1’, E-40, The Jacka, Scoot of Dem Hoodstarz, Tragik, Traxamillion, San Quinn....and many more. I hope to work with many more as they

come! :) 
 What was one of the best projects you will always remember working on? And why? 
 One of the best projects I remember working on was when I first started, Dem Hoodstarz “GRIMEY” music video. Why? Well because it was my introduction into the hip hop scene and music video scene and it was a HIT! I got a lot of street cred on that one from the most respected artist in the bay so it was huge for me. Traxamillion hit me up personally back then and was like, “Man...if your doing anything good right now...its that Grimey video s___ was dope!” and BIG RICH even came up to me at one of his shows and said, “Bruh...Mike....really...that GRIMEY video...bruh...HOT!” and more people gave me a lot of credited for that video. So it meant a lot to me because

I wanted that and needed the love from the people to push me to do better...and it did. 
 What’s next for Mike Ho? Any big projects your working on? 
 Im currently working on this short movie with Brittanya O’Campo from VH1. Its coming out amazing! I also have another video locked in with ROYALTY. If you don’t know him, please do research on him. His hit single GIRL GIRL is all over the radio! Also, I got videos being locked in with Scoot from Dem Hoodstarz and some other well known artist out here in the bay. I got a lot up sleeve for 2010. It should be a big year for me career wise. 
 J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins

F KED uc PROTESTS March 4th had to have been one of the best days of my life. Across the country, thousands of protesters took to the streets, state capitols, university campuses, and public schools to express outrage towards the lack of funding for public education. I found myself at UC Davis, where demonstrations were anything but tranquil. The protest started at around 11:30 a.m. when students, faculty, staff, and community members congregated on the Memorial Union patio in chants, holding signs, chalking the floor, and getting pumped for a day of action. First we held the campus bus system at a stand still for about 45 minutes. We then marched on the streets towards Interstate 80, interrupting traffic for hours on both the streets of Davis and Interstate 80 itself. As we attempted to walk off the streets and onto the 80, shit hit the fan.


Hundreds of police officers, decked in riot gear and armed with pepper balls, tasers, rubber bullets, and

batons met the crowd of unarmed, peaceful protesters. As we broke through the first line of cops, taking blows from the batons and threatened by the tasers, a second line of police officers readied their arms and prepared to prohibit us from continuing. First they shot pepper capsules, aimed at blinding and choking us, then they resorted to hitting us, which lead to one of the protesters being violently beaten, dragged, and handcuffed. After this skirmish, we marched through campus, then onto the intersection of Russell and Anderson, where the night ended at about 8:00 p.m. with another intersection blocked and a large group of riot police encircling the group of protesters. After the demonstration I headed back to my friend’s house to watch local news footage and to read what my peers were commenting on Facebook. I was quickly disappointed when I realized the demonstration had received a lot of backlash for being “violent,” “out of hand,” and “unnecessary.”

I think people have yet to realize the gravity of the situation. At the UCs, tuition recently went up by 32%, all the while administrators were getting bonuses, pay raises, and perks. At UC Davis, resource centers that target underrepresented and marginalized communities, such as ethnic minorities, sexual minorities, and womyn, are extremely understaffed, not receiving adequate funding, and are being targeted for hate crimes, such as the recent vandalism of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center. Programs, such as the Textiles and Clothing major, are being cut, and instructors are being furloughed. The state still puts more money into the prison system than it does education and the wealthy continue to reap benefits at the expense of the poor. Our protest was more than just an “angry mob” of “anarchists” who wanted to “fuck shit up.” It was a symbol of resistance, a loud “we aren’t going to take this shit any more!” Was the demonstration successful? I would like to think so. Are we done? HELL NO!

We have just begun. I believe we need more disruptions of the system. We need more sit-ins and occupations at the University level and the State level. We need more education and transparency in regards to the current economic situation of the state and where our money is going. We need stronger leadership in regards to political office and administrative positions at the University. We need to look back at the endless list of past social and political movements and learn from them, learn how it is that they implemented change and implement change ourselves. Jose Marquez




“Monogamy” Bullshit

First and foremost, this was an opinion post. My opinion. You don’t have to agree with me (quite frankly I don’t agree with most regarding a lot of shit so no offense taken if you don’t agree with me, matter of fact, salutes to you). To those of you who added your own input, that’s cool and thanks. It’s interesting to read someone else’s opinion. I won’t get into the specifics of the word “monogamy” and its definition. Could I have found another word? Absolutely. Did I care enough to do so? Nope. I’m not promoting polygamy. I’m not telling you not to be monogamous. I’m not telling you anything, really. Seriously. I’m just sharing what I’ve come to conclude. You can take it however you will. I can’t stop you from making your own conclusions because frankly, I don’t care what goes on in your life. What works for some may not work for others. I never said I was okay with my dude having sex with someone else. I said I’m not going to demand him to be sexually faithful to me. That’s something that he is going to have to decide, not me. I can’t be around to monitor his whereabouts. Nor do I want to. It’s his decision. I’m not saying that my idea of freedom is not being tied down to someone. Being

free doesn’t mean you’re going around fucking everything you see. That’s a fucked up way of living. But then again, just because that’s not my choice of lifestyle, who am I to judge? Do whatever you want but realize there are consequences for everything. I mean, EVERYTHING. But there’s also rewards. It’s simply a matter of choice. Love has nothing to do with monogamy, polygamy, or any institutionalized bullshit. It’s a feeling. But it’s also a decision. I don’t just come to conclusions just ‘cause. I learn through trial and error. In my opinion that’s the way it should be. Learning through your mistakes. Making changes to fit your lifestyle, not anyone else’s. I’ve loved deeply. I’ve been cheated on in the past. People cheat all the time, man. All the fuckin’ time. It’s not cool at all…it sucks. I’d rather know if someone I’m intimately involved with is going out and doing dirt to protect my sexual health, which I want to remain disease-free as it’s always been, as well as my feelings. I won’t apologize for wanting an honest and loyal man over a faithful lover. That’s what this whole shit was about, wanting honesty. This is the last time I’ll speak on this topic. I’m going to do what works for me. You can do what works for you. Janet Bernal



Some young lady on twitter had posted on my time line that sex is over rated. After reading that I thought and said to my self “no YOUR sex is over rated” because my sex is just fine. Remember that on song when Ludacris said “if you think sex is over rated you must not be doing it right.” Well shit I feel the same way as the homie Luda feel. Even though I don’t think sex is over rated I do still rate sex after the act. I mean hey, who doesn’t ? I am a guy I always rate sex and I feel like if you can ride the lower she is rated in my mind. If the sex isn’t all that I still wont consider it being over rated because I make the best out of wack sex. As far as my sex go I am very confident with it. I get nothing but good response and they always come back for more, so I guess my sex is rated high to the ones that were bless with an opportunity to experience it and I have references to prove it. Lol How do I rate sex? I rate sex on the performance. She will need to know how to perform, show me something that she thinks I never experience before. I am very big on if the chick can ride or not. Creativity is a must, I like chicks that are very open minded and spontaneous. Last but not least she must have good stamina. If all those are on point please believe that I’m going to rate her among the top. How do you feel about rating sex? Send all your thoughts and feelings to -Jo’el Jfresh Lumpkins aka 2k trillion | jfresh707

THis woman This Woman Walked through these doors of relief and locked it behind her ,locking out all the damage, disgust, regret, disparagement and pain This Woman Let her hair Flow down, took off her costume of callous, did away with her under garments, kicked off her heels, This Woman Soaked her malleable body in a warm tub of deliverance, glided under, immersing her body from head to toe, washing away any makeup followed with leftover emotion This Woman Pulled herself up, dried her cleansed body, went into her space of dreams, and there stood a long reflection of truth This woman In front of this reflection of truth, gazed at the beautiful, natural, work of God before her This woman scanned the reflection seeing her face filled with determination and hope, leading to her neck that held her head high when things seemed low, followed by her strong shoulders that sometimes felt like they carried the weight of the world or the weight of a Heavy deceiving man, This Woman Examined her supple breast which were so often confused as her eyes, to the left Beat her spirit that embraces so much and yet takes so much more thrashing, but that marvelous beat will not stop This Woman Continued on to her stomach which had the gift of holding Life, she followed the striking womanly curve to her full hips that always shifted to their own Rhythm, leading to her deep canal that holds sensation, Forms existence, and connects two This Woman Grinned at the reflection, Grinned at the world, Grinned at you, This Woman Knows a woman’s worth, this woman is a Woman

Czaise Alexxis


The blue print

Have you came up with a name of your blueprint line? and what’s the meaning of it? Diamond Skulliez., It consist of diamonds and skulls so I Incorporated them both in the name. What made you want to start your own t-shirt line? The sole purpose for it was for me. I wanted to create shirts that I know I would rock, than it transited into lets see would other people want to rock the same stuff. Designing a shirt line has its many ups and downs, how do you handle that? I just remind myself what I put into this is what I’m going to get out of it, so I better push through. What is your motivation in these designs? Honestly one day I just started sketching to see what I could come up with and ever since I just been trying different ways to improve them. I like that urban skateboard look. How long dose it take coming up with a shirt design? Sometimes I can come up with a design pretty quick, other times its not so easy. I’ll usually look at something I created than make adjustments and changes

which basically turns into another design. Do you just want to stay focus in the shirt industry? I want to expand as much as possible. Everything from denim, sweaters, jackets even a women’s line. Ok you have the blue print of the shirts on paper… tell the viewers what’s next? And how are you going to go about the next process? Well since everything is pretty much in the beginning stages my next step is to get my shirts manufactured and get put out there. Basically try to get as much feed back as possible. By trying to market my designs as much as I can and at the same time look for resources to get Diamond Skulliez on a shirt. Even if I have to get my damn iron and press my designs on heat transfers that you can find at your local Wal-Mart. Contact William “Will” Sanchez at

J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins


Time is Money I talk so much I don’t know where to start But it’s finishing that I haven’t quite mastered yet I just start shit and leave the ends unraveled Caught up somewhere between yesterdays thought process and tomorrows mess; I rest... can’t quite digress, yet… Yet. I’m here. Just here. Quite blessed. No hand on my chest when I wake up. On my pillow there is no make up. But I’m here. Quite aware of the strife that mocks me, beguiles and stalks me... but I ache through art because it’s LIFE that rocks me Its life that, keeps me alive. If they could see through my eyes they would know why, I, don’t sleep. I may seem like a creep but I’m nocturnal. At night I write with my blood in my journal. It’s eternal; this need for more... I even ravish my women in need of what I’m looking for, and I’m no whore... I just need it, this hunger so unbeknown to me... to satiate, I have to feed it... so I take one line at a time, one line at a rhyme… Climb. Climbing but never quite getting there. My mind tells my lungs to breath but I’m never quite getting air. More, more, more, they hear me scream. I must be crazy I keep seeing her in my dreams.


Though I’ve never met her, been through so many ‘almost’s, but still I can’t forget her. Instead I let her... just be, and I can’t quite see how there ain’t no ‘we’... eager to prove

that there’s a reality of the vision I have of a ‘’her” in my mind, time after time… I’m STILL only fooling me. But maybe. If she could just see her how I see her. That I want to get so close I damn near want to be her. I prefer dimes to the average lady. But it seems to be the dimes that tend to do me shady. Do they not see me? Am I not standing here? That I’m not enough. That is my deepest fear So I love hard, hold on till there’s nothing left. I always have the time and I don’t mind the stress... still I rest, too well on the fact that I am deserving, but there is no ‘better’, and it nights like these... where I try satisfy my need for speed, that I wanna remove the fetter... write a letter, to a woman with a face like karma, and a mind like mine... And when she gives me no time I still don’t mind. Because some times it’s about the chase. Time spent on love, never a waste. Tell them, look me in the face and tell me u don’t see it. Tell me u can’t see the passion in my eyeball. But why every time I almost get there I fall? =/ I recall the recaps, the mistakes and the mishaps. The ‘could haves’ and the ‘never again’s, eager to succeed, succeeding to win... I begin... again... wrapped up in her first line... her first rhyme... because I talk so much, starting just wastes time.

Chelsea Mone’t Vita brevis, ars lunga Life is short, art is long.

She writes just like everyone else

She writes just like everyone else A figure encompassing all sections of that which keeps me alive and beating Beating Known only to my mind by way of infinitesimal and simultaneously enveloping boxes Framing her every movement stinging all cerebral developments Encapsulating Just like everyone other ethernetally-instigated relationship It begun but now Her streamline wakes and awakes my eyes to myself Quelling the ever-anxieties lapping That devil I defenestrate bringing as much comfort as these chemicals sedate Nonsensical nonsensicalities Bring my psyche to its knees— Please… Please write me something sweet So sweet my eardrums grow tongues and lick their lips In motion so un-subdued it would put honey to shame. And let it only be tamed by the vibrations your soul makes. My soul mate. She writes like everyone else A silhouette so soft her shapes shame the mountaintops And when she talks The sun peaks and in perfectly paced perpetual cadence, For her my heart beats. Beats. Beats Beats… She beats her words Like everyone else Into me.

lala - Lauren Cheung



“Black Hollywood“, your definition? 
 Black Hollywood is the hustle. It’s ugly side of the business. It’s the things that people don’t see and don’t want to see. It’s the story of my grind and my hustle. 
 Earlier in your career you had an opportunity to go on tour, explain to viewers on how the whole experiences went? 
 Touring is great. I went on tour with Kali Fam, my group. We blessed to tour for 2years with Ceelo, Nappy roots, 3LW, Beenie Man, Pretty Ricky, Pittbull, Pastor Troy and more. The experienced helped me to network with artists on a personal level. I was able to cut out the politics for co labs. When on tour you become a family with the people that you are touring with, and that’s what happened. The road isn’t pretty at all but it’s fun. 
 When did you first discover that you wanted to peruse a career in the music industry? 
 can’t recall the event or time that made me want to peruse a career in music. I just know that it has always been my passion. It was something that came natural and I haven’t been able to shake it. The business is exciting to me. It’s never a dull moment, so that keeps me into it. The music business comes natural to me. I was raised Around musicians and business professionals my entire life. Mixing the two became my passion. I like to create so recording and writing are just things that are second nature. 
 Mr Sef? Meaning behind the name? 
 Sef is my real name. Mr.Sef is what my fam called me. The “MR” is a sign of respect. I’m in the game for Respect. F@$k the money and fame. 

How do you feel about the music industry in the Bay Area, Cali? 
 I feel the bay area music scene is mecca for talent. I feel the bay has been and will be a trendsetting market. I feel with artists like : Big Rich, Diligentz, Erk Tha Jerk, Ya Boy, Willie Joe, Jacka, Hus, The Pack, Netta Brielle, Jamillions, Krypto, DB, Da Trend, M.Arenas and Ryah Nikole that the Bay has new blood that can keep us moving for the next few years. The powers that be (whack circle of death) need to get off their high horse and move the hell out the way……that’s the only way the bay will breath again. The powers that Be can’t open the flood gates 100% for everyone but for sure the BAY has talent that those doors/gates should be opened for. 
 Why do you think the Bay Area doesn’t get that much respect when it comes to music? 
 No comment!!!! 
 What is your thoughts on the music industry over all? 
 I feel the industry now is in a new space. The WEB is opening doors for artists that weren’t available 3 – 5 years ago. The major label system is bad right now, but that will change. Indie artists/ labels have a great opportunity to build a market for themselves and really make doe. It’s all about how your business is structured. 
 Working promotions and marketing at Universal, how did that help your career? 
 My time spent there helped me build a network. I was able to develop relationships with key players in radio, TV, press, promotions, music production and various artists. It was a great experience. It helped me see what the game is like from behind

a desk. I was able to see what makes the business move. I was able to see how to build, market and sell a brand. 
 You are suppose to be coming out with an Album this year, what should your fans expect? 
 Yes, I am. The album is entitled “Black Hollywood.” It will be out some time this year. I’m finishing the album as we speak. I have guest appearances from Diligentz, Lil Fizz (formerly of B2K), Willie Joe (FNM) and few others that you will have to pick the album up to hear. I’ve worked with producers Bedrock, Jay Anthony, Faheem, Su, Tario, Labteks, Rob lo and Erk just to name a few. The “Black Hollywood” project will be a 3 disk set released throughout the year. 1st disk will be called “The Life”, 2nd will be called “The hustle” and the 3rd will be called “The exit.” 
 For the first time listeners, what do you want them to get out of your music? 

I want my listeners to get a clear picture of who I am and what I’ve done. I want my story to be heard. The message I want to leave with my listeners is, go get what you want out of life. F! what hatas have to say. Just do you. That’s all I’ve done my whole career. When I started to play by the rules of others is when my career started to go south. I fixed that issue quick. So if can give that knowledge, and help someone who is trying to come up, and I was able to help guide that person in some way to a better path I’ll be happy. Life is what you make it and that’s what Black Hollywood is. 
 What’s the motivation? 
 my motivation is Life. 
 Any advice for those who wants to peruse the music industry? 
 My advice is to do what you feel is best. Trust yourself before trusting anyone else. Most new artists feel they have to align themselves with a manager or producer or label. No you don’t. You just have to do you. If you are true to yourself the rest of the game will come to you. Just stay on your grind. Be smart about your business. Cross your T’s and dot your I’s. 
 What’s next for Mr. Sef? 
 GGI records my digital label. I am forming this to be my vehicle for developing new artists. Right now GGI is working with DB, who has a release on Itunes now entitled “How to be a rich man”, M.Arenas who has single entitled “Party tonight” featuring Lil Uno, Damey of Diligentz who has a single entitled “Burgundy sky”, Ys yesir, Skywalka and Kryptonite. 
I also have “The black carpet” mixtape series which is hosted by dj symphony (Raekwon of Wu Tang clans dj), dj nvs styles and dj slowpoke. I’ve released 4 mixtapes in 09’ and have volume 5 dropping in a few weeks. You can find the mixtapes on datpiff and 
www.myspace. com/ 
Interview by: Jo’el Jfresh Lumpkins

ideas to build a team that supports you.


What would you say is one of the most difficult roadblocks you’ve come across in establishing yourself/your career/just gettin to where you are now in life (as a business or as a person)? I would say it would be the lack of love from industry connects. As a hard working underground artist, even with a lot of musical talent plus a lot to show, getting a mainstream lead can be difficult. This game is image, then talent, the who you know and where! The music industry is very cutthroat and cold blooded. My advice is to find a niche to carve your own lane. Don’t expect to win the music lottery and just get a deal. Some get lucky but there is nothing like knowing that your hard work paid off. Don’t give up on your skills; just don’t expect anything to just fall in your lap. What is the coolest part about being Dr. B? I would say the love & respect I receive fro m supporters, fans, friends, and family. Most definitely partying harder than P.Diddy on 3 pills! Not to mention all of the women! Haha

LALA: First off, how have you been? What have you been up to? DR.B: I have been great! GOD has blessed me with a great career in Music and Fashion, It’s an honor to be featured in VEUXDO MAGAZINE.


Veuxdo’s primary philosophy is that hard work brings dreams to fruition. How relevant is this to you/your life/career? Well that basically tells the tale of my life story. I have a strong belief in mind over matter. Simply living your dreams instead of just dreaming them. It’s about creating a product and brand that you believe in to the point of no return. You only take from what other’s say to better yourself while not being affected by the negativity of what they or the world has to say. Get your business or idea copyrighted to protect yourself, tell people about your

Where did the name “Dr. B” come from? My first name is Brandon. I got the nickname from a video game character named “Dr.Boskonovitch” from Tekken 3 for Playstation. I am one of the most notorious fighting game players of all time especially in the Street Fighter series! Currently I am on the EVO World Championship DVD for 2002 & 2003. Google and Youtube me. You will see a lot of video game stuff along side music as well. Haha dope dope. So besides being Videogame Champion of the World, you’re also a bay kid. Where else can we find you? You can find me in the club... bottle full of bub.. (laughs) ...I had to do it 50 Cent my bad... Basically I’m here, I’m there, I’m EVERYWHERE! My home town is Portland, Oregon so I had to give a Big Shout Out to my city. Currently I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California any other time you can catch in the West Coast or see traveling around the nation, I keep

it movin’ but I also have a thing for LAS VEGAS, NV! Favorite spots around the area? Cyber Space and The Recording Studio What is Rich Kid Academy? Affiliates? Websites? Link me up man! RICH KID ACADEMY stands for being rich in spirit, style, and swag. We stand for unifying all cultures, creeds, and backgrounds. Originally created in 2006 we have been building our brand for 4 years strong now. R.K.A is a Clothing Brand, Record Label, Modeling Group, Radio Show, Skate Board Team, Promotions, and More. Our members and affiliates literally come from all over the world also ranging from Old school to New School age groups. I would like to give a Shout Out in no particular order to: Oli-V, Mac Damon, Phantastic, Brkyln, DJ Razberry, Toni Montana, Judah Christ, Yung Cyss, Doug Sollars, Marq Styls, Kris Mestizo, Nico Smith, Kazz Flow, The Ladies Of Rich Kid Academy, Rc Bankwell Of The Fiz, Gs, Pharrell Williams, N*E*R*D, Star Trak Entertainment, Mikey Millions Of Tree Town Entertainment, Fly Society, Mc Supernatural, Mike Maye, Lmfao, Sky Ferreira, and Irene Kimmel Of Archetype Marketing. The Rich Kid Academy Links are: FACE BOOK : Rich Kid Academy

My personal Dr.B links are: Me and you, yo mamma and yo cousin too… damn. Haha. Alright so now that we know every known associate to Dr.B as well as 101 ways to contact you, describe your mission behind the Rich Kid brand. Our mission is lead by example in showing the world how to self motivate to accomplish your dreams. Cosign. What are your Inspirations? Do you have any Idols? My biggest inspiration is Pharrell Williams of N*E*R*D/The Neptunes. I respect his style of music not to mention his cutting edge eye for fashion. Where do you see fashion/music culture going? I see things going techno. I foresaw a lot of what today’s scene would become years ago. Many of today’s hottest hit songs have a house music/techno sound to them. The colorful clothing styles & skinny jean movement are growing by the day. People are obsessed with re-vamping the old school styles while trying to be so original, they are simply recycling with a new twist. Honestly there’s nothing new under the


sun. Agreed. I understand you went to the Magic Show... details, please! The Magic show is always such a pleasure to go to. Over the years we have ran into stars like Soulja Boy, the Yin Yang Twins, Paul Wall, Flavor Flav, The New Boys, Kimbo Slice,Travis Barker, LMFAO, and Jada Kiss just to name a few. MAGIC is a great networking ground for established as well as new businesses to network and cross-promote. LAS VEGAS brings the convention to life with the starstudded nightlife, some of the craziest parties in the nation happen during the week of MAGIC. You can read all about our adventures at the MAGIC Fashion Convention in our blog & galleries at or Details on what we can look forward to? Stay tuned! Rich Kid Academy keeps re-inventing itself with new products, appearances, and media. We thank you all for supporting us and for taking the time to hear our story. VEUXDO MAGAZINE is the


authority in cutting edge media for readers in fashion, music, mental activism, and entertainment. I am truly humbled to be apart of your publication. And we’re glad to have you friend! You have anything else you want to share? Don’t forget, my “RADIO ACTIVITY” mixtape drops on MARCH 22, 2010 & the “RICH KID ACADEMY Vol.2 - R.K. ALIENS” mixtape drops on APRIL 20, 2010. You can get them both at Also! My album “NEW AGE LEGEND” drops on JUNE 22, 2010 at & Contact me directly at: lala - Lauren Cheung

J.FRESH: What motivated you to start spinning? 
 WILL: Obsession with music really....even before I was a DJ I was always that guy who had the hottest mix cd’s and music for the parties. I just got bored with having a regular job and decided one day to put together a mixtape with all exclusive material from local LA artists that wanted to increase their exposure. this was back in 2007 so there wasn’t very many other outlets for these artists so they embraced me and the rest is history. 
 What are some of the DJ’s that you look up to? I really look up to DJ Skee and DJ Big Mike as inspirations...not to sound racist but they are 2 white successful mixtape DJ’s that really inspired me and fueled my drive and helped me believe that I could be successful in this game. I also admire DJ Drama’s hustle as well as DJ Kay Slay who I would say honestly made me a fan of Mixtapes in the first place around 2001 when NY was popping and everyone still used seemed like his drops were on any and every big song that came out around that time. He along with Skee and Big Mike were the Blueprint for my career I just decided to use a different untapped market to succeed which is the internet and pushed a different product which is R&B and more pop radio friendly artists and music. 

DJ Ill Will

As a DJ, how did you go about building your name to become one of the top DJ’s to host a wide range of mixtapes? 
I started by networking and working with local artists from LA that although were known and respected regionally at the time... they really didn’t have the exposure nationally so they were willing to work with an unknown new DJ such as myself and when I told them my game plan and strategy they really believed in me. Artists such as Hot Dollar, Terry Kennedy, Jay Rock, Dubb, Balance, Bias, Roccett, Bishop Lamont etc. I spent a lot of Money on that project to make sure it was official and spent months putting it together with the help of local producers Dem Jointz, Dae One & Fuzzy Felix and flooded the streets giving out 10k physical copies throughout LA and every Hip-Hop function the following 3-4 months until i began to get respected for my hustle and marketing. From that point on I was doing a lot

of local artist projects for a while until I felt comfortable enough in my brand being respected and then I started expanding my fan base by doing tapes that I personally enjoyed which are more R&B based and less street. I didn’t expect the fans to grab on so quickly but apparently the music I love is the same music that was missing from the mixtape game. 
 How do you feel about the situation of more artists putting more effort into their mixtapes then album? 
 Well unfortunately due to the record sales decline a lot of artists don’t really have an option right now because the labels are dropping less albums. So for an artist to be able to stay hot or relevant it is important for them to put together a body of work that is consistent with an album rather than follow the old age mixtape format of remixing other artists records or jacking beats. I learned really early in my career that the shelf life of a “freestyle” mixtape is very short so its important to put out mixtapes with original content because good original new music if done right can last forever whereas a freestyle usually has a shelf life of 2-3 weeks max! 
 Clear this up, are you and DJ RockStar partners when it comes to hosting? Explain the relationship.. 
 Yes For the most part every project that I do especially the BIG ones includes my partner DJ RockStar. He is from Montreal, Canada and we have been working together for almost 2 years now. Not only is he a friend of mine but I really respect his ear and opinion on music... if I like a record a lot and ask for his opinion and he says its hot I already know its gonna take off I don’t need confirmation from ANYBODY else. Working with him is the opposite of a headache and I feel like when we drop a project together combining his marketing and promotion with mine it is always going to succeed as long as the music is right. Also, shout out to DJ Rampage... he is a seasoned mixtape vet in the LA area and really mentored me in this game... without his help I don’t think I would be where I am today. We have done quite a few mixtapes together but due to his rigorous touring schedule with Omarion, Ray J, Marques Houston etc we only have time to do a few tapes together a year nowadays but that’s my patna dem too!

What’s some of your favorite mixtapes that you had the opportunity of hosting? 

 Well I always enjoy my R&B series “I Love Your Girl” that is my favorite and probably gets the most rotation in my personal time but I also enjoy working with all the Young Money guys...Drake, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Short Dawg, Jae Millz, Lil Twist, Chuckee, even their Cash Money label mate Bow Wow....they are on top the game right now and am excited to be apart of their movement! 
 What is the qualifications that you requires for working with an artist? Honestly there are a few things I look for in considering new artist projects. most importantly talent and drive...but also I am always looking for a new developing artist that has the marketability and ear for making great music. they don’t always have to be stars or known artists, I honestly enjoy breaking new unheard of dope acts more than anything else in this game. its a great feeling to hear someone say that they appreciate me for introducing them to artists they love and never heard of before I put them out. lastly I really embrace artists with a movement behind them...they can be a Gucci Mane or OJ da Juiceman as far not being the most lyrical dudes... as long as I know their hood and the streets are backing them 1 thousand percent and that they are going to push the line on any project that we do I am with it. 
 Where can your fans and the viewers check you out live? 
 I am working on my overseas booking as we speak so stay tuned to my twitter (@ deejayillwill) and myspace ( illwill) for more info on upcoming dates and locations. 

 Do you have any advice for upcoming DJ’s? 
 yeah...find your lane and push the line on it... first find local artists that embrace you and work together to help build their awareness and also your brand as being capable of breaking a new artist. there are like 8 trillion mixtape dj’s nowadays and a lot of them have it ass backwards and think that the game owes them and they get online and take the lazy route of blowing up major artist, DJ’s and established websites for handouts... that is NOT the way you will make it in this game. Earn some respect by finding and breaking new

talent and the big artists, dj’s and websites will FIND YOU. this wasn’t an overnight thing for me... so if you think this is the fast life where you will be rich and famous overnight you will be sadly mistaken. To succeed in this game you first of all must have the love for music most importantly but you have to be savvy in finding your own lane and marketing your projects differently to stand out from the rest of the people trying to do the same thing as you. I think the absolute most important thing is to always realize this is a business and to never take anything personal and always make sure that anything you include your name and brand on is at the highest level of professionalism and you will get noticed. 
 Any words for the haters? 
 You inspire me to take this to the next level everyday just to prove that I am here to stay and will be a staple in this industry 20 years from now! 

 Last words… 
 Yeah first of all shout out to J.Fresh and Veuxdo magazine for the opportunity to share my story and thoughts with your readers. Secondly, I want to be clear that I LOVE Hip-Hop and this game... I have dedicated my life to it and I feel blessed that I have built a stable career doing something I love. I promise you that I do this for the fans and to help spread great new music that regular people enjoy and use as the soundtrack to their life... that has been my major driving force from the very beginning! Lastly you can get all my old and upcoming projects from and and you can check me out at or for any updates or new music!! 
 J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins|


a z f i i w hal k

I got a chance to holla at Wiz Khalifa about music, weed, tattoos upcoming mixtapes and more.

Any artist motivated you? Umm as far as artist I mean I listen to everything so music itself did..

J.FRESH: Veuxdo Magazine means Want-Do. We believe that in life if you want something you should just go out and do it as long as it’s the right way. How do you feel about that concept? It’s a great concept and it speaks for itself. I feel like beside from hustling and grinding nobody not going to do it for you. So if you want something you are going to go out there and get it.

What artists are you listening to right now? I am listening to a lot of old stuff, oldies and my stuff of course… just you know?... to make sure everything is right. Umm I also listen to a lot of Taylor Gang stuff and Currency.

How’s the tour going? Hella weed and all of the shows are sold out so its going hella good.. When are you going to make your way to Cali? We are adding dates in right now. Its most defiantly about to go down. When was the first time in your life that you knew that you wanted to pursue the career of music? About 13 or 14 years old was the first time I started to record and started putting projects out. I been writing since I was 8 years old. Around the first time I started recording was the time I felt like I wanted to take this music serious and pursue it. What was the motivation? Just to stay focus…

With the Economy so fucked, how do you feel about the music industry as of today? It is what it is. You have to work with what you are giving. Its really nothing you can do but capitalize on the situation. You just have to come up with new ways, that what I try and do to push through the situation that we have at hand. You are killing the mixtape game, what is the best one so far that you think you put out? “Flight School” was my favorite mix tape I put out. As far as planning the went into it was perfect as well because at the time I was pretty big on the net so that worked out perfect. You mention the internet! I feel like in both of our situations we wouldn’t be in some of the blessed situations we have at hand if it wasn’t for the net… right? Right, its big you know? Ummm Its easy and very convenient and if your using it right as far as your profession in the indus-


try that just adds a extra boost. Why do you think artist is starting to put more effort into their mixtapes instead of their albums? I think its because of the money… you only get so much money for an album. Mixtapes are more convenient and generates a lot more stuff like shows and money. I know people that are touring complete off of their mixtape. But you know and I know that it only works for an certain amount of people because some people can come out with mixtapes left to right and nobody wouldn’t pay attention to it. So most of your stuff you perform on tour nothing but mixtapes material? No, I mix it up. Some old some new I like to keep a mixture of songs to perform. Tatts and Weed! Haha Haha Bro how many tattoos do you have? Haha I lost count when I started getting them like two to three at a time… Can you remember your first tatt? Yeah, I can remember all of them and where its at. I just lost count of how many. My first tattoo was on my arm and it was the name of the first group I was in. Ok weed, lol how many times do you smoke a day or you cant even remember the count on that too? Haha Now I don’t even count that shit either... lol ...Its hard to keep track. I usually smoke a half ounce a day… like personally I need a half.


You spark up every time you make a hit? No not every time. I mean I smoke a lot in the studio but I don’t like to get too high even though there is no such thing as too high. When I’m working I like to keep it koo to the point where I can smoke one before I write or smoke one while I am writing and then sit back and chill for a second and let it go down. The reason why I smoke when I am writing is so I can fall back and listen and hear the music. I don’t like to get overly high when I am writing or in the studio. Sometime I usually do 9 to 10 hours session and it can get kind of crazy. That’s when I start stacking on top of each other. What still motivates you as an artist to keep you going? Good people that wants to hear that good feel good music. What’s next? Dropping two mixtapes including “Cush and Orange Juice” and most def another album. That’s whats up I will be on the look out for those. Most def bro that what I do I make feel good music Keep doing yo thing and I will keep on listening .You to bro! Fo’sho. Any shout outs? Taylor Gang, Heavy Hustle and the Jets J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins





On Music...

watch out for that. There will be videos appearing on blogs like WSHH frequently.

J.FRESH: How do you feel about the state of hiphop in the bay area? YOUNG L: I feel like it has been more active at times... but there is still a lot of talent out here for sure.

On Pink Dolphin Clothing...

Do you feel like the bay area has something to prove to the Hip-Hop Industry? Mos definitely... we have to prove that there is more talent here than the older rappers that have already made their mark, for example e-40 and Too Short.

How did this clothing line come about? Originally I wanted to start it with Lil B. He didn’t have the time so I took it to the next level with a few coworkers.

What next, what are you working on to be on the look out for? I have a mixtape dropping within the next couple months called A Beautiful Mind : The Mixtape... so

Who is Pink Dolphin targeted towards? Anyone who dares to be different.

Meaning of the name? Random Really... Just think its diff

How long has this company been up and running? You as an artist, are you content? Or you see more A little over a year happening with your career? Not content. I realize my successes so far but I am Where can we find Pink Dolphin? not comfortable. I still feel I am underrated and also Karmaloop in need to push farther. Spring.

J.Fresh - Jo’el Lumpkins

Scumbag clothing line gives new meaning to the word “scumbags.” Same rough around the edge feel but, with some class and finesse. Munir (CEO of Scumbag) gave me some insight on living the life, the line, and the new promotional merger between Scumbag clothing line and none other than the Fabulous! Veuxdo Magazine.... 
 TEARRA: How did the concept for Scumbag Clothing Line come about? 
 MUNIR: I’ve been designing for a long time. Robert (CEO) hit me on MySpace, we clicked from there and started working. 


How do you intend to make people feel when they wear your clothing? 

People should feel like there on top, numba one, the dopest person in the world when they wear Scumbag. 

 What’s your definition of fashion? 
 If you dress fly, you are fly. Fashion is an expression of the inner you being put outward. 
 Outside of the line are there other things you guys are venturing into? 
 Right now the main focus is on our clothing like building and expanding in that. We are thinking about starting a skate team in the near future 
 How did the merge between Veuxdo magazine and Scumbag come about? 
 Tina introduced us to J.Fresh and we all hit

off from there. Rob and J are in contact with each other a lot. 
 What do you want to see come out of the merge? 
 For Veuxdo and Scumbag clothing to blow up! 

 What advise would you give upcoming designers? 
 Stay focused, don’t give up, don’t make wack stuff. Ask yourself would I rock this. Don’t make generic stuff we don’t need any more wack stuff in the streets. 
 What are your inspirations? 
 Jordans. Nikes. Girls! Skateboarding. Fashion of course. 

What is your go to outfit for a night out or a special evening? 
 Nikes for sure always! Expensive jeans anything over 300 Gucci or Louie belt Scumbag v neck maybe a hat depending on the night. 
 What’s next for Scumbag? 
 Making jeans! We want to factor out buying all the time and make our own. Any closing thoughts? 
 Everybody be ready. You gotta be a Scumbag to wear Scumbag. Don’t say you are one if you are not! 
 Tearra King


‘Chu got suh’in fuh


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