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Spring Catalogue 2014

Steering for spring New! DEM4 Laboratory Healthy tips

steering for spring

Dear Visioners!

Spring is the time to turn over a new leaf of your life; a unique time, when everything revives and wakes from winter slumber, when we open our eyes and want to break free. This season brings the urge for changes and new positive emotions! Harsh cold winter exposed the body to serious stress: chronic diseases, seasonal illnesses, overcooling and other ailments interfere with the settled lifestyle. Impaired immune system not only makes us feel worse, but also inevitably affects the appearance, hence dry skin, lifeless hair, brittle nails, etc. Don’t let this get you down! As always, Vision will help you meet this spring fully armed! The Spring catalogue offers new exclusive products and a unique body regeneration program, created by the top European specialists,–and that’s just the beginning! This spring is also quite special, because it has been a year since


the release of Vision’s very first seasonal catalogue. Our goal was not only to create a quarterly catalogue, but rather a unique healthy lifestyle guide-book. Vision has been at the market for already 17 years, but it keeps reaching for perfection by means of the new programs, developed by qualified specialists, new products and useful recommendations. You are holding a new Spring catalogue from Vision. We did our best to make it useful and informative, yet entertaining. It contains universal tips for everyday life, as well as interesting facts, which might still be unknown to you, and of course, healthy recipes and information about all Vision products. What is so unique about them? Vision products enjoy global renown and trust of millions of people all over the world. Not only do they justify the boldest

expectations, but exceed them by far. We are keeping up to the highest standards and offering you only the top-quality products. Vision products’ efficiency has been tested and verified by the multiple clinical trials and numerous feedback from consumers and experts of the scientific and research Institute of Nutrition of the RAMS (Russian Academy of Medical Sciences), as well as other state medical institutions of Russia. Over 140000 positive reviews from consumers has

been collected in all Company’s records. The latest innovative products from the Company were created by the scientific and research DEM4 laboratory, that collaborates with dozens of specialists from various companies and top educational institutions all over the world. Vision products are manufactured in Europe at the premises of the Arkopharma pharmaceutical company (France) and Nutripharma factory. Each stage of the product

development is approved by the qualitative examination and verified by experts and specialists. Every ingredient is derived from the top quality raw materials, which accounts for its ultimate efficiency. The manufacturing of Vision products exceeds the highest standards for producing goods.

All Vision products correspond to the strictest QC standards (i.e. ISO 22000 standard for the production of BAFS). Vision products quality is confirmed by the international GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certificates for pharmaceutical goods, and also comply with the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points policy.


steering for spring

DEM4 is an open laboratory working on the global level Main goal of the laboratory is to provide a high quality of life. Vision DEM4 achieves its goals by being innovative and focusing on the superior quality of specialized products, developed by experts. The laboratory’s key priority is plain and simple: quickly and accurately determine needs and requirements of modern people and propose socially and ecologically conscious means to satisfy them. This is achieved by efficiently consolidating the efforts of the best-qualified experts and professional teams, as well as manufacturing companies, that altogether qualify for the strict Vision requirements and implement its concept of the social and environmental awareness. But what makes the pride of the laboratory is its workforce, its team of professionals: scientists, manufacturers, management staff, marketers‌ They all have a status of DEM4 residents, while


remaining associates of the scientific institutions and production companies of America, Europe, Asia. DEM4 laboratory is headed by the Vision International People Group President, Dmitry Buriak. DEM4 residency can only be granted on condition of possessing innovative individual know-hows that can serve to improve the quality of life and ultimately lead to creating a healthy society. And of course, a DEM4 resident is obliged to follow the Whole Health Option philosophy. Four main working principles of the DEM4 activity: OPEN TO GLOBAL EXPERIENCE AND KNOWLEDGE Unlike other closed R&D teams, DEM4 laboratory is always open to a global experience of the field and consumer needs of different geographical

DEM4 Laboratory is dedicated to research, development and manufacturing of innovative products for a healthy lifestyle. Vision DEM4 (Direct Effect Management) has been created with the specific purpose of total control over the manufacturing process of the Company and its monitoring from the moment of the formula’s creation and up to releasing the product to the end-consumer.

locations. Developing each new product to satisfy certain customer needs, the scientists apply the latest discoveries and innovations of the Western science and the wisdom of the Eastern alternative medicine. WORKING WITH TOP WORLD CLASS EXPERTS DEM4 is in constant pursuit of the perfect product, that is why it collaborates with top laboratories and research centers, recognized all over the world for their expertise in the spheres, connected with the creation of our products. This way we can take the best of what the global experience has to offer and implement it in every DEM4 lab project. CREATING EXCELLENCE IN PRODUCTS AIMED AT A HIGH QUALITY OF LIFE Not only does the DEM4 laboratory conduct research, it also creates product formulas and manufactures high quality products for a healthy lifestyle. All products have been granted international GMP (Good Manufacturing

Practice) certificates. INVOLVING CONSUMERS INTO THE PRODUCTION PROCESS As our main goal is to benefit people, DEM4 keeps researching and finding new ways of improving their lives, depending on their particular needs and requirements. DEM4 laboratory monitors the product not only at the early stages of development, but also throughout its lifecycle, remains interested in the user feedback and collects information for future projects well after the product is launched.



Deecleance Focused Cleansing

It’s hard to believe it, but according to the scientists, over 5 billion people all over the world suffer from the parasitic diseases. In Russia their incidence equals 1.5 million cases. In total, there are almost 20 million people who carry helminths, 70% of them—children. Among the main sources of parasites are raw fruit and vegetables, fast food, half-cooked food or dishes that contain raw products, as well as pets.


Upholding personal hygiene routine, as well as timely cleansing of the body, helps eliminate parasites and prevent the parasitic diseases. This gets so much easier with the help of the latest innovation from the Vision DEM4 laboratory, Deecleance. Its ultimately balanced formula contains 8 unique ingredients with a pronounced antiparasitic action.

Deecleance blocks aggressive external impacts that provoke parasitic diseases, cleanses the body of parasites and helps lead a healthy and active lifestyle! Prevents parasitic diseases Cleanses the body of parasites, pathogenic bacteria and fungi Normalizes digestion Restores the intestinal microbial flora Promotes the synthesis of digestive enzymes

Not only Deecleance cleanses the body of parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, but also stimulates digestion. It also improves the bowel movement and removes toxins from the body.


steering for spring

Weight Management Words “I should lose some weight”, “it’s time to hit the gym” are so popular in spring. Warm massive jackets and baggy jumpers concealed all consequences of our self-indulgence in winter. However, very often spring outfits either don’t look that good, or don’t fit at all after winter. It’s time for action! Vision weight loss products will help regulate the appetite and reduce the amount of fats from the food you consume. Losing weight effectively, yet safely, has never been easier!

Facts According to the statistics of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (RAMS), over 60% of women and 50% of men in Russia are overweight, and 30% are obese.



KG-Off Fat Absorber KG-Off Fat Absorber is an effective “absorber” of excessive fat; it transforms the fat deposits into energy, binds fat molecules and removes them from the body before their assimilation.

Ingredients: chitosan, chromium.

SupreFiber SupreFiber enhances the effect of diets, suppresses hunger, prevents overeating, helps avoid late dinners and overeating.

Ingredients: konjac powder.

Classic hit

Sveltform+ Sveltform+ with a unique balanced formula deals with the primary cause of excessive weight—normalizes metabolism at the cellular level. It also decelerates transformation of carbohydrates into lipids, prevents fluid retention, reduces appetite and craving for sweets and pastry.

Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia, Camellia sinensis (green tea), Fucus vesiculosus, vitamin C, chromium, iodine.


steering for spring

Classic hit

Lifepac Senior Natural product Lifepac Senior with vitamins and minerals contains daily allowances of essential microand macroelements, as well as the living probiotic cultures. Ingredients: vitamin С, magnesium, calcium, vitamin Е, beta-carotene, vitamin РР, zinc, vitamin В5, manganese, copper, vitamins В1, В2, В6, В9, H, selenium, chromium, vitamin В12, bifidobacteria.

Handy Tips A 10 minute morning exercise energy boost accelerates metabolism and helps overcome craving for something tasty. Exercises rise the endorphin level as well as sweets, but are definitely healthier. Stop keeping up to the “food traditions”: learn to enjoy a meeting with friends without a cake, or watch a movie without tea and sandwiches, and by all means, there’s no need to finish up you shopping haul with pizza at the mall food court. 10

Facts For over 2000 years konjac root has been traditionally used in the Japanese cuisine. By the way, the Japanese are the most slender nation in the world. Konjac-containing food has a conspicuous absorbing effect, reduces blood cholesterol levels and regulates digestion.

Youth & Beauty

We want to look perfect all year round, especially in spring. Spring is the time of awakening and primping up, not only for people, but for the nature itself. However, replacing the coat with a light jacket, and boots with elegant shoes, is not enough. Transformation should come from within yourself. Winter exhausts the vitamin reserves, particularly beauty vitamin reserves. What can help you feel perfect, look young, kempt and attractive? Of course, a complex of unique antioxidants within Vision products of the Beauty line, that will revitalize you, improve appearance and strengthen the immune system. Afterwards it will definitely be much more pleasant to check out the spring collections in your favorite shops!


steering for spring

Feedback Elena Volchenkova, 54 years old, Petrozavodsk, Russia I’d like to give feedback after using Millenium Neo gel. I’ve always had dry and thin facial skin and felt discomfort after washing my face. I had to use rich thick crèmes that tended to clog pores and gave the skin an oily sheen, making it look sullen. My friends recommended Millenium Neo gel and I decided to give it a try. During the first month my skin seemed to be devouring the gel, I applied it 3-4 times a day, instead of 1-2. It felt really nice on the skin. Three months later it was like I had new skin! It didn’t peel after washing and looked healthy, glowing.

Handy Tips 6 pm to 8 pm is a perfect time slot for skincare procedures. That’s when the skin is particularly perceptive to crèmes, peelings, massage and facial masks. Ginger is one of the most powerful antioxidant sources. It invigorates, boosts the body and elevates its resistibility. Of course, spring colds are no good for anyone. Mix up ginger, honey and lemon and enjoy a great revitalizing strengthening drink. Swedish scientists concur that the more antioxidants a woman gets, the lower the risk of a heart attack is. Eat more prunes, sea buckthorn, grapes, cranberries, currants, pomegranates, carrots, tomatoes and pumpkin. Also, red wine, green tea and cocoa are great to invigorate the body. 12

Millenium Neo gel A highly efficient anti-age skincare remedy, Millenium Neo gel assists the skin in withstanding changeable spring weather. The Gel is a perfect moisturizer that improves complexion and reduces pores. It alleviates irritation and micro-inflammations, while effectively clearing the skin imperfections.

Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis extract, hydrolyzed wheat protein, Ginkgo biloba extract, Panax ginseng extract, Equisetum arvense extract, Camellia sinensis extract, Centella asiatica extract, sodium hyaluronate, vitamin E.

Feedback Elena A., 47 years old, St. Petersburg, Russia I’ve been taking LiveLon’+ food supplement from October, 8. I feel more confident emotionally, and very energetic and efficient. I move faster (I’ve noticed it in subway and passage-ways), sometimes even faster than younger people. My eyes no longer get sore and tired from the computer. Surprisingly so, even cat scratches heal faster. The product is amazing! I’m really grateful to its creators.

Glowing skin, shiny hair, strong healthy nails— Vision beauty parlor is at your service. Its key specialist is the nature itself. Our food supplements and cosmetics contain only natural, safe and effective ingredients. Provide proper care to your appearance and body, keep up a healthy diet, and you might outshine even Her Majesty the Spring!

LiveLon’+ A unique innovative product LiveLon’+ is a true savior, when it comes to slowing down the age-related processes within the human body. Vision DEM4 scientific and research laboratory managed to create an exclusive product formula that contains 10 best antioxidants with a cascade action. Antioxidants prevent many chronic diseases, fight free radicals and facilitate proper assimilation of nutrients, thus revitalizing the body and improving stamina. LiveLon’+

ingredients have a systemic synergistic effect on all organs and tissues of the human body, neutralize free radicals and contribute to natural rejuvenation of the body.

Ingredients: Acai berry (euterpe) extract, green tea leaf extract, chlorophyllin, amaranth seed extract, grape seed extract (resveratrol), Sea buckthorn extract (quercetin), ubiquinol, L-selenomethionine, astaxanthin, lycopene.


steering for spring

Granatin Q10

Nature Tan

Granatin Q10 combines power and energy of coenzyme Q10 with an ultimate antioxidant— pomegranate. Together they make up a perfect rejuvenating tandem that facilitates renewal and regeneration of cells.

Few of us realize that bright sun is harmful for our skin, as the sun rays cause dryness, peeling and irritation of the skin. Balanced complex Nature Tan is a perfect solution to prepare for winter in advance. It keeps the skin well-moisturized, preventing its dryness and thinning. Thanks to these features, Nature Tan helps avoid early wrinkles, photo-ageing, and cell degeneration.

Ingredients: grape marc extract, pomegranate fruit powder, vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, calcium phosphate, proanthocyanidins.

Ingredients: Curcuma longa, vitamin C, soy extract, grape extract, zinc, vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium, isoflavones.

Classic hit

Antiox+ Protect your body from a disruptive free radical impact with the help of a classic balanced product Antiox+, enhanced by a unique combination of mutually complementing antioxidants with proven efficiency and safety, that has undergone multiple clinical trials. The product eliminates free radicals and toxins, slows down ageing processes at the cellular level, normalizes the cardiovascular system.

Ingredients: grape marc extract, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, zinc, vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium.

That book in many’s eyes doth share the glory, that in gold clasps locks in the golden story. William Shakespeare 14

Beauty Natural product Beauty helps retain natural appealing look this spring. Thanks to the increased bioavailability, its active components are delivered into the deepest layers of the skin, nourish and moisturize it, improve complexion. The product enhances resilience and density of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It protects cells from the adverse impact of free radicals and inner stress, slows down ageing processes. It also regenerates skin cells, nails and hair, and boosts regenerative processes.

Ingredients: ceramides, borage oil, wheat germ oil, cod liver oil, yellow beeswax, soy lecithin, methionine, beta-carotene, grape marc extract, biotin (vitamin H), vitamin E.

Cheviton A balanced product Cheviton takes care of your hair and nails this spring. While it effectively fortifies hair follicle and reduces hair loss, it also activates hair growth. B group vitamins strengthen nails and stimulate their growth, facilitating better assimilation of microelements within the body.

Ingredients: L-cystine, DL-methionine, biotin (vitamin H), zinc oxide, vitamins B5, B6, B12.


steering for spring

I’MAgeQ Exclusive I’MAgeQ facial pack is a great skincare remedy as well. I’MAgeQ masks help prevent early wrinkles, photo-ageing and cell degeneration. I’MAgeQ masks can be used separately or to enhance each other’s effect.

VenoStrong Handy Tips Smooth slender legs make the pride of any woman and, without doubt, admire men. But overloads, tight pants and high heels are no good for them: every third active woman is prone to the chronic venous insufficiency. Pay attention to the following alarming signs: protruding veins, vascular spiders, swollen heavy legs at the end of the day. Undoubtedly, you’ll need to devise a proper care scheme to prevent venous diseases and keep your legs beautiful and healthy.

An innovative formula of the natural veinotonic VenoStrong is created by DEM4 laboratory specifically to produce a comprehensive effect on the venous system. VenoStrong capsules contain powerful bioflavonoids, diosmin and hesperidin that reduce venous stasis, capillary permeability and strengthen vessels. VenoStrong pack consists of gel and capsules. It deals with all causes and signs of the chronic venous insufficiency. Not only it alleviates its symptoms, but also precludes serious complications of the chronic venous insufficiency. VenoStrong food supplement: Bitter orange fruit extract, Grape skin extract, citrus fruit peel extract, standardized Gotu kola plant extract, Papaya fruit extract. VenoStrong gel: Red grape leaf extract, Butcher’s broom extract, Hamamelis extract, Horse chestnut extract, cypress essential oil, lavender essential oil, menthol.


Detox In spring we normally clean our house: restocking the closet, washing windows and disposing of the stuff we no longer need. Much like our house, our body also needs cleansing and renovation. Winter got us used to food over-indulgence, and even fruits and vegetables in cold seasons are not that rich in vitamins, as they are greenhouse-produced, so it’s more likely we only “enrich” our body with chemicals and pesticides instead. Also you can not exclude the impact of drugs against colds and flu… Liver, as the most enduring detoxifying organ of the body needs all the help you can provide. Unrivaled Vision detox products will help remove toxins, harmful substances and heavy metals from the body.

Classic hit

Detox+ A powerful natural antibiotic remedy, Detox+ possesses conspicuous anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties, thanks to which it can be used to overcome a wide range of diseases. Enhances cellular immunity and lets natural cleansing systems of the body easily fight any toxic and bacterial threats.

Ingredients: Uncaria tomentosa.


steering for spring


Cupers Neo


Cupers Neo ensures a comprehensive support of liver: gently detoxifies it, renews and restores its cells. It stimulates bile synthesis and outflow, reduces bile viscosity, preventing the formation of stones. It also improves digestion, thus reducing the load on liver.

Ultimately balanced formula of Deecleance contains 8 unique ingredients with a conspicuous antiparasitic action. Not only does Deecleance cleanse the body of parasites, fungi and pathogenic bacteria, but it also stimulates digestion, increasing salivation, secretion of gastric juice and digestive enzymes. It also improves bowel movement and removes toxins from the body.

Ingredients: milk thistle, fennel, artichoke.

Feedback Lyubov D., 52 years old, Kherson, Ukraine I suffered from a hepatic disorder and torturous headaches. In vain I tried dozens of medical drugs, they never helped. On top of that I also had skin problems. After a 4-month course of Vision products I completely forgot about those. I’m so happy! Now I am taking Vision food supplements as a preventive treatment. Thank you, Vision!

Ingredients: Pumpkin seed extract, Garlic bulb extract, Sage leaf extract, Fennel seed extract, Black pepper extract, Clove flower extract, Gentian root extract, magnesium oxide.

Handy Tips To boost detox processes, drink up to 2 liters of still water per day and eat more fibrous products, like raw fruit and vegetables, brown rice and bran. Fiber helps bind and remove toxins from the body.

Nothing happens for no reason. If there is something wrong, it only means that there has been a mistake at some point. That is what our body is trying to tell by falling ill. Alexandr Sviyash, Russian psychologist 18

D i Guard nano

Melissa and Wild Rose tea

D i Guard nano, created by DEM4 laboratory, will protect and cleanse the body this spring. It neutralizes negative environmental impact and actively influences antioxidant processes. It alleviates intoxication, helps overcome poisonings, regenerates hepatic cells and enhances the liver detoxification function.

Melissa and Wild Rose tea has a pronounced calming action and spasmolytic action. It improves digestion, stops meteorism, bloating and stomach heaviness.

Ingredients: caraway fruit, melissa leaf, wild rose hips. Ingredients: opuntia, chlorella, vitamins C, B6, B1, folic acid, DL-methonine, alpha-lipoic acid, magnesium.


steering for spring

HeparD The unrivaled product HeparD reduces a toxic impact of alcohol on the human body. Take HeparD before drinking alcohol to prevent hangover effect and other related symptoms: nausea, headache, thirst, tremor, loss of appetite, etc.

Ingredients: magnesium, vitamin С, Kudzu root powder, Horseradish root powder, flavolignans from Milk thistle fruit powder, zinc, vitamin В6, hypericin from Hypericum flowering tops powder.

Feedback Tatiana Kh., 31 years old, Tver, Russia. Once at a party my friend ate too much fat food. Of course, after that he felt discomfort and stomach ache. I gave him 2 capsules of HeparD. Half an hour later he got a lot better: no nausea, stomach heaviness and bloating. Vision guarantees the perfect result! I have also tried HeparD and was amazed by the results. Everything in the product description is true!


Immune System Winter seems neverending, obviously the human body lacks vitamin D and fresh organic fruit and vegetables. So everyone is happy to enjoy the longed-for sunny days in a light coat without a hat. No wonder, it’s so easy to fall ill in spring. Temperature and pressure swings definitely make the situation even worse. Of course, none of us would welcome an unwanted cold or flu. We’d much rather welcome flowers instead! The best gift you can give yourself is the strong health, and strong immunity in particular.

Winter impairs not only the immune system, it can also affect the eyesight. Dry heated air, bright sunlight, reflected by the snow, and poor light in the evenings can be a trial even for the keenest eyes. Nervous system also suffers due to the lack of sunlight, which causes the insufficient synthesis of serotonin, a hormone of happiness. So the long-awaited warmth and sunlight might just not be enough to feel well again. However, the problems with vision, nervous system and cognitive activity can be fixed by the intake of vitamins.


steering for spring


Classic hit

Mikhail, Kyiv, Ukraine I have always been susceptible to cold-related diseases. So I started to take Vision food supplements 2.5 years ago and since then I feel great. I really appreciate what it’s like to feel great and never fall ill. So I thank the Company and will continue taking its products.

Handy Tips Dairy products with wholesome lactobacteria normalize the intestinal microbial flora and promote absorption of vitamins. Read labels carefully. Probiotics are wholesome microorganisms that amend the microbial flora and prevent dysbacteriosis. Probiotics are like the “food supplements” for our own good microorganisms. They possess a preventive action.

Lifepac Senior Natural product Lifepac Senior with vitamins and minerals contains a unique combination of daily allowances of required vitamins, essential micro- and macroelements, as well as the living probiotic cultures. It supports natural microbial flora of the intestine in balance and produces a general bracing effect, fortifying the immune system. It delivers nutrients to every cell and promotes their proper assimilation within the body, prolonging lifespan of cells.

Ingredients: vitamin С, magnesium, calcium, vitamin Е, beta-carotene, vitamin РР, zinc, vitamin В5, manganese, copper, vitamins В1, В2, В6, В9, H, selenium, chromium, vitamin В12, bifidobacteria.



Brain-o-flex Brain-o-flex protects cells from a free radical damage of cerebral cells. Brain-o-flex stimulates microcirculation in cerebral blood vessels, which consequently improves the oxygen uptake and supply of nutrients to brain, helps normalize blood pressure, relieves headaches and dizziness.

Ginkgo biloba has since the ancient time been used in the traditional oriental medicine, especially in China. Ginkgo trees often grow in front of the temples or are planted on important occasions, like weddings, housewarming or childbirth. Ginkgo tree is very strong, resistant to air pollutants and can even survive radiation. Ginkgo biloba leaf extract contains over 40 biologically active substances.

Ingredients: soy lecithin, fish oil (omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA/DHA 20/50), Ginkgo biloba extract, milt of sturgeons, vitamin E, beta-carotene.

Healthy Recipe Smoothie is a very thick blended beverage with a milkshake-like consistency. It’s very easy to make, perfect for a brunch or a snack. Just mix two peeled kiwis, orange pulp and some lemon pulp, a handful of almonds and a D4X My UnitDose® sachet in a blender (or else add a spoonful of liquid honey or rosehip syrup). Vitamin C and beta-carotene strengthen the immune system, while zinc from almonds enhances the antioxidant defence of the body.

D4X My UnitDose Created by Vision DEM4 laboratory, D4X My UnitDose® is truly a product for “new life”. The size of its particles doesn’t exceed 100 nanometers which makes it possible for them to penetrate into the most difficultly accessible areas of the body and coordinate performance of all its systems. The product boosts and supports the immune system, has a great bracing and revitalizing action, and normalizes cell metabolism. Ingredients: honey, extracts of the most valuable fractions of wild rose, hawthorn, hibiscus, succinic acid.


steering for spring

Handy Tips Computers have taken a firm place in modern life. But remember about your eyes. Take a short break every other 40 minutes, and do a set of relaxing exercises every other 2-3 hours. Close your eyes tightly, then open them. Repeat 10-12 times. Look left, right, up and down. Repeat 5 times. Close your eyes and roll them clockwise, then counter-clockwise for 10 seconds in each direction.

Feedback Dmitriy, 25 years old, Yekaterinburg, Russia Like other students, I spend a lot of time in front of the computer. I started working in an office on my 5th year at the university, which meant even more hours in front of the screen. I noticed that my eyesight dropped. In the evening eyes felt itchy, watery and gritty. I started taking Classic Hit line products and combined them with Safe2C. After two weeks all unpleasant sensations were gone. I continue taking vitamins as a preventive treatment, which I highly recommend to everybody.

Rub your palms together to warm them up. Now sit up, close your eyes and cup them with your palms. Make sure that your palms are not touching your eyelids. Now breathe deeply a few times while holding that position. Then open your eyes slowly and look through the fingers. Put your hands down.

Safe2C and Safe2C forte Unique products Safe2C and Safe2C forte have a mutually complementing action and help improve eyesight, alleviate the visual fatigue syndrome, protect eyes from a free radical impact. These products contain a set of eye vitamins, essential for healthy clear vision, which is particularly important in spring, the period of hypovitaminosis. These products also prevent age-related changes in the eye fundus: weakening and atrophy of the eye muscles, as well as short- and far-sightedness.

Safe2C: omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil), bilberry extract, lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E, vitamin B2, zinc, selenium.


Safe2C forte: bilberry extract, lutein, zeaxanthin, L-glutathione, vitamins C, E, selenium, vitamin of the group B, zinc, manganese, vitamin PP.

Energy and Vitality Fatigue and exhaustion are another problem, typical for spring. We often feel tired, broken and sleepy. Strong tea or coffee won’t help, only adding to overall nervous and jittery feeling. However, what you need to boost yourself and keep going are natural adaptogens…and carefully selected adornments.

Feedback Elena K., 51 years old, Kemerovo, Russia I wouldn’t say I had any serious health issues. Rather felt that something’s changing, and not for the best. I felt tired, annoyed and restless at night. My eyesight dropped. Doctors blamed everything on my age. So I didn’t really hope to change anything. But, surprisingly, Vision food supplements helped to prove me wrong. I feel great, strong and full of energy. And I don’t even wear the glasses yet!

Facts Eat date fruit for breakfast to wake up faster and feel happier! Arabic scientists guarantee the result. These sweet fruit contain amino acids that boost the synthesis of serotonin. According to the research results, a dozen fruits would suffice for you to feel invigorated and refreshed. Despondency, exhaustion and frequent yawning might be a sign of the oxygen deprivation. Try to ventilate your office as often as possible or have short walks every other hour. 25

steering for spring

Classic hit


Lamin Vision

Multi-component energy tonic Chromevital+ is a great source of revitalizing energy in spring. It contains specifically selected ingredients to facilitate cellular respiration and boost energy in every cell of the body. Chromium within its components participates in the processes of extraction of energy from lipids and carbohydrates.

Lamin Vision is the best existing energy tonic for men. It charges you with energy for the day, significantly enhances physical and mental working capacity, increases endurance and stress resistance. Most importantly, it enhances the synthesis of the body testosterone that is so vital to succeed in social and sexual spheres of life.

Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus, spirulina, guarana, vitamin C, Cola nitida, chromium, caffeine, eleutherosides.

Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus (root), mate leaf, pollen powder, L-carnitine, vitamin C.

PentActiv bracelets This spring PentActiv bracelets will be your source of vitality and optimism, and help you look amazing. PentActiv bracelets combine stylish design and nano-technologies. Thanks to bioceramic and magnetic inserts, the bracelets unite a power of five natural elements: silver ions, oxygen ions, infrared rays, germanium electrons, and magnetic waves. Acting comprehensively, the inserts enhance each other’s action and produce an antibacterial and antiviral effect, improve stamina, boost energy, enhance blood circulation, normalize metabolism, promote tissue regeneration and decelerate ageing processes.

It is in vain to say human beings ought to be satisfied with tranquillity: they must have action... Charlotte BrontĂŤ 26

Active Movement Active lifestyle is exactly what one needs to feel great. Although pains in joints and impairment of the musculoskeletal system can make active rest much less enjoyable. Low winter temperatures, heavy multilayered clothes and vitamin D deprivation are a real challenge for our joints. Let’s do our best to fix this problem.

Handy Tips Moderate physical activity is the best preventive treatment of osteoporosis. Engage in swimming, fitness or aerobics. If you have a sedentary job, try to do these exercises from time to time: Hands on your waist, carefully bend backwards, return to starting position.

Sit straight and look in front of you. Imagine you have a pencil in your teeth. Write an ABC with it. This simple exercise will help you relax the neck muscles. Do slow circles with your head, touching you chin to shoulders and chest.

Stretch forward with your hands locked in front of you, bending your back. Do the same exercise with hands locked behind your back.. 27

steering for spring

Feedback Alyona D., 20 years old, Baranovichi, Belarus I had spinal pains and incorrect posture. I took Classic Hit line and Junior products, as well as EnjoyNT food supplement and Harpago gel. I also did some therapeutic exercises and took up swimming. After 6 months my problems were gone. I’m doing sports actively (volleyball, tennis, roller-skating) and feel great, I have no health problems whatsoever. I’m extremely grateful to my mother, who learnt about the Vision food supplements, which helped me become healthy without pharmaceutical drugs.


OsteoSanum To alleviate joint pains take OsteoSanum, a powerful remedy, created by DEM4 laboratory exclusively for Vision. Not only is it rich in calcium and vitamin D3 that are traditionally taken to prevent osteoporosis, but also contains a new revolutionary vitamin K2 that directs calcium straight to the bone tissue and precludes its depositing inside the blood vessels.

Ingredients: calcium, vitamins K2, D3, B6, B12, folic acid, shilajit extract.

Mega Mega with unique polyunsaturated fatty acids improves cell structure and creates protective cellular cover, thus preserving cell integrity. Boosts the immune system, protects vascular walls from destruction, regulates blood count, cleanses blood vessels, regulates heart beat, normalizes blood pressure.

EnjoyNT Harpago-gel

Ingredients: polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (EPA/DHA 18/12), Evening primrose oil, vitamin E.

Ingredients: Devil’s claw, groundnut oil, cayenne pepper extract.

EnjoyNT Harpago-gel is a strong anti-inflammatory and warming-up gel for topical use that enhances the action of EnjoyNT capsules and provides for a comprehensive effect on joints.

Facts EnjoyNT EnjoyNT food supplement helps alleviate discomfort in joints and stimulates renewal of the cartilaginous tissue and synthesis of sinew-water. EnjoyNT also enhances the synthesis of the synovial fluid and relieves inflammation and pain.

Apart from dairy products, apples also strengthen the bones. These fruit are indispensable to women, who are under the risk of osteoporosis. Apples neutralize the negative impact of osteoclasts, which are bone tissue destroying cells.

Ingredients: glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), bamboo extract.


steering for spring

Nervous System Everything is annoying, when you feel nervous and sleep deprived. The sun seems too bright, the birds too loud and the first leaves look too green. Sometimes it’s hard to stop yourself from feeling angry, even when there are no reasons for that. But something’s got to give. The best solution is the set of anti-stress products from Vision.

Classic hit

Pax+ forte Handy Tips Sometimes the simplest actions help to calm down and relax. Take a few deep breaths. Breathe in icy air from the freezer or open a window for a few seconds. Comb your hair. Eat an ice cream. Rub your palms. Shift 27 items from their position in your room or office. Surprisingly so, but these simple actions do work.


Pax+ forte is a powerful anti-stress complex that relieves anxiety and discomfort, improves stressresistance, as well as the ability to withstand significant intellectual, mental and emotional overloads without harming the health. Makes up for the lack of vitamins and minerals that “burn out” during stress, and first of all—of magnesium and vitamin B6, whose deficiency can cause cramps, spasms, nervousness, souse feeling, pressure upswings, and arrhythmia.

Ingredients: Melissa officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia, Valeriana officinalis, magnesium, calcium, vitamins РР, В1, В2, В5, В6, В9, В12, Н.



Hiper is just what you need to overcome consequences of the winter depression. It eliminates symptoms and after-effects of depression gently and effectively, fights feelings of dismay and anxiety, oppression and melancholy, and improves the quality of sleep. It has a tranquilizing and calming action, but doesn’t provoke drowsiness.

Revien helps overcome chronic fatigue, picks you up, revitalizes and invigorates the body, helping avoid sleep disorders.

Ingredients: St. John’s wort, black horehound, hawthorn, magnesium, vitamins C, B1, B6, B12.

Passilat Passilat is a perfect remedy to alleviate nervous tension. It restores blood flow to the heart muscle, which is commonly disturbed during stress. Soothes, prevents nervous breakdowns, supporting heart.

Ingredients: passionflower, hawthorn, valerian, vitamins B1, B6, B12.

Ingredients: hop cones, black horehound flowering tops, ginseng root, zinc, iron, selenium.

Mistik Mistik helps improve the quality of sleep as it produces a gentle sedative action, alleviating mental pressure and relieving anxiety. It deals with the problem of interrupted sleep and prolongs profound sleep phase. Makes it easier to fall asleep and wake up.

Ingredients: Eschscholzia californica, lime flower, camomile, vitamins B1, B6, B12.


steering for spring

Genitourinary System Hurrying to shed winter boots and wear light high-heeled shoes in cold March, we often face unpleasant consequences: overcooling, dragging cramps in the stomach and clouded mood. But carefully selected food supplements always help to shield from colds, viral attacks and microbes.

Handy Tips The beginning of spring, apart from the longed-for sunlight, brings ice and snow slush under the feet. You can still take off your hat, but it’s wiser to wear warm waterproof boots with thick soles. It’s always better to have cotton underwear and put on several layers of clothes, so that you could adjust to changeable weather during the day.



Beesk Natural product Beesk is recommended as a preventive and bracing remedy. It strengthens the immune system, alleviates the course of an illness, promotes fast recovery and allows to avoid complications. It also supports respiratory system functions and contributes to quicker restoration of the body.

An innovative product iCBerry with its unique formula contains cranberry extract, which prevents spreading of harmful bacteria in the urinary tracts, and consequently, cystitis; contains lactobacteria that produce biologically active substances, suppressing the growth of harmful pathogenic bacteria in the genitourinary system.

Ingredients: Schisandra sinensis, propolis extract, royal jelly, iron, iodine. Ingredients: cranberry dry extract, vitamin C, selenium, zinc, proanthocyanidins, vitamin E, Lactobacillus L. acidophilus.

Facts Cranberry juice takes the 7th place among the healthiest drinks, according to the California University scientists. This juice strengthens the immune system, produces an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, and also enhances the effect of antibiotics (also in infected urinary tracts).

Healthy Recipe Sugared cranberries Whip one egg white with 100 g sugar powder, pour in a tablespoon of lemon juice. Throw 150 g of cranberries into the foamy mixture and stir nicely. Then roll cranberries in sugar powder, dry them up a bit and roll again. Put into a pre-heated oven (at 450C) for 20 minutes, give the berries another coating of sugar. Enjoy!

A sound mind in a sound body is a short but full description of a happy state in this world. John Locke, British philosopher 33

steering for spring

Classic hit



A classic anti-inflammatory remedy Nutrimax+ effectively fights various acute infectious processes, directs its action primarily towards the genitourinary system. It is very helpful against urethritis and pyelonephritis; alleviates chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and enhances its function.

In cold spring weather Ursul is just the right product to boost the immune system and avoid inflammations of the genitourinary system.

Ingredients: Angelica sinensis, witch-hazel leaf, bearberry, calcium, magnesium, vitamin PP, iron, vitamins B5, B6, B2, H, D3, B1, B9, B12.


Ingredients: Devil’s claw, bearberry, purple coneflower, copper, silver, gold.

Heart Infatuations in spring can send our heart fluttering with joy. But beware, though for romantic reasons, these might actually have bad consequences. Transitions between seasons can be too strenuous for the heart muscle and cause its dysfunctions. Provide your heart with a steady flow of vitamins from Vision for a happy heartbeat.

Facts Despite high calorific value and abundance of fats in all French dishes, France has a surprisingly low incidence of the cardiovascular and oncology diseases. As one of the theories goes, this is the credit of red wine, which is so popular in the land of Hugo and Maupassant. Some people even call this outstanding phenomenon the “French paradox”.

According to the statistics, nearly 20% of Russians are under the risk of a heart attack, which is world’s second most widespread cause of death. Annually cardiovascular diseases take lives of nearly 17 mln people all over the world. 35

steering for spring

Classic hit

Classic hit

It’s all about heart In spring cardiovascular diseases are often provoked by stress, improper nutrition and chronic fatigue. LCBalance helps normalize the cardiovascular system, clear vessels from cholesterol plaques, improve blood quality, improve the oxygen and nutrient supply to organs and tissues. Pax+ forte is a powerful anti-stress product that takes care of the nervous system. It reduces excitability, relieves anxiety and discomfort, improves stressresistance.

Antiox+ Protect your body from a disruptive free radical impact with the help of a classic balanced product Antiox+, enhanced by a unique combination of mutually complementing antioxidants with proven efficiency and safety, that has sustained multiple clinical trials. The product purifies the body from free radicals and toxins, slows down ageing processes at the cellular level, prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Ingredients: grape marc extract, vitamin C, ginkgo biloba, zinc, vitamin E, beta-carotene, selenium.

Facts A glass of red grape juice every day can prevent heart attacks. According to the scientists, this drink helps prevent blood clot blockage of the coronary vessels, supplying blood to the heart. The juice also reduces the activity of blood plaques by 75%.

Feedback Pavel, Odessa, Ukraine In the army I developed polyarthritis. I have suffered for 8 years. The disease was aggravated by heart pains and duodenum ulcer. I started taking Vision products. Soon I felt that it was easier to walk. Then other health problems disappeared, as well as heart pains. Ulcer is gone. Thank you!

A heart is a frail thing. It has to go on working a long time. Antoine de Saint-Exupery 36


Mega Mega with unique polyunsaturated fatty acids improves cell structure and creates protective cellular cover, thus preserving cell integrity. Boosts the immune system, protects vascular walls from destruction, regulates blood count, cleanses blood vessels, regulates heart beat, normalizes blood pressure. Ingredients: polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 (EPA/DHA 18/12), Evening primrose oil, vitamin E.

Vinex provides efficient support for the heart. It produces a strong antioxidant action, normalizes performance of the cardiovascular system and prevents oxygen deprivation in organs and tissues. Boosts cardiac performance, nourishes the heart muscle with oxygen and strengthens vascular and capillary walls, improving their elasticity.

Ingredients: grape powder, grape marc extract.

Hibiscus and Wild Berries tea Hibiscus and Wild Berries tea is a natural antiseptic that normalizes blood pressure, prevents formation of the “bad� blood cholesterol, blood clotting and enhances cardiovascular system function.

Ingredients: hibiscus flowers, chokeberries (aronia), blackthorn berries, rose hips, mint leaves.

A man without a heart is but a senseless tool of cognition without a family, without friends, without home. Heart is beautiful and integral foundation of the spiritual growth. Alexander Herzen 37

steering for spring

For Men Normally men can’t stand doctors and are ready to delay the visit as long as possible, particularly when it comes to such sensitive issues as the genitourinary system. However strong men might be, sometimes they also need medical care and support. Timely preventive measures can set aside many health problems, and even improve male self-esteem.

Feedback Ivan D., 29 years old, Kondopoga, Russia Three years ago I was bothered by male health problems, as well as the skin problems, weak immunity, eye redness and itchiness due to computer work, and bleeding gums. I purchased a set of Vision products and took them every day, carefully monitoring the result. In two months I felt better. Half a year later the skin rash vanished, as well as the male health issues. My eyes no longer hurt, and I completely forgot the feeling, so now working at the computer is no trouble at all. My gums don’t bleed after I brush my teeth. Of course, I get ill occasionally, but those are just seasonal colds. I don’t waste my time on doctors, which is what I sincerely wish to everybody.


Facts Contrary to widespread assumptions, prostatitis is not an age-related disease. Over 35% of men between 25 and 45 suffer from it. The best preventive treatment of prostatitis is active lifestyle (or else, regular exercising provided the sedentary lifestyle). Healthy diet and healthy sex life are also very important. And by all means, try to avoid overcooling and infectious diseases. The best microelement for men is zinc. It supports the prostate, increases the sperm count and improves fertility. Meat byproducts, beef, lamb, seafood, tuna, garlic, lentils and pumpkin seed are the richest sources of zinc. The saw palmetto is known for already 400 years. First medical remedies that contain this fruit were mentioned in the early 18th century. In those times Saw palmetto was used to cure testicular atrophy, prostate and bladder inflammations, as well as to naturally stimulate sexual potential in men.

Ursul Ursul is a product, genuinely created for men. It helps deal with various inflammatory diseases, as well as viruses, fungi, and bacteria that provoke prostatitis, urethritis, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis and other male urogenital diseases.

Ingredients: Devil’s claw, bearberry, purple coneflower, copper, silver, gold.

Lamin Vision Lamin Vision is the best existing energy tonic for men. It charges you with energy for the day, significantly enhances physical and mental working capacity, increases endurance and stress resistance.

Ingredients: Eleutherococcus senticosus (root), mate leaf, pollen powder, L-carnitine, vitamin C.


steering for spring

Healthy Recipe Pumpkin cream soup Boil a liter of vegetable or chicken broth. Add a sliced carrot, a potato and 400 g fresh or frozen pumpkin squash, an onion and a garlic clove. Cook till the vegetables are soft and then puree in a blender. Add some nutmeg and roasted sesame seeds. Serve with sour cream or cream.

Artum Artum helps ensure health of the prostate gland and normalize its function. It has a targeted action: alleviates inflammation, reduces pain and edema. It is effective against prostatitis, prostate and bladder enlargement, as it combats the growth of adenoma.

Ingredients: Stinging nettle root, Saw palmetto fruit, pumpkin seeds, zinc, beta-carotene, vitamin E.

Stalon Neo Stalon Neo revitalizes and reinforces the male body, stimulating spinal cord ganglions that regulate erection and activate sexual function; enhances blood flow in male genitals, and provides for optimal synthesis of male hormones.

Ingredients: ginseng root, ginger root, Ginkgo biloba, kola seed, zinc, vitamins E, PP, B1.

Mature manhood: that means to have rediscovered the seriousness one had as a child at play. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche 40

For Women PMS is often the object of many jokes due to women’s very temperamental behavior. However, those who have to face it every month are not the ones to laugh. Of course, abrupt mood swings and discomfort are very unsettling to all women. During the cold seasons female hormonal balance suffers. And spring is usually the toughest time.

Menopause (climacteric period) is another urgent problem, dictated by the female hormonal changes. The word derives from the Greek “step”, so it’s truly important to take this step without stumbling and find your support. For example, in the form of Vision food supplements for women.


steering for spring

Facts Every year more and more women find themselves experiencing the first menopause symptoms earlier than expected. Nowadays menopause often comes before the age of 44, or even prematurely, before 40. Of course, it has a bad impact on the body: skin loses its resilience and bones become more fragile. To overcome hormonal changes and feel better, both physically and mentally, it’s better to abstain from caffeinecontaining products, as well as spicy, salty and canned food and pastry. Eat more fruit and vegetables, enjoy spending time outdoors, but don’t go overboard! Enjoy healthy sleep.

Feedback Svetlana M., 34 years old, Zyryanovsk, Kazkhstan. After a consultation with a doctor he put me on birth control pills, which we selected carefully. As a result, it disrupted my cycle and my periods stopped. Nothing I did helped. Me and my husband wanted to have kids, and I just couldn’t get pregnant. Then Vision food supplements came to rescue. I started with several Classic Hit products, and then went on with Medisoya and Artemida Neo for two months. It was a miracle! My periods came back and became regular and soon I was able to conceive. I’ve had the sweetest girl!

Chaste tree is a renowned leader among the medicinal herbs, used to alleviate the PMS symptoms. Chaste tree extract supports female hormonal balance, relieves PMS symptoms and normalizes menstrual cycle.

Medisoya+ Medisoya+ prolongs female youth. It contains efficient and safe phytoestrogens that possess hormone-like action, but without the side effects of hormones. Taken regularly, this product will postpone menopause. It also prevents washing out of calcium from the bones, and osteoporosis.

Ingredients: calcium, soy extract, phosphorus, isoflavones, vitamin D (D2, D3).


Artemida Neo Artemida Neo normalizes hormonal balance, menstrual cycle, reduces pain syndrome, and prevents inflammatory processes of the genital organs. Helps prevent and alleviate PMS symptoms, such as irritability, fatigability, fluid retention, edema, engorgement and sensitive mammary glands.

Ingredients: Angelica sinensis, chaste tree, bearberry, clover, iron, vitamins A, E, B6.

Nortia Nortia ensures female soul’s equilibrium. Its balanced formula is enhanced by iodine, vital for the female body, that restores thyroid gland functions and normalizes the endocrine profile. The complex stabilizes emotional balance, relieves nervous tension, during PMS in particular.

Ingredients: Hypericum perforatum, iodine, magnesium, astragal root, hawthorn, vitamins B1, B6, B12.


steering for spring



pring hypovitaminosis is always harder on kids. It shows in bad behavior, poor marks at school and naughtiness. But most often the reason is not the transition age or bad character. Children simply need more micro- and macroelements, as these often influence children’s mood and academic achievements. Food supplements for children with vitamins and minerals help make up for deficiency of useful substances, fight spring colds and the symptoms of pollinosis (spring hay-fever).


Handy Tips Healthy sound sleep is vital for kids at any age. Sleep deprivation impairs the immune system, decreases academic achievements, and also triggers putting on weight. Kids in elementary and secondary school must sleep not less than 10 hours a day, those in high school need at least 8.5 hours of sound sleep. It might be a good idea not to play computer or active games 1.5 hours before sleep. Don’t overload your child with extracurricular activities. It won’t do good signing your child to dancing class, chess club and singing practice at once. Leave at least one free evening a week. Don’t pile up several afterschool classes in one day.

Healthy Recipe

Healthy Recipe

Three-layer dessert

Exotic sorbet

Peel and core 2 sour-sweet apples, slice them and bake to softness in the oven or microwave oven. Puree in a blender. Crumble 200 g of oatmeal cookies. Whip up 200 ml of cream with 2 tablespoons of sugar. In glasses or ice-cream bowls layer the applesauce, cookie crumbs and whipped cream. Cool for an hour, add some cinnamon before serving.

Slice 0.5 kg bananas, 200 g orange pulp and 100 g lemon pulp, puree in a blender. Add 25 g sugar and 100 ml apple juice, mix with the fruit puree and put into a plastic container. Freeze for 6 hours. Every other hour stir the sorbet to ensure a light consistency.

Lifepac Junior Be Big

Junior Be Wise+ regulates metabolism, functions of the nervous system and brain. Revitalizes, alleviates irritability and improves sleep quality. Improves reaction rate, attention focusing, memory and assiduity. Its balanced formula stimulates digestion and improves appetite.

Junior Be Wise+ Lifepac Junior Be Big strengthens the child’s body in the period of active growth, being a vital source of calcium, silicon and vitamin D3 that fortify the musculoskeletal system and teeth enamel, and prevent caries. Alleviates neuromuscular hyperexcitability.

Ingredients: calcium carbonate, bamboo powder, vitamins D3, B1.

Ingredients: iodine, selenium, magnesium, vitamin C, beta-carotene, vitamin E, iron, vitamin PP, zinc, chromium, vitamins B1, B6, D3, B2, B12, copper, vitamin B9, manganese.


steering for spring

Classic hit

Lifepac Junior Be Healthy Lifepac Junior Be Healthy strengthens the immune system. It is a perfect product to improve resistibility to viral infections, alleviate the course of illnesses, reduce the risk of complications, and recover quickly.

Ingredients: propolis extract, vitamin C.

Lifepac Junior Be Smart Lifepac Junior Be Smart enhances child’s intellectual capacities. Is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that support balanced development of brain, nervous system, eyesight, improve memory and attention focusing. Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids accelerate maturation of brain, provide for its normal functioning, improve mental capacities and memory from the early childhood. Ingredients: omega-3 PUFAs, vitamins E, A, D3.


Junior Neo Junior Neo provides the child’s body with all necessary vitamins. It guarantees balanced development of all body functions: physical, intellectual and mental. Ensures stability of kids’ nervous system, enhances cognitive and physical activity. It prevents overstrain and overexcitation. Ingredients: vitamins С, Е, РР, D3, В1, В2, В6, В9, В12, beta-carotene, magnesium, iron, zinc, chromium, manganese, copper, lemon peel extract.

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