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editorial Second Life Memories of my first day in Sweden and Jibs, as a freshman, are still fresh in my mind and those early experiences were not, unfortunately, comfortable. It was not all joy or fun, to begin with, when I missed the university pick up service from the airport, due to problems with my flight and my first day at Jibs bore all the hallmarks of a second life: unfamiliar surroundings, new faces, different cultures and the anxiety that comes with meeting folks from different corners of the world and not knowing how best to behave. And the worst part was that I never had a clue about where I would lay down my head for the night. It was like becoming a vagrant. Think about this transition from the comfort of home, where I had a whole room to myself, to a new setting where lodging was a nightmare…

Israel Ambe Ayongwa Editor-in-Chief

Maybe this is the kind of feeling you, freshman, might be going through right now. But harbor no fear because this Special Issue of Junited has allayed most of your worries. This is another scholarly journey for you…embrace it, cherish and love it because this is a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. At the end of the day, your time in Jibs will come down to striking a balance between two lives. In the words of Maria Mitchell it will mean a call to; “Study as if you were going to live forever; live as if you were going to die tomorrow.” While the financial crisis bites businesses we, in Junited, feel the pinch as well because we need the bucks from advertisement money before our magazine can go to print before reaching a stand somewhere near you. But whatever happens, one thing is certain; our ink will not dry up as long as there is a story to be covered. So don’t count us out. Not yet. This is the real deal and we are in it. Big time… As you embark upon a life of access cards & codes, intranet & webmails, bank electronic cards, group work & assignments, presentations & seminars, deadlines and the, inevitable, end of semester exams; my advice to you is to explore your new environment as if it was not new…. Nice read and have a great life!

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Word from the Dean ney with us. We also hope that students at Jibs see their time as students as the first step in our joint journey and that graduation only is the end of the beginning of a fruitful relationship and joint effort in capturing opportunities in our exciting time.

The ongoing transformation of the global economy is creating multiple opportunities for actors with an entrepreneurial mind-set and an international perspective. At Jibs we aspire to be one of those actors capturing important opportunities and strengthening our position during this exciting time. We are convinced that the fast growing need for higher education in emerging economies could be matched with both the urgent need for especially smes in all parts of the world to accelerate their international business development activities and the urgent need for national governments, regions and municipalities to bring a more entrepreneurial mind-set into the delivery of well-fare to their citizens. We are convinced that an international business school could provide integrated educational activities serving these needs simultaneously and by doing that bringing business school education closer to practice and having real impact where we believe it belongs. We are convinced that an international business school succeeding in doing that will provide unique educational experiences and provide unique support in developing future leaders with an entrepreneurial mind-set and international perspective so much needed to address the many contemporary and future boundary-spanning challenges the world is facing. We are convinced that Jibs should be one of those international business schools. To strengthen our educational programs at our Jรถnkรถping campus and strengthen 2

Jibs Alumni association has just elected a new board and the new board has together with Jibs management developed a joint agenda for how to strengthen JIBS and Jibs graduates in taking on the many important challenges and opportunities in the present global economic transformation. I hope that all you new and old students also will join this agenda.

our possibilities to provide a unique educational experience we are presently exploring multiple international ventures. We are presently heading a consortium of strong European universities to set up a European Entrepreneurship University in the Persian Gulf. We plan to start the first Professor Niclas Adler activities during 2010 and set up the first CEO and Dean of JIBS presence in Bahrain. We are presently also heading a consortium of European and US universities to set up an International Entrepreneurship University in Pakistan. Both initiatives is based on the idea of integrating business school education with international business development and entrepreneurial development of well-fare delivery. We also are exploring multiple ventures together with Swedish companies entering new markets and interested to bring educational activities as part of an off-set delivery or using student teams to explore new opportunities as well as multiple ventures together with governmental organizations supporting international trade. The exciting time we now face will make it possible to test new things, to challenge dominant assumptions and to conquer new ground. However, it will need risk-willing actors with passion for the unknown and willingness to work hard in developing new approaches and creating new positive experiences. The faculty and staff members of Jibs are committed to do our outmost and we hope that the students at Jibs are well aware that we are not just another business school and have therefore come to us to take on this jour-


Creating New Business Project Currently, Mobile Academy is discussing with business partners in Taiwan, China, and the Philippines the potential for setting up mobile academies and Mobile Life incubators. China has established 10,000 incubators and is seeking to expand domestic demand by investing in health, education, training and infrastructure.  Due to the layoff of 20 million factory workers who are moving back to their home towns and the growing number of unemployed college graduates, the government is launching entrepreneurship programs to create new jobs and industries.  This will create opportunities for Jibs to provide training and education in regional cities.

The Business Creation team is bowing out at the end of this year, leaving only our Business Acceleration Program (bap) remaining. Our original goal was to generate revenue by developing business-driven projects integrated with research and education, then mainstreaming them into department programs. During the past year and a half, Dean Niclas Adler and bc team members have developed numerous projects with Birmingham College, Babson College, Ecoles de Mines, King Saud University, Moscow State University, and other universities. Currently, the bc team is exploring several new business opportunities: Space Commercialization Center Cecilia Hertz, a Jibs board member, is an industrial designer who has won numerous design awards and contracts from the European Space Agency (esa) and nasa for her innovative designs, such as designing floors as seats for the space shuttle. The bc team is exploring the potential for developing a consortium and research center to commercialize space technologies for sustainable earth applications, such as medical and sports equipment, automobiles, forest revitalization, smart clothes, housing, megacity sanitation, and heavy industry. Students and professors will be able to participate through class projects and Business Acceleration Program (bap) to develop new products, businesses and ventures. Besides our partner universities, this program could involve k-12 schools, online gamers, and science fiction fans. The US, China, India, and Japan are planning moon missions, so they are seeking commercialization as a way to demonstrate the value of space programs. Sustainability Management Jibs is partnering with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert of Sweden, the founder of The Natural Step (, to explore collaboration in offering executive training in sustainability management. The Natural Step methodology was used to plan the Whistler 2010 Winter Olympics in Canada, which will be the first “Sustainable Olympics,” and has won

many awards, including Mikhail Gorbachev’s Millennium Award in 1999 and the Blue Planet Award in 2000 (considered the “Nobel Prize of the Environment”). Despite the recession, leading industry leaders are investing in new sustainable technologies and businesses to maintain their competitive edge. Sustainable Travel In Stockholm, the bc team is partnering with several travel industry executives to plan a Sustainable Travel conference in Stockholm in 2010. The new group will leverage The Natural Step methodology to provide workshops and consulting, involving Jibs students and professors whenever possible. Mobile Academy The Mobile Academy ( is gaining rapid traction with corporate training customers, including the OneNess University, Business Network International, a Swedish IT organization, and several educational organizations, which plan to establish their own e-learning academies integrating Internet and mobile phone video lessons with workshops. Jibs and its partner universities could also develop a global e-learning academy to promote collaboration and information sharing.

Stockholm Seed Funds The Jibs Stockholm office is meeting several companies interested in launching seed funds to fill the financing gap for small ventures. Sweden has a limited number of angel investors and seed funds so most ventures struggle to expand their product development and international market. Jibs students could assist these seed funds and their ventures by preparing fundraising strategies and international marketing. Jibs faculty, researchers and students are welcome to contact me to learn more about these potential projects. For information, email:

Sheridan Tatsuno Associate Dean of Business Creation





Ask any student of Swedish expression in Jibs and they will have a thing or two to say about Civilekonom, but questions linger about this programme in the minds of other international students. It is in our quest to answer some of the questions related to the running of the programme structure and who is eligible to gain admission; this led Junited to Professor Andreas Stephan, Programme Manager for Civilekonom. Q: In a few words, how can you describe the Civilekonom programme?

plicants with first priority (the first study preference) per available place at Jibs.

A: This programme is the “traditional” 4-years study programme in Sweden. The degree “Civilekonom” is only known in Nordic countries. Generally, it aims to be a professional degree, which means that graduates are prepared to start working without further training. At Jibs, four specializations within the Civilekonom programme are available: Accounting, Marketing, Corporate Finance, and Economics.

Q: How are students and applicants recruited into the Civilekonom? What are the prerequisites needed to attain this?

Q: What makes it different from the other Economics programmes?

A: Basically, it is the length of the programme. And the “brand”, which is well known by employers in Nordic countries. Furthermore, it also includes a commercial law course, known as höken. Q: Is this programme (Civilekonom) unique to JIBS or are other schools in Sweden carrying it out as well?

A: They apply via The prerequisites are the same as for the other undergraduate programmes. Q: Some believe that this programme is the reserve of students proficient in Swedish. How authentic is this assertion?

A: Basically, Swedish language proficiency is not a requirement for the programme. At Jibs, only 2 courses during the first year but at least for one of these two courses, an English alternative exist. One particular course is the commercial and business law course (15 hp) in the second semester, which at this stage is only offered in Swedish.

Q: Just to clarify this point, so for this course (commercial and busiIt is not unique to Jibs - there are other ness law) offered in Swedish, stuschools in Sweden that have the permisdents who are not proficient in sion from the Swedish Higher Education Swedish do have an alternative as Authority to provide this degree. (For a list well?

of the other schools, refer to here http:// ) Q: How keen is competition from students wishing to be enrolled in this programme?

The competition is high. The entry level is about 16 to 17 points from high school (out of 20) and there are around 2 to 3 ap4

A: It might be possible to substitute this course given in Swedish at Jibs with equivalent commercial law courses in English at Jibs or at Swedish or international business schools.

Professor Andreas Stephan Programme Manager for Civilekonom

CIVIL ONOM Â Q: How is this programme struc-

tured? How many scholarly years are needed to graduate and what is number of credits given?

A: In the first two years of study at Jibs, much of the content overlaps which that of other programmes e.g. Financial and Economic Analysis (ep programme) or even with International Management. Third year can be spent abroad. Internships are also possible. Fourth year is at the master level and specialization courses are chosen. A master thesis of one semester concludes the education. In total, the programme comprises 240 hp (=4 years full-time study)

the graduates find a job within 6 months after completion of their studies.

Q: Does this apply speciďŹ cally to graduates from JIBS or is it a general assessment of graduates from other institutions in Sweden?

This holds for the graduates of Civilekonom programme in general (the exact number is 84 percent). Here is the source Q: What career opportunities are available?

Any job within management, controlling, accounting, marketing, or jobs that require analytical knowledge e.g. consulting Q: How is the curriculum carried out? or research departments at banks for the graduates with economics as specializaA: As in the other programmes. A mixture tion. of seminars, group discussion/project, research and presentation are the teaching Q: Are there any special skills and methods used. key interests that graduates are supQ: What are the prospects of graduates being integrated into the job upon graduation?

posed to possess upon completion of this programme?

Given the four-year frame, the education in the Civilekonom programme is quite broad. Irrespective of the chosen specialization, all civilekonom graduates will have some basic knowledge in accounting, commercial law and financial planning.

So far very good. Typically, more than 80 percent of Q: Thanks for your time. A: You are welcome.


Mesud Altun JSA President

Take home along wherever you go Picture this: warm weather, palm trees growing tall by the beach, and tourists taking pictures of things one doesn’t even notice when living here. Clubs are open all night and the city never closes. The night air is perfect for getting some friends together and having a barbecue. No, you’re absolutely right! I am not talking about Sweden but a kind of place some of our international students come from. I can imagine some of you packing the warmest clothes for the coming year/years in Sweden and Jönköping. You will soon see that Sweden is not just cold weather, but also nice lakes and beautiful forests. Although there are students with all sorts of backgrounds, from Swedish students to Chinese and many others, all have one thing in common: You are all about to start a life in a new place, finding new friends and creating new memories. The first week in Jönköping is a memorable one! All the new people, friends and the activities make up a great start to your first semester here at Jibs. I remember initially how much I missed home and my old friends whom I´ve known for many years. Not to mention the food my dear mother cooked at home. It took some time—and even some fire alarms going off from food being burned in the oven—but I got past it. Not only is my food finally edible, but I have found new friends and built my life here in Jönköping. Lastly I would like to say good luck to everyone, and as one once said; “take home along wherever you go”.



Kamilya Baibekova Vice President Dear friends, it’s about time for a new semester within a new academic year. Congratulations to all of you with the new start! I hope for the ones that are going to experience their very first year at Jibs will experience lots of new friends, tons of good memories and plenty of academic achievements. And for those who came back to continue their journeys in the world of knowledge I can say: “Onwards! Raise the sails!”

Sexkreation I have been given the privilege to welcome all students back to school and an extra warm welcome to all new students starting here at Jibs. Now you might wonder who I am, especially all you new students. My name is Camilla Petersson, a third year student here at Jibs, and I am the head of your social committee Sexkreation. “Sex” being an old Swedish word for fun and “kreation” is the Swedish word for creation, fun-creation.  As all my predecessors I am a fun loving, happy person with a funny bone that cannot be broken.  

Being the head of Sexkreation, or being the Sexmaster as it is appropriately called, is not an easy task. My job is to ensure that all students here at Jibs have a bearable time while studying at Jibs. Studying at Jibs should not only be tiresome studies and boring lectures there is so much more to life than that. That is why Sexkreation exists, to ensure that you have a great university experience while studying. We throw parties and events where we all sing, cheer, dance and have a good old time. We also manage the Personally, as a student, I’m looking forward to starting a new year because, many student club, Akademien, which you without a doubt will get more and more familiar might agree with me, its like a new page in with as time goes by. Moreover, we in Sexkreation have put allot of effort in to hosting this chapter of our lives, starting which we your entire kick-off week which we hope that you enjoy. always promise ourselves to read lectures My advice to all you new students is to make as much as possible of your time here, and on time, to solve exercises before sessions more importantly enjoy yourself!   and most important not to take re-exams. As a vice-president I wish for this new So during your studies here at Jibs, if you come across a person wearing a sexkreation beginning as well, hence I believe it is an- shirt give him or her an encouraging pat on the back. other chance for me as a part of Jsa team to make every project bigger and students’ lives better. Best of luck! And see you at the Kick Off week!!!

Camilla Petersson Sexmaster, Sexkreation

Asad Farooq Head of International Committee I am currently operating as Head of International Committee. Integrating Swedish and International students is the prime purpose. International Committee extends warm greetings to all the new students. Let your aesthetics breathe through the air of extreme internationalization offered here at Jibs. I’m looking forward to all the great times. 7


Study abroad at JIBS My name is Richard Lam from Calgary, Canada, and I studied at Jibs for the Winter semester of 2009. I had chosen Sweden as a destination partly because of its relatively wide and accepted usage of the English language, and partly due to hearing of its supposed similarities to Canadian culture. As this was my first time living independently, I did not want to stray too far from my comfort zone. In the end, it turned out not being a problem. From the moment you arrive, you are surrounded by international students, all in the same new environment as you, looking for the same answers. It’s a gradual, shared learning experience, which helps to bring everyone closer together in the short period of time they have with each other. The first week was a whirlwind of sensory overload. Orientation events, meeting dozens of faces every day, learning the city and transportation routes, figuring out classes and academic issues, dealing with accommodation, buying groceries, and so on. It can seem overwhelming, but it’s all part of the experience, and arguably the most important part. Here is where you meet the friends you will be spending the duration of your exchange with. Aside from the academic and social aspects of the exchange, one of the most enjoyable and memorable aspects of my exchange were the extracurricular activities. I volunteered for both the university radio station and the magazine. For the former, I contributed content, co-hosted, and assisted in the recording, editing, and mixing of material. For the latter, I acted as (and continue to act as) one of the editors and also an occasional writer for this magazine. For both occasions, I emailed the coordinators out of curiosity, and was enthusiastically welcomed to participate. This was another opportunity to meet more people that I would not have otherwise, such as program students and local Swedes. The school has a good student-run International Association for international students as well, organizing various social events. The entire induction week is organized by them, and from then on there 8

are student trips around Europe, cultural day events, and special parties. I joined two of the student trips, the first one to the north of Sweden, in Kiruna. There we took part in dog sledding, ice fishing, and exploring this small town in the arctic circle. The second trip I joined was a student cruise to Tallinn, Estonia. There we were put with hundreds of international students from other schools for three days of partying on the open sea. Another service offered by the International Association that I greatly benefitted from was the Contact Family Program. After applying, you are paired with a family living in the area, and get a closer perspective of Swedish culture. We met often for meals, movies, bowling, and even a family road trip to Gothenburg! Before I knew it, all of the academic, cultural, and lifestyle changes and differences had quickly become second nature. The concept of re-exams, going out on Wednesday night to Akademien, fika breaks, and so on became part of my routine. However, right when it was getting comfortable, the exchange had come to an end. The stream of goodbyes at the end of the exchange was surreal and seemed to come much too soon. Nobody wanted it to end, but lifelong friendships had been established, and great experiences had

been cemented in everyone’s minds. It was an amazing, indescribable time, one that I will never forget.


Isabella Roos

Cultural spotlights:

Jönköping, Sweden

Jönköping, “Heart of Småland”, “Jeru- you can take a “fika” (a word that doesn’t salem of Sweden”, the city that lays on the exist in any other language which means “to have a coffee”) with your friends. south end of the beautiful lake Vättern – the city that hold on to your heart. Jönköping has a big shopping mall called A, which is located close to Ekhagen. Jönköping is not too big, neither too small, it has its own personality. The west There is public transportation to get there, lovely to experience on a rainy day or in and east part of the city gives Jönköping the winter when it gets pretty cold. a metropolitan feeling and has one of the best locations in Sweden. You’ll know Each Saturday, during the spring and what I mean after a few weeks walking summer season, there is a big flea market, around in the city. located on one of the squares in the West Jönköping is called the “Jerusalem of Swe- part of Jönköping. Here you can buy fresh fish, fruit, flowers and lots of other stuff. den” because of all the churches that are There are a lot of small lovely little spots placed in the city. There are a lot of free churches and events that are presented by in Jönköping. Just don’t be afraid to ask the churches. The biggest one is Sofiakyr- anyone if you’re seeking something. kan that is located in the centre of the If you are interested in museums, you west part of Jönköping. have come to the right city. There are a lot of tourist attractions. On the west part, Outside of Jönköping in the lake Vätclose to the train station, there is a place tern, there is an island called Visingsö. called “Tändsticksområdet”, where they I strongly recommend you visit it. It’s a originally started to produce the safety peaceful and beautiful island where you get an overlooking view of Jönköping and match. Now days there is a coffee place, a radio museum, some shops, a cinema and Huskvarna. Another place that I recomthe cultural centre. This is also the place mend you visit is the little village called where the student nightclub (Akademien) Gränna that lays a little bit north from is located, where nearly all the student Jönköping. There is perfect bus transporparties are held. tation to get there. It is in Gränna where the famous “polkagris” originally is proDag Hammarskjöld, who was the un duced. You just have to try it! general secretary from 1953-1961 and got a Nobel Peace Prize in 1961, was born in If you are up for a walk, Stadsparken, Jönköping. There is a sculpture of him in is the perfect place for a relaxing stroll. front of the library. You’ll get an amazing view over the city and you can pet the animals that they have. There are a lot of coffee places where 9

From my own experience of Jönköping, I can say that it’s a very active city, but it also brings you calmness and peace in to your soul. To take a walk along Vättern and just sit on the pier and look at the people is wonderful. I prefer Jönköping to a lot of other cities in Sweden. I hope you will feel the same way in the end of your stay here.

everyone gathers around singing songs about welcoming to spring. I want to give you all a warm welcome to Jönköping and I hope you will enjoy the city and the school as much as I do. The city is full of opportunities, is just the effort to discover it that you need to bring.

Sweden as a country is very beautiful. In Välkommen! the south (Skåne) we have the grain fields, the beech forest, the timber frame house, the coast and the vicinity to the continent. Småland, the region that Jönköping lays in, are famous for their red houses and the birthplace of the company ikea. Up north in Sweden there are lots of mountains. We have a lot of good and well-known ski resorts that I strongly recommend you visit if you’re interested in skiing. In June 2008 there were 9 125 021 citizens living in Sweden. We have a big and long country, but few people living here. The Swedes are kind people. Some think that we are very laid back, quiet, withdrawn and shy. And others claim that we are hospitable, polite, friendly and concerned about the environment. Swedes have the reputation to be very good at English and aren’t afraid of using it. That might help you if you’re out in the city trying to communicate. There are some traditions in Sweden that you have to know about; Midsommar, Valborg, and Lucia. At Midsommar, we celebrate that the summer is here. It’s the day when night and day have the same length. This holiday is on the 22nd of June. Then we dance around a Midsommarstång with a crane’s-bill in our hair and eat matie (a sort of fish), strawberries, new potatoes and drink schnapps. It is one of my favourite holidays. Valborg, the eve of May Day, is celebrated on the 30th of April. Some universities in Sweden (e.g Lund and Uppsala) put up a big celebration for this holiday. The symbol for Valborg is the big bonfire where 10

Jönköping: - Lays in county of Småland - App. 125 000 inhabitants with total population 335 000 - One of the strongest economic regions in Sweden - 12th largest county in Sweden - Has its own airport

First Day at JIBS

AIDA CIRO ALUMNI/GUEST WRITER I moved to Sweden on August 16, 2008. Unlike in the UK, I had no friends, no language knowledge, or any previous experience in Sweden. I spent my first night in Stockholm in a tiny hotel room with no window, experienced some anxious 15 minutes of being stuck in a dysfunctional lift, and tried to guess Swedish Underground directions…only to find out I had failed. I hoped from this point things could only get better. The academic year started soon after I arrived. The program of international logistics and supply chain management at the Jonkoping International Business School is one of the best offered in Sweden. The latter comes as a result of Jonkoping being ‘an international logistics cluster on the becoming’. The school is truly international, and interestingly showing the current global economy trends. Asia, deemed as the factory of the world, seems to dominate on ‘production related’ studies, whilst US and Europe seem to focus much on services. The curriculum focuses much on logistics, globalization trends, supply chains, informatics in business, international contract law, and virtually any aspect of international product/service trade from vendor to satisfied customer. Considering that I do not have a background in business as such, other than my management experience at a small catering organisation, I can say that so far it is looking very promising. I engaged in several projects, such as a four-month work experience with Gunnebo Troax, a world leading firm in safety solutions; and a second project on education partnerships and entrepreneurship, supported by Intentac – In the meantime, despite an economy in recession, and employment opportunities being rather limited, the good news however, is that I now work for a leading multinational organization in the field of logistics, cma-cgm. This has been a great opportunity to develop networks with both students and professionals, which is another reason why I have engaged in several projects. I wish you all the best of luck. One word of advice: Do the most of your time in Sweden, as it will come to an end before you even have time to think about it!

Idowu H. Adewale Alumni I am Hakeem and was born and raised in my great country, Nigeria. I would say my knowledge and experience in Jibs, Jönköping and Sweden in general has been very wonderful with an indescribable joy. In fact, I don’t even know where to start. The 20th of August, 2006 was one of the most unforgettable days of my life. This was when I left Muritala airport in Lagos, Nigeria to Arlanda airport in Stockholm, Sweden.  I got to Jönköping city on the 21st and I did my registration at Jibs on the 22nd. After my registration at Jibs, I said to myself, what a great opportunity for my career! At the same time, I asked myself whether I would really finish my program at Jibs. This is because I considered Jibs as a high-learning school and a challenging environment. It’s now my pleasure to say that, I faced the challenges at Jibs and I withstood those challenges. Now I have accomplished my Bachelor Thesis and I hope to attain my BSc in Business and IT Management (Business Informatics).


Coming from Osaka University where I spent my four years of undergraduate studies in a rather traditionalist Japanese learning environment, Jonkoping International Business School was a revelation; it was something completely different, new and fresh for me. In the beginning, except the little too chaotic introduction week, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a small but powerful university, dreaming to become something big. The speech of the Dean, Niclas Adler, in the beginning of the first year strengthened this perception, and made me very happy and proud to have become one of Jibs’ freshmen. I fell in love and still am with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the small campus; the vivid colors of the buildings together with the international faces of the students gave me a very warm feeling, a feeling of a new home which I will definitely miss now from far away. I also liked the fact that all students have 24/7 access to most of the university facilities, including the study rooms in the library and university, which was something new for me as well. I started my Master of Entrepreneurial Management, a master that sounded really appealing and satisfied me a lot in the beginning; I was lucky to have great professors, like Thomas Mullern, Clas Walhbin or Johan Wiklund, that held really attractive courses, based on interactivity, discussions, presentations and team projects. Besides, there were the various activities in which one could get involved, such as becoming a member of the Junited or the Nordnet Trading Room team. All these allowed me to meet great people, some of them becoming my best friends throughout my study years. And of course, there were all the parties or trips made by different organizations inside the school, where everyone in the school had so much fun. However, throughout the second year, things have changed. My perception about the great entrepreneurial spirit of Jibs has vanished slowly, seeing that entrepreneurship and boldness were mere words rather than actual facts. Being involved in some extracurricular activities, I got to know some of the so-called “amazing” projects in which Jibs was supposed to be involved in the near future. In the beginning, I believed in them. Later on, I realized most of them were just a bunch of ideas thrown on the table to impress naïve students and to motivate the lack of funds Jibs was suffering from. Jibs was trying to act more like a business entity than a university, to think big and bold, which made sense and seemed interesting initially, but the projects in which it got involved seemed to me in the end simple fantasies lacking any sign of logical thinking. Besides that, the quality of the studies started worsening in the second year. More and more master and bachelor students were complaining about the boring courses held by unprepared Phd Assistants, and by the lack of knowledge these had regarding different matters. Later on, confusion among students became something normal. We turned many times to the program managers asking for answers, but they seemed to be quite lost and mostly gave us erratic answers. One of them I still remember, regarding some issues about a certain course: “Sorry, I cannot help you with that information. Every course teacher is like a king in his own kingdom, i.e. he/she does what he/she wants to do and I cannot interfere”. I was surprised to find out that Jibs had such a feudal structure. JSA was also an organization which seemed to have degraded in my last year at Jibs. First, too young and unknowledgeable international students were involved in it, prob12

ably just for getting more fame and appreciation from others. Besides this, I and many others didn’t see any positive role of JSA since the last change of management. One example is the case of ex-Head of Communication, who left Jibs without any notice, leaving his duty and Junited in complete chaos for many months. From the very interested and devoted people who seemed to love and support Jibs a lot in the beginning, I left from there with the impression that less and less people actually do care about what’s going on in the university. Most of the program students are completely or almost unsatisfied with the quality of their studies, exchange students don’t care much because they come here mostly for partying, and the university staff doesn’t seem to give a dime either. I really wish that this current gloomy landscape of Jibs will change and the chaotic situation will get back to normal. The good news is that there are still people who actually care about the university and want to do something good for it. I have a lot more to criticize, but criticizing is easy; doing something actually to solve the problem is the real challenge. I trust that those who care will take action, and I know already a few. Anyway, for me Jibs is not just the Master studies, is the people and the memories I am left with, memories which are some of the best in my life. I will definitely miss you, my dear Jibs!

My warmest regards from Romania,

Laurentiu Borza


Pimpon Kongpool & Israel Ambe Ayongwa



FAQs Frequently Asked Questions


1. Q: Can I bring along my lunch to school and where can I preserve, heat or sit down for a bite? A: Trivial as this question might sound, but some students enjoy bring along their home prepared meals to school and settling on it during lunch break. To tackle this issue, a small kitchenette equipped with refrigerators, microwave ovens and lunch section can be found in a small section opposite to the Jibs cafeteria, Taste of Beirut, on the ground floor and at the tail end of the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Jibs building. Bon appétit.

2. Q: Where can I find the copy machine? The Scanners? Buy print credits? A: If you feel the necessity of making a copy of some pages from the book, you can find the photocopy machines on the second and third floor of the library as well as one additional copy machine in the journal room on the ground floor. The library’s machines need a special printing card where you can purchase the card and refill the copy credits by yourself at a machine near the library counter. The copying cost is 1sek per 2 pages. In the journal stack room, you may also find a scanner that you can use free of charge. Remember, the law of 1 July 2005 prohibits copying an entire document.


3. Q: Interested in having a look at some past exam papers for a particular course? Need some stationery (writing materials) to take some notes? Where to gain membership into the JSA or get some JSA souvenirs?

7. Q: I just dropped my wallet, cell phone, flash disk and lens case somewhere. How can I retrieve it?

A: One step into the foyer of the Jibs building and you will find yourself in front of the Jsa Shop and this is where you can get all past exam questions, souvenir needs, and stationery.

8. Q: Where can I find cheap or second hand book, bicycle, rooms or household appliances?

4. Q: Where is the Student Service? On what floor is the International Office & Admission Office? A: 4th floor. It’s at the Student Service where you will get most of your exam scripts or furnish credentials to complete your registration process. Also on the 4th floor is where is where you can find Internationally Yours, Peter Warda, Admissions Officer, Tomas Bengtsson, or Study Abroad, Chantal Côté*.

A: The janitor’s office is the door to your left as you enter Block A of the Jönköping University and inside is a locker where all the lost-but-found items are stored. Have a look. If left in the library, ask the staff at the circular desk.

A: It’s always bound to happen so don’t get over yourself. As a student, that party animal side of yours just comes alive at one point in time whether you like it or not and when this happens you know it’s time to move with the flow and hit the Akademien student party house on Wednesday and there are plenty of places during weekends.

EXTRA’s: Fika is a Swedish thing that you might love. It’s all about settling down for coffee and The Coffeehouse By George seems like the right place for you.

Påpée Hårsalongen is the cosmetic hair salon and answer for all your hairdo and hair treatment. Catch them about 200 A: There is an unofficial stock exchange meters from school along the Bus 1 road for second market. Most probably you will to Råslätt. get your book from Student House, from the counter in the coffee section. Another * From November 1st 2009 - March 31st good guess for vacant rooms or appli2010, Chantal Côté will be on parental ances is from the information board as leave, you can contact Maya Paskaleva you make your way through the revolving during that time. doors into the library and also your last bet are the information boards along the corridors and stairways of the Jibs building.

9. Q: Dreaming about a great after-work buffet? Lunch out? Or even where to hang out 5. Q: Desperately need to meet one of your lec- for a date or a tribe of turers or professors for friends? issues related to your A: There are many around but Tusen & En Natt, which you can find not far from studies?

the central bus stop of Juneporten, is the A: Floor number 6 is the place for you favorite for students not only because of albeit not a regular student zone of course. its attractive, special discount buffet for students, but also its great recipe. The 6. Q: Where can I meet Bishops Arms (Le Trotoir) on the waterfront, quite close to the banks is another the Dean? place for those who love class. Give it a shot! A: You will have to ascend to ‘heaven’ on floor 7. The higher you go, the colder it 10. Q: Thinking about becomes and so is the hierarchy at Jibs structured. One level above floor above mid-week or weekend is the seat of the Dean and those in the parties? Any ideas, peoupper echelons of authority at Jibs. Unfortunately, you will need to be granted ple? audience and your reason better be good for you to meet the Dean. Good luck!


We offer students a discount of 15% on any treatment between 8.00-13.00 everyday valid student ID is required Booking 036-100 607 Klostergatan 20 Jönköping


Organizations Worth Subscribing To

Pimpon Kongpool, Halima El Joundi, Israel Ambe Ayongwa

JSA The Jönköping International Business School Student Association, or Jsa, is the umbrella body for all students at Jibs. Although membership is not mandatory, Jsa articulates the aspirations of all Jibs students by serving as a link between the school authorities and students, speaking for students especially on issues of education quality and organizing projects that can complement the studies of students. The organizational setup of Jsa comprises positions of the following: The President’s main role is that of

overseeing the coordination of the Jsa, mapping the vision and mission of the association and steering the activities of the association towards its goals.

Vice President works very closely with the President, sharing his responsibilities and participating in Board decision-making exercise. Treasurer, who keeps the books, keeps

track of fund records, handles invoices and produces the balance sheet.

Head of Communications Committee, is responsible for Junited, recruiting

writers, editors, photographers, art and designers as well as providing supervision and coordination. Head of Marketing Committee, who combines the role of selling the concept of Jsa with that of manning the effective and efficient flow of information within Jsa and other parties.





Head of International Committee’s role is that of tearing down those barriers between Swedish and international students as well as creating a convivial atmosphere.

JÖNKÖPING STUDENT UNION (JÖNKÖPINGS STUDENTKÅR) The Student Union takes care of every aspects of our student life. Some activities sponsored and/or created by the Student Union are the Multitude Days, Spring Prom, and the competition: What do you know about the Student Union?

IA (International Association of the Student Union)

The International Association, or the ia for short, is part of the Jönköping Student Union whose main goal is ‘higher Head of Quality Committee is responinternationalization and integration’ of sible for dealing with issues ranging from the students. Therefore, the ia organizes the education offered at Jibs to sanitary activities that all International students conditions under which students live. and Swedish students are welcome. Some In addition, the Student Union gives of the activities that are highly valued by Head of Social Committee, or Sexkrea- us the chance to show our appreciation the schools and the students are the Contion, is all about creating the right atmos- by nominating the best teacher of our tact Person Program, the Contact Family phere for students to mingle, party and university where the names of the teachers Program, and the Language Program. have fun filled activities both outdoors or chosen will be announced and price will at the student pub, Akademien. be given at the Spring Prom, the Student In addition, the ia is known for the trips Union’s traditional event. both in and outside of Sweden where Head of External Affairs, who works students enjoy participating. Some of the in partnership with the Head of Internal The Student Union also operates the trips are Kiruna Trip, Norway Fjord Trip, Affairs, is responsible for getting sponsors Akademien, the student pub in JonkoHelsinki Cruise, esn Seabattle to Estonia, and creating partnerships with Jsa. ping. This is where students from all and Moose Safari. schools mingle every Wednesday nights Head of Internal Affairs handles the and come for inexpensive Taco dinner Furthermore, the ia arranges the Cultural delicate, and often intricate, task of each Fridays. Besides from the fun of Day weekly where anyone can represent overseeing the running and execution meeting new people, you might find your his country, the Kick-off activities, Barof all Jsa projects; which constitutes the photos from the parties at Akademien on beque on campus, the Welcome Dinner bedrock of Jsa’s existence., the Student Union’s official in the beginning of the semester and the Goodbye Dinner to finish off the term. And speaking of projects, Jsa runs a good magazine’s page. Also, there are several fun theme parties number of projects annually prominent The Student Union is now undergoing a that the students love going. The examples among which are the Entrepreneurship reconstruction. New board is elected in a are the Pajamas Party, Toka Party, AnyDay, Next Step, Spring Inspiration and Student Union Council meeting in May thing but Clothes Party, World Cup Party, International Day. and Johan Sjögren takes the office as the and the Switch Party where guys dressed new president of the Student Union from as girls, and girls dressed as guys! These projects which always serve as a crowd puller bringing in a throng of high the first of July. The ia board consists of several internaprofile international and local companies Along with this change, the previously tional and Swedish students, where parts as well as students is made possible thanks compulsory membership fee is removed. of the board are representative from each to the assistance of key partners like seb, However, the Student Union is doing of the University’s accommodations. These kpmg and senior partners like Ernst & its best to accommodate the students of are the people who listen to your comYoung and PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Jonkoping University. More information plaints or comments and are willing to of the Student Union can be found at: assist you or solve the problems. Become a member by registering at the Jsa shop, and paying a one-time fee of Check out the webpage for upcoming 100sek only, which will last for the entire activities and to see when it is open for duration of your studies at Jibs. Privileges applications and be part of the challenge includes a discount on all items at the Jsa and fun! shop and all Jsa events, Study Abroad points and entitlement to a copy of our much sought after Junited magazine, published 5 times a year.


It is very possible that this is not the first time you are hearing about this organization.

leader’s ability to develop attractive, community oriented projects. Teamwork, sharing, and interchange of ideas which are evident during sife meetings greatly boost communication skills.

fresh dive into a youthful reality of global relations, sustainability, cooperation, and of course, conflict and misery.’ -Giuliano Laurenza, Editor in Chief & Head of Program Committee siaj.

Nothing surprising about that because sife, which stands for Students In Free Enterprise, is a student-oriented organization with a global spread in more than 1500 universities in 47 countries the world over. Its major goal as a student association is to build leadership, communication and a spirit of teamwork in them in through the principles of free enterprise.

sife Jönköping currently boasts more than 30 members including 9 Board positions such as those of the President, Project Coordinator and External Affairs. All these positions are open for election during the start of Fall and you can run or join as a member by attending their meetings every Tuesday during luncheon between 12:0013:00 at the Student House.

The Latin word ‘fresco’ literally relates to a multilayer frieze, or wall painting; an insinuation to the editorial engagement towards a deep handling of information that enables the reader to read between the lines.


sife relies on a network of faculty advisors (who mentor sife teams at each university) and financial and logistical support of businesses around the world. Through the aid of outreach projects, entrepreneurship skills and business ethics, various sife teams are able to translate their ideas so as to better their livelihood, those of their communities as well as countries through education and sensitization. Every year, an international sife competition (sife World Cup) is organized bringing together team champions from each participating country. The next sife World Cup will be held in Berlin from October 4-6 and sife Jönköping, who emerged 2nd at the recent National Competition, has been invited to participate as an observer. sife usually handles the lodging and feeding of participating teams during these events. Events like this always serve as an opportunity for teams to present their projects whose feasibility is assessed by a panel of judges comprising ceo’s and managers. Key to sife is the writing and executing of projects, and these are assessed based on 6 criteria: Market Economics, Success Skills, Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, Business Ethics and Environmentally Sustainability.

‘Our mission is to provide lectures that educate people and broaden their views about political aspects. The thought we With a number of interesting projects in had when we founded our organisation the pipeline during the Fall Semester, you was that there were a lot of people intercan join the fun now. ested in politics and international affairs but the university was not offering any chance for people to get involved in that subject outside their lecture schedule (…) SIAJ we then decided that there must be a need The young and on-the-move organization and demand for at least one lecture per month about an actual political topic. The known as siaj (Society of International first lectures showed that we were right, Affairs in Jonkoping) has recently been fuelled with support and encouragement, at least 100 people showed up per lecture. I myself was surprised of the success, the initiative of a group of visionary students to introduce a new bilingual special- and less than one year after its creation the siaj even have a Magazine’. -Markus ized magazine named fresco. Kuschnick, President of siaj. ‘What motivated us in spite of the inherent challenges, was the fact that the maga- Though the endeavour sounds promising, it is still too early to evaluate fresco. We zine will be raising important political, will have to wait and see the reactions to social and cultural issues for both Engthe coming number and whether or not lish and Swedish speaking students (…) something we thought was missing at the ‘multilayerism’ in international affairs will succeed in charming the students. University here in Jönköping’. -Xhejlane Raka, the project leader. The magazine is set to be published 4 times a year and distributed for free on The first issue of the magazine was recampus. The next issue is due October leased on May 25th as an electronic copy 2009. distributed to students from the four schools of the Högskolan, with Dreams as an inaugurate theme for this premiere, along with topics such as: an inside view of the Sri Lanka conflict, a speculation on the European elections, a trip to the mystic republic of Uzbekistan and a reflection on the forgotten tragedy of Moriscos, just to name few.

Although at the national level, this organization receives support from business concerns, it is expected for each participating ‘In fresco, we present international isgroup to raise their own funds to carry out sues in an entertaining fashion. You won’t find officials in suit and ties, nor graphs their projects, thus relying on the project or statistics, but rather a colourful and


GUIDANCE Israel Ambe Ayongwa

Get your bearings right, Freshman are on campus, that matters. It is about maintaining at least10 meters of entrances that matters. I take issue with folks who step 1 meter from the door, light up, puff Never worry being a newbie; it’s just part the smoke right into the faces of splutof the drill, part of your induction into tering non-smokers and then right after the system and another stage in life and in performing their ritual, they throw the your new environment. cigarette butt at the ‘crime’ scene and thump it with their heel rather than put But be of good cheer because you are not it inside the refuse bins designed for this a pacesetter, left to your own devices to set purpose. the paradigms of right and wrong and of new standards. You are not the first, nor And the worst part is the spitting culwill you be the last. ture…yeah, I mean it. It’s a culture now. New on campus? Lost your bearings? Asking tons of ‘stupid’ questions? Hakuna matata (No problem).

That’s the good thing about walking in the shadows of others. You can learn from their mistakes and avoid pitfalls just as we learned from our predecessors and you will now have an opportunity to improve where we faltered. The feeling known as ‘empathy’ means that I am trying to put myself in your shoes. That is how I have been able to grasp how you might be feeling right now because I have been down this road before.

Do you really want me to explain this? You know, folks clearing their throats of phlegm and ejecting slimy waste right just where your eyes will fall on it as if it were rather in the nature of things. Feed your eyes on this at campus or the bus stop (You might miss lunch if you dare!) With this pitfall, maybe, there is an outside chance that you, freshman, will help rid us of this filthy and repulsive act. Are you our new role model? Let me know…

Lodging & Access Card Accommodation in Jibs is almost every While the administrative procedures hang student’s nightmare. Where to lay your ominously above your head and the prochead during those first nights upon arrival ess of settling down appears emotionally is one of those devils you need to confront taxing, you have this opportunity to sit in order to survive. My experience still back while I ease some of your burden leaves a bitter taste in my mouth but we by giving a guided tour of some of those will save it for another discussion. There places on and off campus that you would is no argument that it hurts when you are be compelled to visit. Tuck in your seatbelt not provided with the accommodation for the ride… you thought you would get and then you end up on the wrong Smoking With all the traveling (often for thousands side of the equation, of miles), a complex administrative proce- where you are lodged in dure and new environment, it makes sense groups of up to 5 persons. This is especially to see smokers relieving some of that difficult if these are stress by lighting up a cigarette. But the people you are meeting first caution here is to be on your guard for the very first time against doing this within confined places like buildings, be they hostels, lecture halls or if you are unlucky or offices; on and off campus. Avoid those like I was, you are told to wait. fines if you can for some of them can be very heavy. My advice is to take a step Where should I ‘wait’? outdoors. That’s your cup of coffee. Not to take away It is not just stepping outside, when you 18

some of the good work put in by those at the Accommodation Office, but Jonkoping University has a long way to go if it intends to realize its goal of providing students with accommodation. But with the reduced intake of students this year, the tragedy of last year will not likely repeat itself. Bonne chance! Are you trying to locate the accommodation office on campus? Well, that will be easy. It’s a beehive of activity during the opening days and very visible immediately after you enter the Block A lobby. You can’t miss that long queue of students filing past to get keys for their rooms, applying for a change of accommodation or get their Access Cards which is the door right after the Accommodation Office. And whether you will enter a computer lab or your school’s main entrance will be determined by your Access Card. It’s your key and I guarantee you will be sorry if you come to school in the evening without one. Pray a Good Samaritan (or Jonkopian) in possession of such a card comes to your rescue before the harsh winter turns you into a pillar of salt. Janitor Some things are just inevitable and one of them is misplacing a cell phone, dropping a wallet or leaving behind your lenses. It happens all the time, an example of frail human nature, and you may be the victim of this incident; alternatively, you may be the one who picks up this lost but found

item and comes to the rescue. No matter what role you find yourself in, always remember the locker in the janitor’s office, which can be seen from the lobby of Block A, just before the accommodation office. This is the rendezvous spot for those who have misplaced items and those in possession of them.

Cash Dispenser Carrying cash around today is no longer fashionable and this is made simple for you thanks to a cash dispenser machine tucked in the wall of the School of Engineering; very visible from the entrance of Block A. No need to do the 5-10 minutes walk back to town where you would find the nearest cash dispenser machine. Library Your journey has been shortened and To borrow a textbook or login to one of time saved for now, at least until the the library computers warrants an Access cash dispenser machine in school breaks Card, the same one with which you use down. During my time here I have seen to gain access into rooms and blocks. this ‘creation by man’ break down once. Normally this card needs to be activated So the odds of it breaking down are very first at the library reception before busilow although it is not still 100% immune. ness can commence here. All this notwith- Welcome to your customized bank on standing, the absence of an Access Card campus, somewhere nearby… or login username and password doesn’t bar you from surfing the internet. There is Skatteverket always the Guest Login option which the Skatteverket or the Tax Office is one of well mannered library receptionists can those off campus sites you must visit. For help you with. a newcomer trying to locate this office, you need to go round to the West wing Connecting to wireless of the School of Communication buildHaving a laptop on campus doesn’t ing, on the side where with the towering guarantee that you would benefit from glass wall, and then throw your eyes far Wireless connection. In fact, it can be afield right across the roundabout. Boldly frustrating trying to login while at school. printed on the side of one of the building

Banks Take another queue ticket once more. We are at the bank now. Everywhere you go in Sweden you are most probably going to meet a line of people waiting in an orderly fashion, a numbered queue ticket in hand, patiently waiting for their number to come up on the electronic board before they move up to the counter. Perhaps it’s only at the bus stop and in school where you don’t have the ’queue vending machine’. People, this is a taste of Swedish tradition. Since you cannot move around with all your savings in your pocket, or a stockpile back at home, you need the service of a bank and all the major banks here at the city centre. To be served, you need a Swedish Personal Number and this is only possible after the Skatteverket has done so. But folks on exchange or for a 1 year programme will only get a number from school. Identity cards used to be given to students at the banks, which can help them in not having to carry around their passports. However, for some unexplained reason this is no longer the case. You can ask the guys at the banks or the Skatteverket when you go there. I will be waiting to hear from you. Your Home Råslätt, Alpha House, Delta House, Tenhult,Vilhelmsro and Huskvarna are all names that will very soon be music to your ears because this is where you will most likely be holed up. I have a hunch your new home will be at one of these places and I am ready to bet my entire savings on it. Do you want my bank account number? Home, sweet, happy home. Soyez bienvenue.

I know all about the handout stuff from the IT Helpdesk dished out to during orientation but still it doesn’t always help. So what’s the big deal? Leave that laptop at home in the house if you won’t really need it in school or quit trying to logon to the Wireless system. After all, there are lots of computers everywhere and the wireless can behave in an erratic and unpredictable manner. So why bring along a laptop when there is a spare? Go to the computer lab, library, reading rooms and serve yourself people. Let’s save some energy.

is the word ‘Skatteverket’. Now, take your queue ticket and fall into line.

And one last thing lest I forget, you must learn how to prata Svenska. If you are nurturing any dream of staying and working in Sweden after studies you better enrol in one of those Swedish language courses now.

Put your survival instinct to the test as you Unlike in other countries where the Tax get your bearings right. Office is for the sole purpose of declaring tax returns, Skatteverket is where you get issued with your personal registration number (vital in gaining part time jobs and benefitting from the subsidized health services). Remember to have handy you’re your Passport and Admission Letter otherwise business will not take place.



Israel Ambe Ayongwa

SIFE Jonkoping is 2nd Best in Sweden The sife (Students In Free Enterprise) Annual National Competition took place at Electrolux ab centre in Stockholm, from June 16 – 17, 2009 and sife Jönköping was represented at the event by a delegation of 10 team members. Day 1, June 16, started with the various sife teams checking in at the StayAt Hotel lodging facility before returning to the Electrolux ab company grounds later on in time for the effective take-off of events from 12 noon. Registration at the reception proceeded smoothly for all teams: sife Malardalens (who arrived with a massive entourage of about 30 members), sife kth (represented by 2 participants), sife Lund (with 4 members), sife Umeå (with some 8 students on board), sife Uppsala (having only 2 participants) and sife Jönköping (with 10 members). After names had been crosschecked and ticked on the attendance register, each team member was handed an identification badge, a manual containing a list of participants and a programme, and every participant was also entitled to a goody bag. Team members then had an opportunity to grab some breakfast, mingle with the opposing peers from different universities before setting up their various stands for the first competitive event of the day, City Fair. 20

From 13:00, the various teams, panel of judges, sponsors, sife executive members and other guests poured into the Electrolux auditorium for the official kick off of the competition. sife Sweden’s Vice President, Camilla Ljunggren, got the ball rolling with an introduction about sife and a flashback on the 2008 competition before introducing the judges for the day. After a talk from Electrolux’s Director, Hans Stråberg, Camilla and Louise Tettling - from sife Sweden, read out the order in which all team presentations would take place. The teams were split up into Group 1 and 2. The first team from each group had to present simultaneously in a two separate rooms and for sife Jönköping, the task of impressing the judges lay in the hands of Yanwei, Yun Xu, Julia Lukyanchenko and Mingming Jiang. After Jonkoping and kth came sife Uppsala and sife Lund’s turn to present and show what they could do. A 45-minute coffee break took place before sife Umeå got their turn to make a mark. The final presentation of the day was that of the Malardalens team. Each of these presentations of projects and team accomplishments was spiced with a q&a session between the judges and team members. During the Sponsor Mingle, sponsors like

Adecco, Oriflame, Electrolux and Saab had a chance to showoff their products and opportunities to the students. The last item for Day 1 was a mingle and buffet where jury members, sponsors, students, advisers and special guests chatted over a glass of wine before settling down in the dinning section. The dining was interspersed with the award of sife Monthly Competition for May, won by sife Umeå while sife Jönköping received the prize for Best City Fair Stand. Recipients were awarded a Diploma of Recognition. The last speaker to round off the dinner was Rosie Connolly from sife Europe who hailed Stockholm as the ‘capital of Scandinavia’ and was appreciative of her stay and time in Sweden. On the agenda for Day 2, June 17, was results of the last four teams that made it to the finals of the competition, the finals itself and the declaration of final results. Unlike the previous day, events of the day started off earlier at 9 am with the breakfast before participants assembled in the auditorium for instructions about the day’s activities. After giving a summary of Day 1’s performance, Camilla thanked the sponsors and jury for their dedication and work so far. The microphone was then handed to Hans Stråberg who introduced the jury

members and judges who would coordinate the final phase of the competition. Along with Louise, the ceo handed out medals to members of all the participating teams as well as a Diploma of Participation. It was then announced that Malardalen, Umeå, Jönköping and kth had made it to the finals while Lund and Uppsala were eliminated.

clearing landmines in Asia. After the q&a session with each group, the presentation ended at 13:00.

October 4-6, had sife Jönköping in the second position while sife Malardalens claimed the first position.

A lunch mingle followed this presentation while the judges took time off to compile their results, put together the tallies and decide who the winner will be.

Both teams would represent Sweden in Berlin, with sife Jönköping coming as an observer.

Participants reconvened once more at 13:45 for the prize award ceremony and Through a draw of numbers kth was cho- declaration of results and after a tense sen to present first, followed by Jönköping, wait, the results started coming in from Camilla and Louise. Malardalen and Umeå. kth got its presentation underway a few minutes later and they had 4 projects to present. Unfortunately for them, one of their presenters had a cold which made talking difficult for him. Afterwards, team Jönköping took its turn, presenting 4 projects they had worked on during the year and showing the diversity in their team. Closely followed was Marladalen which had done 14 projects during the year and presented 6 of them. Interestingly, they had carried out most of these projects out of Sweden in places like Ghana, Nigeria and Slovenia. They raised the bar of performance even higher. The last team for the day was Umeå, winners of the 2008 competition, who presented their projects, including one about

First prize was for Rookie of the Year and this was awarded to sife Lund for having the newest team in Sweden.

sife Umeå and kth had consolatory prizes and a handshake of congratulations as well. The curtains came down on the 2009 event at 14:15 with participants taking pictures and heading off to their home destinations.

Faculty Advisor of The Year was given to Peter Gustafsson of Malardalen, an award handed out by the Electrolux Manager who gave the winner a deluxe vacuum cleaner and a Diploma. The nascent Green Challenge Competition was won by Miljöveckan of Umeå university who pocketed 5000 sek while the runner up position went to Miljocaset of Lund University. sife Team Spirit award was won by Uppsala University. The sife Team prize, which would give the winners a place at the sife International Competition to be hosted in Berlin, from


Entrepreneurship d An opportuni

by Aid

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Dickens, just like us young business school graduates, we are tossed in the midst of a poor job market, with the world economy rolling into one deep recession curve. We have all had our fair share of financial crisis talk, even before most of us had a chance to understand how it would really affect us. But very recently, questions have been posed on more tangible fields. As students in general we have understood that the chances of finding employment have been dramatically reduced. As business students in particular, we need to understand the effects the economic crisis will have on entrepreneurship.

Young Entrepreneurs, such is the case of those in Thessaloniki (Greece), focused on a discussion on “Business in periods of financial crisis: problem or opportunity?” The successful Greek Entrepreneur, Mr. Vassilis Efetzis, founder and ceo of a successful cosmetics company, primarily trading in American markets, had one powerful message for the young entrepreneurs: “pursue their dreams, despite the economic crisis, no matter how difficult it might be!” Clearly Mr. Efetzis is an optimist, and strongly relies on what is commonly believed to be crucial to the success of an entrepreneur: determination, focus, and passion. This can also be understood in the context of a commonly shared belief that, after each crisis, a period of growth will follow.

Mr.Vassilis Efetzis


Although entrepreneurship in general embeds creativity, in times of economic crisis, this element is put in the spotlight for reasons that Professor Jean-Claude Larréché from World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, South Korea, related to the ability creative entrepreneurs have to better weather the current crisis, when compared to a traditional business idea. Big, consolidated companies are being challenged due to the lack of agility to adapt to the new opportunities hardly visible in the crisis discourse. Virgin Atlantic, an airline founded in 1984 by one of the most notable British entrepreneurs, Sir Richard Branson, is a living example. Shortly after establishment, Virgin Atlantic faced the airline crisis of the early 1990s, and successfully escaping the bankruptcy wave that swept across well-established airlines. Within the agility discourse, Sir Richard Branson points out: “There are enormous opportunities when there is a crisis. In a situation like this, it’s absolutely essential to conserve cash. I think companies that do have cash owe it to their country and the people in the company to actually invest that cash in order to grow out of the crisis!” Branson does not underestimate the concept of best companies with the best products survive in a crisis.


during Financial Crisis ity or a crunch?


da Ciro

600 Whilst the opportunities in times of crippling economic crisis, take some intense discussion in order to make them all the more visible to the eye of a fresh entrepreneur, the negative side-effects can be perceived at ones. The cutting down in employees, the long queues in a job centre, and the empty seats in any public establishment, are a very vocal message of the negative consequences this crisis has had on numerous businesses. Odds are that this could be very deceptive in the case of young entrepreneurial incentives; just like a good number of successful businessmen point out, for entrepreneurs it is business as usual; probably even better times in terms of opportunities! After all, you decide!



Sir Richard Branson

0 Nasdaq OMX Sweden closings from 2008-08-12 to 2009-08-12 source:


lifestyle Richard Lam

Summer Sports Summer is a great time for international sporting events. With the sun over your head and (hopefully) no rain or snow, it is the perfect time to spend an afternoon in an open-air stadium, cheering on your favourite team. Here are some of the highlights of what took place during 2009 around the world: UCI BMX World Championships (Australia) – A new officially sanctioned entry into the Olympic sport roster in the Beijing Olympics was bmx racing. This brought a greater respect and closer attention to what used to be an X-game (similar to snowboarding a few years back). July 18-26 brought the uci bmx World Championships to Adelaide, Australia. This was the 14th championships for a competition dominated by the United States and France.

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup (Dubai) – For those unable to wait for the upcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the fifa Beach Soccer World Cup provided some temporary consolation. Beach soccer takes place in a smaller field, in the sand, which results in more intense games with faster shooting and high scoring. Dominated over the years by Brazil, 2009’s competition took place in Dubai.

were unable to beat Brazil, with the final score standing at 3-2. This was Brazil’s fourth appearance in the Confederations Cup Final. Wimbledon (England) – The oldest and most prestigious world tennis tournament gave away a new high of £12,550,000 in prize money this year. With people camping out overnight for tickets, this was definitely one of the most popular sporting events of the summer, if not the year.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally (USA) – For those not wanting to abide by the strict dress codes of Wimbledon, and Red Bull Big Wave Africa (South craved something a little more extreme, Africa) – This surfing competition takes South Dakota offers the Sturgis Motorcyplace every summer in Cape Town, South cle Rally every August. Starting in 1938, this rally originally had a focus on racing Africa. Beginning in 1999 and growing and stunts, which included intentional in popularity over the past 10 years, this wall crashes, ramp jumps and head-on event unfortunately will not be taking collisions with automobiles. Not for the place in 2009, being in what the event coordinator labelled a non-specific “hiber- faint of heart, this rally runs into frequent displays of public drunkenness and nudity nation”. amongst its audience. The Ashes (England) – Cricket has one of the most loyal and devoted fanbases. The Ashes is a historic competition that began way back in 1882, and is fought furiously and exclusively between rivals England and Australia. Pride, glory, and bragging rights for the year hinge on this momentous competition. Sources:

Fifa Confederations Cup (South Africa) – Also in South Africa, this match in Johannesburg was the first time the US was in the final of a fifa men’s competition. Ultimately, however, they 24

SPORTS Shadi Sadat Tayyebi

Gliding ...can be described as the art of flying as a bird. The plane has no engine - it is up to you to understand the forces of Mother Nature to get you and your plane keep flying in the air. ...when the sun is heating up the ground, some places are warmed up better than others. For instance, lakes remain cold but sunny forested hills are heated up more easily. The hot air rises like bubbles and glider pilots can, just like circling eagles, use the rising air to stay airborne and climb to several thousand meters. By understanding the rising air, reading the clouds and the terrain, it is possible to fly for many hours and cover great distances with gliders. It is a magical feeling to fly in this way, hand in hand with nature and with a fantastic feeling of freedom. Competing with gliders ...It is possible to fly long distances by flying from thermal to thermal; over 1000 km in one single flight has been done in Sweden.

every weekend from April to October. With about 60 flying members and a dozen gliders, it is one of the top ten clubs in Sweden. Link to Jรถnkรถpings Segelflygklubb: www.

A gliding competition is about to fly a given task as fast as possible. The pilots fly one heat a day for 1-2 weeks, as many days as the weather allows for flying. Scoring points are given for the average speed and the winner is the one that have the greatest total points after the competition period. Each heat is typically 100-500km, over 2-4 turning points and with start and finish at the same airfield. Gliding in Sweden organized in about 60 clubs all over the country with about 2000 glider pilots. Most clubs offers the possibility to try gliding using a two person glider and different packages for those who are interested in learning to fly. From every club, it is possible to rent gliders to fly so owning your own plane is not a must. The gliding club in Jรถnkรถping flies from Odestugu, 20 km south of town, and fly

About me ...started gliding in 1995, competing since 1997. I really love the challange to fly cross country, flying faster and further and exploring the possibilities. ...competing in the national junior team 2000-2004, national team since 2007. Best results: Swedish junior champion 1999, nordic junior champion 2004, swedish champion 2006, 5th place on European championships 2007. ...flying the Europeans right now in Lithuania.


Agata Rukat

My Summer Internship in Sweden/Jönköping Film Festival Summer 2009 has brought a lot to my life. I spent my time watching a multitude of very interesting films from all over the world and getting professional experience in a Swedish institution. It is considered to be quite a challenge to get an internship in Jonkoping without speaking Swedish. Despite my strong efforts with Swedish language courses, the result fell short of fluency. However, I still managed to keep myself occupied during this summer with a very pleasurable and rewarding internship with the promotion of the film festival. It might have been just pure luck that this opportunity occurred to me but I would rather think that those who dare to ask will get rewarded, sooner or later.

film night, and free entrance outdoor cinema are just a small part of it. If you need some more information, please visit the website . Don’t miss the festival and, surely, don’t hesitate to try to get yourself a nice internship in Sweden!

In early April I called Josefin Jansson, the Jönköping film festival manager, and asked her about the possibility of having an internship with the promotion of this event. The project is conducted under the Jönköping’s municipality cultural department. The idea of working with the promotion of the film festival was prompted by my interest in cultural events but also by my concern about the lack of information on cultural events in English. I actually wanted to prove to my colleagues that interesting things do happen here in Jonkoping but they are just poorly advertised to the international community.

Tickets Regular price: 0sek (for one showing) Tickets booking Queer Film Night: 100sek (the price in- - Elmia: 0366-12-95-00, weekdays from

cludes a non-alcoholic drink and snacks)

Watch 5 pay for 4!: Tickets to different

Cooperation with Josefin has been wonderful, partly because of her openness to my ideas and her trust in people who work with the project. I have been learning a lot about the way events are organized in Sweden and I was able to confront it with the experience from my country, Poland.

films need to be purchased at the same time (not available on the internet) Jönköping Läns Museum: free entry Skolbio (School Cinema): 10sek per student if purchased for a group (for school kids only). In case not all the seats are sold out, the tickets can be bought in regular price at the entrance.

Jönköping Film Festival 2009 is a treasure for those who have some interest in good cinema. The festival is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary from the 2nd to 6th of September and it has much to offer to its participants: Queer film night,Horror

Tickets will be sold at


10.00-16.30 - Theatre: 036-34-81-81, weekdays from 11.30-17.00 - On internet:

(Booked tickets need to be purchased within 7 days and at least one day before showings.)

It is also possible to buy tickets right before a particular showing. Tickets sale will open 45 minutes before the show. Keep your ticket!!!

- Jönköping City Library (Stadsbiblioteket) Show one of your tickets at Lingon Res- The Library in Huskvarna taurant, so you will get some discounts. - The Tourist Office, Jönköping - Theatre (near the Match Museum in Jönköping) - Elmia

Horror Film Night

Near Dark

Horror Film Night is back at the Jonkoping film festival 2009, after the last year’s success. When the entire city is ready to sleep a projector at Folkets Bio is launching the first of three most horrendous films. After the second film’s projection breakfast will be offered to all viewers. So, take a blanket with you and some comfy pillows and enjoy our magnificent selection of three horror films!

USA 1987 / Kathryn Bigelow / 9min / 1 years

Dead Snow (Eins, Zwei, Die)

Martyrs is a story of two girls who, once brutally tortured now attempt to recuperate by taking a sanguinary revenge. The film has everything that a proper horror movie should have; blood, chains, screaming, filth and wrath.

Norway 2009 / Tommy Wirkola / 88min / 1 years A ski trip turns dramatic for a group of eight medical students, as they unexpectedly face the supernatural; blood-thirsty Nazi zombies.

Outdoor Cinema On no account should you miss the chance to watch films totally for free and in the open air! This year’s outdoor cinema will take place two days in a row, in order to make the Film Festival’s anniversary even more festive. Tim Burton’s masterpiece, Ed Wood will be shown in Hovrättsparken ( park close to the main library) on Friday, 4 September at 21.30 while the Swedish film “Ett öga rött” can be seen on Saturday, 5 Sept at 21.30 at Råslätt (Square). Take a blanket with you and something to sit on!

Ed Wood

Near Dark is an awfully pretty fusion of western and horror with the strongly dominating vampire theme. The film received very good critics and, therefore, it is considered a treasure of the eighties. Martyrs

France Canada 2008 / Pascal Laugier / 99min / 1 years

Friday / Saturday 00.30 Price including breakfast: 10sek

Ett öga rött (One eye red)

USA 199 / Tim Burton / 127 min / English/ Sweden 2007 / Daniel Wallentin / 91 min / viewers from 11 years and above Swedish / 7 years Ed Wood, with his adoration for femininity and an absolute weakness for Angorasweaters, managed to shoot movies with minimal budget and borrowed props. After directing his unsuccessful “Plan 9 from outer space” and “Glen or Glenda”, he was acclaimed the ‘worst film director of all time’. Ed Wood is a humorous and a loving portrait of the incurable optimist and transvestite. The all-star cast features Johnny Depp as the main character, Bill Murray, Sarah Jessica Parker and an Academy Award-winner Martin Landau (Best Supporting Actor, 1994) as an eccentric morphine- addict Bela Lugosi.

One eye red is based on Jonas Hassan Khemiris’ successful novel of the same name. It is a thrilling and a heart-warming story about Halim who, together with his father, moves from the suburbs to the city centre. Suddenly, his dad starts to integrate with the Swedes by eating herring and listening to Ulf Lundell. Still worse, he refuses to speak Arabic! This is something that Halim has to stop, before his dad gets totally absorbed by the “Swedishness”!


Short Film Competition

Queer Film Night

It is already a ninth year in a row that the short film competition takes place at Jönköping Film Festival. Among many good short films that have been sent to us there were six which were chosen to be shown in the final. Take a chance to see very high quality short films on the big screen. These films are a magnificent combination of charm, social criticism, love and drama of life.

It will be a fantastic evening with glitter and glamour, when the heteronormativity will need to take a step back. The evening begins with a more serious tone with a film XXY which will introduce us to Alex who was born with two sexes. We will continue with a cult musical ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’; a warm and humorous story about the East German transsexual punk rock singer.

London Transfer: A sad reflection on

prejudice delivered in a very non-dramatic way. (English)

Dagen Lång: A sad but beautiful docu-

mentary about an aging couple. (Swedish)

Frågotecknet: A very universal and

thought-provoking cartoon (no words)

Mitt liv som trailer: A humorous story of a girl who gets a very interesting task for her job interview (Swedish, English subtitles) Kallprat: An intelligent and ironic story.


Emma Gray Munthe, a freelance film journalist, known as a film critique in Filmkronikan and Aftonbladet, is going to be the evening’s hostess. Snacks and the cider are included in the price of the ticket for this evening. XXY

Argentina 2007 / Lucia Puenzo / 86 min / Spanish with the English subtitles / 11 years A fifteen year old Alex lives with her parents in a small coastal town, far from the bustle of a big city. However, she is treated as an outcast by the locals and it is difficult for her to trust anyone. Her father is worried about her mental and physical condition. Three people; a plastic surgeon with his wife and their son arrive to the house on Alex’s mother invitation. This visit brings new acquaintances, confessions and feelings which greatly affect all the people involved. XXY is a brutal but at the same time very beautiful film about norms, values and about living up to peoples’ expectations. It is a film about making the most difficult choice in life and about daring to change oneself. Empire Magazine acclaimed XXY “the most original coming-of-age drama you’ll see this year”. The film presents the phenomenon of children born with two sexes in a respectful and an insightful manner. In fact, there are more of them in the world than might be presumed.

Bye bye c’est fini: a documentary about

a Brazilian woman in her seventies who has a very hedonistic attitude towards life. (Spanish, English subtitles)

The celebration at Lingon Restaurant There will be probably the best birthday party ever at Lingon Restaurant on Saturday, 6th of September: a film theme decoration, guests and special prices (show your film festival ticket) at the Lingon’s bar are just few of many attractions! On stage is Katharina Nuttall, film music composer, producer, musician. The official opening of the party is at 22.00 but you are more than welcome to visit the restaurant earlier and share with us your reflections on the Jonkoping Film Festival! Free entrance!

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

USA 2001 / John Cameron Mitchell / 92 min / 11 years This is John Cameron Mitchel’s cult musical about Hedwig; a transsexual East German punk rock singer who is on tour with her band‘the Angry Inch’. She is following a rock star Tommy Gnosis; her former boyfriend who stole her songs. The film is Hedwig’s slightly bitter but very humorous recollection of her life expressed mostly in her songs. She recounts her upbringing and her acquaintance with the American naval officer Luther and the sacrifices she made in order to move to the USA – her beloved rock music land. The musical had its premier in 1998 on Broadway where it received fantastic critics. It was screened for the first time in 2001 and has already acquired the cult status which can be easily compared to Rocky Horror Picture Show. The musical was also performed in Sweden at the Stockholm City Theater 2008. Fokus, Saturday, September 4th at 18.30, ticket: 100sek More films with the queer topic at the Jönköping Film Festival 2009:

- Ed Wood (Tim Burton) – the outdoor cinema in Jönköping , September 4th - A Special Day (Ettore Scola) - Född i fel kropp (Katarina Johansson), Cinema at the Jönköping Läns Museum 28


Programme Films in English:

- A complete history of my sexual failures - Am I black enough for you? - Ed Wood –outdoor cinema in Jönköping - Hedwig and the Angry Inch - In the loop - Om Shanti Om (Bollywood) – English subtitles - *Maradona –English, Italian, Serbocroatian and Spanish, Swedish subtitles - Milk - Near dark (part of the Horror night) - Night watching (Peter Greenaway) - September issue - Were the world mine (on dvd)

Gabriella Paulin

Name of the Wind Names are important, he says. “The Adem call me Maedre. My first mentor called me E’lir because I was clever and I knew it. My first real lover called me Dulator because she liked the sound of it. I have been called Shadicar, Lightfinger, and Six-String. I have been called Kvothe the Bloodless, Kvothe the Arcane, and Kvothe Kingkiller.”

Outdoor cinema in August:

- Slumdog Millionaire - Australia - Lars and the real girl Films in French:

- Det regnar alltid i Provence (Parlezmoi de la pluie) - Séraphine - 99 francs - Martyrs (part of the Horror night) Films in Spanish:

- Lake Tahoe - Faustas pärlor - XXY Film in Norwegian:

- Mannen som älskade Yngve - Död snö (part of the Horror night) Film in Danish:

- Original – Swedish and Danish Film in Turkish:

- Årstider Film in German:

- Sjunde himlen Download the full programme for showtime at:

In the style of Tolkien, C. S. Lewis and Pullman, Patrick Rothfuss brings a new world into the palm of your hand with his debut fantasy novel, The Name of the Wind (2007).

From the beginning, it is quite clear that Kvothe is no ordinary man. He has achieved more in life by the age of 25 than most would ever dream to accomplish in a lifetime. He travelled and performed, mastered the lute at the age of eight, learned Sympathy (what you would erroneously call magic) and anything else he could muster at the strikingly young age of 11, including chemistry, alchemy and medicine. And this is only the beginning:

“I have stolen princesses back from sleeping barrow kings. I burned down the town The chronicle takes place in Rothfuss’ own of Trebon. I have spent the night with Felurian and left with both my sanity and world with its own currency, languages and terminologies where Kvothe, a young my life. I was expelled from the University at a younger age than most are allowed in. yet vastly gifted man, tells his story to a I tread paths by moonlight that others fear chronicler, Devan Lochees. The Chronicler, for that is what he calls himself, finds to speak of during the day. I have talked to Gods, loved women, and written songs an innkeeper who claims to be called Kote. But this man had saved the Chroni- that make the minstrels weep. cler’s life the night before from 5 spiderlike My name is Kvothe. You may have heard demons, thus assuring the Chronicler that of me.” this is none other than Kvothe himself. Kvothe wanted to learn more about the The Chronicler proceeds to persuade fearsome mythical group of seven, the Kvothe to narrate the story by telling Chandrian, who killed his troupe. He also him that people are starting to believe wished to learn the name of the Wind, for him not only a myth, but an assashe who knows the name of things is free sin –Kvothe the Kingkiller. Kvothe to command them. states his story will last 3 days of constant narration, thus making this book The constant question is: what happened “The Kingkiller Chronicle: Day 1”. to Kvothe that forced him into hiding as the calm innkeeper he claims to be? Kvothe is described as young with the tired lines of someone who has lived too The first day, or book, of this enthralling much in too little time. His striking red story ends all too soon and Kvothe has hair can look like an open flame if left to yet told less than half of his life’s deeds. tend itself and his deep green eyes change You will be left with fingers aching to colour depending on his mood. But most hold the next book, which, sadly, hasn’t important of all is his name, for he has been published yet. So we shall be waiting many. for The Wise Man’s Fear (The Kingkiller Chronicles: Day 2) to follow this engrossing novel. 29

MINGLES Don’t miss out the fun. Submit your mingle and party photos to us at


THE BISHOPS ARM E BISHOPS ARMS PS ARMS Hotellplan | 036-215 50 22

036-100 000

Trainee är ett engelskt ord som betyder början på en

osannolikt framgångsrik karriär Advisory Traniee 2010 Vi erkänner: det finns inget lexikon som håller med oss, men betyder det att vår översättning inte stämmer? Gå in på och bestäm själv. Du registrerar din ansökan på vår hemsida mellan den 4 maj och 14 juni. Sök nu!

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