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Protecting Our Oceans One Vessel at A Time


The International SeaKeepers Society is

deployment, Educational Outreach events,

at the frontline of ocean conservation and

and Community Engagement activities.

continuously working towards their motto of

SeaKeepers collaborates with numerous

“Research. Educate. Protect and Restore.”

organizations, academic institutions, and

SeaKeepers is a non-profit organization

government agencies in order to accomplish

dedicated to the facilitation of oceanographic

its DISCOVERY Yacht missions. SeaKeepers

research, conservation, and education

staff works closely with vessel owners and

through direct involvement with the boating

crew to coordinate research and outreach

community. SeaKeepers enables vessels to

activities that reflect each owner’s ocean-re-

take full advantage of their unique ability to

lated interests. The extensive DISCOVERY

visit every corner of the world by advancing

Yacht Fleet has provided support to ocean

marine science aboard private vessels and

conservation in all corners of the world and

raising awareness about global ocean issues.

is recognized in numerous scientific articles

The DISCOVERY Yacht Program is the


published by Program Partners.

organization’s foremost initiative in accom-

A key area of focus in 2021 has been the

plishing their mission and goals. The program

effects of carbon emissions and with the

is comprised of Scientist-led Expeditions,

upcoming launch of SeaKeepers’ dedicated

Citizen Science which includes instrument

website this month and the Guide to Green