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tailor made

tailor made

Wood and its journey

Each log tells a story, held within its rings and fibers. Every chair encloses the memory of a living and pliable material, characterized by beautiful flaws.


Raw materials selection

Each year, Simone Rosa, chooses the trees that will be used for Veneta Sedie’s production: the best beechwood, selected for its characteristics and respect for reforestation and environmental impact protocols.

1015 M3 Annual wood consumption

0,0165 M3 Wood consumption per chair



Space and resources optimization

As soon as the right humidity level is reached, the wood arrives at Casale di Scodosia where it is cut and stored meticulously. The wood’s grain and knots become the texture of the final product, giving it a fine natural decor.


18% Maximum humidity level

10% Minimum humidity level


10% Maximum humidity level

8% Minimum humidity level



A vision taking shape

Feeling the product at a glance, even before it’s manufactured: 3D rendering aims at functionality and at making the most of the raw material, optimizing production and reducing waste. The historical archive of prototypes and standard parts, instead, can be touched and valued: a reference used every day to produce Veneta Sedie’s iconic furniture.


17H/CHAIR Total time




Post processing

Blueprints development

11,9H CAD Design 9

Production technologies and knowledge


The wood continues its journey inside the machinery and into the artisans’ hands, gaining new life and new functions while it is cut and curved with mechanical precision, according to the specific needs. Inside the storehouse each component is neatly organized, codified and stored with care.



Handcrafted carving accuracy

Machinery accuracy

The final result

Each part is expertly assembled by artisans who carefully check and verify each and every aspect and detail: the result is something harmonic, a structure in which every element acquires its meaning in relation to the others. The outcome is a product with its own identity, ready to be upholstered, appraised and enhanced.



Average assembling time for a serial product

Average assembling time for a tailored product



Tailored production Knowledge and experience for a tailored approach


Artisan heart

Veneta Sedie balances two worlds : CNC machines and high precision mechanical arms with an artisan soul, the fusion between past and search for new solutions, the physical product emerging from a digital design.

New solutions

Listening to the market and customers, observing the present to get a taste of the future: a response to special needs and desires through tailored products, supported by the company’s historical know-how. The production becomes flexible and open to new solutions, while ideas and innovation are shaped by the communication with the customer. Veneta Sedie’s background and experience with

serial production is the starting point to reach the best suited solution, within a context that features an harmonic synthesis of vision and concreteness. Tools and methods developed to meet customer needs, organizational processes modeled by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certification standards, optimized production and exchange of ideas are all aimed at offering high quality and innovative products.



veneta sedie Production | V ia Nogarole, 33 4 - 3 5 0 4 0 Ca s a l e d i S cod os ia ( P D ) - Ita l y T. 0429 - 844533 - inf o@venet a s e d ie. it - p rod u ction . ve n e ta s e d ie. it

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