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From the CEO 2015 plans: evidence-informed

Contributors Dean Bracher, Mabel Cluer, Samantha Calvert, Lee Hall, Janette Murray-Wakelin & Alan Murray, Diane Smith, Kelly Somers, Matt Woodman


hile we look back at The Vegan Society’s achievements of the past 70 years in this issue, I am also looking forward to next year. We will be celebrating the 25th trademark anniversary in March. Check the website and social media for news and competitions nearer the time.

Print Submissions We welcome articles on a range of topics relating to veganism, as well as photographs, images, and illustrations. Please email for more information. Staff Chief Executive Officer Jasmijn de Boo Head of Communications & Programmes Peter Smith Head of Business Development George Gill Finance & Resources Manager Heather Graham Senior Advocacy & Policy Officer Amanda Baker Fundraising Officer Laura Croudace Volunteer Development & Grants Co-ordinator Alex Douglas Sales & Merchandise Officer Spencer Harris Freelance PR Manager Jenny Liddle Business Development Assistant Alix Meek Finance Officer Allan Oakes Supporter Services & Events Co-ordinator Jessica Payne Business Development Officer Paul Philbrow Business Development Officer Grace Shuck Business Development Assistant Abigail Stevens Communications & Campaigns Officer Anna Thorley Council Ian Liddle (Chair) Paul Crouch (Vice Chair) Menna Jones (Treasurer) Alex Kapila George Rodger The views expressed in The Vegan do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor or of The Vegan Society Council. Nothing printed should be construed to be The Vegan Society's policy unless so stated. The society accepts no liability for any matter in the magazine. The acceptance of advertisements (including inserts) does not imply endorsement.

2  The Vegan | Winter 2014

We are consumers who vote with our feet. However, we are also citizens exercising our democratic rights in a broader sense, for example by voting for politicians who reflect our views, and who will stand up for the most vulnerable in society: non-human animals, the environment and people in vulnerable situations. The society will be active during the 2015 General Election campaign and we hope you join in to show that vegan constituents care about non-human animals being represented at political level. See page 21 for ways to get involved. We support the ‘Ask for Evidence’ campaign. A growing number of peer-reviewed publications on human health and nutrition demonstrate the health benefits of a plant-based diet. Studies show that vegan organic diets have the lowest environmental impact, and we know that the most compassionate way of living is by not harming other animals. When engaging with politicians and decisionmakers we will be calling on the Ask for Evidence campaign. This is relevant, for example, when working on the School Food Plan, public health and catering initiatives and when working with environmental partners. We look forward to advocating on your behalf, and making veganism more accessible for everyone. Please consider making a donation towards our vital advocacy work.

Updates In September, Ruth Semple, Head of Communications, Public Policy and Research, moved on to a similar role in another charity. Her enthusiasm and hard work during the past two years will be missed. Sarah Hoyle, Business Development Officer, also moved on. We thank Ruth and Sarah for their contributions to The Vegan Society, and wish them all the best with their new adventures. Communications Manager Peter Smith was promoted to the role of Head of Communications and Programmes mid-September. Peter has 30 years’ experience of work in television in the UK and New Zealand. Peter and his wife Diane, who works for Animal Aid, went vegan in 1984 and they have three grownup vegan children. Peter started grassroots campaigning in 1981. On returning to the UK from New Zealand he was determined to concentrate on animal advocacy and was keen to help The Vegan Society achieve its aims.

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The Vegan Winter 2014  

The magazine of The Vegan Society

The Vegan Winter 2014  

The magazine of The Vegan Society