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Remembering Mary Bryniak

With social media on a euphoric global rise, knowledge on many subjects can be produced and supplied here in abundance. So has this affected veganism? A survey recently carried out by South Birmingham Vegans (SBV) showed that people were not only influenced by various forms of media – but that a single item acted either as a tipping point or made them go vegan immediately. The SBV survey revealed that tipping points for some people were by these channels:

On 14 November, very sadly we lost our good friend Mary Bryniak. I had the honour and privilege of officiating at her funeral – she was a dear friend of ours. Mary was born in 1924. She was eight years old when, much to her delight, her parents decided that it was time they followed a vegetarian lifestyle. During the Second World War, she worked for the Land Army at a market garden in Cottingham. The experience gained there enabled her, along with her family, to create Glen Park Nurseries in Leicester. It was there that the family met Donald Watson, before the term vegan was coined. The Vegan Society’s first Newsletter records a membership of just 25 – Mary was among these founders. We will always remember Mary for being thoughtful, compassionate and kind to all other living creatures, as well as her work for the vegan cause. Mary saw the movement grow from those initial 25 members to hundreds of thousands today.

63% by films 15% by books 7% by spoken word 5% by music 4% by other non-media influences 3% by podcast 3% by animals A large percentage of the above are available online and through various social media sites. I wonder if people will look back and make any connection between the rise of social media over the last ten years and the global rise in veganism in this same period. Getting the word out there has never been more important – whether a festival, Facebook group, film screening or just by wearing a T-shirt – all will be a worthwhile success, for the animals as well as the planet. So use your channels – promote a vegan way of life as best you can. It will make a difference.

Michael Wright

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