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A New

HEALTH FOOD STORE has recently been opened at

26 ANERLEY STATION ROAD, S.E. 20 by Mrs. MURIEL DRAKE • A wide variety of vegan and vegetarian foods is now available, including the new plantmilk. Every effort will be made to acquire those vegan foods which are not easily obtainable, so if you have any difficulty in purchasing certain products, please write to Mrs. Drake with your requirements and suggestions. Goods willingly sent by post on request.


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minimum 2 lines ; 20% discount on four consecutive


DIFFICULTIES IN W R I T I N G 6? SPEAKING.—Help given through correspondence and visit lessons, 5/- each. Children and adults. Dorothy Matthews, B.A., . PRI 5686. E N G L I S H and cycles, new Exchanges. Your own Butterworth, Manchester.

Continental Scooters and Mopeds, most and used. Three-wheelers, Powerdrive, Terms. Models bought. Please write, dealer, R O N McKENZIE (Proprietor: Vegan Food Reformer), 961 Chester Longford 2100.

makes. Motor Bond, Reliant. 'phone or call. R. McKenzie Road Stretford,

MIRACLES DO H A P P E N ! Try Ofrcta Healing Oil for your rheumatism and kindred aches and pains and see for yourself. Only 2 / 9 per 1-oz. bottle from Graham Dene, Ltd., 26, Peterborough Road, London, S.W.6. T O N E U P YOUR H E A L T H . ^ Cleanse your system with consultant's herbal " Vitalax Formula 34 ". Prevents constipation. 3/5 post free. Ash H Rogers Ltd., Bentley Lane, Walsall. LADY

(Vegan) requires unfurnished room and kitchenette.

E N G L I S H M A N , 33, Vegan, healthy, presently technician, reformed to organic husbandry, is keen to work on organic nursery or farm. Not adverse to hard work. Please write (Continued


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The Vegan Spring 1959  

The magazine of The Vegan Society

The Vegan Spring 1959  

The magazine of The Vegan Society