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Yo Life

Letter from the Editor Yo! My Dear Readers, You’re all set to begin a new journey though unknown lands, places and maybe even into the future. upgrade your knowledge with facts and information you’ll find difficult to tear your eyes away from. The journey though life is mysterious and through upgrade, we’ll unravell to you the future. I have specifically set aside a section just for the future, involving gadgets, news and thesis. Its a common thing to want to know more about what is about to happen in the future. Thats something i find Extremely interesting as well. Another section here is dedicated to my motherland, India. The way of life, the culture and the most sought after form of exercise in the world today,Yoga Started its journey from India. Yoga can be a cure for life, the answer to many an illness and the beginning of a new journey into a healthy living. A must read. Yes, i insist. Teenage is the most fun, yet confusing phase of one’s life. one never know’s who to turn to for guidance. The article “It happens in your teens” is dedicated to all you young adults out there, waiting to bloom and find your own path in life. Remember, its only a phase. Reading the article will answer many of your questions and let you know that you’re not alone. That sums up about everything from this issue. I hope, i have catered to all your interests and reading this issue has made a good read.


Yo Life

Why do some countries drive on the right side of the road and others the left? why do Great Britain, Japan, India, and many others drive on one side when most countries do the opposite? Read on for an abbreviated explanation... We say “abbreviated” because the actual history of this phenomenon is long enough to fill a graduate thesis. According to this page onWorld Standards, nearly all societies used to travel on the left side of the road. This made sense because life was a lot more violent back then. “Since most people are right-handed, swordsmen preferred to keep to the left in order to have their right arm nearer to an opponent.” Again, there are others reasons (including the different types of animal-drawn wagons), but near as we can tell, this is the main one. As for why the United States and other countries drive on the other side of the road, perhaps we should blame Napoleon. France always drove on the right side of the road and as Napoleon conquered Europe, he allegedly “required the countries he conquered to conform to French practice.” Kind of a jerky thing to do, but there ya have it. Today, many folks still drive on the left. According to World Standards, 34% of people drive on the left hand side of the road. And that means you should always follow your mother’s advice and look both ways.


Yo Life

Horse Sense Since she was a little girl, Chloe-Jeane Wendell has had a special rapport with animals. But in the two years since her family brought Sunny Boy home to their farm in Vivian, Louisiana, the 16-year-old high school junior has bonded more closely with her palomino quarter horse than anyone expected. Hit, possibly, as a colt years before, Sunny Boy was spooked by almost any human contact. “No one could catch him,” says Chloe-Jeane’s dad, Mark, “but my daughter had an immediate calming effect on him that allowed her to saddle him up for a ride.” Sunny Boy and ChloeJeane quickly became inseparable. “He’s a sweet guy,” she says affectionately. At the local Redbud Festival parade in March 2008, the whole Wendell family—Mark and wife Bobbi Jo, Chloe-Jeane, and her

A Clever Kitty Most hours of the day, Winnie, 14, can be found curled up on a windowsill in the Keesling master bedroom, fast asleep. One March night, her favorite tradition proved to be a saving grace. Earlier that day, the New Castle, Indiana, family borrowed a gas-powered water pump for the basement of their ranch home to suction out water after a flood. Upgrade

younger sister, Kristen, 15 decked themselves out in Western gear and trotted on their horses behind the Vivian sheriff’s contingent. Chloe-Jeane rode Sunny Boy; Kristen was on her filly, Angel. A few blocks into the parade, a 75-pound pit bull shot out of the crowd right at Angel and began to attack her. When Angel kicked back, Kristen jumped off to avoid being thrown. The snarling dog then turned on the girl. ChloeJeane dismounted to protect her sister. “We watched in horror,” recalls Mark. When Chloe-Jeane let go of the reins, Sunny Boy started, as if to run off. But as the pit bull whipped around to pounce on Chloe-Jeane, all 1,200 pounds of Sunny Boy stopped short and jumped between them. He astonished everyone by squaring off and kicking the dog hard in the face. “I was shocked,” says

By nightfall, outside temperatures were below freezing, so every window in the house was closed except for Winnie’s. Cathy Keesling turned off the gas pump, and by the time she went to bed, around midnight, her husband, Eric, was already asleep. The couple’s 14-year-old son, Michael, was in his bedroom down the hall. None of them could know that carbon monoxide from the pump had built up in their basement—and that when the home’s hot-air heating system switched on, it would begin pushing the toxic gas throughout the house. The family slept on. “But Winnie jumped from her window perch right onto me, meowing like crazy and scratching at my hair and face,” says Cathy. “She’d never acted like this. I thought, There is Yo Life

A Bird’s Way with Words

Chloe-Jeane. “Usually, he avoids other animals.” Chloe-Jeane’s friends clustered around her, saying, “Your horse saved you!” Indeed, the behavior was highly unusual. “I’ve been around horses all my life and have not seen one take on another animal like that,” says Mark. Sunny Boy will likely remain a hero, as the Wendells plan to have him participate in an equineassisted therapy program for troubled youths.

something wrong with this cat. I tried to get out of bed, but the moment I sat up, I felt like I’d been hit with a two-by-four. Then I got dizzy.” After Cathy fell back onto the bed, the cat “started carrying on again. She would not leave me alone.” Fighting grogginess, Cathy unsuccessfully tried to rouse Eric. Weak and nauseated, she grabbed the bedroom phone and staggered into the hallway, where she found her son sprawled on the floor, facedown. “I don’t know how, but I dialed 911,” she says. “It seemed like just seconds later that people were pounding on the door.” Emergency workers carried her out onto the front porch and went back in for the others, not a moment too soon.

toasted a Pop-Tart for Hannah and put it on the dining-room table. But it was too hot to eat, so the Like many other parrots, Willie child toddled into the living room is a fine mimic. He says, “Give to watch television. She seemed me a kiss,” “Come here,” and, “I content, so Howard dashed to the want out.” But unlike most parbathroom. rots, Willie has a truly remarkSeconds later, Willie began able tale. When he spontaneously “freaking out in his cage,” she readded a new word to his repercalls. “He was flapping his wings, toire, he saved a life. screeching, ‘Mama, baby! Mama, Last November, 19-year-old Mea- baby!’ “ gan Howard volunteered to watch Howard rushed into the room to her roommate Samantha Kuusk’s see Hannah’s face turning blue two-year-old daughter, Hannah. as she choked on her food. Willie “I suggested she stay with me inkept crying, “Mama, baby!” stead of going to day care because Howard performed the Heimlich she seemed cranky,” Howard says. maneuver, and the food dislodged The apartment in Denver, Colofrom Hannah’s throat. “The rado, was warm and bright, and minute I took charge, Willie quit Howard’s 11-month-old Quaker squawking, as if he knew things parrot, Willie, kept up a genial were under control,” Howard patter from his cage in a corner of says. “He calls me Mama, so he the living room. Kuusk, 27, left was clearly trying to get my atfor a morning class at a nearby tention. He’s loud and talkative, veterinary college. Howard but what really amazes me is that

The Right Dog for the Job

After their 15-year-old schnauzerpoodle mix, Bailey, died, in 2007, Ron Gillette and his wife, Ann, looked for months to find the right new pet. “I love dogs,” says Gillette, a maintenance worker at a health club in Waukesha, Wisconsin. “I can’t imagine not having one.” Finally, the couple spotted a young Yorkshire terrier–poodle

mix at the Humane Society in Milwaukee. His name was Oscar. “He was incredibly appealing,” says Gillette, 65. Oscar quickly made himself at home, sleeping on his new owners’ bed at night. A diabetic for 25 years, Gillette faithfully took his insulin four times a day and generally had no problems. But on March 17, at about 3 a.m., he got out of bed to use the bathroom. “I must have taken the wrong dose of insulin before I went to sleep because my blood sugar was dangerously low,” he says. Suddenly, he slumped to the floor, landing awkwardly between a standing scale and the commode. “Normally, Oscar gives little woofs. He’s very quiet and wellbehaved,” says Gillette. “But when I hit the floor, he let out sounds like a wild animal.” “Honestly, it sounded like the dog from hell,” says Ann, who Upgrade

added the word baby on his own.” Arriving home shortly after the incident, Kuusk found her daughter playing happily. “I don’t even want to think what would have happened without Willie,” she says. Now Hannah lavishes the bird with attention. “First thing in the morning, she wants his cage uncovered,” says her mother, “and when she gets home in the afternoon, she runs to him. It’s ‘Willie, Willie’ everything.” was awakened by the yowling. “I didn’t know what the sound was. Then I saw my husband lying on the bathroom floor. He was out cold.” She ran for the phone and called an ambulance. Gillette spent several hours in the hospital. By 6:30 a.m., he had stabilized enough to go home. “You would never suspect Oscar of any heroism,” says his grateful owner. “He’s a mellow little guy. We can walk him on our block, unleashed, without any problems. He’s got a lot of confidence now. And everyone wants to pet him.” Even before Oscar’s enhanced reputation, the couple had given their pet a new nickname. “We felt the name Oscar wasn’t regal enough,” says Gillette, “so sometimes we call him Eduardo”— more befitting, the couple think, for an animal of his stature.

Yo Life

Design Of Future M.S.Q.T.O is a concept quad bike designed to provide an entirely new biking experience from all aspects. Inspired from the Mosquito, the biker’s seating arrangement has been done in a dominative manner over the road, just like the fear of mosquitoes dominates, even though the size of the bike is competitively small. The color and the aggressive stands of the bike also resemble the shape of a mosquito and to maintain balance over the leg structure, the bike features heavy tires and powerful engine. M.S.Q.T.O is a complete physical and psychological experience extracting concept that is driven from the nature for a purposive reason.

Zoomla is a concept bike designed to ensure better alternative for quick, portable and around-town transportation facility. The singlepivot design of this bike has given it quicker, easier and more intuitive fold than any other bike and the unique L-frame eliminates the usual steering tube. The handle is cleverly integrated on the handlebar to allow Zoomla to be rolled when its time to pack it away. The pedal deck uses a compact inner drive system rather than traditional crank and pedals. You can take this bike with you to class or a grocery store since it weights 5 kilos only and the compact shape will let you store it in an average size school locker. Moreover, you can attach a backpack just below the seat to carry your required things in a stylish manner



The Landmark bus shelter is the central component of a product family that has been developed as a uniform design concept for the city furnishing of Hamburg in order to convey a harmonious overall image of the urban area. Modern elements and clear lines enable a universal use of this bus shelter. Integrated into one of the two side walls is an advertising showcase for double-sided posters in the City Light format. The right side wall contains a lighting system that shines in changing colors. This provides for alternating light and color moods at night. Thus, the bus shelter is stage set as an item of street furniture and moved into the focus of attention Upgrade

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The owner of Hotelicopper has been trying to create the world’s largest helicopter as well as the world’s first flying hotel by modifying a Soviet-made Mil V-12 since 2004. This massive flying machine features everything from room service and privateentertainment systems to extras like yoga classes, tea garden, spa treatment, gaming and many others that someone would anticipate from a 5-star hotel. With the length of 42m and 14m of height, this giant aircraft can fly with a maximum weight of 232,870 lb. Maximum speed of this flying hotel is 255 km/h and expected cruising speed is 237 km/h.



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The Arctic Marine Fauna is not just a commercial construction like a railway link or a bridge bonding one continent to another, this proposal entails more audacious, active and sensitive issues considering the amplitude, geopolitical context and the global ecological conscience. Because of the relatively shallow water levels of the Straits, the proposed structure can descend to the base of the ocean with just a few meters floating over the water level. Compression is the main working principal of this structure that features two parallel walls cut through the adjoining water bodies, held apart with bracing, which is habitable at times. Each wall is 10 meters


wide and respectfully provides vehicle and train infrastructures at its apex. The trait is used only to


give simplicity to this massive structure that features a direct line to connect the two sidesThe wide interstitial space spans 50 meters which was created by this vast separation and becomes an interface for human haulage, providing inhabitants and visitors the opportunity to navigate the Strait by walking. The visitors will enjoy constant views of underwater landscape walking across the tubes, submerged below 50 meters of water level. Moreover, the separation of the Pacific from the Arctic can improve temperature isolation, by gradually reducing the water temperature in the Arctic, which would be a great environmental benefit

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The designers of Bugatti 57 Atlantic must have envisioned the Aliens to come fromouter space, therefore, they designed this futuristic car to offer them something of their level from both design and performance aspects. This concept is somehow away from reality so far but according to the French designer, human mind is free to imagine of anything. Though the close to the ground design of this two-seater car is unique from any point of view, the front end matches a bit with Jaguar, on the other hand, the rear part of the car merely looks like a car’s back


PORTABLE BIKE London Garden is a concept car free zone in downtown London allowing bicycles and busses only as transportation means. Upgrade

Yo Life

In this connection, the designers have created an innovative transportation system combining a bike and a bus including the supporting infrastructure. The bicycle is designed to generate energy when riding and this energy can be used as currency to pay for your bus rides. The bike electronically folds into the bus seat storage mode for space and weight efficiency and to fit on the bike stand. Bike stands can be found at the bus stops where the bikes will be stored securely in order to collect energy from the sun and wind. Moreover, it contributes energy to the bus system that was generated during riding and stored in inner batteries. Finally, the energy will be accumulated from all the bus stops into the London Garden network system, which is the Universal Electricity Network of this concept.

The creature guard concept is a self initiated project by car designer Nils Poschwatta, which is a futuristic vehicle that protects endangered animals as well as any kind of living being that needs emergency help. The designer has envisioned this innovative vehicle consisting of a bionic sting-ray, with the ability to fly really fast at a lower altitude, and a pilot with specially designed outfit. This ray is detachable and is interconnected to the propulsion unit through its biomorph grip. This vehicle features a 1:4 scale model of the vehicle and the pilot by using clay


This feature is dedicated to talk about techs and gadgets in the future, some of them might still even a concept. Because I think it’s gonna be fun and full of surprise to see what the future might bring to us. And someday we can take a look again at this and see if it’s come true ? Any new buzz and would like to tell us ? Please feel free to contact us, we will be very happy to hear it. Upgrade

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Anna Lilly

International model of the year 2009

To have a fit body and perfect shape for modeling she goes to gym every morning and also has interest in dancing, which is a perfect way to work out for her. Even she does swimming, designing clothes and she used to work for a boutique.

Born in London EIGHTEEN YEAR - OLD Anna Lilly is half Egyptian and half English. Her favorite sport is football and she is interested in all sorts of music.

12. Amy Winehouse’s gas-stationattendant-style chest tattoo tribute to onetime husband Blake FielderCivil displays her true tendencies toward commitment and greasy fingers.

6. Uber-thug Lil Wayne’s teardrop tattoos probably mark the brutal mass murder of many Carrie Underwood singles on the pop charts. Although looking just like an 8-year-old cartoon character from “The Boondocks” might also be a tad upsetting to Weezy.

11. We assume that Nicole Richie’s “Richie” neck tattoo is a loving father/daughter tribute to her “Dancing on the Ceiling” dad, Lionel. It’s certainly more meaningful (and lasting) than a Hallmark card. Richie also tattooed “Virgin” on her wrist and angel wings on her shoulder blades because tattoos are all about being really, really authentic

5. Mickey Rourke’s scales of justice chest tattoo is a true “birds of a feather flock together” kind of symbol. ‘Cause if there’s one thing the badass actor is known for, it’s bringing law and order to the people.

10. Jermaine Dupri’s tummy tattoo of ex Janet Jackson in Virgin Mary garb demonstrates his true awareness of Janet’s desire to showcase a chaste yet tentatively exhibitionist persona. We can’t quite make out whether his ink job features a subtle nipple ring, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there

4. Steve-O’s artful “Yeah dude, I rock!” back tat is a physical sign of his teeming self-awareness. Besides, a man can never truly know himself until he’s pierced his own butt cheeks together, then inked a self-congratulatory tattoo to permanently mark such a momentous occasion.

As the following stars can attest, the coming-of-age course in Hollywood pretty much requires you to emblazon some completely inane thing on your skin for the rest of eternity. But who has the absolute worst celebrity tattoos? Let’s needle through (zing!) the worst tat-spiration borne in the seedy shops of the Sunset Strip. Upgrade

Yo Life

9. In addition to being hackneyed, Pamela Anderson’s barb-wire tattoo is pretty uncharacteristically masculine. Though it is an awesome, lifelong reminder of her best film everrrrr.

3. Lindsay Lohan’s “la bella vita” tattoo clearly hails from a kinder, gentler, less erratic point in the tabloid star’s life. Let’s hope the waists on her new leggings line won’t completely hide that inspirational message from the masses


8. Ed Westwick’s subtle, pinkbow-tied masculinity certainly inspired his tattoo of a pinup, helpfully captioned, “She’s a pin-up.” ‘Cause only really manly dudes love pinups, so you should know he’s totally manly because he has a pinup tattoo that says it’s a pinup. *Snort*

2. Proving to the world he’s not just in it for her money, and gosh darnit, he’s also no pansy David Silver, Dean McDermott tattooed wife Tori Spelling’s likeness on his forearm (with the sensible inclusion of her boobies). His love is unconditional, and it doesn’t require that she have shoulders.


7. Inked in honor of a UPC from one of her albums, Pink’s barcode neck tattoo says something really special about valuing oneself. It also means she’s a sweet fiery star of exploding angel dreams according to Aboriginal mythology. Ask anyone

1. Perhaps because explaining to the kids, “Daddy likes a little booze now and then,” is slightly less awkward than, “Daddy used to be friends with a lady named Winona,” Johnny Depp’s “Wino Forever” tattoo, which he notoriously changed from its original incarnation of “Winona Forever,” has a forever home in the book of celebrity tattoo infamy.

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V-neck sweaters that short enough to make the shirt underneath show are very popular among emo fans, especially emo boys. So are t-shirts with really random, but mostly non-offensive slogans, tight black jeans for girls and baggier ones for boys. The emo fans’ shoes of choice are plain blue converse shoes with tied laces, most of the time.

Like all fashion waves, emo fashion has hardcore fans that proclaim that Emo is not just a style of clothes and hair, it’s a way of life! It’s up to you whether you hold this to be true. However, since emo clothing is just t hat, pieces of apparel you can buy at stores, there’s nobody to tell you that you absolutely have to listen to emo music or write sad craparific or even decent poetry in order dress emo. The only thing you need to do to feel a part of the emo trend is know what clothes to buy, what shoes to wear and how to style your hair. This article contains only fashion tips about emo clothes, accessories and shoes. Emo music fans are supposed to dress in a way that matches their music taste and personality and thus wear clothes that make them appear gentle, non provocative, esoteric and (pseudo)intellectual.Or whatever. I am just mentioning this for the sake of completeness, ignoring the fact that trends are sometimes just trends. So, what kind of clothes do emo fans wear and where do they buy them?

That means you should go shop at Zara, Bershka, Gap and All Stars stores to complete your super emo wardrobe. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is what the ideal emo couple should look like. Failure to meet any of the requirements below will mean that you are just a poser and not a true emo fan™! Shame on you. ^_^


Boys Face: Get a small sponge and apply white powder all over your face and neck. Eyes: Get some masking tape and put some strips along your face, above and below your eyes. Between the masking tape should be your eyes, apply black powder with a sponge all the way along your face. Slowly remove the masking tape. Carefully draw a thin line of black liquid eye liner on the tope of the eye, then on the bottom. You can enhance this later with more liner if you want a thicker, more intense line of eye liner. Don’t over-do it! You don’t want to look like you’re going out for Halloween. Dark is good, but not too dark.

Eyes: Find an old credit card or something else straight. Place the card in line with the base of your eye lashes (same for uppers and lowers) and using an eyeliner pencil draw a straight line. Apply liquid eye liner in the same way on top, for a smoother look. When the eye liner has dried, apply a healthy amount of black eye shadow to your eye lids. Then, using a dark red eye shadow, create a shadow effect by applying a thin amount all round your eyes. Apply a small amount of black eye shadow to your eyelashes before applying mascara. Lips: Then apply some dark red liquid lipstick to your lips.

Apply makeup in a reasonably bright lig


Yo Life


Yo Life

Yoga – The Science of Life The Meaning of ‘Yoga’ The term yoga itself comes from the ancient Sanskrit language. Its root ‘Yuj’ means to ‘join’, to ‘yoke together’, to ‘unify’ or ‘unite as one’. “yoga is the union of body, mind, and soul”.

What Does a Yoga Treatment Involve? I know many people do give the impression that gaining health through yoga is simply a matter of exercise. A whole industry has now begun to rise up around the concept of Yoga Therapy, which often looks in many ways suspiciously like Western physiotherapy, albeit without the machines and gadgets. ‘Modern yoga therapy’ is a ‘practical approach’ to treatment that largely involves physical techniques and yoga-like practices to combat a range of health problems... Itself, not a bad thing… but only part of the yogic picture. You’ll also easily find many books, artlicles and websites that give you yoga ‘stretching prescriptions’ for each health condition too. Simply pick your disease from the list, and find the ‘recipe of yoga techniques’ to cure you.

But It’s Not True! And it certainly does not reflect the yoga approach to health and healing! Anybody who tries to sell you on a regiment of exercises with Sanskrit names alone for remedying your health does not have a very broad understanding of yoga, and certainly is short-selling this comprehensive and profound science of health and healing. But unfortunately this a common attitude and approach these days. That’s why you’ll often hear people say things like, “I tried yoga, but it didn’t help”. The reality is that they didn’t try yoga at all. They merely did a few ‘yogic-type exercises’… Don’t be deluded into thinking that the practical techniques alone are the yoga approach to therapy and healing. Yes, the yoga techniques that you may find recommended for a certain health condition may indeed be ‘part’ of the yogic health recipe... But yoga treatment also involves establishing health on all levels, including the mental, emotional, and even the higher spiritual. That’s true whether you have an arthritic knee, or cancer.


Yo Life


Yo Life

Yoga Treatment For just about every medical or health condition around today, there’s a yoga treatment of some type ... Yoga is Effective For: o Reducing anxiety and depression o Eliminating fatigue o Rehabilitating injuries o Curing insomnia o Combating obesity o Controlling diabetes o Overcoming mental disorders o Stabilizing nervous disorders o Recovering after a debilitating illness o combating diseases such as cancer and Aids On top of that, yoga also helps to relieve: o Arthritis o Headaches o Backaches o Menstrual disorders o Sciatica o Dyspepsia o Urinary disorders o Sexual dysfunction o Rheumatism o Acidity o Piles There are even specific yoga treatments for: o Eye disorders o Hypertension and heart disease o Asthma and other breathing-related disorders o Constipation o Irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive disturbances o Hernias o Gaseousness o Liver, kidney and other glandular organ dysfunctions o Spondylitis o Scoliosis o Chronic congestion Before you get too enthusiastic, and start searching for the ‘right yoga pose’ or the easy yogic cure for your ailment, you must tell know that yoga treatment involves much more than exercise. You won’t find the ‘right stretch’ to rid yourself of that nagging back pain forever, no matter how hard you try. Yoga Treatment of Disease Involves: o Proper diet o Cultivation of a healthy lifestyle o Adequate rest o Management of stress o Expanding and refining of awareness o Examination of thoughts and subconscious conditionings o Proper exercise and physical therapy o The establishment of good breathing o As well as the development of a positive attitude and outlook When all of these things are taken into account then the yoga remedy really is second to none. Upgrade

Yo Life

Teachings of Hindu Rishis

The teachings of the Rishis of yore do not pertain to Hindus alone. They are of an all-embracing, universal nature. They are meant for the people of the whole world. The Gita and the Upanishads are books for the people of the whole world.

How Do You Define Hinduism?

It is not easy to define Hinduism, for it is more than a religion in the Western sense. Hinduism can best be defined as a way of life based on the teachings of ancient sages and scriptures like the Vedas and the Upanishads. The word dharma connotes “that which supports the universe” and effectively means any path of spiritual discipline which leads to God. Hinduism is also known by the names Sanatana Dharma and Vaidika Dharma. Sanatana Dharma means the eternal religion. Vaidika Dharma means the religion of the Vedas. Hindu Dharma, as one scholar analogises, can be compared to a fruit tree, with its roots representing the Vedas and the Upanishads, the thick trunk symbolising the spiritual experiences of numerous sages and saints, its branches representing various theological traditions, and the fruit itself, in different shapes and sizes, symbolising various sects and subsets. However, the concept of Hinduism defies a definite definition because of its uniqueness.

A Religion of Freedom

Hinduism allows absolute freedom to the rational mind of man. Hinduism never demands an undue restraint upon the freedom of human reason, the freedom of thought, feeling and will of man. It allows the widest freedom in matters of faith and worship. It allows absolute freedom to the human reason and heart with regard to questions such as the nature of God, soul, creation, form of worship, and goal of life. It does not force or prevent anybody to reflect, investigate, enquire, and cogitate. Hence, all sorts of religious faiths, various forms of worship or Sadhana, diverse kinds of rituals and customs, have found their honorable place side by side within Hinduism, and are cultured and developed in harmonious relationship with one another. Hinduism does not dogmatically assert that the final emancipation is possible only through its means and not through any other. It is only a means to an end, and all means which will ultimately lead to the end are equally approved. The religious hospitality of Hinduism is proverbial. Hinduism is extremely catholic and liberal. This is the fundamental feature of Hinduism. Hinduism pays respects to all religions. It does not revile any other religion. It accepts and honors truth, wherever it may come from and whatever garb it may put on. Even the Western scholars have paid their tribute to the seers of the Upanishads. They have been amazed at the lofty heights scaled by the Upanishads. Schopenhauer studied the Upanishads and meditated on the thoughts of the Upanishads just before going to bed. He said: “The Upanishads are the solace of my life, and Upgrade

Yo Life

“It Happens in you Teens” Problems Teenagers have problems connected with their parents who don`t understand their needs, meaning that they always want to be free with no obstacles, like a bird. In this case, parents are a branch that the little bird hits when it flies. As we approach teenage years, both males and females go through some rough times. Speaking from a female position, I know how hard it is to worry if you look okay and if you’re “developing” enough. For males, they go through changes in their body and their voice. They are faced with situations such as steroids and other “masculine” drugs. Men are propagandized into believing they need to be tall, dark, and handsome with so much muscle mass and as little fat as possible. However, I think the emphasis of the hardships on teens is more toward females. There is such a demand in the media and in our everyday life for females to be that ideal, 5’ 10”, 100 pound, blonde, blue-eyed, big chested woman. We are constantly bombarded with images and advertisements to be something we physically can’t be.

My life is like a labyrinth.

It starts somewhere and then you have to find the right way. Upgrade

You will find the end sooner or later and that is it. But on this way you have to solve a lot of problems. There are stones in the labyrinth which want to stop you. Especially now; in the teenage time; I have got many problems. There are things which move their mood but that is soon gone.I think grown-ups have more problems than most teenagers have. They do not have parents who are often here to help us. Adults are on their own. But they are older. Teenagers are often sad. I am sad, too. I forget the good and positive things in my life. Everthing seems to be negative. Perhaps teenagers make themselves too many problems. They forget that they are not alone, that there is somebody who helps them: their parents, their teachers or their friends. Even teachers often seem to be monsters but they do not want to destroy your life. Teachers are human beings and they have got little mistakes like you and me. Of course there are teachers who are real monsters, too. Not everything is bad. You have to keep on hoping for better times even if you do not know if better times are possible.

cannot handle them because they don’t understand and know teenagers, especially their wishes, problems or different moods in a short time. Parents don’t understand that getting adult and more responsible is often pretty hard, so teenagers have to solve their problems first. That’s why they are impolite, unsocial or crazy. They are not self-confident any more and have to hide that by attacking others.

Friends Friendships and relationships can be hard to receive, keep, and maintain. Things like gossip, rumors, and deception can ruin people in an instant. In most schools gossip spreads quicker than a disease. If you tell someone a secret that he/she can’t keep, most likely, the whole school will find out about it. Not all good things last, especially high school relationships and friendships. It is said that when an average person moves on to college, he/she will only keep in touch with one or two high school friends. It’s sad to see what time and distance can do to friendships. Sometimes I believe teenagers’ lives begin in the emotional way. We want to be loved by a girl or a boy. Our parents seem as if they want to stop us. Our friends are more important than ever. Those people help us. And most friends are of our age. They have got similar problems and they understand us. But we have to solve our problems on our own. We want to be free, we want to do what we think is right. Sometimes we are not allowed to

Teenager’s problems The problem is that the older people like parents and teachers differ from the teenagers. They have had a different education with different norms. Generally speaking whenever we meet older people two different world confront each other. This sometimes leads to conflicts as if you meet people of a different nationality. But I myself get along with them well. Indeed; there are some exceptions. You can’t like all your teachers, can you? I often have my own opinion. Teachers are only humans and they make mistakes like giving bad grades or being too stupid to make an experiment in Physics and so on.

There are problems in a teenager’s life, but I think they are basically a part of evolution and becoming adult. That actually means that these things are not real problems, but it is just the way of managing them. Often teachers and parents Yo Life


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Peer Presure


There are a lot of things that may distract or tempt a teenager to do wrong things. Peer pressure can easily force teens to do smoking, sex, and drugs. Most teenagers know that it’s wrong, but they feel like they need to do these things in order to fit in and be cool. But fortunately most teens know how to handle it by saying no.

Another problem are drugs which are taken frequently by the teenagers from nowadays. Those who take these drugs, don`t understand that it`s a bad thing and that those one can affect their health. This problem can be solved with teachers , parents or even friends help, who can try to keep them far away from those vicious. In many cases, teenagers are influenced on doing bad things by the group they are spending their free time and don`t listen to the advises that are given by the ones who care about them and they only want their best.

Sexuality is another of nowadays problems of the teenagers and not only. They are interested on this thing and sometimes becomes more important than family or school, and they should not. If they have a sexual life they should protect themselves from AIDS or another disease. In our opinion, those are the most important and the most serious teenagers problems.


Teenager about “Being A Teenager” Being a teenager is a strange and yet exciting part of life. We are faced with tough and critical decisions each and every day- decisions that will affect our lives. Everyone goes through the teenage years, but as people get older, they seem to lose touch with their teenage experiences and feel as though they can’t relate to anything that teenagers go through.

Becoming a teenager is a very difficult process. So many changes are present during these years, and it’s very difficult to adapt to them as quickly as they happen. I truly believe that teenage years are the hardest (I, of course, have no proof to back this up due to the fact that I haven’t yet experienced “adult” life). How is it that we go from playing with Barbie and her little sister Skipper to WEARING what Barbie and her little sister Skipper wore?

Speaking about being a teenager

One part of our independence is money and so our parents have to give us some pocket money. And if that money is not enough for us we must work and parents mustn’t prohibit us to do it.

I can say that it is a wonderful time. when you are a teenager you can do nothing, you don’t have to go to work, you should go to school. If we compare going to work and going to school I can say when you come out of school you do your homework and than you can go for a walk, watch TV, play computer games etc. But if you work you go for a walk early morning and come tonight. When you are a teenager you can go to the party, but when you are an adult you have a family, a child or children and that is why you must take care of your family. ¬¬¬

At some point in parents’ lives their kids will ask them for money as we all do. I feel that the financial responsibility is something parents take on when they decide to have kids. On the other hand, the parents should also have their rules on money. The teenagers should have to earn the money on a reasonable basis such as chores. At a certain age I feel that teenagers should get a job so that they can support their need for extra things as well as to learn about money management. Some teens try to balance their studies with a part time job to have some extra spending money. This is a great way to learn about the responsibilities of the work life, but it sometimes interferes with getting school work done.


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A Big Part of My Life When you were young, you thought you had the world at your fingertips, everything would always be okay. It’s terribly funny how things work out, isn’t it? I, myself, have found it difficult to get through days - convincing myself that God was out to get me. Life when you were young was so pure, so innocent. Occasionally I also find myself getting lost in books, trying to find some common ground with someone. I even feel as though I felt a connection to a book about a mental institution (does it really surprise you?). Sometimes when you look around the world, there seems to be so much hatred. It really is so hard to sit back and enjoy your life, your culture. It seems as though everything is so foggy. All that fogginess fills up over the happiness, and you have to spend days finding some sort of safe haven. I am glad to know where my haven is. If you could just close your eyes for a moment and think back to those days, those days when you never had to worry about what you were wearing or what you looked like in a bathing suit; when you really did think that China could be found by digging a massive hole in your backyard… “Before I got married, I had six theories about bringing up children. Now I have six children and no theories.” - John Wilmot.


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Upcoming 3d Sic-Fi Movie In the epic action adventure fantasy “Avatar”, James Cameron, the director of “Titanic”, takes us to a spectacular new world beyond our imagination. On the distant moon Pandora, a reluctant hero embarks on a journey of redemption, discovery and unexpected love - as he leads a heroic battle to save a civilization. Avatar is the story of a parapalegic ex-marine, thrust unwillingly into an effort to settle and exploit Pandora, an exotic planet rich in bio-diversity. Eventually, Jake crosses over to lead Pandora’s indigenous race (Na’vi) in a battle for survival. The movie is James Cameron’s first movie since Titanic and will be using new 3-D technology. The production budget is reported to be at $200-300 million.

Theatrical Release: Friday, December 18, 2009 (Wide) Starring: Sam Worthington Zoe Saldana Sigourney Weaver Wes Studi C.C.H. Pounder Directed by: James Cameron Genres: Drama Action Adventure Thriller Sci-Fi


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“I Gotta Feeling” is a song by the group Black Eyed Peas and their second official single from their fifth studio album The E.N.D.[4] The song was first debuted on May 21, 2009.[5] The song was produced by acclaimed French house DJ David Guetta, who makes a cameo appearance in the music video (2:20) (next to Kid Cudi). “I Gotta Feeling” debuted at number two behind the group’s own “Boom Boom Pow” on the week of June 27, 2009, on both the Canadian and Billboard Hot 100 charts, making the group one of only eleven artists who have occupied the top two positions at the same time on the Billboard Hot 100. The song went on to replace “Boom Boom Pow” at #1 on the US charts and eventually reach #1 on twenty charts worldwide. It is also the longest-running #1 single on the US Pop Charts in 2009.

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