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The City

Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts, a place with breathtaking beauty, lively culture and America’s deepest historical and political roots. Boston was first incorporated as a town in 1630 and as a city in 1822. It’s one of America’s oldest cities, with a rich economic and social history as the birthplace of the Revolution. It has become the economic and cultural hub of New England and home to nearly 590,000 residents, many institutions of higher education, and numerous sports organizations. From the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill to the Back Bay’s shopping district and the bustling waterfronts and fascinating museums, there is never a shortage of things to explore in Boston! From social events to volunteer activities, the school offers you many opportunities to improve your English language skills outside the classroom and have fun at the same time!

Weekly group social activities give students a chance to get to know each other better, and to experience the greatness of Boston. Activities are open to all full or part-time students. Examples of popular activities include visiting the Museum of Fine Arts, going to a Boston Red Sox baseball game, taking a cruise in the Boston Harbor, having a picnic on nearby Boston Common, and exploring the shops and cafes of Harvard Square and Newbury Street. In the winter months we also offer movies, pizza, and game days at the school. The school also provides information about many popular weekend trips to regional points of interest. The weekend trips are organized and led by independent tour companies and are paid for by students. These trips include visits to Cape Cod, New York City, Philadelphia, Canada, Washington D.C. and more!

Local Attractions While Target ISC will have plenty of activities planned for you, these are some of the main tourist attractions we recommend you visit in your free time during your stay. Also, check out an American movie theater if you would like to practice your English and have fun with your friends!


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About Us onal Student Center!

Welcome to Target Internati Target International Student Center is a privatelyowned Language School that offers a uniquely successful approach to language learning. Language students worldwide have participated in and benefited from our English Programs.

Mission At Target International Student Center, we are committed to helping students reach their goals. Whether your goal is to attend a world renowned university, to broaden employment opportunities, or to gain a better understanding of the American culture, Target offers courses that will help you along the way. Here you will have the opportunity to choose a program tailored to your needs. Business English, American Culture, ESL and American Literature are just a few of our complementary courses that may be part of your study plan. We can also provide personalized courses to you.

Great Nationality Mix We know that studying in a diverse environment is important to you. We welcome new students from North America, South America, Asia, Africa, and Europe every week! At Target, you will be sure to make friends from all over the globe!

We strive to give a deeper understanding of American Culture to our students through immersion in cultural activities and by offering homestay accommodations with American families. In the past, we have taken students on field trips in Boston, and to other great American cities such as Miami, New York, and Washington, D.C. Our teachers will always be there to make sure you are learning. This is Target International Student Center: English for Education, English for Business, English for Fun, English for Real! We are currently accepting international students to our fulltime ESL program. Come meet people from all over the world at Target! How to Obtain a F-1 Student’s Visa Target International Student Center is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students. As we are an English Language school as well, we can issue a Form I-20 (Certificate for Eligibility) for non-immigrant student status through the Office of International Students.The Form I-20 is the application for Student Visa Status for international students.

Students interested in obtaining the Student Visa F-1 can only apply to the full time English Programs (minimum of 18 hours per week).

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Teaching Methods







Studying English at Target is a dynamic and interactive experience. Through mixed methodologies, students gain confidence speaking and participating in activities led by their professional language instructor. Students are guided through the learning process while being coached on their pronunciation and grammar. We provide the latest advances in classroom technology, featuring Smart Board for instructors to expand on course material. We also adhere to a strict English Only policy that encourages students to challenge themselves as they participate in the classroom and converse with friends in the hallways and lounges.








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proficient You have reached a level of fluency equal to that of a native speaker.

advanced You understand others and express yourself with ease in most situations. intermediate You are comfortable speaking on a variety of familiar topics. lower intermediate You can use your English for basic activities. elementary You can communicate on a very limited basis. Beginner No prior English study necessary for this level.

weekly class schedule class day

block a







grammar break

block b

reading & writing break

block c

listening & speaking free time

block d

electives: toefl, business english, conversation

Activities: Field Trips, Karaoke, Games, Pizza Parties weekend trips, and More!


block e

electives: pronunciation, idioms, accent reduction activities

* Applies to students who maintain full attendance and complete all homework and class assignments



Semi-Intensive 15 classroom hours with a choice of two classes. This option provides students with the opportunity to pick any two of the following courses: Grammar, Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking, or an Elective. Choices enable students to follow individual interests while receiving support in areas that need strengthening.


Target offers students several study options to meet their educational needs. Students can choose to enroll on a semi-intensive, intensive, super-intensive or total immersion basis. Whether they choose to take only our core classes or supplement them with a wide array of fun and challenging electives, all of our students are ensured to get an education that will prepare them for their next step in life.


ESL English for All Levels

Intensive 20 classroom hours with a choice of three classes. This option gives students more time to take advantage of our diversity of course offerings. Students can pick three of the following courses: Grammar, Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking, or an Elective. Examples of elective classes include Music and Listening Skills, Vocabulary Building, and Pronunciation Workshop. Super-Intensive 27.5 classroom hours for serious students who want to see their English skills improve rapidly. Students will take all of the following courses: Grammar, Reading and Writing, Listening and Speaking, plus an Elective. This course load gives students a strong foundation in all subjects. Total Immersion 32.5 classroom hours, our maximum course offering. Students who wish to fully take advantage of all of our classes choose Total Immersion. This option allows students to take our core classes plus two Electives and provides an opportunity for students to be studying and practicing English for the entire day.

types Target International Student Center accepts student with all , J-1 (VWP) rs waive Visa visa, of visas: F-1 Student Visa, B1/B2 Tourist ts. remen requi visa Culture exchange visa and local students with no

Our Programs – ESL Public Speaking Target ISC’s Public Speaking is an intensive course that gives you the ability to speak in front of small and large groups. Your confidence will grow as you learn to communicate effectively. Learn to give a persuasive argument, create a formal speech, tell jokes, and analyze and discuss great speakers. This course will give you the skills to hold people’s attention and transform the way you talk. Academic & University Preparation If college or graduate school is your next step, this course will prepare you to excel. In this intensive introduction to college level academics, students learn to craft essays, read and analyze texts, and become familiar with the college application process. After completing our Academic and University Preparation course, students feel confident taking on the challenges of higher education. Counseling, Placement, & Pathway Programs At Target ISC we want you to succeed! Every year we send many of our students to colleges and universities. Let us help you reach academic success. Target ISC provides resources for college and university enrollment as well as applications. Guest speakers from area colleges and universities visit Target ISC throughout the year. We also have an established Pathway Program with two local colleges to ease the transition from language school to higher education.



Our Programs – TESOL TESOL FOR INTERNATIONALS TESOL Boston, a Global TESOL College affiliate, offers internationally accredited Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Certificates and Diplomas. Whether you plan on teaching in the United States or abroad, TESOL Boston will give you the education you need to take on the ESL world. Our program prepares students for success by introducing them to a variety of teaching methodologies, promoting creative thinking, and offering hands-on classroom training. Students graduate with confidence and experience after completing the coursework and mandatory practicum.

Advantages • 240-Hour Advanced TESOL Certificate. • 14 years of experience in Teacher Training. • 60-hour in-class TESOL Foundation course. • 60 hours of Practicum, Feedback, Lesson Planning & more! • 60-hour online specialization course. • Course offered in 2 pre-set schedules to choose from. • Average of 10 students per class. • Over 10 specialization courses to choose from. • 2 Certificates included (1 Foundation + 1 Specialization)

“The Advanced TESOL Certificate Program provided me with the opportunity to improve as an educator and as a person.” – Richard, Haiti

Entry Requirements: U.S. or Canadian High School Diploma, or TOEFL iBT 85 or Equivalent (subject to approval), or Target ISC TESOL Entrance Exam, or completed Level 5 English at Target ISC.Interview Required.






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TESOL Specializations: Children, Adults, Non-Native, Grammar, Medical, Legal, TOEFL Tourism, ESL Locally, Adolescents, Graduate, Study Elective, Computer, Practicum.


Our Programs – TOEFL toefl Preparation Target’s TOEFL preparation course includes test-taking strategies, practice tests, evaluation of sample essays and speaking responses, as well as thorough practice in skillbuilding exercises. Target’s experienced TOEFL instructors are committed to raising students’ final score and help them get into the college of their choice. The preparation course breaks the TOEFL down into 4 sections: Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading. Students learn to combine skills to express themselves in many ways. Come observe a TOEFL class to see how we put our unique approach into practice.

Advantages: • Oral practice for speaking component on TOEFL iBT. • Weekly computerized practice tests. • Immediate feedback and error correction. • University Placement counseling for students interested in attending University in North America.






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Speaking: Students are taught to use advanced vocabulary and confidently express themselves in an academic setting. Our TOEFL students will be able to give a persuasive speech, defend a personal decision, and give a well-composed response on personal experience and assigned topics. Listening: Students listen to lectures, conversations, and speeches. They learn to find the main theme, improve their note taking skills, and create connections with academic readings. Writing: Essay writing is mastered in this course. Students are responsible for learning a variety of essay styles and become confident expressing themselves on various subjects. Timed essay writing challenges students to perfect the form and operate well under pressure. Reading: Students will read a wide variety of academic topics while mastering the ability to speed read, paraphrase, and summarize. They will learn how to recognize advanced English vocabulary by learning the roots of the words. Target is an ETS authorized TOEFL Test Center. Students must test into upper intermediate classes in order to take the course.


Accommodations Homestay Homestay is the perfect choice for students who want to become immersed in American culture, use English outside of the classroom, and make friends for life. Our American families welcome international students into their homes, provide two or three meals a day, take students to cultural events, and introduce them to their friends. Students’ Apartments Students’ apartments are a popular option for international visitors to Boston. Students can enjoy their independence while still having the security of comfortable living. Private or shared apartments are fully furnished, come equipped with free Wi-Fi access, cable TV, bi-weekly cleaning service, bed linens, towels, and laundry in the building. Hotel and Rentals We can assist you finding your own apartment or a hotel room in the Boston area. With many affordable, clean, and convenient hotels nearby, our staff will help find accommodations to fit your needs. Airport Pick-up and Drop-off We will greet you at the airport, take you to your accommodations and drop you off at the airport for your safe return home.

UDENT Why Target INTERNATIONAL ST ston: Bo CENTER is the best choice in is We are proudest of our team that h the committed to providing students wit . Our best educational experience possible dedicated qualified experienced teachers are st to helping students reach their highe ndly potential. Our professional staff is frie needs. and helpful and ready to serve your Boston You can find both of our locations in public and Somerville easily accessible by offer transportation. Last but not least, we st price! the most classroom hours for the be Come visit us to see the Target


Human Resources Development Canada

Target International Student Center is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

International Student Center Boston, MA 617.779.0367 English for Education English for Fun

English for Business English for Real

Learn English Now. Reach Your Target.

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