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scheme about cooperative housing

Ordinary housing

ownership agreement

rental agreement

Cooperative Housing non-equity or continuing share purchase

equity or strata occupancy agreement


share purchase

purchase agreements

Voting for the board of directors Rochdale Principes

Limited stock companies

share purchase


Financing methods market rate share purchase


votes for the Board of Directors

share purchase


votes for the Board of Directors

research into the relationship of public and private in the urban fabric

Communitie jard There is created a passageway between Bergen Street and St. Marks Ave, which is the modern interpretation of the historical Hunterfly Road. But this passage is not continuausly open. This is only used for major activities in the community jard. The outdoor area around the historic houses are enclosed. The openings can be closed by large pivot gates. Into the gates are at the outside banks incorporated. They can also serve as a announcement board. The communatie garden is very functional constructed with large seed trays. They also make clear the difference between the historic houses and the grid.

tours in the houses



Berger St

Community center


exhibition gallery

community yard

auditorium with stage




research center

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