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Through certlrlcotlon. SAUNDERS DENTAL LABORATORY, INC" shows our concern for responsible standards of technical skill and education, effective infection control techniques and a professional working environment. No law demands we achieve and maintain certification. We do it for our personnel, our dental clients and their patients. Isyour laboratory certified? Do they qualify for certification? If not, call us for a complete get-acquainted-kit.


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VDA MEMBERSHIP足 WHAT'S IN IT FOR YOU? SAVE MONEY ...Take advantage of VDA-sponsored insurance plans:

DISABILITY INCOME - Up to 70% of earned income for disability due to sickness or accident. Low-cost association group policies or individual non-cancellable, guaranteed renewable policies at a substantial discount. Special employee plan. BUSINESS OVERHEAD EXPENSE INSURANCE - Reimburses your office expenses if you're disabled. Pays in addition to disability income benefits. Premiums are tax-deductible. MEDICAL EXPENSE - Major Medical plan for you, your family, your employees: Deductibles of $200 to $2,000, paying up to maximum of $2 million for each covered person. HOSPITAL CASH PLAN - Pays stated amount, up to $150, for hospital confinement, in addition to any other health insurance benefits. No evidence of insurability required. PROFESSIONAL PROTECTOR PLAN (PPP) - Consolidate all your office insurance requirements within a unique "replacement cost" property and liability package, including malpractice at excellent rates. ACCIDENTAL, DEATH AND DISMEMBERMENT - Up to $300,000 24-hour accident insurance available to member and family. CONVERTIBLE TERM LIFE - Up to $1,000,000 for members and spouses. Children's rider available. Insurance does IlQt reduce in amount as age increases.





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OFFICERS Councilors President: Leslie S. Webb, Jr. 1) Edward 1. Weisberg, Norfolk 6800 Patterson Ave., Richmond, VA 23226 2) Richard D. Barnes, Hampton President Elect: Ronald L. Tankersley 3) Harold J. Neal, Jr., Emporia 716 Denbigh Ave., Suite C-1, Newport News 236024) James R. Lance, Richmond Immediate Past President: Raleigh H. Watson, Jr. 5) Daniel E. Grabeel, Lynchburg, Chairman P.O. Box 191, Berryville, VA 22611 6) Gus C. Vlahos, Dublin Secretary-Treasurer: Charles L. Cuttino, III 7) William J. Viglione, Charlottesville 3217 Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA 23221 8) David C. Anderson, Alexandria, Vice Chairman Executive Director: Mr. William E. Zepp, CAE P.O. Box 6906, Richmond, VA 23230

Ex Officio Members: Parliamentarian: Emory R. Thomas, Richmond Editor: Francis F. Carr, Jr., Richmond Speaker of the House: Bernard I. Einhorn, Norfolk Dean, MCV School ofDentistry: Lindsay M. Hunt, Jr., ' Richmond

EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Officers Listed Above and Councilors: Councilors at Large Thomas S. Cooke, II, Sandston (1996) Wallace L. Huff, Blacksburg (19%) Stanley M. Stoller, Springfield (1995) Andrew J. Zimmer, Norfolk (1995)

ADA DELEGAnON David A. Whiston, Trustee to the 136th Annual ADA Session, Oct. 7-11, 1995, Las Vegas 16th District Delegates: William H. Allison (1996) Emanuel W. Michaels (1996) Daniel E. Grabeel (1995) Stephen L. Bissell (1996) Ronald L. Tankersley (1995) Wallace L. Huff (1995) Richard D. Wilson (1996) Bennett A. Malbon, M. Joan Gillespie (1997) • Chairman (1997) Alternate Delegates: Gary R. Arbuckle (1996) Bruce R. DeGinder (1995) Dr. Lindsay M. Hunt,Jr. (1995) Raleigh H. Watson, Jr. Richard D. Barnes (1995) Bernard I. Einhorn (1995) Leslie S. Webb, Jr. Andrew J. Zimmer Charles L. Cuttino, III







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Francis F. Carr, Jr., Editor

Mr. William E. Zepp, CAE, Business Manager

ASSOCIATE EDITORS 1) Bernard 1. Einhorn 5) Edward P. Snyder 2) Jeffrey N. Kenney 6) R. Graham Hoskins 7) William C. Bigelow 3) H. Reed Boyd, ill 4) Benita A. Miller 8) Bruce W. Jay MCV - Michael V. Dishman

Volume 72

January-March 1995

Number 1


Guest Editorial. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 6

President's Message 7 Virginia Board of Dentistry Members 8 Executive Council Actions in Brief 9 Legislative Update 10 Thanks, Pat Watkins. . . . . . . . . 11 MCV News 21 Component News .33

COVER: Pat K. Watkins. Virginia Dental Association Executive Director, who retired on December 31. 1994. after 24 years of service to our Association.

TIlE VIRGINIA DENTAL JOURNAL (lSSN 0049 6472) is published quarterly (Jan.-March, April-June, July-Sept., Oct.-Dec) by the Virginia Dental

Association at the Corporate Centre, 5006 Monument Avenue, P.O. Box 6906, Richmond Virginia 23230-0906, Telephone 8041358-4927.

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ADVERTISING COPY, insertion orders, contracts and requests for information relating to advertising should be addressed to the Business Manager,

Mr. William E. Zepp, CAE, P.O. Box 6906, Richmond, Virginia 23230-0906.


Dental Care Programs Dr. Kirk M. Norbo, Chairman

Planning Dr. Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., Chairman

Dr. Louis M. Abbey Dr. Ralph L. Anderson Dr. James R. Batten Dr. Cramer L. Boswell Dr. James H. Butler Dr. Gilben L. Button Dr. Frank H. Farrington Dr. Barry I. Griffin Dr. Jeffrey L. Hudgins Dr. Wallace L. Huff Dr. Lindsay M. Hunt, Jr. Dr. Lisa Samaha Hunter Dr. Ford T. Johnson Dr. Thomas E. Koertge Dr. James R. Lance Dr. Daniel M. Laskin Dr. Travis T. Patterson, III Dr. W. Baxter Perkinson, Jr. Dr. David Sarrett Dr. Harvey A. Schenkein Dr. James R. Schroeder Dr. Harlan A. Schufeldt Dr. Kenneth J. Stavisky Dr. John A. Svirsky Dr. Ronald L. Tankersley Dr. Douglas C. Wendt Dr. Roger E. Wood

Dental Delivery for the Special Needs Patient Dr. Gregory T. Gendron, Chairman

Relief Dr. E.Y. Lovelace, Jr., Chairman

COMMITTEES 1995 Annual Meeting Dr. Bruce R. Hutchison, Chairman Budget and Financial Investments Dr. JeffreyLevin, Chairman Cancer and Hospital Dental Service Dr. Robert L. O'Neill, Chairman Caring Dentists Dr. Harry D. Simpson, Jr., Chairman Constitution and Bylaws Dr. Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., Chairman


Dental Education and Continuing Education Dr. James K. Johnson, Chairman Dental Health and Public Information Dr. Gisela K. Fashing, Chairman

Search Committee for VA Board of Dentistry Candidates Dr. Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., Chairman Virginia Dental Political Action Dr. John C. Doswell, II, Chairman

Dental Practice Regulations Dr. Douglas C. Wendt, Chairman Dental Trade and Laboratory Relations Dr. Harlan A. Schufeldt, Chairman Environmental Health and Safety Dr. Dennis E. Cleckner, Chairman Executive Dr. Leslie S. Webb, Jr., Chainnan Financial Aid and Auxiliary Educa足 tion Dr. Anthony W. Savage, Chairman History and Necrology Dr. Edmund E. Mullins, Jr., Chairman Institutional Affairs Dr. C. James Harland, Jr., Chairman Insurance Dr. J. Darrell Rice, Chairman Journal Staff Dr. Francis F. Carr, Jr., Chairman Legislative Dr. Harold J. Barrett, Jr., Chairman New Dentist Dr. Benita A. Miller, Chairman

NOTE THESE DATES: (Mark your calendar now for these future meetings)

VDA Committee Meetings June 9-11, 1995 Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach VSOMS Annual Meeting June 29-July 2, 1995 Kingsmill Resort, Williamsburg VAO Annual Meeting June 23-27, 1995 Kiawah Island, South Carolina VDA 126th Annual Meeting September 13-17, 1995 Hyatt Regency Reston

Nominating Dr. Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., Chairman

16th Trustee District Caucus September 22-24, 1995, Charleston, SC

Peer Review and Patient Relations Dr. Edward M. O'Keefe, Chairman

ADA 136th Annual Meeting October 7-11, 1995, Las Vegas


Mrs. Watkins is leaving, and we will miss her. Pat Watkins became executive secretary of the Virginia Dental Association on May 1, 1970, and retired as executive director on December 31, 1994. She was our capable administrator, a respected voice for dentistry, and a friend to all of us. In this issue, some of us who worked closely with her want to express the appreciation we all have for her wonderful service. The last 25 years were turbulent times for dentistry. Government involvement in our practices multi足 plied. The demographics of the profession changed. Third party influences altered patient relationships and payment methods. Tremendous advances took place in dental research, materials, and techniques. There were new approaches to dental education. Here in Virginia, we felt these same forces in our lives. The Virginia Dental Association prospered and dealt with these issues successfully thanks to the skills and diligence of Pat Watkins. Patricia Kent Watkins grew up on a farm outside Lenoir, North Carolina, in a large and closely-knit family. She graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne College and later earned a Master of Arts in Journalism from the University of North Carolina. In Richmond, she worked with the Virginia Press Association until we were lucky enough to have her choose us. First as executive secretary, then as executive director, she helped the Virginia Dental Association change, expand, and meet the needs of its members. In her first years, Pat helped direct the shift from the annual meeting form of governance to the House of Delegates that we now use. When the need arose, she became our lobbyist and became our legislative presence over the years. Interesting lawsuits appeared, giving Pat and the central office staff new ways to support the Virginia Dental Association leadership. She administered statewide continuing educa足 tion, the Journal and telephone problem solving all along the way. Each one of us knows of some special way that her being here has helped our profession. Virginia dentists asked to write about Pat. The letters and comments in this issue speak from experi足 ence and friendship. The responses all have a different perspective showing us how many positive ways she affected our organization and our members. We are fortunate that Pat Watkins was one of us for nearly 25 years. We thank her for her faithful service, untold and unknown kindnesses, and a dedication to our cause we can scarcely repay. Pat, we wish you well. Enjoy your retirement, your family, and hold fond memories.

Frands :.r. Ca17i Jr.! 'Editor 5

Guest Editorial Dr. Richard D: Wilson was editor of the Virginia Dental Journalfrom 1986-1994. He wrote this edito足 rial for the October-December 1992 issue of the Journal and it expresses so well the appreciation we feelfor Pat Watkins.

Dial 804/358-4927 and Ask For Pat The Virginia Dental Association could not survive without the above advice. Perhaps it's time that we express our appreciation to this devoted and intelligent lady who足 -is the Virginia Dental Association executive director -attends Virginia Board of Dentistry meetings, often after 5:00 p.m. and often on weekends -walks around the halls of our General Assembly as our lobbyist (and who is greeted warmly by everyone) -keeps in close contact with our legislators, after attending not terribly exciting (Did I say boring'Ti fund raisers -spends countless hours with hotel personnel, exhibitors, speakers and VDA committee members setting up our annual meetings --does the same for our annual officers' and committee meetings each spring -is the business manager for this Journal --directs our excellent central office staff -guides our ever-evolving VDA continuing education efforts -generously and thoughtfully counsels so many of us who seek her advice --demonstrates discretion with the media, patience with the public and everlasting support for the profession -stays late, travels the width and breadth of this Commonwealth in fulfilling her responsibilities, answers the phone, makes sandwiches and locks up every night! Thanks, Pat Watkins!



President's Message It is my great pleasure to welcome William "Bill" Zepp as the new executive director of the Virginia Dental Associa­ tion. Bill previously served as executive director of the Mon­ tana Dental Association. Since he began his duties on January 9, Bill has been busy organiz­

ing our office, developing future meeting plans and sites and working on our legislative agenda. I also want to welcome

The annual Leadership Con­ ference, held at the Boars Head Inn in Charlottesville on No­ vember 19-20, 1994, was a most informative and success­ ful meeting. Our conference focused on issues facing den­ tistry in Virginia. I remind our members that this meeting is open to the entire membership and I hope many of you will plan to attend next year. Sev­ eral committees met at this meeting, including the new

Your officers and the new executi~e director are working

hard to Implement new services and programs in the VDA and to strengthen current services which will provide even mor~ benefits to our members. Our staff is ready to respond to your needs, so please call if you have a suggestion, and if you like something we are doing, let us

know. If you have a criticism, sent it along, also. We need your involvement both on the ~-~ -- and local levels.

. next scheduled meetings be at the Cavalier Hotel in STATEWIDE CONTINllING EDllCATION REGISTRATION FORM inia Beach, June 9-11, . Our annual meeting will Mail to: Virginia Dental Association Component #---,_ _;-;-_ eptember 13-17 at the Make separate check payable to: P.O. Box 6906 Richmond, VA 23230-0906 Virginia Dental Association t Regency in Reston. I also Program Name: .Date _ you to attend several of Name: ight VDA-sponsored Please use full name .nuing education programs Street Address: . _ nd the State during 1995. City, State, Zip: _ cipate and get involved. Office telephone number: _ is your profession and Other personnel attending: _ Association. (Please use full names)


Fee(s) enclosed: $

$20-Members ofVDA & auxiliaries; $75-Persons other than VDA members. Fee includes lunch and coffee break. For additional information. call VDA at 1/800/552-3886.


Please copy form if you are registering for more than one Component Meeting. See page 9 of this Journal for listing ofContinuing Education programs.

e W. Webb, Jr., DD.5. ident, Virginia Dental


ter to the Editor icis F. Carr, Jr., Editor ~



•• -1'1'---


_ ..






am about having them in our employ. I want to thank the current and past executive committees of the VDA for their many days and long hours of work in securing our new executive director and lobbyist.

the VDA committee structure. Each committee is being asked to meet as often as necessary to handle their areas of responsi­ bili ty. I am pleased with the enthusiasm shown by our committees for this initiative.

Dear Fred, I wanted to let you know that there was a lot of interest regarding fluoride levels throughout the State as a result of the publication of the new fluoride supplement schedule in 7

President's Message It is my great pleasure to welcome William "Bill" Zepp as the new executive director of the Virginia Dental Associa­ tion. Bill previously served as executive director of the Mon­ tana Dental Association. Since he began his duties on January 9, Bill has been busy organiz­ ing our office, developing future meeting plans and sites and working on our legislative agenda. I also want to welcome back to the VDA staff Carole Russell, who is now Direc­ tor of Meetings and Education. My thanks go to Laura Winship for her dedicatiop to the VDA. She has left our staff to pursue other career goals. Our staff have been assigned areas of responsibility: Linda Gilliam, Director of Finance and Mem­ bership; Jeanne O'Neill, Spe­ cial Projects Manager and Jeanette Gilliam is Projects Assistant. Chuck Duvall has been hired as our lobbyist. Chuck is highly regarded at the General Assem­ bly, and we are pleased that he has agreed to work with us on our legislative agenda. Mem­ bers who have met Bill and Chuck appear as excited as I am about having them in our employ. I want to thank the current and past executive committees of the VDA for their many days and long hours of work in securing our new executive director and lobbyist.

The annual Leadership Con­ ference, held at the Boars Head Inn in Charlottesville on No­ vember 19-20, 1994, was a most informative and success­ ful meeting. Our conference focused on issues facing den­ tistry in Virginia. I remind our members that this meeting is open to the entire membership and I hope many of you will plan to attend next year. Sev­ eral committees met at this meeting, including the new Membership and Annual Meet­ ing Committees. The Legisla­ tive Committee adopted an agenda and strategy for the 1995 General Assembly ses­ sion. The Executive Council adopted a proposal to promote direct reimbursement in Vir­ ginia. Direct reimbursement can save employers money in providing dental coverage for their employees and it offers the citizens of Virginia freedom of choice in selecting a dentist. The Dental Care Programs Committee will be active in developing and promoting our Direct Reimbursement Plan. At our committee meetings, January 27-29 at the Hyatt Richmond, your leadership emphasized plans to energize the VDA committee structure. Each committee is being asked to meet as often as necessary to handle their areas of responsi­ bility. I am pleased with the enthusiasm shown by our committees for this initiative.

Your officers and the new executive director are working hard to implement new services and programs in the VDA and to strengthen current services, which will provide even more benefits to our members. Our staff is ready to respond to your needs, so please call if you have a suggestion, and if you like something we are doing, let us know. If you have a criticism, sent it along, also. We need your involvement both on the state and local levels. Our next scheduled meetings will be at the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, June 9-11, 1995. Our annual meeting will be September 13-17 at the Hyatt Regency in Reston. I also urge you to attend several of the eight VDA-sponsored continuing education programs around the State during 1995. Participate and get involved. This is your profession and your Association.

Leslie W. Webb, Jr., DD.S. President, Virginia Dental Association ~

Letter to the Editor Francis F. Carr, Jr., Editor

Dear Fred, I wanted to let you know that there was a lot of interest regarding fluoride levels throughout the State as a result of the publication of the new fluoride supplement schedule in 7

of the publication of the new fluoride supplement schedule in the.ottober~Decexnber issue of


!/~},!~~~t~" a'result, Dr. Cammy Day, "~v~ntiveBlock Grant I':'idlnator, has updated our i.'uoridation census. We will be .;,"'prOducing a booklet with information on the fluoride status of public water systems in the Commonwealth, which will be available at the VDA annual meeting in Reston. We continue to welcome individu­ als calling for information or for fluoride test kits. Thank you for allowing us to provide this service to the members of the VDA.

Virginia Board of Dentistry The Virginia Board of Dentistry ,is appointed by the Gover~r and is composed of seven d~~tlsts, two hygienists and one cuizen repre­ sentative. Contact the Board office or a member of the Board on questions on rules and regula­ tions. President

Patricia Lee Speer, DDS

1st term ends 6/30/96

6606 W. Broad St.

Richmond, VA 22314


Vice President

Alonzo M. Bell, DDS

1st term ends 6/30/96

1755-B Duke Street

Alexandria, VA



Catherine Cotter Haywood, RDH,

Robert J. Isaacson, DDS, MS, PhD 1st term ends 6/30/97 MCV School of Dentistry Department of Orthodontics Richmond, VA 23298-0566 804/828-9326, FAX 828-5789 French H. Moore. Jr., DDS 1st term ends 6/30/96 303 Court Street Abingdon, VA 24210 703/628-7862, FAX 676-5537 Saundra D. Nelson, RDH, MS 1st terrn ends 6/30/96 2000 27th Street Newport News, VA 23607 804/244-1010, FAX 929-0589 Marcia J. Miller, Executive Director 6606 W. Broad Street, #401 Richmond, VA 23230-1717 804/662-9906, FAX 662-9943



Elizabeth Bernhard, DDS Director of Dental Health Virginia State Health Department Do

Contract Analysis is available through the VDA Central Office 1/800/552-3886 or 804/358-4927.

1st term ends 6/30/96 Spotsylvania Voc. Or. 6703 Smith Station Road Spotsylvania, VA 22553 703/898-2655. FAX 891-1784 Mark A. Crabtree, DDS 1st term ends 6/30/98 407 Starling Avenue Martinsville, VA 24112 703/632-7392, FAX 632-2341 Paul F. Ferguson, Esq. 1st term ends 6/30/97 2030 Clarendon Blvd., #300 Arlington, VA 22201 703/527-0764 Enna Freeman, DDS 1st term ends 6/30/97 21207 Chesterfield Ave. Ettrick, VA 23803 804/526-2424, FAX 526-4660 John L. Harris, III, MS, DDS 1st tenn ends 6/30/95 1930 Braebum Drive Salem, VA 24153 703/989-5098


The Virginia Board of Dentistry makes unannounced inspections of dental offices as part of their oversight of the profession. One of the first items that inspectors want to see are our licenses and certifi­ cates. The following list is fur­ nished by the Board as the mini­ mum requirementfor display in the office:

Dental License Current Certificate of Renewal Current VA Board ofPhannacy Controlled Substance Registration Current Federal Controlled Substance Registration Hygiene License Current Certificate of Renewal Certificate DNA 199 Dental Radiation Safety Course and Exam. for each employee taking X-Rays

Executive Council Actions in Brief

November 20,1994 1. Approved employment of Mr. William E. Zepp, CAE, as VDA Executive Director.

2. Adopted VDA employee vacation and personal leave policy. 3. Approved employment of Chuck Duvall and Lindl Corpo足 ration as VDA lobbyist. 4. Approved VDA President's appointments of Dr. Daniel E. Grabeel to fill the resigned position of Dr. Arnold M. Hoffman as ADA Delegate and Dr. Andrew J. Zimmer to fill Dr. Grabeel's position as ADA Alternate Delegate. 5. Approved the following tentative dates for VDA annual meetings:

direct reimbursement in Vir足 ginia with a maximum VDA commitment of $10,000 to fund the program.

8. Approved the Electronic Data Interchange Subcommittee of the Dental Care Programs Committee's identifying 20 pilot dental offices to evaluate and select between the CAIR and MEDEX companies to set up electronic claims processing with VDA endorsement. 9. Adopted a motion that Mrs. Pat Watkins have her portrait made. 10. Approved VDA acceptance of the ADA-FINCO proposal. I!J.

September 18-22, 1996 Williamsburg September 24-28, 1997 Roanoke September 23-27, 1988 or September 16-20, 1998 Williamsburg September 15-19,1999 or September 22-26, 1999 Northern Virginia September 13-17, 2000 Williamsburg

6. Approved VDA support of Dr. Lindsay M. Hunt's School of Dentistry proposal to request the statewide AHEC to restore rural dental and hygiene schol足 arships and to provide funding for staff and faculty positions. 7. Approved VDA endorsement of Shultz-Rowson to market






Component 1 Ginnie Donne

April 28

Langley AFB Hampton

Dr. S. N. Bhaskar Soft Tissue ManagemenV Non-Surgicai Periodontal Therapy

Component 2 Kim Blore Dr. Morgan

October 27

Omni Newport News

Dr. Harold Crossley A Review of Drugs of Abuse and Their Impact on Dental Practice

Component 3

October 20

Country Club of Petersburg

Dr. John Moriarty & Dr. David Simpson Periodontics: Current Therapy for the General Practitioner

Component 4 Linda Simon Dr. Marks

September 29


Dr. Leonard Horowitz AIDS - Politics, Policies & Dental Practice Management

Component 5 Dr. Shearer

May 5

Dutch Inn Collinsville

David C. Sarrett, DMD, MS Contemporary Restorative Dentistry: Choices for the 90's

Component 6 Dr. Umstott

August 11


Dr.Jerry Bouquot Pathology

Component 7 Dr. Remington

March 31

Ornni Charlottesville

Dr. J. Gary Maynard, Jr. & Dr Richard D. Wilson Practice Building with Periodontics and Restorative Dentistry

Component 8 Dr. Gillespie

April 21

Mark Radisson Alexandria

Stephen Buchanan, DDS The Art of Endodontics: Concepts & Techniques for the 90's



Legislative '\ ~UPDATE) The following is a review of

legislation of interest to the

Virginia Dental Association as of

February 9,1995:

Any Willing Provider - Del. Jay DeBoer of Petersburg intro­ duced HB (House Bill) 1969. DeBoer is chairman of the Commission on Health Care, which studied this issue at some length. HB 1969 would retain the Any Willing Provider pro­ vision and also add some due process requirements for pro­ viders who apply for participat­ ing-provider status and those who are denied this status. The repeal of the Any Willing Pro­ vider Statute is the number one priority of the Chamber of Commerce, other business groups and the insurance industry. On February 8, the House Health, Welfare and Institutions Committee failed to act on 1969, thereby killing the bill. Utilization Review - Del. John Watkins introduced HB 1973. This is the Utilization Review Agent legislation. Some of the provisions contained in this legislation are the following: Criteria used by insurance companies for medical neces­ sity determinations need to by based on input from Board­ certified physician advisors representing major areas of specialty; treating physician will be made aware of any 10

adverse decisions; internal reconsideration of an adverse decision needs to be done by a physician advisory peer of the treating professional; and insurers are prohibited from retaliatory actions against the provider. On February 5, the House passed 1973 by a vote of 98-1. The bill was referred to the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee.

Parts Legislation - SB (Senate Bill) 553, patroned by Sen. Ben Lambert, has unanimously cleared the Senate and has been assigned to the Corporations, Insurance & Banking commit­ tee in the House of Delegates. We have discussed the measure with the major insurance carriers and have been assured that they are satisfied with it as it was approved by the Advi­ sory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits. The bill was reported out of Com­ mittee on February 9.

HB 2002 was passed by the House on February 7 by a vote of 65-31. The Senate referred the bill to the Committee on Education and Health. Del. Bob Bloxom of Accomack intro­ duced HB 2195, which allows for licensure by endorsement. In other words, this would codify the proposed regulations adopted by the Board of Den­ tistry. On February 4, the House Committee on General Laws failed to report 2195 by a vote of 16-6, which killed the bill.

Confidentiality ofRecords - HB 1913, which parallels the existing statute relating to medical doctors and the confi­ dentiality of investigative records, was introduced by Del. Ken Melvin of Portsmouth. The House passed 1913 on January 31 by a vote of 98-0. The Senate General Laws Commit­ tee unanimously reported the amended bill out on February 8. ~

Licensure by Endorsement ­ Three licensure by endorsement measures have been introduced. Sen. Jane Woods introduced SB 767 and Del. David Brickley, Chairman of the House Welfare & Institutions Committee, has introduced HB 2002. Both of these measures are identical and prohibit licensure by endorsement for dentists in • • Virginia. The Senate passed E E K 767 by a vote of 34-6 on Febru­ ary 7. The bill was referred to MARCH 6-11, 1995 the House Committee on General Laws on February 9.







The Virginia Dental Associa­ tion paid tribute to Mrs. Pat K. Watkins for her 24 years of exceptional service to the den­ tists of Virginia with a special ceremony on September 24 during the 1994 Annual Session in Williamsburg. Dr. Raleigh Watson, VDA President, con­ ducted a graceful and moving presentation of awards and honors during the Presidential Banquet and Ball that evening. Mrs. Watkins was first recog­ nized by the Town Crier of Williamsburg. Coming into the Banquet Hall, he' proclaimed Mrs. Watkins "an honorary citizen of this faire towne," making certain that she would be the center of attention for the evening. Dr. Watson delivered messages from notable Virginia political figures who appreci­ ated and respected Mrs. Wat­ kins' legislative accomplish­ ments. Former Governors Mills Godwin and Gerald Baliles and Senator John Warner sent warm greetings. From Virginia's House delegation, Congress­ men Herb Bateman, Tom Bliley, Bob Goodlatte, Jim Moran and Owen Pickett had words of praise. Executive Directors of other state societies recognized Mrs. Watkins' achievements on this occasion. There were letters of friendship and respect from the executive directors of the dental societies of Mississippi, Geor­ gia, South Carolina, Maryland, Oregon, Colorado and Califor­ nia.

Other dental organizations in Virginia thanked Mrs. Watkins for her service. She received gifts from the past officers of the Virginia Dental Political Action Committee, from the Virginia Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and from the Virginia Association of Orthodontists. Dr. Jim Gaines, President of the American Dental Associa­ tion, presented Mrs. Watkins with the American Dental Association Presidential Cita­ tion for Outstanding Service to Dentistry. Dr. Gaines, in noting his long friendship and admira­ tion of Mrs. Watkins, proudly stated that this was one of only

two citations awarded in 1994. The Alliance of the Virginia Dental Association gave Mrs. Watkins a commendation for her help to their organization and its goals over the years. Just before the presentations concluded, Congressman Robert Scott arrived. He spoke fondly of working with Mrs. Watkins in both the General Assembly and in Washington. Dr. Watson's heartfelt com­ ments in concluding the cer­ emony expressed how much the Virginia Dental Association owes Pat Watkins and her devoted service to dentistry. l1

Presidents Honor Pat Watkins: (Left to right) Dr. James Gaines, ADA president, and Dr. Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., VDA president, thank Mrs. Watkins in Williamsburg.


VDA Sectretary-Treasurers Thank Pat Watkins

from Secretary/Treasurers

Mrs. Pat K. Watkins with the four secretary-treasurers of the VDA who served with her. (Left to rights) Dr. French H. Moore, Jr., Dr. Charles L. Cuttino III, Dr. Leslie S. Webb, Jr. and Dr. Jason R. Lewis. Pat Watkins served with four secretary-treasurers during her years with the VDA. They were all present with her at our annual meeting in Williams­ burg and here they each gave their own special comments and thanks to her.

Dr. Jason R. Lewis was secre­ tary-treasurer from 1968 to 1972. He later served as VDA president and on the Virginia ADA delegation. I served as Secretary Trea­ surer of the VDA from 1968 to 1972. Several good things happened in the Association during those years, but I am proudest of the fact that I helped bring Pat Watkins in as executive secretary. In 1970, Mr. Leona Bailey, our first full­ time executive secretary, was having health problems and we were looking for a replacement. Dr. Myron Henderson was president and the late Dr. Bill 12

Traynham was chairman of the Executive Council. We were all looking for the right person, and I was looking as hard as anyone. Pat was working for the Virginia Press Association at the time, and her children were patients of mine. As I remem­ ber, in early 1970 she was in my office and I asked her what she thought an executive secretary ought to do in an organization like ours. She described what the job should be so well that we offered her the position. Pat moved right in and took over. She helped us get our finances straight and built up a surplus. When we mentioned lobbying, she started her career at the General As­ sembly. I noticed right away how well she arranged our meetings and wrote my speeches. We also hired Jack

Ackerly as our attorney about the same time and he and Pat have worked together ever since for the benefit of the VDA. In the years since Pat and I worked together I have no­ ticed that she changed; it looked to me that she got better and better at what she did. I am glad to have helped her find the VDA and I thank her for all her good works for us. I want to wish her a long and pleasant retirement.

Dr. French H. Moore, Jr. was secretary treasurer from 1972 to 1989. He later served as VDA president and as chair­ man of the Virginia ADA delegation. When asked to give my thoughts on Pat Watkins, I accepted with mixed emotions. Not being a writer by training

f! i


or trade, it is not easy to put down your thoughts on paper. To accomplish the request, I have decided to go back 25 years and begin at the begin­ ning. In 1970, I had been in practice for ten years, had been secretary-treasurer and presi­ dent of Component VI, a member of the VDA Executive Council and was serving as its vice chairman. During the ten years the VDA had employed Mrs. Leona Bailey as our first'full-time executive secretary. Previously the elected dentist secretary­ treasurer and his office employ­ ees fulfilled this office. When Mrs. Bailey became ill

and had to resign, we began a

search for her replacement.

At the time of our January 25, 1970, Executive Committee meeting in Richmond, Mike Henderson was president; Lum Martone, immediate past president; Carlton Gregory, president elect; Jason Lewis, secretary-treasurer, W.H. "Bill" Traynham, chairman; and French Moore, Jr., vice chair­ man of the Executive Council. From the minutes of that meeting, item #8 states, "Virgil Marshall moved, seconded by French Moore, Jr., that Mrs. Pat

Watkins be employed as execu­ tive secretary of the Virginia State Dental Association, beginning May 1, 1970. She and Mrs. Bailey will work together during the months of May and June." The motion passed unanimously. At the Executive Council meeting, the Executive Com­ mittee's recommendation was approved. During the same meeting it was voted to hold a work-study session on the proposed establishment of a house of delegates for the VDA. As an aside, Dr. Gordon Watson was appointed the executive director of the American Dental Association that same year. During the following years Pat and Gordon moved their respective organi­ zations to the forefront in Virginia and the nation. In 1970 we had 1,450 mem­ bers, dues were $55, and our budget was $79,750. Pat was always proud of the fact that she ran a very efficient office and never had more than three full-time employees at a time during her 25 years as execu­ tive secretary. The VDA office became the envy of every constituent association of the ADA. When I became the secretary­ treasurer in 1972, she insisted that I attend the annual manage­ ment conference held in Chi­ cago in July of each year.

That first year I was reluctant to give up the office time this required, but after that, I looked forward to this annual event and missed few conferences during my 17 years as secre­ tary-treasurer. It was great to meet my counterparts and the executives from the other states, and' see the respect Pat received from them as well as the staff and officers of the ADA. Each year we listened to the problems others were having and most times, we could say we had found a solution. On several occasions Pat was invited to Chicago to lead a training session as mentor for newly elected executives from all across the country. She made many friends and gained a great wealth of knowledge, as well as sharing her philosophy of management: "Work hard eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week if necessary, 52 weeks a year." Pat has a very understanding husband and two wonderful sons who were willing to share her with the VDA when she had to be away from home. For those of us who were fortunate to serve as president during her 25 years, she was able to help us look good and be proud to lead the Associa­ tion. (continued on next page) 13

She is a native of Lenoir, NC and everyone who became close to her knew of her devo­ tion to her mother and family. Due to her VDA responsibili­ ties she was not able to visit with them as much as she would have liked, but you could tell they were always on her mind. Some of you may not know that Pat came to the VDA from working for the Virginia Press Association and was on a first name basis with the publishers and editors of leading newspa­ pers in Virginia. She was also on a first-name basis with most of the Virginia legislature, every governor and the Virginia members of the U.S. House and Senate. I understand that Congress­ man Tom Bliley, the new chairman of the House Com­ merce Committee, told the staff of the ADA Washington office not to worry, that his committee would do whatever Pat Watkins said; you can't beat that. Having traveled to every major city in the country with Pat over the last 25 years, I was always amazed that she never seemed to meet a stranger. She was always a perfect Southern Lady and could straighten out any front desk 14

manager or general manager, if required. Usually after the first hour, they greeted her by name, as did the doorman, bellmen and housekeepers on her floor. I remember when they had a large luncheon opening the new Marriott Hotel in downtown Richmond, guess who was seated at the head table with Mr. J.W. and Bill Marriott. Yes ...Pat Watkins has friends in high places. The VDA reached many milestones during her time. It moved from a downtown office to the Blue Cross building and then to our own building, which, by the way, is com­ pletely paid for. She helped us establish a House of Delegates, a fall leadership conference, the VDA-sponsored continuing education programs for the component societies, an 800 number to allow for better communication with the mem­ bership, and many others. She was instrumental in organizing the new ADA 16th District when it was separated from the old 5th District. I could list many other accom­ plishments and attributes of this most gracious lady and friend, for there are many. In closing, I must say that it was a wonder­ ful experience to work with her and see our professional organi­ zation grow and prosper under her watchful eyes. She will be surely missed by all of us and

we wish her much happiness in her retirement.

Dr. Leslie S. Webb, Jr. was secretary-treasurer from 1989 to 1993. He is currently VDA president and an ADA alternate delegate. To most dentists in Virginia, Pat Watkins is the Virginia, Dental Association. In her 25 years of service to us, she has always been there: visible, effective and ready to help. When I became active in the VDA, Pat was already our executive secretary. She was friendly, dedicated and always ready to help. As I have gone through various positions in the VDA and seen more of her and her expertise in areas of asso­ ciation management, publica­ tions, meeting planning and lobbying, I can truly see why the VDA enjoys such a good reputation with all the groups with which we interact. Over Pat's last six years with our association, I have talked with her or seen her several times each week. We went to meetings and lobbying func­ tions together. She knows everyone at the General Assem­ bly and they all recognized her as a friend. At our meetings, she knew the hotel staff, espe­ cially bellmen and people who made a difference. She had friends and contacts every­ where. In our many discus­ sions, she was always planning

for the future and building on past accomplishments. She was proud of dentistry, dentists and the Virginia Dental Associa­ tion. I will miss her; she is a true friend, not only to me, but to all of us.

Dr. Charles L. Cuttino III was elected VDA secretary-trea­ surer in 1993 and is an ADA alternate delegate. I am only the fourth secretary treasurer to have the privilege of serving the VDA under Patricia Kent Watkins' tutelage. Stepping into this position resulted in a very steep learning curve in how our association has been and is managed. Throughout her tenure as executive director of the VDA, Pat was the member dentists' greatest supporter. She was always ready to answer ques­ tions and provide suggestions for the members, staying at her desk until late in the night. In fact, a lot was accomplished when the doors were locked and no one was around. She never went home unless her desk was clean, clear and neat and that extended to the desks of all of the staff. If Pat has a fault it is not liking to delegate duties to others. She never

allowed any printed material to leave the office unless she had perused it and given it the OK to mail it; this included the VDA Journal. Pat was legendary in her meeting planning. We in the Association never will know how well she ran all of our meetings. After each meeting she laboriously went over charges to the Association and challenged any charge she felt was excessive. This task has saved the VDA untold amounts of money. I will always remem­ ber the ever-present cans of Virginia peanuts which were carried to every meeting to be distributed to any person who needed something to "munch." During those years after leaving the Press Association, she learned almost enough dentistry to take the Dental Boards. She didn't always agree with the scope which we practiced, but was always there to support our right to practice that scope. She was also the surrogate attorney for the Association. She received her education during the Federal Trade Commission suit. She followed this event by keeping us out of all sorts of legal matters, including anti-trust with treble damages. One of her greatest assets was in the arena of lobbying. She

could demand and receive audience with any legislator who could help the VDA. Pat thoroughly enjoyed the game of politics and wherever she went the members of the House of Delegates and the Senate would greet her with hugs and great admiration. Her influence was so good that they would call and ask, "How did you want me to vote on that issue?" I have even heard these lawmakers ask, "Did I vote right?" As the secretary/treasurer, one's driving record must be checked to determine if it was OK to drive the executive director to the various meetings around the State. That being accomplished, Pat would dutifully take her usual position on the rear seat so that she could visualize the road in the front as well as all surrounding sides of the car. Her method of making sure that the driver was awake and aware of his sur­ roundings was a stream of banter. Les Webb and I have driven Pat to many meetings in the various Components and had never known her to rest. This changed, when returning home from an evening meeting in Component VIII, we realized that she had accepted our driving when sonorous sounds emanated from the back for the entire trip. Upon arriving home she awoke, surprised to learn we were not still on 1-495 (continued on next page) 15

unusual to find so many at­ tributes in one person. around Washington. To this day, she denies that she was ever asleep. Pat has raised; educated and nurtured every officer of the Association from the first day she came to the VDA. She is lovingly known to us as Mom. She has spent 24 years making the officers look good. We wish her every happiness in her retirement. She can now do what she likes, including sleeping in the back seat, if she desires.

VDA Legal Counsel Remembers Mrs. Watkins John P. Ackerly, llI, is legal counsel for the VDA. A gradu­ ate of the University of Virginia and its School ofLaw, he is a partner in Mays & Valentine in Richmond. I was asked to jot down some observations regarding Pat Watkins. It is pleasure to do so. I became VD A counsel in 1968. Virgil Marshall was head of the search team. Pat became executive director on May 1, 1970. We have worked together for a long time. As has been said by many of the dentists, I also have been amazed at how she could do so many things so skillfully; everything from arranging meetings to writing speeches to lobbying. It is quite 16

Lobbying was perhaps her forte. She understood well the legislative process and got to know nearly all the legislators. She made very effective oral presentations although she preferred to have dentists make them. Once when I went to the Capitol with her, I comple­ mented her on how many legislators spoke to her by her first name. She replied that she also knew them very well. As an example, she said that she knew the ones that would like for her to slightly hike her skirt and those who did not! She was very influential. Once we went to a very crowded committee hearing. There must have been 300 people present and many standing up around the wall. Someone had saved Pat and me seats in the middle of the room and we were making our way to our seats when one of the committee members sitting on the raised platform suddenly saw her, called her name and came running around the table and down off the platform to confer with her in the middle of the room and in front of everybody. In an audible voice he said, "Pat, I forget how you told me to vote on House Bill No. 890." Pat's calm reply was, "Vote ,Yes' ." Relieved and reassured, the legislator returned to the front of the room.

As most of your readers know, Pat was raised on a farm in North Carolina. Back in the Ralph Sampson days at UVa, Pat accompanied South Wallace, a Richmond Realtor, and me to Charlottesville to see the Cavaliers play the Louis­ ville Cardinals. South politely asked a question about how long she had lived in Rich­ mond. Pat proceeded to tell South (from Short Pump to Gum Spring) that she had been raised on a farm in North Carolina during the Depression; that she was one of ten chil­ dren; that the family did not have any money, but plenty of food; that all of the children had duties on the farm such as one would be in charge of the chickens, another the cows, etc. I think she moved to Richmond when she was married. Any­ how, we arrived at the game early in time to see the Louis­ ville cheerleaders build a huge pyramid on the floor and to see the mascot Louisville Cardinal attempt to climb to the top. The crowd was somewhat hushed and in a loud voice, Pat ex­ claimed, "Good grief! That chicken is going to try to climb to the top!" Needless to say, I did not like to point out to a farm girl that a cardinal is not a chicken! Periodically over the years the VDA has been sued. In the 1970s there were two dentists at the Medical College, Drs. Nash and Waller, who were setting

Dental Leaders Congratulate Pat Watkins

up a grant-funded program to teach auxiliaries expanded duties that were not permitted by the Board. This resulted in the VDA Executive Council adopting a resolution critical of having unlicensed persons practicing dentistry. Drs. Nash and Waller filed an $8 million lawsuit not only against the VDA and the individual mem­ bers of its Executive Council, but also Pat Watkins. Pat went through a little statement that is probably familiar to many of your readers: "Jack, you know I am a Presbyterian and I believe in predestination and I have faith that everything will work out all right. Then, she added this afterthought: "Jack, you know if they were suing me for $25,000, I would really be worried, but $8 million makes it all a joke." I would like to join Pat's many other admirers in wishing her a wonderful and well deserved retirement. The VDA, its lawyer, the legislature and many, many others have been richly benefited by her many contributions and splendid skills.

Numerous state and national dental leaders wrote to express their gratitude for Mrs. Watkins' service to our profes­ sion. Mrs. Brenda Harrison is the former director of state govern­ ment affairs for the American Dental Association. Once in a while along life's journey, we are fortunate to meet a truly outstanding indi­ vidual who makes a great impact upon the many lives he or she touches. Pat Watkins is such a person! Having first met Pat 16 years ago while I was a lobbyist for the Illinois State Dental Soci­ ety, I was impressed with her experience and track record in the Virginia General Assembly. Over the years, my respect for her grew tremendously! Serv­ ing as Director of State Govern­ ment Affairs for the ADA, I was able to observe all 50 state dental associations' legislative programs. Virginia consistently succeeded with its legislative efforts, thanks in large part to Pat's brilliant political strate­ gies and tireless energy! Her political prowess even extended to baking cookies for legisla­ tors! Due to her effectiveness, she was selected to serve on a key ADA legislative task force. In addition to her professional affiliation, Pat has also become

a personal friend. She is warm, caring and generous-a re­ markable Southern lady in the truest sense of the word! Her Southern hospitality always made me feel welcome on my visits to your State. Please add my thanks to Pat • and every best wish for a wonderful life in retirement. Dr. David A. Whiston is ADA Sixteenth District Trustee. He has served as VDA president, chairman of the VDA Executive Council and ADA delegate. Thank you for including me in the tribute to Pat Watkins. Throughout the American Den­ tal Association, Pat is known as The Outstanding Executive Director in the area of legisla­ tive affairs. "We don't have those problems in Virginia," as she has gently suggested for years, because of her persis­ tence and efficiency. There are many wonderful things to say about Pat; most can be summarized by the acknowledgment that she has protected Virginia dental patients and dentists every day that she has served our Associa­ tion. Although she is best remem­ bered for all of her professional leadership, I'll best remember her as a good friend. 17

Dental Leaders Congratulate Mrs. Watkins (continued) Dr. Carroll Player ofFlorence, S.c., is the past ADA Sixteenth District Caucus chairman and a former president of the South Carolina Dental Association. He is currently an ADA del­ egate. Thank you for contacting me regarding Pat Watkins' retire­ ment. It is my pleasure to offer a few comments. Pat Watkins' organizational skills and credibility 'throughout the ADA were major reasons the 16th Trustee District has been held in such high esteem by the Association. Her per­ sonal contributions for the betterment of dentistry through­ out the three state 16th District were immeasurable. Pat is a first class lady. I and the rest of the delegates in North and South Carolina will miss her greatly. She was an inspiration for all of us, and we wish her well.

Dr. Bennett Malbon is an ADA delegate and chairman of the Virginia delegation. He has served both as president of the VDA and chairman of the Executive Council. Dear Pat: I had all intentions of visiting you at the VDA office before 18

your retirement, but I found myself out of town while you were out of town so therefore, I never had the opportunity. I wanted to hug you and thank you for all that you've done for the Virginia Dental Associa­ tion. You have done more than most of our members are even aware. You ran the Association with the help of us absentee volunteers in a very profes­ sional and efficient manner. Most of our members will never know what was pre­ vented from happening by your vigilance at the legislature and at the State Board level. I want to thank you for almost 25 years of above and beyond the call of duty service to our Association and let you know how much I appreciate what you have done for us. Many best wishes in your retirement years; may they be as fulfilling as your association with the Virginia Dental Association.

Dr. Raleigh H. Watson is immediate past president of the VDA and has been chairman of the Executive Council. He is an ADA alternate delegate. It was a privilege to serve with Pat Watkins from her first day with the VDA all the way through to my presiding at her retirement banquet. For all of the 24+ years, it was a pleasure to work with this wonderful person who is so dedicated to our profession. She alway~

presented us in the very best light. She made us proud when she represented us at the Gen­ eral Assembly, the Board of Dentistry and at ADA meetings in Chicago. It made our lives easier and our efforts more successful to have her talents and strengths available to the VDA leadership. Once again, I thank Pat for'her many years of dedicated service to our profession and our organization, and also for her friendship. Dentistry in Vir­ ginia is far better off than it would have been without the efforts of "our Pat."

Dr. Lindsay M. Hunt is Harry Lyons Professor and Dean, Medical College of Virginia School ofDentistry. He is an ADA alternate delegate and member of the Executive Coun­ cil. In my ten years as Dean of the School of Dentistry, I can think of few who have been more supportive of the School and its efforts than Pat Watkins, For her contributions, she was honored with an award making her the first honorary alumnus of the MCV Alumni Associa­ tion. Her contributions were most readily seen by her efforts on behalf of the School during the General Assembly. She could get more accomplished with a few Sally Bell cookies than anyone I ever saw. Her gentle,

Dental Leaders Congratulate Mrs. Watkins (continued) persuasive manner and her integrity made her a person the General Assembly knew they could trust. I am not sure where dentistry in Virginia and our dental school would be right know if it weren't for her. However, this sense of adula­ tion does not mean that we always agreed, but we always remained friends. She made a clear distinction between business and friendship. • Her charm was not lost on but a few. She was a dedicated friend of Dean Lyons and never forgot his birthday and was always there. It was always fun to hear her and Dean Lyons trading jibes and jokes. Ladies' man that he was, Pat would not let Harry get one up on her. The affection they had for one another was obvious. On a more personal note, I could always count on Pat for advice when things got tough; as they say, "When things get tough, the tough get going," and that she did! I will miss this kind and competent woman. Dr. James Kennedy is dean, School ofDental Medicine, University of Connecticut. He served as Chairman, Depart ment of Periodontics, Associate Dean and Dean at MCV.

Even though I have been away from Virginia for a while, it is difficult to imagine the VDA without Pat Watkins. It must be even more difficult for those who have learned to depend upon her for the smooth and efficient operation of an asso­ ciation which benefits not only dental practitioners, but the citizens of the Commonwealth. Pat always understood and was committed to the concept that a viable dental profession was enhanced by a solid educa­ tional program. Time and again she would alert me to opportu­ nities for improvement as well as developments which could compromise the School. She was our eyes and ears in the General Assembly and the welfare of the School of Den­ tistry at MCV was always one of her concerns. On a personal note, I can vividly remember the gentle and sometimes not-so-gentle reminders that there was some­ thing I could or should do which would enhance the rela­ tionship between the School of Dentistry, its alumni and prac­ titioners in the State. Fortu­ nately, I usually accepted Pat's advice having learned that it was well thought out. On more than one occasion over the past few years the executive director of the Connecticut State Dental Association has returned from a meeting of executive directors and in answering a question has

prefaced his response by say­ ing, "Pat Watkins of Virginia says...," and then proceed to relate how Virginia was dealing with a problem. The Virginia Dental Associa­ tion has indeed been fortunate to have the services of Pat Watkins for these many years. She will be missed not only in Virginia and by those around the country who looked to her for example. Again, thank you for the opportunity to participate in this tribute to one of dentistry's real assets. Dr. Joseph M. Doherty is former dental director of the Virginia State Health Depart­ ment and served as president of the Richmond Dental Society. On behalf on the dental public health community, I would like to pay tribute to Mrs. Pat Watkins' long and dedicated service to the VDA. To all of us her talents are legendary and her accomplishments on our behalf are outstanding. There are three things in particular that stand out in my mind over the years that bear mentioning. One is the fight that she helped organize to defeat the anti-fluoridationists in their battle to legislatively stop fluoridation in this State back in the early '80s. The legislative hearing held on the House side (continued on next page) 19

Dental Leaders Congratulate Mrs. Watkins (concluded)

was so effective against the anti-fluoridationists that the bill never saw the light of day. An unanimous vote was cast to kill the bill and the Senate can­ celled their committee hearing. Secondly, Mrs. Watkins often assisted public health dentistry in the budget fight for survival which seems to be a perennial battle these days. When Gover­ nor Wilder assumed office he was faced with a very real financial crisis and was looking for ways to cut the budget. Through Mrs. Watkins' efforts dentistry was spared during Governor Wilder's administra­ tion. She was so effective that the Governor in his "State of the Commonwealth" report stated that it was the fundamen­ tal responsibility of government to provide for its children and elderly and he specifically men­ tioned that he was not going to eliminate dental care for the less fortunate in our State. Thirdly, I would like to pay tribute to Mrs. Watkins ability to employ such an excellent staff for her office over the years. Every time I called the office asking questions or assistance the request was responded to most promptly, cheerfully and professionally. 20

Not only is dentistry in this State indebted to Mrs. Watkins, but the entire public as well. She has served the profession and the State well and we are all in her debt. On behalf of public health dentistry, thank you, thank you, thank you for caring so much. Pat, many happy years in retirement! As a recent retiree, I can tell you it's great, and you 'Il love it. ~

Virginia Alliance Members Appointed to National Offices Jocelyn Lance of Richmond was appointed as legislative chairman of the Alliance to the American Dental Association and Sandra (Sandy) Parks of Newport News was appointed associate membership chairman of the Alliance during the organization's 1994 annual session in New Orleans. Mrs. Lance is a past president and convention chairman of the Alliance of the Virginia Dental Association, a past president and current budget chairman of the Alliance to the Richmond Dental Society and a legislative assistant in the Virginia Senate. She is married to Dr. James Lance, a Richmond endodontist. Mrs. Parks is a past president and current convention chair­ man of the Alliance to the VDA, and past president and

dental health chairman of her local Alliance. She is president of the Parents Association at Hampton Roads Academy and serves on the Board of Trustees of the Christopher Newport University Sailing Foundation. She is married to Dr. William R. Parks, a Newport News orthodontist. The VDA appreciates the efforts of these and other members of the Alliance as they help advance dental health in the Commonwealth. ~

VDA Members Inducted Into International College of Dentists Twelve Virginia dentists were inducted into the International College of Dentists at its 1994 meeting in New Orleans. They are the following: Anne C. Adams, Richmond David C. Anderson, Alexandria Charles L. Cuttino, III, Rich­ mond Nora M. French, Gainesville James C. Gordon, Jr., Winches­ ter Arthur P. Mourino, Mechanic­ sville Edward M. 0 'Keefe. Roanoke Elbert P. Osborne. Jr., Danville StanleyM. Stoller, Springfield James D. Watkins, Hampton Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., Berryville Leslie S. Webb, Jr., Richmond ~




Virginia inductees into the American College ofDentists include (I. to r.): Harry D. Simpson, Jr., William J. Bennett, Andrew J. Zimmer, Richard H. Wood, Jeffrey Levin, Harvey A. Schenkein and Francis J. Robertello.

VDA Members Inducted Into American College of Dentists Seven Virginia dentists were inducted into the American College of Dentists at its 1994 meeting in New Orleans. They are the following: William 1. Bennett, Williamsburg Jeffrey Levin, Richmond Harvey A. Schenkein, Richmond Harry D. Simpson, Jr., Newport News Francis J. Robertello, Midlothian Richard H. Wood, Richmond Andrew J. Zimmer, Norfolk


First Place honors in Category II, Basic Science and Research, were awarded to Carl W. McCrady of MCV, whose clinic was Overcoming tumor tolerance by pharmacologic manipulation of T lymphocyte signal transduction mechanisms.

MCVNews by Michael Dishman, MeV Editor

All of us at the School of Dentistry wish you a happy and prosperous new year. The next time you visit us, you will notice a new electronic bulletin board system in the Lyons Building announcing present and coming events. There will be display monitors in the first

floor lobby, student lounge and the patient waiting area. We are proud to announce that Dr. Carl McCrady, a junior dental student, won the Ameri足 can Dental Association/ Dentsply student clinical (continued on next page) 21



research competition at the 1994 annual meeting in New Orleans. Carl holds a PhD from the MCV Department of Anatomy and was a faculty member in the MCV Depart­ ment of Pharmacology for eight years before entering dental school. His research received first prize among the 53 projects submitted by represen­ tatives of each dental school in the country. His research project was entitled, "Overcom­ ing Tumor Tolerance by Pharmacologic Manipulation of T Lymphocyte Signal Trans­ duction Mechanisms." The Department of General Practice is the focus of this report, as we continue to focus on the different academic areas of Dentistry. The size of the department and the numerous activities of its members does not make it east to give every­ one all the credit that is due. Dr. David Sarrett, Chairman, has done an outstanding job of leading and coordinating changes in didactic and clinical programs. We have changed the way we teach Operative Den­ tistry and Cariology. Drs. Linda Baughan, Jerry Harrington, Frank Robertello, and Mick Whitehill have been extensively involved in the effort to incor­ porate early psychomotor skill training, new material science and techniques, and the micro­ biology of caries risk assess­ 22

ment into the preclinical courses they direct which included Dental Anatomy, First and Second year Operative Dentistry, and Cariology. Drs. Francis Bush, Francis Foster, Peter Moon, and John Wittrock are serving as Course Directors in Occlusion, Dental Anatomy for Dental Hygiene, Dental Materials, and Occlusal Wax­ ing, respectively. Dr. Betsy Hagan co-directs the senior Practice Management course along with her considerable duties as Dean of Clinical Affairs. The Department is also re­ sponsible for directing the General Practice Modules. Drs. Bob Barnes, Bill Brokaw, Gilbert Button, and Mike Dishman serve as Module Leaders. Dr. Button also is responsible for departmental scheduling and laboratory quality control. Dr. Kim Robinson serves as Module Leader for one of the Junior Skill Development Groups, Course Director for Clinical Principles of Restorative Dentistry, and recently received a large A.D. Williams Research Grant. At the upcoming AADS and IADR meetings, Drs. Baughan, Bush, Dishman, Moon, Sarrett, and Whitehill will be present­ ing abstracts. Dr. Bush recently co-authored a book entitled

Temperomandibular Joint and Related Orofacial Disorders. Many of our General Practice faculty are involved with research projects ranging from materials testing for major manufactures to salivary analy­ sis in geriatric patients. Dr. Frank Robertello was instru­ mental in negotiating with the National Institute for Science and Technology to establish VCU/MCV School of Dentistry as its first selected testing site for dental materials. Many individuals in this department have been honored at the local, regional and na­ tionallevels. They are too numerous to be named here. However, the general practice faculty is most proud that the Dental Class of 1993 recog­ nized the department as the Department of the year for Outstanding Student Service and Support. The effort of service and support has been the primary mission of the Department of General Practice since its inception. d

Component News

the first orthodontist in Ports­ mouth and he practiced from 1947 until his retirement.

Barry Einhorn Associate Editor Component I held a special continuing education program, Update on Restorative Den­ tistry, with Dr. Reuben "Pete" Roach, on February 10 at the Holiday Inn-Greenbriar in Chesapeake. Dr. Samuel E. Buxton, Jr., received the highest award of the Tidewater Dental Associa­ tion in receiving the 1994 Simmons Award. Dr. Buxton is a native of Portsmouth. He attended the Portsmouth Public Schools, the Norfolk Division of the College of William and Mary and graduated from the School of Dentistry, MCV, in the Class of 1937. He practiced general dentistry in Portsmouth until the beginning of World War II. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1940-45 and landed with the Seabees on Normandy. It was unusual for a dentist to make an amphibious landing. He continued his service in the Naval Reserve and retired with the rank of Commander. After the War, he attended specialty training in orthodontics at the University of Michigan. He was

Dr. Buxton was one of the founders of the team approach to the treatment of cleft palate in the early 1950s. He has been active in dental organizations, serving as president of the Tidewater Dental Association and as the first president of the Virginia Orthodontic Associa­ tion. He is a fellow of the VDA. He is a lifelong member of Monumental United Methodist Church. He is an Eagle Scout, as are two of his three sons. Sam has been married to the former Louise Pope for 47 years. They have three sons and four grandsons. He considers this his greatest contribution in his life. Sam has served his patients, his community, Virginia, the nation and the specialty of orthodontics in a professional manner that exemplifies ethics and integrity.

Dr. Jeffrey N. Kenney Associate Editor Many interesting develop­ ments have been occurring in

our component, as well as the state and national levels. Our new executive secretary Kim Blore continues to help improve the local operation of our Society. As a reminder, the PDS address is 2907 Richard Buck North, Williamsburg, VA 23188, telephone 804/259­ 0594. Daily hours are 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Locally, our Legislators Meeting was successful. Our component now has liaison dentists for all of our local representatives. Open commu­ nication and dialogue continue to be of utmost importance to advance dentistry's views and objectives. At the state level, many exciting advances are occur­ ring. "Direct reimbursement" is gaining momentum in our state. Georgia has a successful pro­ gram, and their representative spoke at the VDA committee meetings on January 28 in Richmond. He shared many innovative ideas. Locally, Drs. Guy Levy and Bill Parks are heading up the effort. Pilot programs for electronic claims transmission have begun in our state. Ultimately it is hoped that this will cut costs, as well as speed insurance claims (continued on next page) 23

processing and reimbursements. You will receive more informa­ tion through the year. Legislative topics for the current General Assembly include regulation of utilization review, "any willing provider" provisions, and licensure by endorsement. More details will become available regarding all of these developments over the upcoming months and years. We will be sponsoring a joint CE program with the Tidewater Dental Association in April. On Friday, April 28, Dr. S.N. Bhaskar will speak on Perio­ dontics, a VDA-sponsored program. On Saturday, Hugh F. Doherty, CFP, will speak on What They Didn't Teach You About Business in Dental School, an ADA Seminar Series course. Both courses will be held at the Langley AFB Recreation Center. Call the Peninsula office for registration information. The MCV School of Dentistry is sponsoring a Job Fair, March 3-4. The objective is to provide an opportunity for dentists seeking an associate to meet dental students who are inter­ ested in an associate position. For more information, call 804/ 828-9358 or -4635.


Dr. H. Reed Boyd, III Associate Editor I hope that this issue of the Virginia Dental Journal finds each of you healthy and enjoy­ ing the New Year 1995. I hope that it is proving to be a pros­ perous new year as well. The holiday season is behind us, probably so are the ravages of "Old Man Winter." Please be aware that the next holiday season is just around the comer...or does it just seem that way? Component III has been busy this winter. As 1995 began, we had scheduled our annual meeting with our spouses. Dr. Ruth Hillelson presented a program entitled "An Overview of Plastic Surgery." In early February, our schedule in­ cluded a meeting with Dr. Ron Tankersley, VDA President­ Elect, on "Managed Care." Later in that month, we had a component-wide meeting with Dr. John Svirsky to fulfill the OSHA-mandated "Annual Update" and "Oral Pathology Review" for ourselves and our staffs. We are currently work­ ing to schedule a component­ wide CPR course, again to include our staffs.

On April 28, we have sched­ uled our Component-sponsored Continuing Education Course. Mr. Robert Webber will be with us to present an interesting practice management course entitled "Practice Management and Motivation Seminar." Mr. Webber is widely acclaimed and has been mentioned by Dr. Pete Dawson as being an out­ standing speaker in this area. Mailings should be reaching your desk any day now. Please watch for it and mark your calendar now so that you and your staff may attend. One of our Component's associate members has had a noteworthy family event: Dr. Ralph Anderson's son Chip has been accepted into the Orth­ odontic Program at the Univer­ sity of Louisville's School of Dentistry. As of press time, I am aware of several other "Dental Dads and Moms" anxiously awaiting news of their sons' or daughters' admis­ sion to dental schools. Con­ gratulations to Ralph and Chip and best of luck to those wait­ ing for the news! Two of our Component dentists have spent many years teaching at MCV in the School of Dentistry. Drs. Bob O'Neill, an oral surgeon, and Wayne Browder, a general practitioner, have given many hours of service to the School and its students as members of the Part

Time Faculty and were recog­ nized by Dean Lindsay Hunt for their services. As a member of the Part Time Faculty my­ self, I can tell you that it is a very rewarding and insightful experience. The time and effort it requires is given out of love and dedication to the school and its students. Please mark your calendars for these upcoming important events: • June 9-11 - VDA Committee Meetings, Williamsburg • September 6 - ComponentIII Business Meeting, Petersburg • September 13-18 - VDA Annual Meeting, Reston • October 20 - VDAI.Component III Continuing Education Course, "Periodontics: Current Therapy for the General Practitioner," Drs. David Simpson and John Moriarty,Departmentof Periodontics, UNC-ChapelHill. I hope that each of you are enjoying the Spring as it arrives in Virginia. I cannot help but think that as the Earth reblooms-almost is reborn each Spring-how each of us should take all of the steps necessary to be reborn and become enthusiastic about dentistry. I would suggest that you attend continuing education courses, annual meetings of the VDA, the VDA Leadership Conference, and your local component's meetings. These meetings not only will help you to get excited about dentistry, but help to improve your own practice and yourself. They also will give you some very inter­

esting information and insight into the issues affecting den­ tistry, our MCV Dental School, our practices and therefore ourselves and our families. I have personally found that with this information and knowledge comes excitement, sometimes anger and frustration, but a renewed interest nonetheless in dentistry as a whole, and also in my own practice. These meet­ ings give me a chance, and would offer you the same chance to state your feelings, putting in your two cents' worth, and meeting old friends. I challenge you to become reborn and rebloom as an individual in dentistry. You will be the winner, feeling better about dentistry, your practice and yourself. Get involved in organized dentistry; come to a meeting! See you soon!

Dr. Benita A. Miller Associate Editor

Hope your 1995 has gotten off to a good start! We wish a warm welcome and good start to Mr. Bill Zepp, whose energy and enthusiasm will help con­ tinue to propel the VDA for­ ward. Our Field Service Task Force Committee has met several times to set goals for recruit­ ment of new members and retention of present members. Several projects are underway. Through coordination with the ADA, we have developed a full-color, laminated, tri-fold brochure describing in three sections the benefits of mem­ bership in the Richmond Dental Society, VDA and ADA, respectively. The brochure, which was printed at the ADA for a very modest cost, was included in our dues statement. In a time when every penny counts, it is important to know that our dues not only support the endless efforts of the ADA, but also the efforts of the VDA and your local components in (continued on next page)


Fleet Teeth: Richmond Dental Society members relay team in t~e '94 Richmond Marathon finishing in 4:14 are (I. to r.): Ed Mullins, Benita Miller, Charlie Cuttino and Anne Adams. 25

providing for the future of dentistry. We are happy to share this brochure--contact Linda Simon at the RDS office (804/379-2534) if you are interested in developing a brochure for your component. Continuing education pro­ grams this spring include and all-day course featuring Karl R. Koerner, DDS, MS. An oral surgeon in Logan, Utah, Dr. Koerner will address "Practical Oral Surgery for the General Practitioner." Date and time are Friday, April 7,8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. at the Embassy Suites, Richmond. Contact Linda Simon for further information and registration. Direct reimbursement is coming! The VDA is commit­ ted to implementing a plan to introduce businesses through­ out the State to direct reim­ bursement dental benefit plans. As you know, the VDA will be retaining the services of Mr. Roger Schultz and his firm to help educate dentists and employers as to the details of a direct reimbursement program, as well as its benefits for both employers and dentistry. Criti­ cal to the success of implement­ ing these programs will be establishing contacts with either chief financial officers or human resources directors of corporations, and we need your help. Contact your component representative of the VDA Direct Reimbursement Sub­ 26

committee (of the Dental Care Programs Committee) if you would like to be a contact or liaison dentist. Learn all you can about direct reimburse­ ment. If we can be successful in Virginia in implementing these programs, then we will truly be making a positive change for the future of dentistry. In anticipation of warmer weather, take care until the summer!

Dr. Jim Evans, who serves on the Dental Education and Con­ tinuing Education Committee, reminds us that we are required to attain at least 15 hours of continuing education in order to be able to renew our dentistry licenses, effective April 1, 1995. Dr. Evans also states that we must maintain our own records and be able to substan­ tiate those records if requested by the State Board of Dentistry. A big welcome to our two new members whose names were announced at our Fall 1994 meeting: Dr. Michelle Ah and Dr. Garland Gentry.

Dr. Edward P. "Chopper" Snyder Associate Editor

Please remember in your prayers Dr. Randall O. Reynolds, of Chatham, who passed away recently.

I hope that winter is behind us and spring is on the way. Please make sure that you have marked your calendars to attend the Piedmont Dental Society's Spring 1995 meeting. The date is Friday, May 5, and it will be held at the Dutch Inn in Collinsville. Our speaker will be Dr. David Sarrett and his topic is, "Contemporary Restor­ ative Dentistry: Choices for the 90s." Congratulations are in order for two of our members! Drs. Mike O'Keefe and Bert Osborne were inducted into the International College of Den­ tists.

COMPONENT VI Southwest Virginia Dental Society

Dr. R. Graham Hoskins Associate Editor The Southwest Component met on March 10 at the Donaldson Brown Center at Virginia Tech to hear Dr. John Svirsky speak about "AIDS, OSHA and Infection Control." This program satisfied the annual OSHA requirements for staff training.

The next scheduled meeting of the Component will be May 19-21 at Pipestem State Resort Park in Pipestem, WV. There will be a variety of speakers including Randy Moore, a lobbyist from the ADA who will speak about health care reform and legislative activity on both the state and federal levels. Secondly, Dr. French Moore Jr. will speak more about the relationship between practicing dentists and the State Board of Dentistry. Finally, Dr. Ron Tankersley will further explore dental insurance alter­ native practice arrangements, contracts, managed care and dental care programs. At the November 1994 meet­ ing Dr. French Moore, Jr., presented a checklist of require­ ments that the State Board of Dentistry uses in checking dental office compliance with various regulations. Additional copies of this checklist may be obtained from Dr. Moore or by sending a self-addressed enve­ lope to: Or. Paul Umstott 300 Valley St. Abingdon, VA 24210 The August 11 meeting will be held at Abingdon during the Highland Crafts Festival, as always. The speaker will be Dr. Jerry Bouquot, Oral Pathologist from West Virginia University. This VDA-sponsored meeting will count toward the 15 CEU credits which are now required annually for all licensed den­

tists. Attendance at all quarterly component meetings will meet or exceed the annual CEU requirement. Another good reason to join the VDA! The Peer Review Committee has been expanded and now includes Jack Coleman (Chair­ man), Tom Haller, Vic Cam­ den, Tom Sprouse and Peter Francisco. The purpose of the committee is to mediate dis­ putes between patients and practitioners and to prevent escalation into legal action. Dr. Carole Pratt was honored by VCU as a 1994 Alumni Star at Founder's Day ceremonies recently. She was recognized for her service to the Dental School and to the Common­ wealth. Carole is not only our past component president, but also has served as chair of both the State Board of Health and the VDA Dental Education and Continuing Education Commit­ tee. Weare proud of her contri­ butions to dentistry. The Southwest Component is proud to have hired an execu­ tive secretary, Ms. Sonya Farris, to help cope with the increasing paperwork that we face. Ms. Farris can be reached at (703)628-9507, at Dr. Ron Brown's office. Ms. Farris will be recording members' CEU credits, among other tasks.

Swanson as chairperson for the purpose of increasing the percentage of dentists who are members of the ADA and VDA. Also on the committee are Drs. Ron Brown and Paul Umstott. This is indeed a turbulent time for dentistry with many changes visible to all on the horizon. There are, how­ ever, other factors changing which are "over the horizon" and known to a relative few who are deeply involved in the "politics" of dentistry. In short, there is no more important reason for ADA and VDA membership to keep abreast of changes, new laws and regula­ tions, and to help influence the course of dentistry in the future. If you know of someone who is not a member, invite them to a meeting to show them what they are missing. The Component editor would like to remind Association members that their contribu­ tions of original research, clinical tips, etc., are welcome no matter how unassuming you might think them to be. Addi­ tionally, this Component editor would like to remind all mem­ bers to keep me informed of retirements, life memberships, honors awards, appointments and elections, whether personal or professional, so that appro­ priate recognition can be granted.

A Membership Committee has been formed with Dr. Kim 27

COMPONENT V/ll Northern Virginia Dental Society

Dr. Bruce W. Jay Associate Editor Once again a new year is upon us and the Component is busy readying for the annual meet­ ing, to be held in Reston, September 14-17 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Plan now to attend!

members inducted on Novem­ ber 1,1994: Andrew Bluhm, DDS Hugh K. Campbell, DDS Sean Grady, DDS James Paul Henon, DDS Aspasia Kapsalas, DDS Vincent Lee, DDS Scott McQuiston, DDS Leslie V. Monroe, DDS Mary Burke-Fox, DMD Shalba Ranjbar, DMD t1

We mourn the passing of Dr. Jack C. Phass, Jr., on October 9, 1994. Dr Phass was a Georgetown University Dental School graduate and practiced in Alexandria. His children, Sophia and Dean, also dentists, continue the practice he estab­ lished in Falls Church. He is also survived by his wife Catherine. Our component congratulates Drs. Nora French, Stanley Stoller and David Anderson, who were inducted into the International College of Den­ tists at their annual meeting on October 21, 1994, in New Orleans. Congratulations are also in order to Dr. David Cantor, who has been elected president of the Middle Atlantic Society of Oral and Maxillofa­ cial Surgeons. And finally, our society welcomes the following new


Attending the 1994 North Carolina Dental Society state meeting, (l. to r.): Terry Kunkel new president of the South Carolina Dental Association; Greg Chadwick, past president of the North Carolina Dental Society; David A. Whiston, ADA 16th District Trustee; and Raleigh H. Watson, Jr., president ofthe Virginia Dental Association.




13~ ADA A~ H~ - N4tJ O~J


(L. to r.): Drs. Bennett Malbon,

Will Allison and Lindsay Hunt listen to floor debate.

Experienced secretaries Dr. French Moore, Jr., and Mrs. Pat Watkins consider the ADA Budget Discus足 sion.





I j

i r I I'


Dr. Les Webb (foreground) waits in the alternate delegate area before returning to the floor of the House.

Past VDA Presidents Drs. Ken Copeland and Steve Bissell are joined in the delegate area by Dr. Joan Gillespie.


(L. to r.): Drs. Ron Tankersley, Wally Huff and Les Webb listen to opening remarks at the Annual Session.

Dr. Dick Wilson waits at the microphone to speak on dental parameters.




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