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Executive Director Kathleen Noblin Associate Artistic Director Marina Fliagina Board of Directors President Michelle Parcher Vice President Pam Reinig Secretary Cheryl Sills Members Tara Pielaet Eileen Riddle

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Dear Ventura County Ballet Friends and Family, Greetings and welcome to Ventura County Ballet’s 22nd Annual performance of Tchaikovsky’s Dear Friends of the Ballet, classic ballet The Nutcracker. Tonight’s performance is far different from what we had imagined but no less st Annual stage performance o Greetings and County 21outdoor wonderful! We arewelcome honoredtotoVentura be dancing on Ballet’s the large Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet The Nutcracker. A complete set of scenic drops pai created by CBF Productions at the Ventura County Fairgrounds. Russia by Yuri Samadurov, Chief Artist of the Komi Republic State Theatre of O Despite the regional Stay At Home Order, in the true tradition of the and Ballet grace our stage. We hope you will also enjoy the artistry of this yea theatre, our and showinternational is indeed going national balleton! professionals, as well as the incredible talent

pre professional dancers trained at the Ballet Academy Ventura, the official sc We hope you will enjoyBallet. the artistry of this year’s the Ventura County The opulence of thenational beautifuland setsinterand costumes o performance will also add as to well your as enjoyment of thistalent classicof ofour the ballet reper national ballet professionals the incredible Ventura County Ballet'strained (VCB) mission is to present performances that inspire pre-professional dancers at the Ballet Academy Ventura, the generation of the dancers; providing opportunity dance side-by-side with official school of Ventura Countythe Ballet. All havetoworked so hard professionals. This develops student's artistry and timing, while inspiring them to keep dance alive in this very difficult year – training and rehearsing through the many years of careful and difficult training. in the studio, their homes, a church courtyard and on this magnificent outdoor stage. Working through the day to day challenges of life, the true dedication of our d

is brought to light, illuminating a spirit that will not give in to these challenges Ventura County Ballet’s mission to present performances that deand ballet performance teach is a silent strength, which develops in our ballet d every class theythe attend the academy. lighteach our and audiences and that inspire next at generation of dancers through the opportunity to dance side-by-side with professionals. Working VCB continues to strive to connect artists, audience and community with inno through the daily challenges of life – all the more demanding this year performances through our collaborations with the Rubicon Theatre, Ventura M – our dancers’ dedication demonstrates a bold human spirit that rises Festival, Namba Performing Arts Center, and VUSD. Starting this spring 2020, above theseBallet challenges. Ballet indeed teaches a silent strength, which County will be bringing neoclassical ballet to our community in more int develops over years of training. settings. Please check our website after the New Year for more details or join newsletter email listing. Ventura County Ballet continues to strive to connect artists, audiences invite youwith to support the efforts of VCB, ain 501(C)(3), with your andWe community innovative performances diverse venues andattendance enthusiasm and financial We wish youIn allthe a bright and wonderful Ho through collaborations withsupport. other organizations. year ahead, Season. We hope that our performance we will dance forsincerely you wherever we you can will andalso lookmake forward to sharing of The N an annual holiday tradition for you, your family and friends. our artistry in exciting new ways.

We invite youA.toNoblin support Ventura County Ballet, a 501(C)(3) non-profit Kathleen Michelle Parcher organization, with your attendance, enthusiasm and financial Executive Director Boardsupport. President https://www.venturacountyballet.com/donate/ We wish you all a safe and happy Holiday Season and hope you make our performance of The Nutcracker an annual holiday tradition for your family.

Kathleen A. Noblin Executive Director

Michelle Parcher Board President

venturacountyballet.com | (805) | P.O. Box #1072, Ventura,CA CA 93002 venturacountyballet.com | (805) 323-6620 | 505323-6620 Poli Street, Suite 301, Ventura, 93001 VCB is a registered organization, tax ID:tax #77-0514061 VCB is a501(c)(3) registerednonprofit 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, ID: #77-0514061

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Kathleen Noblin, Executive Director/ Founder

Ms. Noblin founded the Ballet Academy Ventura in 1992. The school has successfully trained students for the finest professional summer programs in the U.S. and Europe. Graduates have received scholarships to Columbia University, UCLA, Cal State, BYU and University of Southern California. Jazmine Quezada, 18 yrs old, has been accepted into professional level of San Francisco Ballet’s School on full scholarship. Her sister, 16-year-old Julie Quezada, has also been accepted on full scholarship to San Francisco Ballet’s School. Summer intensive students, Greta Pankratz and Audrey Flynn: New York City Ballet’s School of American Ballet, Alyssia Troutman: Joffrey Ballet – New York, Jasmine Duncan: San Francisco Ballet, Natalie Burkhart: Rock School of Pennsylvania Ballet and Ella Hoyt: Joffrey Ballet Chicago. Other acceptances have been from American Ballet Theatre, Pacific Northwest Ballet, Ballet West, State Street Ballet and Boston Ballet to name a few. Ms. Noblin founded the Ventura Country Ballet (VCB) in 1998 and has served as Executive Director since its inception. VCB presents Tchaikovsky’s beloved The Nutcracker as well as a Spring Ballet annually. Ms. Noblin directs the Ventura County Ballet’s Therapeutic Dance for Children and Educational Outreach for elementary and middle school students in Ventura County and the annual Nutcracker program for the Ventura County Hospital Pediatric Oncology Unit. She has directed collaborations with New West Symphony, Ventura Music Festival, Ventura County Master Chorale, Museum of Ventura County, San Buenaventura Foundation for the Arts, National Charity League, Working Artists Ventura (WAV) and Focus on the Masters Ms. Noblin, UCLA graduate, holds a B.S. in Sciences and Nursing from UCLA and credentials, is a Certified Public Health Nurse and holds a credential in Health and Development from UCLA postgraduate. Ms. Noblin has participated in Ventura’s cultural landscape as a member of the Ventura Cultural Planning Steering Committee. In 2008, Ms. Noblin received the Mayor’s Arts Award from the City of Ventura as Arts Educator of the Year. She worked with Arts Live Advisory Council which is directed at strengthening local arts organizations through training and audience development, fund development, marketing, strategic planning and planned giving. To a true artist only that face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul. - Mahatma Gandhi

Nutcracker 2020| 3

Marina Fliagina, Associate Artistic Director

Born in Russia, Ms. Fliagina graduated with distinction from the Perm State College of choreography in Russia. In 1990 she was accepted to Moscow State Theatre Kremlin Ballet where she worked with the renowned Vladimir Vasiliev and Ekaterina Maximova. She was then accepted to the world-renowned Perm Ballet where she was a soloist at the Perm State Opera House/ Tchaikovsky Ballet. She has performed roles in all the famous classical ballets and has toured internationally with the Russian Imperial Ballet, Moscow Classical ballet, and the Moscow Festival Ballet. Ms. Fliagina joined State Street Ballet as a dancer in 1998 was promoted to Ballet Mistress since 2000. In addition to her Ballet Mistress duties, she continues to appear in character roles in ballets like The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, and Cinderella. Ms. Fliagina has been an instructor at Ballet Academy Ventura since 2000. She has been Ventura County Ballet Company’s Associate Artistic Director and Choreographer and Ballet Mistress since 2005, choreographing 11 full-length ballets.

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The Nutcracker

E.T.A. Hoffman’s Nutcracker and the Mouse King Music: Peter I. Tchaikovsky Choreography: Marina Fliagina It was Christmas Eve, a night for magic. Anything could happen. The Stahlbaum family is happily preparing for their holiday party. The guest and the children spilled into the parlor. The Christmas tree is suddenly ablaze with lights, which delight the guests. Clara’s godfather Herr Drosselmeyer arrives with very special gifts. The children begin to dance and play. Drosselmeyer entertains the children by disguising himself as a wizard, but Clara recognizes him. He then calls the children around him to view a puppet show. The puppets tell the story of pure hearted Princess, the evil Mouse Queen and the brave Soldier. Herr Drosselmeyer also presents two life size dolls: a Harlequin who dances and gives his heart to lovely Columbine. Finally, Clara’s Godfather brought out a small wooden soldier, no bigger than a doll. His head was large and his features coarse. The strange soldier was a Nutcracker. Clara is very taken with the awkward Nutcracker Soldier doll, and she promises to take good care of him. When Clara danced and played with her new toy her brother Fritz bounded up , grabbed the Nutcracker and broke him. Clara is heartbroken and cries. Godfather Drosselmeyer repairs the Nutcracker with Clara’s ribbon. He tells Clara that true love is the real magic and that she must always take care of her doll. The party comes to an end. The guests leave with their holiday gifts. The house falls dark and silent. Clara crept back to the parlor and cradled her Nutcracker. She curls up with him next to the tree and falls asleep and begins a wonderful dream...

Now the magic begins!

The clock strikes twelve. Bong! The hungry Rats appears with their evil Mouse Queen. Clara gasped. Suddenly, everything including the tree begins to grow. Nutcracker grown as large as Clara. The Fritz’s Tin Soldiers become life-size. The battle begins. The Mouse Queen and her Rats outnumber the Nutcracker and his soldiers. She was about to destroy the Nutcracker when Clara bravely steps forward to protect her Nutcracker with her love and bravery. Her goodness knocks the Mouse Queen helplessly to the ground. The walls of the parlor dissolved into the night. Before Clara’s eyes, the Nutcracker turned into a handsome prince. She was now dressed in the gown of the beautiful princess. What is the truly wonderful magic!! The Prince and his Princess travel through the Snow Forest filled with Snow Fairies. Clara’s unconditional love and bravery have been rewarded. They are greeted by the Snow King and Queen who present them with a magical sleigh to take them to the Kingdom of the Sweets. On the way to a Kingdom of the Sweets, Clara and the Prince were greeted by the delicate Angels. The Sugar Plum Fairy presents Clara with a beautiful magical cape, as a token of gratitude for her bravery. With great ceremony Princess Clara an Prince were led to the banquet hall, where Sugar Plum Fairy beckoned her troupe of Delicacies. The Celebration begins! First to perform were two Hot Chocolates, danced Spanish Fandango. Next come Arabian Coffee. The Chinese Tea Dancers fluttered their fans. High-stepping Russians kicked up their heels. Gingerbread Soldiers was guarding their Candyland Dolls with a crispy candy canes. Mother Ginger rustled up with her children. Next the Dew Drop Fairy escorts them to the Land of the Flowers. Princess Clara dances with her beloved Nutcracker Prince. As the music faded, Clara knew it was time to return home. Sugar Plum Fairy reminds her that wishes come true if you have a pure and loving heart. Frau Stahlbaum awakens Clara from her magical dream, and what a dream it was! No longer in the Kingdom of the Sweets, Clara finds herself beside her own Christmas tree. “Where is my beautiful Nutcracker?” said Clara. He was magically gone. Clara was no longer a princess, but a young girl who has learned the power of love, friendship and devotion to others. Godfather Drosselmeyer arrives for holiday supper with a special guest, his beloved nephew, young Herr Drosselmeyer. Clara marvels at the nephew’s resemblance to the Nutcracker Prince. What a dream!! Clara learned that love must come from inside oneself. It must be unselfish, true, and unconditional. We must love everyone, and rejoice in our differences.

May your holidays be a “Season of Love”

Nutcracker 2020| 5

Nutcracker 2020 Casting Ventura County Fairgrounds Sunday, December 6 at 8pm

ACT 1 - Scene One: The Party Narrator Don Gillespie Frau Stahlbaum Sophia Parker Herr Stahlbaum Shane Tice Clara Ella Ullrich Fritz Carter Gillespie Drosselmeyer Sergei Domrachev Harlequin Jack Stewart Doll Emma Steiner ‘Parents’ Dance’ Party Mother McKenna Parcher (Snobby mother with dog) Sienna Darlucio (Bossy Mother) Makena Large (Intellectual Mother) Ava Renshaw (Happy Mother) Party Father Johna Tillery Don Gillespie Clara’s Friends Miranda Aguilar Olive Kranzler Party Girls London Lindsay Kirra Anderson Leona Rutherford Emma Hansen Kaylee Rice Noelle Hall Party Boys James Garrison Stevi Almanza Princess Puppet Emma Morneau Nutcracker Puppet Daxton Ehret Rat Queen Puppet McKinley Gray Nutcracker

6 | Ventura County Ballet

Roman Frey

ACT 1 - Scene Two: Clara’s Dream: The Battle Rat Queen

Alyssia Troutman

Rats Jonah Tillery (Leader)

McKenna Parcher (Leader) Makena Large

Lillee Tillery Avery Renshaw Aadhya Bavkar Red Cross Brigade

Daxton Ehret

Vivienne Aulenta Cavalry Audrey Curtis Mariah Garcia

Tasi Lefler

Penny Krenzler Tin Soldiers (on pointe)

Sylvie Watts

Abbey Steiner Hailey Hall

Madeline Rick

Journey Through Land of Snow – Snow Pas de Deux Princess Clara

Leeza Domracheva

Snow Queen

Claire Rea

Demi Snow

Greta Pankratz

Nutcracker Prince

Snow King

Jack Stewart

Shane Tice

Quinn Ferguson Snow Corps

Nika Wallach

Ella Kate Hoyt

Caroline Margaret Marsden Olivia Roman Jayla Ramirez

Sophie Parker

Nutcracker 2020| 7

Act II: Entrance to the Kingdom of the Sweets Angels Tasi Lefler Ava Renshaw Audrey Curtis Olive Krenzler Mariah Garcia Penny Krenzler Sugar Plum

Claire Rea

Chocolate (Spanish) Olivia Reese Roman Ella Kate Hoyt Coffee (Arabian) Greta Pankratz With: Avery Ohl Lillee Tillery Madeline Rick Aadyah Bavkar Tea (Chinese) Roman Frey Quinn Ferguson With: Stevi Almanza James Garrison Emma Morneau French Marzipan Emma Steiner (center) Ella Ullrich Jayla Ramirez Trepak (Russian) Nika Wallach Carolyn Marsden Shane Tice With: Emma Hansen Leona Rutherford Noelle Hall Kaylee Rice Mother Ginger

Sergei Domrachev

With: Mila Watts Giselle Lomeli Olivia Poelstra Emma Millenheft Aubree Lindsey Candyland Dolls Miranda Cate Aguilar Sylvie Watts Abigail Steiner Hailey Brianna Hall Gingerbread Jonah Tillery Carter Gillespie Kirra Anderson London Lindsay

8 | Ventura County Ballet

Waltz of the Flowers Dew Drop

Alyssia Troutman

Flowerland Cavaliers Roman Frey Shane Tice Flower Princess Olivia Roman Ella Kate Hoyt Flower Fairies Emma Steiner Caroline Margaret Marsden Nika Wallach Jayla Ramirez Greta Pankratz Quinn Ferguson

Grand Pas de Deaux Princess Clara Nutcracker Prince Grande Finale

Leeza Domracheva Jack Stewart Ventura County Ballet

Epilogue: Frau Stahlbaum find Clara sleeping next to the Christmas tree. Uncle Drosselmeyer arrives with special guest, his nephew, who Clara recognizes as her “Dream Prince�

Nutcracker 2020| 9


Elizaveta Domracheva (Leeza), 20 years old. She was born in Santa Barbara, CA. She graduated with honors from International Perm State Ballet College- professional Ballet School in Russia and danced professionally with Russian Ballet Theatre in Moscow. She has toured through Germany, Switzerland, China and Greece. In 2016 Elizaveta became a finalist of the Russian National Talent TV show “ Blue Bird” in Moscow. In the spring of 2019 Elizaveta won Second Place at the International Ballet and Contemporary Dance Competition “Domenico Modugno” in Italy, where she also got a Special Jury Prize. In the fall of 2018, Leeza has performed the principle part of Liza in the ballet premiere “La Fille Mal Gardee”, on the Stage of the famous Perm Opera and Ballet Theater. Also, at the young age, she was trained at the Gustafson Dance in Santa Barbara, Official school of State Street Ballet and Ballet Academy Ventura. She has performed with State Street Ballet in Cinderella and with Ventura County Ballet and Fresno Ballet Theater. Roman Frey is originally from Bishop, California, where he first began dance at the age of 17. He received his professional dance training from Ballet West Academy. Roman has danced with Texas Ballet Theater, Queensland Ballet, and Anaheim Ballet. Roman has enjoyed performing nearly the entire Ben Stevenson O.B.E. repertoire, and works from such choreographers as Val Caniparoli, Glen Tetley, Sir Kenneth MacMillan, and George Balanchine. Roman would like to thank his parents for their love and support. This is Roman’s first season with Ventura County Ballet. Shane Tice was born in Seattle Washington where he received his primary training from Ronald G. Tice and Magali Messac. He was a scholarship student at Pacific Northwest Ballet, Houston Ballet, School of American Ballet and American Ballet Theatre. Mr. Tice was a member of the Minnesota Dance Theater, State Street Ballet, Smuin Ballet, San Francisco, and Festival Ballet, Rhode Island. Ventura County Ballet is happy to have Shane return for his fifth season. Jack Stewart from Albuquerque, NM, received his dance training in New Mexico Ballet under the direction of his mother, Jennifer Boren. Jack has performed Principal roles in The Nutcracker, The Secret Garden, Starry Night and An American Tango. Jack returns for his fifth appearance with Ventura County Ballet having recently danced the principle role in “Convergence” part of Ventura County Ballet’s Dance ART presentation for Focus on the Masters. This is Jack’s fourth season with Ventura County Ballet. Sergei Domrachev, was born in Russia and graduated from the Perm Ballet Academy. He was a bronze medalist in the Vaganova Competition and the International Arabesque Competition in 1992, also earning the Audience Favorite Award. He has danced professionally as a Soloist with both Moscow Classical Ballet and Los Angeles Classical Ballet. Domrachev joined SSB in 1997, and throughout his 20-year tenure has performed Principal and Character roles to critical and popular acclaim.

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Ballet Academy Ventura/VCB Alumni: Sophia Parker: University of California, Irvine: Dance Major Natalie Burkhart: Butler University, Indiana: Dance Major Jasmine Duncan: University Southern California: Non-Governmental Organizations and Social Change Olivia Gaston: University of California Santa Barbara – Feminist Studies Maia Virtue: Ventura College Shalyn Bibbens: Adventure College Charlotte Fox: University of California Santa Barbara: Biological Sciences Marley Reinig: Michigan State University: International Studies (Business) Alexandra Roth: Grand Canyon University: Forensic Science Kira Tebbe: University of Cincinnati: Biology, specializing in Medical Sciences Roxey Newman: University of Utah: Dance Tia Johnson: University of California, Irvine: Art Madeline Offerman: University of California, Los Angeles: Cellular and Molecular Biology Madeleine Riddle: Pepperdine University: Theatre Arts and Dance Anastacia Barnaby: Cal State University, Northridge: Liberal Studies Danna Friedman: California State University, Sonoma: Elementary Education: Dance extracurricular Corynn McAtee: Parsons the New School for Design, New York Chelsea Portugal: American River College: Early Childhood education Hana Goldstone: $40,000 scholarship: Columbia University: Dance Samantha Schilke: State Street Ballet, Santa Barbara Shannon Finnegan: Scholarship: California State University, Long Beach: Dance Chloe Donnelly: California State University, San Francisco: Communications/Dance Taylor Montgomery: California State University: Communications Rachel Arnold: California State University, Long Beach: Dance Steven Flores: full scholarship: California Institute of the Arts: Dance Virginia Shields: University of California, Santa Barbara: B.S. Mechanical Engineering Sharlee Horton: California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, B.S Business Administration Kristin Rice: Moorpark College Sabrina Rosengren: University of California, Los Angeles: English Melissa Radley: Scholarship: Brigham Young University: Dance Adrian Torres: Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre: New York Sarah Grether: Stuttgart Ballet, Germany Megan Philipp: Scholarship: Butler University: B.A. Dance, M.A. Dance Pedagogy, New York University Vanessa Stowers: Scholarship Butler University: B.A. Dance Lucia Edlinger: Berlin Opera Ballet: Germany Amy Womer: Full scholarship: Butler University: Graduate B.A. Dance, M.A Dance, Purchase College, New York Jennifer Hutchison: University of California, Los Angeles: B.A Dance/Psychology, M.S., Ph.D. Psychology

Nutcracker 2020| 11

Production Crew VCB Stage Managers: Marina Fliagina, Kathleen Noblin VCB Board President: Michelle Parcher CBF Productions Production Manager: Kelli Ginsburg CBF Sound: Jimmy CBF Lighting and Video: Freddy Ballet Mistress: Marina Fliagina and Kathleen Noblin Parent Volunteer Guild: Alyssa Poelstra Backstage Props and Quick Changes: Rochelle Roman Costume Mistress: Kathleen Noblin Dressing Room Backstage Monitor: Deirdre Lomeli VCB Media Relations: Tara Pielaet, Cheryl Sills, Amy Aguilar CBF Media Relations: Danielle Engel Online Auction Co-Chair: Wendy Ullrich and Amy Aguilar Packers and Loaders Chair: Meggen Maloney Poster and Program Cover Design: Tara Pielaet and Danielle Engel Photographer: Dina Pielaet Small Props, Headpieces and Hand sewing: Kathleen Noblin Special thank you to CBF Productions CEO and Founder: Vincenzo Giammanco and CBF Vice President of Operations and Productions Management: Annette Bowman. Thank you to Pete Martin with Harlequin for the voice of the narrator.

Special thank you to Stella, the “Snobby Mother’s Dog”, on her debut performance with this year’s VCB 2020 Nutcracker.

The Ventura County Ballet

Would like to thank all of the v olunteers who gave so selflessly of their time to make this year’s Nutcracker a great success. Without our wonderful volunteers these productions would not be possible.

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Donors President’s Circle ($50,000) Jordan & Sandra Laby Sakharoff Foundation

Angels ($10,000) Miss Helen M. Yunker E & S Financial Dr. & Mrs. Ronald D. Noblin Donna Santo Katherine & Dennis Swanson

Producer ($5,000) Sylvia Alvarez Avnet – Dollars for Doers Program Capital Mortgage Services Meister Family Foundation K & M Enterprises Marion Witte & Angel Heart Foundation

Director’s Circle ($2,500) Anonymous Freddie & Al Contarino Gloisten Family Foundation Diane & Peter Goldenring Glenda & John Hammer Stephen Kipp & Kipp Financial Cynthia Loughman Barbara & Ish Messer Eileen & Michael Riddle Lori & Eric Swanson Barbara and John Tyler We Will Never Forget Foundation Kathleen Noblin Danseur Noble ($1,000) Emma & Dave Armstrong Pauline & John Arnold Dr & Mrs. H. Royer Collins Arthur & Jennifer Flynn Janet & Mark Goldenson Dr. & Mrs. Kim George Lauterbach Elise & William Kearney Nelly K Mac, MD David McDaniel Tara Pielaet & Acel Troutman Marylyn & Terry Ragan Scripps Howard Foundation

Prima Ballerina ($500) Julia Namba Campbell Freddie Contarino Barbara Fitzgerald Grace Lutheran Church Hofer Family Barbara Meister Michelle Parcher John Simpson Sam Ag Amgen Neal Andrews Teryn Barber Kristina Brook Bonnie & Don Carlton County Commerce Bank Linda Fisher Nicole & Aaron Gaston Lisa & John Hofer John Magnus Mrs. & Mr. Morera Ben & Julia Namba Toby & Tierney Noblin Anne Larsen & Steve Offerman Lisa & Tim Ortiz Irma & Frank Paramo John Paul Products Misty & Ernest Romero Stewart Title of California Teresa Thomas United Way Lynn & Norman Weitzel

Soloist ($100) Chris & Wendy Ullrich Ed & Hilda Warren Dr. & Mrs. Mel Cheatham Lindy Chau Dawn Dana Dr. & Mrs. John Edison Paul Hannah, DDS Jessica & Harvey Harris Kay & Lee Hill Eunice M. Koch Marie Lakin Jack & Lynn LeTourneau Lum Eye and Vision Center Joan Mancuso Julie & Paul Meissner Carla Mulford Ezerrene Noblin Dorothy & Bernard Novatt Erick Oltmann Elmerina & David Pugh Holly & Devin Rasey Flavia Ritterstein Michelle & Tony Strauss Mel & Judith Swope Mary Lou & Larry Thomas Anne & Vincent Vitale Norma & William F. Zuber, MD

Principal ($250) Cheryl and Steven Sills Sara Otterstrom Denise Bean-White Elena Brokaw City National Bank Community West Bank Community Memorial Hospital Downtown Ventura Partners Harry Cozen Economy Plumbing Simon Gamer, DDS Werner & Gail Gramckow Grossman Imaging Mary & Spencer Hartman Linda Lefler Alicia Maris Loretta & Mike Mereweather Michael Miles Dr. & Mrs. Dan Murphy Kaye & James O’Mara Pam & Bob Reinig Mary Kay & Kenneth Roth Clifton Simonson Olivia & Lawrence Smith

Businesses: Cass Winery ColourPop The Dance Store GOLFTECH Ideal Women’s Health Kalorama Landscape Light and Space Yoga Love Your Skin by Judi Olenik Vineyards Patagonia

Ventura County Ballet Would Like To Thank The Following Contributors:

Families/Individuals: The Bavkar Family The Ferguson Family The Kranzler Family The Large Family The Lindsay Family Kathleen Noblin The Pankratz Family Chris Paredes The Tillery Family The Ullrich Family Dina Pielaet

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2020 Ventura County Ballet Nutcracker  

2020 Ventura County Ballet Nutcracker  

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