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MESSAGE FROM OUR CEO In everything we do – from disease prevention to helping educate the next generation of veterinary professionals– VCA lives by a simple, yet powerful philosophy: We care. Since our founding in 1986, our unflagging commitment

to pets has inspired us to go to ever greater lengths to ensure their health, safety and happiness. This Impact Report tells the stories from our latest initiatives and some of the triumphs we have contributed to on behalf of the pets and people we’re privileged to serve. Even as we provide excellent veterinary care to millions of pets, VCA, its professionals and staff go above and beyond daily, whether by providing meals to hungry pets, supporting animal welfare shelters with funds and volunteer services, or providing assistance when disaster strikes. All of this is in addition to our many efforts to advance the veterinary profession and the quality of animal care through

clinical trials, scholarships, continuing education and mentorship programs. We always strive to change lives for the better, and in the process, our own hearts are forever transformed, inspiring us to work ever harder for the pets who deserve nothing less than the very best we can give. Bob Antin Co-Founder and CEO of VCA 3


FOREVER TR A NSFORMED REAL CHANGE FOR PEOPLE AND PETS At VCA, everything we do is fueled by our passionate concern for the health and well-being of the pets that bring immeasurable love and fulfillment to so many of our lives. Since our founding in 1986, we have strived to help animals that cannot ask for the help they need. Across VCA, expert and caring people are constantly seeking new, more effective ways to make a difference. This effort begins with our commitment to provide exceptional care and service in our animal hospitals and reaches beyond our doors, into the communities where we work to end pet hunger, provide aid during disasters, advance veterinary medicine, and inspire and educate the next generation of veterinary care providers. In addition, VCA Charities has raised and donated approximately $1 million in 2018 to support pet shelters, animal rescues,

pet food pantries and other causes. As a member of the MARS family, all of us at VCA are proud to share our efforts to Make A Better World For Pets.™ Brandon Antin VP of Social Responsibility & Innovation 5

VCA is proud to support

communities nationwide

All working to give pets and their people the best possible lives together.

30,000 + associates

Women Leaders in VCA Hospitals

460+ Medical Directors 750+ Hospital Managers

5,000 + veterinarians 600 + specialists 4,200 + technicians

An unrivaled peer network dedicated to pet health and welfare

Board certified specialists in oncology, surgery, internal medicine and more 3,000 techs and assistants completed our development program and 700 + received scholarships

900 + locations 80 + specialty hospitals 43 states 5 provinces United States We are building deep roots and strong relationships in the communities we serve.

Canada 7


TRANSFORMATIVE CHANGE PUTTING INTENT INTO ACTION We’ve seen it thousands of times, yet we’re always awed at the transformation – in pets and people – when a homeless animal finds its place with a loving family. Everyone involved feels the joy of belonging to a safe space and each other. We are proud to work with amazing staff, volunteers, and foster pet owners and consider it our privilege and responsibility to help ownerless pets find their own happy homes. This goal is realized through our commitment and support to shelters and other animal welfare organizations nationwide. With the tireless efforts of VCA staff and the generosity of our clients, we’re helping ensure that more and more homeless pets are safely sheltered, kept healthy and adopted into forever homes as quickly as possible. In 2018, we augmented our efforts, raising our annual donations to more than $1 million and providing over $1 million in pre-adoption medical care to animal welfare organizations across the U.S. VCA Animal Welfare in Action

90+ U.S. Shelter Partnerships

“ As champions of animal adoption, VCA supports shelters’ efforts to place every homeless pet in a safe, happy forever home.” Malia Rivera, Director of Animal Welfare 9

250,000 pets adopted Our hospitals work with local animal welfare groups and the community to encourage adoption, responsible pet ownership and essential veterinary care.

$1 million provided to shelters and organizations In addition to $5.4 million in donated services and materials, VCA’s network of 900+ hospitals provided nearly $1 million in direct financial support

to animal welfare and adoption sites 10


20 + new shelter partners VCA’s focus on communication,

collaboration and responsiveness has helped us build strong ties with more than 90 animal welfare organizations across the country, including 20 new shelter partners in 2018.

$1 million in pre-adoption services donated VCA helps support animal welfare

efforts at the community level by encouraging pet adoption through local event collaboration.

$4.4 million in post-adoption services and discounts

100 + VCA Hospitals responded to disasters

VCA actively encourages adoption by

Local VCA facilities were made free

providing free educational materials,

of charge for emergency boarding,

a complimentary exam and a health

vaccinations and health assessment

guarantee to adoptive owners.

exams for pets evacuated or displaced due to fires and hurricanes in the U.S. in 2018.



WE CARE ABOUT THE FUTURE OF VETERINARY CARE Ask a classroom full of kindergartners what they want to be when they grow up, and a substantial percentage will shout, “Veterinarian!” Yet the nation is facing a looming shortage of veterinary professionals. To address this shortage and foster excellence, VCA engages and prepares the next generation every step of the way– from “vet for a day” opportunities for school-age children to scholarships, mentoring and internships for veterinary students and residents. We are also the largest provider of private practice post-graduate education in the veterinary field, providing training in specialties from endocrinology to oncology. As leaders in the field, VCA veterinarians and staff work tirelessly to create a culture of inquiry and collaboration that supports education,

success and professional fulfillment.

“ Attracting the best and brightest to the veterinary profession, and preparing practitioners for its challenges, is a VCA priority.” Doug Drew, President, VCA Animal Hospitals and Petcare Services 13

Mentorship makes a difference

VCA Animal Hospitals have PRIDE !

VCA operates a network of 900 + animal hospitals in 43 states in

We continue to strengthen our partnership with Pride Veterinary Medical Community (Pride VMC), an organization that fosters acceptance, inclusivity and leadership for veterinary medical professionals of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

the U.S., as well as in Canada. More than 80 of them are specialty or referral hospitals, offering residency, internship and externship programs and career training in hospital management. More than 5,000 veterinarians are currently part of the hospital network and more than 600 are board certified specialists.

VCA Hospital Employees

80 +% Women 14

“We’re proud to support Pride VMC, whose mission of inclusivity and acceptance matches our workplace philosophy,” says Brandon Antin, VCA’s VP of Social Responsibility and Innovation. “We support and encourage diversity and wellness in the communities we serve across North America, as well as assist and sponsor LGBTQ + student groups on veterinary campuses. We want to show our pride, not only during Pride month but every day of the year.” In 2018 VCA joined Pride VMC in Pride events all over the U.S. and Canada, including San Francisco Pride, which had more than 100,000 spectators, and Vancouver Pride’s Sunset Beach Festival.

600 + specialists in 16 disciplines VCA’s commitment to specialty medicine is demonstrated by our investment in post-graduate training, equipment, facilities, clinical studies and people.


700 + Technicians Awarded Scholarships to Tech Schools as of 2018

Veterinary Colleges

700 +

Student Scholarships


As part of our commitment to supporting individuals’ professional goals and fostering a culture of growth and development in our profession, VCA provides veterinary technician scholarships through the Technician & Assistant Career Development Program, allowing VCA team members to pursue their dreams of becoming credentialed technicians.

Interns and Residents 15


CARE AT THE HEART OF OUR COMMUNITIES We are community-based hospitals that will always be there to support and serve families and pets in hundreds of towns and cities across the country. These communities are not just dots on a map, but where we live, work and play alongside our neighbors and friends. And, like our neighbors, we care deeply about the well-being of the places we’re privileged to call home. Our community-based professionals have worked hard to gain lifesaving skills, and they generously share their knowledge beyond the walls of our hospitals.

Allie Cat Fate brought a cold, lost kitten to her forever home during a VCA Canada Pet Food Pantry at St. Matthew’s House. A few hours into the event, a client found an abandoned kitten in a nearby alley and rushed her to VCA team members. Regional Operations Director Dr. Lucas Yurieck examined the kitten and kept her warm inside his sweater while team members gathered a blanket and carrying crate. “Allie,” as she was aptly named, was given a wellness exam at VCA Canada Kingsway Animal Hospital. Once happy and healthy, she was ready to settle into family life and adopted by the woman who had found her and whose heart she had captured. VCA provided the first round of vaccines and exams to Allie’s family at no charge, and ten bags of food to get her young life off on the right paw.


Sharing the Warmth at St. Felix Inner-city street life can be tough and even dangerous. That’s why VCA Canada and the St. Felix Centre, a 24-hour respite care facility in Toronto, hosted a free Rabies Clinic and Pet Food Pantry to bring warmth and vital health care to pets and those who love them. Pets received life-saving vaccines, and their people received warm clothing and food for themselves and their four-legged companions. Army Sergeant Sends VCA Airport Irvine a Gift of Gratitude Company First Sergeant Melodie Hunt sent an American flag and certificate directly to VCA Airport Irvine CA in thanks and recognition of the 20 care packages our staff sent to the troops. The certificate notes that the flag was flown aboard an Apache helicopter in Afghanistan.


Lost Dog’s VCA Bandanna Helps Bring Him Home After a police officer dashed into rush hour traffic and rescued a lost dog, the only identifying characteristic he could find was the animal’s VCA bandanna. Following this clue, the officer delivered the dog to nearby VCA East Colonial in Orlando, where the staff instantly recognized the dog, named Teddy, who had boarded there. Thanks to the efforts of caring people– and his VCA bandanna –Teddy was reunited with his family. Feeding Pets in Hamilton With generous support from partners Purina, Boehringer Ingelheim and Vetoquinol, VCA Canada’s Pet Food Pantry in Hamiton was a great success, with donations of 9,000 meals for needy pets in just two hours!

Cheyenne Finally Arrives in New Zealand! Reggie Boyd, a New Zealander who worked in America for 20 years, lost his arm in an industrial accident and was obliged to return home to afford proper treatment, leaving behind the love of his life, his dog Cheyenne, because he couldn’t afford the expense and complication of bringing her with him. Nine months later, with the help of VCA Lakeside through donated and discounted services, friends of Reggie were able to reunite the best friends in New Zealand. Rescue Story Just in Time for Veteran’s Day A client of VCA Stirling Square in Florida stopped traffic to rescue a runaway dog, bringing her to the clinic where her microchip allowed her to be reunited with her owner– a military veteran who had adopted Bella from a shelter as his service dog – in time for Veterans Day weekend.

Terrapin Health Check at VCA South Arundel

Resourcefulness in Surrey

10,000 + Pet Meals Served

VCA Canada Vancouver Animal Wellness

VCA Canada delivered support, essentials,

Local students, under the auspices of the Maryland Department of the Environment, brought their classroom-raised terrapins (small freshwater turtles) to VCA South Arundel for an exam to see if they were healthy enough to be released in the wild. The terrrapins were also microchipped so the environmentalists can identify them if they are subsequently found.

Hospital made a donation of over 357 pounds of pet food to the Surrey Animal Resource Centre – that’s a lot of food for pets in need. Way to go Vancouver Animal Wellness!

advice and hundreds of care packages to pet owners living in shelters, on the street or in compromised living conditions.

Painting It Forward in Calgary The teams at VCA Canada 17th Avenue and VCA Canada MacEwan Animal Hospitals hosted Paint Night fundraisers in support of Paw It Forward. Pet lovers were invited to create one-of-a-kind paintings– and raised over $1,200 ! What a fun, creative way to support a great cause.

Cats-Only Cattitude The team from VCA Canada Cats Only Animal Hospital attended Meowfest in Vancouver, BC – an extravaganza dedicated to all things cat. The team shared wellness and preventive care tips with cat lovers and, as the only animal hospital in attendance, did their part for our feline friends. Jumble Into Treasure Team members from VCA Canada Pretoria Animal Hospital joined forces at the annual Great Glebe Garage Sale in Ottawa, Ontario, raising $ 842 in aid of Community Vet Outreach, a local charity that supports people and their pets.

VCA East Mill Plain and Pongo Fund

for the Homeless Thanks to Dr. Alayson Phelps, medical director at VCA East Mill Plain, and the Pongo Fund, the dog of a homeless pet owner named Jack was well cared for while the man was hospitalized due to illness. Jack was able to follow Oliver’s veterinary exams and treatment by video from his hospital bed, and when he was released Jack received complimentary medicines, food and treats for Oliver– who had also been treated to a bubble bath, massage and pedicure!



WHEN DISASTER STRIKES WE ARE THERE FOR PETS AND PEOPLE Disasters leave no one unaffected, including beloved pets that face the same risks of trauma, injury and separation from their families that humans do. In the face of storms, fire, flood and other emergencies, VCA is always ready to use its resources to bring immediate relief to pets and families in dire need. We work with emergency response crews to help evacuate animals, open our clinics and boarding facilities and provide no-charge health exams and vaccinations in order to keep pets protected and close to families facing the loss of their homes, jobs and communities. We also know the power of pets to help people through times of crisis and work to maintain those bonds during any emergency. Whenever possible, we provide boarding facilities near disaster refuge sites, allowing families to stay close to their pets despite stressful circumstances.

$750,000 in U.S. Disaster Support Funding in 2018

“ Every disaster is different, and with each, we learn new ways to bring help and healing to pets and their people.� Diana Duncan, CVPM, Senior Regional Vice-President 21

The power to help and heal in times of crisis

California Fires (Camp Fire, Woolsey Fire) Consistent with our dedication to the communities we serve, many VCA Hospitals were a place of respite and relief for pets and their families.

6,250 pets housed or cared for, free of charge $270,000 in medical care and boarding $450,000 in CA fire disaster support funding 75 VCA Hospitals provided relief and care to displaced pets

One of many happy endings Thanks to a social media campaign launched by VCA veterinary associates, this dog and many more pets like her were reunited with their owners after the devastating Camp Fire in northern California. Using the hashtag #campfirevca, VCA teams in northern California posted pet photos and descriptions on Instagram and Facebook to help reconnect owners with their lost animals after the devastating wildfire. Luna, a German shepherd, was just one of many animals reunited with their owners thanks to the efforts of the campaign. –– “These raging fires have impacted countless families, many with pets who need to find shelter,” said Art Antin, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of VCA Animal Hospitals. “VCA Hospitals in the area of the fires are extending free boarding for pets, so evacuated families can focus on their most pressing priorities.”



When Disaster Strikes, VCA Responds When Hurricane Florence began approaching the Carolinas last September, select VCA Animal Hospitals in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. put the “pro” in proactive care by offering free boarding to dogs, cats and other species for families facing evacuation from the hurricane’s destructive path. Boarded pets that were not up to date on their vaccinations were vaccinated free of charge, plus VCA Hospitals offered complimentary health assessment exams for all pets evacuated or displaced by the hurricane. “Our hospitals in the surrounding states extended free boarding for pets so families could concentrate on protecting themselves, knowing their pets were being cared for in a safe place,” explains Art Antin, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of VCA Animal Hospitals. “Responding with compassionate care when it’s needed most, and upholding the bond of pets and their people in times of trouble, is not only gratifying but the ethos of what we do.”



At VCA Charities, we believe in the healing power of the relationship between people and pets —a connection that transcends species and requires no language other than the willingness to love and be loved.

OUR MISSION is to inspire and nurture pets and their people to triumph over challenges and thrive together.

OUR VISION is to create a world where every pet is safe, nurtured and loved. 27

PET FOOD PANTRY The VCA Charities Pet Food Pantry program helps families keep their pets healthy by providing nutritious meals to their cats and dogs. We thank our partner Hill’s Pet Nutrition for supporting the program by providing nutritional advice and food.

2,000,000 meals served since 2010

300,000 meals every year

40,000 lb of food annually

32 locations 21 states 28

Anchorage, AK

Apache Junction, AZ

Fishers, IN

Oneida, NY

Sacramento, CA

Tempe, AZ

Nashville, TN

Harlem, NY

Venice, CA

Denver, CO

Charlotte, NC

Manhattan, NY

San Diego, CA

Albuquerque, NM

Atlanta, GA

Staten Island, NY

Portland, OR

San Antonio, TX

Reading, PA

Long Island, NY

Seattle, WA

Woodlands, TX

Columbia, MD

Cheshire, CT

Spokane, WA

Kansas City, MO

Washington D.C.

Great Barrington, MA

Cave Creek, AZ

Aurora, IL

Clifton, NJ

Plymouth, MA

PENNIES FOR PETS VCA Local Hospitals Raise $60,000 for Puppy Rescue Mission

The Puppy Rescue Mission works to reunite soldiers with the dogs that brought them comfort and companionship during overseas war zone deployments. In 2018, VCA local hospitals in the Southwest raised nearly $60,000 during their annual Pennies for Pets campaign to help soldiers bring their rescued pets home. “I am fortunate to work for a company that not only appreciates but actively encourages and expects community involvement and meaningful charitable work,” says VCA Advanced Care hospital manager and event organizer Carrie Gaertig. “I’m even more fortunate to be surrounded by people who embrace that and run with it ! ” 2018 Q2 Pennies for Pets Campaign Raises Over $565,000

From April to June 2018, 700 participating VCA Animal Hospitals collected donations by encouraging clients to round up their transaction amounts to the nearest dollar or donate online. Funds raised benefited local animal welfare charities, who do important work on behalf of pets in need. Donors wrote messages of support on paw prints and could follow the fundraising progress at each local participating VCA Animal Hospital. Hospital managers shared that their clients were excited and eager to support the Pennies for Pets campaign.

$1 Million +

Raised & Donated Support to

100+ Animal Non-Profits

Q2 Challenge

$565,000 +

Raised & Donated How easy is it to round up your bill to the next dollar ? The Pennies for Pets program has raised over $1 million to help non-profit organizations in the local communities where the funds are collected. The program provides an easy way for everyone to do a little something and make a big impact right at home.


CAMP BOW WOW With 160 locations nationwide, VCA’s Camp Bow Wow offers boarding and pet care services designed to improve the lives of pets and their owners. To give back to the communities, Camp Bow Wow, through its Buddies FoundationŽ, raises funds for emergency medical care, to rescue pets and to support responsible pet ownership.

44 dogs adopted

934 dogs $40,000

provided foster stays

donated to local shelters



2.5 million

Facebook impressions


5 live events

across the country to raise funds

183 dogs saved in 2018

Lending a Helping Paw Camp Bow Wow provides urgent medical care funds to both homeless canines and those whose parents cannot afford their veterinary bills.

$181,000 granted in over 40 states and in Canada

Countless dogs are denied urgent, necessary medical care every year due to the high cost of veterinary treatment. The Bow Wow

Buddies Foundation is a lifeline for many struggling pet parents who are facing an impossible choice. By easing the financial burdens of treating a sick or injured dog, the Bow Wow Buddies Foundation helps to prevent the heartbreaking loss of furry family members in need of medical attention.



ANTECH IMAGING SERVICES Antech Diagnostics, through its Antech Imaging Services, a leader in veterinary telemedicine solutions, extends services in support of the profession, communities and animals in need, and sponsors educational events (CE) for veterinarians and veterinary radiologists around the world. We provide imaging reading at no charge for clinics in disaster areas and subsidize imaging services provided for working dogs (guide, search, K9, etc.) and non-profit organizations.

Our highly qualified professionals conduct virtual rounds in clinics and universities, providing access to high-level mentorship at no charge. We currently fund 12 radiology residents in the U.S., Italy, Scotland, Belgium and Denmark and are working with four universities to place shared faculty members.

Antech pathologists volunteer their time for the graduating class • Two-week interactive workshops for marine species clinical care and conservation medicine • One-week externships for eight anatomic and clinical pathology residents annually • Two-week training program for every veterinary student at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA • Two weeks of on-site training required before board examination for veterinary surgical and oncology residents • One-on-one month-long training sessions for each resident at Guelph College of Veterinary Medicine • Additional training to all radiology residents offered in Fountain Valley, CA



SOUND Sound Helps to Restore the Northern White Rhino sub species

With only two northern white rhinos still in existence, Sound, VCA’s global leader in veterinary diagnostic imaging, is honored to support the San Diego Zoo’s initiative to help successfully inseminate and impregnate Victoria, one of six southern white rhinos in training for the surrogacy program. Sound donated an ultrasound system and related training in the practice of follicular monitoring and artificial insemination (A.I.). The program is proving successful, and Sound staff now feel like parents themselves on hearing the news that a southern white rhino is pregnant. The program goal is to perfect the A.I. process and identify the best surrogate candidates so that someday a northern white rhino embryo will come to term in the first step to save this sub species.

Sound Partners with Helping Paws Sound has partnered with the Helping Paws Foundation to help military families stay united with their pets, despite facing unfortunate circumstances. In 2018, Sound employees, through a company fund matching program, generously donated $5,000 to Helping Paws. This donation was used to support pets like Maggie, Justus and Jewel. Executive Director of Helping Paws, Hannah Mullins recognizes Sound as “A company with a lot of heart. Their unwavering commitment to the community is truly admirable. Helping Paws is proud to have their President, Tom Jacobi, serve on our Board of Directors. Tom selflessly donates his time, money and expertise to ensure we continue Helping Vets by Saving Pets!”


THANKS TO OUR ASSOCIATES All the initiatives, programs, events and outreach described in these pages would be impossible without the dedication and volunteer activities of our valued associates. We also greatly appreciate the support of our clients, who put a lot of effort into helping us achieve our goals of assisting needy pets and the families who love them. And finally we gratefully acknowledge our corporate partners, who generously donate food and material support to so many of our programs. Together we are all pet lovers!


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