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January 19th & 20th 2013

Featuring Selected Quality Consignments

Friday January 18th Preview 10:00 AM-5:00 PM

Saturday January 19th

Sunday January 20th Preview 8:00 AM-9:00 AM Auction 9:00 AM (Lots 601-1150)

Preview 8:00 AM-9:00 AM Auction 9:00 AM (Lots 1-600)

Host Hotel

Live Internet Bidding

(Across the street from Victorian Casino Antiques)

The Orleans Hotel and Casino 4500 West Tropicana Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89103 (800)675-3267 Code: A3VIC01

Telephone/Absentee Bidding Contact us @ (702) 382-2466

Guest Auctioneer

Steve White For additional information visit

WWW.VCAAUCTION.COM Victorian Casino Antiques 4520 Arville Street #1 Las Vegas, NV 89103 Phone (702) 382-2466 fax (702) 382-6513


TERMS OF SALE 1. All property is sold AS IS and neither we nor the within the private home or residence of the

consignor make any guarantees. warranties. or representation expressed. or implied. in regard to the property or the correctness of the brochure or other description of the authenticity of authorship. physical condition. size. quality. rarity. importance. provenance. exhibition. literature or historic relevance of the property or otherwise. No statement anywhere. whether oral or written. shall be deemed such a guarantee. warranty or representation. Prospective bidders should inspect the property before bidding to determine its condition. size and whether or not it has been restored. The consigner and we make no representation or warranty as to whether the purchaser acquires any reproduction rights in the property. Returns will not be accepted under any circumstances.

buyer. and such devices shall not. in any event or manner. be exposed to the public for the purpose of gambling. 7. All bids to be per lot number at the sale site unless otherwise mentioned by auctioneer. 8. Bidders are required to register and give full and are required to use the bidder number supplied to them when identifying themselves as the successful bidder. 9. Online bidders must provide a valid credit card at registration. Unless other payment arrangements are made. Purchases will automatically be posted to that card within 72 hours from auction close.

2. The highest bidder will be declared the buyer. In all cases of a disputed bid. the lot shall be 10. Full payment of each purchaser’s account resold. but the auctioneer will use his judgment must be received at the end of auction sale or as to the good faith of all claims. His decision check unless other arrangements have been made with the auction company prior to the 3. Ownership title passes upon the fall of the days of the auction sale. Payment in U.S. funds. auctioneer’s gavel. Thereafter. the property is Visa and Master Card accepted. at the sole risk of the buyer. Neither the seller nor the auctioneers shall be responsible for the 11. All successful absentee, phone or internet/ loss or any damage to any article due to theft. web bidders are subject to a 20% buyers premium. Successful live bidders at the auction however occasioned. If an article sold cannot site are subject to a 18% buyers premium with be delivered by reason of theft. breakage. or a 3% discount for cash or approved check. Split other damage prior to checkout. the sale shall payments are subject to a 18% buyers premium be deemed canceled without any liability on if a credit card is used for any portion of the the part of the auction company. total payment. 4. All items are sold for display purpose. If electrical. mechanical. or other working parts are inoperable. even if working at the time of sale. we are never liable due to the inherent tempermental nature of many of these old mechanisms and artifacts. 5. All gaming devices and machines will be sold on a cash and carry basis. No after-purchase inspection will be required by the Nevada State Agencies. however. a gaming device may be held for up to 5 business days so the State Agencies can verify the purchaser’s information. All auction participants are urged to check the legality of possession and/or shipment of gaming devices to their state of residence. Federal law prohibits the interstate transportation or possession of gaming devices. Forty-three states have passed a legal possession law on gaming devices. 6. Any gaming device purchased at the Victorian Casino Antiques auction shall be used for the purposes of display or social entertainment 2

12. If any check given in payment is not honored for any reason (including but not limited to N.S.F. stop payment order. or the like) I agree whether the check is signed by me as the maker or endorser. That if such check is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection. to pay reasonable attorney’s fees with all costs of suit in event suit is instituted. The Purchaser also agrees that a fee of 2% per month be added to the balance of any unpaid balance due the auction company and any other costs or losses incurred by the purchasers failure to adhere to these terms. Any debt collection or dispute proceedings will be heard in Clark County Nevada. 13. All lots sold are subject to Nevada State sales tax of 8.10% of the purchase price and the purchasers must pay the sales tax unless they can provide the auction company with a

TERMS OF SALE 14. All merchandise purchased must be packed. transported and/or removed by the purchaser at his/her own risk. immediately after the close of the sale. If any employee or agent of Victorian Casino Antiques shall pack or transport the merchandise. it is fully at the risk and responsibility and expense of the purchaser. and Victorian Casino Antiques shall not be held liable for any loss or damage that may be caused by the said agent or employee. All items not removed after the close of the sale may be moved or stored by Victorian Casino Antiques. Fees. rates. insurance will be charged accordingly to the purchaser. Successful absentee. phone or internet/web winners must make delivery arrangements with VCA immediately after the


15. Absentee. telephone and internet/web bids will be executed in competition with bids from 16. Victorian Casino Antiques assumes no responsibility for the execution of absentee. internet or telephone bids. 17. No transfer will be recognized from one buyer to another. Absolutely no children please, at the live auction. 18. This is a privately owned and operated sale. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person. or eject from the auction site anyone selling or attempting to sell his or her own merchandise. We further reserve the right to withhold the sale of any or all of the items from the auction.

20. An additional word about condition reports. At Victorian Casino Antiques we offer a large selection of coin operated and mechanical devices to our customers. We are quite often asked to evaluate the condition of these devices. In doing so, one must remember that the majority of these devices were used and operated by their original owners in commercial endeavors. Being mechanical devices, parts do wear out or get broken and have been replaced to keep the devices operating. Our staff is not expert, nor has the knowledge to analyze every device and know which parts may or may not have been repaired or replaced. We try to ascertain the working condition of each device and whether it has gone through a total restoration. Otherwise we will say a device is in original working condition or not. We do not represent or warrant any answers to the condition questions as absolutely accurate since there is such a degree of opinion and subjectivity in these answers or statements. Any condition statement is given as a courtesy to a client, is only an opinion and should not be treated as a statement of fact. Victorian Casino Antiques shall have no responsibility for any error or omission. The absence of a condition statement does not imply that the item is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. Obviously it is best if a prospective bidder inspects a device themself or has someone inspect for them. If this can’t be done, we will do our best under the circumstances set forth above.

19. Bidding on merchandise automatically constitutes agreement with these provisions. Any participation in the auction binds you to agreement of these terms whether or not you read or understand said terms.









Lot-8 Lot-10


1. Coin-Op Daval MFG. Co. “Gum Vendor” Fruit 3-Reel Trade Stimulator, c1932, this model has the base w/ key

6. 1 Cent Daval MFG. Co. Marvel Cigarette 3-Reel Trade Stimulator w/ Gumball Vendor, c1940

2. Coin-Op “Bell Slide” 5-Reel Gumball Vendor Countertop Trade Stimulator By Daval MFG. Co. c1938, One of few examples surviving, w/ key

7. Gambler’s Gold Elgin Pocket Watch w/ playing cards as numbers on clock face, “Silver Slipper”, By Elgin National Watch Co. No. 8557176

3. Coca Cola “Refresh Yourself !” Double-Sided Porcelain Flange Sign, “Sold Here Ice Cold” AM 3-35 - 17” x 20”

8. Lot Of Misc. Political Items In Riker Mount

4. Coin-Op “21 Vender” 5-Reel Countertop Gumball Vendor Trade Stimulator w/ “21 Vender” top sign, By Groetchen Tool & MFG. Co., c1930 - 4 w/ key

9. 1 Cent Wood Baseball Card Exhibit Vending Machine by Exhibit Supply Company, “Baseball Collect the Whole Set” w/ Exhibit Card 1980 Hall of Fame pictures of Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, and Gil Hodges on top sign w/ keys

5. 1 Cent Hol-E-Smokes 3-Reel Cigarette Trade Stimu- 10. Early Dayton Countertop Cheese Slicer w/ Wood lator w/ Gumball Vendor By Pace Manufacturing Co., Cutting Board, The Computing Scale Co. Dayton, Ohio c1933 w/ key No. 29931, Pat. 1903, Restored w/ pinstriping detail 4

January 19th 2013

11. Vintage Alka-Seltzer Countertop Dispenser, “Be Wise Alkalize - Get Well and Keep Well” w/ metal sign 12. The Ace Trade Stimulator and Gumball Vendor By Automatic Games Co., c1937 w/ key 13. Lucky Spots Gambler’s Ceramic Mustache Cup w/ Handle, featuring hand w/ playing card and dice, Americana 44-111 14. Lot Of 3 Fancy Embossed Silver Victorian Match Safes, c1890s: 2 - Sterling silver & 1 - German silver Lot-12

15. Fancy Embossed Unger Brothers Sterling Silver Victorian Match Safe, c1900 16. Fancy Glass 3 Stackable Section Candy Jar w/ Lid 17. Early Cast-Iron Strong Box, restored in “Wells Fargo & Company” motif, nice bold colors


18. D.M. Ferry & Co. Celebrated Seeds Embossed Tin Sign featuring vegetable pictures, “Premium Cabbage - Purple Top Strap Leaved Turnip - Improved Yellow Swede or Rutabaga - Sold Here” - 11” x 15”



19. The Harvester Countertop Glass Wind-Up Cigar Cutter On Wood Base, featuring horses, “Milwaukee, Wis. - Fay Lewis & Bros. Co. - Rockford, Ill, The Brunhoff MFG. Co. Cincinnati, Ohio 20. Lot Of 4 - 1954 Complete Nude Pin-Up Girlie Calendars: “Radiant Beauty, Moonlight Magic, Perfection, Fair Lady” each 9” x 13”







January 19th 2013


21. “UNION SHOP!” Celluloid Sign No. 208713 w/ cardboard back - 9” x 8” 22. Lot Of 2 Early Items: 1 - Native American Tomahawk Axe (reproduction) & 1 - bull horn canteen w/ leather shoulder strap 23. Mini Cast-Iron Toy Cannon - 16” barrel 24. McAvoy’s Malt-Marrow Round Tin Advertisement Serving Tray, featuring little boy and dog, “Beats ‘Em All - ‘Not’ Made in Germany”, Chas. W. Shonk Co. Litho. No B-44 - 12” diameter 25. Lot Of 6 Assorted Punchboards: 1 - 25 cent Jim Dandy, 1 - 25 cent Quarter Century, 1 - 10 cent Dime Card Game, 1 - 10 cent Capitol Barrel, 1 - 5 cent yellow & 1 - 25 cent Hit and Win


26. Early Wooden Gilbert Gingerbread Clock w/ Gold Bird Detail & Pendulum 27. Lot Of 2 Cardboard Lighter Store Displays w/ Product: 1 - Supreme Pin-Up Lighters Windproof Countertop Easel-back Advertisement Display w/ 12 Zippo-style lighters featuring nude pin-up girls - 15” x 10” & 1 - Reliance Lighters Countertop Easel-Back Advertisement Display w/


28. Lot Of 3 Early Plastic Figural Table Top Items: 1 - “Aunt Jamima” syrup decanter, 2 - salt & pepper shakers (Aunt Jamima & Man) 29. Vintage “The Great Price Maker” Catalog No. 117 By Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, includes 1184 pages of items, pictures, descriptions, and prices 30. Vintage Murray Red Kiddie Pedal Car






Lot-30 Lot-26



January 19th 2013

31. Budweiser Colorful “Cold Kegs” Neon Sign, red and 37. Labatt’s Pilsener Rubber Figural Advertisement white neon, Diamond shape w/ eagle logo and “Since Countertop Display, “Canada’s Most Honoured Brew” 1876” - 30” x 20” by Labatt Importers Inc., Buffalo, N.Y. 561-32 - 10”h 32. “Long John” Monogram Dragster Model w/ Display Box, Long John Streamlined Dragster Display Kit PC59, Monogram Four Star Plastikit w/ cardboard display sign - 9” long 33. 1 Cent Daval MFG. Co “Centasmoke” 3-Reel Trade Stimulator w/ Gumball Vendor and Jackpot, Win cigars, c1934, w/ keys

38. Lot Of 3 Vintage Seal of North Carolina Plug Out Advertisement Prints in Mats: 1 - Woman w/ apron - 10” x 16”, 1 - Back of woman - 10” x 16” & 1 - Woman w/ gold dress - 10” x 16”, Lith. by A. Hoen & Co., Balto., Hamburg Press 39. U.S. M8A1 V.P. Co. Knife w/ Scabbard

40. Lot Of 4 Circus Poster Prints In Matching Frames: 1 34. 1 Cent Norris MFG. Co “The Master” Countertop - The Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth French Gumball Vending Machine w/ green porcelain base, “B Print, “Pour Le Enfants...L’Institut De Divertissement”, 17860”, c1923, w/ keys 1 - The Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth Grand Ethnological Congress, “A Partial Display of the New 35. Vintage Stromberg Carlson “I Love Lucy” Black Enormous Menagerie & Characteristic Groupings of Rotary Telephone w/ Cord, “Wait For Dial Tone”, Re- Strange & Savage People” copyright 1894 Strobridge stored, Excellent condition, c1940s Lith. Co., 1 - Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows, “A New Jungle Circus - A Complete Big 36. Lot Of Billiard/Pool Balls: 1 - Set of 16 cast-resin bil- Trained Animal Show Gratuitously Added” featuring liliard balls w/ letters and playing card suits & 1 - Set of 3 ons & 1 - The Barnum & Bailey Greatest Show on Earth Carom billiards balls [2 white (Ivory), 1 red] The Rival Riders, “Wm. Showles - Wm. DeMott - The World’s Most Famous Equestrians in Daily Contest for Supremacy” - 17” x 14” each

Lot-36 Lot-35





Lot-33 Lot-32


January 19th 2013



41. 5 Cent Wood Gum Vending Machine By Panco Vending Co. Schoenersville, PA, “PHONE Beth. 6-8961” and “Acorn All Purpose Vendor 5 cents”, Glass display window w/ circular mirror at top, Glass porthole display windows on each side 42. Lot Of 5 Thomas Gustwiller “For Amusement Only” First Edition Hardcover Books 43. Vintage Hamilton Beach Chrome Electric Countertop Milkshake Mixer on White Porcelain Base, No. 3N237816A by Hamilton Beach MFG. Co. Builders, Racine, Wis., rare - approx. 17”h rish “Daybreak” The House of Art, N.Y., c1922 - 33” x 21” & 1 - early R. Atkinson Fox “Love’s Paradise”, c1925, Borin, Chicago - 32” x 21”




45. Lot Of 3 Misc. Uniform Hats: 1 - State Of Kansas Police CHIEF, 1 - Santa Fe CONDUCTOR & 1 - no label Cookie Jar, Hand-painted ceramic pink Cadillac w/ Elvis playing guitar in original box and packaging, Sculpted By Preston Willingham for Vander SLC, UT w/ tag and


47. 1 Cent Red Australian Countertop Gumball Vending Machine, 1 of 2 known, w/ lock & key 48. “If You’re So Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich?” Goofy Particle board Wall Mount Sign, copyright W.D.P. (Walt Disney Productions) - 12”w x 6”h 49. Drink Nichol Kola 5 Cents Tin Sign, “Vitamin B1 Added - America’s Taste Sensation” - 20”w x 28”h 50. Large “Rio Rita” 1929 Radio Pictures Movie Poster Print in Frame featuring dancing ladies, starring Bebe Daniels and John Boles, “Florenz Ziegfelds stora Filmoperett - Ensamratt: A.-B. Biografernos Filmdepot, Sthlm48” x 36”

Lot-49 Lot-44





January 19 2013 th


51. Early Wood And Metal Store Stock Grabber - 52” long


52. Blondie’s Comic Construction Set Vintage Game In Original Box, “With Dagwood, Baby Dumpling and Daisy”, King Features Syndicate, Inc. copyright 1930-34 53. Budweiser On Tap Neon Bowtie Sign by AnheuserBusch St. Louis, MO & Everbrite Electric Signs - GHN Neon Co., Inc., No. 051-136 in box - 30” x 19” 54. Topps Own The Game Major League Baseball Cards Die-Cut Cardboard Display, featuring pictures of various MLB players, c1999, 3 sign pieces join together to make triangular display - 28” x 18” each


55. The Sands Casino Las Vegas 14 Karat Gold-Plated Zippo-Style Cigar Lighter, Florentine, Made in U.S.A. 56. Lot Of 4 Early Personalized Barber Shop Shaving Mugs 57. Antique One Pack Aluminum Playing Cards, St. Louis Worlds Fair 1904, by Aluminum Manufacturing Co. Two Rivers, WIS., USA. in excellent condition w/ original cardboard box 58. Early Wood and Glass Store Countertop Display Case By Ft. Scott Planing Mill, Ft. Scott, Kansas w/ 9 Glass Compartments - 13” x 5” x 9”


59. Lot Of Various Assorted Vintage Toys: Including 60. 100 Vintage Collectors Spoons in Wood Display Box, Glass-top 8-compartment display box (12” x 10” x 2”) featuring assorted spoons from Las Vegas, London, Virgin Islands, Germany, etc. Lot-55 Lot-54 Lot-56



Lot-60 Lot-59

January 19th 2013


61. Tiffany Style Electric Floor Lamp w/ Green Stained Glass Shade and stylized 5-leg metal “leaf ” base - 58”h

66. Roulette Gambling Table Layout By B.C. Willis & Co., Reno, Nevada, Numbered 0-28 w/ odd/even layout

62. Lot Of 2 One Cent Gumball Vending Machines w/ plastic display windows and metal bases: 1 - “Acorn All Purpose Vendor”, dark green - 17”h & 1 - 1 cent”, red 15”h

67. Lot Of 5 Advertising Dolls/Stuffed Animals: 2 - Small & Large Levi’s Denim Girl Dolls By Knickerbocker Toy Co., 1 - Tuxedo Penguin by Grand Slam w/ tag, 1 - Sky Jr Come Fly with Me” Aviator Teddy Bear by Russ Berrie & Co. & 1 - Lee Jeans Teddy Bear w/ Overalls

63. Early Angldile Style 258 Open-Face Tabletop Scale w/ Glass Tray and Top Mirror, restored in silver w/ pinstriping detail

68. Lot Of 8 Beaded Purses and Coin Purses, some w/ straps

64. “Radio 1310 K-BUC” Embossed Self-Framed Tin Sign, San Antonio, 5,000 Watts - 35” x 24”

69. Vintage Resin Mold Figural “NIPPER” RCA Dog Statue w/ original sticker on bottom - 18”h

65. Miss Teenage America Lithograph Print Advertisement Sign, “You Can Be Miss Teenage America - Enter Now!” sponsored by Dr. Pepper, featuring photo and trophy of Jeanine Zavrel, Miss Teenage America, By Dr. Pepper Company, Dallas, Texas, c1964 - 25” x 15”

70. Lot Of 2 Risque Punchboards: 1 - Money Payoff punchboard featuring pin-up in lingerie & 1 - Twelve Prize McCoy punchboard w/ naughty key rings Lot-


Lot-62 Lot-61



Lot-69 Lot-65 Lot-69




January 19th 2013

71. Drink Orange Crush Vintage Countertop Juice-O-Mat Juicer, Rival MFG. Co. Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A., c1905, “Fresh Fruit Flavor”, Restored 72. Cross Sterilized Tacks Tin Store Countertop Display Rack on swivel base, Made by W.W. Cross & Co., Inc. East Jaffrey, N.H. U.S.A., Tin top sign displays tack sizes “Why invite infections” - 19”h 73. Lot Of 2 Cast-Iron Figural Dog Nutcrackers: 1 - Black Painted 4.5”h & 1 - Stamped “The LA Althoff MFG Co Inc” Chicago ILL on base - 6”h 74. Lowenbrau Munchen Beer Figural Lion Advertisment Display, featuring lion w/ beer mug - 24”h


75. Maytag Light Up Curved Box Sign, c1948, by Harnisfager MFG. Co. Lima, Ohio - 27” x 10” x 4” 76. Mini Wood & Twisted Cast-Iron Ice Cream Parlor Table & 2 - Chairs - 14”d x 15”h (table) Lot-78

77. Painted Cast-Iron Garden/Lawn Gnome, circa late 1800s/ early1900s - 10”x 21”h


78. Green Marble Jewelry Box w/ Brass Claw Feet, Velvet lined interior 79. Coin-Op Early Wood & Glass Countertop Fairest Wheel by Decatur Fairest Wheel Works, Decatur, Ill., dated 1895 15” diameter, 20”h 80. Early Red Wood & Steel P. Ballantine & Sons Newark, NJ Beer Barrel Keg, Ballantine beer was founded in 1840 and adopted the P. Ballantine & Sons name in 1857, Keg is believed to be from the early 20th century - 24”h


Lot-74 Lot-73 Lot-77


Lot-76 Lot-80

January 19th 2013


81. Lot Of Misc. Lone Ranger Items: 1 - The Lone Ranger Record Player in wood case w/ clasp w/ “He Becomes the Lone Ranger” record, 2 - Lone Ranger records in sleeves, “He Finds Silver” and “He Helps the Colonel’s Son” & 1 - “The Lone Ranger Outwits Crazy Cougar” Mini-Book by George S. Elrick 82. Lot Of Misc. Howdy Doody Items: 1 - Howdy Doody Watch in Case, 1 - Howdy Doody No. 180 Collapsible Doll Toy, A Kohner Product, 1 - Howdy Doody Plate, 1 - Howdy Doody Ready-To-Make Toy Kit, 1 - Rubber Howdy Doody Figure, 1 - Kunkel’s Howdy Doody Show ures, mouths move, 1 - Russell MFG. Co. Pack of Miniature Howdy Doody Playing Cards, 1 - Wooden Howdy Doody Doll on Metal Stand, 5 - Howdy Doody Welch’s Grape Juice Children’s Drinking Glasses, c1953 & 1 Howdy Doody Glass Cover for Ceiling Light Fixture 83. Lot Of Misc. Hop-A-Long Cassidy Items: 2 - Leather Child’s Holster Belt Sets w/ 3 Cap Guns, c1950s, 1 - HopA-Long Cassidy Leather Watch, 1 - Pair of Binoculars w/ strap, 1 - Small Mug w/ Hop-A-Long Cassidy pictures, 1 - Pair of Child’s Cloth Chaps, 1 - Tin Toy Gun “HopBedspreads/Blankets (one ripped) 84. Beaulieu Vineyard Coastal Estates Wine Pond Sailboat Display on wood base - 35” x 44”h 85. Lot Of 4 Light-Up Beer Signs/Displays: 1 - Bud Light “The Budweiser Light Clydesdale” clear countertop plastic display w/ silver plastic horse inside - 9” x 10”, 1 Budweiser King of Beers “World Champion Clydesdale Team” plastic countertop display w/ Clydesdale team inside - 8” x 6”, 1 - Miller High Life countertop plastic light up clock - 15” x 5” & 1 - Michelob Classic Dark plastic crystal wall mount lamp - 15”h

86. Large Framed Hop-A-Long Cassidy Linoleum, “California - Lucky - Topper” - 110” x 39” 87. American Radiator Company Advertising Poster in Original Cardboard Mail Tube, “Content to let the north wind roar at pane and door - Ideal arcolas for small homes” picture depicts mother, 2 children, and cat playing at home in front of radiator - 30” x 20” 88. Contemporary “Snap-On” Tools Pin-Up Girlie Christmas Theme Wall Clock, c1980s, new in box - 11” x 23” 89. Coin-Op “Hit The Deck” Tabletop Pre-Flipper Pinball-Style Game, “A Game of Skill” card game theme, “Joker Is Wild” in wood case, c1930s 90. Lot Of 6 Baseball Gloves: 1 - Rawlings One Glove Soft DW15, strap reads “US 11-45”, 1 - Horsehide Catcher’s Mitt Glove, appears to be very old, 1 - Hutch Warren Spahn Baseball Glove, Cincinnati, Ohio, “It’s Hutch Built”, Full Hand Molded Pad, Inner Processed No. 625 w/ brass Wilson button, “It’s a Wilson”, Streamlined, Kurv-Form Finger Model, 1 - Rawlings Hank Bauer Trap-Eze Model TG-36 Baseball Glove, “Deep Well Pocket, Hinged Pad” & 1 - Wilson A2115 Ted Williams 4 Finger Fieldmasters Ball Hawk Baseball Glove, “GripTite Pocket, Two Middle Fingers In This Section”, handwriting on it reads 1963 Wininger’s”


Lot-89 Lot-88


Lot-87 Lot-81 Lot-85




January 19th 2013


91. Du Pont “Centennial Of The Use Of Du Pont Explosives In An American War” Advertisement Litho Sign, featuring art of H. Pyle, signed and dated 1911, “Du Pont Powder Wagon Carrying Powder To Lake Erie For Commodore Perry” w/ photos of founder E.I. Du Pont de Namours and the oldest mill in America, built on the Brandywine, Folded tin mounts on top and bottom - 20” x 30” 92. Embossed Tin Du Pont National Perpetual Calendar & Advertisement Sign w/ tin calendar box in center featuring picture of E.I. Du Pont discussing location of cardboard backing w/ instructions printed, By E.I. Du Pont de Namours & Company, Wilmington, Delaware - 19” x 29” 93. Remington Game Loads Wetproof Die-Cut Cardboard Advertisement Sign In Frame, featuring pictures of assorted boxes of Remington loads, “Drop ‘Em in the Snow, Let ‘Em Fall in the Water, Get ‘Em Wet in the Rain, Don’t Worry, They Will Not Swell or Stick in the Gun” - 37” x 37” (In Frame)


94. Bally Manufacturing CoReliance” Dice Pay-Out Machine Advertisement in frame - 17” x 21” 95. “Celebration in the Streets of Rio” Colorful Sequined Quilt in Frame, “CM 90” - 25” x 19” 96. Lot Of 3 Gambling/Casino Related Framed Items: 1 - black & white print “The Strip - 1958” - 22” x 18”, 1 - black & white casino/gambling photograph - 29” x 20” & 1 - Rock-Ola MFG. Corp. slot machine advertisement catalog print - 29” x 23”


97. “Fort Worth STOCKYARDS” Tin Sign - 48” x 18” 98. Vintage Double-Sided Light-Up Plastic and Metal Budweiser Beer Hanging Sign, Anheuser-Busch St. Louis, Mo., H&K Appliance Co. Inc. Kokomo, Indiana - 28” x 6” 99. Vintage Wood Huffman No. 1600 Tool/Fishing/Jewelry Box w/ handle


100. Lot Of 3 Misc. Vintage Black Americana Items: 1 - Zulu-Lulu Lady Swizzle Stick store countertop display w/ product, 1 - Drink Sambo embossed tin sign - 14” x 10” & 1 - “Coon-Coon-Coon” music sheet, the most successful song hit of 1901, introduced and sung by Lew Dockstader




Lot-99 Lot-92



Lot-97 Lot-94

January 19th 2013


101. Antique Ornate Rotary Telephone On Matching Telephone Stand w/ power cord, Top part of base swivels, white and bronze detail, early picture of man and woman in center of number pad - 28”h

106. Mello Bowl Blended Briar Pipes Cardboard EaselBack Countertop Store Display w/ 12 Pipes, “Will Not Burn Out - A Dry Cool Smoke”, tear in cardboard display - 12”w x 17”h

102. Painted Cast-Iron Butler Smoking Stand w/ Ashtray and Match Holder, used to hold coins for coin-op machines - 33”h

107. Lot Of 2 Photos In Frames: 1 - Michael Jordan & Arnold Palmer playing golf - 26” x 22” & 1 - Rialto Square Theatre - 21” x 17”

103. Vintage Painted Wood Black Butler Smoking Stand w/ Ashtray, c1920s, rare, Used to hold coins for coin-op machines - 30”h

108. Large Hanging Lit Cigar Trade Sign “Wooley’s 1845” - 66” long cylinder

104. Early Wooden Ansonia 8-Day Layton Strike Gingerbread Clock by Ansonia Clock Company, Prize medal awarded, Paris Exposition 1800s, Carved wood w/ original decal on back - 23”h 105. Vintage Corona Four Typewriter In Leather Carrying Case w/ Touch Typewriting chart dated Sept. 4, 1898 and cleaning brush

109. Ethan Allen Clothier Marshall Die-Cut Painted Tin Advertisement Display Sign in Frame, featuring cut out of man in suit, “Delighted With The Clothes Sold By” 38” x 14” 110. Victorian Carved White Ladies Folding Hand Fan In Ornate Oval Frame - 23” x 18”




Lot-102 Lot-103 Lot-106






January 19 2013 th

111. Bronze Finish Figural Indian Man on Horse Sculpture Statue by Austin Prod Inc., copyright 1980 - 18”h 112. Bronze Finish Figural Statue Of Nude Man On Wood Base - 25”h 113. Face and Hand Smoking Cigar Bronze Cement Figural Countertop Statue - 18”h 114. Lot Of 2 Rare Punchboards: 1 - “Darky’s Prayer” & 1 - “Artist Models” 115. Vintage Westinghouse Electric Oscillating Desktop Fan, works - 12”d, 15”h 116. “CHIROMAGICA” Wooden Box Game by McLoughlin Bros., NY.


117. Lot Of 11 Antique Glass Lighting Rod Pieces, some blue and some white, in varying shapes 118. National Cash Register Candy Store Model No. 313 Serial No. 5177673N w/ key


119. Lot Of 4 Misc. Advertisement Prints In Frames: 1 - Newbro’s Herpicide, 1 - Carmeliter Stomach Bitters Co. & 2 - Westphal’s Auxiliator hair products - all 4 - 18” x 23” 120. Store Countertop Tri-Fold Die-Cut Cardboard Display For South Bend Quality Tackle Bait Company “Fish and Feel Fit!” 37” x 34” Lot-113







January 19th 2013



122. Lot Of 7 Vintage Misc. Glass Seltzer Bottles

127. Complete Set Of 7 B-24D Bomber Airplane Service Manuals in Original Stamped Leather Carrying 123. Vintage Blue Pressed Steel Toy Truck And Trailer, Case, by Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation, San Diego, Labeled “2nd Lt. G.W. Dickinson Crew W-26”, “L” Toys, East Moline, Illinois, c1949 c1942, includes Flight, Electricity, Power Plant, Armament, Radio, Airplane General, and Hydraulics Manu124. Lot Of 2 Countertop Cast-Iron Tobacco Plug Cut- als ters: 1 - “The Champion Knife Improved”, c1875, repaint & 1 - “Brown’s Mule”, restored 128. Henry The Fourth Clear Havana Cigar Tin Advertisement Sign w/ Cardboard Backing, Bustillo Bros. 125. 50 Cent Buffered Aspirin Tablets Wall Mount Col- & Diaz Makers Tampa, Fla., By American Art Works umn Sheet Metal Vending Machine, “Fast Effective Re- Coshocton, Ohio - 14” x 11.5” lief ”, Fast Pharmaceutical Fort Lauderdale, FL, c1991, w/ key 129. Whiz Cigar Holders Cardboard Advertisement Display w/ Product in Black Display Frame, Plastic & bake126. Orange Crush Countertop Soda Fountain Syrup lite assorted cigar holders attached, Display Assortment Dispenser w/ spigot, chrome base w/ fancy glass globe No. 26, Copyright 1958, Whiz MFG. Co., Division of made to look like an orange, metal blades inside globe for Eastern Briar Pipe Co. - 19” x 16” mixing, Burnhouse Engineering Works Refroster Ltd., Edinburgh, c1930s 130. Coin-Op Countertop Kicker And Catcher Skill Trade Stimulator by The Baker Novelty Company Chicago, Illinois, c1933 w/ wood case, “Try Your Skill Each Goal Ball Scores And Returns For Extra Kick”, AS IS

Lot-124 Lot-122



Lot-127 Lot-126

Lot-125 Lot-128


January 19th 2013


131. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings Sun Chief Nevada Club Slot 136. Hand-Crafted Wooden Riva Aquarama Static Machine, c1949, w/ keys Model Speedboat, Hardwood planks on frame construc132. 5 Cent Pace MFG Co. Operators Bell Slot Machine, Chicago, c1928, w/ key

stainless steel, Red & white upholstery, Highly-detailed Aquarama series was introduced in 1962, With stand for display - 26” long, 8.5” beam, 7”h

133. Coin-Op “Sports Card Center” Baseball Card Vending Machine, Monarch Product Sales Corp., Steiner 137. 5 Cent “Gold Rush” 3-Number Countertop Trade MFG. & Sales, Inc. w/ assorted baseball cards displayed Stimulator by Bally MFG. Co., c1937 w/ keys 138. Lot Of 2 Limited Edition Aircraft Lithograph Prints 134. Lot Of 2 Vintage Countertop Cast-Iron Oscillating In Frames: 1 - “Feldings” Navy aircraft, signed by artist Fans: 1 - GE fan, in original condition, green w/ brass blades - 16”h & 1 - Emerson fan, in original condition, thenticity - 40” x 34” & 1 - 36th Tactical Fighter Wing black w/ brass blades - 21”h Plane no. 1/36, signed by the pilots next to their aircraft - 34” x 26” 135. 5 Cent Dixie Bell 3-Reel Countertop Trade Stimulator by Dixie Manufacturing Company, Portland, Oregon, 139. Early Paper Mache Figural American Eagle Statue rare, c1934, w/ keys - 36” wingspan 140. Bronze Countertop Figural Monkey Lighter/Ashtray, “Ronson 8864”









January 19th 2013




141. Countertop Devil Head Cigar Lighter

147. Vintage “Schlitz” Beer Reverse On Glass Sign “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous” in original alumi142. Double-Sided Light-Up “Watch Repair” Metal Box num frame w/ “IN BOTTLES” on top - 13” x 14” Hanging Sign - 38”w x 5.5”h x 4” 148. Lot Of 4 Paper Cigar Advertisements In Frames, 143. 5 & 10 Cent “US. Postage Stamps” Two Way Post- “Why Not? What? Begin and Smoke Old Coon Cigars age Stamp Vendor, c1938, by Shipman MFG. Co. Los 5 Cents To-Day - Made in Providence, Too! They’re Angeles, nice blue porcelain front, works w/ key Good!” featuring horse - 18” x 12” 144. National Cash Register Model No. 317, brass w/ 145. National Cash Register Candy Store Model No. 313, fancy bronze w/ white marble shelf 146. National Cash Register Model No. 47, fancy brass, white marble shelf w/ “CASHIER - This Registers the Amount of Your Purchase” top sign, in good condition

149. Vintage Western Electric Countertop Oscillating Fan, Restored in black w/ gold fan blades, c1930s - 16”d, 20”h 150. Vintage Emerson Electric Countertop Oscillating Fan, Restored in black w/ gold fan blades, c1930s - 12”d, 17”h



Lot-143 Lot-147







January 19th 2013


151. Schlitz Beer Neon Sign, Everbrite Electric Signs Inc. Harbor City, CA - 23” x 9” 152. Lot Of 3 Vintage Childs Toy Items: 1 - Miniature Cast-Iron Sewing Machine - 6”h, 1 - Green Tin Miniature Sewing Machine - 6”h & 1 - Miniature Iron - 3”h


153. Shell Letters Light-Up Sign, Separate plastic “S”, “h”, “e”, “l”, and “l” letters w/ neon transformer - approx. 16” to 20”h 154. 50 Cent O.D. Jennings Sun Chief Light-Up Tropicana Hotel Slot Machine w/ ashtray/ cup holder on front, “Hotel Tropicana Las Vegas”, c1949, w/ keys

Lot-152 Lot-156

155. 1 Cent O.D. Jennings Nevada Club Light-Up Sun Chief-style Slot Machine w/ ashtray/holder on front, “Nevada Club Lake Tahoe Reno”, instead of Indian head, it has Nevada Club mascot (shape of Nevada) w/ keys 156. Early Countertop Brass Depose Figural French Man Alarm Clock/Candle Holder Statue. When the alarm chimes, the arm with the wooden match strikes the match to light the little candle on top, very cool way to wake you have light - approx. 9”h 157. Soda Bottle Cap Collection of 45 Caps, Includes Coca-Cola, Sarsaparilla, Old Red Eye, Lithiated Lemon Soda, etc.

Lot-157 Lot-154


158. Daniel Natural Gas Meter Cutaway Salesman Sample Display, Museum-type display on swivel stand on red felt and black leather countertop base, Good condition - 15”h 159. Nude - Vincent Saloon Print On Canvas in frame - 47” x 27” 160. “The Templeton” Circular Countertop Cheese Cutter w/ Wood Cutting Board, By The Computing Scale Co. Dayton, Ohio, Very nicely restored in dark red w/ pinstriping detail

Lot-160 Lot-158



January 19th 2013


161. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings Club Chief Super Deluxe 167. 1 Cent Normandy Chimes Floor Scale w/ mirror Slot Machine w/ Sun Chief sign in marquee, c1945, w/ front and side pole handles, National Automatic Makeys chines Co. Saint Paul, Minn., original condition, works w/ keys 162. Cross Cross Electronic Pointmaker Slot Machine, By Buckley MFG. Co. Chicago, U.S.A., Distributed by 168. Lot Of Assorted Wrestling Toys: 14 - Collectible S&M Dist. Co. Elizabethton, Tenn., Not coin-op, for Plastic Toy WWF Wrestling Figures, including Hulk Hoamusement only (made following the Johnson Act), Ma- gan, by Titan Sports, Inc. for Hasbro, Inc., circa early chine only (no control unit), c1956 1990s, arms move - 4.5”-5”h, 11 - Rubber Toy WWF Wrestling Figures, including Hulk Hogan, by Titan 163. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Co. Blue Front Castle Front Sports, Inc., c1984-87 - 8”h each, 1 - White Plastic World Slot Machine, c1937, w/ key Champion Wrestling Champion World Cup Toy Wrestling Ring - 12” x 12” & 1 - Blue Plastic WWF World 164. 5 Cent International Mutoscope Corp. “Muto- Wrestling Champion Wrestlemania Toy Wrestling Ring scope” View Machine, c1940, w/ “Party On The Pull- by Titan Sports, Inc. and Hasbro, Inc., c1989 - 16” x 16” man” movie w/ key 169. Planet Hollywood Large/Extra-Large Colorful Vest, 165. Miller Lite Beer Light-Up Sign w/ Rotating Screens featuring space and island motif and Bottles, features beach scene, etc. by Miller Brewing Co. Milwaukee, WI. - 39” x 17.5” 170. Bronze Figural Cupid Statue On Black Marble Base - 25”h 166. Early Dayton Style 167 3LB Candy Fan Scale w/ Chrome Scoop, International Business Machines Corp., “Gold Medals”, restored in green w/ pinstriping detail, c1905











January 19th 2013


171. “Arrival in Escondido” Limited Edition Art Lithograph Print in Frame, signed by artist Stanislaus J. Sowinski, No. 116/900, featuring busy early Escondido train station - 32” x 26” 172. Portrait of a Young Native American Woman Oil Painting on Canvas, signed by artist - 29” x 25” 173. “F.X. McRory’s Whiskey Bar - Seattle” Leroy Neiman Art Print in Frame w/ printed Leroy Neiman ‘80 signature, features crowded, colorful bar - 38.5” x 22.5” 174. 1 Cent Buckley Ball Gum 3-Reel Bell-Fruit Trade Stimulator w/ Jackpot, w/ Gumball Vendor, c1934, restored w/ keys 175. 1 Cent Burnham & Mills Baseball 3-Reel Trade Stimulator w/ Gumball Vendor in oak case, R.B. Novelty, New York, New York, “Play Ball! Batter Up!”, c1928, works w/ key 176. 10 Cent Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars Candy Vending Machine, 1 column sheet metal in brown w/ Hershey logo w/ keys


177. Turkish Trophies Cigarettes Advertisement In Matching Wood Turkish Trophies Frame, featuring pretty lady in Turkey - 36” x 26” 178. Early Countertop Cast-Iron 2 Wheel Red Enterprise No. 3 Coffee Grinder on wood base, Enterprise MFG. Co. Philadelphia, U.S.A. No. 2236 179. 2 Cent Countertop A.B.T. 2-Column Girlie Card Vending Machine w/ cards w/ key 180. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Q.T. “Smoker” Jackpot Bell Slot Machine, c1939, w/ key





Lot-172 Lot-171



January 19th 2013



181. Harold’s Club Whiskey Reverse Painting on Glass Light-Up Box Sign featuring mermaid and pirate, hung

184. Corona Beer Neon Sign Featuring Palm Tree Neon - 15” x 11”

Club, 1 of only 2 made, signed by the artist, original wood cabinet, “You Meet the Nicest People When You Drink Harolds Club Whiskey - Crocked in the Cradle of the Deep”, c1948-50 - 22”w x 26”h x 6.5”

185. Lot Of 4 Misc. Vintage Porcelain Signs: 1 - American Surety Co. Of New York - 15” x 10” & 3 - “USE OTHER DOOR/NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PERSONAL PROPERTY/NO SPITTING” - all 10” x 3”

182. “Milling By Arastra To Separate Gold” Light-Up Mirror Box Sign, from “Roaring Camp Saloon” on 2nd

187. Small Victor Safe w/ all original paint & prtwork, has working combination and the original owners name

milling, original wood cabinet, comes w/ framed information about the mirror and note on back reads “#1 left Virginia Street Center Entrance”, c1950 - 51”w x 18”h x 5”


183. Lot Of 3 Vintage Pressed Steel Toy Trucks: 1 Doepke No. 2014 American La France Aerial Ladder MFG. Co. Inc., Rossmoyne, O. Model Toys c1953, 1 Dunwell CoAuto Transport” Red and Blue Car Carrier Truck, c1953 & 1 - Tonka “Allied Van Lines, Inc. Nationwide Moving” Orange Tractor Trailer, c1960 - All in nice condition

188. Large Bronze Figural 2 Eagles Fighting Statue - 37”h 189. Clysmic “King of Table Waters” Tin Advertisement Sign w/ cardboard backing, manufactured by The Meek Company, Coshocton, Ohio, featuring lady and deer in water - 18” x 15” 190. 1 Cent Drink Dr. Pepper Gumball Vending Machine, nicely restored w/ Dr. Pepper logo and pictures, B&O Sales, Pgh, PA w/ key





Lot-185 Lot-190 Lot-188




January 19th 2013

191. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Q.T. Dial Bell Slot Machine w/ mint vendor in airplane/space motif, c1935, w/ keys 192. 5 Cent O.D. Jennings & Co. Club Special Wood Console Slot Machine, 3-Reel Bell Fruit Gum w/ Jackpot, c1937, w/ key 193. January 1951 Earl Moran Pin-Up Advertising Calendar w/ top & bottom metal strips, 20-140 “H.H. Van Luven Manufacturers’ Agents and Engineers” - 33” x 16”

196. Early Child’s Baby Doll w/ Closing Eyes On White Metal Stand, “Baby Dimples” Horsman doll w/ sleep eyes in white gown, rare circa early 1900s, by E.I.H. Co. Inc. 197. Antique Smith & Wesson No. 2 Army, .22 Caliber, 6-Shot, Single Action, 6” Octagonal Barrel, SN# 32263, c1860s. Has “tip-up” style frame, released just in time for the commencement of hostilities in the Civil War, looks to be all original and in good condition

194. Modern Art Jazz Scene Painting On Canvas In 198. Antique H & R Arms Company “Young America Frame, featuring seated couple w/ wine and two musi- Double Action” .22 Caliber, 7-Shot, 2” Octagon Barrel cians - 31” x 27” Revolver, looks to be all original and in good condition 195. Lot Of 5 Glass Advertisement Countertop Change Receivers: 1 - Square Swan Vestas The Smoker’s Match w/ matchbox inside glass, 1 - Rectangular Peter Schuyler “Perfectos” First Mayor of Albany 1686 by G.W. Van Slyke & Horton, Albany, N.Y. and W.M.T. Murphy & Co. Manufacturers Decorated Glassware New York, c1895, 1 - Rectangular Curtiss Real Mint Baby Ruth Gum by Curtiss Candy Co., Chicago, Otto Schnering. Pres., “You Can’t Chew Out Its Flavor - Refreshing After a Smoke”, 1 - Round La Armida & 1 - Round Felt Bottom Robt. Burns Cigars

199. 10 Cent Countertop Dan Peanut Vending Machine for Blanched, Mixed, Spanish, and Chocolate nuts w/ text in English and French, Dan MFG. Food Products, Montreal 200. Antique Forehand & Wadsworth, .22 Caliber, 7-Shot, Single Action, 2-3/8” Octagonal Barrel Pocket Pistol, c1870s, looks to be in original condition w/ fancy embossed metal and in good condition

Lot-198 Lot-197



Lot-193 Lot-196



January 19th 2013




201. Prairie Rose Bottom Half of Saloon/Brothel Lady Stand on Red Base w/ plaque “Prairie Rose Prescott, AZ 1880s”, includes her personal belongings on base: purse, money, jewelry, brothel tokens - 42”h

Five Years...9,101 Killed, 24,208 Injured” railroad crossing cardboard warning, c1923, in frame - 28” x 22” & 1 - Colgate & Co. New York USA., double sided canvas laundry soap/washing informational banner, c1928 - 29” x 39”

202. Early Wind-Up Figural Magician Automaton Music Box, w/ wind-key 208. 5 & 10 Cent Bluebird Countertop Perfume Vending Machine w/ Directions, Perfume Service Co. scents 203. Coin-op Liberty Twins-Win Dice Machine, “No. “Djer Kiss” and “Black Narcissus” w/ decals w/ oval 1313 Twins-Win”, Rare, Made in Council Bluffs, Iowa, mirror, Rare c1940- 2 w/ keys 204. Painted Cast-Iron Dempster Buffalo Windmill Baseball” Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine, c1960. Weight on Wood Base, “A56” - 17” x 13” (w/ base) Great back glass, running man unit, cabinet repainted to look like original, background cardboard in great shape, 205. White-Painted Cast-Iron Dempster Horse Windmill only missing the umpire & pitcher mini automaton playWeight, c1930s-40s - 16” x 15”h great restored working condition w/ key 206. Wooden Poker Chip/Gambling Case w/ World Poker Tour Gaming Chips, 999 Steamboat Playing Cards, 210. National Beer Oval Glass & Gold Flake Mirrored and “Dealer” Marker, 7-Compartment - 14” x 8” x 3” Sign In Ornate Gold Painted Frame, “5 Cents - San Francisco” featuring eagle, Beach Co., Coshocton, O. 207. Lot Of 4 Misc. Vintage Signs: 1 - Cape Cod 27” x 23” Cranberries Suitus Brand paper advertisement print, c1924 - 16” x 12”, 1 - “RUGS And CARPETS - Woven By The Bigelow Weavers” mini hanging carpet - 9” x 14”, 1 - “CROSS CROSSING CAUTIOUSLY - In


Lot-204 Lot-208





Lot-207 Lot-201



January 19 2013 th

211. Wooden Roulette Gaming Chip Caddy w/ Red And White “Roulette 3” Chips w/ handle 212. H.C. Evans Deluxe Roulette Wheel w/ Goddess Of Chance top ornament and ball, nicely carved wood detail, good condition - 31” diameter 213. 1 Cent Columbus Cast-Iron Match Vending Machine By The Columbus Vending Co. Columbus, Ohio U.S.A., Fully restored 214. 1 Cent Groetchen “SPARKS” Cigarette 3-Reel Trade Stimulator, c1938, gumball vendor (orange & blue case) w/ key 215. 1 Cent Mills Novelty “Target Practice” Pin-Field Drop Coin Game Of Skill Trade Stimulator, c1926, w/ key 216. 5 Cent “GOLD RUSH” Number 3-Reel Punchboard Style Front Trade Stimulator w/ key 217. Clockwork Hobo Moving Picture Display In Fancy Display Box Frame w/ wind-key - 17” x 13.5”h


218. Dr. Schenck’s Mandrake Liver Pills Advertisement In Fancy Frame, featuring grandmother and children - 19” x 30” 219. Emmett Kelly’s Willie The Clown Stuffed Doll, Baby Barry Toy - N.Y.C., c1950s - 21”h 220. 1 Cent Jennings Little Duke Twin Jackpot Reserve Slot Machine, c1931, in original condition w/ key


Lot-214 Lot-211

Lot-212 Lot-219




January 19th 2013



Lot-221 Lot-222 Lot-223


Lot-228 Lot-229





221. Early Carved Wood Faro Case Keeper w/ Hand- 227. Salesman Sample Match Vending Machine In Cylinpainted card faces by Will & Finck, S.F., folds in half, very der Carrying Case, assorted vintage cigarette/match advernice condition tisements in glass cylinder display w/ original orange and black crackle paint - turn knob for matches, The Universal 222. Lot Of 3 Early Gambling Items: 1 - Set of 27 red, 27 Match Corporation St. Louis, MO. - 13”h white, and 27 blue Faro coppers in wood case, 1 - Set of 10 Keno cards, H.C. Evans & Co., Chicago & 1 - Set of 22 228. Lot Of 10 Misc. Tin Signs: 1 - embossed Fawn Beverblack hexagon-shaped Faro coppers ages - 27” x 11”, 2 - embossed Dari-Kool Milkers - 18” x 12”, 1 - embossed Dairymen’s League Member - 27” x 10”, 223. Lot Of 2 Early Gambling Items: 1 - Set of 9 Ivory 1 - RAPP Linecross Leghorns - 16” x 16”, 1 - “NO TRESPoker Chips, circa late 1800s & 1 - Marked Bone Rolling PASSING” - 14” x 10”, 3 - embossed State Of New York Log, Consignor claimes mfg. by H.C. Evans & Co., circa Conservation Department - 8”d & 1 - embossed Pennsylearly 1900s vania Game Commission - 10” x 14”, all in fair condition 224. Early Faro Card Dealer’s Box w/ leather case by Will & Finck, S.F., Cal., spring action brings next card to top

229. Lot Of 2 Antique Wall Mount Hand-Crank Coffee

condition 225. Cast-Iron Eagle Pocket Watch Holder On Marble Base w/ Pocket Watch - 8”h 230. Early Wooden Folding Faro Case Keeper, F. Grote & Co., 313 East 23rd St. N.Y. - 12” x 12” 226. Cast-Iron National MFG. Co. “Matches” Match Dispenser, Pat. 1897 - 5”h 26 th

January 19 2013

231. Lot Of 2 Gambling Layouts: 1 - Wooden Tabletop Bingo Dice Gaming Layout Box - 22” x 17” & 1 - Wooden Faro Wall Mount “High Card” Layout w/ Spades Card Decals, Samuel & Hart Co., New York - 24” x 12”

236. Lot Of 5 Misc. Vintage Items: 1 - Camel Cigarettes tin sign - 20” x 10”, 1 - store wall mount Crescent Tools wood display - 12” x 24”, 2 - Fancy Stock Chewing Tobacco tin signs - 14” x 3-1/2” & 1 - store countertop

232. Simoniz Your Car Die-Cut Cardboard Advertisement Sign In Frame, “The Deluxe Beauty Treatment for Automobiles” featuring lady w/ car - 32” x 42” (in frame)


233. R.J. Masbach “Papa Joe’s Hot Nuts 5 Cents” Nut Roaster and Dispenser by R.J. Masbach, 80 Vesey St., New York 234. Chicago Coin Machine Co. “Basketball Champ” Electro-Mechanical Machine, c1947. The backglass is tle mini basketballs, has the original curved front glass, set on free play mode, restored cabinet to look like new, works well w/ key 235. Fancy Ornate Painted Ceramic Vase/Planter/Container, footed w/ Gold Accents - 15”h

237. 25 Cent Bally MFG. Co. “hi-boy” Console Bell Slot Machine, c1947, w/ key 238. 5 & 25 Cent O.D. Jennings “Challenger” Console TIC-TAC-TOE Slot Machine, c1947, w/ key 239. Early Countertop Clodion Bronze Figural Cherub Statue, possibly circa 18th century - 10”h 240. Early 5 Cent Mills Novelty Co. “The Peerless” Countertop Cast-Iron Cigar Trade Stimulator w/ Rewards top sign, very good condition w/ copper accents, one of only a couple known to exist, c1904, w/ key









January 19 2013 th




241. Early Brass Card Marker By Will & Finck, S.F., Cal., punches small circular mark into card - 2” long 242. Lot Of 3 Decks of Early Playing Cards: 1 - Deck of Hart’s Squared Linen Eagle Nonpareil Pharo (Faro) cards in box, manufactured by The N.Y. Consolidated Card Co., dated February 1, 1868, no indices, 1 - Deck of No. 0. Steamboat blue cards in box, Convex Corners, “Dougherty’s Playing Cards” (Andrew Dougherty, manufacturer) & 1 - Deck of Samuel Hart & Co. N.Y. Faro cards w/ indices, no box

247. National Cash Register Model No. 451 w/ receipt cage and “Amount Purchased” top sign on oak base, Serial No. 649430 248. Lot Of 10 Misc. Centerfold “The Esquire Girl” Painting Magazine Prints by Al Moore, c1950s: “Superstition, A gift for the Magi, Printers Devil, Sun-Goddess Scuttlebait, Pipe Dream, Superstitious” - each 13” x 17.5”

249. Lot Of 10 Misc. Playboy Magazine “Vargas Girls” Painting Prints. Alberto Vargas, (Feb. 9th, 1896 - Dec. 243. Small Early Wood and Metal Pioneer Playing Card 1982) he is often considered one of the most famous of Trimmer, No. 1503 - 4.5” x 4.5” - each 15.5” x 11” 244. Early Brass-top Countertop Scissor Playing Card Trimmer, No. 60 - 7” x 7” 250. Early Painted Sevres Porcelain Oval Countertop Box w/ Lid featuring lady and man, signed by the artist 245. Mason Wooden Early Playing Card Press, Mason & “L.B”, circa late 1800s - 9” x 7” x 4”h Co. Makers, Chicago 246. Early Wooden Wall Mount Card Press Box, dated “Februar 1880” on inside of lid

Lot-250 Lot-244 Lot-243


Lot-245 Lot-241 Lot-246




January 19th 2013


251. Lot Of 4 Misc. Vintage Countertop Clear Glass Containers: 3 - soda fountain bottles “Orange/Pineapple/no name” & 1 - candy/cookie jar w/ aluminum lid 252. Pirate Girls Table Gambling Wheel on Stand, Pirate ladies and names hand painted on wheel, 45”h w/ black wood stand, wheel 33.5” diameter 253. Lot Of 3 Misc. Vintage Wall Mount Advertisement Items: 1 - Badger Farm Materials Handling Specialist round thermometer - 12”d, 1 - Orange Crush round thermometer - 12”d & 1 - Sealtest Ice Cream Pam Clock, c1961 - 15” x 15” 254. Blue and White Painted Fancy Ceramic Windmill Mantle Clock - 12”h 255. Lot Of 6 Misc. Vintage Tin Containers/Items: 1 - National Biscuit Company, 1 - Sunshine Biscuits box topper, 1 - Sweet Cuba Fine Cut Tobacco, 1 - Laurel Brand Crackers and Cakes, 1 - PHENIX Dispensing Tank & 1 - S.A. IIsley & Co. NY. Columbus landing scene, all in fair condition


256. Lot Of 8 Assorted Painted Stuffed Canvas Carnival Game Knock-Down Punk Dolls w/ hinges (one still hinged to wood block), “You Missed”, “Beat It Kid”, “Don’t You Dare”, “You Big Boob” w/ painted faces 257. Early Red Cast-Iron Countertop 2-Wheel Coffee Grinder on Wood Base by Landers, Frary & Clark, New Britain, Conn. U.S.A. 258. Early Red and Blue Cast-Iron Model No. 2 2-Wheel Coffee Grinder on Wood Base By Enterprise MFG. Co. Philadelphia, PA. “Sommer, Herrmann y Cia, Mexico” Lot-255

259. Signed Limited Edition Space Alien Coop Poster In Frame, featuring nude female alien on rocket, Numbered 162/500 - 28” x 41” 260. 5 Cent Watling Mfg Cast Iron Color Match Countertop 2 Wheel Gambling Machine, Trade Stimulator w/ side gum vendor, c1910, w/keys

Lot-254 Lot-253 Lot-257 Lot-252 Lot-251




January 19th 2013


Lot-270 Lot-267

Lot-269 Lot-266






261. Lot Of 7 W. Britain Limited Edition Collectors Models Toy Soldier Sets in Boxes: 1 - #5185 Seaforth Highlanders, 1 - #5186 Welsh Guards, 1 - #5183 Cameron Highlanders 79th Foot, 1 - #5184 The Lifeguards, 1 - #5187 The Bahamas Police Band & 2 - Ceremonial Collection Band of the Lifeguards 8 pc & 5 pc #00154 & #00157 262. Lot Of 8 W. Britain Limited Edition Hand-Painted Metal Toy Soldier Sets in Boxes: 1- #5188 Seaforth Highlanders, 1 - #5192 The Royal Irish Rangers, 1 - #5391 The United States Army Band of Washington D.C., 1 #5190 The Parachute Regiment, 1 - #5392 The 9th/12th Royal Lancers, 1 - #5294 The Royal Anglican Regiment, 1 - #5297 The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) Colour Party and Escort & 1 - Hamley’s Limited Edition The Regimental Band of the 1st Battalion The Gordon Highlanders 263. Lot Of 9 W. Britain Limited Edition Hand-Painted Metal Toy Soldier Sets in Boxes: 1 - #5191 The Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1 - #5194 The Staffordshire Regiment, 1 - #5189 The 22nd Cheshire Regiment, 1 - #5290 The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, 1 - #5289 The Royal Marines, 1 - #5193 The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, 1 #5298 Lawrence and The Arab Revolt 1917, 1 - #5195 The Life Guards Mounted Band Set 1 & 1 - #5295 The Life Guards Mounted Band Set 2 30

264. Lot Of 13 W. Britain Special Collectors Edition Toy Soldier Sets in Boxes: 1 - #8800 The Coldstream Guards, 1 - #8852 Union Infantry, 1 - #8803 British Infantry, 1 Infantry, 1 - #8842 27th Punjab (Rawalpindi), 1 - #8841 try, 1 - #8801 Essex Regiment, 1 - #3113 The 17th Lancers, Crimean War, 1 - #3110 The 11th Hussars, Crimean War, 1 - #3111 The 4th Light Dragoons, Crimean War & 1 - #00141 Gaekwar of Baroda’s Silver Gun, Delhi Durbar Range 265. 50 Cent “BIORHYTHM” Fortune Arcade Machine, by The Nostalgia Works Amusement Co. Redlands, CA., w/ key 266. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Blue Bell Hightop Slot Machine, c1949, w/ key 267. 25 Cent “Pot Of Gold” Amusement Skill Catch Trade Stimulator, c1955, by J.F. Frantz MFG. Co. Chicago, ILL. “Catch The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow”, w/ key 269. Large Coca Cola Tin Button Sign w/ bottle picture - 36”d 270. Large Coca Cola Porcelain Button Sign w/ Bottle Picture - 36”d

January 19th 2013

271. Early Enterprise MFG. Black Cast-Iron Countertop Sausage Press On Wood Base - 26”h 272. 1 Cent “Smiley” Clown/Circus Themed Glass Front Trade Stimulator Skill Game by Pioneer Coin Machine Co., c1945, w/ key 273. Early Lane’s Medicine Original Advertisement Print In Frame, “At Bedtime I Take a Pleasant Herb Drink - The Next Morning I Feel Bright and New and My Complexion is Better - Cures Constipation, Head-ache, Kidney and Liver Troubles” featuring lady w/ candle and teacup - 34” x 27” 274. National Cash Register Model No. 1066-G, Serial No. 1833796 275. Countertop Horse Race Betting Wheel w/ odds changer - 20”d 276. 5 Cent Jennings Export Chief “DUNES” Slot Machine, c1949, w/ key 277. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Half-Top Castle Front Slot Machine, c1933, w/ key 278. 5 Cent Vendorlator VMC 33 Coca Cola Vending Machine, Restored - blows cold and works, w/ Brown MFG. Co. bottle opener, c1950s, w/ keys 279. Lot Of 3 Blatz Beer Countertop Figural Display Statues 280. 5 Cent Caille Big Six Upright Slot Machine w/ Music & Keys







Lot-279 Lot-273 Lot-271


January 19th 2013


281. Midway MFG. Co. “Race-Way” Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine, c1963. Up to 2-players, the mini race cars (Ferrari & Maserati) move around the track using magnets as the player or players shoots pinball, set on free play mode, in excellent restored working condition w/ key

286. Large “King Bros Circus” Poster depicting 3 Bears: One on a Large Ball, One on Roller Skates and One on a Motorcycle, has the city and date at bottom of poster, City of Peru and date was Friday May 20, dated 1949, 27” x 48.5”, very good condition

283. 1 Cent “Hitler Gum Target” Pistol Shot Trade Stimulator, c1940, by Paul Bennett & Co. “Satisfy Your Desire! - Take A Shot At the World’s Most Unpopular Man.., a ball of gum of your penny back every shot, new back door, in original condition

288. Rock-Ola 1455D Deluxe Model Hi-Fidelity Jukebox, 200 Selection, holds 100 45s, plays 45s and Extended Play records, illuminated grill, c1957, w/ new speakers, recapped amp, new wiring, new needle and cartridge w/ keys

284. Lot Of 2 Circus Posters, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey, original and dated 1942 & 1945, 1-Poster depicts One Hippo 27” x 40” and 1- Poster depicts a Mother & Baby Hippo (This one has the name Bill Bailey at the bottom left corner) 27’ x 40”, very good condition

289. Aireon Automatic Phonograph Type 1200 Jukebox, c1946

287. Cashman Equipment Las Vegas/Reno Caterpillar 282. Early Cast-Iron “The Yankee” Cigar Cutter & Tractor Yellow TU-56 Umbrella w/ mounting brackets/ Match Dispenser, c1909, by The Northwestern Novelty hardware and instructions by Hammer Blow Snowco, Co. c1980s, new in box - 48” x 72”

285. Lot Of 2 Circus Posters, Ringling Bros Barnum & Bailey, original posters, 1- Poster depicts 4 Giraffes and has the name Bill Bailey on the bottom left corner, dated 1944, 27 x 39” and 1- Poster depicts a Clown in RedWhite & Blue, 27 x 40”, both in very good condition

290. Wurlitzer Multi-Selector Phonograph Model No. 1100 Jukebox w/ records and cover, plays 78 RPM records, by The Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, North Tonawanda, N.Y., c1947-9, comes w/ matching Wurlitzer Model 1100 Advertisement in frame, w/ key


Lot-285 Lot-286


Lot-284 Lot-282





January 19 2013 th


291. Seeburg Select-O-Matic M100B Jukebox w/ re- 297. Lot Of 2 Figural Cigarette Dispensers: 1 - Cast-Iron cords, plays 100 selections of 45 RPM 7” records, c1952- Elephant Cigarette Dispenser, turn tail to dispense ciga4 w/ key rette - 5”h & 1 - Lady In Dress Metal Cigarette Dispenser - 8”h 292. Large Packard Pla-Mor Rose 900 Model Metal Remote Jukebox Speaker, c1947 - 24” x 11” x 28”h 298. Lot Of 2 Early Countertop Saloon Bell Match Holders: 1 - Russell & Erwin MFG. Co. New Britain, Conn. 293. Painted Shoe Cobbler Automaton Serial No. 303, Pat. Aug, 1 ‘93, Rd. No. 269895, on cast-iron base & 1 Manufactured by Nelson & Wallace MFG. Co. Los An- - Brass Wilsons Patent Patronized By H.R.H. The Duke geles, plug in and cobbler turns head and hammers nail of Edinburgh, 1875, w/ tray into shoe sole - 29”h 299. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Extraordinary Hi-Top Slot 294. 5 Cent Junior Deputy Sheriff Practice Range Floor Machine w/ Jackpot, c1933, w/ key Model Skill Shooter Arcade Game, A.B.T. MFG. Co. Chicago, c1950s, w/ keys 300. Dayton Style No. 166 Fancy Embossed Cast-Iron 4lb. Candy Scale, c1900s, by The Computing Scale Co., 295. 25 Cent Ice Cold Beer Floor Model Skill Arcade numbered 404425. This scale is very rare, only 6 known Game, Taito America Corporation, c1983, w/ key to exist, has been replated, in great condition w/ brass scoop 296. 1 Cent Hercules Midget Baseball Light-Up Countertop Flipball Skill Game Trade Stimulator, wood case w/ glass display, metal front & top sign, Hercules Novelty Co. Chicago, Ill., c1931, w/ keys

Lot-299 Lot-296


Lot-293 Lot-292


Lot-298 Lot-294



January 19th 2013


301. 1 Cent Mills Novelty Co. No. 6 Red Cast-Iron Tabletop 5-Reel Poker Machine Cigar Trade Stimulator on swivel base w/ “Drop One Cent in the Slot” top sign, c1905, rare, w/ key

306. Williams Electronics Inc. (1967-1985) “Mini-Bowl” Mechanical Arcade Bowling Game, c1970. Little autom-

bowling score, up to 2-players. Reproduction backglass, repainted cabinet to match original design, nicely re302. Mills Novelty Cast-Iron Poker Machine Base Stand, stored to look and play like new, w/ functions & keys also used w/ wood top for early trade stimulators, has pear-shaped column - 35”h 307. Velvet Tobacco Advertisement Print In Ornate Frame, featuring fancy lady, signed “A. Velvet Girl ‘09” 303. Lot Of 3 Misc. Vintage Advertisement Items: 1 - 46” x 30” - Schmidt’s Beer-Ale plastic light-up clock (AS IS - not working), 1 - We Serve Richardson ROOT BEER mold- 308. $1 Mills Novelty Half-Top Bursting Cherry Slot Machine, c1937, w/ key Beer-Ale countertop plastic light-up display sign - 7”h 309. 5 Cent “Bakers Pacers” Horse Race Betting Ma304. Wood & Metal Figural Carnival Ferris Wheel Ride chine, c1939, by Baker Novelty Co. Chicago, ILL., w/ Display Model, c1940s, on stand, works odds changer, w/ key 305. Wood & Metal Figural Carnival Flying Airplane 310. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Golden Doll Hi-Top OneRide Display Model, c1940s, on stand, works Armed Bandit Cowboy Golden Nugget Slot Machine, c1955, w/ key, nametag says “Ray”

Lot-309 Lot-308


Lot-301 Lot-303




Lot-305 Lot-310


January 19th 2013

311. Early Sailor w/ Cannon Figural Cigar Lighter, and cannon raises and lights 312. $1 Mills Novelty Extraordinary Golf Theme Reels Slot Machine, c1933, w/ skill stops, gold front w/ key salesman sample - 5”h & 1 - brass 9oz. scale on mount 9”h

317. Palm Tree Floor Lamp w/ Bulbs and 6 Milk Glass Globes, Consignor claims lamp is from The Sahara Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, c1960s - 78”h 318. Drink Coca Cola Die-Cut Sports Cars Cardboard Festoon Sign, featuring cars from various countries w/ man & woman in the center, “Pause...Refresh”, c1958 66” x 23”

314. Diana Game Layout Table, E.T. MFG. Co. 1700 Winnemac Ave. Chicago, Ill., glass and wood top w/

319. Vintage French Foot-Ball-Staar Tabletop Football Game, Cast-Iron and Wood Four-Sided game w/ Fabrication Francais seal, Usine 2 Rue du Nord, Roubaix, France (Nord), License 418JA G. Staar, “Brevet Francais” - 28” x 28”

315. Early Wooden Tabletop Music Box, works but missing some comb teeth - 25” x 9” x 6”h

320. Mini Metal Barber Shop Rotating Pole w/ clear red glass globe - 38”h

316. Lot Of 2 Gambling Items: 1 - 1982 Riviera International Craps Tournament Hosted By Joe DiMaggio V.I.P. promotional miniature craps game w/ 2 dice - 5” x 3” & 1 - Pocket roulette cloth layout in copper case w/ roulette wheel and spinner on outside


Lot-319 Lot-316

Lot-311 Lot-315 Lot-312

Lot-314 Lot-313



January 19th 2013


321. Early Oak & Glass “Richardson’s Wash Silks” Display Cabinet, in good condition - 25” x 7” x 33”h

326. Lot Of 6 Misc. Advertisement Tin Signs: 1 - embossed BERMICO CO. - 28” x 20”, 1 - embossed EVINRUDE Outboard Motors - 20” x 10”, 1 - double sided 322. 1 Cent Smilin’ Sam From Alabam’ Peanut Vending PENNZOIL - 17” x 12”, 1 - embossed RITCHIE AuMachine, “The Salted Peanut Man” Aluminum Head, tomatic WATERERS - 24” x 12”, 1 - embossed Carhart c1931, by General Mdse. Co., pull tongue to dispense Overalls - 28” x 10” & 1 - double sided CHIEF PAINTS peanuts, w/ keys - 28” x 12” 323. 1 Cent “HAPPY JAP” Gum Vending Machine CastIron Head, c1902, MFG. by White Vending Machine Company. Original patina, very rare, no mechanism, case only.

327. Coin-Op “Aradian Blue Streak” Claw Digger Arcade Machine c1939, by Exhibit Supply Co. Chicago, U.S.A. w/ Boise City, Idaho Amusement Game License August 1960, “Minors Not Allowed to Operate This Machine”

324. Early Cast-Iron Figural Dragon Spittoon, Copper coloring w/ lid

328. 25 Cent BioRhythm Vintage Arcade Game Machine - set birthdate & desired date for “computerized graph charting your life cycle”, oak case, w/ key

325. Cast-Iron Foot Pedal Stool Spittoon w/ Cushioned Wood Lid

329. Wall Mount Light Up Marvy Model 506 Barber Shop Pole Trade Sign by William Marvy Company, St. Paul, Minn., chrome w/ wood mount serial no. 41571 33”h






Lot-329 Lot-326 Lot-328



January 19th 2013

330. Coin-Op Mills Novelty Violano Virtuoso Musical Entertainment Machine, c1907, combination violin & piano concert. A perforated paper roll allowed wires on either side to make contact at the appropriate time & perform the functions of the machine, Violano was heralded as one of the mechanical marvels of the time. This machine in its original mahogany case has been completely restored inside and out and has an exceptional sound, comes w/ 5 music rolls, service manual & key


January 19th 2013


331. 25 Cent Bryan’s Twelvewin Clock Countertop Wheel Pay-Out Machine, wood cabinet, c1947 332. Vintage 5 Cent - 2 Hours Parking Meter on stand 333. 5 Cent Clawson’s Cigar Countertop Wheel Clockwork Trade Stimulator, winners can be seen from both sides of the machine through glass display, kind - found by Bernie Gold in the Clawson’s attic, w/ keys 334. Lot Of 3 Figural Countertop Cigar/Match Holders: 1 - Copper colored hunting scene, “C.S. 1-57” - 8”h, 1 - Bronze man drinking - 8”h & 1 - Bronze lady, “H.B. 1-68” - 10”h 335. Puritas H2O Water Cooler on Stand w/ Embossed Puritas H2O Waters Lot-331

and white w/ pinstriping detail 336. Vintage Water Cooler w/ Side Cup Dispenser/Cups and “From the Hills of Hollywood Magnetic Spring Water” 5-Gallon Embossed Glass Jug, good condition and nicely restored in blue w/ “Water” writing, c1940s-50s 337. Pair Of Hughes Tool Company Oil Well Drill Pipe Bookends, “Hughes 4 1/2 - Seal Grip 3 x 5 3/4 P528891H - Houston Texas USA”, Rare post-WWII - 6” x 8” each 338. Schlitz Beer Figural Gold Woman w/ Globe Light-Up Display Lamp, “The Pure Mark”, signed J. Rebechini, c1976, Jos. Schlitz Brewing Co. Milwaukee, Wis. - 45”h 339. Old Crow Plastic Figural Crow Advertisement Countertop Display, featuring crow w/ top hat and cane, “Rome - In Liquor”, Kentucky Whiskies, The Old Crow Distillery Co. Frankfort, Ky. - 32”h



340. Victorian Wall Mount Porcelain and Leaded Glass Barber Shop Trade Sign, by Koken, w/ original metal label


Lot-335 Lot-339





January 19th 2013




Lot-342 Lot-343 Lot-341 Lot-344 Lot-350




341. Antique Seth Thomas 12 Chime Wood Wall Mount 347. 5 Cent J.F. Frantz MFG. Co. “Kicker and Catcher” Picture Clock w/ Roman numerals, c1880s - 12”d, 26”h Arcade Skill Game on Cast-Iron Pole and Base, c1952, w/ keys - 44”h 342. Antique Ansonia Regulator-A Wood Wall Mount Calendar Clock, day numbers on clock face, overhauled, 348. Vintage Ladies Hand-Painted Grooming set in circa early 1900s - 12”d, 32”h Original Pink Box (No lid), includes hand mirror, brush, and comb - 12” x 6” (in box) 343. Coin-Op Vaughn’s Vendors Floor Model Cigarette Vending Machine w/ cigarette and match products, mir- 349. 25 Cent Knott’s Berry Farm Floor Model Claw rored front, blue w/ silver pinstripes, 13-selection knob- “Shooting Gift” Arcade Machine w/ stuffed animals pull w/ keys 350. Set Of 10 Harrah’s Collection Gambling Themed 344. 25 Cent “The Digger” Claw Arcade Machine w/ Pictures In Frames: 1 - “A Modern Nevada Casino” Tahoe Harrah’s 1961 print, 1 - “An Early Slot Machine” United States 1900 print, 1 - “The Man Who Broke the 345. Lot Of 2 Original United States Buy Bonds Adver- Bank at Monte Carlo” Monaco 1885 print, 1 - “Early tisements In Frames: 1 - “BUY WAR BONDS - For their Printing of Playing Cards” France 15th century print, 1 - “Keeno In the Civil War” United States 1863 print, 1 WSS 779 - 22” x 28” & 1 - cardboard easel-back An- - “Gypsy Wheel of Fortune” Spain 18th century print, 1 heuser-Busch, Inc. “VICTORY for LIBERTY” Defense “Faro In Tonopah” Nevada 1805 print, 1 - “Hounds and Bonds, c1944, featuring pictures of 31 presidents - 17” x Jackals” Egypt 1300 B.C. print, 1 - “Roman Dice” Rome 23” 200 B.C. print & 1 - “The King’s Dice” England 12th century print, all from original oil paintings by Harper 346. 1 Cent Hershey’s Chocolate Silver Comet Coun- Goff, commissioned by Harrah’s 1950s-60s, all w/ histertop or Wall Mount Column Vending Machine, Red- torical gaming info text under pictures - 25” x 23” each co Products Corp. LaCrosse, Wisconsin, c1920s-1930s, works w/ key 39 January 19th 2013

Lot-354 Lot-352







Lot-360 Lot-355

351. Coin-Op “Test Your Skill - Silver Dollar” Saloon/ Western Pistol Target Game, c1925, by J.F. Frantz MFG. Chicago, ILL., this machine is a limited edition numbered 1000 of 1000, very nice oak case, w/ key

356. City Scene Limited Edition Art Lithograph Print In Frame, signed by artist Dennison, No. 209/225, featuring man and woman w/ car and doorman at building entrance near bridge - 37” x 30”

352. Ellisons Flour Porcelain Sign, “Milled From Select- 357. Billiards Art Print in Ornate Frame, featuring game ed Canadian Wheat - Assures Good Color & Fine Tex- of pool and onlookers - 38” x 26” ture” - 35.5” x 20” 358. Early Bronze Advertising Elephant Match Holder 353. Lot Of 3 Fancy Embossed Silver Victorian Match Safes., c1890s: 2 - Sterling silver & 1 - German silver 359. Metal Cannon Countertop Cigar Lighter, pull cord 354. Lot Of 3 Fancy Embossed Victorian Match Safes, at back of cannon to spring open and light - 4”h c1890s: 2 - Sterling silver & 1 - Silveroin 360. Coin-Op Puritan Confection Vendor Play Ball 355. 1 Cent Wooden Countertop Penny Drop Machine 3-Reel Countertop Trade Stimulator w/ Mint Vendor, Gumball Trade Stimulator w/ “Play Ball” mint rolls, Chicago Mint Co. Chicago, Ill., c1933, restored w/ key 40 th

January 19 2013





361. 1 Cent Countertop Puritan Baby Vendor Baseball 3-Reel Trade Stimulator, w/ Gumball Vendor, w/ Gumballs, c1933, restored, works w/ keys 362. National Cash Register No. 313 Candy Store, in original condition w/ key 363. Large “5 Cent Quicksilver” Double-Sided Light-Up Curved Gaming Top Sign - 57” x 28” 364. 5 Cent O.D. Jennings Sun Chief “Lady Luck” Light Up Slot Machine, w/ hand load jackpot, c1950s, restored w/ keys Lot-364

365. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings Star Chief Light Up Slot Machine, w/ hand load jackpot, c1958, rare, works w/ key 366. Lot Of 2 Frederic Remington Art Drawings in Frames: 1 - “Old Ramon” cowboy on horse & 1 - “An Army Packer” cowboy on horse - 17” x 13” each 367. Grafofoni Columbia Italian Advertisement Poster Print in Frame by Columbia Grafonola, “Vendita Anche A Rate Cataloghi Gratis - Via Dante - 9 - Milano”, featuring man and woman dancing on graphophone - 38” x 30” 368. 5 Cent “Billiardette Table” Mini Floor Model Pool Table, c1931, by The Billiard Table MFG. Corp. Chicago, ILL. serial no. F1423, in very nice condition w/ cues, rack, balls & cover - 47” x 27” x 35”h Lot-365


369. Lot Of 17 Antique 15-5/8”d Regina Music Discs 370. English Coin-Op Full Team Football Console Floor Model Arcade Game, Light-Up game w/ wood console and claw feet (no marquee), Full Team Football Co., London and B.A.N.Co. for All Automatic Machines, c1925, rare w/ key.


January 19th 2013




371. 10 Cent Watling MFG Co. Rol-A-Tor Twin Jackpot Slot Machine, c1935, w/ key 372. 10 Cent Caille Brothers Co. Superior Slot Machine, c1925, w/ keys 373. Lot Of 2 Early Elephant Items: 1 - Red Cast-Iron Countertop Elephant Cigarette Dispenser, turn elephant’s tail to dispense cigarette & 1 - Matching Small “No. 333 Wins” Punchboard

377. Vintage Postum Cereal Company Paper Advertisment Poster in Frame, featuring children having a picnic artwork by Carolyn Haywood, by Educational Department, Postum Cereal Company, Inc. Battle Creek, Mich., “Build Strong Teeth By Giving Them Tooth-Building Foods By Exercising Them With Hard Foods By Keeping Them Clean By Giving Them Dental Care” - 24” x 36”

378. Kellogg’s Shredded Krumbles Die-Cut Cardboard Boy w/ Cereal Advertisement Display Sign, “All Wheat Ready To Eat”, Kellogg Toasted Corn Flake Co. Battle 374. Stamped Frank Art Deco Figural Nude Countertop Creek, Mich. and Toronto, Canada - 24” x 34”h Match Holder and Ashtray w/ American Clipper matches, bronze colored, Waugh Equipment Company New 379. Floor Model Popcorn Machine On Wheels, “EveryYork - 10”h where 5 Cents”, good condition 375. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Co. Yellow Front War Eagle 380. “One Cent Lung Tester” Countertop Lung Capac“Silent” Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, Contemporary (origi- ity Test Machine nal made c1931) w/ keys 376. 10 Cent “Master” Prophylactic Wall Mount Column Vending Machine, missing side panel, some paint chipped w/ keys






Lot-377 Lot-375




January 19th 2013


381. Autographed Muhammed Ali & The Beatles Photograph in Frame, includes signed “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” record - 39.5” x 19.5”

385. Truck Topper Light-Up Sign For Slot Machine 23”h

386. “Le Drapeau, Par Bip Moreau” Pot Metal Figural 382. Autographed The Rat Pack Record and Photograph Military Statue on round wood base, featuring two miliin Frame, includes playing cards from The Sands and El Rancho Casinos and poker chips from The Dunes and Flamingo Casinos in Las Vegas, NV. Record is the origi- 387. Ask For Dr. Pierce’s Medical Discovery Paper Advernal score from “Robin and the 7 Hoods”, signed Frank tisement In Frame, featuring man on old fashioned teleSinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, phone - 23” x 34” and Joey Bishop - 30” x 19.5” 388. Power Car Co. Red “Thunderbird Jr No. 4995 Elec383. Autographed The Beatles “Abbey Road” Gold Al- tric Model Child’s Car w/ leather seats bum Record w/ Album Cover in Frame, signed on mat: George Harrison, Paul McCartney, Ringo, and John Len- 389. Custom Homemade Wooden Roulette Table w/ non - 29” x 23” Desert Inn Las Vegas layout and nice carved tabletop roulette wheel as shown in 21” Club Casino Hotel Last 384. 5 Cent “KISSIN KUPIDS” Answer’s Your Ques- Frontier, Las Vegas (w/ picture of wheel in 21 Club Cation Fortune Amusement Arcade Machine, c1950, by sino), very good condition - wheel 31”d, table 81” x 43” Amuse Vend Industries w/ key x 29”h 390. 5 Cent “Tom’s Candy Store” Upright Floor Model Candy Vending Machine w/ Candy, Univendor 8-Knob Pull machine by Stoner MFG. Co., restored w/ key



Lot-386 Lot-385






January 19th 2013



391. 10 Cent Cavalier Model CS-72-B Coca-Cola Bottle Vending Machine w/ front bottle opener, c1950s 392. 25 Cent Exhibit Supply Co.’s “Automatic Mauser Pistol Shooting Gallery” Skill Shot Arcade Game w/ key 393. 1 Cent Exhibit Supply Co.’s “The Mystic Eye” Your Character Card Arcade Machine, c1935, w/ character cards 394. 25 Cent Keeney’s “Sweet Shawnee” Console Slot Machine, c1950 395. 25 Cent Bally MFG. Co. “Sportsman” Upright Arcade Game, c1951, w/ key 396. 2 Cent “License Bureau” Arcade Card Vending Machine, by Exhibit Supply Co., manufactured year unknown w/ cards & key

397. Chuck-A-Luck Game Hourglass Wire Cage on feltcovered base w/ dice and bell, includes black and white photo of Chuck-A-Luck game play in frame and informational article about Chuck-A-Luck, nice condition, w/ keys 18.5”h, base 24” x 12” 398. “CREMO” Cigars Humidor Trunk w/ Handles, “Always in Perfect Condition” - 29.5” x 22” x 25.5”h 399. A Singing Nightingale In A Cage Automaton, goldpainted wind-up ornate wood and metal birdcage, bird moves and chirps, all original by Bontems, France, Paris, c1880 - 19”h 400. 10 Cent The Vendo Company Model F39B5 Coca Cola Bottle Vending Machine w/ front bottle opener, c1940s, w/ keys


Lot-399 Lot-398

Lot-391 Lot-400






May 4th 2012


Lot-403 Lot-402





Lot-406 Lot-409


401. Hollywood Diner Art Print In Frame, featuring Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and Marlon Brando in a diner - 30” x 40”

406. Berninghaus Hercules Barber Chair w/ attached “Shamrock Brand None Better” Leather Straight Razor Shave Strap, white porcelain w/ brown leather, by Berninghaus Cincinnati

402. Lot Of 2 Limited Edition Art Lithograph Prints In Frames: 1 - “Green-Winged Teal” Duck signed by artist 407. Antique Archer Barber Chair w/ 3-Legged Ornate no. AP3/20 - 28” x 21” & 1 - “Midnight Gold” embossed, Foot Stool, wood and iron w/ red velvet fabric, Archer signed by artist Marian Ford no. 10/24 - 20” x 20” MFG. Co. Rochester, N.Y., c1894 403. Blue & White Sharknose Graham Pedal Car by The American National Company, great restored condition, c1941 - 48” long

408. Lot Of 2 Early Gambling Motif Silver Match Safes: 1 - Double-sided, featuring hand w/ playing cards & 1 King of hearts

404. Red 1924 Buick Pedal Car w/ Blue Cushion Seat - 409. Lot Of 2 Early Gambling Motif Match Safes: 1 35” long Monte Carlo roulette table ceramic double-sided & 1 Gambling items, silver 405. WWII-Era Red Wooden LMS Train Pedal Car w/ Bell by Tri-Angle Toys, c1942-3 - 42” long

January 19th 2013


410. Demley N.Y. Automatic Dice, push button to spin dice, playing card face motif 411. Set of 35 Clay Faro Markers in Wooden Faro Case, colored and numbered blank, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 500 - 10” x 2” (case) 412. Wooden Chip Rack For Faro Or Hazard Gaming Table w/ green felt lining - 13.5” x 26”


413. Demley N.Y. Automatic Dice Game, push button to spin dice, playing card face motif 414. 5 Cent Chester-Pollard Amusement Co., Inc “Play Football” Arcade Game, c1924, w/ key 415. 10 Cent Mike Munves “Knotty Peek” Arcade View Machine “This Is The Bunk!” - “Don’t Put Any Money In This Machine - YOU’LL BE SORRY” w/ key 416. Lot Of 2 Traveling Games in Cases: 1 - Horse Race J.L. wheel game - 10” x 10” x 5”h (in case) & 1 - Traveling roulette game (wheel and layout) in briefcase, A. Goertz & Co. - 19” x 14” x 4” 417. 5 Cent Pace Comet “Fancy Front” Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, by Pace MFG. Co. Chicago, Ill., c1932, w/ key

Lot-411 Lot-417

418. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Jackpot Front Vendor Slot Machine w/ Vens Mint Vendor, c1930, w/ keys 419. Original A.D.M. Cooper Oil Painting, c1919, Depicting Ocean Shore in Ornate Frame - 45” x 24” 420. Wooden Circular Chip Caddy w/ Handle, w/ 200 20th Century Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Gaming Tokens and 2 Packs of Hoyle Playing Cards. 20th Century Casino opened in 1977 and closed in 1978 on Tropicana Ave. - 8”d







Lot-414 Lot-416


January 19th 2013

421. Early Dayton Style 144 Barrel Scale w/ Glass Tray, restored in Coca-Cola motif, No. 231404 422. Early Toledo Scale Co. Style No. 30.714 BQ White Porcelain Countertop 6 LB Scale, “Honest Weight - No Springs”, nice original condition 423. Large Wooden 4-Sided Bookshelf On Swivel Base w/ 4 levels of shelves - 62”h 424. Lot Of 2 Beaded Native American Items: 1 - pair of moccasins & 1 - little hand-bag 425. Mortimer Snerd Ventriloquist Dummy Doll w/ straw hat and blonde wig, moving eyes follow you, mouth operated by string at back of neck - 30”h 426. Floor Model National Cash Register Model No. 562-E-6F w/ Amount Purstand w/ 6 drawers, 3 pull-out drawers, and cabinet w/ matching ornate copper 427. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Hi-Top Jackpot Slot Machine, c1940, w/ key 428. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Half-Top Black Cherry Slot Machine, c1936, w/ key 429. “Do You Know Your Exact Weight?” Mills Novelty Lollipop Floor Scale, “What You Should Weigh” w/ numbers, “Operated By Southern Sales Co., Clifton Forge, VA, Distributors of Violano-Virtuoso Self-Playing Violin-Piano” on plaque, restored in white w/ blue pinstripe, tile on base Lot-429

430. 1 Cent NATIONAL Floor Model Scale, c1900s, by National Automatic Weighing Machine Co. NY. City, fancy cast-iron w/ original porcelain face & top sign, cast-iron looks to have been repainted










January 19 2013 th


431. Lankershim Theater “Admit One 25 Cents” Movie Theater Turnstile by Perey New York

437. Early Baadh & Winthers Efterfolger Cast-Iron Industrial Floor Mangle on Wheels w/ Wood Rollers, re-

432. Marvy Model No. 410 Wall Mount Barbershop Pole Trade Sign w/ chrome mount, William Marvy Co., St. 438. Lot Of 2 Vintage Countertop Wooden AM Tube Paul, Minn. - 18”h Radios: 1 - Philco & 1 - Artone 433. Bar/Saloon Scene Painting on Canvas in Frame, 439. Ornate Countertop Bronze Oil Lamp w/ Floral DeArtist John Falter c75 signature, depicts artist showing nude lady paintings to bar patrons - 30” x 24” dren at base, Duplex Made In England - 40”h 434. Curved Porcelain Barber Shop Sign w/ Metal 440. Lot Of 2 Vintage Countertop Radios: 1 - Black ZeBrackets, Burdick Chicago - 15” x 24” nith AM dial radio w/ handle & 1 - White clock/AM dial radio by Admiral Corporation, Chicago, Illinois 435. Early Oak & Black Upholstery Koken Barber Chair, nickel plated patina w/ fancy porcelain base 436. Vintage Painted Carved Wood Figural “Punch” Character Display Statue - 57”h



Lot-437 Lot-431

Lot-432 Lot-436

Lot-439 Lot-438




January 19th 2013

441. Lot Of 2 Pasabahce Clear Crystal Tabletop Lamps w/ bulbs, or claims the lamps were formerly owned by Michael Gaughan - 27”h each 442. Lot Of 2 Large Pasabahce Clear Crystal Lamps w/ bulbs, 2-piece w/ cut glass shade. Consignor claims lamps were formerly owned by Michael Gaughan - 42”h each 443. Hanging Pasabahce Clear Crystal 6-Light Chandelier w/ bulbs, fancy embossed cut crystal, 6 glass shades for each light. Consignor claims chandelier was formerly owned by Michael Gaughan


444. 5 Cent Caille Brothers Co. “Silent Sphinx” Slot Machine, c1932, restored w/ key 445. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings & Co. Sun Chief Super Deluxe Slot Lot-442

446. Black Metal Original Mills Novelty Co. Slot Machine Stand featuring trademark owl logo - 33”h 447. McDonald’s Double-Sided Neon Light-Up Exit Sign, featuring “M” golden arches - 36” x 38”h 448. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings “Thunder Chief ” 3-Reel Mystery Award Open Front Slot Machine, c1960, w/ key 449. 5 Cent Pace “Jokers Wild” 3-Reel Open Front Slot Machine, c1960, w/ key 450. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Half-Top War Eagle Double Jackpot Slot Machine, c1931 (no back door)


Lot-449 Lot-450





January 19 2013 th



451. Vintage “HENDRYX”, Made In USA., Brass Bird Cage on fancy carved wooden curved pole 452. Gilt Edge Whiskey Advertisement Poster Print in Wood Frame featuring lady reading in bed, “A Treat That Can’t Be Beat” - 27” x 21” 453. Max Selliger & Co. Nutwood Whiskey Advertisement Poster Print in Ornate Frame, featuring lady w/ long hair on pillow, Louisville, Ky. - 23” x 18” 454. Wall Mount Round Wood Wurlitzer Model 4005A Speaker by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company, North Tonawanga, N.Y. U.S.A. - 16” diameter


455. Vintage Pepsi and Teem Cardboard Lithograph Advertisement Sign, “Gifts for everyone with ‘Gift Seals’ under all Pepsi and Teem caps!” w/ gifts and caps pictures - 36” x 25” 456. Cetacolor Advertisement Tin Sign “Prevents Wash Goods From Fading” 36” x 24” 457. Large Light-Up Gambling Paddle Wheel w/ large cast-iron and painted wood matching stand, ornate metal and mirror star design, good condition, H.C. Evans & Co., Chicago, Ill., c1918 - 56”diameter


458. Schlitz Beer On Draught Glass Advertisement Sign in Fancy Frame, No. 191, “The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous” - 18” x 14” 459. Original Early Girlie Mutoscope Reel, featuring risque dancing lady, Subject No. G7686 Inter. Muto. Reel Co., N.Y.C., c1920s 460. Black Butler Figural Cast-Iron Smoking Stand w/ brass ashtray and matches - 35”h Lot-455

Lot-456 Lot-459




Lot-457 Lot-455


January 19th 2013




461. Lot Of 2 Self Service Gas Station Tin Flange Signs: Black Marble Base, cowboy has been bucked off of horse, “Pay Attendant Inside Before Pumping Gas - Thank You engraved “Remington” - 24”h - No Smoking Stop Motor Before Filling Tank”, May Advertising - Box 161789 - Fort Worth, TX 76161 - 1998 - 14” x 11” each X-rated scenes 462. Mobilgas Round Porcelain Sign, featuring pegasus logo, good condition - 12” diameter 467. Nude Lady Oil Painting On Canvas Signed Y.Jimmy, in Wood Frame - 45” x 33” 463. Lot Of 3 Misc. Alcohol Advertisement Prints: 1 Schlitz Beer raisin board - 24” x 36”, 1 - COORS Beer 468. 25 Cent Victor Vending Floor Golfball Vending Maraisin board - 24” x 36” & 1 - Wunder Brewing Co. print chine on Base w/ Golfballs, Victor Vending Corp. Chiin frame - 24” x 36” cago 39, Ill., c1940s, Restored w/ keys 464. “Bronco Buster” Contemporary Countertop Frederic Remington Bronze Figural Cowboy On Horse Statue on Black Marble Base, horse on hind legs, engraved “Remington” - 24”h

469. 5 Cent Pace MFG. “Saratoga” Horse Race Console Slot Machine, c1941

470. Large Vintage Coca Cola Cardboard Advertisement Sign, c1949, “Refreshment!” in nice condition, in frame 465. “Wicked Pony” Contemporary Countertop Bronze - 32” x 53” Frederic Remington Cowboy & Horse Figural Statue on






January 19th 2013




471. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Diamond Front Halftop Slot Machine, chrome detailing, c1939, w/ key

477. 5 Cent Bally MFG. Co. Model 742A “Lightning” Slot Machine, 3-Reel Electromechanical, c1961, marquee top sign has broken glass, sides have white w/ gold star detailing, w/ key

472. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Extra Bell Slot Machine in blue w/ silver leaf, c1946, w/ key

478. 25 Cent Bally MFG. Co. Model 955-1 Slot Machine 473. Lot Of 2 Painted Wood Vintage Movie Theatre w/ top light, 3-Reel 5-Coin 5-Line Electromechanical, Marquee/Display Window Advertisement Window Style c1961, w/ key Frames w/ keys - each 36” x 59” 479. Early National Treadle Sewing Machine on Wheels, 474. Coors Extra Gold Draft Beer Embossed Plastic manual treadle table machine w/ mahogany cabinet and Light-Up Wall Mount Sign, Magnalight L910517702 by original cover, iron legs and pedal, works, rare, c1860s Thomas A. Schutz Co. - 26” x 19” 38”h 475. Miller Genuine Draft Cold-Filtered Beer Neon Curved Plastic Wall Mount Sign - 24” x 14”

480. Ferrari Advertisement Poster Print in Frame, “decisions, decisions” featuring nude woman’s outline, wine bottle, and Ferrari car w/ similar shapes - 30” x 24”

476. 25 Cent Bally MFG. Co. Golden Nugget Gambling Hall Tall Case Slot Machine, Model 873 3-Reel 5-Coin 5-Line Electromechanical, c1960s, w/ key












January 19th 2013

481. Early Cast-Iron Column Stand/Base, nicely restored in black w/ gold pinstriping - 28”h 482. Early Enterprise MFG. Co Machine No. 71 Red Electric Countertop Coffee Grinder, serviced and running, all original w/ pinstriping detail, c1920s, Serial no. 28410 483. Early Art Deco Compact Commercial/Store Electric Countertop Porcelain Coffee Grinder w/ multiple settings, good condition, nicely restored in blue w/ striping detail 484. Floor Model Barbershop Pole Trade Sign Display, porcelain column on wood base w/ milk glass globe, has been repainted - approx. 91”h 485. Early “Tiny Tot” Cast-Iron Cylindrical Heater Stove, MFG by Fatsco 400, Benton Harbor, Mich. - 27”h 486. Lot Of 2 C.M. Russell Cowboy/Western Prints in Matching Carved Wood Frames - 39” x 27” each


487. Lot Of 2 Matching Streamline Art Deco Furniture Items: 1- Pink Velvet Art Deco Style 3-Seat Sofa & 1 - Matching Pink Clubchair, black wood striped detailing on stylized armrests of both pieces


488. Antique L.C. Smith 12-Gauge Double Barrel Shotgun w/ brown leather design zipper case w/ handle, Serial No. 9741 Armor Steel by Hunter Arms Co. Makers, Fulton, N.Y., engraved wood, 32” barrel, c1919 489. Early Black Cast-Iron and Wood Wall Mount Clock w/ Pendulum, round porthole face w/ Roman numerals, American Clock Company w/ instructions inside, w/ key - 15”h 490. Metal Art Deco Theater Ticket Stub Holder/Drop Box, from theater lobby w/ slot at top for taking tickets, locking cabinet, and pull-out schedule of shows for The Music Theatre of Southern California 15th Anniversary Season - 40”h

Lot-483 Lot-485







January 19th 2013


491. Countertop Cast-Iron 10-Part Dice Popping Game w/ 8 red and green dice, 10 glass cups, Dependable Enterprises 388 Newell St. Barberton, Ohio

497. Early White Standard Computing Barrel Scale, The Standard Computing Scale Co. Detroit, Mich. “The World’s Best”

492. Early Ornate Cast-Iron Wedgewood Oak No. 11 498. Vintage Westinghouse Type HCZ Impedance Relay Parlor Stove, Jas. Graham MFG. Co. San Francisco & Newark - 32”h 499. Coin-op Wurlitzer Wall Box Model 3020 Remote Jukebox Selector, goes w/ model 1015 jukebox, 24 selec493. 25 Cent Candy Floor Model Metal Column Red tions, c1946 Vending Machine, crank on side of machine rotates through selections 500. Oak & Leaded Glass Soda Fountain Backbar, mirrored w/ column side panels (beveled mirrors on side 494. Large Stuffed Raised Fabric Giraffe Wall Art Picture panels) and backlit stained glass detail, marble counter- 72” x 48” hanging shades, “Drink Coca-Cola” circular glass sign on 495. Large Stuffed Raised Fabric Tyrannosaurus Rex center mirror - 10 ft. wide x 9 ft. high, 20” deep Wall Art Picture - 72” x 48” 496. Early Kelvin & Hughes Ship’s Binnacle No. 72908, wood w/ brass hood, cast-iron navigator balls and ten inch dry compass card, Made in Great Britain, good condition - 57”h





Lot-499 Lot-492





January 19th 2013


501. Original Lifesize Coca-Cola Policeman School Crossing Guard Display, large metal police cut-out w/ “Slow 15 MPH - School” sign on embossed metal “Drink Coca-Cola” base - 77”h 502. 5 Cent Bally MFG Co. “Double Up” Console Slot Machine, c1947, w/ keys 503. Early Koken Barbershop Foot Rest, Cast-Iron on Wood Base 504. Man and Horse Pastoral Oil On Canvas Painting in Gold Frame, from the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino,

Lot-508 Lot-510

Auctions - 39” x 28” 505. “Charlotte Bannister” #4722 Portrait Oil On Canvas Painting in Gold Frame, on back states it is from the 18th Floor of the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Authenticity from McManus Auctions - 45” x 37” 506. “The Hondecoeter Peacock” Oil on Canvas Painting in Gold Frame, reproduction of the 18th century original by Hondecoeter, who features peacocks and other exotic animals in a classic setting, from the Golden x 52.5” Auctions McManus from cate of Authenticity 38.5”

Lot-504 Lot-506

507. Lifesize Wood Painted Ronald McDonald Advertisement Display on Cone Base, mounted on pole, Ronald is posed in wave w/ french fry container - 78”h 508. Early Small Cast-Iron “Security Deposit” Combination Lock Safe w/ combination instructions - 5”h 509. Lot Of 2 Western Style Prints in Frames: 1 - Pony Express print, Originally painted by Frederic Remingand Going of the Pony Express” by Russell, published by Aaron Ashley Inc., Yonkers, N.Y. - 30” x 23” & 1 C.M. Russell, Indians hunting buffalo print, copyright The Trigg - C.M. Russell Foundation, Inc. - 31” x 27”

Lot-503 Lot-505

510. Large Double-Sided Painted Self-Framed Wood Slot Machine “Bandits” Sign, depicts 3-Reel cherry slot - 48” x 36”h, 2 part sign w/ hanging attachable painted wood double-sided sign “By Appt Only 477-9235” - 48” x 7”

Lot-509 Lot-502 Lot-507 Lot-501

January 19th 2013


511. Early British Jofeh-Kirby Model C Note Changer for 10 and 20 shillings in wood case, changes paper money notes to coins, No. 373 London Automatic Machine Co. Ltd., c1900, rare, original condition w/ keys 512. Five Star Final Tabletop Pinball-style Game w/ Directions, wood w/ glass display 513. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Cross Diamond Hightop Slot Machine w/ Front Double Mint Vendor, original condition, c1933 514. Early Alexandra Cast-Iron Bathroom Scale w/ Circular Glass Number Display, “Not legal for use in Trade”, 11”w x 8”h


515. Lot Of 7 Gambling Related Items: 3 - “GRAND JACKPOTS” plastic casino slot machine island marquee - 34” x 7” & 4 - renderings of different casinos 516. Molded Resin Painted Figural Wine Chef Statue w/ sign on pole w/ box - 36”h



517. Abbey Triple Vendor 3 Candy Dispensers on 1 Red Cast-Iron Stand w/ candy product, Abbey MFG. Co. St. Louis & Los Angeles, U.S.A., pull-out lever w/ scoops for candy 518. Early Painted Cast-Iron Tabletop Manual Book Press, Wheel operated - 14”h 519. Coca-Cola “Sign Of Good Taste” Self-Framed Tin Sign, 008 Made In U.S.A., Robertson 3-60 - 54” x 17”


520. Lot Of 2 Advertisement Prints in Frames: 1 - Flor De Pauline Hall Havana Cigars Advertisement, Manufactured by Heyman Bros. & Lowenstein, New York, featuring lady and musical instruments - 24” x 21” & 1 - Warner’s Safe Nervine Advertisement “Warner’s Safe Pills Have No Equal”, featuring woman slaying tiger 24” x 32”







January 19th 2013


Skill Game by Gottlieb, D. & Co., c1931, w/ key 522. Alexander Calder Gambling Lithograph in Frame

526. Lot Of 2 “Rio Rita” Sheet Music & Sheet Music Cover in Frames, c1926, from the Florenz Ziegfeld Musical - each 23” x 16”

527. Ronald McDonald Lifesize Figural Plastic Flange the January 1975 issue of Derriere le Miroir by Galerie Stand-Up Display - 66”h Maeght in Paris, France - 31” x 25” 528. William Marvy Co. Series Model 88 Barbershop - Pole Trade Sign on Wood Mount w/ milkglass globe and bulb - approx. 41”h “Sixieme Biennale de Peinture” - 36” x 30” 529. Pair of Matching Wooden Schlitz Beer Chairs 524. Pepsin Punch A. Asti Advertisement Sign in Ornate Frame, featuring portrait of a pretty lady by A. Asti, 5 530. Budweiser Clydesdale Light Up Bar Sign w/ Box Cents - The Ideal Soda-Fount Beverage” by Star MFG. Display Horse Figures “World Champion Clydesdale Co. Dallas, Texas, folded tin mounts on top and bottom, Team” in metal framing - 52” x 17” w/ some tearing - 22” x 28” 525. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Co. Yellow Front War Eagle “Silent” Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, Contemporary (original made c1931) w/ keys

Lot-530 Lot-526





Lot-527 Lot-529 Lot-528


January 19th 2013


531. Lot Of Early Barber Shop Items/Accessories Including: razor blades, shaving whisks, Koken Made “URANUS” leather razor belt, etc. w/ fancy carved and painted black and gold frame - 43” x 54” 532. Lot Of 7 Early Barber Shop Glass Containers: 1 frosted light blue decanter w/ stopper, 3 - clear glass w/ 537. Lot Of 3 Vintage Countertop Wood Case Tube Rapour spouts, 2 - milk glass “WATER” & “Witch Hazel” dios: 1 - Zenith, model 6D2615, 1 - Philco, model 40-155 w/ pour spouts & 1 - milk glass “CREAM” w/ tin lid & 1 - Motorola 533. Contemporary Lucky Ladies Blackjack Gambling Table w/ ship-themed felt layout on wood claw foot two leg base w/ lockbox, w/ Six Card Charlie’s gaming chips/tokens, Galaxy Gaming Corporation, c1998, some wear w/ keys - table 68” x 40”

538. Exhibit Supply Co. Cast-Iron and Wood Penny Arcade Machine Base Stand, used for tabletop model machines, ornate cast-iron detail, rare - 34”h

539. Lot Of 2 Carnival Wheels: 1 - Wood wall mount gaming wheel, red, numbered - 30” diameter & 1 - Ta534. “BARBER SHOP” Double Sided Porcelain Sign, bletop lazy susan gambling wheel painted numbered & c1930s - 24” x 12” lettered to denote playing cards, circular pockets around wheel edges - 22” diameter 535. Lot Of 5 Antique Milk Glass Containers: 2 - powder shakers marked “JHK” on bottom, 1 - Larkin Cold 540. Lot Of 2 items: 1 - “Private” scalloped glass on tin Cream w/ tin lid, 1 - Harriet Hubbard w/ tin lid & 1 - sign - 9” x 3” & 1 - Wall mount black rotary pay telePOND’S Co. w/ tin lid phone - 18”h

Lot-531 Lot-537




Lot-535 Lot-540


Lot-539 Lot-538


January 19th 2013

541. Vintage Wood & Glass Movie Theatre Wall Movie Advertisement Display Bulletin Board - 25” x 37” 542. Vintage AMF Fire Chief Car No. 503 Child’s Red Pedal Car w/ working bell, all original, By AMF Olney, Illinois U.S.A. - 34” long


543. Lot Of 3 Small Tin Wall Thermometer Signs: 1 - Standard Oil sign featuring torch picture, “Home Heating Oils with Sta-Clean”, Made in U.S.A., SP1545 - 3” x 11.5”, 1 - “Texaco Petroleum Products - Zoellick Oil Company 56 Glen Lake Avenue Roselle-Illinois Phone Lawrence 9-9561” - 4” x 13” & 1 - Standard Fuel Oils, Standard Oil Co., Made In U.S.A., AD4205 - 3” x 11.5”


544. Lot Of 2 Round Advertisement Wall Thermometers: 1 - GM Parts Taylor - 18”d & 1 - Sparkling Rock Spring Water & Beverages - 12”d Lot-549

545. Lifesize Painted Carved Wood Soldier on Round Base - 73”h 546. Antique Oak Child’s Rocking/Hobby Horse, c1900s 547. Tropicana Blackjack Bonanza Tournament May 1985 Champion Trophy on Wood Base w/ Plaque - 19.5”h 548. Lot Of 5 Pinball & Assorted Vintage Games: Including “Congo Bongo” by Wolverine Supply & MFG Co., Pittsburgh, Pa., “Bank Shot” & “Checkers” Double-sided game w/ instructions, “Adventures in Space” by Northwestern Products Co. St. Louis, Mo., “Trap-’em-Alive” by Gotham Pressed Steel Corp. New York & “Poosh-M-Up Jr 4-gamesin-1 by Northwestern Products Co. St.Louis, Mo.


549. Lot Of 6 Sands Casino Show Advertisement Boards: 1 - Bob Newhart w/ Laine Kazan in the Celebrity Theatre w/ picture, 1 - John Pinette in the Copa Room w/ picture, 1 - Elayne Boosler, “The First Lady of Stand Up Comedy” in the Celebrity Theatre w/ picture, 1 - George Wallace, 1995 Best Stand Up Comedian” in the Celebrity Theatre w/ picture, 1 - Richard Lewis in the Copa Room w/ picture & 1 - Lee Greenwood in the Copa Room w/ picture - 22” x 28” each




January 19th 2013




551. Carved Oak Ornate Double Slot Machine Stand 557. Hop-A-Long Cassidy Die-Cut Embossed Tin Sign w/ fancy cast-iron detail, MFG. by Mill, Inc., Walker J. - 35” x 34” Boudwin, Pres. Reno. Nev. - 39” x 17” x 37”h 558. Brass Tabletop Rayo Lamp w/ Green Glass Shade 552. Very Large 4-Section Carved Golden Oak Barber- - 18”h shop Backbar w/ Column Detail By T. Noonan & Co. Boston Designers & Manufacturers, w/ 5 oak 2-drawer 559. Miller Beer Proudly Salutes Paul R. Tregurtha Ships stations w/ marble tops, brass towel racks and knobs, of the Great Lakes Oval Mirror Sign in Rope Frame w/ ship specs and picture of ship - 32” x 23” hardware - approx. 17’ long x 9’ high 560. Lot Of 6 Items: 1 - Silver Slipper watch in case, 1 Frontier Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Nevada key chain, 1 3 slot machines and ledge - 57” x 16” x 36”h - Glass gambling scene paperweight, 1 - Reno belt buckle in case, 1 - Wells Frago Collectible Commemorative star 554. Early Ornate Folding Fireplace Screen - 34”h badge, “Wells Fargo Agent” pin in box & 1 - “Jackpot” miniature game in box w/ small plastic 3-Reel machine 555. Lot Of 2 Figural Brass Duck Statues and red, white, and blue chips by ThinkFun 556. The Torsion Balance Co. Style 251 Countertop Balance Scale, wood base w/ clear display box, Pat. 1891 w/ State of California seal 1951


Lot-559 Lot-555 Lot-554








January 19th 2013

561. Early Leather Pouch w/ Gun Cleaning Tools 562. Green Cast-Iron Pedestal Sundial - 32”h 563. Cast-Iron Ornate Bronze Naked Woman Magazine Rack/Holder 564. Chicago Coin’s Goalee Ice Hockey Skill Arcade Game Glass Front Sign (Glass Only) featuring hockey goalee, c1945, “Lots of Fun...A Game of Skill” - 28” x 18” 565. Pair Of Living Room Table Lamps in beige and black w/ original shades, good condition, c1960s - 35” h each 566. Lot Of 2 Steel Black Folding Slot Machine Stands


567. LaChoy Chinese Food Rickshaw Store Advertisement Display, Merriplay - The Goshen Manufacturing Company, Goshen, Indiana, painted blue & yellow, made of wood & metal w/ working wheels, childsize - 56”long x 41”h 568. Carved Oak End Table w/ Bottom Shelf, used as base/stand for trade stimulators - 20” x 20” x 29”h 569. Funk’s Hybrid Farm Double-Sided Tin Box Sign, “Booth Service & Farm Supply - Hybrid Corn & Sorghum Alfalfa & Formulas Soybeans” w/ corn picture 48” x 24” 570. Lot Of 2 Matching Claw-Foot Slot Machine Table Stands, black painted ornate metal bases w/ wood tabletops - 18” x 18” x 33”h each

Lot-564 Lot-569 Lot-570


Lot-568 Lot-567

Lot-566 Lot-562

January 19th 2013



571. Early Hotel Lobby Glass & Metal Spinning Advertisement Display w/ early advertisements, looks to be from an early hotel in Chicago - approx. 57”h 572. Kodascope Master Rewind and Kodascope Universal Splicer by Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester N.Y. w/ instructional booklets

577. Lot Of 6 Vintage Kodak Cameras and Camera Model 1 for 8mm camera w/ close up lens & lens mount, extension easel, and brownie movie titler assortment, in original box, 1 - Kodak Brownie 8mm Movie Camera Brownie Camera in original box w/ instruction booklet,

573. Large Oak 4 Slot Machine Stand w/ Large Carved - Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20 Camera & 1 - Kodak BakeLegs - 20” x 66” x 26”h lite Baby Brownie Special Camera, all by Eastman Kodak Co. Rochester, N.Y. 574. Miller Beer Light Up Advertisement Wall Clock, “Brewed with the Finest Barley Malt and Only the Best 578. Tabletop Wood and Brass Roulette Wheel w/ Ball Part of Select Hops”, Item #OANQ700 TA 92, Miller 19” diameter Brewing Company, Milwaukee, WI USA - 12”w x 24”h 579. Painted Paper Mache Juggling Clown Display w/ 575. Drink Coca Cola Light Up Box Sign w/ silver paint- glitter detail - 28”h ed wood frame - 25” x 8” x 5” 576. 1952 Masonic Black & White Panoramic Photograph in Frame w/ Eisenhower Seat Ticket Card, Reception & “United States Air Force September 18, 1947” - 24” x 20” Dance in Honor of Renah F. Camalier, Grand Master of Masons of D.C. December 13, 1952, Speaker Dwight Eisenhower - 37” x 10”



Lot-572 Lot-576

Lot-580 Lot-579


Lot-574 Lot-573 Lot-571


January 19th 2013


581. Lot Of 2 Red Pressed Steel Wyandotte Toy Automobiles

587. Oak Slot Machine Stand w/ nude casting on front door - 19” x 17” x 36”h

582. Oak Slot Machine Stand w/ Mills Owl on Front w/ 588. Lot Of 2 Vintage Metal “KIDDIE WALKER” key - 17” x 17” x 34”h Strollers c1940s by Oak Hill Company Fitchburg, MASS., both in original condition 583. Vintage Wall Mount Wood Display Cabinet w/ glass display door and 6 shelves w/ key - 28” x 42” x 3” deep 589. Lot Of 5 Early Advertisement Items: 1 - Pluto Water spinning top, 1 - Little Imps The American Confec584. Lot Of 2 Prints Featuring Kids & Dogs in Frames: 1 tion Co. breath pellet dispenser, 1 - Quentin’s Breath of - J.D. Martin embossed, die-cut cardboard advertisement Violets breath pellet holder, 1 - Smoke Banner Cigars print - 16” x 22” & 1 - Blue Boy w/ dog - 27” x 31” dice shaker w/ 3 small dice & 1 - Red Seal Lye Cleanser pocket mirror 585. “Antelopes In The Matopas” By Terry Frost c’93 Poster Print, numbered in pencil p/p 05/50, in frame - 590. Large Lot Of Small “How To” Gambling Books, 36” x 50” including Blackjack, Roulette, Keno, Video Poker, Slot Machines, Craps, etc. from the “Learn to Play Learn to 586. Large Pool/Billiards 2-Door Cue Cabinet w/ Rack Win” Series by Reno Tahoe Specialty, Inc., Tahoe City, on Matching Bench Stand w/ 2 Pool Cues, carved and Ca. painted wood w/ gold detailing, framed chalkboard inhardware included - approx. 86”h w/ stand

Lot-584 Lot-588


Lot-590 Lot-589

Lot-583 Lot-586 Lot-587


January 19th 2013


598. Lord Calvert Embossed Round Tin Plate Advertisement Sign, “Superb American Whiskey” featuring picture of Lord Calvert, By Calvert Distillers Co., N.Y.C. - 23” diameter

Railroad - 10”h & 1 - 3”h

592. Oak Cabinet w/ Double Doors and 2 Shelves on Wheels, doors roll open to either side, compartments w/ lids are on inside of doors, ornate brass handle - 23” x 599. Set Of Early Red Cast-Iron “Battle of Plattsburg 19” x 31”h Bay” Book-Ends, c1915, w/ Gerstle Mack “ToulouseLautrec” 1953 Biography Hardcover Book 593. Lot Of 3 Highly Carved Wood Column Fixtures 600. Lot Of Small Coca-Cola Items: 30 - plastic toy miniature Coca-Cola bottles - 1.5”h each, 1 - paper Coca594. Early The McCaskey System Cash Register and Fil- Cola miniature carrying case, 1 - plastic miniature CocaCola bottle crate - 2.5” x 3.5” & 1 - small Coca-Cola cage by The McCaskey Register Co., Alliance, Ohio, Pat. paper sample cup 1921 - 28” x 22” x 23”h 595. Lot Of 2 Chevrolet Hood Ornaments 596. Lot Of 13 Hardcover Baseball Legends Books: 1 - Ted Williams, 1 - Babe Ruth, 1 - Nolan Ryan, 1 Ty Cobb, 1 - Mickey Mantle, 1 - Duke Snider, 2 - Bob Gibson & 5 - Willie Mays, By Chelsea House Publishers, c1990s, all w/ introductions by Jim Murray & Senior Consultant Earl Weaver arettes in frame - 18” x 23” & 1 - Carlings Ale tin sign w/ cardboard backing - 20” x 13”













January 19th 2013

End of Session 1 Session 2 Begins 9:00 AM Sunday January 20,2013

601. Lot Of 2 Items: 1 - Master Pool Table Speaker Phone in box, MT1005 & 1 - Miniature metal & plastic “Roar with Gilmore” gas station pump w/ light-up battery-operated top sign by Old Tyme Reproductions Inc. “Circa 1920” - 21”h 602. Lot Of 2 Pressed Steel Wyandotte Toys, Toy dump trucks both in good original condition 603. Lot Of 2 Vintage Tin Toy Automobiles: 1 - Ford Mustang & 1 Battery operated Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud 604. “The Events” Painted Cast-Iron Mechanical Bank from The 1984 Selected By the U.S. Olympic Committee” - 10”h


605. Spelter Bust Statue of Woman “L’ Automne”, leaves and grape detail, bronze coloring - 12”h Lot-605

606. Vintage Large “WS” Sports/Cheerleading Bullhorn w/ Handle approx. 40” long 607. Lot Of 2 Western Toy Guitars in Original Boxes: 1 - Plastic Gene Autry No. 601 Cowboy Guitar by Emenee Musical Toys w/ plastic chord selector & 1 - Cardboard and wood Roy Rogers Guitar by Range Rhythm Toys


608. Energizer Batteries Bunny Plastic Figural Countertop Advertisement Display, featuring the Energizer Bunny w/ drum - 20”h 609. Lot Of 3 Model/Toy Automobiles: 1 - Peterbilt 379 Hot Rigz Diecast Metal Jada Toys tractor trailer truck in original box #23161 - 25” long, 1 - Anson Metal Series 1947 Cadillac Series 62 on plastic base 12” long & 1 - 1955 Packard Caribbean - 6” long 610. 1 Cent Countertop Dandy Vender “Tavern” 3-Reel Gumball Vendor Trade Stimulator, c1935, by Groetchen Tool & MFG. Co. w/ keys


Lot-609 Lot-608



Lot-607 Lot-602

January 20th 2013












611. 1 Cent Countertop Baseball Flipball Skill Game Trade Stimulator by Pace MFG. Co. Chicago, Ill., c1930s, “1 Cent for 5 Hits/Balls” w/ keys Contemporary 612. Uncle Sam Cast-Iron Figural Reproduction HandPainted Bank - 11”h 613. Lot Of 2 Occident Flour Signs: 1 - “The Manufacture of Wheat Flour” tin hanging sign w/ cardboard and Flour Exhibit” informational sign in frame, “Costs More - Worth It” both by Russell-Miller Milling Co. - 14” x 9” each 614. Lot Of 3 Marble Swirl-Design Screw-On Knobs: 1 Red and white, 1 - Blue and white & 1 - Orange and white 615. Lot Of 2 Coin-Operated Countertop Vending Machines: 1 - Curtis Products in yellow & 1 - Topper Gumball Machine, c1950, w/ cracked glass in orange

617. Coin-op Vintage Countertop Green Cast-Iron Advance No. 4 Gumball Vending Machine w/ correct original baseplate, Advance Machine Co. of Chicago, c1920, w/ lock & keys 618. Plastic Light-Up Tuborg Beer Cash Register Sign w/ Clock, Tuborg Breweries Ltd. & Display Corporation International - 10” x 5” 619. Lot Of 2 Vintage Pictures in Frames: 1 - Norman Rockwell “Soap Box Racer” pencil drawing for Mutual Life Insurance Company - 17” x 20” & 1 - 1957 Pontiac Tri-Power Advertisement, “Pontiac engineered the biggest news in V8 history!” featuring golfers w/ car - 12” x 15” 620. Lot Of 2 1950s Motif Countertop Radios: 1 - Jukebox CD Player and AM/FM Radio by Nostalgia Classics w/ owner’s manual & 1 - “Randix” ‘57 Chevrolet Cassette Player and AM/FM Radio

616. Engraved Tusk w/ Art By Nuguruk, featuring canoe following ship by glacier, not Ivory 66 January 20th 2013

621. Mata Ortiz Style - Lucie Soto Corrugato Fine Line Painted, - 4”d top x 10”d middle x 10”h 622. Lot Of 2 Rose Bowl Items in Frames: 1 - Rose Bowl Football Game 1938 Ticket In Double-Sided Frame - 7” x 5” (in frame) & 1 - Tournament of Roses, Rose Bowl Police Pass, January 1, 1937 in Frame - 11” x 9” (in frame) 623. “The Art of Walt Disney: From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdoms” Book By Christopher Finch and published in 1973 by Harry N. Abrams, Inc. New York, some repair to outer plastic cover Lot-621

624. Lot Of 25 Assorted Metal Belt Buckles and 1 Brown Leather Belt, includes brass, Coca-Cola, slot machine, stones, coins, guns, western, Barnum & Bailey, etc. themes 625. Speedball Pen Tip Wood and Glass Countertop Store Display Case w/ Assorted Pen Tips Inside, angled front - 16” x 9” x 6”h Lot-622

626. Valley Forge Beer Figural Hand Countertop Advertisement Display w/ Bottle - 13”h 627. Sunbeam Bread Embossed Self-Framed Tin Advertisement Sign, “For Freshness’ Sake” featuring little girl eating bread, Copyright Quality Bakers of America Cooperative, Inc. 583-E, Printed in U.S.A., Stout Sign Co. 2-69 - 30” x 12” 628. Lot Of 8 Collector Plates: 1 - No. 6253D “Catherine and Heather” limited edition Mother’s Day Plate for 1987 in frame, pigment and 18k gold by Edna Hibel, china by Edwin M. Knowles, Society of America Knowles China Norman Rockwell Plates: 1 No. S10703 “Waiting at the Dance” in frame, 1 - No. 4476P “Making Believe at the Mirror”, 1 - No. 13736C “Waiting on the Shore” in frame, 1 - No. 18714B “Flirting in the Parlor” in frame, 1 - No. 10956V “Pondering on the Porch” in frame, 1 - No. 19915A “Meeting on the Porch” in frame, & 1 - No. 8825J “Standing in the Doorway” in frame


629. Wooden Wall Mount Pen Top Advertising Buttons Display, Alexander Manufacturing Company Acrylux Process ASI 34040 - 7” x 5” Lot-628



Lot-623 Lot-626


January 20th 2013


630. Vintage Mr. Dudley International Small Countertop Wheel Coffee Grinder, Cast-Iron Wheel on Wood Base w/ Drawer - 12”h 631. 1 Cent Basketball Gumball Vending Machine by Victor Vending Corp., “Snapball”, c1950s, w/ key 632. Red Horse Cigars Cast-Iron Wall Mount or Countertop Round Advertisement Clock, “Since 1897 Meece Bros” - 7” diameter Lot-633

633. Orban Lumber Co. Porcelain Sign - 29” x 17” 634. Lot Of 2 Vintage Tin Lunch Boxes: 1 - “Little House On The Prairie”, c1978, w/ thermos & 1 - “The Beverly Hillbillies” w/ thermos 635. Walt Disney’s “DAVY CROCKETT At The Alamo” Tin Lunch Box, c1955, by ADCO, no thermos 636. Coin-Op “De-Luxe Vender” Gumball Vendor Countertop Trade Stimulator w/ gumballs by Garden City Novelty Co., c1933, w/ keys 637. Vintage “SATCO” No. 686-AC Electric Coin Sort Machine by Sattley Company Detroit, MICH., on movable 4-wheel stand/cart 638. Early White Countertop Detect-O-Gram Balance Scale w/ Assorted Weights by Jacob Bros. Scales, New York


Lot-634 Lot-635


Lot-636 Lot-637



January 20th 2013


639. “64 Hit” 25-Cent Folding Punchboard w/ blue and red crown seals, form 1028 640. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Vest Pocket Slot Machine, c1938 641. Antique “Father John’s Medicine” Die-Cut Easel Back Advertisement Display Sign - 11” x 15”

645. Vintage Soda Fountain Countertop Hamilton Beach Drink Master Single Malt/Shake Mixer, green porcelain & chrome w/ aluminum mixing cup 646. 5 Cent Countertop Wood & Glass “The Fairest Wheel #2” Trade Stimulator, c1900s, by Decatur Fairest Wheel Works, Decatur, ILL.

647. Lot Of 2 Vintage Gaming Items in Frames: 1 - 1945 642. Bear Wheel Alinement Balancing Service Die-Cut Original State of Nevada County of Douglas No. 211 Porcelain Sign, featuring bear - 18” x 26” Gambling License In Frame - 10” x 8” & 1 - Display of 2 Signed Beldon Katleman (owner) Hotel El Rancho Las 643. Large Lot Of Collectors Books and Magazines, in- Vegas checks, dated 1960, Hotel El Rancho letter, and 2 cluding “For Amusement Only” by Thomas Gustwiller, El Rancho Vegas swizzle sticks in frame - 9” x 12” Auction catalogs, Slot machine parts & instruction manuals, etc. 644. Vintage Smith Miller “Smitty Toys” Toy Truck w/ “Veedol Motor Oil” decal - 14” long


Lot-639 Lot-645 Lot-642



Lot-640 Lot-643

January 20th 2013



648. Miniature Vintage “Petite Roulette” Game in Box Case, German game complete w/ small roulette wheel w/ ball, instructions, and paper layout, Spiel-Regel bzw. Einsatz-Moglichkeitan - wheel has 3” diameter 649. Mason Numbered Gaming Rolling Wooden Chuck Log - 4” diameter, 6”h 650. Jacob’s Ladder-Style Sleeve Card Hold-Out w/ Samuel Hart & Co. N.Y. Playing Card, straps to arm and shoots card out when stretch arm 651. Wood and Felt Hazard Dice Drop Horn w/ 3 Green Dice, circa early 1900s - 7”h 652. Lot Of 4 Oversized Filled Liquor Bottles from Liberace’s Bar: 1 - 1 gallon Jim Beam Whisky bottle, 1 - Canadian Club Whisky bottle - 19”h, 1 - Seagram’s V.O. Canadian Whisky bottle - 19”h & 1 - 1 gallon Black & White Buchanan’s Blended Scotch Whisky in brass bottle holder 653. The Round-Up Paper Cigar Label Sign in Frame, featuring Westic Co., N.Y. - 10”w x 8”h


654. “The Sergeant” Remington Western Bronze Bust Statue on Green Marble Base w/ Plaque, inscribed “Copyright by Frederic Remington” - 12”h 655. “Army” Pot Metal Figural Statue, featuring Civil War era army man w/ gun - 13”h 656. Seagram’s VO Canadian Light Up Figural Clock w/ Tag by United wood base in original mailing box - 19.5” x 10”h Lot-652





Lot-650 Lot-651 Lot-649


January 20th 2013

657. Lot Of 2 Chinese Opera Marionette Dolls, handpainted wood w/ fancy sequin & jewel clown costumes, circa late 1800s/early 1900s

662. Squirt Die-Cut Porcelain Advertisement Sign featuring little boy and bottle, “Just Call Me Squirt”, Excellent condition - 16” x 10”

658. Lot Of 3 Cast-Iron Mechanical Reproduction Banks: 1 - Painted William Tell Countertop Machanical Bank, 1 - Punch and Judy Countertop Mechanical Bank & 1 - Painted Clown on Ball Countertop Mechanical Bank, clown spins and does handstand

663. Lot Of 4 Smoking Items: 1 - Bank Note Cigar Box w/ cigars, Factory No. 417 1st Dist. PA., 1 - Package Match Co. Tacoma, Wash., “Use Dependable Matches”, 1 - Pack of Vintage Lucky Strike Cigarettes, unopened

659. 10 Cent Havana Favorite Cigar Vending Machine Case in Wood Case, featuring pinup girl, “Handmade Quality Cigars”, Monarch Tool & MFG. Co. Covington, Ky. w/ 664. Brunhoff MFG. “Lawrence Barrett Havana Cikey gars” No. 216 Pelican Cast-Iron Countertop Cigar Cutter, T. Rosenbaum & Co. Distrs. Boston 660. 10 Cent Hershey’s Chocolate 1 Column Sheet Metal Wall Mount Vending Machine w/ keys 661. Lot Of 3 Gambling Related Items: 2 - Bakelite Green Circular Catalin Chip Caddies w/ Poker Chips: 1 - Bronze handle and playing cards included - 10” diameter & 1 - Slot for playing cards w/ red dice included - 8” diameter & 1 - Miniature Mahogany Rouletted Wheel, Made in Germany - 12.5” diam









January 20th 2013


665. Nestle’s Hot Chocolate Countertop Electric Beverage Warmer and Display w/ Pot, Magic Whirl Hot Chocolate & Beverage Dispenser Model HC-11A, Jet Spray Cooler, Inc., “Enjoy Hot Nestle’s Delicious Chocolate Flavor” w/ tin snowman picture sign and coffee mug

671. Windy The Clown “The Magic Helium Dispenser” in case w/ wheels, by Automatic Helium Balloon System, Inc. Beverly Hills, Calif., touch wand to clown’s hat and x 34”h

666. Figural Countertop Carved Jade Japanese Woman 672. Lot Of 2 Countertop Clocks: 1 - Carstairs White with Fan Statue - 11”h Seal Whiskey Figural Advertisement Display Clock, featuring seal w/ red balancing ball, Carstairs Bros. Distill667. Drink Coca Cola Double-Sided Porcelain Flange ing Company, Baltimore, Md. - 15”h & 1 - White Metal Sign, “Enjoy That Refreshing New Feeling” - 18”w x 15”h Enamel Alarm Clock, Westclox, La Salle, Ill. U.S.A. - 5”h 668. Lot Of 11 Assorted Colorful Wood Carnival Canes, 673. Marx No. 4925 Stream Line Electrical Train by Louapprox. 36”h each is Marx & Co., Inc. Girard, Pennsylvania, Steam Type w/ remote control, 6 car train w/ tracks, power lines, and 669. Vintage Countertop Figural Bronze Alligator Cig- transformer, in original box arette and Match Holder, top of alligator opens, “cigarettes” and “matches” embossed labeled compartments in alligator belly 670. Wooden Wind-Up Musical Box Toilet Paper Holder, Joe Grein & J. Pahls Retail Store, sticker on back - 8” x 5”

Lot-671 Lot-665


Lot-672 Lot-666 Lot-668




January 20th 2013

674. “BARTHOLOMAY - Rochester, NY. Beers, Ales & Porter” 675. April 1st, 1934 The Humboldt Times Complete Original Newspaper w/ “Dillinger Outshoots Police” Headline 676. Early Coin-Op Wooden Countertop Matchbox Dispenser 14”h 677. Ornate Pewter Cigar Cutter/Match Holder featuring Bird and Wishbone - 5”h 678. 10 and 5 Cent Postmaster U.S. Stamp Countertop Vending Machine, Postage Stampmasters Inc., La Grange, Illinois, w/ key


679. Lot Of Misc. Items: 1 - Plastic Countertop M&Ms Candy Dispenser, in shape of M&M, 1 - Small Painted Metal Policeman Figure, 1 - Vintage Tom’s Peanut Bucket by Continental Can Company, 1 - Coca-Cola Glass Strawholder w/ Straws, 1 - Kit Carson Stagecoach Set of Small Plastic Figures in Box, 1 - Death Valley Days Prod. No. 836 “Up the Chimney” 1968 TV Script, 1 - Monte Hale Western Comic Book, Vol. 12 No. 71, Apr. 1952, 1 - The “Perfec” Stereograph Pictures, H.C. White Co. featuring Automatic Car Lumper from Steel Works, Homestead, PA, on wood mount, 1 - The J.N. Ventriloquist Doll 7 Simple Steps to Ventriloquism” Instructional Paper Pamphlet, 1 - Autographed of Authenticity w/ neon borders - 36” x 12”



Lot-674 Lot-679



January 20th 2013



681. 1 Cent Penny King Delicious Ball Gum Red Countertop Gumball Vending Machine, Made for the Flatbush Gum Co. Brooklyn, N.Y., c1930s, restored w/ key 682. Porcelain Countertop Electric Hamilton Beach Malt Mixer, Vintage Number Thirty Drinkmaster, 4-Fold Aerator” w/ cup 683. 5 Cent Cast-Iron Gumball Vending Machine No. 12402 “5 cents here” w/ keys 684. Early Cast-Iron Uncle Remus Mechanical Bank, moving cops & robber scene, 136 685. Murray Atomic Missile Space Rocket Pedal Car - approx. 44” long Lot-684

686. Cast-Iron Creedmoor Mechanical Bank, Pat. 1875, “New Creedmoor Bank 1877” 687. Early Painted Metal Countertop Egg Dispenser, basket w/ chicken on top, container and lid only, no mechanism, c1897 - 24”h 688. Early Cast-Iron “Dinah” Countertop Mechanical Bank by John Harper & Co., c1911, place coin in her hand, push lever in back and she deposits the coin in her mouth while her eyes roll back 689. Lot Of 5 Vintage Knives, some in Leather Sheaths: 1 - Inscribed “USS 1944” U.S. Navy Robeson ShurEdge No. 20, 1 - Remington U.M.C. RH35 5 1/4, 1 - Folding utility pocket knife, 1 - Labash 1945 & 1 - unlabeled 12” long knife

Lot-687 Lot-689




Lot-682 Lot-683


January 20th 2013


690. Early Angldile Honest Weight Springless Scale by Angldile Computing Scale Co. Elkhart, IN USA, nicely restored w/ pinstriping and etched glass tray, light-up top sign

695. Lot Of 2 Early Glass Backbar Whiskey Bottles: 1 Old J.H. Cutter w/ cut glass stopper & 1 - Old Jefferson County circa late 1800s, Good condition

696. Lot Of 2 Early Glass Backbar Whiskey Bottles: 1 691. Early Cast-Iron Enterprise Independence Hall Tow- Bride of York & 1 - Old Metropolitan, Good condition er Mechanical Bank, “The Centennial Bank 1778-1878 - Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land - To All The 697. Ornate Carved Wood Victorian Prayer Bench w/ Inhabitants Thereof Built 1729”, painted red and gold lift-up seat compartment 692. Early Oak Bissell’s Carpet Sweeper Co. “CYCO” 698. Early Red-Painted Cast-Iron Wall Mount Faraday Ball Bearing Model Display Rack w/ “Perfection, Uni- Fire Alarm Box, “Open Door Pull Hook To Stop And versal & Grand Rapids” models, Factory Grand Rapids Let Go” - 5” x 8” MICH. USA., in nice original condition - 48”h 693. Lot Of 2 Early Glass Backbar Whiskey Bottles: 1 Kentucky Reserve & 1 - Emico Club Whiskey, neck has been repaired 694. Lot Of 2 Early Glass Backbar Whiskey Bottles: 1 Capitol Special & 1 - Bedford, Good condition







Lot-697 Lot-691

January 20th 2013



699. 1 Cent Acorn Countertop Gumball Vending Machine, blue cast-iron base w/ key

704. Antique Coin-Op “Roover Stamper” Name Plate Stamp Machine, c1901, by Roovers Bros. Inc. Brooklyn, NY., machine no. NP38187, cast-iron & oak case w/ key

700. United MFG. “DeLuxe Super Slugger” Baseball Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine, c1955. The run- 705. German The Two Merchants Hanging Cardboard ning man unit uses mini 3-dimensional rubber men, 3 Sign, “I Sold On Credit! I Sold For Cash Only!” featurbat speeds, super home run hole & 3 home run deck lev- ing poor man and rich man, No. 11359 - 17” x 13” els, plays up to 3 innings. Many consider this to be the greatest of all post-war pitch & bat games, set on free 706. Rare Fancy Embossed Silveroin Gypsy Theme play mode, works, beautifully restored w/ key Match Safe, c1880 701. Vintage Countertop Marble Base Balance Scale 702. Hawata Plaster Indian Bust Statue - 20”h

707. Fancy Embossed Sterling Silver Victorian Nude Lady Match Safe, c1890

703. Antique Art Deco Hanging Slip Shade Chandelier Lamp w/ 5 frosted glass shades w/ bulbs, good condition, all original, c1910-20 - approx. 12”h


Lot-703 Lot-699


Lot-702 Lot-707

Lot-700 Lot-701



January 20th 2013

708. Large “Nipper” RCA Victor Plaster Figural Dog Statue, painted, fair condition - 39”h 709. 1 Cent Countertop “ELECTRICITY” Challenge Your Friends Shock Machine, battery operated w/ key 710. Popcorn Machine and Peanut Roaster by C. Cretors & Co., Chicago USA Serial No. 26088, nicely restored w/ pinstriping & etched glass 711. J LO Piano Child’s Motorcycle - approx. 49” long 712. Early Child’s Wooden Horse Pedal Tricycle


713. Three Penny Opera Poster Print in Frame, Vivian Beaumont Theater/Lincoln Center, featuring character w/ hat and cane, initialed “PD” - 46” x 23” 714. 10 Cent “Master” Prophlyactic Wall Mount Column Vending Machine w/ key Lot-714

715. Vintage Emerson Electric Type 625QH Brown Metal Countertop Oscillating Fan w/ copper blades by Emerson Electric, St. Louis Mo., good condition - 16”h 716. Gold-Painted Paper Mache Pig w/ Silver Glitter and Pink


717. Coin-Op Daval MFG. Co. “Bell Slide” Fruit 5-Reel Trade Stimulator, c1938, gumball vendor w/ key

Lot-715 Lot-716 Lot-709


Lot-708 Lot-710


January 20th 2013


718. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Half-Top “Golden Nugget” Slot Machine, c1947, w/ key 719. 5 Cent Pace “Delta Saloon” 3-Reel Open Front Slot Machine, c1960 720. Chuck-A-Luck Game Cage w/ 3 Dice and Green Felt Numbered 1-6 Layout - 21”h 721. Lot Of 2 S.S. Rex Ship Floating Casino Displays in Frame: 1 - Assorted S.S. Rex Casino Items, including poker chips, matchbooks, and dice in display frame - 11” x 9” & 1 - “World’s Greatest Casino” Poster Print w/ assorted matchbook/dice/chip label prints in frame - 20” x 16” 722. Wooden Circular Chip Caddy w/ 300 Mixed Gaming Tokens and Handle - 10”d

724. 1 & 2 Penny British Wall Mount Curve-Top Porcelain Front Chocolate Bar Vending Machine, nicely restored in maroon and black w/ supply of coins, w/ keys 725. Large Color Elvis Presley “It Happened at the World’s Fair” 1963 MGM Movie Poster, special advertisement poster on linen backing featuring Elvis on


condition), 1 of 5 known to exist - 40” x 60” (43” x 63” w/ linen) 726. Large Rare Color “Ocean’s 11” 1960 Warner Bros. Style Z Movie Poster, featuring Rat Pack’s Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and Angie Dickinson on the Las Vegas Strip w/ M.P. Gradx 60”


Lot-725 Lot-721 Lot-718






January 20th 2013

727. Large Color Paul Newman and Robert Redford 731. Vintage Winchester Paper Advertisement in Frame, “The Sting” 1973 Universal Pictures Movie Poster, fea- featuring hunter w/ dogs and gun, Repeating Arms Co., turing Newman, Redford, and Robert Shaw in gambling New Haven, Conn., U.S.A. - 18” x 22” good condition), 1 of 9 known to exist - 40” x 60” 728. 5 Cent Mills Vest Pocket Slot Machine w/ Jackpot on Wood Base, c1933, w/ keys 729. Lot Of Gambling-Themed Ashtrays: 1 - Metal German Ashtray w/ Card Suit Symbols and Rotating Tray to dump ashes, 1 - Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn Las Vegas Nevada Roulette Wheel Ashtray & 1 - The Dunes Hotel & Country Club Las Vegas Nevada Alsafeway Safety Ashtray

732. Winchester Guns and Cartidges Paper Calendar Top Advertisement in Frame, from art by Philip R. Goodwin featuring 2 men on mountain w/ guns and dog, Made Only by Winchester Repeating Arms Co., New Haven, Conn., U.S.A., c1916 - 18” x 23” 733. Vintage Hamilton Beach No. 33 Electric Countertop Malt/Shake Mixer w/ cup, green porcelain base, by Hamilton Beach Co. Div. of Scovill MFG. Co., Racine, Wisconsin - 18”h

730. The Winchester Store January 1929 Calendar in Frame, featuring art from painting depicting man and woman in old west w/ Winchester gun waving as Pony Express rides by “As Good As The Gun”, “Abner F. Boyer 130 Main Street Phone 7R2 Slatington, PA w/ some wear - 16.5” x 26.5”


Lot-724 Lot-732



Lot-735 Lot-733


January 20th 2013


734. 5 Cent Early Cast-Iron “Daisy” Nickel-Drop Coun- 740. Early Midland Jump Shark Countertop Cigar Lighttertop Trade Stimulator by Albert Pick, “No Blanks - er Model L No. 777, Pat. 1909-1920, Davenport MFG. One or More Cigars for Each Nickel” w/ key Company, Davenport, Iowa 735. Antique 1 Cent Oak Case Drop Card View Malywood Alcohol” movie w/ marquee & key

741. 5 Cent Sweet Sally Flat Top Wheel Trade Stimulator, manufactured by Exhibit Supply Co., Chicago, c1933, w/ keys

736. 1 Cent Peerless Weighing Machine Co. Large “Honest Weight” Lollipop Floor Scale in White Porcelain, “Did You Weigh Yourself To-Day?” shield plaque, c1930s, w/ keys

742. Lot Of 3 Games: 1 - “Auto Race” Plastic and tin toy pinball-style game by Wolverine Toy Company, 1 “Wing Shot Bagatelle Game” Plastic and tin toy pinballstyle game by Marx Toys & 1 - Copper Gambling Game w/ original wood balls and spinner, c1903 - 10”d

737. 1 Cent Watling Scale Co. Green Porcelain Springless Floor Scale, “How Much Do You Weigh? - No Springs”, “How the Average Person Gains and Loses Weight Throughout Twenty-Four Hours” w/ keys 738. Coin-Op Withey MFG. Co. “Seven Grand” Tabletop Dice Game Trade Stimulator, c1938, w/ keys 739. “$1 Dollars” Light-Up Gold Gaming Box Top Sign - 56” x 15” x 14”


Lot-742 Lot-741




Lot-740 Lot-737


January 20th 2013

743. “Arizona You Deserve - Miller Reserve” Beer Neon & Plastic Backing Sign - 23” x 19”

748. 5 Cent Pace MFG Co. All Star Comet Slot Machine, c1936, w/ key

744. Plastic & Metal “Schmidt’s Light Beer” Light-Up 749. National Cash Register Candy Store Model No. Box Advertisement Sign - 19” x 14” 313 w/ “National Dayton, O. U.S.A Top Sign, copper 745. Lot Of 2 Pabst Blue Ribbon Items: 1 - Pabst Blue Ribbon Metal Countertop Advertisement Light-Up Dis- 750. 1 Cent “Petite Vender” Cast-Aluminum Counterplay w/ Bottle featuring bar and bartender, “We Serve top Candy Vending Machine w/ candy by Specialty the Finest People Everyday” - 12” x 10”h & 1 - Pabst Coin Machine Builders, c1934, w/ padlocks and key Blue Ribbon bottle opener 751. M.A. Gunst & Co. Inc. Sample Cigars Glass 746. Early Wood & Fancy Brass Hand-Crank Card Press Hanging Advertisement Sign, “On Sale” - 14” x 6” 747. 10 Cent Caille Brothers Co. Superior Slot Machine, c1925, w/ key









January 20th 2013



752. Early Toledo Style 405 AR “Honest Weight” Candy Fan Scale w/ Gold Scoop, restored in blue w/ pinstriping detail, c1917 753. “No Man’s Land” Movie Motorized Porsche Go-Cart Car, FW Mini Cars, Orion Home Video - approx. 80” long


754. 5 Cent Pace MFG. Co. Bantam Reserve Jackpot Everfull Fancy Front Counter Slot Machine, c1930, w/ key 755. Vintage Raybestos Tin Sign w/ hook hangers attached, “Silver Edge Fan Belts”, Circa late 1930s-early1940s (preWWII), The company made fan belts and other asbestosproduced products for automobiles, Sign is considered rare - 36” x 7.5” 756. Vintage Oak Wall Mount International Time Recording Co. Of New York Employee Time Clock w/ wind key & lock key 757. Lot Of 5 Misc. Advertisement Thermometer Tin Signs: 1 - Burn Blue Coal - 40” x 8”, 1 - Royal Crown Cola - 10” x 26”, 1 - Pepsi - 7” x 28”, 1 - Nesbitt’s - 6” x 23” & 1 - BLemon-Lime - 5” x 16”, all in fair condition 758. Wooden Symphonium Disc Music Box Player, Note Tune Plaque No. 10 w/ winter scene painted on inside - 11” x 9” x 7”h



759. Vintage Cast-Iron Evans Tabletop Horse Race Wheel on Wood Base, horses on end of spokes of wheel - 30” diameter (wheel is horizontal), 20”h







January 20th 2013

760. Lot Of 9 Misc. Military Items: 1 - large brass 6” Mark 3 U.S. Naval drill round w/ metal closing storage container, from WWII (Inert) - 44”h (w/ container), 1 large brass 8” U.S. Navy Artillery shell from WWII/Korean War/Vietnam War (inert), Consignor claims this is the largest brass artillery cartridge used onboard a US Naval ship - 51”h, 1 - 120mm Abrams tank practice penetrator w/ sabot (inert) contemporary - 19”h & 6 - brass artillery shell casings 75mm to 120mm from WWII/Korean War - 15”h to 33”h 761. Countertop “XXth Century” Cooler De Luxe Style 1157 Liquid Dispenser “California Grapine 5c” w/ spigots, looks to be repainted w/ painted grapes on clear glass jug 762. Lady In The Mirror Octagonal Light-Up WallMount Brothel Sign, from a brothel on the East Coast, c1915, featuring nude lady next to mirror, striped design border rotates, Neon Products, Inc. Lima, Ohio - 18” x 18”

764. Lot Of 15 W. Britain Special Collectors Edition Toy Soldier Sets In Red Boxes: 1 - #00075 Scots Greys, 1 #00083 Imperial Cadet Corps, 1 - #00158 Fokker Dr 1 w/ Manfred & Lothair, 2 - #00074 Mounted Band of the Lifeguards Set 2, 1 - #08946 British Tank Mark 1 Mother Male, 1 - #08941 Sopwith F.1. Camel Plane, 1 #00132 Mace Bearers, 1 - #00130 Pipes & Drums of the Cameronians, 1 - #00129 Pipes & Drums of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 1 - #00161 British Infantry, 1 #00139 17th Purbiah Drum Major & Piper, 1 - #00138 17th Purbiah Pipe Major & Piper, 1 - #00140 17th Purbiah Drummer & Piper & 1 - #00160 Stretcher Bearer Set (World War I) 765. Lot Of 16 W. Britain Special Collectors Edition Toy Soldier Sets in Red Boxes: 1 - #8960 Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 1 - #8963 The Cameronians, 26th & 90th Foot, Ceremonial Guard for the State Elephants, 1 - #00076 The 16th Lancers, 1 - #00082 27th Light Cavalry Madras, 1 - #00169 British Heavy Brigade, 1 - #8955 No.1

763. Lot Of 12 W. Britain Special Collectors Edition Toy 1 - #8962 The King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 25th Soldier Sets in Boxes: 1 - #8814 The Sherwood Forest- Foot, 1 - #8961 Royal Navy Landing Party, 1 - #00167 ers Standing Firing Figures, 1 - #8815 The Sherwood French Army 3rd Zouaves, 1 - #00168 Russian Infantry, Foresters At The Ready Firing Figures, 1 - #8816 The 1 - #00170 Scots Greys Duals 11th Hussars, 1 - #00073 Sherwood Foresters Kneeling Firing Figures, 1 - #8810 Mounted Band of the Lifeguards Set 1 & 1 - Collectors The Grenadier Guards, 1 - #8809 The Gloucestershire Regiment, 1 - #8808 The Royal Marine Light Infantry, Authenticity 1 - #8821 5th Dragoon Guards, 1 - #8802 Worcestershire Regiment, 1 - #8804 Somersetshire Light Infantry, 1 - #8898 The Royal Navy Field Gun Landing Party, 1 Lot-760 - #8872 Camel Corps of the Egyptian Army & 1 - The Queen’s Colour Squadron, The Royal Air Force Regi-






January 20th 2013



766. Lot Of 13 Britain & Other Toy Soldier Sets & Related Items: 1- Set of 6 Mounted Horse Guards, 1 - Set of 6 Mounted Life Guards, 1 - Harrods British Soldiers, The London Set, 1 - Set of 8 Pipers/British Figures, 1 in box, 1 - The Hollowcast Collection #41001 Cameron Highlanders Band Set 1, 1 - Britain’s Farm Models #9621 Renault & Seed Drill, 1 - Britain’s #00254 The Irish Stage Coach, 1 - #8813 The Dennis Britain Set, 1 - Britain Centenary Collection #8825 Gun Team, Royal Horse Artillery, Kings Troop, 1 - Britain’s Picture Pack Box w/ toy soldier & 1 - The Great Book of Britains Box Set (book and soldiers), Limited Edition 767. 25 Cent Valley Products Inc. “Cougar Darts” Electronic Floor Model Dart Board Arcade Game, No. 338018, c1980s

769. 25 Cent “Personality Tester” Squeeze-Handle Arcade Game, claw foot wood cabinet w/ light-up glass display and marquee top sign “What Kind of Person Are You?”, c1970s 770. 25 Cent Williams “Ambush” Gun Military Shooter Arcade Game, c1973 771. 5 Cent Mills Novelty “The Operators Bell” CastIron Slot Machine, c1910, from “The Mel Getlan” Collection, in excellent working condition w/ key 772. “Running By” Sailboat Art Print By Thomas M. Hoyne w/ Artist Signature in Frame, “The newly built ‘Shepherd King’ shown passing ‘Norumbega’ in 1905” - 40” x 30”

768. 25 Cent Midway MFG. Co. “Sea Raider” Submarine Floor Model Upright Arcade Game, “Tonnage Sunk - Torpedos Fired” w/ periscope, c1970


Lot-771 Lot-767



January 20th 2013



773. Ship’s Wheel Art Print By Thomas M. Hoyne in Frame - 41” x 32”

777. United MFG. “DeLuxe Derby Roll” Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine, c1955, this machine is a rare roll down game that you can “race” your mini automaton 774. Bontems French Single Singing Automaton Bird horse against 5 other horses. Set up on free play mode, in Cage, c1900s, when the bird sings it open & shuts beak, wonderful restored working condition w/ key 775. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Co. Yellow Front War Eagle “Silent” Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, Contemporary (original made c1931) w/ keys 776. Lot Of 3 Hand Lanterns and Lock: 1 - Vintage Adlake Four-Sided Switch Lantern w/ handle, The Adlake Non-Sweating Lamp Chicago, 1 - Burlington Route emThe Adams & West Lake Co. Train Hand Lanterns w/ handles, one for brakeman and one for conductor (conductor lantern does not have tank assembly)

778. 5 Cent Punt-Return Football Themed Game, “Can You Go All The Way? Zig Zag For A Touchdown”, Object is to see how far you can move handle from start to key 779. Coin-Op Countertop Mills Novelty Auto Stereoscope Flip Card View Machine, c1905, oak case w/ girlie movie 780. Antique Oak Case Victrola - VV IX, Hand-Crank Talking Machine by Victor Talking Machine Co., No. 310530G w/ 2 phonographs & bottom storage

Lot-778 Lot-776






January 20th 2013



781. 5 Cent Pace MFG. Open Front 4-Reel Jackpot Slot Machine on Wood Base w/ top light, counter, and service button, N961 w/ key 782. Large Oak Presidential Style Desk w/ 5 drawers 94” x 39” x 31”h 783. Fancy Oak & Beveled Mirror Victorian Style Armoir w/ 4 shelves - 42” x 18” x 96”h 784. Hazzard Gaming Table, Carved Wood w/ Claw Feet and Green Felt Top - 72” long x 42”, 29.5”h 785. Will & Finck Wooden Faro Layout, Green cloth top w/ clubs cards decals and “High Card” decal attached - 40” x 16” 786. Faro Gaming Table, Carved Wood w/ Claw Feet and Green Felt Top - 60” long x 40”, 32.5”h 787. Contemporary Lucky Ladies Blackjack Gambling Table w/ ship-themed felt layout on wood claw foot two leg base w/ lockbox, w/ Six Card Charlie’s gaming chips/tokens, Galaxy Gaming Corporation, c1998, some wear w/ keys - table 68” x 40”

Lot-788 Lot-783

788. 25 Cent Zoltar Fortune Teller Floor Model Arcade Machine by Characters Unlimited 789. Lot Of 4 Misc. Vintage Items: 1 - Juice-King juicer, 1 - cast-iron The Wrigley Jr. 2lb. scale, 1 - castiron Fairbanks 16oz. scale & 1 - embossed aluminum Pepsi-Cola 6 bottles carrier Lot-789


Lot-786 Lot-787





January 20th 2013

this size and appearance, has working combination, great unmolested condition inside and out - 15” tall 791. I.W. Harper Whiskey “Grandpa” Poster Print In Ornate Frame, featuring children and grandfather w/ whiskey, original art by E.H. Kiefer 1904 (printed signature) from Mad Dog Gallery, Challis, ID 32” x 45” Slot Machine” Countertop 4-Reel Display Slot Machine w/ Caesar’s Palace token (token-operated), “Jackpot - Any Combination Wins” & 1 - Caesar’s Palace Embossed Gold-Colored Medal Key Chain featuring horses 793. Lot Of 4 Tin Gasoline Signs: 2 - Fire Chief Texaco Gasoline Signs Chief Su-preme Texaco Gasoline Sign, “Super-Charged with Petrox”, Made In U.S.A., 3-5-60 & 1 - Sky Chief Texaco Gasoline Sign, Made In U.S.A., 3-10-47 - 12” x 18” each “In Accordance With Approved Practice” - 39” x 9” Lot-790

795. Dino Sinclair Gasoline Round Gasoline Pump Top Sign, Doublesided plastic & glass - 17”h 796. Sunset Ethyl/Thrifty Gasoline Gas Station Pump Glass Globe Top Sign - 17”d 797. Johnson Sea-Horse Model HS-39 Outboard Boat Motor


Lot-792 Lot-797 Lot-793





January 20th 2013



798. 10 Cent O.D. Jennings & Co. Silver Moon Chief “Man In the Moon” Slot Machine, 1941 Model, w/ key 799. Lot Of 2 Metal Column Slot Machine Side Mount Vending Machines w/ star detail w/ locks and key - 20”h each 800. Antique Rothchild Cherry Wood Eastlake Style Saloon BackBar, c1880’s. Has beveled glass mirrors w/ 6 bottom storage doors & 5 drawers w/ the original hardware. Consignor claims it came out of an old saloon in Erie, Pennsylvania, this awesome piece is in excellent original condition - 192” x 112”h 801. “L’Instant Taittinger” Grace Kelly Champagne Advertisment Poster Print in Frame, featuring Grace Kelly in evening dress and 802. “Mossant” Art Print In Frame From Paragon Picture Gallery, by “Anonymous”, featuring man outline w/ cigarette and woman outline, “imp crete_corbeil” - 38” x 26”


803. “Swinging Doors” Light-Up Hanging Double-Sided Glass 804. Vintage Mission Orange Countertop Drink Dispenser by Multiplex Faucet Co. w/ spigot, “Enjoy Ice Cold Mission Orange - Makes Thirst a Pleasure”, Code F-352, Made In U.S.A.


805. Drink Coca Cola Tin Sign on Black Painted Wood Piece - 59” x 23” 806. Lot Of 3 Misc. Vintage Insurance/Assurance Signs: 1 - Hartford Fire Insurance Co. embossed tin sign - 28” x 10” & 2 - The Employers’ Fire Insurance Company & Liability Assurance Corporation glass & wood signs, in wood frames - both 24” x 13”


807. 1 Cent Cast-Iron Bade and Lid Columbus Model A Bulk Vending Machine, c1920s, in fair condition

Lot-805 Lot-802 Lot-806






January 20th 2013

808. 5 & 10 Cent Shipman Porcelain-Front Countertop 812. Pennzoil Oval Double-Sided Tin Floor Sign On YelStamp Vending Machine, “U.S. Postage Stamps In Sani- low Stand/Base, “Supreme Quality - Safe Lubrication”, tary Folders”, Shipman MFG. Co. Los Angeles, Calif., Good condition - 30” x 18” sign, 54” tall double vendor, w/ key 813. Brass And Gilt Ornate Hanging Cut-Glass Chande809. Lot Of Keno Items: 1 - Early Wooden Tabletop Keno Goose - 24”h & 4 - H.C. Evans & Co. Chicago tury - 46”h Keno Cards 814. Blatz Beer In Bottles Light-Up Metal Advertisement 810. Large Lifesize Uncle Same Statue, standing on U.S. Sign, “Now Better Than Ever” - 14” x 8”h map platform w/ eaglehead cane and Bill of Rights in hands, signed Smock - 74”h 815. Early Hazard Wooden Wheel Of Chance on Stand w/ eagle top ornament, Dice painted on wheel, circa ear811. Mobiloil Double-Sided Porcelain Round Floor Sign ly 1900s - 17” diameter, 28”h On Red Wheel-Base Stand, “Ask Here For Gargoyle Mobiloil” - 24” diameter sign x 63” tall 816. Small Keno Goose Cage w/ Numbered Wooden Balls and Wood Base - base 12” long, approx. 12”h








Lot-812 Lot-811

January 20th 2013


817. Large New China Club Keno Goose Cage w/ Numbered Ping Pong balls on Wood Base base 32” x 11”, approx. 24”h 818. Early H.C. Evans Wooden Keno Goose w/ Numbered Wooden Balls, circa early 1900s - 23”h 819. W.W.W. Ring Clockwork Wooden Display featuring stork and birthstones, “What birthstone did the stork decide you should wear?” w/ wind-key - 18” x 17”h


820. 1 Cent “SUCCESS” Poker Hand 5-Reel Trade Stimulator, c1904, by The A. Ferinberg cigars w/ marquee, repainted w/ key


821. 1 Cent Miniature Baseball World Champion Game Trade Stimulator, pinball style, c1940s, w/ key 822. Antique Die-Cut Cardboard Little Girl frame - 10” x 32” (calendar) 823. Lot Of 6 Misc. Vintage Items: 1 - brass “KRESGE’S” door pull/push, 1 - brass United States Mail “Letters/Papers” double mail slot wall cover, 1 - brass “Bundled Mail” mail slot wall cover, 3 - removable automobile aluminum signs: “INVALID COACH/AMBULANCE/ FUNERAL COACH” 824. Early The Meilink MFG. Co. Cast-Iron Safe on Wheels w/ combination lock, c1890s 16” x 18” x 25”h



825. Lot Of 2 Vintage Items: 1 - Exit Lock Model ‘B’ door lock & 1 - cast-iron EMERGENCY SWITCH BOX - Boston Edison Company No. 100, cover Lot-822






January 20th 2013


826. “H-C Sinclair Gasoline” Round Double Sided Porcelain Sign, in fair condition - 48”d 827. Vintage Full-Size “Hacienda” Craps Gambling Table Layout, in good condition. The Hacienda opened on the Las Vegas Strip on Oct. 17th, 1956 and closed it doors to the public on Dec. 10th, 1996, it was imploded later that month. The implosion was broadcast on the Fox Network as part of their New Year’s Eve 1996 telecast 828. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Co. Lion Head Silent Gooseneck Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, c1932, w/ key



829. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Co. Poinsettia Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, c1929, w/ key 830. Large Veedol Motor Oil Triangle Shaped Tin Sign On Wood Mount - 68” x 45” 831. Beveled Mirror - 31” x 36” 832. 5, 10 & 25 Cent Bally’s “TRIPLE BELL” Console Slot Machine, c1946, w/ key 833. 15 Cent Pepsi-Cola VMC-SA144 3-Column Vending Machine w/ key 834. Hershell Wooden Painted Carousel Horse w/ Pole on Wood Base w/ Wheels 835. 10 Cent “Ride Sandy” Child’s Horse Ride



Lot-826 Lot-833 Lot-828



January 20th 2013



836. Drink Coca Cola Embossed 2-Door Cooler w/ bottle opener, completely restored - 34”h 837. 1 Cent Cast-Iron Floor Model Mutoscope Arcade Machine w/ “Now Appearing - Little Egypt” Top Sign by American Mutoscope And Biograph Co. New York No. L4468, w/ key 838. Coin-Op Duck Hunter Pistol Skill Shot Gumball Vendor Trade Stimulator w/ key


839. Early Figural Boot Trade Sign on hanging bracket 840. Lot Of 3 Naughty Lady Figural Items: 1 - Bronze Nude Cigar Cutter on Marble Base, 1 - Countertop Lady Match Holder, holds up barrel of matches with her leg & 1 - Small Naughty Mechanical Bronze, lady’s dress lifts up to expose her backside 841. Vintage Emil J. Paidar Company Small Wall Mount Barber Shop Pole Trade Sign - 22”h Lot-839

842. Early Electric Smoking Stand w/ Smoking Accessories, Ivory accent marble at base and top - 28”h 843. Vintage Smoking Stand w/ Ashtrays and Black Marble Accents, missing one accessory - 26”h 844. Light-Up Horse Ashtray Stand On Black Metal Base w/ Bulb And Glass Shade - 26”h









January 20th 2013

845. Walnut and Mahogany Hairy-Claw-Foot Gambling Table w/ chip tray and 3 red leather chairs (chairs not original), circa early 1900s - 74” x 43” (tabletop)

849. 5 Cent Caille Bros. Co. Silent Sphinx Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, c1932, w/ keys

846. Lot Of 10 Misc. Centerfold “The Esquire Girl” Painting Magazine Prints by Al Moore, c1950s: “Brushing up the Cowgirl and the gentleman, Emily Posted, The Age Of Innocence, Scuttlebait, the lady’s Unstrung, Thanksgiving Dish, Time And Charges, Medium-Rare, Green is for go” - each 13” x 17.5”

851. Early Countertop Balance Scale w/ Gold Trays and Eagle Top Ornament, nicely restored in black w/ pinstriping detail

847. Lot Of 10 Misc. Playboy Magazine “Vargas Girls” Painting Prints. Alberto Vargas, (Feb. 9th, 1896 to Dec. 1982) he is often considered one of the most famous of - each 15.5” x 11”

850. 25 Cent Mills Novelty “The Dewey” Two-Bit Upright Jackpot Slot Machine, c1902, original w/ keys

852. Early Toledo 3lb White Scale w/ Silver Scoop Model No. 3111 Serial No. 374038-1 by Toledo Scale Co. Toledo, Ohio 853. Flower Counter Cigar Lighter and Cutter On CastIron Base, Blue ceramic lighter w/ rose glass globe - 11”h

848. 50 Cent Mills Novelty Blue Front “Castle Front” Slot Machine w/ Jackpot, c1937, w/ key



Lot-848 Lot-850

Lot-847 Lot-846



January 20th 2013


854. Small Cast-Iron Diamond Safe w/ 4 Wooden Pull-Out Drawers Inside and Handle, Embossed w/ key - 5” x 6” x 7”h 855. Large Vintage Pabst Breweries Indian War Cardboard Print in Frame, “Courtesy Pabst Breweries” by Geo-Hinke, featuring men drinking beer and looking over Native American artifacts in a study w/ Pabst bar sign seen outside the window - 46” x 34” Stimulator, Gumball Vendor, c1933, by Rock-Ola MFG., restored w/ key 857. Large Circus Poster “Clyde Beatty - Cole Bros. Circus”, depicts a Large Male Menacing Lion, w/some tape marks, very good condition - 27” x 40.5” 858. Large Circus Poster “Clyde Beatty - Cole Bros. Circus”, depicts a Large Menacing Tiger ready to pounce, very good condition - 27” x 40.5” 859. Large Circus Poster “Cole Bros. Circus”, depicting “Betty Lou Former Star Of Tarzan Pictures now with Cole Bros. Circus”, dated 1945 “Kokomo - Monday, May 7”, also has note to “Buy War Bonds And Stamps”, original in very good condition - 27” x 49” 860. Black Cast-Iron Cat Hubley Door Stop - 11” x 6”h










January 20th 2013

861. Lot Of 2 Racks Of Brass Core “Reliable San Leandro, Ca Gaming Chips, $1 & $5 denominations w/ 2 $100 chips 862. Early Cast-Iron Strongbox w/ Handles - 13” x 9” x 7”h 863. Large “DELCO Batteries” Tin Sign w/ wood framed back, Made In USA, AM-8-40 - 18” x 71” 864. Seikosa Wooden Wall-Mount Pendulum Clock - 19”h 865. Early Wooden The E. Ingraham Co. Mantle Clock, Roman numerals and gold detail on glass door w/ wind-key - 19”h

Lot-867 Lot-866

866. “Cheyenne” Contemporary Countertop Bronze Frederic Remington Indian on Horse Figural Statue on Green Marble Base - 21”h 867. P.J. Mene Contemporary Bronze Figural Horse Countertop Statue on Black Marble Base, engraved w/ artist name- 17”h 868. Flower Countertop Cigar Lighter, ceramic painted column w/ milkglass globe on cast-iron base 869. R.M. Diamond Experts Glass Signin Frame w/ mirrored gold lettering, “Fine Jewelry, Watch & Clock Repairing” - 16”w x 29.5”h 870. Large Drink Coca Cola In Bottles Porcelain Button Sign - 48”d Lot-868 Lot-869




Lot-870 Lot-865

January 20th 2013



871. Puritas H2O Water Cooler and Stand “The Mark of Pure Water” w/ embossed glass globe and spigot, nicely restored w/ pinstriping detail 872. Set Of 4 Ornate Carved Oak Corinthian-Style Columns 44”h each 873. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Tickette Countertop Hole-Punch Trade Stimulator, c1930s, w/ key 874. National Cash Register Model No. 442, Serial No. 1260723, tional Cash Register Co. Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. 875. 25 Cent Quick Silver “QUICK SHOT” Basketball Skill Arcade Game w/ key


Game, c1968, w/ key 877. Antique Upright Black Gas Stove/Oven w/ ornate brass detailing and Baxters patent split doors, by The New Method 878. Early New Perfection Wooden Cabinet Ice Box/Refrigerator w/ 3 compartments and wire shelves - 38”h


879. 1 Cent Chicago Coin’s “GINGER” Pre-Flipper Pinball Machine, c1936, electro-mechanical w/ key 880. Ice Cream Picture Embossed Die-Cut Tin Sign, pink ice cream in blue bowl - 34” x 26” 881. Modernize Your Home Now!” Cardboard Advertisement Sign, “Enjoy Your Basement Too And Add an Extra Room - Increase Your Property Value”, featuring people dancing at a party, copyright 1930, Made In U.S.A. for the Balancing Advertising Service 5 So. Wabash Ave. Chicago, ILL., Lumber-1-1 - 40” x 30”










January 20 2013 th


882. Ornate Mutoscope Clamshell Viewer Silver Cast- 887. Early Cast-Iron Case Public Transportation Fare/ ings, featuring lion detail, some original cast-iron, some Meter Box No. 8449, c1914, by Johnson Fare Box Co. reproduction Chicago - New York, serial no. 48073, in original condition w/ early framed black & white photo of a trolley car - in San Francisco structions - 20”h 888. 1 Cent Exhibit Supply Co. Candid Camera Arcade Machine On Stand, “See Yourself As Others See You!” 884. Lot Of 6 Early Assorted Match Safes, including w/ wooden top sign w/ keys Louisiana Purchase Monument, Compliments of Pabst Brewing Co., etc. 889. Seeburg Symphonola Model 147M “Trash-Can” Jukebox, c1947, plays 45 RPM records w/ records & key 885. Lot Of 5 Ornate Sterling Silver Match Safes, several engraved with initials, one “Oriental Consistory April 890. Wurlitzer Multi-Selector Phonograph Model 616A 1909”, etc. Jukebox w/ records, some scratches in wood console, missing back panel, c1943 886. Lot Of 3 Early Assorted Match Safes, including American Flag, Compliments of Grand Detour Plow Company, etc.





Lot-889 Lot-888 Lot-885 Lot-883 Lot-887

January 20th 2013


original, in good condition - 32” x 24” x 74”h 892. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings Sun Chief “Flamingo” Light Up Slot Machine w/ hand load jackpot, c1949, w/ keys 893. 25 Cent O.D. Jennings “Governor” Tic-Tac-Toe Light Up Slot Machine w/ hand load jackpot, c1962, w/ key 894. Figural Old Man Crawling Statue/Lawn Gnome - 27” x 12” x 12”h Lot-894

895. Signed Gene Locklear Limited Edition “Baccarat” Sands Hotel & Casino Lithograph Print in Frame w/ authentication card from Sands, Inc. - 25” x 19” 896. 1 Cent Northwestern Countertop Hershey’s Chocolate Vending Machine w/ Cast-Iron Base, c1928, “A Kiss For You”, works w/ key 897. 1 Cent Penny King Twins Double Vendor Chrome Gumball Vending Machine, Made for Flatbush Gum Co., Brooklyn, N.Y., “Finest Quality Chewing Gum Flavor all Thru” and “Your Gumball Color Tells Today’s Fortune”, rare c1930s, restored w/ key 898. Large Wooden Sensenich Model 72C44 Propeller, Serial Co. H1660 - 72” long


899. 10 Cent Jennings Chief “The Ground Cow” Jackpot Slot Machine, c1955, w/ key 900. 25 Cent Mills Novelty War Eagle Slot Machine, c1931, w/ clear glass back & sides, allows you to watch the workings of the slot machine, w/ key









January 20th 2013


901. Early Clockwork Fly Fan On Fancy Cast-Iron Base - 41”h 902. Pair of Vintage Cast-Iron Flag Pole Holders/Bases,

907. Autographed Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe dated Jan. 15, 1954, includes Joe DiMaggio baseball photo, Marilyn Monroe “Seven Year Itch” photo, and a photo of the couple. Signed on the mat - 25” x 29”

908. “The General Tire” Porcelain Sign, in wood frame 903. Red Cast-Iron Wall-Mount Fire Call Box No. 319, - 60” x 19” The Gamewell Co. Newton, Massachusetts, “For Fire Open - Then Pull Down Hook” w/ key 909. Clamshell Chaise Lounge from 2003 Movie “Peter Pan”, featured in Captain Hook’s cabin, gold painted 904. H.C. Evans & Co. Full Size Horse Race Gambling wood & red cushion Wheel w/ odds changer, original, never been restored, Chicago, Ill. - 60” diameter, approx. 87”h 910. Early Perfection 160-C Smokeless Oil Heater Stove w/ Handle in blue, gold, and chrome - 24”h 905. Autographed The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” Record w/ Cover Art Print in Frame, signed Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo, and John Lennon - 32” x 20” 906. Autographed The Rat Pack Photographs & Memorabilia in Frame, includes photo prints, various album cover prints, playing cards from Caesar’s Palace, The Sands, The Hacienda, The New Frontier, and Flamingo Casinos and poker chips from The Dunes, Caesar’s Palace, Flamingo, and Imperial Palace Casinos in Las Vegas, NV. Signed on mat: Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Joey Bishop - 28” x 24”

Lot-906 Lot-907



Lot-901 Lot-910


Lot-902 Lot-909 Lot-904

January 20th 2013


911. Early Johnson Fare Box Co. No. 1387 Electric Bus Token Register 912. National Cash Register No. 349 w/ side receipt cage, in original condition 913. Yellow Metal Child’s Pedal Car by Gearbox Pedal Car Company, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, nice condition w/ pinstriping detail - approx. 34” long 914. 5 Cent Aristocrat Carson Nugget “Golden Gate” Open Front Slot Machine, c1960, console style w/ change tray, w/ key 915. Lot Of 2 “Native American Suite” Lithograph Prints in Frames, signed and numbered by artist John Bruce: 1 - no. 20/200 & 1 - no. 86/198 - each 30” x 26” 916. Lot Of 2 Old Western Lithograph Prints in Frames: 1 - “Where Guns Were Their Passports” by Charles Marion Russell - 41” x 29” & 1 - “Queen Of Hearts” limited edition signed by artist Gerald Farm, no. 1030/2250 39” x 25”

918. “Changing Horses Or Coaching Station” Oil on Canvas Painting in Gold Leaf Frame, reproduction of the original by Charles Cooper Henderson, exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1845, #4784 featuring horses and carriage at posting house, from the Golden Nugget Hotel McManus Auctions - 41” x 35” 919. Calligraphy Man Acrylic on Canvas Painting in Gold Leaf Frame by Carlos Marchiori in 1983, on back right of elevator door, spa suite tower in the Golden Nugticity from McManus Auctions - 53” x 41” 920. Lot Of 2 Native American Drawing/Prints In Frames: 1 - “Indian Maidens” drawing by Hans P. Luetcke - 27” x 23” & 1 - “Young Sioux Squaw” print by Charles M. Russell, signed “C.M.R - 21” x 16”

917. “John Ferneley And His Favorite Hunter” Oil on Canvas Painting in Gold Leaf Frame, reproduction of the 1840 original by John Ferneley, #4881 from the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas featuring man, dog, Auctions - 40” x 34” Lot-916










January 20th 2013


921. Early Dayton “Gold Medals” White Style 221 8 LB 926. Large Celestron 76mm Newtonian Telescope w/ Candy Scale w/ Brass Scoop by the Computing Scale Tripod, 700mm fL, 27” long telescope Co., Dayton, Ohio, very nicely restored in green and pearl white w/ pinstriping detail, good condition 927. Rare 5 Cent “TEN-BALL” Mini 10 Pocket Floor Pool Table, c1930s, No. 4098 by Alamo Novelty Compa922. 25 Cent Fun Industries Inc. “POP-FLY” Baseball ny San Antonio, TX. w/ cues & rack - 47” x 25” x 34”h Hit & Catch Skill Arcade Game - Every Player Wins A Prize! w/ key 928. Early Theo A. Kochs White Porcelain Barber Chair w/ blue cushion seats 923. “The Fishing Club” Art Print in Frame, featuring 929. Vintage Carved Oak Barber Chair by Theo A. Kochs Company, Chicago, w/ red cushions, head rest by 924. The Aaron Brothers Map Of The United States In Kandle Head Rest Company Frame, prepared c1967, trimetric projection diligently compiled and rendered for the Aaron Brothers Company 930. Vintage Ladies Vanity Grooming Set in Original by Ren Wicks - 37” x 25” Lined Display Box w/ Lid, includes matching brush, hand mirror, wall mirror, comb, and 4 jars/containers of 925. Gary Patterson “The Construction Worker” Car- various sizes for cosmetics, c1940s - 25” x 12” (in box) toon Print in Frame, featuring man stacking beer cans behind “Men at Work” sign - 22” x 18”

Lot-925 Lot-923


Lot-928 Lot-924 Lot-930

Lot-926 Lot-921 Lot-922

January 20th 2013



931. “Gutter Gus” Bowling Countertop Figural Ashtray, Engraved “Walt Ditzen” and “Jack Lambert” on back, from the Walt Ditzen comic strip “Fan Fare”, c1949 932. Painted Metal Soap Box Derby Style Car Company Attention Getter Display Advertising “LAUB, COLLIN’S & TROLL - General Contractors - Somerset, PA 933. Mills Novelty Q.T. Slot Machine Gumball Side Vendor w/ key 934. Early Cast-Iron Fairbanks Countertop Balance Scale w/ Scoop 935. 50 Cent “Fresh, Hot Popcorn In 60 Seconds” Vending Machine w/ key



936. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Hi-Top Slot Machine, c1940, w/ key 937. 5 Cent Mills Novelty Half-Top Castle Front Double Jackpot Slot Machine, c1933, w/ key 938. 25 Cent Mills Novelty Half-Top Diamond Front Slot Machine, c1933, restored w/ key


939. 10 Cent “Vendar-Bar” Lazy-Suzan Style Rotating Column Vending Machine by California Dispenser Co. Los Angeles, CA. This machine played off the popularity of “Li’L Abner” who was read by over 50 million daily readers, w/ key 940. Marilyn Monroe “The Spanish Girl” by Earl Moran 1949 Print edition prints by Illustrations Remembered, Inc. - 28” x 22”

Lot-940 Lot-932 Lot-931

Lot-936 Lot-937



January 20th 2013


941. Antique Cast-Iron & Wood School House Desk & 946. “Bear Facts” Gil Elvgren Pinup on Bear Rug Art Print Drop Down Chair by Kane Thos. & Co., c1878, “Patience On Canvas In Frame c1962 - 29” x 41” - Wins” & “Strive And Win” embossed on legs, in original condition 947. “Jackpot” Gil Elvgren Pinup Playing Slot Machine Art Print on Canvas in Fancy Frame, c1961 - 19” x 24” 942. “Drink Dr. Pepper - King Of Beverages” Saint Charles Clocks, Eight-Day Regulator Reproduction Pendulum Wall Clock by Craft Products Company roller pucks - 48” x 13” 943. Lot Of 3 Antique Wooden Cigar Making Cases: 1 - L. Bezemer & Zn. Helmand, Holland No. 5570 c1871 - 24” x 4” x 3”, 1 - Unmarked - 20” x 4” x 3” & 1 - Antique Wooden Carl Intelmann Kam.- Ges. 1862 Bad Zwischenahn No. 19306 w/1889 Excise Stamp - 22” x 4” x 3”, hold 20 cigars each

949. Antique Baird & Co. “Jolly Tar Pastime” Wood Wall Mount Advertisement Clock, “Old Honesty Plank Road Compliments of John Finzer & Bros, Made by Seth Thomas, circa early 1900s, w/ wind-key - 12”d, 31”h

950. Antique Ithaca Calendar Wood Mantle Clock, Ithaca Calendar Clock Co., Ithaca, N.Y., Roman numeral, 944. Silver-Painted Cast-Iron Elgin Squirrel Windmill Separate clock face for days and months, restored, c1890s Weight - 14” x 15”h - 8”d, 26”h 945. Red and White Painted Cast-Iron Elgin Chicken Windmill Weight, 10 FT No. 2” - 16”h


Lot-950 Lot-946



Lot-941 Lot-944




January 20th 2013


951. Antique Vienna Regulator Gustav Becker Wall Mount Clock, ornate carved wood w/ large glass display w/ pendulum, roman numerals, overhauled, c1880s 7”d, 50”h

956. Gambling/Saloon Scarface Painting in Frame, Signed by artist Wendell Edwards, 2005 - 53.5” x 29.5”

957. Wooden Wall-Mount 7-Day Pendulum Clock “R & A” w/ Carved Horse Detail, Roman numerals w/ wind952. Early Cast-Iron Strong Box w/ Handles, original key - 38”h condition, c1890s-1910 - 13” x 9” x 7”h 958. 1 Pence Jennings Club Chief Tic-Tac-Toe Super 953. Cast-Iron Maroon Cary Combination Lock Safe on Deluxe British Tabletop Slot Machine, Made in USA by Wheels - 24” x 23” x 36”h O.D. Jennings & Company, Chicago, Ill., c1945, Escalator Bell 954. The Speed Giant Jr. Bread Slicer Stone & Metal Countertop Store Display w/ Brot-Max Cast-Iron & 959. Five Chucker Birds in Large Glass Lighted Display Wood Bread Slicer Example, Display by Gellman Manu- Case - 69” x 23” x 17”h facturing Co., Rock Island, Ill. U.S.A. w/ embossed sign - 18”h 960. Naughty Novelty Bronze Box Bed Display, open lid to show X-rated scene - 7” x 3” x 3”h 955. “Life Needs More Greenlights” Motorcycle Painting in Frame - 47” x 27”




Lot-956 Lot-951






January 20th 2013


961. NOTICE - This Area Controlled by P.I.V. No Double-Sided Porcelain Sign w/ removable attached arrow - 20” x 18” 962. Vintage Wall Mount Square Light Up Farm Bureau Insurance PamStyle Clock, “Helping you is what we do best” 963. Silverand Brass Countertop Dragon Cigar/Match Tray, dated 1902 - 21” x 6” x 6”h 964. Carved Oak Ornate Rocking Chair w/ Armrests - 45”h 965. Water Cooler Glass Jug and Wood Jug Crate, Belmar Spring Water Ridgewood, N.J. printed on crate - 12” x 12” x 16”h (crate) 966. 1 Cent Watling Porcelain “Your Weight And Fortune” Floor Scale, springless w/ mirror and over 200 questions and answers 967. German Figural Countertop Metal Music Box w/ Wind-Key, silver painted, “Ein feste Burg islunser Gott!” - 16”h 968. Budweiser Beer World’s Champion Clydesdale Team Hanging LightUp Sign, featuring Clydesdale team in clear plastic display - 34” x 20” 969. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Light-Up 21 Bell Red Front Stateline Hotel 3-Reel Slot Machine w/ Top Light and “Change Girl” button w/ keys Lot-966

970. 10 Cent And 25 Cent “Tip-N-Strip” Double Vendor Girlie Ball Point Pen Vending Machine on Cast-Iron Stand w/ pens, “Bikini Babe Fine Quality - Nudie Cutie Deluxe”, c1950s, w/ keys









January 20th 2013



971. AMOCO Paper Lithograph Advertisement Sign “..more ride for your money” featuring boy on carousel horse in frame - 30” x 46” 972. Large Lot Of Early Misc. Glass Items 973. Lot Of 7 Early Misc. Purple Glass Items 974. Fairbanks Standard No. 11 Four-Beam 500 LB Floor Scale, Wood posts w/ cast-iron base, c1900 975. North County Transit District Bus Token Register No. 30, 1130 “NCTD Fare...Exact Change Only” - approx. 42”h 976. 25 Cent Williams “Toledo” Pinball Machine, c1975, electro-mechanical, up to 2 players 977. 5 Cent “Silver Dollar” Western Saloon Pistol Target Game “Bicentennial 1776 - 1976” w/ key 978. 25 Cent Gottlieb’s “HIGH HAND” Pinball Machine, c1973, electro-mechanical, 1 player w/ key


Rotary Telephone w/ cord, MFG. by Western Electric Com-


Protector Desktop Check Stamper, circa early 1900s, ie. “Not Over Nine Hundred $900” 980. Lot Of 3 Misc. Tin Serving Trays: 1 - oval Pepsi-Cola, reproduction - 10” x 13”, 1 - round “CLYSMIC” bottled water, reproduction - 14”d & 1 - rectangle Coca Cola, c1950s - 10” x 13” Lot-975




Lot-972 Lot-977

Lot-973 Lot-979


January 20th 2013

981. Large Lot Of Misc. Used & Un-Used Punchboards, some in frames

987. Pursuit U.S. Army Child’s Metal Airplane Reproduction Pedal Car - 45” long

982. Frederic Remington - The Fourth Troopers Moving The Led Horse, c1890, Print on Canvas, in wood frame - 36” x 26”

988. Lot Of 2 Cloth Automotive Banners w/ Rivets: 1 - “Motor Special $” w/ picture of man and car & 1 “Chassis Special $” w/ picture - 31” x 34” each

983. 5 Cent Jennings Gooseneck Operators Bell Slot Machine, c1916, w/ key

989. Lot Of 2 Gil Elvgren Pin-Up Art on Canvas in Frames: 1 - “Beat That”, c1953 - 21” x 25” & 1 - “Gay Nymph”, c1947 - 20” x 24”

984. 10 Cent Mills Novelty Hi-Top “Lucky Strike Club” Jackpot Slot Machine, c1940, w/ key 985. Coin-Op Contemporary 3 Jacks Trade Stimulator w/ key

990. 1 Cent Wooden Countertop Penny Drop Gum Trade Stimulator, “Every Penny Gets a Piece of Pepsin Gum”

986. Vintage Brandt Automatic Cashier Coin Changer w/ plaque: “Warning Protected By The William J. Burns in Principal Cities of the World”, by Brandt Automatic Cashier Company Watertown, Wisconsin U.S.A.





Lot-988 Lot-984



January 20th 2013




991. George Killian’s Irish Red Brand Beer Light Up Sign, Oval Shape w/ Horse Picture by Adolph Coors Company Golden, CO - 13” x 12”

997. Hand-Carved Wood Elephant End Table, legs are elephant heads and trunks- shaped w/ tusks - 29”h

998. Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey Circus “The 992. Coin-Op Wood & Glass Crane Grabber Arcade Greatest Clowns on Earth” Poster Print in Frame, featurGame, in fair condition, AS IS ing variety of clowns, copyright 1977, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Combined Shows, Inc. - 37” x 25” 993. Buffalo Stuffed Head Wall Mount Taxidermy - 36”h 999. Popcorn 10 Cents” Painted Wood Popcorn Vending 994. Deer Stuffed Head Wall Mount Taxidermy - 18”h Cabinet/Stand on Wheels - 18” x 20” x 37”h 995. Lot Of 3 Fancy Embossed Sterling Silver Victorian 1000. Very Large Sahara Hotel & Casino Carpet Rug, Match Safes, c1890s Black w/ red Sahara logo, “Sbe - Las Vegas - Est. 1952” - 19’ x 11’ 996. Fancy Embossed Unger Brothers Sterling Silver Victorian Nude Lady Match Safe, c1900

Lot-993 Lot-991



Lot-994 Lot-997 Lot-996




January 20th 2013


1001. Lot Of 2 Radios: 1 - Retro blue Bumper Car cassette player radio in original box w/ instruction manual, by P.F. Sound Collection Model 543-211, seat folds forward to insert tape, good condition & 1 - Eton FR300 multi-purpose hand-crank powered and battery operated radio w/ AM/FM/NOAA/TV-VHF/Cell phone charger/Flashlight, designed for emergencies, N.I.B. w/ carrying case and instructions

1007. “A Gentlemen’s Foursome” Limited Edition Arnold Friberg Gambling/Billiards Scene Art Lithograph Print in Frame, Published in limited edition of 1500 from the original painting, w/ artist signature - 45” x 32” 1008. 10,000 Rubles Russian Paper Money Bill in Double-Sided Frame, c1993, Serial No. 3J 7189617 - 15”w x 11”h

1002. Early Ottway No. 7751 Brass Telescope w/ Wood 1009. Vintage Winchester Western Advertisement Sign in Tripod, By W. Ottway & Co., London Frame, featuring cowboy and horse, “Arms and Ammunition Sold Here” - 16” x 7” 1003. Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer Self-Framed Embossed Tin Sign w/ cardboard backing, Milwaukee, featuring 1010. Vintage Marx Toys Pressed Steel Ride-On Toy people sitting outside w/ beer steins - 35” x 23” Train w/ Bell and Crossbar Steering, “Lightning Express 3000”, c1947 - 27” x 7” x 13”h 1004. Ornate Carved Wood Desk Chair on Wheels w/ Armrests Featuring Peacocks - 44”h 1005. Coin-Op Child’s Racecar Ride w/ Chevy Decals 1006. Stone Brothers’ Kentucky Derby Countertop Dice Game Trade Stimulator, wood and metal glass-front box, c1934 - 10” x 10” x 2”


Lot-1006 Lot-1001 Lot-1008

Lot-1010 Lot-1009 Lot-1002


Lot-1005 Lot-1003

January 20th 2013


1011. Large Marilyn Monroe Corset Picture in Frame - 37” x 55” 1012. PENNZOIL Round Double Sided Porcelain Sign - 21”d 1013. Brandt Automatic Mechanical Coin Cashier w/ NickelPlated Ornate Detailing by Brandt MFG Co. Watertown, Wisc. 1014. 5 Cent The Challenger Bulk Triple Vendor Deluxe Hot Nut Light Up Vending Machine on Stand w/ Side Globe Cup Dispenser, “Eat ‘em Hot 5 cents Mixed Nuts, All Peanuts, Cashews”, Manufactured by Tropical Trading Company Inc. Chicago, Illinois, c1947, w/ key 1015. 1 Cent Exhibit Supply CoCrystal Gazer Fortune Teller” Card Dispenser Countertop Arcade Machine, c1929, wood case w/ fortune teller and “crystal” ball inside glass display w/ keys 1016. Clown Figure Marionette on Swing, Hand-painted porcelain 1017. Early “No.5” Bank Teller’s Cage (Front Panel) w/ key, door w/ bars hinges open and lock, glass window at bottom, from Virginia City, Nevada - 20” x 40”h


- 36”h 1019. Bronze Mermaid Table w/ Oval Glass Top, Tabletop - 40” x 24”, Table 19”h 1020. Hand-Carved Marble Tiki Chess Set, includes marble stone board and Tiki-style chess pieces - board 14” x 14”



Lot-1013 Lot-1020






January 20 2013 th


1021. Tiffany Style Stained Glass 3-Light Hanging Lamp - 32” x 13”h 1022. 7-Up Rectangular Light-Up Wall Mount Clock, plastic broken on face of clock - 12” x 18” 1023. Bait Al Maqdis Art Print in Frame, From Sahara Hotel & Casino, No. 19521, “Tunis Tower Typical Room” - 36” x 28” 1024. “Enjoy Coke” Plastic Wall Mount Light-Up Clock w/ red border, Rican Displays Inc. Ronkonkoma, N.Y. - 21” x 13” 1025. 1 Cent “Mills Automatic” 6-Column Vending Machine, c1936, by Mills Automatic Merchandise Corp., stainless steel case (needs front glass) 1026. Murray Metalcraft Vintage Firetruck Pedal Car, c1950s, restored - approx. 45” long Lot-1028

“Counterboy” tape dispenser, by Better Packages Inc., N.Y., EmLot-1025

metal label holders - 12” x 15” x 15” 1028. 1 Cent “Griswold Match Machine” Porcelain Base & Lid 2-Column Match Box Vending Machine, c1920 1029. Oak Slot Machine Stand w/ “Overland Hotel, Reno” Decal w/ cabinet and shelves, claw-foot - 19” x 19” x 36”h 1030. Oak Slot Machine Stand w/ “Overland Hotel, Reno” Decal w/ cabinet and shelves, claw-foot - 19” x 19” x 36”h

Lot-1022 Lot-1024


Lot-1023 Lot-1027

Lot-1026 Lot-1029

January 20th 2013



1031. Lot Of 2 Framed Items: 1 - Lady With Martini Glass Painting In Fancy Wood Frame - 31” x 26” & 1 - Black & white Ravello, Italy limited edition photo print, numbered 23/100 and signed by the photographer in 1993 - 34” x 24” 1032. Lot Of 3 Alcohol Related Light-Up Displays: 1 Captain Morgan Gold, 1 - Red Dog Beer & 1 - Blatz Beer 1033. Large Gentleman On Beach Oil on Canvas Painting in Frame, from the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las Ve-


- 69” x 60” Lot-1040

1034. “Captain Charles Stewart” Oil on Canvas Painting in Antique Gold Leaf Frame, reproduction of the original Suite corridor in the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino, Las tions - 61” x 37” 1035. “Lake Lucerne” Oil on Canvas Painting in Baroque Frame, reproduction of the original by James Wilson Carmichael in 1838, exhibited at the Royal Academy, #4713 Authenticity from McManus Auctions - 46” x 34”



1036. Antique Oak Time Recorder Clock w/ Roman Numerals, Time Clock Sales and Service Company, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif., Richmond 9-2129 - 40”h 1037. Lot Of 2 Gambling Items: 1 - Folding Wooden Faro “High Card” Layout w/ Spades Card Decals and Green Felt - 41” x 18” & 1 - Numbered 1-10 Painted Cloth Big-6 Wheel Layout 1038. Vintage 5-Globe Hanging Lamp w/ Glass Beaded Fringe and Yellow Milkglass Shades 1039. Brandt Automatic Countertop Cashier, 69-39656, Alameda Co. 43-341 1040. 5 & 10 Cent Munro-Matlack Porcelain-Front Countertop Stamp Vending Machine, “U.S. Postage In Sanitary Folders” w/ curved front, Munro-Matlack MMCO Cleveland, Ohio, double vendor, w/ key







January 20th 2013


1041. 25 Cent Mills Sahara Hotel Bell-O-Matic Triple 1046. “Drink Coca Cola 5 Cents” Red Countertop PortBars Hightop Slot Machine, Light-Up w/ top counter hole Clock on Red Swivel Base, “Delicious. Refreshing and change girl switch - 15” diameter, 17”h 1042. Lot Of 2 Gloria Swanson “Paramount Star” Tin Beaute Boxs by CANCO: 1 - 10”d & 1 - 8” x 3” x 1” 1043. “Drink Orange Crush” Wall Mount Wood Clock, round face w/ Roman numerals, “Since 1916” on glass front - 27”h

1047. Lot Of 2 Beer Displays/Signs: 1 - Draft-Brewed Blatz Beer Figural Advertisement Display Light Up Clock featuring Blatz barrel man on drums & 1 - Budweiser Beer Embossed Tin Sign w/ cardboard backing, Anheuser Busch Inc., St. Louis - 15”w x 25”h

1048. Oval Carved Oak Wood Table - 50” x 44” 1044. “Royal Crown Cola” Wall Mount Wood Pendulum Clock, round face w/ Roman numerals, Royal Crown 1049. Lot Of 3 Early Reddish Brown Ceramic Kitchen Cola Co. Columbus, GA - 27”h Whipping Crocks 1045. 4-Sided Countertop Glass and Wood Display 1050. Lot Of 2 Early Wall Mount Mirrors w/ Country Showcase w/ 2 Glass Shelves and Door - 16” x 11” x Pictures in Ornate Frames: 1 - 14” x 27” & 1 - 13” x 30” 15”h


Lot-1046 Lot-1043 Lot-1044


Lot-1047 Lot-1050



January 20th 2013



1051. Lot Of 2 “Gay Victorian” Advertisement Catalog Prints in Frames: 1 - Menswear Fashion, No. 20 & 1 - Ladies/Girls Fashion, No. 24 - each 20” x 26” 1052. Early Cast-Iron and Brass Wall Mount Railroad Luggage Rack - 29” x 11”h 1053. 50 Cent Prince Prophylactics Vending Machine, “Super Thin Transparent Nipple End Prophylactics Package of Two”, good condition in box, w/ keys 1054. Countertop Ornate Cigar Cutter and Matchbox Holder on Fancy Tray Base w/ Matchbox 1055. Early Vita Electric Exercise Belt on Stand by Knott & Garllus, Detroit, Mich. - 44”h 1056. 1 Cent Acorn Fortune Teller Red Gumball Vending Machine on Cast-Iron Stand, “Your Fortune In Each Ball of Gum” w/ key


1057. Lifesize Silent Sam Construction Robot on Base w/ Flags, by Securite Cana Limitee (Canadian made for use in New York City), works, original c1960s - approx. 6’-5” 1058. “WATCH OUT! - Men Working Above” American Bridge Stand Alone Figural Safety Worker Metal Warning Sign 1059. Leaded Glass Unique Hanging Copper Crescent Moon and Stars Lamp from a Sailing Vessel 1060. Early Wall Mount Oak “Drink Coca-Cola 5 Cents” Octagonal 8-Day Clock by The New Haven Clock Co., New Haven, Conn. 1817 w/ directions

Lot-1053 Lot-1060

Lot-1051 Lot-1055 Lot-1054






May 5th 2012

1061. Vintage Wall Mount Round 7 Up Glass Face Thermometer, Made in USA, Code No. B-70 - 12” diameter

1066. Hand Painted Wooden Pick A Number Gambling Wheel - 36”d

1062. Lot Of 2 Coca Cola Items: 1 - needlepoint in wood 1067. Oval Glass and Wood Countertop Display Case w/ frame - 17” x 26” & 1 - bottle shaped tin sign AM23 - 10” Red Felt Bottom - 24” x 18” x 6”h x 36” 1068. Brass Engraved Countertop 6-Knife Set w/ Knife 1063. Lot Of 4 Vintage Items: 1 - Camel cigar lighter, 1 Holder, Knives numbered 115, 116, 117, 118, 119, 120 - Metal case for Victrola Tungs Tone phonograph sample w/ matching slots in holder needles, Victor Talking Machine Co. Camden, NJ U.S.A., 1 - Box of antique Scripto erasers, Scripto MFG Co., At- 1069. Black and White Italian Walkway Art Photo Print in lanta, GA U.S.A. & 1 - Antique wood camera Frame - 30” x 26” 1064. Jos. Knittel Showcase Co. Glass & Wood 3-Sided Display Case w/ 2 Shelves - 30” x 17” x 30”h 1065. English Penny “Win A Polo Mint” Flip Ball Oak Case Trade Stimulator w/ key

1070. “Drink Coca Cola Delicious And Refreshing” Glass Sign in Frame, Foil back w/ gold detailing, featuring lady w/ white feathers - 17” x 29”




Lot-1064 Lot-1062

Lot-1067 Lot-1068

Lot-1066 Lot-1069

May 5 2012 th



1071. Superstar Righteous Glass Mirror Sign in Frame 1076. Oak and Leaded Glass Double Slot Machine Stand w/ Brass Feet, double cabinet doors, etched glass, and now and always - Paula, 1975” on back - 25” x 19” brass handles - 17” x 36” x 34”h 1072. Lot Of 3 Advertisement Thermometer Tin Signs: 1077. 5 Cent Nude Art Studies Card Vending Machine on 1 - Squirt - 8” x 27”, 1 - Dad’s Root Beer embossed sign - Chrome Stand w/ pictures of nude ladies on front, Criss 7” x 27” & 1 - Pepsi - 7” x 28” Cross Card Machines manufactured by Calex MFG. Co. Inc. Amityville, N.C., c1940s, Restored w/ keys 1073. Lot Of 3 Advertisement Thermometer Tin Signs: 1 - L&M Cigarettes embossed sign - 6” x 13”, 1 - Salem 1078. Countertop Craps Game Dice Trade Stimulator, triangle sign - 9” x 9” & 1 - “Say Pepsi, Please” sign - 9” metal and glass display box, pull lever on front to spin x 9” dice, top glass broken 1074. Lot Of 3 Advertisement Tin Signs: 1 - Drink Bubble Up embossed sign - 28” x 12”, 1 - Enjoy Coca Cola embossed sign - 24” x 10” & 1 - Drink Quench, N.O.S. sign - 24” x 8”

1079. Lot Of 3 Framed Pictures/Items: 1 - Set of 4 633 Club 50 Cent Kentucky Club Gaming Chips, Club Flamingo Matchbook, and newspaper article featuring displayed chips from Newport, Kentucky in Frame - 10” x 8”, 1 - Two 2-Dollar Bills w/ 29 Cent Elvis Stamps, 1075. Lot Of 3 Advertisement Thermometer Tin Signs: Stamped “Ocean City, MD” in Frame w/ Glitter - 12” x 1 - Pure-Gro Company sign - 8” x 24”, 1 - Prestolite Hi- 10” & 1 - Early Gambling Black & White “Called” PhoLevel Batteries sign - 8” x 24” & 1 - Monroe Shock Ab- tograph in Gold-Painted Frame - 19” x 16” sorbers sign - 8” x 27” 1080. Early 5 Cent Countertop Red Peanut Vending Machine w/ key


Lot-1073 Lot-1080










May 5 2012 th



Lot-1088 Lot-1084 Lot-1081 Lot-1082




1081. Lot Of 2 Fantasy Model Toy Cars w/ Dolls - approx. 26” long and 36” long

1085. Early Cecilware Kitchen Counter Juicer w/ Light Green Porcelain Base & Black Ball Lever, Patent Nos. 2151500, 112652 - 20”h, nice condition

1082. “Speedway” Original 1968 Movie Poster Featuring Elvis Presley and Nancy Sinatra by Metro-Goldwyn 1086. Early Black Iron Slot Machine Stand, c1930s - 35”h Mayer, Inc. and National Screen Service Corp., “Torrid together...singing...dancing...turning on the 1087. Molded Resin Painted Figural Butler w/ Tray w/ they make the speed scene at the famed furious ‘Charlotte Box - 36”h 600’!”, fair condition, on cardboard - 40” x 27” 1088. Early Cast-Iron Lamson Coin Change Machine, 1083. Lot Of 20 Assorted Vintage Fruit Crate Misc. Pa- Pat. July 7, 1891 per Labels, including Minerva Brand, Jameson Brand, Ak-Sar-Ben, Southland Beauties Brand, Leader Brand, 1089. Lot Of 6 Metal Upright Gaming Wheels, some Sunkist, Linwood Brand, Bocce Zinfandel Grapes, Lazy painted/numbered, approx. 16” diameter B Vineyard, Sunset Brand, Marvel Brand, Caledonia Brand, Appleton Brand, Sun-Tag, Solid Gold Brand, Ex- 1090. Budweiser Clydesdale Double-Sided Hangeter, Justrite, Shamrock, etc. “World’s Champion Clydesdale Team” in clear display, 1084. McDonald Pumps and Water Systems Self-Framed “Choicest Hops Rice and Best Barley Malt - King of Embossed Tin Sign, “Est. 1856 McDonald - Miller MFG. Beers” - 40” x 14” x 12”h Co., Minden - Nebraska” - 34” x 22”

May 5th 2012


1091. Pair of Figural Antique Shop Keeper Bells On Wood Bases - 13”h each

1098. Lot Of 2, 1 Cent “Regal” Bulk Vending Machines, c1940s, both w/ keys

1092. Beveled Glass Front Wood Slot Machine Stand w/ Diamond Glass Pattern and Brass Feet - 34”h

1099. Lot Of 2 Brass & Wood Slot Machine Stands - each 21” x 16” x 31”

1093. 5 Cent Aristocrat Olympic “Carousel” Slot Machine, c1960, w/ coin tray & key

1100. Early Oak & Glass Cheese Block Pull Down Door Storage Case - 23” x 23” x 23”

1094. 25 Cent Pace MFG. Co. “Harrah’s” 4-Reel Open Front Slot Machine, c1958, on wood base w/ coin tray & key

1101. Boyd’s Countertop Electric Hot Fudge Warmer

1095. Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer Countertop Tin EaselBack Display Sign, “They’re Handy - Tap a Can - Take Some Home” No. 3013 for Blue Ribbon Export Beer 14” x 10” 1096. Mr. Peanut Man Figural Countertop Display on Wood “Peanut Man” Base - 24”h 1097. Barbershop Double-Sided Porcelain Flange Sign 24” x 12”

1102. Metal Tabletop Chip Rack w/ Locking Top, 13-Compartment, w/ keys - 23” x 8” 1103. Antique Lawn Edger, c1897, wood & metal, maybe 1104. Lot Of 2 Early Items: 1 - Embossed Copper And Mirror on Wood Sign w/ Hat/Coat Hooks, Diamond Shape, on Mirror “Compliments of Rambar Bros. Clothiers, Hatters, Furnishers and Shoes” - 24” x 24” & 1 Countertop Rotating Traub Rings Advertisement Mirror on Cast-Iron Stand, “Genuine Orange Blossom Engagement and Wedding Rings”

Lot-1102 Lot-1103 Lot-1104 Lot-1100 Lot-1098









May 5th 2012



1105. Lot Of 2 “Black & White Scotch Whisky” Wall Mount Porcelain Advertisement Signs on Wood: 1 - “Hello Everybody! Season’s Greetings from ‘Black & White’ It’s the Scotch!” featuring dogs at door & 1 - “To friends everywhere we send Greetings and all Best Wishes for a Merry Cristmas and a Good New Year” featuring dogs at train station, by James Suchanan & Co, Ltd, Scotch Whisky Distillers, Glasgow & London - 12.5” x 9” each 1106. Lot Of 9 Early Medicinal Bottles w/ Medicine, some in boxes: 1 - Nuvol Depurativo Vegetal, 1 - Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp Root Diuretic w/ box, 1 - Green’s August Flower for Dyspepsia w/ box, 1 - Fuco-Morum, Paris, France, 1 - Miller’s Universal Balm Stomachic & Warming Carminative w/ box, 1 - Traxo Ideal Tonic & Diuretic Stimulant w/ box and Hinds Cream bookmark, 1 - Package of 4 boxes of Simmons Liver Regulator or Medicine and 1 dummy carton, 1 - Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic for Malaria w/ box & 1 - Family Size Castoria for the relief of constipation of infants and growing children w/ box 1107. “GrAde A Association Member” Dairy Tin Sign 24” x 18” 1108. Early Wood Keno Goose w/ Playing Cards, part of the top is broken

1109. Fancy Victorian Style Painted Table Lamp w/ Pink Cloth & Chiffon Fringe Shade featuring swan handles 1110. 1 Cent “Topper” Gumball Vending Machine on Cast-Iron Floor Stand, Victor Vending Corp. Chicago, Illinois - A & A - w/ gumballs, glass broken, w/ key 1111. Lot Of 2 Early/Vintage Items: 1 - antique photo album w/ photos & 1 - Richmonds Best Navy Tobacco Plug Cutter 1112. Lot Of 2 Early Items: 1 - Copper ice chest/bucket & 1 - Cast-Iron “Jewel” Ornate Embossed Heating System Grill, Geo. M. Clark & Co., Chicago - 15”w x 22”h 1113. Waterfall Art Print in Frame - 26” x 25” 1114. Man and Woman Heart Shape Austin Signature Sculpture Figural Countertop Statue - 17”h, signed 1115. Nude Woman Watercolor in Frame, signed Bette, Dec. 10, ‘81 - 18” x 15” 1116. Titus Moody Double-Sided Die-Cut Cardboard Storekeeper Display Sign, PF-70377, Printed in U.S.A. - 21” x 45”

Lot-1106 Lot-1105

Lot-1110 Lot-1111



Lot-1115 Lot-1116



May 5th 2012




1117. Lot Of 5 Early Advertisement Items: 1 - Small Louis J. Adler & Co. Hyroler Whiskey round tray - 4”d, 1 - Poll-Parrot Shoes small spinning top, 1 - The International Tailoring Co. dice shaker w/ mirror and 5 small dice, 1 - Little Imps The American Confection Co. devil breath pellet dispenser & 1 - Duffy’s Pure Malt Whiskey pocket mirror 1118. Lot Of 2 Items: 1 - Old Fitzgerald Whiskey Bronze Plaque, “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey” copyright 1964, Old Fitzgerald Distillery Inc. Louisville Jefferson County, Kentucky - 3.5” x 4.5” & 1 - Painted CastIron Old Mill Countertop Display - 5”h

1123. Early Signed Black & White W.H. Coughlin 1884 Drawing in Wood Frame, copyright 1888, signed N. Nellstood, featuring cows and boat in nature scene - 33” x 26” 1124. Master Products Catalog Rack w/ Master Products Harley Davidson Motorcycles Lamp, Los Angeles, CA 1125. “Caught in the Act” Norman Rockwell Porcelain Figure, 1 of 12 in collection, “The Danbury Mint” handcrafted, features dog chasing man w/ pie - 6”h

1119. Nevada Wall-Mount Pay Telephone from The Sands Hotel & Casino

1126. Lot Of 2 Vintage “Dr. Pepper” Wall Mount Bottlecap-Shaped Plastic Items: thermometer & clock - both 11”d

1120. Early Rocking Horse, c1870s-1880s

1127. Dr. Pepper “Good For Life!” Reverse On Glass Mirror Sign/Clock In Frame, “Since 1885” - 13” x 21”

1121. 10 Cent “Bingo” Chrome Countertop Mini-Mite Light-Up Skill Game, w/ orange siren light on top 1122. Lot Of 5 Advertisement Prints In Frames: 1 Hudson County Consumers Brewing Co. - 16” x 20”, 1 - Smoke Walt Whitman Cigars - 18” x 26”, 1 - Genuine Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco - 18” x 26”, 1 - carnival x 12” & 1 - VendOMeter Corporation building in New York - 8” x 11”


Lot-1123 Lot-1121

Lot-1120 Lot-1122



Lot-1127 Lot-1119 Lot-1118



May 5th 2012

1128. Coca-Cola Red Porcelain Button Sign w/ bottle 1134. Lot Of 3 Paper Movie Advertisements: 1 - “Law picture, “Emaillerie belge TPb 4/07/94” - 20” diameter of the Lawless” 1964 Paramount western starring Dale Robertson & Yvonne DeCarlo & 2 - “Up Jumped a Swag1129. Seeburg 100 Wall-O-Matic Remote Jukebox Song Selector w/ key - 14” x 11” each 1130. Lot Of 2 Frederic Remington Prints in Match- 1135. 2-Piece Contemporary Wood Dining Room China ing Wood Frames: 1 - “Aiding a Comrade” & 1 - “The Cabinet - 54” x 17” x 77”h Flight”, both from The Hogg Brothers Collection, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas - 19” x 16” each 1136. 1 Cent 5-Section Gumball Vendor, red w/ 5 display windows - 18.5”h 1131. 5 Cent Wood-Case Testo Wall Mount Reaction 1137. Small Child’s Wooden Rocking Horse - 32” x 29”h drop coin and press buttons - tests and rates reaction speed to sight and sound impulses 1138. Lot Of 3 Soda Pop Signs: 1 - Coca Cola bottleshaped thermometer tin sign, in fair condition - 5” x 16”, 1132. Set of 3 Lite Beer $200,000 World Series of Tav- 1 - 7UP, c1949, paper advertisement - 13” x 16” & 1 ern Pool at Caesar’s Palace Ceramic Beer Mugs, 1 dated “Drink NEHI Beverages” embossed tin sign - 29” x 11” 1983, Sports Tournaments of America, Inc. 1139. Early Wooden Childrens High Chair 1133. Red Cast-Iron Manual Wheel Lathe on Wood Mount - 42”h 1140. 1 Cent H&W Machine Company “Ford Gum” Countertop Gumball Vending Machine, c1948, w/ padlock and keys


Lot-1136 Lot-1140




Lot-1138 Lot-1130


Lot-1139 Lot-1128 Lot-1137


May 5th 2012


1141. “Mammy With Kids & Watermelon” Black Americana Lithograph Print in Frame by W. Hagelberg, c1890 - 22” x 18”

1145. Olympia Beer “It’s The Water” Light-Up Sign w/ Rotating Picture Screens, Olympia Brewing Co. Olympia, Wash. U.S.A. - 13” x 6”

1142. Lot Of 3 Items: 1 - Early cast-iron ornate thermometer w/ stand No. 3590 “B & H” - 11”h, 1 - Early bronze ornate letter holder rack No. 3572 “B & H” & 1 - Wood Plaque “Presented to William Allhusen On the Occasion of Our One Hundreth Anniversary Expressing Our Sincere Appreciation and Best Wishes”, signed by President & Vice-President Schaefer from the F.&M. Schaefer Brewing Co., 100th Year Commemoration 1842-1942 “America’s Oldest Beer” - 14” x 11”

1146. Large Copper and Brass Navy Spotlight - 18” x 23”

1143. Porcelain Railroad “X” Marks The Spot Sign, Hexagon-shaped - 10” x 24”

1149. Lot Of 4 German Beer Mugs: 1 - 1L “Weizenbierbrauerei Lauterbach”, 1 - 1L Hofbrauhaus, 1 - 0.5L

1144. Lot Of 2 Pictures In Frames: 1 - Horse Race Sweepstakes Change Tray Paper Sign in Frame w/ horse names and odds - 14” x 12” & 1 - Gambling Dogs Painting in Fancy Frame - 18” x 15”

Muenchen, stamped “Made In Germany”

1147. 24 Karat” Light-Up Gold Top Sign w/ arrow - 31” x 7” 1148. Lot Of 2 Items: 1 - Carta Blanca Beer Bottle Pinata - 30”h & 1 - Bucket of Blood Saloon Virginia City, Nevada Ceramic Jug w/ Lid/Stopper, Heritage China Ezra Brooks

1150. Lot Of 2 Items: 1 - Hartford Fire Insurance Co. tin sign - 20” x 11” & 1 - Laughlin - Nevada Ramada Express Slot Club poster in frame - 23” x 18”


Lot-1142 Lot-1141


Lot-1147 Lot-1143




End of Session 2 Next Sale May 31 2013 Lot-1149


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Victorian Casino Antiques Winter 2013 Auction Catalog  

Full Color 128 page Auction Catalog for the Victorian Casino Antiques Winter Auction January 19-20 2013.

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