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You are taking part in Vätternrundan 2014, the world’s largest cycling event. Find your personal start information on

At Vätternrundan headquarters we are busy preparing for the event. Please read the folder and contact us if you have any questions. We and the people of Motala are looking forward to welcoming you!



Just a few weeks left before we can say ”Welcome to Motala” to you! The preparations are going well for us and everything is ready for the events 2014! The spring this year has been good for cycling, at least here in Sweden, I´ve just had myself, so far, two cyclingtours in rain! All the other tours have had sun, not so much wind, and nice company. To ride your bike is SO nice, you feel good and get much better health, the environment is feeling better and there is more space compared to if many people are driving a car. Everyone and everything are winners if more people use their bike! This year we have managed to get 80 km of the whole course of 300 km to have less cars then before. We have got permission to forbid unauthorized traffic on this 80 km. This work will be continued in the future and the goal is to get the whole track with this situation. We

are very happy that our work have had this good result and we are looking forward to continue this wish. Vätternrundan is more popular then ever, the 4th of November 2013 it took less then 12 minutes to reach the amount of riders that are allowed to register, we will say Welcome to over 20 000 participants in Vätternrundan, and to 15 000 people more if you include our other events, Tjejvättern, Halvvättern and Minivättern this year. The 49th version of Vätternrundan is going to start soon, next year we will celebrate the 50th Vätternrundan in history. Welcome to enjoy the 49th Vätternrundan 13-14th of June!

Eva-Lena Frick, General Manager MAIF/Vätternrundan


Enjoy MOTALA! Experience Motala

Motala offers a wide range of outdoor activities. There is for instance a 27-hole golf course, which also has a great restaurant. The famous Göta Canal flows through the the town and some tour operators offer the possibility to travel on parts of the canal with a kayak. Climbing one of the radio masts that tower 120 metres tall above Motala can be a breathtaking experience in more than one sense.

Shopping in Motala

As Motala is a fairly small town, all the shopping you need is conveniently located within a few blocks from the finish line. Some 80 shops are clustered around the town square, offering a wide variety of goods and different types of shops, including indoor shopping centres, pharmacies, convenience stores and supermarkets.

Food for every plate

Motala is known for having a restaurant on every corner and actually has among the highest restaurant density per head in all of Sweden. In and around the town centre you can find a variety of world cuisines. Picturesque Motala harbour offers many tempting dining experiences and in Varamon, the longest lakeside beach in Scandinavia, you will find a a wide variety of pleasant eating options accompanied by stunning views.


A vibrant meeting place

Motala harbour comes alive in the summer with its fascinating motor museum, restaurants, cafés and seasonal shops selling fresh produce and hand-made goods. Motala also has Göta Canal’s largest marina with 65 berths for visiting boats. Don’t miss the Hamnpiren ice-cream café, one of the best in the country, on the opposite side from the main harbour buildings. You can also enjoy a day cruise with one of the ships that ply the waves of Lake Vättern and Göta Canal.


Motala is home to the longest lakeside beach in Scandinavia, Varamobaden on the western

side of town. Here, you can enjoy the warm sand, buy an ice-cream or visit a café. Take a walk along the beach or a morning jog. Have a swim and enjoy Lake Vättern’s exceptional water quality first-hand. Or just relax in the shade and watch people walk by.

Motala Tourist office Motala Tourist Office, Platensgatan 12, 591 35 Motala Email: info@motala Phone: +46 141 101 205

Accommodation Phone: +46 (0)141-20 99 00 E-mail:

Simple accommodation

Floor space is available in the Sports Hall for 300 SEK (for both Thursday, Friday and Saturday night). You must bring your own camping mat and sleeping bag. To book this accommodation please go to the Expo Marquee on Friday.


Bicycle parking Free security parking for your bicycle is available in the City Park.

Car parks The centre of Motala is always crowded during the event. Free parking is available on the outskirts of town, within cycling and walking distance to the town square. These are marked Parkering Syd, Parkering Norr and Parkering Öst. Follow the signs. There is no parking in the center of town, at Zeders­lundskolan (School) or at the Sports Hall. (See enclosed map.)

Bus park Buses can be parked on the street Luxorgatan, follow the signs.

Free buses

square and the larger accomodations during and car parks. (See time table and route in page 10.

Green Bus route Råssnäs–Varamon–Bus station >> See map page 10-11!

Orange Bus route Round-trip >> See map page 10-11!

Blue Bus route City church–Electrolux–StaffanstorpCity church >> See map page 10-11!

City Buses The city buses marked 301-309 run during Vätternrundan (Friday and Saturday). All the city buses run past the town square. For time tables and bus stops see:

Extra town buses run during the Vätternrundan event. The buses run between the town

Highlights of the Week!

June 6

• Minivättern for kids ages 6-10

June 7

• Tjejvättern – 100 km for women

June 8

• Halvvättern – 150 km for all

June 12

• Bianchi Vättern GP, starts at 18:30 June 13 • Opening of the 49th Vättern- rundan at the start 18:30 • First starts are at 19:30 in the harbour.

To and from Motala

To Motala from the south: Take the E4 motorway to Mjölby, then Route 32 towards Skänninge and Motala. Do not use Route 50 between Ödeshög to Motala. Leaving Motala going north: Take Route 34 to Borensberg and then Route 211 and 51 towards Örebro. On Saturday you may not use Route 50 (Motala to Askersund).

For more information of what the region has to offer, please visit Östsvenska turistrådet and Upplev Motala! and

Official Vätternrundan Partner!


Useful information about VÄTTERNRUNDAN!

Before your ride! The town square & the Expo marquee

The large Expo marquee takes up most of Motala’s main square during Vätternrundan. Here, you will find a large sports shop, accommodation booking, information desk and friendly admin staff who can help with your registration, including change of start time. This is also where you collect your ride number. The expo marquee is open: 6th of June 12.00-22.00, 7th of June 06.30-22.00, 8th of June 06.30-20.00. 12th of June 12.00-22.00. 13th of June 08.00-24.00, 14th of June 08:0020:00 and 15t of June 09:00-13:00(only certificate at Folkets Hus). Onsite registration to the children´s event Minivättern costs 100 SEK, the ladie´s ride Tjejvättern 950 SEK and Halvvättern, which is half the distance of Vätternrundan, 950 SEK. Changing your Vätternrundan start time costs 200 SEK. You will also have the opportunity to meet a number of exhibitors in the Expo marquee. Further displays can be found in the town park.

Ride number bibs & timing chip

To collect your ride number, you need to bring your signed registration form to the Expo marquee in the town square. You can print out the registration form at “My Pages” on the Vätternrundan website. The envelope with the ride number contains a sticker for your bike and a bib to put on your chest. You will also find a timing chip, in the form of a small sticker that you attach to the right side of your helmet, just above your ear. On the back of the number bib you need to fill out medical information and contact details. Remember to bring a valid ID document during


the ride. A pink number bib indicates Tjejvättern pioneer, yellow is Vätternrundan pioneer, blue is for veterans and Swedish armed forces have green bibs. To make any changes, or for a tie-on number bib, please contact the service desk in the main square.

Dressing rooms & Start

The sports hall is open for Tjejvättern and Halvvättern on the 6th of June 17.00 to the 8th of June 19.00. For Vätternrundan, the hours are from 12th of June 20.00 to the 15th of June 10.00. Zederslunds school is open for Tjejvättern 7th 06:00 to 20.00 and Halvvättern 8th 06:00 to 21:00. For Vätternrundan, the hours are, for men, 14th of June 06.00 to 15th 01.00, and for ladies, from 20.00 on the 14th. Between 08.00 and 20.00 on the 14th, ladies have access to shower and changing facilities at nearby Norra school. You can drop a small bag with excess clothing at the start while small valuables can be left at the information desk at Folkets Hus/ Motala Convention Center, across the park from the start area. Mechanics are on standby in the start area to help with any minor repairs and you can also fill up your water bottle here. The start of Tjejvättern and Halvvättern begins at 08.00 and continues to about 11.30. Starts in Vätternrundan begin on Friday 13th 19.30 and continue to Saturday 14th about 06.30. You need to be at your starting fold (marked Left, Middle or Right) at least 10 minutes before you are due to start. Your start fold is indicated on your number bib. The start runs to a tight schedule, so you can’t be late. During each event there are monitored bike parkings in Stadsparken and during Vätternrundan also at Zederslundsskolan. It is open between Saturday 8 AM and Sunday 2 PM!

General rules

• Your registration is personal and cannot be transferred to another person. • No escort cars are allowed. This applies both to private and company cars. • You must wear a helmet during the entire ride. • Mobile phones and other technical devices that can divert your attention from the road may only be used while stationary. • No recumbent bicycles are allowed without explicit approval. • Triathlon, delta, loose bows and all other non-standard handlebars are not permitted. Note that bar-ends are permitted. • Only bicycles of standard design may be used - no HPVs, pedicars, scooters, tricycles or anything similar are permitted. So-called “disc wheels” may not be used. One-wheeled bicycles are not allowed. • Bicycles with room for more than two people are not allowed. In the case of tandems, both cyclists must register. • Bikes that are considered unsafe may not be used. Please contact the office if you have any questions. +46 141 22 32 90. • Consideration to other road users must be shown during the event. • The instructions of the flag marshals must be followed. • You have to follow Swedish traffic laws.

Specific rules for Vätternrundan • At least six hours rest is required before driving after the event. Unfortunately, we have experienced accidents as a result of tired riders. Vätternrundan and the police urge everybody to ensure they get adequate rest. The police will carry out checks. Failure to rest for at least six hours before driving is grounds for disqualification.

During the ride! • Working lights and reflectors must be used Course & Depots from dusk to 03.00.

Tjejvättern & Halvvättern

The courses head south from Motala, along Lake Vättern down to Omberg via Vadstena. After Omberg the Tjejvättern course turns right towards Rök while Halvvättern turns and heads over Tällekullen via Ödeshög. Both rides then pass through Skänninge on the way back to the finish line in Motala. Tjejvättern support stations: Borghamn 31 km, Rök 53km and Skänninge 75 km. Additionally, there is a water station at Alvastra. Halvvättern support stations: Borghamn 31km, Ödeshög 52 km and HV Rök 103. Support vehicles patrol the course; private or company cars are not allowed. Finish closes at 19:00 in Tjejvättern and 20:00 in Halvvättern.

Vätternrundan The course circles Lake Vättern, heading south from the harbour area in Motala. It offers nine full-service support stations and one water station: Ödeshög 47 km, Ölmstad 83 km, Jönköping 102 km, Fagerhult 133 km, (approx. 10 km north of Fagerhult a self-service water

After the ride! Results

When crossing the finish line, participants receive a medal and have their photo taken. Riders who have completed their 5th, 10th, 15th (and so on) Vätternrundan will receive a specially designed medal. In Halvvättern , the men who done the course in less than 5 hours and women in less than 6 hours are awarded with a plaque. The plaques can be collected from the Expo marquee in the main square. The finish line photo can be ordered from our web shop. Our rides are for recreation only so no official results list is available. Individual results are however published on our web site and in the app. Your personal time is also printed on your certificate of achievement, which you can collect from the Expo marquee in the town square. Pictures and articles about the rides are published on our website, on our Facebook page and on www.

Celebrate you achievement

Food is served after the ride. Secure bicycle parking is available in the park. In the eve-

station will betheir provided during theform, Saturday), Hjo By signing registration all riders 171 Karlsborg 204 km, Boviken 225 km, agreekm, to follow these rules. Hammarsundet 257 km, Medevi 274 km and the finish in Motala which closes at midnight on Saturday June 15th.

Food & drink

All support stations along the course provide Enervit sports drink, water, bananas (in some Depots), buns, gherkins, blueberry soup, lemonade and coffee. The coffee and the bananas are organic. Gluten-free bread is available. After the finish line, Tjejvättern and Halvvättern participants are served chicken breast and white grain pilau in Motala Convention Center. For Vätternrundan cyclists, pasta salad and a glass of cold low-alcohol lager is served in the park.

Assistance & first aid

If you should need mechanical assistance with your bike, help is at hand at all support stations. Transport to the next support station can be provided by the support vehicles pa-

nings, Motala Convention Center offers live music as well as food and drink. Many local restaurants also have special offers. Please visit the Motala information marquee in the park for local information. You can find branded products for the different rides, such as clothing and bags, on sale at stalls in the city park and in the Expo marquee in the town square. The products can also be found in the web shop. You can share your experiences on or www.

trolling the course (private escort cars are not allowed). If you do not wish to continue, there is transport to take you back to Motala. Massage and first aid is available at every support station and in Motala Convention Center. For general medical advice, call the health service information line on 1177. Toilets are provided at all support stations and in the start area. The police can be contacted by phone on 114 14. For any emergencies, call 112.

Progress updates

The information is available online if you visit our homepage or use one of the public computers in the park. Alternatively, you can visit the information desk in Motala Convention Center.

good idea to bring somebody who can drive you back home after the ride. Or why not stay for a while and enjoy Motala?

Lost and found

If you handed anything in at the start you can collect it at the bicycle parking area in the park. Lost property can, with a bit of luck, be retrieved at the information desk in Motala Convention Center or at the police station.

Showers & rest

See the section ”Before the ride” for more information. Tjejvättern participants benefit from free shampoo from our sponsor Naturelle when showering at the sports hall. Massage and first aid is available on the ground floor of Motala Convention Center. It is a


Vätternrundan 300 km

Vätternrundan is the world´s largest recreational bicycle event. The route takes you through the beautiful summer countryside around lake Vättern. Breathtaking views with

Aspa 242 km < > 55 km

a late sunset and an early sunrise will make this an event you will never forget. The route has 9 rest stops.

Hammarsundet 257 km < > 40 km

Start Motala

Ödeshög 47<>250


274 km < > 23 km


225 km < > 72 km

Ölmstad 83<>214 Start Motala Mål 297 km < > 0 km


203 km < > 94 km

Jönköping 102<>195



47 km < > 250 km

Hjo 171<>126

171 km < > 126 km

Karlsborg 203<>94 Fagerhult

133 km < > 164 km

Fagerhult 133<>164

Boviken 225<>72

Gyllene Uttern 76 km < > 221 km

Ölmstad 83 km < > 214 km Bankeryd 120 km < > 177 km


102 km < > 195 km


Hammarsundet 257<>40

Medevi 274<>23

Mål Motala

Tjejvättern 100 km

Tjejvättern’s course is 100 km long and goes south along lake Vättern, makes a wide circle and then heads back north again to Motala. There are at least three rest stops. The course is very beautiful, varied and challenging enough for both beginners and intermediate cyclists. The cyclists start in groups during the

morning and the finish does not close until the evening, which means that the participants have all day to take themselves around the course.

Start Motala Mål 0 km < > 100 km

Start Motala

Borghamn 31<>69

Vättern Rök 53<>47

Stocklycke 41 km <> 59 km

Skänninge Borghamn

Skänninge 75<>25

75 km < > 25 km

31 km < > 69 km

Mål Motala

Alvastra 45 km <> 55 km


53 km < > 47 km

Halvvättern 150 km

Halvvättern’s course goes south along lake Vättern, makes a wide circle and then heads back north again to Motala. There are four rest stops. The course is very beautiful, varied and challenging enough for both begin-

ners and intermediate cyclists. The cyclists start in groups during the morning and the finish does not close until the evening, which means that the participants have all day to take themselves around the course.

Start Motala 0 km < > 150 km Mål Start Motala


Skänninge Borghamn

125 km < > 25 km

Borghamn 31<>119

Ödeshög 52<>98

31 km < > 119 km

Stocklycke 41 km <> 109 km

Rök Start Mål

Rök 103<>47

Skänninge 125<>25

Mål Motala

103 km < > 47 km


52 km < > 98 km

Boet 80 km <> 70 km



å by rs Kä



lje gå n

ge n

mot Örebro

Smedsby skola Illersjöväg

Bicycle road Bicycle road (together with street)






n bulte

Youth hotel


Holiday village Hotel


Simple Accomodation Hospital, medical service Information N




Råssnäs–Varamon– Bus station





Friday 14:45–22:00 Saturday 06:15–20:00 Sunday 06:15–19:00


Vät sk




Departs from the bus station*/Repslagargatan every 30 min and passes Motala Verkstad. Also passes Luxor about 10 minutes after departure.

Carlsund utbildningscenter



äg en

e viväg

Friday 15:00–22:00 Saturday 06:30–20:00 Sunday 06:30–19:00

M ede

Departs from the bus station every 15 min and passes Z-parken about 5 minutes after departing.






v sviks


ä gen

s Rås


v äg

Zederslu skolan Vintergatan

v Gu sta

Råssnäs–Varamon– Pariserviken Bus station




Friday 14:45–22:00 Saturday 06:15–20:00 Sunday 06:15–19:00

i nv

an at

lf De


Departs from the City church/Prästgatan every 15 min. and passes Electrolux about 10 min after departing.

Folkets Park

o St

City church–Electrolux– Staffanstorp-City church


ttn i Dro


a ta

Departs from the bus station every 15 min and passes Z-parken about 5 minutes after departing.

Thursday 15:00–22:00 Friday 08:00–24:00 Saturday 08:00–24:00


Round-trip Skepparpinan

Departs from the bus station*/Repslagargatan every 30 min and passes Motala Verkstad. Also passes Luxor about 10 minutes after departure.

Thursday 14:45–22:00 Friday 08:00–24:00 Saturday 08:00–24:00

City church–Electrolux– Staffanstorp-City church



Departs from the City church/Prästgatan every 15 min. and passes Electrolux about 10 min after departing.

Thursday 14:45–22:00 Friday 08:00–24:00 Saturday 08:00–24:00



mot Vadstena och Mjölby/Skänninge



Karlslunds skola

mot Linköping

BRÅSTORP Bråstorps skola



BORENSHULT Metallvägen

Skolgårda skola

Sjöbo-Knäppan naturreservat


sä tt e


g en

Ös te

rm a


sg a

ta n






Ve rk


o tt

bo r gs g vä en d Ve



Sy an at rg





ar l



ot M



Expo &



Charlottenborgs skola

sta Göt ds a k vä ana ge l n

Norra skolan


ål Start


Södra skolan



Staffanstorp naturreservat Mellansjön


Vårdcentral te n



ds Va

en v äg

Lin kö ping


g a vä Ek ha







Your bicycle

Please make sure that your bicycle is in good working condition before any of our cycle events. We recommend that your bicycle is serviced by a qualified mechanic a few weeks before the event. Only normal two wheeled bicycles and tandems are allowed. Recumbent bicycles, so called HPVs, pedicars, scooters, tricycles or anything similar are not permitted. So called Disc Wheels may not be used. If in doubt please contact us.


Vätternrundan complies with the Swedish Cycling Federation regulations which state that standard handlebars must be used for events with mass starts. All forms of aero Bars (also known as triathlon, delta, cowhorn, clipons spinachi and other similar non-standard handlebars) are therefore not permitted. It is very important that handlebar ends are plugged.

Approved helmet

It is compulsory for all participants in Vättern2010 rundan events to wear an approved cycling helmet during the whole event.

Lights and reflectors In accordance with Swedish road safety regulations and for the purposes of


Vätternrundan these rules apply to all cyclists until 03:00 am Saturday. Front light: Must be white or yellow and bright enough to be seen from 300 meter. Any full beam light strong enough to dazzle other road users must be dimmable. Rear light: Must be red and bright enough to be seen from 300 meter. Flashing lights are permitted. Reflectors: Your bicycle must be equipped with white reflectors at the front, amber (orange-yellow) or white at the sides, and red at the rear. Warning! Reflectors attached within the spokes of your front wheel can loosen and send you flying over the handlebars. Remove such reflectors from your bicycle. Your bicycle will be checked at the start and along the route.


The weather is usually very pleasant this time of year around lake Vättern. You should, however, be warned that the temperature can drop to just a few degrees centigrade during the night. Although the weather is usually fine, you should also be prepared for rain. Bring rainproof and windproof cycling clothes with you. You may leave clothing you don´t need at the rest stops along the course, as well as at the start. Experienced cyclists recommend cycling glasses or goggles which protect eyes from grit, insects and wind.

Excess clothing

Excess clothing can be handed in at the start (maximum one bag per person). Valuables can be handed in at Folkets Hus. Excess clothing can also be handed in at the rest stops. We provide plastic bags which must be marked with your name and start number. The clothes are transported to Motala where you can pick them up after Vätternrundan at Zederslund School. And after the finish in Tjejvättern and Halvvättern. NOTE! Vätternrundan is not responsible for any valuables.


Repair facilities are available at the start and at the rest stops around the course. We offer a full service at the rest stops, but cyclists with thin tires are advised to bring spares with them. If your bicycle needs repair before the start you must come well in advance of your start time. All reparations and parts are paid for on the spot or later by invoice. In case of mechanical breakdown please stop one of our service cars marked Vätternrundan Följebil. You and your bike will then be taken to the nearest rest stop.

N IO T C E L L O C 4 1 0 2 THE IS HERE

Order it on internet or buy it at the Expo Marquee.

We have everything you need. The official Vätternrundan Sport Store 13


You made it!

! T N E M O M E H T R E B REMEM The moment you pass the finish is a moment you will never forget. Order a personal photo of your finish at:


The Finish

Medals & Diplomas

is on the lakeside promenade in the center of Motala, amidst cheering crowds. Next to the finish, the cyclists are served beverages and a meal. Special markings from the finish lead to the Expo Marquee where you can collect your diploma. From there follow the signs to the showers and changing rooms.


nru t Vätter etapp. omför el i en på cyk

You can make enquiries at our office in Folkets Hus, which is located between the finish and the Expo Marquee. We are open during the events. Phone: 0141-22 32 90. From overseas: +46 141 22 32 90










Vätternrundan office

300 km

har gen


are awarded to everyone who completes the course. Special medals are awarded to participants who have completed an anniversary event. Diplomas are awarded to every cyclist that completes the course. These can be picked up at the Expo Marquee in the town square (where you can also purchase a frame). After the event is over the diploma can be ordered from the Vätternrundan website.





nge Mål





Sto rt


sson Lars Samuel rundan nde i Vättern Ordföra


a Frick Eva-Len undan ätternr


4 juni

den 13–1







nge nni Mål






The results are presented at

...Vätternrundan live on the web June 13–14th

In the interest of safety you must rest for a minimum of six hours after completing Vätternrundan before driving anywhere. This includes driving back to nearby accommodation. The police will be out to enforce this. 15

Ready to Start!! Expo Marquee

The Expo Marquee is on the town square “Stora Torget”. Here you can pick up your ride number, change start time if necessary, and collect your diploma after finish.

The Expo Marquee is open during the event: June 6 June 7 June 8 June 12 June 13 June 14

12:00–22:00 06:30–22:00 06:30–20:00 12:00–22:00 08:00–24:00 00:00–20:00 (Shop opens at 10:00)

Pick up your ride number at the Expo Marquee at least 60 minutes before you are due to start. In the large tent you can also find a sports store and an exhibitors area for our partners. In the city park there is a smaller shop for last-minute purchases and a cycle repair station for smaller repairs or checks of your bicycles condition.


Tjejvättern and Halvvättern If you come to the start well prepared, the events will be enjoyable. We recommend a minimum training of 300-500 km prior to these events. Start to train regularly in the spring: begin with short sessions and gradually increase the distance. A few weeks before Tjejvättern/Halvvättern, cycle at least two practice circuits of 60-80 kilometers. It is wise to train in all kinds of weather since nice weather is not guaranteed. The training also helps you to learn how to dress right for all kinds of weather.

Vätternrundan The fitter you are, the more you will enjoy the experience of cycling round the beautiful lake


Vättern. We recommend a minimum training dose of about 1 000 kilometres prior to the event itself. Start with a few short training rides and gradually increase the distance as you build up your stamina. During the weeks leading up to Vätternrundan you should try to complete at least a couple of long rides of at least 100-150 kilometres. Don’t worry about wind, rain or cold weather – get up on your bike and train. The more training you do the better your chances of completing – and enjoying – Vätternrundan’s 300 km/186 miles.

Your health Never train unless you are 100% fit. Do not attempt to cycle Vätternrundan if you have any signs or symptoms of illness. In other words, it is wiser to cancel than to jeopardize your health. We recommend that you sign up for the extra insurance “Startklar” when you register. It entitles you to a refund of the entire entry fee if you are unable to participate because of illness.

The Start/Start time

The start area is located by the town harbour. Come to the start area at least 30 minutes before your start time. Expect it to be very crowded. Within the start area you will find last minute bicycle repair, coffee shop, toilets, and water. Find your start fold. There are 3 start folds, named after the sponsors. (There are digital signs above each start fold.) Place yourself and your bicycle so you can move forward into your start fold 10 minutes before your start time. If you are cycling between dusk and dawn your bicycle lights will be checked. The start is well organised; do not expect any delays – be on time! Each start group moves out of their start fold and to the starting line 2 minutes before their start time. The start is signaled by six loud peeps. Your timing chip will be automatically registered at the start and finish as well as at certain checkpoints. Each start group is escorted by motorcycles out of Motala for the first kilometers.

Your start time is presented under My Home and Your registration on, and on your start card. If you need to change your start time you may do this before the event at the Expo Marquee for a fee of SEK 200.

Your Start Card

Note that you need your start card in order to collect your number bib. You shall download and print the start card at My Pages on Your start card is a valuable document. By signing it you confirm that you agree to follow Vätternrundan’s rules. Bring the signed start card with you to Motala where it will be exchanged for a number bib and timing chip at the Expo Marquee on the Town Square. The complete Vätternrundan rules are found on page 18.

Please note that you must bring your start card with you to Mota la in order to collect your ride number.

Vätternrundan opening ceremony June 13 at18:30 at the start area

Number bib

Every participant receives two ride numbers, one for the body and one for the bike. The body number is to be attached front with the help of safety pins. The bicycle number is to be attached on front of the bicycle. The body ride number should be plainly visable at the start and at the finish, where you will be photographed. Please fill in your medical information on the flip side of the ride number worn on the front. Bring some form of identification with you on the ride. In the envelope with the ride numbers is a sticker with your start number. Attach it to your bicycle so that it can be identified if necessary. The sponsor on the ride number is the main sponsor of the event.

Special coloured number bibs Cyclists taking part in Vätternrundan in an anniversary event (5th, 10th, etc) have a special symbol on their number bib. Vätternrundan’s pioneers (participated in every event) wear a yellow cloth number bib. Tjejvättern’s pioneers wear a pink number bib. Vätternrundan’s veterans (participated in at least 25 events) wear a blue cloth number bib. The Swedish armed forces wear a green cloth ride number.

Cloth bib Plain cloth bibs for ride numbers can be bought at the information desk and at the information booth by the start. Use this if you do not want to attach your ride number to your clothing. The cost is 30 SEK.

Timing chip

registered an email address with us. When you are logged in to My Pages you can see which events you have participated in and print out your start card one month before the event. Print out your start card. Important! My Pages is a collaboration between Vätternrundan and DanagårdLiTHO.

Every cyclist receives an electronic timing chip together with the ride number. Your chip contains personal information, so it is important that you use your own chip. You can check that the information stored on your chip is correct at the dedicated terminals in the Expo Marquee. Please attach the chip (a sticker) to the right side of your helmet, above the right ear.


Make sure that you have revmoved alla residue from other chips to avoid interference with the antennas.

Insurance/NonSwedish residents


Tjejvättern: Start - Stocklycke - Skänninge Finish Halvvättern: Start - Stocklycke - Boet - Skänninge - Finish Vätternrundan: Start - Gränna - Bankeryd Hjo - Aspa - Medevi - Finish

My Pages

My Pages is your personal place on our website, which you can access if you have an registered email address. If you do not have your login and/or password you can order it on the login in page on Please send an email to Vätternrundan if you have changed your email address since you registered, or if you have not previously

You cycle at your own risk, but a standard accident insurance is included in the start fee that compensate you for accidents and third party liability. The insurance is provided through the Swedish Cycling Federation in cooperation with the Folksam Insurance Group.

You are covered during domestic travel to and from Vätternrundan but not whilst travelling to and from Sweden. The accident insurance policies are limited to compensation for treatment within Sweden. All overseas visitors are advised to review their own personal insurance policy and conditions for third party liability before travelling to Sweden. This is of great importance if your country does not have a medical health care agreement with Sweden. It is also a good idea to check the insurance coverage for your bicycle. Please note that Folksam handles insurance matters and that no compensation will be given by Vätternrundan. Startklar insurance holders who wish to request a reimbursement of the entry fee if illness or injury prevents participation can contact Folksam at folksam., phone: +46 771 960 960


Rules and Regulations Swedish road traffic laws apply during the event. Additionally Vätternrundan has extra rules that all cyclists must follow to ensure their safety. • The minimum age requirement in Vättern- rundan is 18 (this includes those who turn 18 during the current year). In Tjejvättern and Halvvättern the minimum age require- ment is 15. Each participant must be regis- tered by name on their start number. • No private cars or rest stops are allowed on or around the course during the event. This includes all friends, family, colleagues, team mates etc. • Cyclists that are not registered to ride the event are not allowed on the course during the event. • An approved bicycle helmet must be used during the entire event. • Recumbent bicycles are generally not allowed However, dispensation can be applied for


prior to entering the event by contacting our office • Triathlon, delta, loose bows and all other non-standard handlebars are not permitted. Note that bar-ends are permitted. • So called HPVs, pedicars, scooters, tricycles or anything similar are not permitted. So called Disc Wheels may not be used. • Lights and reflectors must be used from dusk to 03:00 in Vätternrundan. Please note that this rule applies to both Friday and Saturday night. • Bicycles with room for more than two people are not allowed. In the case of tandems both cyclists must be registered. • Only bicycles with two wheels are allowed. • Consideration to other road users must be shown during the event. • The flag marshals instructions must be followed. • You must rest for at least six hours after comp leting the event before driving anywhere. (see more below).

Regular inspections will take place at the start and around the course to ensure that all participants obey these rules at all times. Any cyclist in breech of these rules will be immediately disqualified from the event. A cyclist agrees to follow these rules when he or she signs the start card. To collect a Ride Number you must sign and hand in your start card.


You must rest for at least six (6) hours after completing Vätternrundan, before driving anywhere. This includes driving back to nearby accommodation. The police will be out to enforce this. If you are found driving within 6 hours of completing the event you will be disqualified from the event. This rule is in accordance with Swedish Traffic Law 1998:1276:

This happens in Motala Vätternrundan is a big event for Motala as well as for the Vätternrundan participants. The organisers aim to make it a fun few days for the spectators and for the riders’ friends and families, by offering activities around the events. Motala is not a big place, but each year in June it comes out to show its full potential. The population suddenly doubles with the influx of visitors and there is a vibrant atmosphere to the place. The town square becomes a meeting place for people from around the world, restaurants and pubs extend their opening hours and market traders from near and far put out their stalls. In addition, the huge expo marquee in the square opens its doors, offering a vast selection of sports goods.

Enjoy Motala

Motala is a place full of experiences and activities. The town has a rich sporting tradition and features many sports clubs, a secondary school especially for promising young triathletes, many gyms and, of course, countless cyclists. There is also lots of outdoor fun to be enjoyed. In Varamobaden, the largest lakeside beach in Scandinavia, you can try your hand at kayaking, windsurfing or just take a leisurely swim in the beautiful Lake Vättern. But there is more to Motala than sports. The town has several schools providing musical education for young people. This has spawned a vibrant music scene with several pubs and clubs where you can enjoy a drink

while listening to a local band or singer/songwriter. If you are more interested in the arts, you can pay a visit to Gallery Vättern, Dubergska Gården, Motala Arts Hall or the local museum in Charlottenborg Mansion, which also has an impressive collection of taxidermy, especially birds. We are pretty sure you will find something to do in Motala, whether you are resting after your ride or waiting for someone to return. Please visit for more information.


History Vätternrundan Sten-Otto Liljedahl, a professor and medical advisor in sports, wanted to test some ideas he had about the relationship between hard training and the need for food and water. In 1965, together with Ewert Rydell a bicycle dealer from Motala, he set off on several bicycle rides around Lake Vättern. The first ride took over 22 hours. The things they learned about long distance cycling are still used today. The first official Vätternrundan was held Friday the 17th of June, 1966. It was presented as a long distance (300 km) recreational

bicycle ride around the beautiful lake Vättern. The starting and finishing point was in Motala and it was arranged by the sports club Motala AIF. Traffic was on the left side in those days, so the bike ride went counter-clockwise around the lake. There was much debate before the first event. Was it a recreational ride or was it pure madness? Would it be a total failure or a success? 328 men and 6 women participated the first year... Today it is the largest recreational bike ride in the world with cyclists from over 52 different countries.

Tjejvättern Thoughts on a special bike ride for women only had been in the minds of the organization at Vätternrundan for several years when it was finally tried on 1991. Sunday the 9th of June 1991 - the premiere for Tjejvättern - can simply be summarized in one word: SUCCESS! The number of women who wanted to participate in this first bike event for women only was amazing. Participants came from all over Sweden and within a few years, from other countries as well. Today it is the larg-

est Scandinavian recreational ride for women with an estimated 7000 to register in 2014. The atmosphere during the event is warm and friendly. The women only event is less competetive and the cyclists take the time to enjoy the scenery and chat at the rest stops. It is a special day for many of the women who participate and it is so popular that every year almost 50% of the participants have cycled the event before.

Halvvättern Halvvättern started in 2007 as many cyclists expressed a wish for an alternative to the 300 km route. The 150 km route is very popular

and is now part of “Halvklassikern” ie doing half of the full length of the events that belong to the Swedish Classic Circuit.

Vätternrundan, Box 48, SE-591 21 Motala, Sweden. Tel. +46 141 22 32 90 Fax. +46 141 21 12 88 E-mail. Website. Opening hours: Monday - Thursday 09.00 - 16.00, lunch 12.00-14.00. Friday 09.00 - 12.00.

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