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MEGLIO showroom Lima, Peru Meglio is a Peruvian company that imports and distributes high quality stone for architecture and interiors. After forty years working on large architectural projects, they wanted to redefine their brand identity and expand their market to independent designers and customers. They needed a showroom that would allow them to do this.

MEGLIO showroom













The project involved a renovation of the existing building and faรงade, as well as the complete design of the interior.

MEGLIO showroom

Workspaces where customers can handle large samples and test them under different lighting conditions.

Exterior fountain was designed to demonstrate novel uses for new materials.

MEGLIO showroom Inspired by paper folding, the staircase aims to demonstrate how such a rigid and heavy material as marble has the ability to also seem light and flexible.

The lighting fixture hanging above was designed to unify the area, visually connecting the three levels of the space.

THE MUSEUM OF WRITING INSTRUMENTS Pratt institute Exhibition Design Group project


THE MUSEUM OF WRITING INSTRUMENTS The goal of this project was to conceptually create our own museum. We were to choose and research the subject matter, assemble a physical collection, and then curate and design an exhibition from the collection. Proposed Site: The Morgan Library, NY Museum Mission The Museum of Writing Instruments seeks to inspire understanding and appreciation of hand writing instruments and their evolution, as well as their significance in human life. The Collection What is special about the collection is not the rarity or monetary value of each piece, but rather its accessibility. The entire collection is out on display, where the public is able to directly experiment with each unique way of writing.

-Visitors are invited to experience the unique feel of different writing implements at a central table.

-A glass box in the center of the table allows for some of the most iconic pieces to be displayed.

THE MUSEUM OF WRITING INSTRUMENTS Experimenting and prototyping in both small and large scale helped us to better understand the possibilities and limitations of our design.

URBAN OUTFITTERS window Pratt institute Exhibition Design Group project Urban outfitters asked the Exhibition Design class to design and install a Halloween window for their store in Soho. We designed and painted a haunted tree that would serve as a first layer to the installation, and also integrate the two levels of the store front.

LUMINO installation Pratt Institute institute Exhibition Design Group project

Lumino is both an interactive installation and an adaptable space for community functions.

LUMINO installation

LUMINO installation Burning Man

N Sunset


Sunset ack Ro




Black Rock Desert Black Rock City 5 Sq. Miles


Once a year, tens of thousands of people gather in Nevada's Black Rock desert to create Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis dedicated to community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance. In taking on this project we felt most inspired by the light quality of the desert sun in contrast to the absolute darkness at night. We aimed to create a structure that would allow the visitor to experience these different light qualities on a visceral and interactive level.

Prevailing wind NW

Prevailing wind NW

The structure is composed of ten Hyperbolic paraboliods, creating a shape which harmoniously interplays with the landscape.

LUMINO installation Projection mapping



Mosaic Pieces



During the first three days of the festival, participants are given semi-translucent fabric mosaic pieces that enable them to interact with the structure and create their own patterns. Each day a different color is distributed, creating a progressive change of composition. The mosaic patterns are illuminated at night by precise projection mapping which creates a glowing

MUJI Living Lab Pratt Institute Group project

MUJI Living Lab Muji asked us to help them develop innovative ways they could engage people at a neighborhood level and break into the mainstream American market. We proposed “The Living Lab”, a platform for the exchange of ideas between MUJI and their potential customers.

Retail: After experiencing and learning about the products, visitors can purchase or order them.

Interactive areas: Visitors learn about Muji’s products and ideas and leave feedback.

Exterior Plaza: The proposal of The “Living Lab” was to work in conjunction with the current revitalization project of the Clinton Hill neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.

Social Area: Includes cafe, Muji food kiosks and movie area.

MUJI Living Lab

MUJI Living Lab The design of the living lab is inspired by the functionality of a small town center.

The main plaza will be used for participatory art installations and performances.

MUJI Living Lab

LUCKY wallpaper Pratt institute

Ekeko is a Peruvian and Bolivian representation of the god of abundance. The figure is given as a present for good luck. Miniature representations of human desires are hung from him with the belief that he will provide these things during the coming year. This stereoscopic wallpaper creates a whimsical tribute to this character.

LUCKY wallpaper


Interior Design

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