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WEEK 8 — MARCH 9 2012






From cosmic lashes to shiny backpacks these hot picks are out of this world! Lava Lamp, £14.99, Homebase

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Backpack, £38, Topshop

PHOTOGRAPHY Jess Kwong STYLING Naomi Pallas and Claire Healy MODELS Victoria Fell & Lewis Wynn VICTORIA AND LEWIS WEAR All Clothes Lazy Oaf, apart from Strawberry T-Shirt Asos, Trainers Buffalo, Wedges Ashish for Topshop, Trousers and Accessories Model’s Own

f all the addictive YouTube trawls to pursue late on a Sunday night, those clips from the 60s and 70s advertising ‘Future Fashions’ are amongst our favourites. Search Future Fashions 1970 for a gem from TV show Tomorrow Today, for example, in which a model shows off her silver ‘Moonbase’ outfit around London Town. Her silver mini skirt and go-go boots are straight-up early 70s, whilst her adaptable cosmetics belt and “tough but lightweight” metallic fabric are totally Star Trek. Surely an unfeasible fashion look? Apparently not - as the narrator cheerily says, “Well, she may look like a visitor from Outer Space to you, but she’s warm, comfortable and ready for anything!” It’s all very well chuckling at such notions in retrospect. The widely held view in the 60s of everyone in the future sporting matching geometric haircuts has only come true in Varsity, after all (keep up, guys!). Jokes aside, it can be pretty difficult to predict what fashion trends are going to crop up in future times. Who would have thought that drop crotch utility pants would ever be legal, never mind a big trend for A/W 12? Unlike the good people of Tomorrow Today, we’d rather not get too scientific about the whole future fashion thing. Someone once said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it, but if you’ve got no ideas we’re here to help with our future fashion styles: from Lazy Oaf ’s junk food prints to space age hot picks, the future may not lie in high tech Moon Suits, but it’s certainly pretty bright.

Poster, £5.99, Shorts, £34, Topshop Tasseled Bag Charm, £200, Maison Martin Margiela

Space Invader Ring, £15, Rokit

Varsity Issue 757  

Published: 9th March 2012

Varsity Issue 757  

Published: 9th March 2012