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>»»»»» » "Two roods diverged in the pine grove, and Itook the one less traveled by. And that has made allthe difference." -something Robert Frost might have said, had he attended Hope College. Prospective students used a map. Freshmen followed the crowds. Then, we became bold and stepped out on our own. And that has mad e allthe difference. W e allchose our own paths and were lucky enough to travel them together, as peers. These roads led to relationships, scholarly pursuits, faithful understanding, and accomplishing the goals we may not have originallyset out for, but have mad e allthe difference. As we pursued our dreams, our passions, and our futures, we were allthe while being pursued. Hope isan institution of the historic Christian faith and that has ma d e all the difference. The seniors have left these paths behind and those who are still traveling here are witnessing them be reshaped in to a "Greater Hope." New buildings, new resources, new pathways. And that will make all the difference. While we walked, ran, strutted, orlong-boarded along these paths, we may not have thetime to stop and capture theiressence. These pages contain those different pathways and the ones who traveled them. And you have made allthe difference.


Würühlp: Many students look forward to the night of Groovin' in the Grove. Sophomore Hannah Claywell says that, "itisa wonderful way to kick offthe year. We get to see people we haven't seen all summer and worship together as a Hope community forthe first time in months,"

S m P Treafa Students enjoy tasty frozen treats from Palazzolo's Artisan Gelato.

Small Grvttp

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Fill our lips with words of splendor W e surrender praise You our strength remain our shelter Covered by Your wing



On August 23, Hope College came alive as we welcomed Hope's newest class of 830 students, who joined what is approaching a record total student enrollment! With the help of this year's Orientation Assistants, each new freshman moved into their Residence Hall and began the exciting weekend that isOrientation.Everyone was kept busy as activitieswere prepared for new students as well as for their parents and siblings. New students were introduced to Hope through everything including an Improv comedy group, a skit preformed by the Assistant Directors, donut runs, a block party, and the mysterious Playfair. Freshman Jess Guillaume looks back on her orientation experience fondly, saying that, "there is a lot of anxiety that comes with arriving on campus forthe firsttime, but Hope does an amazing job at both maintaining that exciting uncertainty while also erasing your fears. Orientation provided m e with friendly faces around campus as well as a much needed confidence boost form y firstweek of classes."The week following Orientation weekend was filled with Welcome Back activities for all students, as our campus was once again ma d e into a home. IAbby Emerson ('16)


Kelli Battistone ('16) and Rachel Barber ('18)get excited about a game during "O" group time called "screaming toes."

> •


Teaching tfa RffpCfa Connor Hernandez ('16) talks about lifeat Hope with his Orientation group.

photo by: Tessa Schultz ('15)

"OrientüRün m m -tticha experience and a preaR c/urnce W pet fa k n m w m e vp mtf c i a a m M IPhedped theprüceafä üp movinp


in and making- priendi'math eaaer." B M a MOVC: The Assistant Directors perform an impressive, nine minute long dance routine forthe new students.

-Jay Nieuwenhuis ('18)

"OrientaRün u m M p erp m and itm b a nice m g t& meetpeüple we mag n&tha\re &themae met and t& ha\re th&ie pamitiar pacep arüand campM. Ihadio a great wag t& meet a Cünple appercdaamen whv can aniwer ang qiMivM and give g&u, ucppvrt." -Abby Gurka ('18)

; '■


„-^bofo%; yfafo-Schultz ('I7)„

Leaving a Mark: Brentton Smith ('18) acfas his handprint to the Class of 2018's Love & Hope banner, which will be displayed at the 2018 graduation ceremony.

AeftVisUM Fair: Jenna Van Es ('15) and Krista Hoevmeyer ('15) enjoy themselves while promoting their International Relations club, which works to create meaningful relationships between international students and American students on campus.

N e w Frtewh: Freshmen participate in the annual Playfair, which isalways a highlight of the weekend. Itsactivities are kept top secret until ithappens, which only adds to the excitement!


»Heme»»»» SweepHepe

CaptUM: Cameron Holder ('15),Yubing Mao ('16), Stanna Dorn ('17) and Lisa McLellan ('15)pose with Dutch for the Homecoming 5K run, which raised money for Dance Marathon.

Hope Homecoming 2014 was a major event for almost every group on campus. From the athletics to the arts, nearly every department and club had something foralumni to enjoy. Social media groups from campus, such as the Hope College Alumni Association, the Hope English Department facebook page, and individual students, all enthused over the exciting events on campus using the tag #HopeHomecoming. This way, even alumni who weren't able to make itto campus physically were able to wax nostalgic by seeing photos and comments about theirbeloved alma mater, and so theyjoined the fun!There were a slew of events showing off the new campus construction, including tours of the upcoming Jack Millercenter, and Segway tours of campus. President Knapp, who comes from the south, also hosted a southern-style Memphis barbeque inthe recently rennovated Phelps Dining Hall. All in all, homecoming 2014 was a knockout success! |Jennifer Van Es ('15)





TimM: Christina Mathew ('16)and Lindsay Nichols ('15) chuckle over cider at theirfirsthoedown.

/) FCuföif Friend: Danielle Meyer ('15), Lindsay Sherwood ('15), Erica O'Connell ('15), and Leah Richter ('15) love the bunnies at Teusink Farm!







Rfmnd: Hope students compete for best dance moves, as they lead a line dance at the annual Homecoming Hoedown.

GipfUe* a n d G ü ü d

-v -

/? PttLr: Nicole Sparbanie ('15) and Joseph Droppers ('15) show off the oh-so-formal Dutch footwear they received as the Homecoming King and Queen.

Swinq 'Rvund and





1L 11 «

F m far A C "We had a great time!," enthused Izamar Mandujano ('15). "The hay ride was my favorite! My friends loved the treats!" She is pictured here with her sister Mariza ('15) and her friend Ana Ortega ('15).


' -Am-*"


- by: Jtisiinew loti'

Retivfoep the High Ufa: Alumni recreate their university days by practicing their cheer moves. Recent graduate Olivia Haines ('14) flies high, supported by Alex Stradal ('14).

„ i, J y v“<1-X


V ;


phoio by: J e i i n ^ a n

Ify G ü Time: The Hope College Footballteam thunders down tothe field, where theirfans are waiting!

A Unique Experience: Naoto Eda ri6), Yuka Okamoto ('15), Yuka Kojima ('16), Manna Shintani ('17), and Aoi Kambe ('16) enjoy American fall festivitiesand food.

On tfwKüpe:


Keaton Post fl8) grimaces as even year fightsto hold the rope while KristinJanssen ('18)gives him encouragement.

Originallya sprinter for the 1-7 Pull team, Jeremy Lambrix ('17)spent over an hour on the rope to replace a another injured team member despite hisown back injury.

On September 27, 2014 the freshman class of 2018 and the sophomore class of 2017 met on either side of the Black River and gave all their strength to a tradition that has lasted for 117 years. For the freshman, itwas a chance to prove themselves and starta winning streakforeven year, but forthe sophomores, it was all about retribution. After a grueling three hours, the sophomores got their retribution. Not only did odd year reclaim the titleof champions, they set a new record, winning by ninety feet and four inches. Odd year pull rep, Alexis Smith ('15) said, "I couldn't be more proud of the way our whole team came together this year. W e did itfor each other, and that iswhy we ended up in the river." Despite their eventual loss, the freshmen still held strong for the full three hours, and the crowd enjoyed cheering them on. "The Pull was a lot more intense than I expected!" said E m m a Hardy ('16) who experienced the Pull for the firsttime thisyear. Whether students were on the rope or the sidelines, the 117th pull will be one to remember. | Elizabeth Ensink ('17)

TisamHuddCe: Just before the start of the Pull,the 1-7 morale girlspsych up in a team huddle


s !,! i


SidelineStepperl President and Mrs. Knapp came out to cheer on the pullers and talkwith several Pull alumni, who were proudly wearing their shirtsfrom the 1-5 Pull Team.

'S tir

1 - f i '.£ '*'


»»»» »



phoio by: Tessa Schul/. (’15)



The firstPull on record at Hope College took place in 1898. The photo on the left, taken at the 1914 Pull, demonstrates just how much this tradition has developed over itsmany years of existence. One hundred years ago, pullers wore suits and were pulled on their stomachs right down to the water. New rules and traditions have also been added such as the three hour limit added in 1978 and the set number of pullers for each team. Although even year holds the overall record for wins, this lasting tradition isabout much more than winning .In the words of London Hertzberg ('17), "Pull ismore than pulling rope forthree hours, its being in a community that has your back through thick and thin." 10

TdCtCrWilidti&ttr: Even year pull anchor, Drew Briner('18)keeps hisfocus between heaves withthe guidance of hismoraler, Carlie Boeve ('18).

CdebrUtlÜH: Kayla Pouliot ('17) and Madeline Chapman ('17) share an emotional moment of victory after the grueling Pullseason.


» »»»


Hope College's Relay for Life took place November 14 15, 2014. Relay for Life isa project of the American Cancer Society, and relays are held all around the world in order to raise awareness. Hope College has been putting on a relay for twelve years now. Student groups, residence halls, sports teams, Greek Life, and other campus organizations all come together to raise money forthis event. The night of the event, members of the teams take turns walking around the track. While participants are not walking, there are plenty of activities and games to keep everyone busy! This year's Relay was a blast, and over $62,500 was raised forACS! |Abby Emerson ('16)

QjmCLfyTime: Morgan Boersma ('15), Lindsay Nichols ('15), and Hannah Cutshall ('16) keep themselves awake forthe long haul using costumes and a photobooth.

buogftier(AtheBetf Medicine: A group of Hope men competed in a "Mr. Relay" competition the night of the event. Each participant answered questions and performed a talent fortheiradoring audience.

MakingU Tdl^erence.-Event Chair, Sarah Steed ('15), has been a part of Relay for Lifeforthe past four years. Sarah says of the event, "Becoming a part of Relay for Lifewas one of the best decisions I've made in college. Itgave m e something to fightforthat Ia m passionate about. Cancer has touched allof us in one way or another. Relay isa time for us to come together as a community to celebrate, remember, and fight back forthose battling cancer. Knowing that we are making a difference inthe livesof those battling against thisterrible disease puts a smile on my face and gives m e hope forthe future."

h f c f «07 ■ r

photo by: Public Relations


/IFamifyA§Un Paul Bradley ('16)takes laps around the track with his mother and father. They participate in Relay in honor of his father and grandmother who both have suffered from cancer.

Heading:Gabi Williams ('16) and Madeline Fitzpatrick ('15) prepare forthe big night by creating posters to hang around the Dow.

^ r o i

iM .M i



»A New »»Lüük >>»

P r i m btf TradlUm DrdffUZ: Sophia Bouma-Prediger ('17) and Jessica Vlisides ('17) express the drama that can be seen clearly in Odd Year Play.



Thisyear marked the 80th Nykerk competition, a tradition dating back to 1936, and things were looking pretty different this year. For the firsttime ever, the Nykerk competition was moved from the dear old Civic Center to take place in our very own DeVos Fieldhouse. Despite allof the extra work and planning that went into the venue change, the executive board of Nykerk was able to pull off the event as flawlessly as ever. The freshman Class of 2018 took the cup this year, with the competition involving over 300 men and women ofthe Freshman and Sophomore classes. These young men and women were coached and led by the Juniors and Seniors. The competition draws a large crowd, made up of both family and friends of participants as well as alumni of the competition. If Pull unites the classes in the spirit of competition, then Nykerk unites the classes in the spirit of love. This famous Nykerk spirit was reflected in this years theme of "Laughter", something that any participant of Nykerk willtell you can be found often and everywhere. |Aleksandra Masiak ('17)


Readjf, Set, G&: The Nykerk Cup ison display on the judges table throughout the performance, Intimidating? Possibly. Inthe end, the sophomore Class of 2017 handed offthe cup to the freshman Class of 2018 thisyear

Cassidy Bernhardt ('18)calmly demonstrates the grace of an orator. Cassidy was able to deliver a flawless speech after weeks of preparation with her oration coaches.

Stjfte:Madeline Taylor (2017) wears the traditional Nykerk song girluniform, loving the dubbed "nun-fit." Although song girlswill likelynever wear their navy sweaters and white turtle-necks again, they sure looks good forone night.


SCUMOldSon^& Dßnce:Even Year Song (Left)and Odd Year Song (Right) can be seen below strikingtheirfinalposes ofthe night, both of which are traditional forthe class. Even Year performed Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield, and Odd Year performed a medley of songs from the 80s. Tradition isan important part of each class's performance. When alumni return to Hope forthe Nykerk Cup Competition, they can expect a few certain motions and props, with the unique styleofthe performing class.Although some things remain constant, the classes of 2018 and 2017 made thisyear's Nykerk performance trulyone of a kind.


» \

Tfore'*Nv PlaceLike[HapeJ:The Even Year Play thisyear was a remake of the Wizard of Oz, and we all know there really is no place like Hope College. Pictured above are Nola Tolsma ('18) as the Good Witch and Haley Margason ('18) as Dorothy.

'•A.*.'?*».'V i i

Tfl#QyeCni^ln:ChristineHunter('15) was the Chair of Nykerk this year, functioning as the head of the Executive Board and the M C forNykerk night.

\w m m m m

W tjZUfflht&r: The joy of Nykerk and the theme of "Laughter" were shared clearly and openly by Madeline Chapman ('17), the odd year orator.

phoio by: Karen linsink


i M .

phoio by: Kar e n Ensink





W * i. .a 1 lu ^ t I


2014-2015 Season -End Days -Goodbye Beauty, Hello Dust -Urinetown -The Children's Hour


GrüiipEfjfjörfo Vespers combines the talents of all types of music from vocalists to clarinet players and conductors to cellists.








J/r .j

Vespers is a much loved Hope College tradition that has been taking place every December since 1941. Approximately 500 people attended the firstVespers, which was a one night event, and since then the tradition has grown ineveryway. The Christmas Vespers that the Hope community knows and loves today is put on by over 200 Hope students who perform at four different services, bringing in a total audience of about 4,000 each year. The event ishosted by the Hope College music department and features a program of traditional Christmas carols and anthems. The mood of the evening isset with candles and Christmas lights lining Dimnent Chapel. Vespers showcases the musical talents of Hope's College Chorus, Chapel Choir, and Symphonette, as well as many instrumental ensembles. For many families, Vespers isa highlight of the Christmas season, with ticket requests coming in as early as August. Christmas Vespers is also played on radio stations across the country and isproduced on PBS television. The tradition isalso much beloved by the participants, many coming back for years in a row. |Abby Emerson ('16)




f %t fm 7 / |*I J -;'


•(J* 11- k '^ ;i" ! 'f4 - < VN V/ wf1' j * ;. i .V


FtfCUAd: Brett Dowsey ('16)with his eyes on his music that he has so determinedly practiced forthe months leading up to this night.



Jvi* / V imf ± Äc


photo by: Public Relations^


' 7 >^

A »C ' 'W VJ&W- — *


l *


", ^ i/



m ii n m


Leaderihip: Dr. Brad Richmond conducted a choir made up of various people of the Hope community.

ll* ee e e e e

5 s ,




4 /•t

PdpUrUZZi/: Organist Aaron Goodyke ('16) kept his composure as the cameras flashed around him, focused on his music.

I ^ by: Public Relations



e n d o m bein. '






A\ j

f v X r r-

V" Pyblic Relations


L&udUndPr&ud:Hannah Dirkse ('18) and Palmer D'Orazio ('16) show offtheir skillson the saxophone. Palmer says that, "Vespers isby for the largest concert we put on ot Hope and itison honor to participate insuch a special port of the Christmas season."


-Carolyn Ellis('18)




Katie Peterson ('18)

1 r

photo by: Public Relations

TflthighetöhelghfaEvery part of Dimnent Chapel isincorporated into the production. Members of College Chorus and Chapel Choir serenaded the audience from the balcony.

iitlün. I

photo by: Public Relations

S&1&4: A small ensemble of vocalists came to the front of the stage fortheir moment inthe spotlight.

-Max Tustin ('17) 19

G u M Speakers Students waved towards the stage to a Hope alumni,a Chapel guest speaker who provided the students of Hope with a message through Skype on a Monday morning.

Giving the Merrnina t& G&d: The Cnapel Band prepared forthe Gathering with a team prayer before leading Dimnent inworship.

S R O : The pews and walls of the chapel were lined with students every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning. Chapel isnot required, which says a lotabout the hearts of the students who choose to fillit.

"Apr Wenhip": Led by the incredible worship team, many students feltcloser to God during the Gathering's extended worship time.

» » » » » Chapel & GatheriMp Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning and each Sunday night, Hope College's Dimnent Chapel swelled to capacity. The pews and walls become lined with students, eager to experience God's presence. Chapel services ran three times a week and provided students with a break in befween classes toworship together and hear a shortmessage from members of the Campus Ministry team, faculty or staff members, honored guests, and even their own peers in the senior witness series. The Gathering on Sunday nights served as a jump start for the week ahead, with an extended time of worship and the Word. For the 2014/15 academic year, Campus Ministries focused on the book of Acts. Messages ca m e from the Dean of Chapel, Trygve Johnson, and Senior Chaplain, Paul Boersma, as well as a host of guest speakers chosen carefully to provide the students of Hope with the best spiritual education possible. |Abby Emerson ('16)

Wür^hlp TeamFaitRetreat The Worship Team isan integral part of tne Chapel and Gathering experience at Hope. Led by Bruce Benedict, the Chaplain of Worship Music, this year's team was made up of Hope students who are inspired to use their talents forthe Lord. Team Y and Team X were up on stage each week, while the Tech Team ran the equipment necessary to keep the show going. Senior Andrew Borror, drummer for Team Y, said, "Worshiping the King with 1,200 of your closest friends multiple times each week isunreal! Everyone has a different story, but we oil worship the same God. Worshiping through music has helped m e lean into the community on this campus and experience God's presence more deeply and Ihope the same istrue for others. Playing on this team has definitelybeen a highlight of m y time at Hope!" 20

ACttLX: Junior Kate Shanklin regularly attended both Chapel and The Gathering. Of thisyear's theme she said, "I'm reallyexcited about the focus being Acts. The Holy Spiritisso vitalfor Behind ihe SceMt: Jessie Herman ('17) Christians and everyone iscolled to be and Sam Eidersveld ('16) helped to set up a witness where God has placed them" forthe Gathering by placing bread and juice around the time of communion.

y9ht unde^ bushel'bu!t0 Put iy0, na lampstand to g,ve lightto the whole ouse.


»The»»»» hew Crew


The Dew Crew looks on in anticipation as Sophomore Harrison Blackledge goes up fora shot against Hope College rival Calvin College.

With unmatched energy and loyalty, Hope College's Dew Crew electrifies home games in DeVos Fieldhouse. Decked out in Hope College oranje, a group of up to 400 students cram themselves into the student section to cheer on theirteam. Complete with self-made, innovative cheers and motions, as well as their own referee to sub in ifthe hired ones aren't up to par, the Dew Crew isa student section unlike any other at the D-3 level, and rivalsthose of D-l and D-2 institutions. Sponsored by Mountain Dew, the Dew Crew creates t-shirts each year, hands out free Mountain Dew during halftime of basketball games, and celebrates three pointers with a designated "3 Man" slapping a large Mountain Dew bottle cutout on the gym wall. While home games are the Dew Crew's turf, their loyalty is shown through the many away games smaller groups show up to. Senior Casey Rutledge has been a dedicated presence in the front row throughout his four years at Hope. Of the experience he says, "some of my most vivid memories from college cam e from packing DeVos. Once the ball istipped off, it'sa two hour party!" |Abby Emerson ('16)

Wdrnt Upty: FirstLast (year), Mark Boersma ('17)and Dutch get the Dew Crew stretched and ready before a basketball game against Trine.

ThrThreeMan: Sam Starks ('16) covers thisyear's Three Man Joe Joe Fifer ('18) in head to toe orange and blue in preparation for a match up against Calvin College.

- ^ 'C* a- .

^ •vr-1'' tv

. :

R&CCerC&aäen Christian Roberts ('17) leads the Dew Crew during a time out on the court.


photo by: A b b y ^ f n e r s o n ('I6)_^^.

wprf— j





iff ^ Md'fiVfl'B&ft: Thanks to Even Year Play, the Dew Crew encourages the basketball team with the face of our fearless leader, President Knapp.

pholo by: A b b y E m cicrson i ('16)


All Sttliltä: Dan Rozema ('16), Hannah Claywell ('17), Brad Van Valkenberg ('16), Grace Bergt ('16) and Sam Rudnicki ('16)show theirsupport wearing Hope College oranje.


TdO’tflC QeW: During halftime of each basketball game, bottles of Mountain Dew are passed back through the crowd.

D m Crew the R e a d In November, our Hope College Women's Volleyball team mad e itto the National Championship in Newport, Virginia. A small group of Hope students decided to tackle the twelve hour drive in order to cheer on their peers in this exciting g a m e as well as the ones preceding it.Though their numbers were small, their presence was monstrous. The Crew was even asked to move to the end of the gymnasium during Hope's g a m e against Emory because their presence m a d e such a difference in the gym. Among these dedicated Dew Crew members was senior Kasey Wierzbicki. Describing Hope's championship win, Kasey says, "there isno other way to describe itthan complete and utter celebration. W e shrieked, laughed, sang, embraced, and cried. To know that we were a part of this Hope College history isincredible." 23


» »»> In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the mysterious Gatsby isknown for throwing extravagant parties. After this year's Gatsby-themed Winter Fantasia, the Student Activities Committee deserves the same reputation. The annual dance, held at the Amway Grand Plaza hotel in downtown Grand Rapids was the perfect chance for students to relax and enjoy a fancy night out. "Iwent to Winter Fantasia because itwas a chance to dress up, but itended up being so much more than that. Itwas so much fun to get down on the dance floor with all of m y friends" said Emily Krueger ('18). Many students also embraced the theme, dressing in bow ties and beaded headbands. Whether their favorite part was the food, the photobooth, or simply the time spent with friends, everyone leftwith memories of a great night |Elizabeth Ensink ('17)

The Flop© College Concert Series is a group on campus that works to bring music opportunities to students. Theytake student inputand opinionsto bring the most requested artists to campus. The Concert Series utilizesvenues likethe Knickerbocker Theater or the Chapel to host concerts and events. Ranging from Cungor and the Brilliance to artists like The Soil and the Sun and Ben Rector, the Concert Series brings in artists to suit all tastes in music. What else can be said about the concert series? "Itrocked" -Justine Poe ('15). IAleksandra Masiak ('17)

"Irealty likedh w Ganyvr performed with hlb wipe, and the wh&le r v m wM/iett

Flrtä Vcdr Fine: Elijah Nykamp ('18), Laura Ramaker ('18), Emily Krueger ('18), and Rilee Bouwkamp ('18) pause for a picture on the balcony before hitting the dance floor.

SUfp ChfflAC: Samantha Stevens ('17) Chloe Werkema ('17), Morgan Wilson ('17), and Catherine Hagenbush ('17) add even more fun to the night with photobooth props. For many, the photobooth was one of the highlights of the night.

Full HeMe:

The Chapel was full of students for the Gungor concert. The concertwas theclosingtotheVeritasForum thatHope College hosted, and was a major hit.

4 v *4 ? photo by: A n l h o n y No r k u s

SlitPUp:Duffy Lampen ('17) and Tyler Brinks ('17)take inthe awesome venue while chatting inthe reception area.

Gfl'tftSjfSfyPC:With their 20's flapper style, Jennifer Fuller ('17) and Briana Bailey ('18) can't help but smile .

A Happy-Cmpk

SptCißlEpjpjCGtft:Hope College Concert Series not

Matt Wright ('16) and Brianna Roegner ('16) went on theirfirstdate to Winter Fantasia their freshman year at Hope. Thisyear, they went to Winter Fantasia together again and left engaged! After a carriage ride to a seclluded spot decorated with candles, Matt proposed, and they returned to the Amway Grand to celebrate with family and friends.

only brings in great musicians, but reallyknows how to put on a show. Not justthe music, but the lights are also something to see.

( p i n t kidding-f)

IFnitlnpAPP FaifJuAftfr


'They were beth to yüüd for their m n reatond"

Fima GvvdTime:

-Carolyn Ellis fl8) ^ , 1 0 by: (




pholo by: C ’iirolyn Ivllis (’IS)

Students lined up forwhat felt likedays justto see Ben Rector perform inthe Chapel. Good thing itwasn't during the winter! 25

»foan»»»» eeMamtfom



Clad in theirblue tye dye shirts,two of thisyear's Miracle Children finish the obstacle course with a quick ride down the slide.

The Dow erupted incheers at the end of the 24 hours as members of the Dream Team reveal the all-time high final amount raised.

900 participants. 17 Miracles Families. 21 Miracle Children. $182,187.30 dollars raised. Though thisyear's Dance Marathon can be explained by a series of record-breaking numbers, nothing can describe the feeling or the atmosphere that filledThe Dow on March 6th and 7th. Over the course of the 24 hours, participants gotta hear amazing survival stories from the Miracle Families and Children, participate in activities such as Spikeball and Ping-Pong, maneuver a blow-up obstacle course, and, of course, dance! Various activities were planned throughout the night to keep everyone awake, alert including a glow-stick lit concert/dance performance from JLine, massages, theme hours, and a lip-sync competition to name a few. This year's Marathon was also unique as we were joined for the first hour by Maranda and Eva from W O O D TV who did interviews with participants and broadcast live footage of the Marathon. Kiersfynn Foster ('16) has participated in Dance Marathon allthree of her years at Hope and says ofthisyear's event, "itwas incredible to be involved in such an amazing, record breaking year of Dance Marathon. The energy and excitement all of the participants brought made itone for the books in celebrating our Miracle Families!"! Abby Emerson ('16)

photo by: A b b y E m e r s o n (’16)

Theme H e m : Roommates Abbie Zuiderveen ('17)and Katie Draeger ('17) show offtheir 80's attire.

Star-SpangM Start: Miracle Children Libby and Ella kick offthe Marathon by singing the National Anthem, not only for participants, but for community members tuned into W O O D TV

StarPvwr:Third-time Dancers Kelly Feiten ('16) and Lauren Burford ('16)strikea pose with performer JLine and histwo dancers. Of the concert, Lauren says, ”1didn't think anyone could top Kazual's performance from lastyear, but JLine stole our hearts!"

PttMlntj'theTime:Many activitiesare offered during the marathon to help students stay awake and active. This group's chosen sport isan exciting game of spikeball.

GrandEntrance:Dance Marathon participants welcome the Miracle Families at the beginning of the night with a massive high fivetunnel around the gym.


GetUn E&Wn: LifeSupport members Sam Starks ('16) and Kirstin Diepholz ('17) teach the line dance to two especially active Miracle Children.

Fü&t L W W : Members of the Dream Team and LifeSupport teach the ten minute long line dance to Dancers and Moralers inthe crowd. photo subniffgd by^ Lauren Burford (’16)


»»»» » IftMnmrafo

Rain er Sam.Luke Rohrman ('15), Taylor Klos ('15), Alexandria Syverson ('15), Matthew Karlovich ('18 ),and ErikGroothius ('15) battle itout midfield as Unreal Madrid and the Jive Turkeys compete in co-ed soccer.

Ulft/ttUZfö:Andrew Shay ('18) and Erin Doolittle ('16)jump to catch the frisbee that has been launched down the field.

There is nothing like the casual basketball game between friends. However, when the stakesare ultimate gloryamong your peers and a rad t-shirt,the intramural games at Hope get a lotmore competitive. Once your team picks an original name such as the Dutch Ovens or Baby Got Backswing, there are endless choices for which sportto play. Hope offersa wide range ofoptions from the tried-and-true sports such as soccer and basketball, to the intensityof innertube water polo and the battlefield of badminton. Intramurals draw a wide range of students who have played on varsity and otherswho are stillworking on basic balance. Together, the students meet on the common ground of love for the sportand build friendships and memories that long outlast the champion t-shirt.|Carolyn Ellis('18)


@bouncin defeated Hita 3 About a Week Ago by 8 points, earning the rightto wear the championship t-shirt.

QjMch Feeti Nicholas North ('15) goes to kick the ball down the field as Michael Henricksen ('15)triesto steal the ball.

a part an inframarat M m a ((mi me fa (etmy- hipA where(yean (tire tm, bat mere impertantrfy (ed me hare fim pdayiny the ipertI (ere with ieme eftthe ceedeifpeepde in the wer(d." -Samuel Starks ('16)

"I(ere beiny a part eftan intramnrab M m became iPia yreaf way te bend with dew ftriendi and he take a break ftrem wheel werk. Theyamei are cempeMre, but alie a (eteftftnn." -Payton Ponstein ('15)

"Eren thenyh itwain'tfter anythiny mere than the yey eftitand a diettewardi a tee-'ihirt, m y niyhtft ended with yreatftriendiptayiny a spertltere."

NCW- Heirßfafy: Megan Czmer ('15) jumps forThe spike set by Charles McCulla ('15)on the team Back that Pass Up, against TylerSpaulding ('16) and Toby Blom ('16).

Scere!: Katie Draeger ('17) attempts to score against the defensive efforts of Christian Roberts ('17), and goalie Noah Loula ('17) one Wednesday night of water polo.

"Speedei take die intensity eftI M waterpete he anether leret."-Brenden Merriman p 7)

Perfject Victorious Secret defeats Ranch Recreational Club in coed flag football.

-Jessica Vlisides fl 7) 28


» »»»»

PhoW TltnC:

Emma Shine ('18) and Andrea Sobczynski ('18) pose fora photo on the work site in New Jersey. "Emma and Ibonded while using the sledgehammers." Sobczynski ('18).

I m m e r M & n Trip*

Immersion trips take place during the spring semester each school year during spring break. Students past and present who have ever participated on one of the tripswill usually talk about how they thought the tripswere a lifechanging experience that brought a new perspective intotheirlives. The tripsusuallyinclude a team leader and a group of students, freshman to senior, that embark on a journey together, either domestic or internationally. The trips involve many service and community projects, include building and tearing down homes, working at soup kitchens, and volunteering at different organizations within an area. The goal of immersion tripsisto challenge the way you think, deepen your faith, build new relationships with others, and to change the way you see and work in the world. This year, many of the groups worked at different areas including Kentucky, New Jersey, California, Colorado, as well as some international locations. | Katie Peterson ('18)

TeamPfwW:The New Jersey team takes a break and poses fora photo while at the worksite. The team worked for the week on tearing down a house, step by step.

photoby:Andi a


. ■

'. i t . •


Working'Hurd:Shannon Urbanik ('18) isallsmiles while tearing down the siding of the house while on site in New Jersey.

4 SUe Seeing The Californio team - spends a day touring around San Francisco and posed infront of the famous Golden Gate Bridge .



I Think Taking an Immerdm Trip Ida preaT paThmip (pr iTudentd föpü ün became y m n e w k n m wh&'iepalh p a k e pelnp T& cr&M and h&w ITcan chanpe (pour llfa. Experiencing dlftfarenTcatTareb idan amazinp thinp and hedpinp m anotherjidT ipreadi The T m oft G&d. - Rudy Metellus ('16) Immersion Trip


Headlntp:The Kentucky team takes time to worship and enjoy the outdoors while working hard on theirtrip.


TheTeamanda T&fr:

The site coordinator and his dog came by to the Kentucky siteforfun time with the group and pose for a group photo. 30



Voorhees Hall has been part of Hope's campus since 1907 and was the first building to be litwith electricityas well as the first residence for women on campus. Voorhees isnow home to 114 of Hope's men and women. A favorite event for the residentsofVoorhees isthe annual "Deckthe 'Heez," when all of the residents spend an evening together decorating the livingroom for Christmas. |Abby Emerson ('16)

Located on the north side of campus, Dykstra Hall isunique from the rest of the residential life buildings on campus inthat itisset up inclusters. The atmosphere of Dykstra isone that allows for freshman girls to meet and create friendships with the members of Dykstra, which is done through many different hall activities held throughout the year. These activities include movie nights, an allhall powder puff game, and the Dykstra Hall Christmas party. Dykstra isone of the largest residential halls on campus, and also has the largest residential lifestaffliving and working inthe hall. | Katie Peterson ('18)

Clusters had fun working together to come up with creative themes for the cluster Christmas competition.


r a 's

Rachel Hibbard, Gabby Gazall, and Claire Pabst enjoy a staff spa day bonding night.

TM Getting FM\/6: Cluster 1-6 dressed up in costume as the Who's from Who Villeforthe Dykstra Hall Christmas party,



Lechthe'Heez: Voorhees RA's Raoul Adwan ('17), Meredith Martin ('17), Ruth Reeve ('17), Luke Boeve ('17), and Amanda Shepherd ('17) get into the Christmas spirit.

Fm CmpeMvn: IdtfkAfrßStdfö: The currentDykstra RA staffand RD, ChristineMcCall pose fora photo infrontofthe building. Thisspecialteam ofleaders support one another throughout the year and strive to embrace each new Hope lady to make her feel loved.

IP*a M r # place, m RIyvu learn hew nartgate the clatfer 40em, A man ceuMpeP trapped in thaPlabyrinth! BuP a nwePpemp ladp er 10 are almtft there Pe cemperPthe l e i P h e -Anonymous Dyk Rat ('18) I wapdreadinp the theaphP ep livinp with hundreds eppreihmen pirlr, haP iPwar the heU thing- Pe e m happen Pe me. Clinter leve PPa real thing and I peelie hlemd Pe hare made theiepriendihiprand numerier in mg piriPgear aPHepef -Christine Smith ('18)

M a d Fm.Residents of the 'Heez get pumped up for an intense game of Capture the Flag.

Cheettn': Nina DiCesare ('17)takes a study break to smile for the camera.

"Licing in Vverheer id great hecam the people here are realtg weet and ithad a paper ho meg peelto it." -WillVanDommelen ('18)

"Ilove living in Van Vleck because iB like living in a home. Tve made what I conoder to he a recond pamilg heref"

Fhdhl/Ukft: Janna Köllen ('17), Casey Hoolahan ('18), Ashley Rice ('18), Katherine Baldwin ('18), and Erin Hoolahan ('18) get into the Halloween spirit!

BeachgKeen: Van Vleck RA's Brooke Forland ('17) and Alex Watts ('17) and Van Vleck RD Mary Cantor enjoy a sunny day at the beach.

-Hannah Dirkse ('18)


The lovely women of Van Vleck pose outside of their home forthe 2014-15 school year. RA Alex Watts ('17) says that, "We have a reallygreat group of women and the V V family isprettytight. Van Vleck isa home and thafs what makes itamazing!"




Van Vleck Hall is located in the center of Hope's campus, offering a beautiful view of the Pine Grove. Van Vleck has been a staple here since 1858 and is Hope's oldest and smallest residence hall, housing only 38 women. Being the oldest building on campus, the walls of Van Vleck come with many a stoiy, making living there a unique experience and a privilegeforthose girlswho get to do so! |Abby Emerson ('16)

Vm Vleck


[L i' TiAtheSeam:

Lichty Hall isone of the co-ed residence halls on campus, housing just over forty male and female students. Stephanie Smith, Lichtys Resident Director says that, "Lichty Hall isspecial because itisthe smallest co-ed hall on campus. W e have a tight-knit community with a diverse range of students." |Abby Emerson ('16)


Residents of Lichty Hall participate in a White Elephant gift exchange to celebrate the holidays.


' * ■ *t A Mi' I




-s. ;r 'm

i;. J-'Ss ■m i

-Melissa Porchik ('18)

Phelps ismore than a residence hall, itsa phamily. From Settlers of Catan games inthe basement to turning the elevator into a classy living room, ever/ hallway of Phelps isfilled with Phun. This year the RA's hosted "Ted Talk Tuesdays," "praise and pancakes" (a weekly woman's bible study), apple picking at Cranes, speed friending, and more. Rebecca Brummeis ('17), an RA in Phelps, said, "My favorite event this year was capture the flag. W e had about 65 residents come and play in the Pine Grove. Itwas a blast!" But Phelps provides more than fun events. Itsa welcoming place for residents to return at the end of every busy day. Blake Johnson ('17) said, "It'sa home, it'sa haven, and it'sbeen the center of my Hope experience." | Elizabeth Ensink ('17)


photo by: Stephanie S m ith .

"Ilike Licbttf because it (S'small Sffp u k m empne, which creates'






Baby: Looks like Evan Johnson ('16) isgoing to be on the nice listthis year!

Per^ecf: Taylor Gram ('18)studies hard for her impending first finalsweek.

PhelpbPfiCanneSPhrukjft: With their Phelps t-shirts and "phlannel," Chris Browne p 7) and Andrew Sicard ('17) are the definition of dedicated phamily members.

Brü OuT: On move-in day, new students got together on the stone wall to get to know each other and start the year out right.

Wyckoff isa special place for freshmen and sophomore men and women. Known for its chill atmosphere, Wyckoffs basement, which features a fooseball table, pool table, ping­ pong, and a massive television, was the ultimate hang out spot. Residents liked to spend their time playing Euchre tournaments or sipping coffee inthe WyCafe. This building hosts some unique individuals who made their rez hall a true home at Hope.

"Moving in with a complete stranger can be a littleweird, unless you connect on a bro-to-bro level."

-Thomas Cass 18)


Wffck&fäiml fö be whßp?: Many know Wyckoff to be a place of diverse friendships. The building actually originallyhoused the Cosmopolitan and Arcadian fraternities in separate wings. Then, itwas home to exclusively student athletes. The building stands strong through each era of personalities that livewithinjt.

PMpskpViM: Like any close family, about 60 residents gather inthe basement fora thanksgiving dinner to watch football and spend time together as the "Phelps Pham"


James Glagola ('18)and Jake Jackson ('18)turn the Phelps elevator into a classy living room, complete with sparkling grape juice and a lamp.

Phelps Serve*: A group of Phelps residents volunteer at 8th Day Farms inthe fall.Thisorganization isdedicated tocultivatingvibrant community around local produce and holistic health.

BUcPpr*b...: Phelps residents pile infora selfie while waiting in lineto attend "Failure Lab," a SAC event.


»>»>> HM

Köllen Hall islocated on the South side of campus and isnamed after Hope's second President, Dr. G J. Kollen. Itisthe largest co-ed residence hall on campus, housing 292 freshman and sophomore students. Kollen Hall isknown for ifsvery diverse community, including athletes, greek life, art students, and individuals representing many other groups. Each year, residents participate in multiple competitions between floors. One of the most popular isdoor decorations for Christmas. Kollen residents also enjoy an all hall super bowl parly which brings together football fans from allfloors to eat junk food and cheer on their favorite team. |Carolyn Ellis('18)


Cook Hall, originally built forthe 1997 school year, was later expanded in 2006 to include housing for around 250 Hope upperclassmen. The co-ed residence hall comes with itsown dining hall, and isconnected to the Haworth Hotel and Conference Center. Cook isset up in a suite style and the many residents enjoy spending time together in the study rooms and lounges. Cook kids got a bad rep for being 'the quiet dorm' but this hall actually houses a very

Corner A TjfpiCßl Thursday- Friends Mike Banzet ('18), John Harron ('17), Jeffrey Russcher ('17), Josiah Panning ('17), and Sarah Fornam ('17) spent theirevening playing cards to escape the winter storm raging outside. The lobby of Kollen Hall iswas common place for socializing, playing games, and watching Netflix.

POCkeP: Cook residents enjoyed having study breaks in the lounge by playing pool.

Cook Hall residents studied together inone of the many study lounges conveniently located intheir hall.

Goofrna0$ Residents Tessa Fredal ('17) and Allie Hopkins ('17)struck a pose and goofed off in the stairwell.



-Mary-Kate Hoerr ('17)

Becky Compton ('17) and Emily Simmons ('17) studied together inthe lobby, one of the many areas Kollen has to offer for studying and socializing.

m M w -IpSf

pholo by: Carolyn Ellis ('IS)

/ICommon Loire: 7 love everything about Kollen Hall, itisa verydiverse community; sports, greek life, oilkinds of people.11-Sydney McLean ('18)

7 reatip tike imnp in Cook becam a Cotoftmp friendi livehere and I hare made new ^riendi1

1 r



Scott Hall islocated on the Southside of Hope's campus, and ishome to the Phelps Scholars program. This unique program allows Hope students from around the world to live and learn with one and other and explore what itmeans to be a leader in our increasingly global sociefy. Yolanda Vega, the director of the program, says that, "While itishard work, the reward of learning about the world and itspeople positively influences their understanding of self, identity and culture ." |Abby Emerson ('16)


Scott Hall Students took their annual tripto the Grand Valley American Indian Lodge 53rd annual Pow Wow on September 8.

RetHadLifo: Giana Ramirez ('18), Emily Mejicano ('18) and Areyanna Malbrough ('18) made the most of study time by building a fort.

pholo by: Carolyn Ellis Cl.


SecondGoAround: Ross Nichols ('17) and Kullen Smith ('17) roomed together as second time residents in Kollen Hall. They both agree that Kollen had a great community. "itisprettysocial, people leave theirdoors open and you con always find a friend in the lobby." -Kullen Smith ('17)



Piled underneath blankets, Kollen freshmen stay cozy the night before the year's first snow day. The large TV room of Kollen was a favorite place for friends and residents come to watch the best TV shows of the year.

«< «<

2014-2015 residents of


» »»>

>»» » r he Women oft

TfoMen efi hurjeeHatt

GilmoreHall As one of the three all-girl halls on campus, Gilmore can boast a strong community of women and an open and welcoming environment. The 112 freshman and sophomore women housed in Gilmore love living there. 'Gilmore Hall isa wonderful place where you can have dance parties without any shame" -Maddie Auriemma ('17). The resident director of Gilmore Hal isKendra Deloof, who isadored by allwho livethere. There's no place like home. |Aleksandra Masiak ('17)

Hope's only all-mole residence hall comes filled with freshman and sophomore males and many crazy antics and traditions. From dressing up in togas and attending dinner together to providing a Christmas to remember for families in the Holland community, then men of Durfee Hall come together each year to form a bond that is difficultto rival. The men of the Durf have a unique and powerful presence on campus and love where they live.|Abby Emerson ('16)

Movin' TlttW: With help from some wonderful Orientation Durfjee Stafö: The 2014-15 RA's and RD for Durfee dress intheir best for a team photoshoot.

Assistants, thisyear's Durfee freshmen move intotheir new home Firstyear student Andrew Rot has been an active participant in Durfee's many activities and says, "Ilike living in Durfee because of the unique traditions and community that Iget to be a part of."

"IPwab@reat/f We dremi ap wacky- and made fotftvfjftnendp!" -

Makln'Friend^:Residents of Durfee and Gilmore dress up in costumes to participate intheirannual Speed­ ______ Friending event.

MaleB&ndi,na:The men of Durfee nuddle around Paul Boersma as he shows them a photo on his phone. As for Ben Patchin ('17), he isalways camera ready. 38

GilmoreGlrhJutfWanttoHaveFan: Hannah ciayweii p 7) and Bethany Haddad ('17) are dressed and ready forSpeed Friending with Durfee Hall. This annual tradifion (described below) isalways a good one! Bethany isan RA inGilmore hall, along with four other women who make up the residential staff.

Elite Brady ('17)

ChriAFf'M Tradition: Lastyear Durfee Hall partnered with Christ Memorial Church and took on the project of raising money for needy families during the Christmas season and providing them with a Christmas to remember. The new tradition was kept alive thisyear as the men were able to raise $2,568.55 and provide an exciting Christmas morning for eight families inthe Holland community.

Look, Mom, Imade Frlendrf:Michelle Jagar ('17), Keely Dunigan ('17), McKenna Bland ('17), Ellie Hile ('17), and Kimbery Wedinger ('17) pose by the Gilmore Hall sign pre-Speed Friending with Durfee.

Ever/ year, Durfee Hall and Gilmore Hall get the chance to do Speed Friending. A littlelike Speed Dating, but much more fun (of course!) the students get to dress up in crazy costumes and meet new people!

IP*NüPAllWerk:The residential lifestaffof Gillmore Hall spends some time together offduty.

FanintheSan:some of the girlsfrom Gillmore stop for a picture at their tripto apple picking.



» »»>

S p r i n g Ffonfr Even within the cloudiest of weeks, the sun always seems to shine on the day of Spring Fling. This year was no exception, as the Pine Grove was filled with sunshine on Friday, April 24. Campus was littered with hammocks, blankets, spikeball, can jam, frisbees and slacklines, as istrue of any warm spring day at Hope College, but Spring Fling brought with ita host of other activities as well. Students were able to zoom down a giant inflatable slide or a zip line, take photos in a photo booth, climb through a massive obstacle course, and much more. Entertainment for the afternoon also included music as well as the annual tradition of The Push. Spring Fling isoften a favorite part of the year for students, and 2015 surely lived up to the high expectations. |Abby Emerson ('16)

Many marked by theirvery Dutch names, Hope College's cottages and apartments house a large portion of the Juniors and Seniors on campus. Living in an on-campus cottage or apartment gives students the opportunity to get a taste of living on their own, while not yet having to worry about paying for utilitiesor rent. These housing options allow groups anywhere from two up to seventeen people to live together in their ven/ first home outside of a residence hall, |Abby Emerson ('16)

A Lm^ Wajf

MfrUM Bvndinfr The women of Reeverts Cottage spend a warm Fall day together at Crane's Apple Orchard.


The Cook Village Apartments house many of Hope's athletes and theirfriends, including this group of Junior women.

Cdpttön: A rare sunny day in winter illuminates Lincoln Avenue, where many of Hope's cottages and apartments are located.


t Jj Tr-”' >•";

C m p M

Sft&W The ladies of Stryker Cottage make the most of theirday off with a family breakfast.



TflCPliAh:A crowd favorite thisyear, these senior men took preparation forthiscompetition very seriously. Though they did not end up taking home the win, they certainlytook the hearts of theiraudience with their incredible Star Wars cast costumes. From Yoda to Princess Leia and R2D2 to Darth Vadar, thistheme isone that willnot soon be forgotten.

DüWH: A Hope student takes the plunge down the impressivelytall inflatable slide set up outside DeWitt.

Cdrnhvle:Intrue Midwest fashion, many students decided to partake in a few rounds of cornhole throughout the afternoon.

I "

Tphotoby: Eric Dcitcnin:.(,l5)

M L M A f r t f HvuAinfr

A few times each semester, 13th street fillswith music and conversation as the men of the Waffle House, along with the women of the Pancake House, open their home to the students of Hope College. Sponsored by Campus Ministries, the Waffle and Pancake Houses provide students with snacks, music, and a good time on a Friday night.

CdptW'H: A group of lovely ladies take a break from the festivitiesto show offtheir new Spring Fling t-shirts. Each year, SAC hands out free shirtsas well as a small gift,thisyear a hacky sac, to the students who arrive first.The line of students often winds through campus, as students are always eager to get their hands on these great freebies.

We LikeSpürfoundWe Dün'fCareWh& Knünfo: Dan Rozema ('16), Ryan Campbell ('16) and Joseph DeVinney ('16) play an intense game of Spikeball while the parly rages on inthe background. 41

» »»»» 2014 -2015


^ SvckbandSandafc:

BedCh: On warm nights, Hope College students can often be found at one of the area beaches, soaking inthe sunset and each other's company.

Thistrend isnot justfor dads anymore. Wearing socks with H sandals iscoming ^back ina big way, as modeled here by I Caylee Schweppe ('18)and LilyStaffer


Spirit/ShirfaThe Hope Geneva Bookstore started selling Hope College spiritshirtsthisyear, and they quickly became a major fashion on campus. Kate Fann ('16)even brought the trend with her to Ireland on her semester abroad.

The 2014-2015 school year has seen the continuation of many traditions and trends on campus, as well as the birth of a few new ones. Spending sunny afternoons in the Pine Grove playing Spikeball or frisbee, laying in hammocks or on blankets continues to be a favorite activity of Hope students. Traditions such as The Pull and Nykerk Cup still draw massive crowds as well. Attending events at the Pancake and Waffle house and taking a trip to the beach to watch the sunset are also among the group of trends that have stood the test of time. Among a few new trends this school year we have seen the popularity of spiritshirts grow. Cuddle Weather sweatshirts become a statement in fashion, and man buns grace the heads of many of our male students. |Abby Emerson ('16)



PiXie C M : Abby Gurka ('18)chopped off her long locks at the beginning of the year infavor of the shorter do. She can often be seen sporting the top pony to keep her hair out of her eyes.

w --mk-

fMCWb i&JeatK« iJweace v‘ .—


-A I ''



Pancake/WafäCeH&Me:students from allacross campus come together on weekends when Pancake and Waffle houses are happening. Music, dancing, friendship, and free food -what more could a college student want?


photo submitted by: A n d r e w Borror

Cuddle We/Zther: Senior Andrew Borror released a single entitled "Cuddle Weather" thisfall,and ordered sweatshirts with the hook printed on them. Students allacross campus joined inthe trend, as these maroon tops were spotted almost every day.

ChriSmb Sweater*: December at Hope College comes with a whole new wardrobe, as students show their Christmas spiritthrough their apparel.

From the red carpets of Hollywood to the sidewalks of Hope College, the Man Bun, or "Mun," isa sensation that issweeping the nation. From leftto right, juniors Parker Weaver, Steve Holm, Ben Johnson, and Tim Bloemendaal show their take on the up and coming hairstyle. So whaf s the verdict? Isthe man bun a fleeting phase? Or isithere to stay? Only time willtell. 43

> » »

- -»• '>'♦


i '

W ^ r:-t m

] f


jj H








!-- -•'






. .•

yi 44


m m S1:V


T m f 2k\ Tk*.




f "nornuo 1


<«««< ««<«««« SeetheWorld:Studying Abroad issomething that all college students should take advantage of, as itisa great experience. Thisisthe time ofyour lifetotrynew things, experience new cultures and food. Here are just a few of our Hope students currently studying abroad and some ofthe adventures they have gone on. IAndrea Sobczynski (18) |

ECUäddr: Baylie O'Neil istaking inthe breathtaking view of Bartolome Island. She isenjoying her semester abroad being immersed in another culture. These pictures show justa littleof thisbeautiful country.

Gernuznjf: Regina Sanchez, 15, is studying abroad in Freiburg, Germany. Her program looks at the European Union in a holistic level and therefore they go to allof the institutions. Inthispicture Regina issmiling and enjoying lifeinGermany. What has been your favorite part? "Studying inGermany has given m e a gateway to travel all over Europe. Istanbul has been my favorite place so fardue to the friendly society, delicious food, and history." -Regina



Ecuador:Here isa group of students standing in front of the Ecuadorian flag. They are spending the semester in Quito Ecuador, and the Galapagos Islands, what a cool adventure! "Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home." Never stop exploring the world and seeing God's beautiful creation.



:J ~

DomniCM Republic: Ashley Weatherspoon is the student assistant for the Chemistry department where she iscurrently studying abroad inthe Dominican Republic. "Pics do not do this beautiful country justice, they must be seen with eyes wide open" Ashley claims. What an adventure Ashley is experiencing in such beautiful weather!

’ •Bij pholo by: Faith Proigiesscr (16)


Australia: Faith Potgiesser is a junior here at Hope College and she is currently studying abroad for the semester inTownsville, Australia at James Cook University. Thispictureto the rightwas taken before Faith climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, AU. Some other fun things Faith isexperiencing are feeding a rock Wallaby a piece of apple on Magnetic Island, AU. That's something you don't hear every day! As well as scuba diving the great barrier reef off the coast of Airlie Beach, AU.Faith issurely enjoying her time inAustralia!


Ireland:Junior Kate Fann isspending a semester abroad in Ireland where she isexperiencing with fellow classmates the culture. In this photo she isvisitingthe Blarney Castle which isknown for its medieval architecture. Looks like Kate ishaving fun!


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Alexis^mith (15), Melissa Schwan (15), and Amanda Here are a group of members Litteton (15) are at a company making conversation about called Jellyfishion in Chicago, communication topics.


Albert Bell


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Lambda Pi Eta is the National Communication Association's official honor society. LPH recognizes, fosters, and rewards outstanding scholastic achievment while stimulating interest inthe communication discipline. Ifyou are on the communications path thisisa great opportunity to get involved in! [Andrea Sobczynski (18) |



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CASA Program

M e d m Sch&tam TafM Chicago.â– "Mellon Scholars allows m e to pursue interdisciplinarywork in a way that isimportant to me, and Ihave control of what Ia m doing and researching. -Elizabeth Ensink ('17) 54

Melim SckĂźiarti The Mellon Scholars program allows students inthe Arts and Humanities majors to turther explore their academic lives within and between disciplines. The Mellon Scholars use combinations ofold scholartechniques and newtechnology to explore interdisciplinary projects and ideas. Following an introductory seminar, the Mellon Scholars engage in individual research programs throughout their college careers, encouraging them to explore their academic interests and grow as individuals. |Aleksandra Masiak ('17)

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BuMnetä Cid.

Leah Zylstra ('15), Haley Menzies ('17) and Jessica Granger ('17)touring downtown Chi-town during Business club's annual Chicago day tripwhere they visit companies and network with knowledgeable business professionals.

Business Club isan acadennic group that islead by Hope students. This club isa great opportunity forfuture business people to be apart of, giving them connections as well as valuable experience. This year they hosted multiple networking events, a recruiting reception, a Chicago day trip, and an Etiquette Dinner to give members meaningful experiences to foster professional development. [Andrea Sobczynski ('18)

Carrie Dummer


Maureen Dunn

Sue Dunn

John Dykstra

Kurt Dykstra


Events & Conferences



Van Wylen library

Economics. Management & Accounting

A Dutf to the Lift: Attending the day trip to Chicago was a great experience to get a feel forwhat your future might be like. Business Club members toured a plant and spoke with executives and

Leah Dykstra

Linda Dykstra

Robert Dykstra

Mary Eagln

Laurie Ebels

Robert Ebels

Admissions Office


Physical Plant

Education/PATH Program

Admissions Office


Amanda Eckerman

Mark Edglngton

Lisa Lampen Edlng

Stephanie Edwards

David Elsbury

Man/ Elzinga-Wentworth



Sociology & SocialWork


Computing & Information Technology



Dianne Deyoung

Paul DeYoung

Jayson Dibble

William Dickinson

College Advancement




Andrea Donahoe

Tony Donk

Stephanie Doolittle

Student Development


Mathematics & Physics & Computer Science

Deb DuMez Computing & Information Technology


Derek Emerson

Lindsey Engelsman

Anita Entlngh

John Erskine

Anita Esquerra Zwiers

Donna Essenburg

Events & Conferences





Physical Plant

Sarah Estelle

Kathryn Evans

Michael Everse

Janet Everts

Tim Ewald

Daphne Fairbanks

Economics, Management & Accounting


Campus Safety



Van Wylen Library

Matthew Farmer

Jane Finn



Nick] Flinn Dance

Eva Dean Folkert Kinesiology

Alp/ia Epni&n Delta

W t m a m Team Haman?: speaker Douglas Rushkoff wrote many bestselling books on media, technology and culture. For his lecture, Rushkoff focused on programming of the future, with people in mind. He was very knowledgeable, giving students advice and perspectives on the usage of technology in our future.

.i PS

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) isthe National Honor Society for students pursuing health professions. The group invites speakers and participates in service events, such as a halloween 5k to benefitthe Holland Free Health Clinic.They also cultivate a community among students inthisrigorous program. Amy Vanderstoep ('15) said, "As Ihave gone on m y pre-health journey with all of these wonderful people, we have been able to learn from and grow with each other." I Elizabeth Ensink ('17)


% 'jyjr L,




Learning firm the Expert Dr. Latricia Anderson, a pharmacist at Walgreens, speaks to students about her work, giving them an opportunity to learn about that career field and build connections.

Shining Smiled:


Mackenzie Shumborg ('1 6),K a t a r i n a Dasbach ('16), and Amanda Stepho ('16), members of the pre­ dental subgroup of AED held a toothbrush sale as a fundraiser to benefit the Holland Free Health Clinic. pholo by: Xi a o y u Fail” ('17)



The chapel filled with students and people as they awaited the influential and knowledgeable speakers who came from across the U.S.

photo by: X i a o y u F a n g ('17)

CriticalM m Speakers such as Douglas Rushkoff, Gloria Mark, and Matt Dejongh c a m e to speak to the students of Hope College and the community. The topic for this year's CIS was technology and the future of Being Human. This event was a great experience forthe students, professors, and community to gain knowledge about controlling the usage of technology one uses on a daily basis, as well as the effect ithas on time management, etc. |Andrea Sobczynski ('18)


: Gloria Mark from the University of California came to speak about stress and multitasking in everyday college life. After doing research and performing studies on people Mark's argued that college students multitask regularly and on average can focus for3 minutes without being bothered.

Peter Folkert

Adam Ford

College Advancement

DeWitt Tennis Center

Modem & Classical Languages

Lee Forester

Robert Fortner

Gregory Fraley

Crystal Frazier




Amy Freehater

Allen French

Margaret Frens

Lisa Frissora

Carol Fritz

Stu Fritz

Career Development



Education/PATH Program

Admissions Office


What CIS lecture did you go to and what did you take away from it?

"ImnCW tk Tueidaglecturewherethe ipeakertalkedahulbeinghumanandthe (jiifure&(jeartechnül&gg. Ithaghtitwoe intereOingW hearhew techneleggfm mcha bigimpacteneareirergdagh m "

» » » » » U U U U i

Swing- m r

E n a o m M w / v BĂźr d e n


EWB is4rstudent- led interdisciplinary organization working to improve the quality of lifefor people inthe developing world, They seek to improve communities on a local, national and international scale. They were approved to start a project in Bondo, Kenya. They are making big differences in our world. | Below our students at a conference to learn about different environmental topics. IAndrea Sobczynski |'18

Here are Hope students making a positive difference as they test out the soil around their environment.

Chns Gould

Linda Graham

Kristen Gray

Charles Green

Fonda Green

Vanessa Greene

Van Wylen


Counseling & Psychological Services


CASA Program

Office of Multicultural

Stephanie Greenwood

Patricia Griffin

Gesena Groenendyk

Barbara Grooters


Ionia Gruppen

College Advancement



Admissions Office



together: Here is a group of members working to help our environment here on Hope's campus.

Brigette Hamon-Porter Modem & Classical Languages

Kevin Gardner

Donna Garrett

Stephanie Garrod

Jodi Geerlings

Jim Gentile

Dan Gerbens

Jennifer Hampton

Choonghee Han



Computing & Information Technology


Offfice of Dean of Natural Sciences




Jason Geurink

Janis Gibbs

Janet Gibson

Zack Golin

Peter Gonthier

Sandy Harmon

Shirley Hamnsen

Wilma Hart

Campus Safety


Admissions Office



Haworth Center

Business Services

Student Development

Carl Heideman

Teresa Heinz Housel

Computing & Information Technology


Altredo Gonzales

Gloria Goodwin

Tonisha Gordon

Emilie Goris

Steve Gomo

Irish Gosselar

Dean of International/ Multicultural Life

FinancialAid Office

Student Development


DeWrtt Tennis Center

DeWitt Tennis Center

Rika Hanamitsu

Caroline Hannema

Ed Hansen

Judy Hardy


Geological & Environmental Sciences


Alison Haveman

Anne Heath

Mark Hebb

Modem & Classical



Stephen Hemenway

Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

James Herrick





Lori Hertel

Leo Herzog

Amanda Hilldore


Computing & Information Technology

Computer Science

Karl Hoesch

Ruth Hofmeyer

Jack Holmes

Vicki Lynn Holmes

Sharon Hoogendoorn

Steven Hoogerwerf

Admissions Office






Sarah Kim Hoos Emmaus Scholars Program

Thomas Hoover Phelps Dining Services

Fred Johnson

Jeffrey Johnson

Rebecca Johnson

Robert Johnson

Stacey Johnson

Trygve Johnson




College Advancement

Modem & Classical Languages

Campus Ministries

Delrdre Johnston

Linda Jordan

Sadie Jüngling

Ben Kaln

Sylvia Kallemeyn

Nancy Kamstra



DeWitt Tennis Center


Modem & Classical Languages


Adam Hopkins Admissions Office

Rob Kenagy

Cornelia Kennedy

Earl Kennedy


Van Raalte Institute/Thell Research Center

Van Raalte Institute/Theil Research Center


Julie Huisingh

Andrew Huisman

Cheryl Hulst

Linda Hulst

Mark Husbands

Yooyeun Hwang

College Advancement

Mail Center


Phelps Dining Services

Religion/Emmaus Scholars Program


Steven lannacone

Mary Inman

Vicki Isola





Van Wylen Library

David James Academic Support Center


Lynn Japinga Religion

Michael Jipping

John Jobson

Computer Science

Student Development

Hope-Geneva Bookstore

Blrcfoe(jPrefr Students and staff gather inthe science center atrium for the annual "Birds of Prey" show. Hope college alumni from the local Outdoor Discovery Center brought a falcon, kestrel, and owlstoteach students about local wildlife.

Tri-BetaBiütüau daß. Hope's biology club includes man'Hn^mbers of the Tri­ Beta national biology honors society and also any student interested in the natural world. This year the biology club's activities included a beach clean-up, "vinca pull" (an invasive species inHope's nature preserve), and a behindthe-scenes tour of Shedd Aquarium inChicago. President A d a m Payne ('15) said, "the variety of projects ensure we can have fun and give back to our community while continuing to learn about Biology." | Elizabeth Ensink ('17)

RekufĂźrLife: A Thispicture was taken at Relay for Life as the seniors take a picture with Mr. Dutch. Mortar Board isone of the highest groups to raise money for both Relay for Life as well as Dance Marathon. Good job guys! wi


Timefarfim: While on the trips, Baker Scholar's Sara Yockey ('15), Julie Sobieski ('15), and Lindsey Bieri,findtime to explore their surroundings and have fun amidst their busy schedules.

Hmrtt; Current Baker Scholar's president David Abiera ('15) shakes hands with former first Baker President Charlie Tharp at an event in Washington D.C.

Students involved inMortar Board take time out oftheir week to participate in CASA. Inthe picture above is a senior carving a pumpkin with a young girl.

Emma Stewart, Lauren Frazier, and Angelica Rodriguez (2015) are all at the International Student Thanksgiving Dinner which is hosted by Mortar Board each year.

Mortar Board. The Baker Scholar's program is composed of upper-class students studying economics, management, and accounting. Members of the program demonstrate academic excellence, leadership potential, and a general interest in the business world. Throughout the year, the Baker Scholar's go on numerous trips to areas such as Washington D.C., Chicago, China, as well as their homecoming events. One of the main focuses of the program isto give students real world experience outside of the classroom that can better prepare them forthe business world after graduation. |Katie Peterson ('18)

Mortar Board honors seniorswhile serving the campus community. Theyfocus on scholarship, leadership, and service inthe country. Each year new members are selected based off of their grades, as it is a National Honors Society for seniors. Being a part of this club gives students great opportunities as well as leadership opportunities. Meghan Ronayne explains why she enjoys being a part of thisclub; "Ienjoy that itisa place where senior leaders from all majors and groups on campus come together to give back to Hope and our community." IAndrea Sobczynski (18) |


Joe Knapp

John Knapp


Tim Koberna

Pamela Koch

Harvey Koedyker





Sociology & Social Work

College Advancement

Adam Kragt

Heidi Kraus

Dean Kreps

Brent Krueger

John Krupczak

Madeline Kukla

Dining Services






Perry Landes

Joseph LaPorte




Anne Larsen

Andrew Le

Susanna Leche

Huw Lewis

Mark Lewison

Physical Plant

Modem & Classical


Center forMinistryStudies



Jianhua Li

Kendra Llndberg

Jay Lindell

Jeanne Llndell

Krista Uverance


Counseling & Psychological Services

Center forMinistryStudies

Academic Support Center


Tom Lockwood

Song Lotkhamnga

Thomas Ludwig

Donald Luidens


Jon Lunderberg


Physical Plant


Sociology & SocialWork



Marla Lunderberg

John Lunn

Todd Lynema

Pamela Maat

Dianna Machiela

Catherine Mader


Economics, Management, & Accounting

Campus Safety


Human Resources


JL. Stephen Malullo

Larn/ Malfroid

Jake Manning

James Marcus

William Marcus

Modem & Classical Languages



Transportation Services

Transportation Services

CtuA Ice Cream S&ciaC At the beginning of the school year, the biochemistry club held an ice cream social to step up students' glycolysis and kreb's cycle with more sugar. The event also gave students a chance to get to know theirclassmates inthe biochemistry and molecular biologyprogram.

Andrea Marietta Education/PATH Program


Kate Maybury


Beth McBride

Christine McCall

Bruce McCombs

Andrew McCoy

Computing & Information Technology


Haworth Center

Student Development


Center forMinistryStudies

Sarah McCoy

Virginia McDonough-Stukey

Ryan McFall

Chris Mendels

Career Development Center


Computer Science


Michael Mlsovlch

Katherine Mitchell

Jay Monson

Jesus Montano

William Moreau

Brian Morehouse


Campus Safety

Dining Services




Patrick Morgan

Kyle Morrison

Henry Morrow

Carolyn Mossing

Megan Muenger

Chris Mulder

Van Wylen Library


Admissions Office

Health Services

Campus Safety

Transportation Services

Lori Mulder

Melissa Mulder


Greg Murray

David Myers

April Myler

Human Resources

Modem & Classical Languages




Campus Safety

Andy Nakajlma

Sara Neevel

Matthew Nell

Christine Nelson

Joe Nelson

Steve Nelson

Modem & Classical Languages



Van Wylen Library




Laura Pardo Education


Terry Nyboer

Jacob Nyenhuls

David O'Brien

Carrie Olesh

Health Services

Van Raalte Institute

Van Wylen Library

Admissions Office

Graham Peaslee

Courtney Peckens

Chemlstiy/Geogical & Environmental Sciences




Computing & Information Technology

Jonathan Peterson

Jim Piers

Richard Piippo

Michael Pikaart

Geological & Environmental Sciences

Sociology & SocialWork



College Advancement

Janet Pinkham

Katharine Polasek

Jeff Polet

William Polik

Brian Porter

Academic Support Center




Economics, Management, & Accounting

Dianne Portfleet

Lynne Powe

Julie Powell

Christine Powers

Nate Price

Tahnee Prokopow


Public & Community Relations


Admissions Office

DeWittTennis Center


Aaron Putzke

Margo Ramos-Kendall

Julia Randel

Patrice Rankine


Multicultural Education


Office of Dean of Arts& Humanities



Moy Rasasak

Carol Ray

Physical Rant

Health Services

Tom Renner

Geoffrey Reynolds

Public & Community Relations


Jack Rldl

Christina Rltsema


Economics, Management, & Accounting

Patricia Roehllng

Lynn Roelofs

Daryn Rogers


Jessica Root

Lindsey Luna Root


DeWitt Tennis Center

Counseling & Psychological Services

Campus Ministries

Admissions Office



Pauline Rozeboom

John Rulter

Josh Rumpsa


David Ryden

Copy Works

Computing & Informalon Technology

College Advancement


Counseling & Psychological Services


Cindy Sabo

Kim Salisbury

Debbie Sanderson

Elizabeth Sanford

Kelrsten Schad

Cheryl Schairer

Health Services

College Advancement

Hope-Geneva Bookstore


Student Development

Office of Dean of Social Sciences

Gwenda Schmidt


Amy Schรถlten




Joel Schekman

Sue Schierbeek

Becky Schmidt


Dining Services


Kathryn Schoon-Tanls Gretchen Schoon Tanls English

Center forMinistryStudies

Tim Schoonveld Kinesiology



Cfumaü Trip: Paula Shaughnessy

Cheryl Shea

Jody Sheldon

Jaime Sheridan

Ling-Ling Shih

Louise Shumaker

Hope-Geneva Bookstore

Computing & Information Technology

Counseling & Psychological Services

Haworth Center

Modem & Classical Languages

Student Development

Gloria Slaughter

Stein Slette

Cheryl Smith

Van Wylen Library


Health Services


Michael Sliver

Admissions Office


Kevin Singer

Jan© Smith

Jo Hannah Smith

Matthew Smith

Mindy Smith

Nancy Smith

Richard K Smith

No Info Found

Van Raalte Institute


Hope Geneva

Campus Ministries


FinancialAid Office

A group of girls in Phelps schdfars pose for a picture in downtown Chicago. They were visitingfor d Chinese New Year celebration.

< CeiekaUMFreshmen Diana Cortes and Josh Nkonge are all dressed up for a Phelps scholars dinner presented by Hope.

Cfumaü Trip: Kevin u W u n d o is giving a speech during a dinner forthe Phelps scholars program.

Richard L Smith Theatre


üturi Jan Sommervllle

Julie Sooy

Gabe Southard

Sarah Southard

Donna Sova

President's Office





Mary Speet

Christian Spielvogel

Mary Scheerhorn

Campus Safety



Do you want to live in a community with a wide range of people? Being involved in Phelps scholars allows you to have these opportunities with cultural diverse people. Living in Scott Hall isa great opportunity as they explore the the issues of diversity that shape our world. Phelps scholars isa one year program and allows people to relate and make close friends. IAndrea Sobczynski (18) |

Todd Steen

Elizabeth Steenwyk

Darin Stephenson

Economics, Management, & Accounting



Mandy Stephenson Modem & Classical ___ Languages

Cathy Stoel

Travis Streeter

Linda Strouf

Joseph Stukey

Computer Science/Physics/ Mathematics/Engineering

Physical Plant



Debra Swanson

Todd Swanson

Kim Swartout

Sociology & Social Worte


College Avancement

Joanne Stewart

Pamela Stockinger



Deborah Sturtevant

Katherine Sullivan

Sociology & SocialWorte

Gloria Tseng



Corey Valdez

Annie Valkema

Pamela Valkema





College Advancement


Dawn Van Ark

Katharine Vance

Mary Vande Hoef

Connie Vandemark

Barbara VandenBerg

Michelle VanDenend

Van Wylen Library



FinancialAid Office

Van Wyten Library

Dining Services



Steve VanderVeen


Office of Dean of Social Sciences

Center forFaithfulLeadership

Mary Barbara Vandervliet



Melyn Vandenberg Economics, Management & Accounting

BillVanderbilt Admissions Office

Dining Services



Steve Talaga

John Tammi

Sandy Tasma

Gloria Taylor



College Advancement


Randy Taylor

Dean Thayer

Haworth Center

Computing & Information Technology

E m m a Donahoe ('17), Michelle Ky ('17), Rebecca Pavlock ('17), Rochelle Miller ('16), and Kelly Daniel ('16) attended the SWE regional conference together.

Head Start:

Craig Tommola College Advancement

Joel Toppen

Scott Travis

Beth Trembley

Sonja Trent Brown




College Advancement





Em m a Donahoe ('17) assists a middleschooler that came for "Girls Day," an outreach event to it be networking, researching, or going ice skating expose middle school girlsto together, the Society of W o m e n Engineers supports one engineering. another in every endeavor. "There are so many incredible,

creative, smart, and kind engineers at Hope. Ialso love the mentoring that happens between classes, and then gets passed on," says Isabel Morris ('15). |Carolyn Ellis ('18)


by: L a n e H e y b o e r j 7 7

ChemiAfrif at the Matt: The Hope College (Chemistry Club ismuch more than just a school focused group. Pictured below in their paintball war versus the Bio Club, the C h e m Club does many different activities. The C h e m Club hosts interactive science exhibitsforkids,an annual pancake breakfast, and a few fun breaks in the year. As well as paintballing versus the Bio Club, the two also do an annual game of capture the flag. Think there might be a bit of a rivalry there? | Aleksandra Masiak ('17)

Nicole Ladd ('15) demonstrates an experiment to a spectator for the "Chemistryatthe Mall" event, designed to allow young students to experience science hands-on and in-person.

Dave Vanderwel

Gordon VanderYacht

Suzanne Vander Zee

Connie VanderZwaag

David VanDoorne

Deborah Van Duinen

College Advancement


Hope-Genevo Bookstore

Human Resources

Academic Support Center


Rhonda VanDussen

Kristen VanDyke

Doug VanDyken

Kyle VanEerden

Grace Van Haitsma

C James Vanheest

Physical Plant

DeWitt Tennis Center

Business Services

Student Development

Bob Vanheukelom

Michael Van Lente

Stephanie Van Oss

Kent Van III

Daryl Van längeren

Brian VanZanten

Dining Services


Dining Services




Joshua Veazey

Darlene Veenstra

Jose Velazquez

Roger Veldman

Kathleen Verduln

Barbara Vlncensi







Cynthia Vogelzang

Susan Volkers

Vicki Voskull

Lisa Voss

Almie Vredevoogd


Student Development

Physical Plant



Haworth Center

Education/PATH Program

Martha waidvogei-warren Music


Kathy Waterstone

Barbara Weeber

Jane Weeda




Campus Ministries


Hope-Geneva Bookstore

College Advancement

»»» Under^Ti

> The 2015 Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance at Hope College marked the 14th annual celebration, and recorded over 300 students presenting their research project. The celebration represents many of the faculty-student collaborations that are going on allthe time at Hope College, as well as allowing students the chance to show some of their own work. With poster presentations from almost every department, Hope College trulydemonstrates the richness and quality of its undergraduate research programs at the Celebration. Student presenters have the opportunity to share with friends, classmates and professors what they have been working on, whether that research was being done on campus or remote. The Celebration for Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance istruly what it sounds like, a celebration of the intelligent and hardworking community that makes up the students of Hope College. |Aleksandra Masiak ('17)

f%£■ *w -^

■ '

pliolo hy: X i a o y u Pimu (’17)

LearrUnafirüm Each Other: Dr. Pikaart listens intentlyto a student presentation.

Learning-.- Cameron Pratr ('16) explains his poster to Professor Smith and her kids.

I e^foyedthe&ppürluntfytobothpremtmp own work andtoexptoreandteamaboutthe wideranpeo(jintereifmpteplctthatmppeert ßr6

-Christopher Gager ('17)

BoLFirtö, LetMe Takea SeC^ie: Justine Poe P 5) takes a surprisingly relevant group selfie. Justine's research poster was about, so naturallya selfiestickneeded to be present. Sttidg Up:

Abigail Emerson ('16) and Cameron Fox p6) check out a Celebration booklet.



Name (year) discusses her presentation with Dr. Krueger,

Smite, V&u're m Camera.- One Final Rvund:

Kasey Lindsay Hall ('17) presents her Wierzbicki ('15) presents her research to [professor name] poster at the Celebration of during the Celebration. Undergraduate Research in her lastsemester at Hope College.


Courtney Werner

Paul Wesselink

Elizabeth Oswalt West

Sheldon Wettack

Ryan White

Todd Wiebe






Van Wyien Library

Susan Wilczak

Kendra Williams

Boyd Wilson

Mary Wilson

Michael Wilson


International Education


College Advancement

Physical Plant


L'% Kathy Winnett-Murray


Meghan Witkowski

Charlotte Witvliet

Jennifer Wolfe

Campus Safety


Computing & Information Technology

Dining Services




Jacob Wingate

Loi Kham Xayasane PhysicalPlant


Afia Yamoah

John Yelding

Angie Yetzke

Cinda Yonker


Economics, Management & Accounting




Van Wyten Library


Stephanie Zdun

Jan Zessln

Yolanda Vega


Haworth Center

Van Wylen Library

Phelps Scholars/Education


This building isin the process of being built. ThisÂŤ! be known as Jack H. Miller center of musical arts. The construction crew has been working on this project the past few months and itwill be opening in the Fall of 2015.

H Ăź m r mcietf: A group girls in Sigma pose for a picture; Being a part of this ^ organization offers one many opportunities as well as a great resume booster.

Idance: A group of girls with some of their dance teachers. Such a great organization to join ifhave a passion for dancing!

l/i Sigma Omicron was founded in 1991, and isone of the nations first honorary society for dance. SigO organizes events not only forthe dance department, but for Hope college in general as well as the Holland community. The work they perform isamazing. By Andrea Sobczynski (18)

PiacedMjfmark Charlotte Korson (15) poses after signing her name on the wall in the music building. Even after she graduates in the spring, her name will always be on campus.

Justine foe fl5) smiling as she signs the wall in the new music center.

Welcome to Hope College where construction seems to be happening allyear.During family weekend Hope offered the opportunity for parents and the community of Holland to tour the newest building. Across from Martha Millerthe new music building known as the Jack H music center isin the process of being made. This was a great opportunity for people to see the hard work and time being put in to make the students learning environment amazing. Good job construction crew! |Andrea Sobczynski (18) |


« « « « < «


<« «Men«A«G$t{j




.V' •,L H •1

K^., # '

One word to describe Hope's 2014 women's golf team: success. The golf season isa short season but the girls pulled through with victories galore. Long school days, jobs, practice, and so many more things would not and could not stop the women's golf team from success. The girlsworked hard and deserved to win the fall conference. Some may say that golf is a boring sport but when itcomes to this team, celebration, love of the game, and fun times are always just around the corner for them. School records are broken, new people joining, victories and more keep the women smiling fordays and days. |Sierra Schultz ('17)


The 2014 Men's Golf team produced a successful season, ending with a first place finish for the MIAA jamboree over 8 rounds. The team's average score was 298.6 forthe season. The men's team consisted of three freshmen, two sophomores, two juniors and five seniors. Sophomore Winton Munch ('17) was voted as the MVP forthe second year in a row. Munch was also All-MIAA first team and being a big representative of Hope College. Coach Bob Ebels was very proud of hisathletes, especially when Hope earned the rightto host the lastfinal two 18-hole rounds of next spring's 54-hole NCAA Division IIIqualifying tournament. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

1 ,

W i ’' 77 ^ ■


-7 V


yopettiernett:Golf has to stay! Iclassy so w h y not get some classy! Inike shoes? G o Orange,Go Blue!!

• 7-

photo by: AnilicaJ’owell (T5)


Team Picture: Emily Clelond ('18), Kelsey Duntley ('17), Britni Gielow ('17), Megan Klintworth ('18), Montana Leep ('15), Morgan Leep ('16), Nicole Meyer ('18), Elena Moore ('17), Andrea Powell ('15), Stephanie Stover ('15), Megan Wierenga ('18). SiAterfa The Leep sisters joined together to celebrate another grand victory. Love and support, and of course the sport of Golf keeps these two together.

We hada threatandfan Mien rfMfall,m mre fartunateen&tightowin thefadcenfareneeand breakagvedam&antvtf Wh&fflrecerdA."-Morgan

Aug. 30 @ GR Furniture City Classic... 333 (2nd) Sept. 5-6 @ Olivet.......... 326,339 (2nd) Sept. 9 @ North Central, III....... 317 (2nd) Sept. 13 @ Manchester, IN...... ...325 (1st) Sept. 19-20 @ Wis.-Whitewater.. 322, 323 (1st) Sept. 24 @ St. Mary's........... ..330 (1st) *Sept. 27 @ Alma............. ..318 (1st) *Sept. 30 -HOME............. ..319 (1st) *Oct. 4 @ Adrian............. ..340 (1st) *Oct. 10 @ Olivet............. ...318 (1st) *Oct. 11 @ Olivet............. ...315 (1st) *MIAA Jamboree 1stplace HOPE Total: 1940 |Average: 323.3 All MIAA 1stTeam Megan Klintworth -Fr., BritniGielow -So., Morgan Leep -Jr.

Scoreboard Aug. 29-30 @ Olivet Classic.... 305,306 (4th) *Sept. 6 @ Alma.............. .299 (1st) *Sept. 13 @ Adrian............ ..296 (1st) Sept. 15 @ MIAA B Tourn........ no scoring *Sept. 18 @ Albion............. .309 (3rd) *Sept. 22 @ Kalamazoo......... .304 (3rd) *Sept. 27 @ Trine.............. ..288 (1st) *Sept. 29 @ Calvin............. ..297 (1st) *Oct. 2 -HOME................ 294 (2nd) *Oct. 7 @ Olivet............... .302 (3rd) *MIAA Jamboree 1stplace HOPE Total: 2389 |Average: 298.6

-Britni Gielow ('17)

Breit('15),Kevin Cross ('16),John Geshay ('18),Kade Hoeksema ('18), John Kendall ('18), Ben Lanting ('15), Ben Lewis ('15), Winton Munch ('17), EvanTelzerow ('15),Graham Vanderheide ('15 )

Br&therhüüd:'We ore a AllMIAA 1stTeam Winton Munch -So., Collin Breit-Sr,, Ben Lanting -Sr. MIAA MVP: Winton Munch -So.

MIAA MVP: Megan Klintworth -Fr.

We altpkajfedmd, andifione uadidn’ t fuareapoodroundthatdap anotheroneop ua m utld. Weatmprhadeachother'*hack."

Team Picture: Paul Bardenhagen ('16), Alec Breit ('17), Collin

"Wefuarea fop tatenTthrünghünPtheteam whichatfomutitupiuheacho-therernffdaft tupePbetterandIthinkthaPfMa foPPerdv WithVarAUM."-Ben Lewis ('15)

very close knitteam and much likea brotherhood. Being the onlyone that is not a seniorin the top five isbittersweet. They ore oil brothers to m e and Ia m the younger sibling, its awesome because they are m y role models but sucks to have them graduate." -Winton Munch ('1 7 )

Leep ('16) 88


Be The 2014 Dutchmen football season was a winning season. Any team strivesto win the MIAA championship and the Dutchmen could almost taste it.With 141 men on the team, halfofthe team consistingof well recruited freshmen, Head Coach Dean Kreps a variety of talent to choose from. Tough loses here and there, amazing victories more and more, no matter what, the Dutchmen kept on fighting. A few games were lost by only one point which means the Dutchmen willbe even more prepared for the 2015 season. Practice and film are a big technique in preparing for the game and adapt to the opponents team and set up. Seniors and Team captions Kirby Cook, Joey Droppers, and Cody Lindemulder were proud to leave behind their legacy of a 6-4 overall season and a 4-1 home game record. The football team isvery thankful for the opportunity to practice and play on the newly renovated turf at the Ray and Sue Smith Stadium. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

«< «<

Be True:The

Dutchmen offense celebrated yet another touchdown against Olivet College. The crowd, fullof members of the alumni community, went wild watching their Dutchmen drive to victory during the 2014 Homecoming game.

Scmfaard Sept. 6 @ Monmouth............. Sept. 13 vs Augustana............ Sept. 20 @ Lakeland............. Oct. 4 @ Albion................. Oct. 11 vs Rockford.............. Oct. 18 vs Olivet(Homecoming)..... Oct, 25 @ Alma................ Nov. 1 (©Adrian................ Nov. 8 vs Trine.................. Nov. 1vs Kalamazoo.............

.20-30 37-27 25-22 .36-37 38-12 42-35 .. 33-7 ....19-27 31-24 ....29-30

Hl m AM Arvund: The Dutchmen are allabout sharing the love. Seniors Brandon Parcell and Joey Droppers hug itout while juniorZac Boersema ran to join in after theirvictory over Trine.

"Itw m a ^reatiemn with a great up vp gay*. We pacedadireratg m r the m m with faugh fam and inguriethut we atfa made great memürier with hig keg wine," -A lex Issa ('16)

GetVüterHeadin theGame:as the gome intensified, Seth Miko ('17) stood on the sideline "talking"to his teammates to keep pushing and not give up. Every point counts to win the game.

Kickfaitideep: Kody Alber (’16) Ryan Atkinson (’17) Michael Banzet (’18) Mike Barton (’17) Brett Bethke (’18) T h o m a s Blackport (’18) Zac Boersema (’17) Jacob Boersma (’16) Michael Bridges (’18) Bill Brown (’15) Taylor Brynaert (’15) Andrew Bulson (’18) Tanner Catt (’17) Luke Champion (’18) Tyler Clark (’18) Kirby Crook (’15) Michael Custer (’17) Ryan D a y (’18) Matthew Delaney (’18) Jacob DenHartigh (’17) D ea n DeVries (’16) Jeremy Diller (’18) Kimani Dooley (’18) Joe Droppers (’15) Ian Dukehart (’16) Reggie Duncan (’15) T o m m y Duncan (’18) Zach Egbert (’18) M a x Elder (’16) Brandon Ellsworth (’17) C a m er on Ellsworth (’18) Samuel Eshuis (’18) Justin Fairfield (’18) Dominic Ferrera (’18) Zach Fex (’16) R o y Fields (’18) Riley Frenette (’18) Seth Gangler (’18) Stephen Gerger (’15) Kirk Gibson (’17) Tyler Gibson (’18) Keegan Goalen (’16) Joel Greenwood (’17) David Guerra (’18) Hankins (’18) Stephen Hanson (’18) Alex Harless (’16) Aaron Hazen (’17) Dustin Hejka (’18) Jake Helm (’16) Hornshaw (’17) Brandon Houle (’18) Aaron Hoyle (’17) Quinn H umphrey (’18) Spencer lobe (’16) Alex Issa (’16) Tyler Johnson (’18) Logan Jones (’18) Preston Kahl (’18) Colin Kelly (’16) Tyler Kirchoff (’17) Robert Kish (’16) Logan Klepac (’17) Kyle Koenig (’18) Ian Koziatek (’17) Matt Kroll (’16) Nate Kruse (’16) Reggie Kushion (’17) Kyles (’18) Dominick Lahuis (’18) Marcus Lambert (’18) Andrew Lapak (’16) Josh Lee (’18) Spencer Lemley (’15) Rodney Leversee(’17) C od y Lindemulder (’15) Cal Livingway (’15) Andrew Lucas (’17) Markwart (’18) Rosado (’18) Nate M a s s a (’15) Augie Mata (’15) Tristan Matthews (’18) Ricky M a y (’17) Michael Messer (’18) Casey Meyaard (’18) Aaron Mick (’15) Seth Mika (’18) Kyle Mikel (’16) Mike Miklusicak (’18) D a n Miller(’17) Myer (’16) Konner Nelson (’16) Bryce Norwood (’18) Aaron O'Meara (’17) David Onofrio (’18) Dominic Paliani (’17) Brandon Parcell (’16) Jacob Pardonnet (’18) Tim Paul (’16) Jack Phillips (’18) Justin Phillips (’17) Chase Platte (’18) Kyle Reason (’18) Matthew Reitsma (’18) T o m Ritzman (’18) Jared R op p (’16) Daniel Rush (’18) Sayfie (’18) O w e n Schafer (’18) Ben Schroeder (’17) Brian Schroeder (’15) Shanley (’18) Kyler Shurlow (’18) Josh Smith (’18) Nate Sneed (’15) Nick Steers (’18) Michael Stephan (’17) Brett Stewart (’15) Zach Telfor (’18) D a m o n T h o m a s (’17) Rodger T h o m p s o n (’16) Jacob VanderVeen (’18) TJ V anDyken (’15) Alex VanVIeet (’18) David Veasley (’16) A d a m W a l m a (’17) Stephen Waltersdorf (’16) Jonathan W a r e (’18) Cole Watson (’17) Dakota Weiffenbach (’17) Weigl (’18) Christian Whitaker (’18), Antonio Whitfield (’18) Patrick Williams (’18) Zac Williams (’18) Alex Witek (’15) Patrick Wolf (’14) Jacob Zanski (’18) Brandon Zervas (’15) Ethan Z i m m e r m a n (’16)


Senior kicker, Aaron Mick ('15), kicked off the next drive of the game. Mick totaled 66 points in hisfinal season as a Dutchman.

Ftr4td&m: Zac Boersema ('17) passed the 40 yard line for another Dutchmen firstdown, bringing them closer to another touchdown. Offensive linemen, Frank Shanley ('18) and Spencer Lemley ('15), where close behind to take down any threats to the drive.




The Dutchmen hod yet another successful season led by theirsteadfast coach Mark Northuis and captains Ben Zank ('15), Tim Simon ('15), and Zach Zandbergen ('15). Whether going on long runs that end with swimming at the beach or chilly meets, the team remains a tight-knit family. There isa special bond found only by pushing through grueling practices, meets, loud bus rides, and c a m p with yourteammates. One of the best parts of the team for Brandon Wolliston ('18) was "coming tocollege notknowing o soulond then coming intoa worm welcoming family" Rain or shine, they run in the sport we call Cross Country. | Carolyn Ellis('18)

The women's cross countryteam continued theirsuccess thisseason under the faithful leadership of coach Mark Northuis and captains EmilyWrozek ('15)and Katie Hauge ('15). On and offthe course, the women encourage and support one another. Some of Amanda Dorfs ('17) favorite memories are the "long runs that end up at the beach, fun ritualssuch as PastaParties,SophisticatedSaturday, and the girls write pain train on our calves before every big meet." \ Carolyn Ellis('18)

ZflSjfftC:Noah Litwiller('16) and Cameron Jones ('17) use each other as motivation to push themselves to their limits.

photo b ^ o f a r ; ,.:


Anti itl Anti: the team links together in prayer before each meet.


The Dutchmen drive into the startof their home meet, the Vanderbilt Invitational.

Cfiwrincj'W theFinlih:Julian Morrison ('17) races on with the help of alumni Blake Rottschäfer ('13). 7 love the firstrace prayer and the last race prayers of the season. They are always filledwith love and thanksgiving forthe relationships among us that God has blessed us with." -Julian Morrison

Vanderbilt Invitational- 2nd Place Michigan State Spartan Invitational MIAA Cross Country Jamboree -3rd Place Greater Louisville Invitational -15th Place Muskegon Community College Jayhawk Invitational -9th Place Universityof Wisconsin-Oskkosh Brooks Invitational -24th Place MIAA Championships -2nd Place NCAA D-lllRegionals -6th Place Senior Ben Zank received the honor of being named MIAA Runner of the Week.

Vanderbilt Invitational - 1st Place Michigan State Spartan Invitational MIAA Cross Country Jamboree -2nd Place Greater Louisville Invitational -9th Place LeadiuathePack:juiia stock Muskegon Community College Jayhawk ('16) and Michelle Kerr ('16) take Invitational -5th Place the lead during the Michigan UniversityofWisconsin-Oskkosh Invitational - State Invitational. Fierce Fvar: Leah Murray ('16), Amanda 16th Place Dort ('17), E m m a Ropski ('17),Gaby Vasquez MIAA Championships -2nd Place ('17) join together for a picture at the MIAA NCAA D-lllRegionals -4th Place Jamboree. NCAA D-lllChampionships -23rd Place Juniors Michelle Kerrand Julia Stock made the All-MIAA Women's FirstTeam.

Ben Zonk ('15),forhissecond time, and Joseph Beemer ('16),for hisfirsttime, made the All-MIAA Men's FirstTeam.

ItltheGreetl:The women's cross country team The team and coaches line up and beam fortheir annual family photo. The team thisyear sports 23 runners.

smiles together on the lawn. The team thisyear consists of 32 runners.

7 Cm thebutridetatpractice,rmmg-withpe&ple

thatpathpa t&parbelt,andcampinthe beginning'cptheteaA&n." -Jaci Clark ('15) 92


Men'iSvccer Under VanAndle's lights the game ison, the people come, and the Dutchmen win. Hope's Men's soccer team forthe 2014 season was true to theirreputation of greatness. These men practice, practice, practice with dedication written allover each team member's face, for the love of the sport is greater than the passion to win. Thistraiteach person has creates an unbreakable bond between the team and coaches. During every game, each man plays to the best of hisabilitywhether the opponents are Calvin or a less rivaled school. Not a single seat is open during a home g a m e as the fans bring the support, cheers, and love for the Dutchmen to win. These guys performed at perfection whether they were home or away. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

«< <«

SavedTheDay-:Goalie Ethan Beswick ('16) kicks the ball back out into the field, Although his defenders tryto keep the action away, Beswick knows how to take shots on hisgoal to defend the Dutchmen scoreboard.

Scerefaard Aug. 29 @ North Central......... ... 3-2 Aug. 30 Ohio Wesleyan.......... ..1-2-OT Sept. 5 @ Elmhurst............. ... 2-1 Sept. 6 @ Wheaton............. ... 1-0 Sept. 11 Grace Bible............ ... 5-0 Sept. 13 Denison............... ... 3-1 Sept. 17 @ Trine............... ... 1-0 Sept. 20 Adrian............... .1-0-01 Sept. 23 @ Calvin.............. ... 1-4 Sept. 27 Albion............... ... 1-0 Oct. 1 Olivet................. ... 3-2 Oct. 4 @ Alma............... ... 2-0 Oct. 7 Kalamazoo............. ... 1-2 Oct. 11 Trine................. ... 2-0 Oct. 15 @ Adrian.............. ..2-1 -OT Oct. 18 @ Calvin.............. ... 0-2 Oct. 21 @ Albion.............. ..2-3-OT Oct. 25 @ Olivet............... ... 4-2 Oct. 29 Alma................. .1-1-201 Nov. 1 @ Kalamazoo........... ..0-1 -OT

Ge Orange, Go B£uef Hope Piajft, Hope W M f Be Stroup, Be Trust

Overall Record: 13-7-1 Conference: 8-5-1 Home: 7-3-1 Away: 6-4

Can'tStop,Went SW'p:Nothing can stop

AirGdMn: That


r L

’S» ii ’T B

Ä 'S ä .sif ,® T .«,1b ,i

A 5


% w r# r# w



amazing vertical clearly beats the opposing team member. Senior Gavin Midlam got some serious airto fly above the competition.

David Porte ('16) as he flies down the field with the soccer ball. There isa wide open shot and he is about to score.

, 1 N T “T i p h o t o b y n V l p n i e a D w y e r (’1 ^ \

J |

I plioto % : _Pubjic Relations

Team Ph&tft: Sam Barthel ('16) Ethan Beswick ('16)William Bennick ('17) Brandon Underwood ('15) Corey Stelk ('15) Cameron Dice ('15)Toby Blom ('16) Gavin Midlam ('15) Miguel Ramirez ('17) Logan Sikkenga ('15) Josh Hagene ('17)Connor Kogge ('15)Andreas Slette ('16) David Porte ('16)Gustavo Maura ('16) Phillip Legare ('18)Tarwo Konbloa ('15) Preston Jaenichen ('16)Jonathan DeVries ('15)Chase Lennartz ('18) Michael Johns ('16)Thomas Conerty ('17) Ryan Hanson ('18) Devon Butler ('18) ForrestChong ('16) Martin Dykstra ('18) David White ('18) Rilee Bouwkamp ('18) Joseph Fifer('18). Head Coach -Steven Smith Assistant Coach -Lee Schopp. Student-Assistant Coaches- Stephen Hawke, Will Morlock.

Brütherftüd'd: Toby Blom

Lüüklm OlCfr Logan SiKkenga ('15) isn'tabout to lethis opponent make a steal. He has one objective in mind and that isto make a grand Dutchmen goal.

photo by: Xiaoya*||lg C l 7)

('16) follows inthe footsteps of Brandon Unerwood ('15). In Underwood's lastseason, he leaves behind a legacy of strong brothers on the team to continue in Dutch gratness.

Open: William Bennick ('17) is scouting out a teammate who isopen, allowing him to pass the soccer ball on and assist in another goal,


«< <«

Chatnpltfnti:Kat Dickson ('15) raises the trophy for the team as they celebrate their MIAA championship win.

"The thing about soccer isthat anything can happen," said Coach Leigh Sears, and thiscontinued to prove true for the women's soccer team this year. The MIAA championship ga me came down to a shoot-out after two overtimes, with a well-aimed goal inthe eigth round earning them the title of MIAA champions. Although they did not advance beyond the second round of the NCAA championship, thisdriven team did upset number 4 ranked Wheaton in the firstround. They ended with a record of 17-4-2, the second highest number of wins in school history. The players owe their success largely to the leadership and closely knit community that they worked so hard to create. Elizabeth Perkins ('17) said, "This was a player-lead team with some of the best leadership Ihave ever experienced." The team enjoyed many traditions such as being paired with a "special" teammate from another class forencouragement and passing a pair of white wooden shoes between each game. They even started a newtradition thisyear: having a team sleepover in the locker room before their final home game. The women's soccer team came together and stepped up to every challenge that this unpredictable g a m e gave them. |Elizabeth Ensink ('17)

Aug. 29 @ Wheaton................ 1-4 Aug. 30 Carthage................. 2-1 Sep. 5 @ Elmhurst................. 0-1 Sep. 8 Albion..................... 2-0 Sep. 11 Adrian.................... 2-1 Sep. 13 @ Trine................... 3-0 Sep. 16 @ Olivet.................. 2-1 Sep. 20 St. Mar/s (Ind.).............. 2-1 Sep. 24 @ Alma.................. 5-0 Sep. 30 @ Kalamazoo.............. 0-1 Oct. 4 @ Calvin................... 3-1 Oct. 8 @ Albion................... 5-1 Oct.10 @ Adrian.................. 1-0 Oct. 14 Trine..................... 0-0 Oct. 18 Olivet.................... 4-0 Oct. 22 @ St. Mar/s (Ind.)............2-0 Oct. 25 Alma.................... 1-0 Nov. 1 Kalamazoo................. 2-1 Nov. 3 Calvin..................... 2-1 Nov. 6 Albion.....................2-0 Nov. 8 Kalamazoo.................0-0 Nov. 14 @ Wheaton (III.)............. 1-0 Nov. 15 @ III.Wesleyan............. 1-2

Thai'year üne thatcan n&t he empared tü any üther. Oar team wad a feunily"

Ready fö

Defend: Jennifer Tnelen ('17) keeps the pressure on a player from Alma, ensuring the ball doesn't get near the net.


Team Picture: Back row: Jessica Fatum ('17), AllieWittenbach ('18),, Courtney Schimdt ('15), Nora Kirk('15), Brooke Dippel ('15), Elizabeth Perkins ('17),Allison DeVries ('18), Erin Brophy ('18), Anna Krueger ('16); Middle row: Rachel deMarigny ('17), Jessica Lockwood ('17), Maria DeShaw ('15), Sarah Fazio ('17), Brooke Flubbel ('18), Kat Dickson ('15), Mary Clare Theis ('18), Maddie Buursma ('15), Jennifer Thelen ('17), Mallory Beswick ('18), Molly Miedema ('17); Front row: Kristin Haziett ('16), ErinJipping ('15), Lindsey Bieri ('15), Mary Cefaratti ('15), Tymi Staub ('18), Christina Flammend ('18), Kendall Dice ('17)

- Erin Jipping ('15)


•'533 \M 4 * -




Despite the inclement weather inthe game against Calvin, Kristin Flazlett ('16) passes the ball down the field with focus and precision with Courtney Schmidt ('15) close behind.

'The team thudyear wad extremehy cfoie and würked extremehy hard and that id the reaAvn far their m a m . " -Coach Leigh Sears

There are iv many hitthe m&mentd that we attfendyvy in darina the ieemn." -Kat Dickson ('15)

FieUtSpeed: ErinJipping ('15) charges down the field with the ball past her teammates on the sidelines.

Leademhip:The nine seniors on the team pose for a picture. Elizabeth Perkins ('17)said, "they setthe standard of play while facilitating a positive team culture,"

:^höL(f by: L e n Fazio




HOPE COLLEGE WINS THE 2014 NCAA DillCHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!!! Inallof Hope's history, never was there a team who played as well in person and on paper then the 2014 Hope women's volleyball team. Hope brought home the firstNational Championship titleforvolleyball. Through the season, almost every game was a sweep in 3-0. At the end of the season, Hope tied with the all time wins record with 34-2. Home court advantage doesn't mean anything to thisteam because whether itbe on their court, main court in DeVos, or a random court in Washington D.C., the team pulls through with many 3-0 sweeps. Coach Schmidt is an amazing talented coach who reached herown coaching record of 302-73 in 2014. The past few years the team has mad e it to the NCAA tournament and finally pulled through with the win. Coach Schmidt, the rest of the coaching staff, teammates, family, friends and the entire Hope College population, from freshmen to Alumni, are so proud of the women's volleyball team and theirdedication, passion and hardwork. Go Hope!

T h e entire volleyball t e a m gets together in their n e w National C h a m p s t-shirts, baseball caps, a n d super tall trophey a n d take a picture with bright shining faces. T h e y are the #1 t e a m in DIM volleyball. First National C h a m p i o n s h i p for H o p e College. G O H O P E !

Scmbmrd Aug. 29 @ Wittenberg..............3-1 Aug. 30 vs St.Thomas(@ Springfield, OH)..3-0 Aug. 30 vsJohns Hopkins............ 3-0 Sept. 2 Adrian................... 3-0 Sept. 6 Alma.................... 3-0 Sept. 6 UniversityofChicago..........3-0 Sept. 10 Olivet.................. 3-0 Sept 16. @ Albion.................3-0 Sept. 19 Trine................... 3-1 Sept. 20 Calvin.................. 3-0 Sept. 24 @ Kalamazoo............. 3-0 Sept. 26 vsRowan (@ Washington D.C.).. 3-0 Sept. 26 vs Marymount............. 3-0 Sept. 27 vs Messiah (@ Washington D.C.).3-0 Sept. 27 vs DeSales............... 3-0 Sept. 30 St.Mar/s.................3-0 Oct. 3 @ Adrian................. 3-0 Oct. 4 vsCapital (@ Alliance, OH)...... 3-0 Oct. 4 @ Mount Union..............3-0 Oct. 8 @ Alma...................3-1 Oct. 11 DePauw.................. 3-1 Oct. 11 Wheaton................. 3-0 Oct. 14 @ Olivet................. 3-0 Oct. 17 Albion...................3-0 Oct. 18 @ Trine................. 3-1 Oct. 22 @ Calvin................ 1-3 Oct. 28 Kalamazoo.............. 3-0 Oct. 31 @St. Mar/s.............. 3-0 Nov. 7 Alma................... 3-0 Nov. 8 Calvin.................. 2-3 Nov. 13-22 National Tournament.. 5 wins Nov. 24 NCAA Championship Match...WIN!

Sierra Schultz ('17)

hi /d'H/K FUCC: Anna Lynch ('15) fought for every point during the National Championship game and blocked the girlfrom Emory Universityto help gain another point for Hope's team.


Senior, Jillian Sommerville, use s her height of 5' 11" as a n adva n t a g e to hitting the volleyball over her opponent. Setter, Lauren H a z e k a m p ('16), is next to Jillian to assist her if n e e d be.

TftZHi PiCtUrĂ&#x;: From left, front, Allie Mitchell, Elyse Moley, Jillion Sommerville, Amy VonderStoep, Anno Lynch, Lauren Hazekamp; middle, Tom Doherty, Becky Schmidt, Joan Kroeze, Anna VandeBunte, Courtney Van Houzen, Sarah Feldpausch, Callie Kostrzewa, Leah Dunlap, Jean Kegerreis, Sara Smothers, TravisWallace; back, Madison Mertz, Sophie Hackett, Mallory Luke, Jayne Kessel, Jamie Rogalski, Alexis Thompson, Summer Besteman, Paige Baker.


CfuitlengeAccepted: O n c e Courtney V a n H o u z e n (‘17) gets her middle set, s h e takes o n # 1 6 from A l m a a n d s l a m s the ball to the ground adding another point to Hope's score board.

CKebnZtW'H: Jenna Grasmeyer ('15) isall smiles and tears of joy after the final win inthe 2014 National Championship game. As a senior, she couldn't be happier forsuch a wonderful memory. 99


<«««« » M anddiw

M m and

The men's swim and dive team had a solid season. Though no one advanced to DillNationals, the men gained success inboth swimming and diving. Inthe team picture below, the team shows offenergy, love, and happiness forthe sport. Only three seniors are moving on, leaving a large amount of returners and talent for the next 2015-16 season. With new freshmen and returning talent, the goal willbe to improve the team and send Hope talent to the National championships in 2016. Go Hope! ISierra Schultz ('17)

Early mornings, long afternoons, and endless chlorine, the girl's swim and dive team fought through and accomplished another successful season. A lot of talent from coaches to athletes combine into one amazing team.The 2014-15 team senttwo girlsoffto Nationals inTexas, Molly Meyer ('17)and Sarah Sheridan ('16)who both obtained personal records at the meet. The team clocked 24th out of 46 scoring teams. Next year will bring more knowledge, talent, and passion forthe sport. ISierra Schultz ('17)

H&pß: Tieto get serious.

Scmbmni T C ß t U PiCUtr6:\\orh, Jorgie Watson, Erica Dunham, Taryn Gras, Emily Weber, Lauren Girard, LuisaBurgess; Row 2:Sarah Carrara, Sarah Zieschang, Virginia Cotterall, Molly Meyer, Payton Hoff, Katie Smith, Natalie Vela; Row 3: assistant coach Caroline Hannema, assistant coach Zach Golin, Sarah Sheridan, Adrienne Smith, Amy Larsen, Chloe Palajac, Juia Hines, Rachel Barszcz, Sarah Fallon, assistant coach Austin Veltman, head coach John Patnott; back, Hannah Larson, Michelle Hance, Lindsay Wiederhold, Klare Northuis, Mikayla Freyling, Stephanie Polet

MIAA Relays............... ...No scoring Alma.................... .. 171-120 @ Olivet.................. ... 137-52 Kalamazoo................ .. 155-145 @ PatrickWoehnker Invitational.. ...2nd place @ Wheaton College Invitational.... ....5th place Albion.................... .. 165-101 @ Wheaton................ ...2nd place @ Calvin................. .. 143-157 @ GVSU Diving Invitational..... ...No scoring MIAA Championships......... ...2nd place MIAA Championship Preliminaries.. ..No scoring MIAA Championship Finals..... ....1stplace MIAA Championship Preliminaries.. ..No scoring MIAA Championship Finals..... ...2nd place MIAA Championship Preliminaries.. ..No scoring MIAA Championship Finals..... ...2nd place @ Universityof Chicago....... ...No scoring NCAA D-lll National Championships

MIAA Relays................. No scoring Alma......................... 151-63 @ Olivet....................... 121-53 Kalamazoo.................... 93-202 @ PatrickWoehnker Invitational....3rd place @ Wheaton College Invitational... 5th place Albion.................... 183.5-114.5 @ Wheaton.................. 1stplace @ Calvin..................... 113-181 @ GVSU Diving Invitational....... No scoring MIAA Championships........... 3rd place MIAA Championship Preliminaries.No scoring MIAA Championship Finals....... 4th place MIAA Championship Preliminaries.No scoring MIAA Championship Finals....... 4th place MIAA Championship Preliminaries.No scoring MIAA Championship Finals....... 3rd place @ University of Chicago......... No scoring

Team Picture:

from left, front, Joey Watson, Erick Skaff, Grant Ludema, Ryan Johnson, Travor Wagoner, Danny Sullivan, Jonathon Maat; Row 2: assistant coach Austin Veltman, Christopher Waechter, Troy VanPortfliet, TrevorBillinghurst,Michael Trier,ChristianOtteman, CharlieEmmert, Andrew Mitchell, head coach John Patnott; Row 3: assistant coach Zach Golin, Jean-Luc Miralda, Kevin Franz, KyleWeek, Austin Bessinger, Micah Sail,Mike Wurster, Trevor Boehm, assistant coach Caroline Hannema; back, Nick Olen, JeffZita,TaylorHatfield, Nathan Rommel, Duncan MacLean, Samuel Gallmeyer

utojjr.*-**5 ■ «p


IdcdiCßtiÜH/: These five girls, Hannah Larson ('16), Klare Northuis ('16), Lauren Girard ('15), Molly Meyer ('17) and Michelle Hance ('16) know what hardwork trulyisand the feeling of success. 100

Pictured above, ErickStaff ('15) isinthe lead for the Fly. Hisfavorite quote is,"People don't forget." To the left, Ryan Johnson's ('17) favorite memory isthe team coming together to win the Wheaton Quad meet, a meet that has not been won in a couple years. Both swimmers and divers came together to win big. photo by: B e c k y Johnson


« < <«

AbovetheCrvivd:The G o to any football or basketball g a m e and you can't miss the shimmering orange and blue p o m p o m s being shook alongside the blaring megaphones. There are no breaks for the cheer team, be itduring the games, halftime, or even time outs, the cheerleaders endlessly p u m p the crowd fullof energy. No matter what the weather, the cheer team is out on the field performing stunts and leading cheers. Lauren Gobelman ('15) has been a cheerleader since third grade and has loved continuing her cheer journey at Hope, "One of m y favorite traditions isafter every g a m e w e award 'game megs' to people on the team for bringing the most spirit and for being our MVP of the game," Whether it be tiying out newcheers orchallenging stunts, the cheerteam remains a tight-knit group that makes being a part of the orange and blue memorable. ICarolyn Ellis ('18)





/ «N i

cheer team linksarms and balances high above the devoted fans who came to cheer on the Dutchmen.

"I’ve gotten really, really, good at picking up chicks." -Jehu May(15)

"I joined cheer because there was a cute girl on the team who kept asking me to join." -Maxim Wright (16)

"I have created amazing friendships through my four years on Hope's cheerleading team. Ilove that we knew when to be serious, but we were also able to have fun and build long lasting friendships. Becoming a part of the team was the best thing Idid at Hope." -Lauren Gebelman (15)


Aweitruek:Nicoie Miller('15), Dalton Blood ('16), and Kelli Battistone ('16) perform a Whirly Bird, a trickybut incredible stunt. The base swings two people around, balancing one on his shoulders and the other he swings from his arms as he spins.

StandingTall: Lizette Barona ('18) is held high by base's Courtney Haitsma ('18), John Fielder ('17) and Ashley Fox ('15).

photo by: Justine Poe (’15)

L r

HttHfi-Tl/tnC: The cheer team ralliesthe Dew Crew with cheers and stunts. The team practices hard to nail formations to amaze and entertain the crowd during the break inthe game.

Athlete by Nature, Cheerleader by choice. 102

FirCit/Up!:The football cheer team leads the cheers that fireup the crowd and keep the Dutchman pumped to score.


John May P 5), ralliesthe student section with a megaphone at the Flope home football games. "Cheer has given m e so many great things inm y four years: amazing friends, some of the most fun experiences of m y life,and also the opportunity to be quoted in the yearbook. S'go Hope!" -John May ('15)

A SpecialBend: Dalton Blood ('16), Cindy Alexander ('17), and Ashley Fox ('15) grin together at the one of the home football games.


Fire Up Dutch: The team psychs up before the big game against Calvin.

The Hope College Women's Basketball Team incorporates a competitive atmosphere, as well as a great experience of friendships and memories that willlastwell beyond the member's college years. The team plays against schools all across the country, and is a sport that students and community fans enjoy seeing. The 2014-15 season was a successful season, the women worked hard on and offthe court as well as inthe community. |Katie Peterson ('18)

Overall: 25-5 Conference 14-2 Home: 12-2 Away: 10-2 Neutral: 3-1 Overall Points: 2102 Points per game: 70.1 Home Attendance Average: 963 (NCAA Dill attendance record)

"One of the best opportunities you can be given in lifeisto be underestimated." -Unknown

Be Strong, Be True, Go Hope!

photo by: Paris M a d i s o n (’17)

FßüA: The people who always support, cheer on the team during one of their away games. Let's Go Hope!

TßUtU The Hope women's varsity basketball team, from left, front, Angelique Gaddy, Maura McAfee, Rebekah Llorens, Brittany Berry, Kamara Sudberry, Melissa LaReau, middle, student assistant coach Mara Droppers, head coach Brian Morehouse, assistant coach Dean Morehouse, Heather Randall, Jacquelyn Schwark, Emily Klauka, Mandy Traversa, Hannah Doell, assistant coach Colly Carlson, student assistant coach Erika Paine, assistant coach Courtney Kust, manager Rich Hays; back, manager Jonah Bylsma, juniorvarsitycoach Ryan Ross, Madison Geers, Elizabeth Perkins, Autumn Anderson, Mary Gipson, Tyra Smith

TeamSpi/ttfo some team members cheer with great enthusiasm fortheir teammates during an intense Hope College basketball game.

"Iwould say as far as the season, we obviously had some things that didn't turn out in our favor [injuries, losing to Calvin 3 times, being the second to last team to make itinto the NCAA tourney, etc.] and due to those things Ifeel like a lotof people counted us out. Regardless of what others thought we knew what we were capable of as a team what we needed to do to get the results we wanted. Personally being underestimated (or "slept on" as I liketo call it)helped m e take advantage of the situation Iwas given to work harder and create an opportunity to get the respect Ithink was deserved. Being counted out, underestimated, or however you want to put it,allowed us to create a focus that in the end allowed us to have the success we did.11 -Paris Madison ('17)


Nov. 11 Grand Valley St............ 64-82 Nov. 18 Wis.-Whitewater............ 80-82 Nov. 22 Wis.-Stevens............... 66-77 Nov, 28 vs Cornerstone (@ Aquinas)... 77-64 Nov. 29 @ Aquinas................68-72 Dec. 5 @ Carthage............... 73-55 Dec. 6 vs Wheaton (@ Kenosha, Wis)...66-55 Dec. 19 Piff.-Greensburg........... 121-73 Dec. 20 Mount Union.............. 79-71 Dec. 29 vs. Spalding (@ Wooster, Ohio)....77-58 Dec. 30 @ Wooster............... 75-78 Jan. 3 Ohio Wesleyan.............. 87-61 Jan. 7 @ Trine................... 62-65 Jan. 10 Calvin................... 64-88 Jan. 14 Albion................... 80-55 Jan. 17 @ Olivet................. 95-85 Jan. 21 Alma.................... 75-63 Jan. 24 @ Kalamazoo............. 83-65 Jan. 28 @ Adrian................. 68-58 Jan. 31 Trine.................... 73-63 Feb. 4 @ Calvin..................77-83 Feb. 7 @ Albion..................70-64 Feb. 11 Olivet...................108-72 Feb. 14 @ Alma..................84-91 Feb. 18 Kalamazoo............... 67-55 Feb. 21 Adrian................... 56-41 Feb. 26 @ Trine (MIAA Semifinals)...... 55-44 Feb. 28 @ Calvin (MIAA Championship)...69-70

MindGanM: Sophomore guard, Chad Carlson, waits for histeammates to set up. His next move willtrickmore opponents than ever before.


Picture: from left,front, Rob Sterken, Harrison Blackledge, Zach Littleson, Corey McMahon, Greg Mitchell, Ben Gardner, Alex Eidson, Stephen Wittenbach, ArvilleCarroll, middle, Chad Carlson, Jeff Carlson, TyVan Wieren, Ryan Skowronek, Keith Brushwyler, Brock Benson, Cody Stuive, Tom Davelaar, Mike Aldrich, Ben Schipper; back, Dante Hawkins, Mitchell O'Brien, Sam Otto, Jordan Denham, Chad Carlson

PvMrfjid D r m Starting forward, Harrison Blackledge ('17), takes the board with one giant step through the lane against Trine to add two more points to Hope's score.


New year, new team, new coach, same fans. No matter what, Hope College will always be on the sidelines cheering on the Dutchmen. The men's basketball team had a winning season, 18-9 games. The 2014-15 team was a young team with only one senior but that did not stop their talent. Many young players broke through and become some of the most important people on the team such as Harrison Blackledge ('17) and Chad Carlson ('17). Of course, every teammate plays a very important role on the team, including the coaches. New head coach Greg Mitchell isthe 11th head coach for the Flying Dutchmen. Mitchell was a Hope College graduate himself and also played four seasons of basketball at Hope, so he isnot that new to the team. The boys are more of a family and that iswhat makes Hope College so unique. The environment on campus, in sports teams, and even for the alumni, we stick together, win together, lose together, and love each other. The men are as ready as ever for the next season to come. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

ReWM-Remtef: Dante Hawkins will not stop untilthe basketball isthrough the hoop. Trine cannot do anything to Hawkins' powerful lay-ups. He can make it,but they cannot break it.

TeammrkDedication i—


FaithPo 107

ThePCayeM IheTeam.-

^ „




, ,.

Hope College ice hockey was founded in 1996. Since that year Hope has won the Michigan Collegiate Hockey Conference (MCHC) regular season title five times and the M C H C tournament championship four times.The team qualified for the American Collegiate Hockey Association (ACHA) division III national tournament for the first time in 2001 -02, finishing infifthplace. In 2014-15 the Flying Dutchmen have qualified for 14 consecutive seasons, the most of any ACHA member. The Hope College ice hockey team has advanced to the championship g a m e of the ACHA division III tournament four times, finishing second in 2003, 2010, 2011 and 2014. Thisyear the team was led by coach Chris VanTimmeren who has guided Hope's hockey for fourteen consecutive seasons. VanTimmeren has led Hope to thirteen consecutive winning seasons throughout his time here.This year the team won twenty sixgames and tied fourgames. Overalll, the Hope College men's ice hockey team continues to impress the studenfs of Hope college with their hard work, spirit, resilience and positivity. Students at the college say they cannot wait to see what isinstoreforthe hockey season of 2015-16. Way to go boys, keep up the great work! |Laurel Sutherin

Pictured on the rightisthe Hope College Hockey team. Thisyear was a very successful year forthe men on the team and they hope that ne>d year willbe equally as gratifying, ifnot even more. Congratulations team!

('1 6 )

"We had a very successful year this year. Only losing 3 of our 33 games played and making yet again to the national tournament. W e won the Vezina Cup as conference tournament champions for the first time in 7 years. Despite all of the on ice success, the greatest part about this team are the friendships that are formed off the ice. Everybody on the team isclose and Ithink that helps with our on ice chemistry and performance." -Drew O'Brien ('15) Above, a Hope College Flying Dutchmen plays in a tough game thisseason.


WßU' ft? ßÜ TdUrfth: Pictured on the left, a Hope College Flying Dutchmen makes a shot at the goal. Wow, what a great play!

Fm FMtt&ljtk yean 1. Hope Ice Hockey's Drew O'Brien ('15) was named the M C H C Co-Most Valuable Player. 2.Coach Chris Van Timmeren was selected Coach of the Year in the MCHC. 3. O'Brien ('15) joined two teammates on the M C H C Wdst Division FirstTeam: junior goalie Eric Upon ('16) oh Brighton, Michigan, and sophomore defenseman Ellk Digison ('16) of Midland, Michigan.What an honor! 4. Junior forward Ryan Restum ('16) of East Lansing, Michigan ,received M C H C West Division Second Team honors. Way to go Ryan! 109


«««« « MeM



The women's tennis team has always been known for success. Once again, the nationally ranked team plays in the NCAA Dill tournament. The team losttoWisconsin-Whitewater however, the No. 1 pair of senior Carli Capestany and sophomore Nancy Benda won their doubles 8-7. Capestany ended her Hope career with a new school record of 78 double wins. The team is losing an amazing and talented player but they are lucky itis only one girl rather than more. The next season will have experienced, talented returners back forthe love of Tennis. ISierra Schultz ('17)

Tennis islife, not just a sport. The men never stop working hard, talking Tennis lingo, and loving what they do. The 2014-15 season was not a winning season but to the Dutchmen, itwas everything because they are able to continue a big part of their life.A new coach, A d a m Ford, was hired forthe next season.As a former college tennis player himself, he will bring new talent and insight to thisteam. Nothing can stop the Dutchmen from going out there, working hard, and ending the season with a big WIN. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

Strength: Carli Capestany ('15) uses her might to return the ball. She fights against a tough opponent, yet comes out on top with the win.


From left,assistantcoach Jorge Capestany, Anna Garcia, Carli Capestany, Paige Courts, KellyDaniel, Nancy Benda, Claire Cooper, Natalie Rahrig, Marie Holaway, Kate Mader, Amanda Susnak, head coach Adam Ford

TeUfflPicture: From left, front, Jonathan Hoffman, Nate Weeldreyer, Andrew Dunn, William Yancey, Grant Wunderlich, Chris O'Keefe; back, head coach Steve Gorno, Sam Kreps, Cody Herbruck, Camden Ludlow, Sam Schuster, Matthew Culver, Colin McKey, assistantcoach BobCawood

E m PeMf: Senior Colin McKey slices the tennis-ball to fly back across the net, scoring him another point, towards his next win.

Overall: 4-16 Home: 3-7 Away: 0-4

"Tennis isa perfect combination of violent action taking place in an atmosphere of total tranquility." BillieJean King

Overall: 20-5 Home: 6-0 Away: 6-2 May 1 Kalamazoo MIAA Tournament Semifinals— W, 5-0 May 8 vs. Wis-Whitewater @ DePauw University NCAA DillTournament — L, 3-5

Be Strong. Be True. Game. Set. Match. Surceifr: The team poses with their trophy in hand. Success looks good on those girls.



«««« «


M e n & Wümen'^

As Lacrosse isthe most recent sport at Hope College, the men and women are practicing with more dedication than you could ever imagine. Only a few seasons down, athletes learning how to play for the first time, new coaches and fans, really bring out a new side to Hope College athletics. Returning startersand athletes keep the game moving forward and success rightat the men and women's reach. The 2014-15 season was great, now here isto another. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

Gunnar Elder ('17)

H O HOPE „„nE. HOPE ^ {*


Michaela Biegner ('18)

V r ^ OPE PE




Overall: 6-9 Overall: 6-10

Team Picture: From left, front, Taylor DeVer, Matt Hemenway, Gunnar Elder, Clayton Sanders, Eric Guldberg, Colin O'Connor, Joey Williams, Mike Odea; middle, John Hunger, Sam Hansel, Will Dommermuth, George Plaster, Ryan VanderPloeg; back, assistantcoach Murle Greer, assistant coach Chris Scheldt, Dan Gignac, Ty Miedema, Jared Vite, Grant Brogan, Zach Weber, Adam VanderPloeg, Michael Banzet, Seth McCall, assistant coach Bruce Elder, head coach Michael Schanhals; not pictured, Corben Barnett, Erik Basch, Parker Osterink, Nicklas Raycraft, Peter Stuckey

All MIAA- FirstTeam Honors: Gunnar Elder ('17)

All MIAA -FirstTeam: Molly Greenfield ('15) and Mackenzie Schumborg ('16)

Hope Men finish 5th in conference

Hope Women tied for 3rd in conference

Letthe G a t m ßeUiei; Sophomore A d a m Vender Ploeg starts the game off against an Olivet Opponent. Adam snags the ball with this quick movement. Hope fights hard tilthe finish.


Our blood is Red Our bruises are Blue LaCrosee isour Sport This iswhat we Do.

Team Picture:

From left, front, Reinie Thomas, Abigale Cassella, Molly Greenfield, Mackenzie Schumborg, Kelli Boes, Anne Trapani; middle, Emily Deane, Lauren Syverson, Chandler Warren, Grace Ahlgrim, Amie Hixon, Erin Caton, Serena Harris, Alexandra Watts; back, assistant coach Tom DeJong, Lindsey Hoaglund, Alexandra Webb, Makenzie Bortell, Dana Kym, Michaela Biegner, Mara Droppers, Audrey Park, Alicia Curmi, Linnea Ridlen, head coach Kim Vincent, assistant coach LoriZimmerman

LOVe O'jj'Lax. Being new to lacrosse and the team, Iwas nervous as to how the season would go. Iknow now that joining thisteam was one of the best decisions that Ihave ma d e at Hope College. This team has been nothing but supportive in helping m e grow and learn to love the g a m e of lacrosse. They are incredibly supportive of one another in every aspect of life! Ilove this team!! | Reinie Thomas ('17)


«««« «K

« «««« X


Be Strong, Be True! Hope College takes on another great season with head coach, Kevin Cole. Track and Field isa unique sport compared to those with equipment, a win/lose tinal, or a smaller number in athletes. Track and fieldtrainsthe entire spring semester, from day one to the last day of finals, for the MIAA conference meet. Falling behind Calvin in numbers, Hope W o m e n place second and men place third at the meet, yet brings home various personal records (PRs) and first place finishes. Jane Pearson ('16) and Erin Herrmann ('17) qualify for the 2015 NCAA Nationals in the heptathlon and 3,000 meter steeple chase, respectively. Both the men and women's teams are proud to be a part of such a wonderful family. |Sierra Schultz ('17)

MIAA Conference Meet April 30-May 1— 3rd place TCttfU PlCtUrC^\ovt\ left, front row Andrew Borror, Timothy Simon, Zachary Brandwein, Jacob Everly,Zachary Buth, Benjamin Zank; second, KyleAnderson, Luke Washington, Matthew Ruff, Matthew Pelyhes, Boone Marois, Ross Whitman, Ryan Arndt,GrantVlahapolous; thirdrow,AustinElluru,Matthew Rolain, Leland Cook, Taylor Myer, Cameron Jones, Nicholas Salomon, Jeremy Richards, Zachary Fieri,Nicholas Brohl;fourthrow, TylerBrinks,Matthew Webb, Ryan Boxeth, Alekandrs Molenaar, Dion Goliday, Richard Medina, David Lunderberg, Joseph Beemer, Julian Morrison; fifth row, William Henkel, Benjamin Pederson/ Robert Schneider, Noah Litwiller, Jacob Jansen, Brandon Wolliston, Zachary Williams, Kyle Funk; back, head cooach Kevin Cole, assistant coah Mark Northuis, assistant coach Paul Lunderberg, student manager Madison Lachance; not pictured, Andrew Bulson, Robert Frakes,Gregory Glebe, ErikGonzalez, RobertHeyboer, Graham Hoppstock, Matthew Hughes,Jordan Kalsbeek, Francesco Moen, Kyle Reason, Ben Seppa, Josh Smith, Josh Smith, Peter Timperman, Zach Zandbergen, assistant coach Paul Markel.

Ben Zonk named on 2015 All-MIAA Mens Track and Field Team Ben Pederson competes at USATF Junior Outdoor Championship

"Tmgbdm'Pfont,., (wffaagh peeple de.”- A.C. Green


Rachel Anderson ('18)

MIAA Conference Meet April 30-May 1— 2nd place Conference FirstPlace Finishes: Erin Herrmann ('17) -Steeplechase: 11 min. 13.83 seconds Jane Pearson ('16) -Javelin Toss: 118 feet 11 inches Long Jump: 17 ft. 1.5 inches Sierra Schultz ('17) -400 meter Hurdles: 1:04.68 beating four Calvin girls


From left,front,Hannah Howard, Mikayla Holder,Jordyn Severt, Janelle Kirsch, KatieAfton, Lindsay Nichols, LindsayTimmerman, CarlySommavilla; second row, Emma Ropski, Elizabeth Gawron, Ashley Warener, Jane Pearson, Sierra Schultz, Erin Herrmann, Cheli Proos, Madalyn Riedlinger; third row, Emily Joosse, Julia Stock, Jessica Gaines, Caitlyn Campbell, Aurulie McCarus, Mackenzie Govier, Alison Rich, Rachel Anderson, Akia Smith; fourthrow, Rachel Alford,Alexandra Moxon, Meredith Rinke, Haley Fischman, Alejandro Gomez Limon, Taiyn King, Rachel Satkiewicz, Casey Campbell; fifth row, student manager Madison Lachance, Rachael Webb, Kristen Goodwin, Miranda Steele, Kathleen Kooiker, Anna Dietz, Alexis Guttila, Alissa Frazee, Marianne Lohrstorfer; back row, head coach Kevin Cole, assistantcoach Mark Northuis, assistantcoach Paul Lunderberg, Kaylee Kish,Marina Milad, Morgan Locker, Madison Locker, Rachel Gugino; not pictured, HillaryGeorge, Katherine Hauge, Brooke Ledsworth, Sarah Murphy, Carlie Snoap, Jamelah Travis,KendallWickstrom, KarinaWinkelman, assistantcoach PaulMarkel

Julia Stock ('15) - 10,000 Meter run 36 min. 40.85 sec.

8 e ^ ±fan g

____ ^ORUf^OUEGE-_____



Ryan Arndt ('17)and LizGawron ('16)to the left, Hope distance menup above.


o'1T ” ”

Jane Pearson (’16) and Alison Rich ('18)up above, and KatieAfton ('15), Rachel Satkiewicz ('18),and Sierra Schultz ('17)to the right.



Pep Talk:Senior, Devin Schaefers and assistant coach Jon Edmondson talk strategy before Schaefers goes back into play.

The Hope Baseball team ended the 2014-15 season with an overall winning record of 23-19. At the MIAA tournament, Hope lost to both Adrian and Calvin however, finishing third inthe conference. Hard work pays off and itsurely did forthisteam. Early morning practices before the sun rises, liftingweights, and late night practices shows how dedicated the men are to theirsport. Many games were close in number of runs. Next season, the men willbe ready to face their conference with many returning starters and other baseball players. Coach Fritz isa coach who cares forhisathletes and coaches with great commitment and character. With Fritz's coaching history, they know another conference win is coming soon. Baseball is a field where dreams are met. | Sierra Schultz ('17)

42 Games Overall: 23-19 Conference: 15-13 Home: 13-8 Away 5-8 13 Home Runs 263 Runs Batting Average .295 358 Hits 44 Stolen Bases

Be Strong, Be True!

Hope 3rd in MIAA

F04fBalt:On the pitching mound, Currey Thomas ('15) throws a fast ball to the up-to bat Adrian player.

) by: Public Relations


From left,front, assistant coach Jon Edmondson, JP Batts, Tyler Gulick, Danny Carrasco, Michael Barnett, Ben DeRitter, Alex Arthurs, Ryan Wysocki, Andy Fortier, assistant coach Rich Hayes; middle, athletic trainer Hannah Doom, assistant coach Chad Ruby, Andy Elzinga, Eric Plaehn, Brian Barnes, Nick Glowacki, Devin Schaefers, Landen Brower, Codey Houts, Michael Thomas, Matt Glowacki, Matt Wehner, Coty Franklin, assistant coach Curtis Drozd;,head coach Stu Fritz; back, athletic trainer Max Elders, Dane Wysocki, Ben Pearson, Brady VanderWeele, Currey Thomas, Austin Goodyke, Ty Van Wieren, Luke Brower, Ryan Konkle, Mitch Reitsma, Kyle Bernaciak, Connor Grimes, student assistant coach Hayden Smith


SwMtfBaUenThe pitcher throws a strike,tempting the opponent to swing. Whether the batter hitsthe ball, Hope is confident they will get the third out.


iy Van Wieren ('17) stands at the mound, focusing on how to strikethe next batter out.

This year has been a lotof fun. W e knew how good we could be at the beginning and went out and played great baseball all season long. Ia m grateful for the opportunities Iwas given by m y coaches and for my teammates for making thisyear so memorable. |Ty Van Wieren ('17)


«< <«

IdU/ß' Oufi: The girlscheer on theirteammates winning against their rival, Kalamazoo college because support and love iseverything inthis game.

Once again, coach Mary VandeHoef led the 2015 Flying Dutch to a winning season. Through early mornings, late nights, double headers, and a trip down to Florida, the team kept enthusiasm up during the entire season leading them to the NCAA Division IIIRegional tournament. Hope College softball was ranked 25th in Division IIIand placed second at the tournament. It may have ended in a loss, but the entire season was a WIN. The returning girlswill know more than ever what ittakes to make itto the top as a team. Next season will only bring more accomplishments and successful outcomes. Let's Go Hope! ISierra Schultz ('17)

Overall: 29-11 Home: 9-3 Away: 8-4 Neutral: 12-4 May 7 @ Lake Forest, ILNCAA Dill Tournament, First Round....W 10-7 May 8 @ Lake Forest....... W 5-0 May 9 @ Lake Forest.... L 1-4, L 0-2

'Attitude determines preparation preparation determines performance, performance determines success."

OUTf:At third base, #23 Kelsey Cooper ('15) throws the softball to first base forthe next out.

Team Piclure: From left,front, Alex Knorp, Sammi Adams, Vanessa Brockhouse, Kate Laverty, Hannah Barton, Jenna Maury; middle, Adalee Robertson, Jenna Fort, Katie Singer, Melissa Bazany, Julie Sobieski, Natalie Leahy, Kelsey Cooper, Maddie Bellew; back, assistant coach Krista Liverance, assistant coach KelliDuimstra, student manager Kasey Wierzbicki, Natalie Hiser, Hayley Reitsma, Sierra Mutschler, Sydney Jones, Sarah Jones, Olivia Vacik, Peyton Wells, Becca Phillips, Autumn Anderson, head coach Mary VandeHoef, assistant coach Jeanette Olinger



Sammi Adams p 7) stands ready forthe pitch to be thrown and steal the next base.

PttMC&yi: This team was unlike any other. The determination and the chemistry was awesome. Making itto the NCAA tournament was epic and it isgoing to be hard to top that the coming year. | Samantha Adams ('17)






Hope is known for its thriving Christian community, its academics, its home-like atmosphere, and so much more. The Volunteer Services committee is a group of students that together strive to give back to the Hope College and Holland communities, while taking the time to invest in each other's lives as well. As a group, the Volunteer Services committee has events every month, ranging from decorating cookies at the Warm Friend to helping with Operation Christmas Child. In addition to those events, Volunteer Services sponsors events that are open forallstudents tojoin,the highlightofthe year being a Time to Serve, involving hundreds of Hope College students in various projects all around the Holland community. Volunteer Services isa great group thatworks closelyto bring Hope closer with the Holland communify, and allows students the opportunity to serve and grow within a strong, supportive community. IAleksandra Masiak ('17) |

Alt Werk and N& Ptajf?: The Volunteer Services committee takes a break from raking leaves ata Holland home to pose for a picture.

Screamna T&etowhatbetter way to gefto know your fellow classmates than screaming at the top of your lungs? The two freshman above are "breaking the ice" with the infamous game. Screaming Toes.


Students slowly make their way into the chapel during Orientation, where they willgather forthe firsttime as a class.

Ultimate: Matthew Douglas ('15) and David Sapyta ('15) show theirenthusiasm forthe game.

AllDreml Up withN&where(ftGü:The Volunteer Services committee helped Shewd&m: Marvin Solberg ('15) laughs along with his partner in crime, as they tell the incoming class about SAC.

out with an event at Western Seminary on Halloween, getting dressed up in costumes to Dt/fr a ,nn nirifrom +ho serve food to families from the Holland community, cleverly called "AllHallows' Feed". Ho||and & mmurijtycame out to "Mjf-time with wtunteerlerrimtm teen üne üfimy fawrlteparfoüfi my Hüpe experiencetecam itf m atfowedme tü cünnectwithpeüpte in thegreater HüttandCümmunity. I foveyettinytü knüw tfmpeüpteand theirMürie*tecauAeitremindsme üptheheauüfiiUdivertityin Hüttandf

enjoy the food being served at Western Seminary. The Volunteer Services committee members have the chance to enjoy time as a group.

Füüd & FellülfNtip:

-Eva Balich ('15)

StickjfHandb: Every year freshman, likethe one above, gather together at DeWitt to paint their hands orange and blue to leave their"signature" on theirclass banner. 122


► »






Helping: Moraler Abbie Harlow ('17) preps her puller, ('17)at the beginning ot Pull by taping her into her vest, which protects (NAME) from the rope and probable rope burns.

T r M m n : The anchor issurrounded by a legacy of past Odd Year anchors, who advise him throughout the afternoon. President Knapp even joins inon the fun at the back pits.

SteppOTP: As spectators look down the linetowards the back pits, the moralers keep theireyes focused on their coaches, ready to pass on



If Nukerk Thisisan entirelynew experience forthe Freshmen class and under the guidance of the supportive coaches, the even year Nykerk team took home the cup at the end of the competition. '18 song sang an A Cappella version of "Unwritten", play performed their take on the famous film "The Wizard of Oz", and the '18 orator entertained and enticed the audience with her speech titled "Garden of Laughter". The Freshman class delighted and entertained the audience, and left the area filled with a roaring applause after their victory. | Katie Peterson ('18)|

For one month inthe fall semester, a group of women gather together each night to rehearse for one of the longest standing traditions at Flope College - Nykerk. The 80th annual Nykerk Cup was held on campus at DeVos Fieldhouse after nearly 58 years of being hosted at off-campus sites including the Holland Civic Center.

i p x h

i \




y- A





EWPl VCßK W M : This year for the 80th annual Nykerk cup competition, even year took home the cup at the end of the evening.


i; i a \' / ■Cu »

>fA 'h


0'« G I-V #1


photo by: >ftioyii F a n g d 7)

Zfe ReH/

SUM Umritten:

>' V





photo by:Xiaoyu F a n g C l 7)

Gßrdßn üfj LßUäfat&r: Even year's Orator, Cassidy Bernhardt ('18), leftthe audience filledwith laughter and smiles after presenting her oration.

"NüPCm LikeHope": Even year Play entertained the audience with their rendition of the famous Wizard of Oz.

'18 Song opened up the night with their take on "Unwritfen" by Natasha Bedingfield.

Mini Sförff With the help of amazing song, play, and oration coaches, as well as the moralers, Nykerk was a wonderful experience enjoyed by itscommitted members.

"Nykerkmb m amazingexperience. Wehadamazinpc&acheb whomanagedtomakeeverypracticetaperpan. Theyhelpedor becomeonehiyhappy/family/ I lovedeverytecondofit/ -Maty Landman ('18)




:‘ \ 7 U •

1 / * 7 ‘,/7u ’4' 4 j^ <*< I -i 1ifi/i\J d/ §i '■ /

k,' ;i!71


.7 + 1




. »





s iy ; i




The student-run Silent Praise organization uses American Sign Language as an alternative medium for worshipping and praising God. Meeting ever/ Sunday during the school year, the group practices and learns new songs alongside the corresponding signs. To further promote awareness, the group performs at different churches around the area about once a month. They even prepare pieces for special events on campus, such as the Alternative Woship service each semester. |Tessa Schultz ('15)|

CßpU&n: Eva Balich ('15), Erin Hoolihan ('18), and Jessica Loper ('16) sign together at an event in Maas Auditorium.

NOM: Jessica Loper ('16)signs along to musician Chris Browne ('17) at their SAC Coffeehouse performance to help spread awareness for the Who Will Answer? Campaign.

With theirnewest mission statement, "Togrow as Christian artists sharing the Word of God and building a community of hope, joy,trust, and love", in hand, the Sacred Dance Ministry works diligently to be doers of God's Word and spread the love of Christ through their dance. Giving each performance to God's glory, and not their own, the Sacred Dance community hopes to impact the lives around them by showing different ways of worshipping God and to use movement as a voice. The group meets weekly to rehearse and works alongside other groups on campus as well to further spread God's Word. ITessa Schultz ('15)|

Tüpjtfthßr: The SilentPraise group, left: Isabel Morris ('15),Sarah Foster ('17), Anne Neumann ('17), Eva Balich ('15), Morgan Weaver ('16),MollyBogolin('16),ErinHoolahan ('18),and Jessica Loper ('16) gather together for a group shot at the end of their Alternative Praise performance, put on by Sacred Dance.

hanUcy: The Sacred Dance Ministry Leadership Fall2014 team gather together for one last shot before the new one takes over inthe spring.

Fly Away: Nia Stringfellow('18), Kathryn Dunn ('18), E m m a Fowler ('17), Jessica Miyhtf TüSaVC:Anna Goodling ('15), Loper ('16) perform as well at the Jordan Dennen ('1(,Elizabeth Orions ('1), Alternative Worship service. and Jilliann Divozzo ('1)dance to Mighty toSave while SilentPraisesignsduring the Alternative Worship service.

Grace: Dancers Rachael Pshock ('16), Nia Stringfellow ('18), E m m a Fowler ('17), and Jessica Loper ('16) perform in Chapel at Advent. LaMny Legacy

Sacred Dance Manager, Kelsey Baker ('15), gets ready to pass on the reins after many years on the team.

Werkintf Hard...: sioan Ouellette ('15) and Kate Cunningham ('16) take a work break to pose for a picture.


iJ 128

Ih i m t *

...ürHardly-Würkmy?: Hanna Szymczak ('16), Fononyamba Nunghe ('17), and Kaylee Kowalski ('16)pose fora picture.

B i r t h d a y B a A h : Graham Carlson gets a full celebration for his birthday from the Phoneathon group.

throughfromothrrdancertandaditiAorb -Kelsey Baker ('15)

With Lake Michigan literally right next door, the Waterski Club spends as much time as possible out on the water practicing and just having a rollicking good time. Their mission is to promote competitive water skiing, trick skiing, wakeboarding, and skijumping and to bring in anyone and everyone who is interested, regardless of skilllevel. The team works together by learning and competing with each other, as well as going up against different collegiate teams. But what further adds to the experience isbeing able to skiwith various professionals at tournaments. Inthe end, the Waterski Club knows how to have fun on land and in the water. |Tessa Schultz ('15)|

Afternoon classes fade away as the Sailing Club packs into a few cars to go sail the waters of Lake Macatawa atthe Macatawa BayYachtClub. LateAugust tothe end ofOctober, Hope practicesdailyalongside Grand Valley State University. Beautiful weather and the dedicated leadership ofCommodore Evelyn Ritter('15)led Hope to place second overall, and second in A and third in B categories at the St. Joseph River Yacht Club Regatta. The successful season ended with the addition of seven new Hope sailboats proudly displaying the orange and blue to set sail at the annual Hope Regatta. ICarolyn Ellis('18)

Smevtfa ScUhntf:


Near the end of the day, after the competition, the Waterski Club of Hope College stand together for one last shot.


Mason Hunt ('18) grins while holding the boom steady as crew for the firsttime of the year.









7 tovemtinfrtecaiueMba4üm (

StUCkün Lund:Codon Kleinheksel ('17) pauses for a quick snapshot before heading out on the water. SnUlcty(jOT Ml&ft: With theirwaterskis in hand, Lauren Krug ('16), right, and Monica Ohnsorg ('16), left, pause inthe sunshine fora quick photo. PlCtUre Per^eCL Some of the boys in the Waterski Club, left, Andrew Haverdink ('17), Jordan Cowman ('15), Sam McNulty ('18), John Boss ('16), Peter Timperman ('18), Gerrit Immink ('17), Cody Berkobien ('17),and Codon Kleinheksel ('17), jointogether near the water for a quick picture.

Hanglnu Ten?:sophc lomore Andrew HaverdinK;('17), above, chillsout on the dock with hiswaterski strapped on, ready to head out on the water.

ipürt,tutiföafaümy-CütnpeftMeI lovebelnyüiMdeandyettinyW interactandreacttüthem m andthe wind.E^pedaltyinbeauUpid MuMyan." -Evelyn Ritter ('15)

i (i


fty-namic Due: Jack Stack ('17) and Mitchell Gage ('14) pair up before competing inthe Hope regatta.

Warn &(j Green: Standing in front of a field of corn, Cody Berkobien ('17) patientlywaits for his turn on the water with hiswakeboard in hand.

In, L

Libby Recg|('l7); 130



InhepUra/)(e:%o\Qr\ Harvin (16), Andrea McGuire ('14), Evelyn Ritter ('14), and Libby Reeg ('17) snap a picture before competing.

The sailing club preps their new boats to sailforthe firsttime inthe Hope Regatta.

W "


pholojby: A b b y R e e g



Mason Hunt ('18)and Jack Stack ('17)take time totrapeze over the blue waters of Lake Michigan.

UniversityofMichigan and Hope College SailingTeams join together at the Ohio State Regatta where Hope placed 9th.


Andw d

^ !

CandidCamera.Editor-In-Chief Justine Poe ('15) captures a rather fun moment in the office when allof the staff gathers to help out a fellow member.

Break Time: The stafftakes a quick break F

!/ -

^ yj






3'T)M&fUenP:The fearless Editor-In­ 'I sf t

CüMab&ratiÜft: Aleksandra Masiak ('17) diligentlyworks away at the computer with the help of fellow staff member, Abigail Emmerson ('16), who gives helpful hints on page designs.

: • •


photo by: X i a ö y u F a n g (’17)

HiMfirif: Members of the yearbook staff grab a quick photo during their tour of the Walsworth Yearbook plant, where they were able to see allthe various yearbooks made through the years.

Chief, Justine Poe ('15), grabs a pair of 3-D glasses to check out the trippy effects on one of the recently used styles at the yearbook plant. night.


Anchor staff member, Hannah Hkaart ('18), works on putting together the newspaper.

During one of their many production nights of collecting photos, quotes, and designing pages, the entire Milestone staff pauses a moment to get a group photo. The Hope College Walsworth representative even gets a chance to sneak in for a quick appearance.

" Mifk m tiepari:dpIkieh& whentheijcarhokrcomeinand Iperidwatchdiemppmk thrmphdiepaperthepcreated,dm 132

-Justine Poe p 5)



Club Animltu. Club Animalia isformore than juststudents who are pre-vet, itcalls to any student who has a love forspending time and working with animals. More than just playing with cute animals, the members of Club Animalia participate in many volunteer opportunities and outreach events. The American Pre-veterinaryMedical Association (APVMA) awared the club the "Outstanding Community Service Award" forthe 3rd year running, given to the pre-vet club that has completed the most community service and outreach projects. The goal of all of the work that Club Animalia does isto promote the human-animal bond on campus and throughout the Holland community. |Aleksandra Masiak ('17)|

"Opus -any artisticwork, especiallyon a large scale."With sixeditors and about fiftypages, Opus may not be considered a large scale production, but itdoes serve as an artisticvoice of Hope's campus. Opus isstudent-run, and any student can submit any creative work of alltypes. According to Sadina Brott('16), "Opus seeks to not only amplify the talent on campus, but also highlight diversity and introduce relevant topics." Two nights a week, a group of students can be found upstairs in Lubbers Hall, discussing the pieces submitted. "Icome to Opus meetings because there isveritable talent on this campus. Sometimes Iwrite too, but what Ilike best is reading work that Ican respect and admire," said Katherine Sauer ('15). Even though not everything can be published, the editorial board provides feedback to everyone who submits. The creators of the work that gets chosen for print also can present their pieces at a celebration known as Opus Soup. IElizabeth Ensink ('17)

Mcege, out topromotelearningundIf ullcentereduroundunlmulA. ______________________

-Kimberly Hodgson ('17) Look Utt-fiMMM: Kimberly Hodgson ('17) fearlessly shows off a snake at one of the Zoo-2-U events.

P&efrff EdU&rte Stephanie Emanuele ('15) and Anna Gazmarian ('15)enjoy spending nights discussing submissions to Opus. They serve as two of the three poetry editors.

i Ăœ I

photo by: Elizabeth Ensink C l 7)


Art/iMpirUti&H: Tori Ewald ('17)

photo by Elizabeth Ensink C l 7)

OldUndNCW:Dorothy Dickinson ('15)

'HA1 : Co-editors Sadina Brott ('16) and Allyson Hoffman (15') welcome the audience to Opus Soup forthe Autumn 2014 edition.

reads her poem "Helen," a modern take on the famous character from the llliad, Helen of Troy

GrmpIdiACU/^ttĂźn:The Opus editorsand new members are excited to start reading submissions at theirfirstmeeting of the semester.

presents her painting, "Firework". This colorful piece was featured on the cover of the Autumn 2014 edition of Opus.

BOO-2- U: Courtney Tuinier ('17) and Kimberly Hodgson ('17) represent Club Animalia as volunteers at a haunted house.

Nguyen ('18) shows off one of the animals at a Zoo-2-U event.

Com St&ry:

ShowlnepO/jfj:Club Animalia members CfoieReading

APVMA: The winning team shows offtheir

"We're pushing the Dorothy Mitchellfl 6) limiton content this analyzes a short year, including a story submitted to bolder cover." said Opus. Allyson Hoffman ('15)

award at the pre-vet conference.

often participate in Zoo-2-U events, this one being at a nursing home, where they bring animals to show.

ArOUndtheLoculHuunt Club Animalia partnered with other groups to put on a haunted house for Halloween.




HU4J « « «


Hmfr After having set up shop inthe sidewalk area outside DeWitt, members of the group along with some volunteers load up some stud walls that they had been building

and her construction partner are working together to cut a piece of molding on the circular saw. They spent their day at Holland's Restore, helping put in a new wall.

S M O r : Fellow H4H members wield paintbrushes and rollersas they add the finishing touches to a room.


Alpha Phi O m e g a is a national co-ed fraternity dedicated to the principles of leadership, friendship, and seivice. Hope's chapter, Nu Beta, participates in service events such as Relay for Life, volunteers at the Harbor Humane Society, and even organizes blood drives on campus through the Red Cross. "Ithink APO isso unique because of our core value of service. When you have a group of people who genuinely care and want to better the community around them, it makes for a close knit family of compassionate individuals," said Cassie Vanwynen. Alongside of serving, the group builds friendships through events such as pizza nightsor going toApplebees. BridgettStenger ('16) said, 1 love APO because we are like a goofy family. At the end of the day, we are allthere foreach other, whether that isthrough serving the campus or Holland community orjustbeing a friend." |Elizabeth Ensink ('17)

GledMrk BretPutzig ('17),Cassie VanWynen ('16), and Samantha VanderYacht ('17) gather food to distributeatan Engedi church event that served over 100 families in need.



Daphinne Campodonico ('17), Elizabeth Gerdes ('17), Mackenzie Govier ('17), and Erin Herrmann ('17) proudly hold the APO banner at pledge initiation

PhoW B&üth:

TlfUC: While volunteering at the Harbor Humane Society, Alissa Heynen ('15) and Abby Thomas ('16)give some love and playtime to a friendly dog.


Christina Matthew Bridgett Stenger ('16) ('16) and Amanda cuddles a cat while Stepho ('16)take cleaning cages at advantage of the the Humane Society. props at Relay for Life

Bfoffd IdriVfc, Isabel Morris ('15) is happy to give blood at one of the Red Cross blood drives sponsored by APO. Pfcdflß CißM Spring 2015: The new members ofAPO gather for a group shot at pledge initiation.


Club The Ballet Club focuses on exploring the history of classical ballet, as well as how itrelatestothe modern world. The group consists of Hope students who are both dance and non-dance majors. The Ballet Club participates in both the fall and springstudent dance showcases, as well as their famous rendition of the Nutcracker, which takes place in December each year. IKatie Peterson ('18)| Performance: BalletClub performed the Nutcracker to an enthusiastic audience at allof their sold out performances.

Pandn^: Marvin Solberg ('15) and Elizabeth VarnHagen ('15) performed to "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" during the Nutcracker performance.

W a m : The Flowers and Dew Drop Fairy perform in honor of the Nutcracker and Snow Queen.


Savannah Dynkowski SfretChlftif: Before each ('18)leads a group offellow hip- session, the group warms up to hop enthusiasts one night. better prepare themselves for the fun, but sweaty, "homework break".

S M : Following the choreographer lead, the entire group makes a smooth slide towards the mirrors at the frontof the dance room. 140

SMna Club

jX ; i)

Dance Marathon isa huge fundraiser run by Hope College every year to raise money for Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. Dance Marathon works closelywith Helen DeVos and the Miracle Families, who are the face and names representing all of those recieving help. The Dream Team for Dance Marathon are the ones who make it all happen. Dream Team members spend their year organizing fundraisers, recruiting dancers and moralers, coordinating events with the Miracle Families and, of course, attending to every last detail of the marathon itself. The Dream Team members pour their hearts and souls into the event, and it shows. The 15th annual Dance Marathon recorded as the most successful to date, raising $182,187.30. |Aleksandra Masiak ('17)

ST? S&metftintj'tü Snule A/j&Ut': Connor Brady ('15), pictured here with one of the Miracle Children, has a good laugh the night of Dance Marathon.

M d T C Like FlZMiLff: After working together the whole year, the Dream Team ismuch more than justa team.

TheWelceminaCemmiflee:cheisea Chase ('fo), Kierslynn Foster ('16), Danae Frost ('16) get ready to welcome the dancers and moralers before Dance Marathon begins.

S&pflümm: John Luke Hawkins ('17) leads the line dance as one of the choreographers.


Senior: Emily Perton ('15) plays with one of the Miracle Children during Dance Marathon

Reeidff,SeP, DunCC:

Dream Team starts offthe Marathon as a team. All theirplanning comes together into this.

24 H ü m LPltPr, Stilt Gdlr^ Strong: The Dream Team-ers take their final group picture of the day (or night).



"Selfjie Ti/inc": To commemorate a historic moment inVanderprov histoiy, the team snaps a quick 'selfie' during their performance in the DeWitt Theatre, having never performed inthe venue before on campus..

NUrH-tĂśttAC?: Cameron Pratt ('16) raises his hands in prayerful supplication while his fellow Vanderpov member, Ezra Sprik ('16), holds a 'shining' halo above his head.


WitMAmb: Mollie Murk ('16), left,with the help of one of VanderproVs newest members, Nicole Kay ('18), adds a little flairto theirgame with some obvious wit and charm.


The Vanderprov members gather together for a 'family' portrair at the end of their performance inthe DeWitt Theatre.


Abigail LaBarge ('17) isnot afraid to take a stand, even infront of her fellow Vanderprov peers; "To be honest, we alldon't know a ton about one another, yet we have builtan insane amount of trust. The team is based on a lotof love and support."

ForrVCr: President of Vanderprov, Dylan Connor ('15), holds his toaster in high regard.


Mitcheii Conrad ('17) holds aloft his balloon squid forallto see.


^ '

I GfäpelCh&ir

CAS/I CASA, or Children's After School Achievement program isdesigned to be after school tutoring between Hope students and elementary aged children from Holland public school districts. Tutor's work one on one with a student and help them with homework, as well as play games and do other enrichment activities to help the students learn and value who they are. "The best part was playing a ga m e called ninja during enrichment. You watch the kids get out of their comfort zones and be kids. They are so fun to be around and are the best part of my day!" Rachel Blough ('18). | Katie Peterson ('18)


The s a c team poses for a fun photo at the Winter Fantasia dance.

A group of CASA students pose with a postertheymade during theirenrichment time at CASA.



-rgjp •' :g:;



Sttldjf BrCttk: Cassidy Bernhardt ('18) and her student take time from homework to smile fora picture


CASA tutor, Abby Emerson ('16) has fun and goofs offwith a group of CASA students.

Freshman, Mallory Luke ('18), spends time reading with her CASA student.


Sftlilc!: Enthusiastic tutors pose with their CASA students.

M w v mm®

ImprüV: The Upright Citizens Brigade performed infront of a crowd of students earlier inthe Spring semester.


Sarah Steed sings and performs on the guitar during one of the Thursday night coffeehouses.

FCttttUfßLttb:Girlsat Failure Lab.


All around campus, students meet once a week with 8-10 other people with a c o m m o n interest: to dive deeper into the word of God. Led mainly by Hope students, groups meet everywhere from the Keppel house to cottages, or make trips to the beach. Ivy Peterson ('18) joined to "build lasting relationships with more girls who love Jesus." Leader Whitney Holmes ('16)says, "Ilove Biblestudy because no matter how stressed Iam, Ialways feel loved and fulfilled after Bible study." |Carolyn Ellis ('18)

Kwpi'ftß' Ct&M: Madaline Fitzpatric ('17) and Kelsey Payne ('17) go to the beach with their Bible study group to enjoy the nice weather.

A New Kind &{j FanUljf: Nancy Smith, KelliBees ('17), EmilySalomon ('17), Lindsay Brown ('17), Katrina Bulthuis ('17), and Kelsie Nyhuis ('17) laugh together during one of their many Bible study meetings.

Brütherhoüd: Nate Schipper, Kyle Cushman ('18), Nick Dejongh ('15), Ben Schipper ('16), MattWright ('16), and Seth McCall ('18) meet inthe basement of the Keppel house fortheir Bible study. 150


153 152

Whether you have been singing foryears or are wanting to test out your vocal cords for the first time, Hope provides ample opportunities for the major and non-major. Women's Chamber Choir, directed by Jennifer Wolfe, isan auditioned group of 15-25 students that perform in Chapel and the Musical Showcase at DeVos Hall. College Chorus isthe largestchoral ensemble at Hope, itisdirected by Brad Richmond; "Ienjoy directing College Chorus because of itsdiversity: students from across campus disciplines, Hope Faculty and staff, and members of the greater Holland community." 12th Street Harmony isa male a cappella group that began in 2001, itisself-directed by members within the group. For PatrickPatton ('18) he saysthat "Ireallyenjoythe camaraderie within our group. Everyone gets along and it's just a fun overall it experience." Luminescence isthe female equivalent of 12th Street, formed in 2003, composed of 10-15 women. |Carolyn Ellis('18)

I! "Chapel Choir was what Iaspired to be in as soon as I became involved in the music program at Hope." -Emilie Bickel ('16)



All T&gether: College Chorus and Chapel Choir perform withthe Symphony Orchestra fortheirfinal performance of the year.


I j i ! ■ P*-

V l ' S s



W ü MCH'Ü CfttMlkn Allthe women in Women's Chamber Choir sing at the annual DeVos Showcase.

Aaron Goodyke ('15) takes the solo for 12th Street Harmony at their St. Francis de Sales Church performance in Holland.


111" _

photo provided by: Jennifer W o l f e

Sfof Üttt:

M M l\ r


i n

,l|t <i\H

I 'V

,M K


Pitth Perfect/: Hope Hancock ('16) <*• ^ .m takes the solo for Luminescence during 4l|j Cßppdlß: their performance of "Happy" at St. Francis de Sales Church. f t p m a m Ready- _•Carolyn Ellisn 8). "Ilove being able to Theaphania Patterson ('18), Stephanie make music with Eiler('17), Erika Rimelspach ('18) and these girlsbecause Rudy Kelly ('18) wait downstairs before we are allvery performing inVespers. passionate about In PerfectHamvntf: John Undman ('15)singsthe solo ofthe 'Viva what we do." Federico Guccini La Vida" composition by Jared Duimstra ('15) with 12th StreetHarmony ('15) at SAC's Failure Lab. ______




w wm




Omicrün Kappa Eptitm

Living the American Dream

180 Years In The Making photo by: Audrey Black ('16)



By, Laurel Sutherin (')6)

"V* . t


GettingIn\/&£ved:Each year the Sigma Sigma Sorority participate in copious amounts of service events around Holland. Thisyear they participated in Dance Marathon and Relay For Life, did bakesales forthe Center forWomen in Transition and fundraised through working at VanAndel Arena.

Red Hot Sigma Sigma Ladies :The Sigma Sigma Sororityisbased on fostering friendships, providing opportunities for social and cultural growth within each of itsmembers, and to bring a diverse group of individuals together in a positive atmosphere. Sigma Sigma Sorority is the oldest sorority on campus and was firstfounded as a literarysociety in 1894. Itbecame the official Sorosis society in 1904. The women of Sigma Sigma root themselves in valuing friendship, loyalty and respect and pride themselves on knowing each member embodies their creed. This year the sorority participated in Relay for Life and Dance Marathon on the Hope College campus. They also took in a pledge class of 19 new arid unique women.

^ •;

New Sttärt:lh\syear the Sigma Sigma sororityran a successful spring rush process with an America based theme. The sorority welcomed in a wonderful pledge class of nineteen new members.

The Big l-S-OMoti Hemenway (15') Joey Droppers (15') and Jordan Gowman (15') three seniors inthe Fraternal Society pose for a picture at their 180th anniversary in downtown Grand Rapids thisyear.

Hattmeen with the FraternatSociety Andy Erickson (15') Joey Droppers (15') pose for a picture at the annual Frater Halloween party, Some members get more into itthan others...

ThitVearintheFraternahSociety This year was another successful year forthe Fraternal Society. Over the past year the Fraters have brought back the Stu Post Prize Raffle to benefit efforts in Parkinson's Research. This raffle raised over $1500.00. The organization was also veiy involved around the Holland communify and were involved inthings such as Dance Marathon, Relay For Life and Habitat for Humanity. This year the Fraternal Society also brought inone ofthe largest pledge classes since the 1990/s. The Fraternal Society expresses excitement at what the future will hold and what the new members will bring to the organization.

Article By: Laurel Sutherin ('16)


Peace, Love, Alpha G a m m a Phi

We Know How to Pick'erm

The Delta Phi Sorority At A Glance : Delta Phi Sorority was established on the Hope College campus in 1910 and is based on unity, love and tradition. Each year this organization is involved in Hope College's community as well as the Holland community. For example, The Delphis participate in Pink Day to raise breast cancer awareness. RelayforLifeand Dance Marathon. They also have members participating in Student Ambassadors, The "It's On Us" campaign, Residential Life, Hope College Freshman Orientation and Campus Ministries. Some service events they participated inthisyear were volunteering ata soup kitchen Holland Rescue Mission, Young:,Life and Wild Life. By, Laurel Sutherin ('16)

New Memhertähe Alpha G a m m a Phi's gained ten new members thisspring fora total of thirtysix active members. These women are such a valuable asset and add so much to the sororityas a whole. Welcome!

Photo by: Stephanie Olesh C l 7)

Dance Marathon.- Every year the Delta Phi Sororityparticipates in school events such as Relay for Life and Dance marathon.In this pictures group from the organization poses fora picture while they participate in Relay for Lifethis fall.

Homecoming weekend.This year, another member of the sorority, Lauren Frazier ('15)was on the Homecoming court. What a day to celebrate!

A i/ear with the Atpha Garni: The Alpha G a m m a Phi Sorority was founded in 1957. Although this organization has been viewed as one of the smaller sororitieson the Hope College campus, they have been growing significantly overthe pastfewyears. Coming intothis yeartherewere 26 active members. This spring, the sorority took in 10 new women. Thisyear theAlpha G a m m a Phi sorority participated in service events around Holland, attended a formal in Muskegon, hosted two jeweliy sales on campus as well asjj selfdefense class and received an award for having the highest overall GPAs of female Greek organizations. Alpha G a m m a Phiwould like to wish their seniors Elizabeth Reynolds ('15),Angelica Rodriguez ('15), Camille Snyder (h5), Alexa Haney ('15), Tam Gilligan 5 ) and Raquel Mendizabal ('15)good luckintheirfuture endeavors and thank them for all they contributed to the organization. By, Laurel SutherH ('16)



Atpha Gamma Phi



Everyday should feel this good

Simplicity of Manner, Strength of Purpose, Beauty of Character :In everything they do, the sisters of Kappa Beta Phi strive to reflect these virtues. The sorority keeps its members busy with service projects, sisterhood-building retreats, and photo shoots at the beach. Members also organized a date day at Crane's Apple Orchard, a neon-themed Fall Formal in St. Joseph, Ml, and the sorority'ssecond annual Zumba for a Cure event [in support of the Leukemia/Lymphoma society. From showing their support at events such as Relay for Life and Dance Marathon to hanging out with their brothers of the Centurion fraternity, the women of Dorian demonstrate their dedication to serving the Hope College community and growing in sisterhood. Article by, Olivia Skatrud ('17)

Hümec&ming-2014: Every October, the women of Kappa Beta Phi welcome their alumni back to campus and celebrate the strength of their sisterhood.

BrvtherfyLm.- Duffy Lampen ('17) and John Eickholtz ('16) pose together for a quick brothers picture at the Sigma Sigma fall formal.

Ruth2015: Here members of Kappa Beta Phi are dressed to impress for one of Kappa Beta Phi's many fun Rush events.

Uptake a ietfjief: Taylor Clegg ('16), Hoang Vu ('16), and John Baranski ('16) share some Greek Lifelove with Dorian Shelbey Snider ('17) and Sigma Lina Lash ('16).

Since its reestablishment in 1986, the members of the Centurion fraternity have been learning, bonding, and growing together in brotherhood. When asked "What is the best part about being a Cent?", member John Eickholtz ('16) had this to say: "Everybody in the fraternity is really different from each other; we are justa big group of misfits, but are allstillbrothers."As Alpha Theta Chi was originally established to provide more guys at Hope with the opportunity to experience the brotherhood that can only be feltjin a fraternity, Centurian has a long history of welcoming in members from all paths of life and helping them to find their place in Greek Life. The future is bright for the Centurian fraternity!


«<«««« ««<««<

Atpha Theta Chi

By, Olivia Skatrud ^l 7) 165


Phi Tau Nu

Friendship, Loyalty, love: The Sigma lota Beta Sorority continue to have a positive influence on the Hope College Campus. This year the sorority participated in Relay For Life, Dance Marathon and Habitat for Humanity. The sorority lost a beloved member, Riley Gortsema ('16), of their organization in May 2013. Riley had a great passion for an organization called "Siempre Para Los Ninos" in Mexico. This last year the Sigma lota Beta sorority has devoted their time to fundraising rhoney for this organization. The sorority raised enough money to supply each child at the orphanage two pairs of Nike shoes. Their work and dedication does not go unnoticed. By, Laurel Sutherin ('16)


Love, Honor, Success.

Living The Dream Since 1919

F&rmuhOn the left, some members of the Emersonian fraternity pose together fora picture at their fraternity'sformal at Cadillac Sands Resort in Cadillac, Ml. New /WemJerbMs year the Sigma lota Beta sororitytook in a total of 29 new members to theirfamily to reach a total of 100 total members!

/Ur. Dutch: Every year the Sigma lota Beta sororityhosts the Mr. Dutch competition with men from around campus. This isa picture taken at this yeaLs competition.

IntergraternutC&unät Present On the right, senior Ethan Gibbons P 5) poses for a picture with Ryan Sikorski ('15)at their formal at Cadillac Sands resort. Ethan served as the IFC president this school year.

Article:The Phi Tau Nu brotherhood or Emersonian fraternity was founded on the Hope College campus originally as a literaiy societyin 1929. The fraternitystands to uphold the moral, intellectual and social development of its members. This year the fraternity has participated in Dance Marathon, Relay For Life and other service and fundraising events around campus. For example, they participated iria fundraiser for Center for W o m e n in Transition in Holland, volunteered through Habitat for humanity and other local places. In addition, the Emersonian brothers held movie nights behind their cottage with a projector and enjoyed time together making memories. By, Laurel Sutherin



"Pledging'H&n&r, GLmgFrttnddiipniX\\s is the motto that has been at the heart of the the Kappa Delta Chi sororitysince theirfounding in May of 1962. These women wear their letters with pride, as they represent each member's dedication to being intellectual, social, and spiritual. This year the members of Kappa Delta Chi once again participated in the Dance Marathon and Relay for Life as a sisterhood. The sorority also raised money for the Ronald McDonald House by having Santa come to campus to take pictures with students for a donation, hosted their annual Greek Apparel sale, and invited the families of members to campus for a formal brunch. Needless to say, the women of Kappa Delta dhi are hard to beat! By, Olivia Skatrup ('17)

Smr, SMer:The Kappa Delta Chis take every opportunity they can get to hang out together and strengthen their close-knit sisterhood.

Fun Mümentfrüp Brütherhüüd: Several Arcadian brothers share a silly bonding moment together.

FürtheKid*.-The Kappa Chi Pledge Class of 2015 danced together for 24 hours in support of the Helen DeVos Children's Hospital.

AllDreml Up Members Dom Bertolone ('16), Kevin Wickstrom ('16), and Daniel Winters ('16) snap a quick picture at the cottage before another fun Arcadian event!

Since 1946, the Arcadian fraternity has been anchored in brotherhood. Their letters, Chi Phi Sigma, signifythree qualitiesthat all members ofthe fraternitydedicate themselves to incorporating in to their lives: service, love, and wisdom. The Arcadian brothers hold each other accountable for this by participating in service events together, placing importance on their academics, and exhibiting brotherly love to each other in everything they do. This year the Arcadians were especially involved in Dance Marathon. Pictured above are members Kenny Swift Bird ('16) and Rob Zick ('18) goofing around with thel miracle child the fraternity danced for, Duane Young.



Kappa Dettti Chi



Weicüme Hvme, TfwtMf'. This year the Thetas were able to move into their own Greek cottage, Kooiker Cottage, located on 14th street. They celebrated with other Greek life members, showcasing their new house. Reverend Paul Boersma prayed over the new house and for a successful year. And what a successful year it has been! In addition to hosting a homecoming brunch for their alumni at their new house (pictured above), the women of Theta G a m m a Pi also sponsored a screening on campus of The Invisible War, a documentary about the epidemic of sexual assault inthe military. This event featured notable speakers such as John Koch of the Grand Rapids VA outpatient clinic and Holly Seymour of the Center for W o m e n in Transition. |Olivia Skatrud ('1 7 )


Pfa Si^ma Kappa

F&rmk?\c\u\eh on the leftisa group of Phi Sigma Kappas posing for a picture while attending the Kappa Beta Phi formal at Silver Beach Hotel in Saint Josephs, Michigan thisspring.

PA&fi?Sh&üb Marisela Meraz ('16), Roudeland Metellus ('16), Mikar Lopez ('16), and Cindy Garcia ('17)enjoy a fun photo shoot with theirsistersat Van Raalte Farm Park.

FaitRefreak Each year, the Thetas plan a retreat. Last fallthey took a trip to Warren Dunes, where they spent a weekend camping and bonding together.

Wearthütefetter*with Prlde:Ox\the right isa picture of the Phi Sigma Kappa Tau Septaton Chapter letterswritten on a hat. The men of the Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity always wear their letterswith great pride.


Interdependent, Intellectual, Inseparable

A jfearwiththePhiSi@v>The 2014/2015 school year marked Phi Sigma Kappa's eleventh year at Hope College, and what a year it was. Beyond participating in Relay for Life and Dance Marathon, the PhiSigsalsoworked with Special Olympics Area Twelve to organize and run the 2015 Holland Polar Plunge which raised over $36,000 for the organization. Ever sociable, the men of Phi Sigma Kappa walked on the moon, roasted pigs for alumni, danced in togas, and always sought to embody their three cardinal principles: Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Character. Phi Sigma Kappa would like to congratulate the graduating seniors on making the most out oftheirtime at Hope College. They ma d e a positive difference not justinthe community, but in the lives of the nhen who follow in their footsteps and on the fraternityas a whole for years to come. Article by John May ('15) 171



Wetc&meNew Members: TjDeHaan ('16), Eric Timmer ('16), and Dan Hoekstra ('17), members of the Pledge Class of 2015, pose for a picture intheir new letters.

CampuAInzotisemenF:Ov\ teflr



the left,active member Shubahm Sapkota ('15) delivers his presentation at the Celebration for Undergraduate Research thisspring in the Devoss Field House.


A year withtheCmmot: Since 1890, the Cosmopolitan fraternity has been growing together in friendship, progress, and truth. They are also possibly the oldest fraternity on campus (though the members of the Fraternal society have a different opinion). This year Phi Kappa Alpha was involved inRelay forLifeand Dance Marathon along withtheirsistersorority, Delta Phi.The Cosmos also enjoyed their annual formal at Caddy Sands resort in Cadillac, Michigan. The fraternity was also fortunate enough to welcome several new members into itsbrotherhood thisspring. With their foundation built on the principle of "unitythrough diversity", the Cosmopolitan fraternity has a brightfuture ahead as itsmembers continue to grow in brothertiood. ./ By, Olivia Skatrud ('17)

photo by: Laurel Sütherin (’If

Format2015: New members Dan Hoekstra ("17), Michael Shelton ('17), and Gabe Boss ('17) enjoy their firstCosmo formal at Caddy Sands Resort. pholo by: D a n Hoekslra (2017)

Format:Ov\the right some members of the Knickerbocker Fraternity pose for a quick picture at their formal held at Cadillac Sands resort thisspring. Don't they look absolutely dashing?


Kappa Eta Na



Pk Kappa Aipha

A year with the Knickerbocker Fraternity.Fhe

oh so lovely men of the Knickerbocker Fraternity have had quite the year on the Hope College campus. The fraternityparticipated in Relay For Life this fall with their sistersorority, Alpha G a m m a Phi. In addition, the organization also participated in Dance Marathon with their sisters. Alpha G a m m a Phi Sorority. The Knicks also had their raft out on the river during the annual Pull competition this fall. Kappa Heta Nu|Welcomes six new brothers to their organization through the spring rush and Greek Orientation process. The Knickerbocker fraternity would like to wish their lovely seniors best of luck in their future endeavors.

s* V* r? ** * » I

By, Laurel Sutherin (f 16)

photo Olivia Skatrud ('lj



Aipha Kappa* Pi*

Finding Your Forever Home

» »»»» >»»


A Vwr with the PrüntM The Promethean fraternitywas founded in 1986 by a group of men from Voorhees Hall dedicated to academics, their faith, and building brotherhood. The chapter was forced to shutdown in 2002, but was reopened in 2012 by a group of men from Wyckoff dedicated to the same principles as their Voorhees predecessors. Today, while still the youngest fraternity on campus, the Prometheans are rapidlygrowing in numbers and brotherhood. With their faith in God at the center of their organization, Alpha Kappa Pi has a bright future ahead gs they continue to grow in thfir brotherhood and strive to leave theirmark on the Hope community. Olivia Skatrud ('17)

Br&ther*Hittheend The Promethean brotherhood participated in a photoshoot to commemorate another great year together. Melting* Pvtvfja Grvup: Here the members of Panhellenic Council and Interfraternal Council meet to discuss reviews of the Greek Orientation Process. Each of the organizations are represented and continually contribute an array of valid points regarding Greek Lifeissues.

WeieemeNew Memberd: Alpha Kappa Pi took their new members out for a celebratory dinner after they completed Greek Orientation. pholo by: A l p h a K a p p a Pi

Panhellenic Council and Intrafraternal Council :The Panhellenic Council and Interfraternal Council meet weekly to discuss pertinent matters of Greek Life. This year the Panhellenic Council is led by Ellen Aw a d and the Interfraternal Council is led by Chris Bohle. There are three representatives from each organization on the council. These representatives are voted into the position by theirorganizations when they join.Thisyear the Panhellenic Council president isMadeline Wilson ('15) and the Interfraternal Council's president isEthan Gibbons ('W]\ Together they work with Ellen and Chris to organize meetings, to strengthen the Greek Life bonds and to m o v e all Greek Life organizations in a positive direction. This year Panhel and IFC worked together to enforce bystander intervention training into Greek Life organizations as well as continuing the positive new Greek Orientation Program. Artic|e ^ Laurel Sutherin (,16)



Mw V r

Lauren Alexander

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Reginald Daniels Hannah Dauber Noah Dauber Laris Davenport Kiveran Davidson

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Connor Davis Joanie Davis Brett Dawsey Jenna De Jongh Benjamin De Ritter

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Andrew Deritter Maria Deshaw Taylor Dever Joseph Devinney Christy Devol

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Austin Elluru Andrew Elzinga Anne Elzinga Abigail Emerson Charles Emmert

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Brittany Engbers Cordell Engbers Tristan Engel Elizabeth Ensink Aileen Erickson

Zachary Fex Roy Fields Joseph Fiter Kathleen Finn Madeline Finn

Emily Erickson Kathryn Erickson Sara Erxleben Samuel Eshuis Brittany Evans

Haley Fischman Mark Fisk Madeline Fitzpatrick James Fixx Nicklas Flanery


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Monica Elliott Carolyn Ellis Brandon Ellsworth Cameron Ellsworth Austin Elluru


Hannah Ford Adam Foren Jenna Fort Andrew Fortier Mahja Foster

Sarah Foster E m m a Fowler Grace Fowler Cameron Fox Rob Frakes

Sara Frank Coty Franklin Kevin Franz Alissa Frazee Vanessa Freberg

Riley Frenette Mikayla Freyling Jonathan Friar Nils Fritjofson Joscelyn Fritzsche

Erica Froude Natalie Fulk John Fulton Kyle Funk Emily Gaddis

Angelique Gaddy Christopher Gager Jessica Gaines Sarah Gallagher Kassandra Gancedo



|||||1||1|| Seth Gangler Anna Garcia lip- Maria Garcia ]§§|| Sandra Garcia iMil Ben Gardner



Olivia Fleet Matthew Fleis Ester Fletcher E m m a Fondell Taylor Foote

Jocabed Garduno I Micah Gargala TylerGargala JillianGassen Elizabeth Gawron


Madison Geers Madison Geib Connor Gentry HillaryGeorge Stephen Gerger

John Geshay Garrett Geswein Amanda Gibson KirkGibson TylerGibson

Viviana Giesen Daniel Gignac Devyn Gilbert Shannon Gill Delani Giltner

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Maria Gowon Joseph Grahek Dawn Gram Taylor Gram Jessica Granger


Melodi Eloise Grant Jenna Grasmeyer Jessica Grassmid Aaron Green Katherine Greene

Keegan Goalen Kristen Godwin Kellen Goggins Dion Goliday Alejandro Gomez Limon

m g

Lindsey Gryniewicz Stephanie Guarino David Guerra Omar Guerrero Rachel Gugino

Jessica Guillaume Eric Guldberg TylerGulick Abigail Gurka Antonio Gutierrez

Alexis Guttilla Austin Gutting Irma Guzman Elise Haan Sophia Hackett

Jaunine Hackmon Heather Hadd Alex Haeless Joshua Hagene Rachael Hager






Megan Heller Jake Helm Matt Hemenway Brianne Hemmeke William Henkel

Hope Hancock Chase Hankins Noelle Hannay Ryan Hanson Stephen Hanson

Cody Herbruck Sarah Herch Jessie Hermann Jospeh Hernandez Karina Hernandez

E m m a Hardy Daniel Harman Emily Harper Serena Harris Andrew Harrison

Erin Herrmann London Hertzberg Lynne Hesselbein Katlyn Hettinger Karl Heusinkveld

William Harrison Rebecca Harrity Noah Hershberger Taylor Hatfield Katherine Hauge

Robert Heyboer Alissa Heynen Rachel Hibbard EllieHile Jordan Hill

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Samantha Hill Angelique Hines Julia Hines Ivonne Hipolito Natalie Hiser

Kristin Hazlett Sherah Head Mariah Heady Michael Heath Allison Hedrick

Caroline Hitchcock Amie Hixon Linnea Hjelm Lindsey Hoaglund Abby Hodgkinson

Jesse Heerdt Megan Heerema Brennan Heidema Dustin Hejka Seth Held

Kimberly Hodgson Kade Hoeksema Abbie Hoekstra Mary Hoerr Jonathan Hoffman


â– MliililJXTy




Joslyn Haldeman Lindsay Hall David Hallam Christina Hammond Michelle Hance



Marie Holaway 1 Mikayla Holder I Paige Holicki 1 Whitney Holmes g Erin Hoolahan ยง|

H l\ j

โ ข

Olivia Hoppen Graham Hoppstock Grace Horn David Hornshaw Kelsey Hosner

Brandon Houle Russell Houpt Codey Houts Bryanna Howard Daylen Howard

Anysie Ishimwe Alexander Issa Jacob Jackson Hannah Jacobs Megan Jacobs

Hannah Howard Aaron Hoyle Emily Hozian Brooke Hubbel Jon Austin Huffer

Hannah Jacobsma Preston Jaenichen Michelle Jager Jacob Jansen Kristin Janssen

Matt Hughes Grace Hulderman Denae Hummel Quinn Humphrey John Hunger

Lakna Jayasinghe Abagail Jeavons Regan Jekkals Cooper Jennings Se Young Jin

Mason Hunt Alexandria Hutchison Hope Huvler Chan Hwang Lara laderosa

Erin Jipping Rachel Jipping Michael Johns Hannah Johnsen Alexander Johnson

Jillian lakes Angel Iniguez David Inman Molly Ireland Jillian Isett






Rudy Kelly Hannah Kempker John Kendall Rachel Kennedy Austin Kent

Ryan Johnson Anna Jones Cameron Jones Logan Jones Sarah Jones

Michelle Kerr Cassidy Kessel Jayne Kessel Kirsten Kettler Ohanes Khacherian

Sydney Jones Lindsay Jonker Emily Joose Kara Josephson Clara Jurik

Caitlin Kieser E m m a Kill Sarah Faith Kim Katelyn Kiner Caleb King

Courtney Kachlik Preston Kahl Ben Kain Emily Kain Alisa Kaiser

David Kallgren Olivia Kallil Annie Kalmink Jordan Kalsbeek Joshua Chun Wah Kam

Aoi Kambe Raechel Kamphuis Brandon Kaptein Matthew Karlovich Nancy Kast

Jonah Kaveh Ivy Keen Scott Keith Colin Kelly Kathleen Kelly




Dillon Johnson Drew Johnson Elexus Johnson Kierney Johnson Mala Johnson

I p Tyler K M Ăœli Nora Kirk 1 Janelle Kirsch Kaylee Kish

Richard Kish Robert Kish Emily Klauka Allison Kleppinger Samantha Klokkert

Rachel Klomparens Joel Klopfenstein Isaac Knol Alexandra Knorp Katlyn Koegel

Connor Kogge Tarwo Konbloa Kaila Konecki Mitchell Konkle Ryan Konkle




Christopher Kruger Eric Krzak Courtney Kuemin Erica Kuiper Kaan Kurtulus

Reggis Kushion Isiaha Kyles Dana Kym Abigail Labarge Alexis Labra-Guerra

Madison Lachance Nolan Ladd Jordan Lahr Dominick Lahuis Marcus Lambert

Kathleen Kooiker Mark Koppenaal Austin Kordik David Kordik Daniel Kosiba

Melissa Lamberts Grant Lancaster Matison Landman Alexandra Lankfer Ben Lanting

Martha Kosten Callie Kostrzewa Ian Koziatek Jacob Kozlowski Adam Krahn

Andrew Lapak Emily Larkin Andrew Laroche Amy Larsen Hannah Larson

Aaron Kramer Sam Kreps Christopher Krieg Kathryn Krieger Sarah Krisch

Matt Kroll Haley Krommendyk Anna Krueger Emily Krueger Jake Krueger



Kate Laverty Aubrey Lavoie Eric Lazalde Natalie Leahy Emily Ledford

Brooke Ledsworth Benjamin Lee Bethany Lee Joshua Lee Sin Woo Lee



Ben Lewis Kelsey Lewis Derek Li Alejandro Gomez Liman Meredith Lind

Alyssa Machay Catherine Maclean Duncan Maclean Katherine Mader Mackenzie Mader


Anna Lynch Caitlin Maas Jonathon Maat Ashley Mac Donald Ian Macdonald


Cody Lindemulder Victoria Lindemulder Ben Littlejohn Zack Littleson Noah Litwiller

Paris Madison Mary Magan Zachary Makowski Elyse Maley Jake Manning

Cal Livingway Riley Livingway Rebekah Llorens Morgan Locker Jessica Lockwood

Yubing Mao Haley Margason Alexander Markos Makay Markswart Boone Marois

Courtney Lohman Marianne Lohrstorfer Rebekah Loker Jessica Loper Meghan Loree

Carolina Marshall Claire Martin Clare Martin Meredith Martin Deanna Martinez

Noah Loula Amanda Lowry Marissa Lozser Andrew Lucas Elizabeth Lucking

Zuri Martinez Aleksandra Masiak Nate Massa Augie Mata Stacy Mata

Grant Ludema Camden Ludlow Mallory Luke David Lunderberg Sydney Luse

Matthew Matheny Christina Mathew Sarah Mattioli Brooke Mattson Allyson Mauntler




Phillip Legate Jennifer Leichty Kelly Leikert Spencer Lemley Chase Lennartz




Jenna Maury Lauren May Ricky May Maura McAfee Seth McCall

Aurelie McCarus Sarah McClure Eleanor McCormick Griffin McDonald Aaron McEachran

Audrey McKenzie Bennett McKey Colin McKey Gabrielle McLaren Sydney McLean

Corey McMahon Katherine McMorris Richard Medina Matiana Medrano Levi Mehl

Nicole Metzler Casey Meyaard Molly Meyer Matthew Meyerhuber Marissa Meyers

Lauren Meiste Olivia Meiste Emily Mejicano-Gormley Sarah Melby Kevin Noe Membre'o Castellanos

Thomas Michielutti Aaron Mick Allison Middleton Gavin Midlam Molly Miedema

Astrid Mendez Roberto Mendoza Haley Menzies Sara Menzies Alyssa Merges

Trevor Miedema Ty Miedema Seth Mika Kyle Mikel Michael Miklusicak

Sarah Merrill Madison Mertz Michael Messer Ellen Messner Roudeland Metellus



Marina Milad Max Milanowski Brandon Miller Dan Miller Jared Miller



Jean-Luc Miralda Allie Mitchell Andrew Mitchell Dorothy Mitchell Elise Mitchell

Kyle Mullin Elizabeth Mummert Winton Munch Mollie Murk Erin Murphy

Kaleigh Mitchell Quincie Mitchell Quincie Mitchell Hayden Modaff Francesco Moen

Mallory Murphy Sarah Murphy Leah Murray Tara Murray Cort Musolf


Samantha Moftat Vanessa Moir Aleksandrs Molenaar Brian Molhoek Juan Moncada

Joseph Montes Juan Montoya-Falcon Baylie Mooney Jessica Moore Angelina Morelli


Gabriella Mucci Betel Mulat Christina Mulder Carrie Mullen Kaleigh Mullen

Sierra Mutschler Taylor Myer Courtney Myers Katherine Myers Madalyn Navis

I Karina Nazario Alyssa Neace Bonnie Nelson Emily Nelson Konner Nelson

Esther Moreno Karen Moreno Spencer Morgan Annie Morren E m m a Morren

Nathaniel Nelson Anne Neumann Hanna Newbound Ross Newland Kendra Newton

Julian Morrison Rachael Morrison Anna Mosquera Gustavo Moura Alexandra Moxon

Anthony Nguyen Amanda Nichols Lindsay Nichols Jay Nieuwenhuis Paige Niven



John Miller Morgan Miller Rochelle Miller Pierce Millington Taylor Mills





Joshua Nkonge Kristen Noack Klare Northuis Bryce Norwood Lauren Nummer

Erica Nurenberg Udemezue Nwike E m m a Nyhof Elijah Nykamp Mitchell O'Brien

Colin O'Connor Emily O'Connor Laura O'Connor Laura O'Connor Christopher O'Keefe

Marissa O'Keeffe Aaron O'Meara Kelsey Oatmen Kaley Obney Andrew Ochs

Dominic Paliani Chloe Paljac Rebecca Palomino Ashley Panton Brandon Parcell

Michael Odea Monica Ohnsorg Tiffany Oken Nicholas Olen David Olgers

Jacob Pardonnet Audrey Park Carly Parker Megan Parkins Nicholas Parliament

Emily Oliver David Onofrio Elizabeth Orians Kathn/n Osborne Parker Osterink

Blake Parmer Abbygayle Parshall Alayna Parsons-Valles Theaphania Patterson Patrick Patton

Madison Ostrander Christian Otteman Kelsey Otter Sam Otto Teagan Overhaug



Timothy Paul Ben Pearson Jane Pearson Benjamin Pederson Matthew Pelyhes




Melissa Porchik Arianna Porte David Porte Lindsey Porter Keaton Post

IvyPeterson Katie Peterson Sarah Peterson Emily Petroelje Matthew Petrovich

Laurel Post Lauren Postma Faith Potgiesser Megan Powell Mckinzie Powers

Madeleine Petrson Brooke Petzak Michael Peuler Molly Phillipi Becca Phillips

Sara Prager Nicholas Price Alexis Prince Ashley Prince Taylor Prokott

Jack Phillips Justin Phillips Zachary Pieri Hannah Pikaart Karis Pikaart

Chelsi Proas Destini Pulido Ethan Rader Natalie Rahrig David Rak

Olivia Pilon Katherine Pimmler Alyssa Pinkham Eric Plaehn Gabrielle Plaep


Peter Rak Laura Ramaker Gianna Ramirez Miguel Ramirez Nancy Ramirez

George Plaster Chase Platte Jacob Pledger Sandra Ploeg Amy Podgorica

Heatherann Randall Nicklas Raycraft Mallory Reader Kyle Reason Ryan Reason

Shelby Poest Kristen Pogats Stephanie Polet Mackenzie Popa Megan Popp

Lauren RechenbachChapman Hannah Recknagel Paige Recknagel Elizabeth Reeg Hayley Reitsma



Elizabeth Perkins Kayla Perroud Evan Peters Camryn Peterson Dane Peterson




Alison Rhodes Ashley Rice Alison Rich Jeremy Richards Brandon Richardson

Justin Richardson Nicholas Richardson Katie Ricks Omar Rico Linnea Ridlen

Madalyn Riedlinger Sydney Riekse Elizabeth Rieman Matthew Rietsma Adam Riley



Jamie Rogalski James Rogers Adam Rolain Matthew Rolain Nathan Rommel

Mitchell Reitsma Colleen Reveley Lucely Reyes Sabrina Reyes Bradley Rhoads

Kyler Root Jared Rapp E m m a Ropski Mason Rosado Matthew Rose

Lisa Rosema Elizabeth Roskamp Madison Roskuszka Peter Ross Andrew Rot

Autumn Roth Miriam Roth Randall Roux Lisa Rowan Jada Royer

Erika Rimelspach Elizabeth Ringel Meredith Rinke Allison Ristau Thomas Ritzman

Hannah Roaten Anna-Leigh Roberts Christian Roberts Rebecca Roberts Adalee Robertson

Noa Robson Logan Rock Nathan Rock Evan Rodgers Brianna Roegner






Daniel Rush Karleigh Rush Delaney Ryde Katharine Rzepecki Heather Sadogierski

Benjamin Schroeder Brian Schroeder Andrew Schrotenboer Grace Schukas Allison Schultz

Jose Salazar Murray Sales Mary Salguero Palma Micah Sail Nicholas Salomon

Sierra Schultz Samuel Schuster Jacquelyn Schwark Caylee Schweppe Amanda Scott

Clayton Sanders Matthew Sandgren Jacob Sandy Josias Sanon Erica Sarvis

Jessica Scott Naomi Scott Delaney Seeburger Moises Serrano Christopher Seto

Rachel Satkiewicz Jacqueline Savalle Alexandra Schaap Zachafy Schaap Claire Schaar

Andrew Settecerri Jordyn Severt Brooke Seville Kathryn Shanklin Frank Shanley

Devin Schaefers Heidi Schaetzl Owen Schafer Natalie Schalk Gina Schierbeek

Benjamin Schipper Erika Schlenker Courtney Schmidt Karyn Schmidt Robert Schneider


Jordan Schรถlten Samuel Schรถlten Kieran Schomber Elizabeth Schonfeld Elizabeth Schrank



Nicholas Rozema Marissa Ruehl Matthew Ruff Kevin Rukundo Isaac Rusch

Nicholai Shaw Sonya Shaw Andrew Shay Jonathan Sheesley Caleb Sheffer

Michael Shelton Sarah Sheridan Rachel Sherman Caren Shin E m m a Shine





Akia Smith Brentton Smith Glen Smith Hayden Smith Katie Smith

Tyra Smith Xavier Smith Nate Sneed Carlie Snoap Anna Snyder

Andrea Sobczynski Julie Sobieski Daria Solomon Carly Sommavilla Jillian Sommerville

Kyler Shurlow Andrew Sicard Margaret Sleek Claire Siegfried Maxwell Sievers


Clare Sorace Gabrielle Spangler Sarah Spencer Reagan Spindler Genevieve Sponseller

Logan Sikkenga Stephanie Simko Tim Simon Garrett Sims Kaitlyn Singer

Nia Springfellow Elizabeth Staffa Geoffrey Stagg Kevin Staggs Courtney Stahl

Katie Singer Elizabeth Sitterley Erick Skaff Olivia Skatrud Kristina Skinner

Rebecca Stanwick Samuel Starks Tymi Staub Miranda Steele Mckayla Steenwyk

Ryan Skowronek Andreas Slette Abigail Smith Abigail Smith Adrienne Smith

Nicholas Steers Chelsea Steinfeldt Corey Stelk Michael Stephan Amanda Stepho





BrettStewart Carolyn Stewart Savanah Stewart Julia Stock Mckenzie Stock

Evan Telzerow Cailyn Tenhoeve TylerThayer Alex Theiling Mary Chare Theis

LillianStaffer Melanie Strickland Peter Stuckey Cody Stuive Jordyn Stump

Jennifer Thelen Abigail Thomas Currey Thomas Damon Thomas Justine Thomas

Kamara Sudberry Daniel Sullivan Danny Sullivan Elizabeth Sumner Raymond Surya

LucilleThomas Mendon Thomas Michael Thomas Miriam Thomas Reinie Thomas

Amanda Susnak Laurel Sutherin Curissa Sutherland-Smith Sarah Swartz Lauren Sweers


I I I Rachel Taylor Andrew Teahan Zach Telfor

Alexis Thompson Rodger Thompson Maia Tienstra Hannah Tilma Mara Timmeney

Kenneth Swift Bird Noah Switalski Lauren Syverson Hanna Szymczak Stephen Talaga

Summer Timmer Lindsay Timmerman Peter Timperman Mitchell Timyan Courtney Tito

HollyTallarico Matthew Tollman Regina Tan Lucas Tans Brandon Tarallo

Kaitlyn Tobin Nola Tolsma Abby Tongue Allison Tooley Caroline Toren



Megan Sterba Samantha Sterkenburg Denver Stevens Hannah Stevens Alexandra Stewart




Anna Van Deelen Michael Van Duinen Michelle Van Es Anikka Van Eyl Madeline Van Heusden

Jamelah Travis Kathryn Trentadue Michael Trier Anh Trinh Stephen Tryon

Alec Van Loo Trevor Van Loo Amber Van Noord Jonathan Van Reenen EricVan Swol

Eleanor Twitty Jack Twitty Miranda Ulmer Brandon Underwood Dan Darrick

Allison Urban Ashley Urban Shannon Urbanik Emily Ureste Olivia Vacik



Julia Toren Bailey Towns Anne Trapani Amanda Traversa Mandy Traversa

Bradley Van Valkenburg Ty Van Wieren Carly Van Zyl Nathan Vance Anna Vandebubte

Joshua Vandebunte Trevor Vander Loan Alyssa Vander Meulen Adam Vander Ploeg Ryan Vander Ploeg

BlairVanderkin Amy Vanderstoep Jacob Vanderveen Brady Vanderweele Katie Vanderzwaag

Elizabeth Vandewege Ashley Vandixhorn Emily Vandyken TjVandyken Courtney Vanhouzen

Troy Vanportfliet Taylor Vanremmen Alex Vanvleet Alyssa Vanwerden Madison Vanzwieten





David Veasley Emily Veenbaas Marco Vega Natalie Vela Deana Velandra

Cole Watson Joey Watson Jorgie Watson Joseph Watson SkylarWatson

Abigail Veldink Whitney Velthouse William Verduin Elizabeth Verhage PhilipVersluis

KristinWatt Matthew Webb Rachael Webb Zach Weber Kyle Week


Noah Vesper Madison Veverka Danielle Villa Thomas Vismara Abby Visser

Jared Vite Grant Vlahopoulos Jessica Vlisides Anna Voskuil Sarah Vroon

Trevor Wagoner Laura Walker Jensine Waller Nicole Walsh Edwards Walterhouse

Stephen Waltersdorf Isabel Wanyagah Victoria Ward Jonathan Ware Ashley Warner


Mckenzie Warner Chandler Warren Anna Washburn Luke Washington Collin Wassilak



Rachel Vanzytveld Gabriela Vasquez Bethany Vaughan Kevin Vaughan Gabriela Vazquez

Dakota Weeiffenbach Nate Weeldreyer Matthew Wehner GriffinWeigl

Peyton Wells Chloe Werkema Gabrielle Werner Spencer Westley Jenna Wetzel

Brookelyn Wharton Christian Whitaker David White Rachel White Colin Whitehead

Antonio Whitfield Ross Whitman Kendall Wickstrom Cameron Wiederhoeft Lindsay Wiederhold




I Xinrui Yu Benjamin Zaccaria Zach Zandbergen Ben Zank Jakob Zanski

Kayla Williams PatrickWilliams Zachary Williams James Williamson Abigail Wilson

Kaeli Zeeryp Natalie Zeller Robert Zick Sarah Zieschang Caroline Zimmer

Betsy Wilson Heather Windley Hannah Winegar Karina Winkelman Breanna Wisneski

Ethan Zimmerman Jeff Zita Shelby Zoeller Emily Zoller Abbie Zuiderveen


Macauley Wieland Grace Wiesner Kyrian Wilcox Gabriella Williams Joseph Williams

Cornelia Witt Alexandra Wittenbach Stephen Wittenbach Cryssanne Wittlief Patrick Wolf

Jack Wolff Brandon Wolliston David Wolliston Hannah Wolthuis Victoria Woolpert

Carley Wooster Gwyneth Wortz Emily Wrozek Alexandria Wubben Grant Wunderlich

Michael Wurster Ryan Wysocki Zhaojin Xiang William Yancey Aleksandar Yonov





A Abeme, Ndong ... 196 Abiragi, Christiane ...196 Adams, Alyssa ...196 Adams, Sammi... 196 Adrianson, Levi... 196 Adwan, Raoul... 196 Afton, Katie ... 196 Ahlgrim, Grace ... 196 Ahrens, Carson ... 196 Alber, Kody... 196 Albers, Jillian ... 196 Alexander, Cindy... 196 Alexander, Lauren ... 178 Alfond, Rachel... 196 Allen, Anna ... 196 Allen, Natalie... 178 Alvarez, Sandra ... 196 Alvaro, Jonathan ... 196 Amsbury, Jordan ... 196 Anderson, Autumn ...196 Anderson, Emily...196 Anderson, Karisa ...178 Anderson, Kristin ... 196 Anderson, Kyle ... 197 Anderson, Laura ...197 Anderson, Rachel... 197 Andrews, Emily... 178 Antunez-Blas, Roberto... 197 Apostoleris, Alexandra ... 197 Apostoleris, Margaret... 197 Archer, Alexander... 197 Archer, Alexandra ... 197 Arens, Alyssa ... 197 Armand, Briana ... 197 Armijo, Miguel... 197 Arndt, Ryan ...197 Arndt, Stephanie... 197 Arroyo, Angelica ... 197 Arvidson, Jenae ...178 Asefa, Haila ... 197 Askonas, Caroline ... 178 Atkinson, Ryan ... 197 Aucapina, Kelly... 197 Augustine, Joshua ... 197 Ause, Emily... 197 Austermann, Madeleine ... 197 Austin, Michelle ... 197

B Baar, Matthew... 178 Backman, Ryan ... 197 Boding, Jonathan ... 197 Bailey, Briana ... 197 Bailey, Megan ...197 Bailey, Taylor... 197 246


Baker, Amber...197 Baker, Bradley... 197 Baker, Paige ... 197 Bakker, Ashley... 197 Bakker, Clara ... 197 Baldwin, Katherine ... 197 Balich, Eva ... 178 Balk, Andrew... 197 Ballein, Nicholas ... 197 Banaszak, Ellee ... 197 Banaszak, Samantha ...198 Banzet, Michael...198 Barbu, Alexandria ... 198 Barbu, Brianna ... 198 Barbutti, Rachel... 198 Barletta, Kelly... 198 Barnes, Brian ... 198 Barnes, Kelsey...198 Barnett, Corben ... 198 Barnett, Michael... 198 Barona, Lizette ... 198 Barszcz, Rachel... 198 Barthel, Samuel... 198 Bartkowiak, Rachel... 198 Barton, Hannah ... 198 Barton, Mike ...198 Bassage, Connor... 198 Batamuliza, Fiona ... 198 Batson, Scott... 198 Batt, JP ... 198 Battistone, Kelli... 198 Batts, Jackson ... 198 Bauss, Luke ... 198 Bazany, Melissa ... 198 Beams, Sarah ... 198 Beaudoin, Austin ...198 Beck, Haley... 178 Beckering, Emily... 198 Bedolla, Gabriel... 198 Beemer, Joseph ... 198 Beemer, Joseph ... 198 Behrenwald, Jesse ... 198 Bellew, Madelyn ... 198 Belyk, Keagan ... 198 Benda, Nancy... 198 Benitez, Jorge ... 198 Bennick, Amanda ... 178 Bennick, William ... 199 Benoit, Faith ... 199 Benson, Brock... 199 Bentz, Kayla ... 199 Bernaciak, Kyle ... 199 Bernal, Natasha Jaina ... 199 Berndt, Margaret... 178 Bernhardt, Cassidy... 199 Berrodin, Connor... 178 Berry, Brittany... 199 Bessinger, Austin ... 199 Besteman, Summer... 199 Bestler, Natalie ... 199 Beswick, Ethan ... 199 Beswick, Mallory... 199 Bethel, Nathan ... 199 Bethke, Brett... 199 Bettag, Sarah ... 178 Betten, Jordan ... 199 Beukelman, Lydia ... 199 Biegner, Michaela ... 199 Bierema, Rebekah ... 199 Bieri,Lindsay... 199 Billinghurst,Trevor... 199 Biscan, Mariah ... 199 Bischoff, Faith ... 199 Bishop, Molly... 199 Bisson, Megan ... 199 Bisson, Mikaila ... 199 Black, Makayla ... 199 Blackburn, Abbigale ... 199 Blackledge, Harrison ... 199

Blackport, Thomas ...199 Blanco, Monica ... 199 Blessed, Matthew... 199 Bloemendaal, Timothy...199 Blom, Tobey... 199 Blough, Rachel... 199 Boardway, Natalie ...200 Bocks, Duncan ...200 Boehm, Trevor...200 Boersema, Zachary...200 Boersma, Jacob ...200 Boersma, Marc ...200 Boersma, Morgan ... 178 Boersma, Samuel...178 Boes, Kelli...200 Boes, Kyle ...200 Boeve, Allison ...200 Boeve, Carlie ...200 Boeve, Luke ...200 Boike, Amanda ...200 Bollhoffer, Barbara ...200 Bomeli, Emma ...200 Borror,Andrew...178 Borror, Andrew ...200 Bortell, Makenzie ... 179 Bottomley, Mara ...200 Bouret, Laure ...200 Bourgeois, Pierce ...179 Bouwkamp, Claire ...200 Bouwkamp, Ellery...200 Bouwkamp, Thomas ...200 Boxeth, Ryan ...200 Boyd, Lillian ...200 Boysen, Nathan ...200 Bradley, Paul...200 Brady, Collin ...200 Brady, Ellie...200 Brady, Madison ...200 Brandle, Michelle ...200 Brandon, Zervas ...200 Brandwein, Zachary...200 Bransdorfer, Liz...200 Breit,Alec ...200 Breit, Collin ... 179 Breit, Collin ...200 Brennan, Robert...200 Brennecke, Paige ...179 Brenner, Alexis...200 Bridges, Grace ... 179 Bridges, Michael...201 Brigger, Elizabeth ...201 Briggs, Joshua ...201 Briner,Andrew...201 Brinks, Mikaela ...201 Brinks,Tyler...201 Brockhouse, Vanessa ...201 Brogan, David ...201 Brohl, Nicholas ...201 Brooks, Owen ...201 Brophy, Erin ...201 Brott, Sadina ...201 Brower, London ...201 Brower, Luke ...201 Brown, Bill...201 Brown, Gillian ...201 Brown, Joseph ...201 Brown, Micaela ...201 Brown, Natalie ...201 Brucer, Anne ...201 Brumm, Cody... 179 Brune, Daniel...201 Brushwyler, Keith ...201 Bryer, Sydney... 179 Brynaert, Taylor...201 Buchholz, Brittany...201 Buck, Emily...201 Buck, Jonathan ...201 Buckner, Madison ...201 Buga, Tyler ....20:1

Buikema, Jacob ... 179 Bulson, Andrew...201 Bulthuis, Jamie ...201 Burford, Lauren ...201 Burgess, Luisa ... 179 Burgess, Luisa ...201 Burkhardt, Melanie ...201 Bussan, Ian ...201 Busscher, Lisa ...201 Bustamante, Joseph ...202 Buth, Rebecca ...202 Butler, Christian ...202 Butler, Devon ...202 Butler, Rebecca ...202 Button, Stephen ...202 Buursma, Madison ...202 Buzo, Mariana ...202 Byers, Ismael...202 Byma, Nicholas... 179 Byrne, Tony...202

C Caballero, Sarah ...202 Cain, Aaron ...179 Cain, Dennis ...202 Calderon-Crain, Kyle ...202 Cameron, Grace ...202 Campbell, Caitlyn ...202 Campbell, Casey...202 Campbell, Meghan ...202 Campodonico, Daphinne ... 179 Capestany, Carli...179 Capestany, Carli...202 Carlson, Chad ...202 Carlson, David ...202 Carnahan, Amber...202 Carpenter, Dorian ...202 Carpenter, Sarah ...202 Carrasco, Daniel...202 Carreto, Ivan ...202 Carson, Emily...202 Carter, Taylor...202 Cassella, Abigale ...202 Castillon, Felicia ... 179 Cathey, Scott... 179 Caton, Erin ...202 Catt, Tanner...202 Ceffaratti, Mary...202 Cekander, Kristin...179 Champion, Luke ...202 Chapman, Victoria ...202 Chavarria, Victoria ...202 Chavez, Clarisa ...202 Chen, Derek...203 Chen, Shengjie ... 180 Chester, Emma ...203 Chiczewski, Jon ...203 Chipka, Jake ...203 Choi, Tae Hyun ...203 Chong, Forrest...203 Christiaans, Rachel...203 Chung, Wonwoo ... 180 Cimmarusti, Jennifer...203 Clack, Andrea ... 180 Glark, Jaci...203 Clark, Jgpilyn ... 180 Clark, James... 180

Clark, Rachel... 180 Clayton, Katrina ...203 Coffman, Kristen ...203 Cole, Brandon ...203 Cole, Madeline ...203 Collins, Athanasios ...203 Collins, Juliette ...203 Collins, Justin ...203 Compton, Rebecca ...203 Condotti, Julia ...203 Conerty, Thomas ...203 Conley, Emma ...203 Connor, Dylan ... 180 Conroy, Jacob ...204 Contreras, Mikayla ...204 Cook, Aleece ... 180 Cook, Emily...204 Cook, Leland ...204 Cook, Timothy...204 Cooper, Claire ...204 Cooper, Howard ...204 Cooper, Kathryn ... 180 Cooper, Kelsey...204 Cosgrove, Erin ...204 Coskun, Ugur...204 Cotterall, Virginia ...204 Courts, Paige ...204 Cox, Kelsey ...204 Crook, Kirby ...204 Cruz, Diana ... 180 Cruz, Katie ...204 Cuison, Katrina ... 180 Culver, Matthew...204 Cunningham, Abigail...204 Cunningham, Mark...204 Curmi, Alicia ...204 Curnick, Katlyn ...204 Curry, Natalie ...205 Cushman, Kyle...205 Custer, Michael...205 Cutshall, Hannah ...205 Czechowicz, Monica ...205 Czmer, Megan ...205 Czmer, Nicholas...205

D Dalman, Morgan ...205 Dalton, Abigail... 180 Damm, Mahalia ...205 Daniel, Kelly...205 Daniels, Reginald ...205 Darrick, Dan ...240 Dauber, Hannah ...205 Dauber, Noah ...205 Davenport, Laris...205 Davidson, Kiveran ...205 Davis, Connor...205 Davis, Joanie ...205 Dawsey, Brett...205 Day, Matthew... 180 De Jongh, Jenna ...205 De Ritter, Benjamin ...205 Deeg, Carl...205 Deering, Natalie ...205 Defazio, Kendra ...205 Deglopper, Kimberly...205 Degnan, Shannon ...205 Dejongh, Alexandra ...205 Dejongh, Nicholas ... 180

Dekryger, Kylie ...205 Del Valle, Mariah ...205 Delaney, Matthew ...205 Demarigny, Rachel...205 Denbleyker, Anya ...205 Deneef, Adrianna ...205 Denham, Jordan ...205 Denhartigh, Jacob ...205 Dennis, Joseph ... 180 Denouden, Katelyn ...205 Deritter, Andrew...206 Deshaw, Maria ...206 Dever, Taylor...206 Devinney, Joseph ...206 Devol, Christy...206 Devreis, Jonathan ...206 Devries, Allison ...206 Devries, Dean ...206 Dewitt, Blake ...206 Dewitt, Corrine ...206 Dice, Cameron ...206 Dice, Kendall...206 Dicecco, Gabriella ...206 Dickinson, Dorothy... 180 Dickinson, Margaret...206 Dickson, Kat...206 Diepholz, Kirstin ...206 Dietz, Anna ...206 Digison, Elliott...206 Diller,Jeremy...206 Dippel, Brooke ...181 Dippel, Brooke ...206 Dippel, Sydney...206 Dirkse, Hannah ...206 Doan, Kaleigh ...206 Dober, Rachel...206 Doell, Hannah ...206 Dollar, Marie ... 181 Dominguez, Ashley...206 Dommermuth, Will...206 Donahoe, Emma ...206 Donk, Keenan ...206 Donley, Gavin ...206 Donley, Maeve ...206 Dood, Alec ...206 Dood, John ...206 Dorn, Stanna ...206 Dornoff, Jessica ...206 Dort,Amanda ...207 Douglas, Matthew... 181 Downing, Rebecca ...207 Downing, Sarah ...207 Draeger, Katie ...207 Draeger, Rachel... 181 Draggoo, Brooke ...207 Dreyer, Luke ...207 Droppers, Joe ...207 Droppers, Joseph ... 181 Drozd, Ryan ...207 Drummond, Holly... 181 Dufek, Katelyn ...207 Duffey, Cassidy... 181 Duhn, Sophia ...207 Duistermars, Lauren ...207 Dukehart, Ian ...207 Duncan, Reggie ...207 Duncan, Thomas...207 Dunham, Erica ...207 Dunigan, Keely...207 Dunlap, Leah ...207 Dunn, Andrew...207 Dunn, Kathryn ...207 Duran, Abigail...207 Dwyer, Monica ... 181 Dyke, Gabriella ...207 Dykema, Kelly...207 Dykstra, Joshua ...207 Dykstra, Martin ...207 Dykstra, Sarah ...207

Dynkowski, Savannah ... 207

E Eader, Elizabeth ...207 Ebels, Brooke ...207 Edwards, Richard ...207 Edwards, Zoe ... 181 Egbert, Zachary...207 Eguiluz, Maria ... 181 Eickholtz, Tyler...207 Eidson, Alex...207 Eiler,Stephanie ...207 Elder, Gunnar...207 Elder, Max...207 Elliott, Monica ...208 Ellis,Carolyn ...208 Ellsworth, Brandon ...208 Ellsworth, Cameron ...208 Elluru,Austin ...208 Elluru,Austin ...208 Elzinga, Andrew ...208 Elzinga, Anne ...208 Emerson, Abigail...208 Emmert, Charles ...208 Engbers, Brittany...208 Engbers, Cordell...208 Engel, Tristan ...208 Ensink, Elizabeth ...208 Erickson, Aileen ...208 Erickson, Emily...208 Erickson, Kathryn ...208 Erxleben, Sara ...208 Eshuis, Samuel...208 Essenmacher, Scott... 181 Estelle, Aaron ... 181 Evans, Brittany...208 Evans, Erin ...208 Evely, Eric ...208 Evenhouse, Elizabeth ...208 Everly, Jacob ... 181 Everly, Jacob ...208 Ewald, Tori...208

Favela, Ruben ...209 Fawcett, Hannah ...209 Fawcett, Paige ...181 Fazio, Sarah ...209 Fehsenfeld, Rebekah ...209 Feldpausch, Sarah ...209 Fellows, Claudia...209 Felusme, Steven ... 182 Ferguson, Emileigh ...209 Ferrera, Dominic ...209 Ferris, Kenneth ...209 Fex, Zachary...209 Fields, Roy...209 Fifer,Joseph ...209 Fils-Aime, Benedict... 182 Finn, Kathleen ...209 Finn, Madeline ...209 Fischman, Haley...209 Fisk, Mark... 209 Fitzpatrick, Madeline ...209 Fixx,James...209 Flanery, Nicklas ...209 Fleet, Olivia ...210 Fleis, Matthew...210 Fletcher, Ester...210 Folsom, Brent... 182 Fondell, Emma ...210 Foote, Taylor...210 Ford, Hannah ...210 Ford, Hunter... 182 Foren, Adam ...210 Fort, Jenna ...210 Fortier,Andrew...210 Foster, Mahja ...210 Foster, Rachel... 182 Foster, Sarah ...210 Fountain, Robert... 182 Fowler, Emma ...210 Fowler, Grace ...210 Fox, Cameron ...210 Fracassi, Victoria ... 182 Frakes, Rob...210 Frank, Sara ...210 Franklin, Coty...182 Franklin, Coty...210 Franz, Kevin ...210 Frazee, Alissa ...210 Frazier, Lauren ... 182 Freberg, Vanessa ...210 Frenette, Riley...210 Freyling, Mikayla ...210 Friar,Jonathan ...210 Fritjofson, Nils...210 Fritzsche, Joscelyn ...210 Froude, Erica ...210 Fulk, Natalie ...210 Fulton, John ...210 Funk, Kyle...210

F Failing, Robert 208 Fairfield, Justin ...208 Fall, Evan ...208 Fallon, Sarah ...208 Falsetto, Rosemarie ...208 Fanta, Lauren ...208 Farese, Katrina ... 181 Farhat, Jessica ...208 Farwell, Megan ... 181 Fast, Kathleen ...208 Fata, Marie ...208 Fatum, Jessica ...208 Favela, Gabriella ...209

Gaddis, Emily...210 Gaddy, Angelique...210 Gager, Christopher...210 Gaines, Jessica ...210 Gallagher, Sarah ...210 Gancedo, Kassandra ...210 Gangler, Seth ...211 Garcia, Anna ...211 Index

Garcia, Maria ...211 Garcia, Sandra ...211 Gardner, Ben ...211 Garduno, Jocabed ...211 Gargala, Micah ...211 Gargala, Tyler...211 Garza, Jessica ... 182 Gassen, Jillian ...211 Gawron, Elizabeth ...211 Geers, Madison ...211 Geib, Madison ...211 Gentry, Connor...211 George, Hillary...211 Gerger, Stephen ...211 Geshay, John ...211 Geswein, Garrett...211 ^ ^ ^ ^ Gibbs, Hannah ...18^^ Gibson. Amamlef...211 Gibson. Kirk 211 Gibson, Tyler...211 Giesen, Vivic^^^^^ Gignac, Da8P^211 Gilbert, Devyn ...211 Gill,Shannon ...211 Giltner, Delani...211 Gingrich, Hannah ... 182 Gingrich, Nathan ...211 Gipson, Mary ...211 Giro, Matthew ...211 Girmscheid, Savannah ...211 Gitter, Sean ...211 Givens, Rebekah ... 182 Gkekas, Dave ...211 Glagola, James ...211 Glowacki, Matt...211 Glowacki, Nick... 211 Gluttilla,Alexis ...211 Goalen, Keegan ...212 Gobelman, Lauren ... 182 Godwin, Kristen ...212 Goggins, Kellen ...212 Goliday, Dion ...212 Gomez Limon, Alejandro ...212 Gomez-Seoane, Andrew ... 182 Gonda, Victoria ...212 Gonzalez, Erik... 182 Gonzalez, Trechaun ...212 Goodell, Elise ...212 Goodell, Erin ...212 Goodman, Drew ...183 Goodman, Ethan ...212 Goodyk, Austin ...212 Gorcyca, Alexandria ...212 Gorcyca, Allle ...212 Gormley, Garrett...212 Govier, Mackenzie ...212 Gowon, Maria ...212 Grabill, Molly... 183 Graham, Kelsey... 183 Grahek, Joseph ...212 Gram, Dawn ...212 Gram, Taylor...212 Granger, Jessica ...212 Grant, Melodi Eloise ...213 Grasmeyer, Jenna ...213 Grassmid, Jessica ...213 Graves, Caressa ... 183 Green, Aaron ...213 Greene, Katherine ...213 Greenwood, Joel...213 Gregerson, Caroline ...213 Gregory, Bonnie ...213 Grill,Taylor...213 Grimes, Connor...213 Grift, Molly...213 Grody, Samantha ...213 Groth, Noah ...213 Grounds, Julia ...213 Gryniewicz, Elyse ...213 248


Gryniewicz, Lindsey...213 Guarino, Stephanie ...213 Guerra, David ...213 Guerrero, Omar...213 Gugino, Rachel...213 Guillaume, Jessica ...213 Guldberg, Eric ...213 Gulick, Tyler...213 Gurka, Abigail...213 Gutierrez, Antonio ...213 Guttilla,Alexis...213 Gutting, Austin ...213 Guzman, Irma ...213

Haan, Elise ...213 Hacker, Nicholas ... 183 Hackett, Sophia ...213 Hackmon, Jaunine ...213 Hadd, Heather...213 Haeless, Alex...213 Hagene, Joshua ...213 Hager, Rachael...213 Haldeman, Joslyn ...214 Hall, Lindsay...214 Hallam, David ...214 Harnes, Nicole ... 183 Hammond, Christina ...214 Hance, Michelle ...214 Hancock, Hope ...214 Hankins, Chase ...214 Hannay, Noelle ...214 Hanson, Ryan ...214 Hanson, Stephen ...214 Hardy, Emma ...214 Harman, Daniel...214 Harper, Emily...214 Harris, Serena ...214 Harrison, Andrew...214 Harrison, William ...214 Harrity, Rebecca ...214 Hershberger, Noah ...214 Hatfield, Taylor...214 Hauge, Katherine ... 183 Hauge, Katherine ...214 Haveman, Arend ...214 Hawkins, Dante ...214 Hawkins, John ...214 Hazekamp, Lauren ...214 Hazen, Aaron ...214 Hazlett, Kristin ...214 Head, Sherah ...214 Heady, Mariah ...214 Heath, Michael...214 Hedrick, Allison ...214 Heerdt, Jesse ...214 Heerema, Megan ...214 Heidema, Brennan ...214 Hejka, Dustin ...214 Held, Seth ...214 Helder, Joseph ... 183 Heller, Megan ...215 Helm, Jake ...215 Hemenway, Matt...215 Hemmeke, Brianne ...215 Henkel, William ...215 Henry, Victoria ... 183 Herbruck, Cody...215

Herch, Sarah ...215 Herder, Stephanie ... 183 Hermann, Jessie ...215 Hernandez, Jospeh ...215 Hernandez, Karina ...215 Hernandez, Miriam ... 183 Herrmann, Erin ...215 Hersey, Ann ... 183 Hertzberg, London ...215 Hesselbein, Lynne ...215 Hettinger, Katlyn ...215 Heusinkveld, Karl...215 Heyboer, Lane... 183 Heyboer, Robert...215 Heynen, Alissa ...215 Hibbard, Rachel...215 Hile, Ellie...215 Hill,Jordan ...215 Hill,Samantha ...215 Hillers,Lauren ... 183 Hines, Angelique ...215 Hines, Julia ...215 Hipolito, Ivonne ...215 Hiser, Natalie ...215 Hitchcock, Caroline ...215 Hixon, Amie ...215 Hjelm, Linnea ...215 Hoaglund, Lindsey...215 Hodgkinson, Abby...215 Hodgson, Kimberly...215 Hoeksema, Kade ...215 Hoekstra, Abbie ...215 Hoekstra, Jalisa ... 183 Hoerr, Mary...215 Hoffman, Allyson ... 183 Hoffman, Jonathan ...215 Holaway, Marie...216 Holder, Mikayla ...216 Holicki, Paige ...216 Holmes, Whitney...216 Hoolahan, Erin ...216 Hoppen, Olivia ...216 Hoppstock, Graham ...216 Horak, Celia ... 184 Horn, Grace ...216 Hornshaw, David ...216 Horsch, Samuel... 184 Hosner, Kelsey...216 Houle, Brandon ...216 Houpt, Russell...216 Houts, Codey...216 Howard, Bryanna ...216 Howard, Daylen ...216 Howard, Hannah ...216 Hoyle, Aaron ...216 Hozian, Emily...216 Hubbel, Brooke ...216 Huffer, Jon Austin ...216 Hughes, Matt...216 Hughes, Matthew... 184 Hulderman, Grace ...216 Hummel, Denae ...216 Humphrey, Quinn ...216 Hunger, John ...216 Hunt, Mason ...216 Hunter, Christine ... 184 Hutchison, Alexandria ...216 Huvler, Hope ...216 Hwang, Chan ...216 Hwang, InHyuk ... 184

K laderosa, Lara ...216 lekes, Jillian ...216 Iniguez, Angel...216 Inman, David ...216 Ireland, Molly...216 Isett,Jillian ...216 Ishimwe, Anysie ...217 Issa,Alexander...217

J Jackson, Jacob ...217 Jacobs, Hannah ...217 Jacobs, Megan ...217 Jacobsma, Hannah ...217 Jaenichen, Preston ...217 Jager, Michelle ...217 Jansen, Jacob ...217 Janssen, Kristin ...217 Jaros, Elizabeth ...184 Jayasinghe, Lakna ...217 Jeavons, Abagail...217 Jekkals, Regan ...217 Jellison, Laurie ... 184 Jennings, Cooper...217 Jeon, Ji-Yoon ... 184 Jerow, Reed ... 184 Jin, Se Young ...217 Jipping, Erin ...217 Jipping, Rachel...217 Johns, Michael...217 Johnsen, Hannah ...217 Johnson, Alexander...217 Johnson, Cara ... 184 Johnson, Dillon ...218 Johnson, Drew...218 Johnson, Elexus ...218 Johnson, Kiemey ...218 Johnson, Maia ...218 Johnson, Ryan ...218 Johnson, Shanissa ...184 Jones, Anna ...218 Jones, Cameron ...218 Jones, Katharyn ... 184 Jones, Logan ...218 Jones, Sarah ...218 Jones, Sydney...218 Jonker, Lindsay...218 Joose, Emily...218

Kabagabu, Rachael... 184 Kachlik, Courtney...218 Kahl, Preston ...218 Kain, Ben ...218 Kain, Emily...218 Kaiser, Alisa ...218 Kallgren, David ...218 Kallil,Olivia ...218 Kalmink, Annie ...218 Kalsbeek, Jordan ...218 Kam, Joshua Chun Wah ...218 Kambe, Aoi...218 Kamphuis, Raechel...218 Kaptein, Brandon ...218 Karlovich, Matthew...218 Kast, Nancy...218 Kaveh, Jonah ...218 Kayne, Courtney... 184 Keen, Ivy...218 Keith, Scott...218 Kelly, Colin ...218 Kelly, Kathleen ...218 Kelly, Rudy...219 Kempers, Leslie ... 184 Kempker, Hannah ...219 Kendall, John ...219 Kennedy, Rachel...219 Kent, Austin ...219 Kerr, Michelle ...219 Kessel, Alexandria ... 184 Kessel, Cassidy...219 Kessel, Jayne ...219 Kettler, Kirsten ...219 Khacherian, Ohanes...219 Kieser, Caitlin ...219 Kill,Emma ...219 Killian,Wesley... 185 Kim, Minchul... 185 Kim, Sarah Faith ...219 Kindervater, Emily... 185 Kiner, Katelyn ...219 King, Caleb ...219 King, Taryn ...219 Kirchoff, Tyler...219 Kirk, Nora ...219 Kirsch, Janelle ... 185 Kirsch, Janelle ...219 Kish, Kaylee ...219 Kish, Richard ...219 Kish, Robert...219 Klauka, Emily...219 Kleppinger, Allison ...219 Klokkert, Samantha ...219 Klomparens, Rachel...219 Klopfenstein, Joel...219 Knol, Isaac ...219 Knorp, Alexandra ...219 Koegel, Katlyn ...219 Kogge, Connor...219 Konbloa, Tarwo...219 Kondo, Shinnosuke ... 185 Konecki, Kaila ...219 Konkle, Mitchell...219 Konkle, Ryan ...219 Kooiker, Kathleen ...220 Koppenaal, Mark...220

Kordik, Austin ...220 Kordik, David ...220 Korson, Charlotte ... 185 Kosiba, Daniel...220 Kosten, Martha ...220 Kostrzewa, Callie ...220 Koziatek, Ian ...220 Kozlowski, Jacob ...220 Krahn, Adam ...220 Krahn, TaylorAnn ... 185 Kramer, Aaron ...220 Kremer, Breanna ... 185 Kreps, Sam ...220 Krieg, Christopher...220 Krieger, Kathryn ...220 Krisch, Sarah ...220 Krive, Emma ... 185 Kroll, Matt...220 Krommendyk, Haley...220 Krueger, Anna ...220 Krueger, Emily...220 Krueger, Jake ...220 Kruger, Christopher...221 Krzak, Eric ...221 Kuemin, Courtney...221 Kuiper, Erica ...221 Kuper, Andrew... 185 Kurtulus, Kaan ...221 Kushion, Reggis ...221 Kyles, Isiaha ...221 Kym, Dana ...221

L Labarge, Abigail...221 Labra-Guerra, Alexis ...221 Lachance, Madison ...221 Ladd, Nolan ...221 Lahr, Jordan ...221 Lahuis, Dominick...221 Lamb, Rachel... 185 Lambert, Marcus ...221 Lamberts, Melissa ...221 Lancaster, Grant...221 Landman, Matison ...221 Lane, Emily... 185 Lankfer, Alexandra ...221 Lanting, Ben ...221 Lanting, Benjamin ... 185 Lapak, Andrew...221 Larkin, Emily...221 Laroche, Andrew...221 Larsen, A m y ...221 Larson, Hannah ...221 Lau, Meghan ... 185 Laverty, Kate ...221 Lavoie, Aubrey...221 Lazalde, Eric ...221 Leahy, Natalie ...221 Ledford, Emily...221 Ledsworth, Brooke ...221 Lee, Benjamin ...221 Lee, Bethany...221 Lee, Joshua ...221 Lee, SinWoo ...221 Legare, Phillip...222 Leichty, Jennifer...222 Leikert, Kelly...222 Lemley, Spencer...222

Lennartz, Chase ...222 Leppek, Alexandra ... 185 Lewis, Ben ...222 Lewis, Benjamin ... 185 Lewis, Kelsey...222 Li,Derek...222 Liang, Catherine ... 186 Limon, Alejandro Gomez ...222 Lind, Meredith ...222 Lindemulder, Cody...222 Lindemulder, Victoria ...222 Lindhout, Dana ... 186 Lingenfelter, Jennifer... 186 Littlejohn, Ben ...222 Littleson, Zack...222 Litwiller, Noah ...222 Livingway, Cal...222 Livingway, Riley...222 Llorens, Rebekah ... 186 Horens, Rebekah ...222 Lloyd, Melanie ...186 Locker, Morgan ...222 Lockwood, Jessica ...222 Lohman, Courtney...222 Lohrstorfer, Marianne ...222 Loker, Rebekah ...222 Long, Amanda ... 186 Loper, Jessica ...222 Loree, Meghan ...222 Loubser, Lize ... 186 Loula, Noah ...222 Lowry, Amanda ...222 Lozser, Marissa ...222 Lucas, Andrew...222 Lucking, Elizabeth ...222 Ludema, Grant...222 Ludlow, Camden ...222 Luke, Mallory...222 Lunderberg, David ...222 Lundstrom, Rachel... 186 Luse, Sydney...222 Lynch, Anna ...223 Lynch, Kelsie ... 186

M Maas, Caitlin ...223 Maat, Jonathon ...223 Mac Donald, Ashley ...223 Macdonald, Ian ...223 Machay, Alyssa ...223 Mackey, Jarred ... 186 Maclean, Catherine ...223 Maclean, Duncan ...223 Mader, Katherine...223 Mader, Mackenzie ...223 Madison, Paris ...223 Magan, Mary...223 Mahaffie, Thomas... 186 Makowski, Zachary...223 Maley, Elyse ...223 Mandujano, Izamar... 186 Mandujano, Mariza ... 186 Manning, Jake...223 Mantey, Katelyn ... 186 Mao, Yubing ...223 Margason, Haley...223 Markos, Alexander...223 Markswart, Makay...223

Marois, Boone ...223 Marschke, Jacqueline ... 186 Marshall, Carolina ...223 Martin, Claire...223 Martin, Clare ...223 Martin, Huntar... 186 Martin, Meredith ...223 Martinez, Deanna ...223 Martinez, Emily... 187 Martinez, Zuri...223 Masiak, Aleksandra ...223 Massa, Nate ...223 Mata, Augie ...223 Mata, Stacy...223 Matheny, Matthew...223 Mathew, Christina ...223 Matthew, Andrea ... 187 Mattioli, Sarah ...223 Mattson, Brooke ...223 Mauntler, Allyson ...223 Maury, Jenna ...224 / May, John ... 187 May, Lauren ...224 ' May, Ricky...224 McAfee, Maura ...224 McCall, Seth ...224 McCarthy, Mary... 187 McCarus, Aurelie ...224 McClure, Sarah ...224 McCormick, Eleanor...224 McDonald, Griffin ...224 McEachran, Aaron ...224 McKenzie, Audrey...224 McKey, Bennett...224 McKey, Colin ...224 McLaren, Gabrielle ...224 McLean, Sydney...224 Mclellan, Lisa ... 187 McMahon, Corey...224 McMorris, Katherine ...224 Mcnamara, Raymond ... 187 Medina, Richard ...224 Medrano, Matiana ...224 Mehl, Levi...224 Meiste, Lauren ...224 Meiste, Olivia ...224 Mejia, Karen ... 187 Mejicano-Gormley, Emily...224 Melby, Sarah ...224 Membre'o Castellanos, Kevin Noe ...224 Mendez, Astrid ...224 Mendizabal, Raquel... 187 Mendoza, Roberto ...224 Menzies, Haley...224 Menzies, Sara ...224 Merges, Alyssa ...224 Merrill,Sarah ...224 Mertz, Madison ...224 Messer, Michael...224 Messner, Ellen ...224 Metellus, Roudeland ...224 Metzler, Nicole ...225 Meyaard, Casey...225 Meyer, Molly...225 Meyerhuber, Matthew...225 Meyers, Marissa ...225 Michielutti, Thomas ...225 Mick, Aaron ...225 Middleton, Allison ...225 Midlam, Gavin ...225 Miedema, Molly...225 Miedema, Trevor...225 Miedema, Ty...225 Mika, Seth ...225 Mikel, Kyle...225 Mikhail, Alex... 187 Miklusicak, Michael...225 Milad, Marina ...225 Index

7 \


Milanowski, Max...225 Miller, Brandon ...225 Miller, Christopher... 187 Miller, Dan ...225 Miller,Jared ...225 Miller, John ...226 Miller, Morgan ...226 Miller, Rochelle ...226 Milliken, Matthew... 187 Millington, Pierce ...226 Mills,Taylor...226 Miralda, Jean-Luc ...226 Mitchell, Allie ...226 Mitchell, Andrew...226 Mitchell, Dorothy...226 Mitchell, Elise ...226 Mitchell, Kaleigh ...226 Mitchell, Quincie ...226 Mitchell, Quincie ...226 Modaff, Hayden ...226 Moen, Francesco ...226 Moffat, Samantha ...226 Moir, Vanessa ...226 Molenaar, Aleksandrs ...226 Molhoek, Brian ...226 Moncada, Juan ...226 Montes, Joseph ...226 Montoya-Falcon, Juan ...226 Mooney, Baylie ...226 Moore, Jessica ...226 Morelli, Angelina ...226 Moreno, Esther...226 Moreno, Karen ...226 Morgan, Spencer...226 Morren, Annie...226 Morren, Emma ...226 Morris, Isabel... 187 Morrison, Julian ...226 Morrison, Rachael...226 Mosquera, Anna ...226 Moura, Gustavo ...226 Moxon, Alexandra ...226 Mucci, Gabriella ...227 Mulat, Betel...227 Mulder, Christina ...227 Mullen, Brandy... 187 Mullen, Carrie ...227 Mullen, Kaleigh ...227 Muliin, Kyle ...227 Mummert, Elizabeth ...227 Munch, Winton ...227 Murk, Mollie ...227 Murphy, Erin ...227 Murphy, Mallory...227 Murphy, Sarah ...227 Murray, Leah ...227 Murray, Tara ...227 Musolf, Cart...227 Mutschler, Sierra ...227 Myer, Taylor...227 Myers, Courtney...227 Myers, Katherine ...227

N Navis, Madalyn ...227 Nazario, Karina ...227 Neace, Alyssa ...227 Nelson, Bonnie ...227 250


Nelson, Emily...227 Nelson, Konner...227 Nelson, Nathaniel...227 Neumann, Anne ...227 Newbound, Hanna ...227 Newbound, Samantha ... 187 Newland, Ross ...227 Newton, Kendra ...227 Nguyen, Anthony...227 Nichols, Amanda ...227 Nichols, Lindsay... 187 Nichols, Lindsay...227 Nieuwenhuis, Jay...227 Niven, Paige ...227 Nkonge, Joshua ...228 Noack, Kristen ...228 North, Nicholas ... 187 Northuis, Klare ...228 Norwood, Bryce ...228 Nowicki, Danielle ... 188 Nummer, Lauren ...228 Nunez-Aguado, Baltazar... 188 Nurenberg, Erica ...228 Nwike, Udemezue ...228 Nyhof, Emma ...228 Nykamp, Elijah ...228

O O'Brien, Mitchell...228 O'Connell, Heather... 188 O'Connor, Colin ...228 O'Connor, Emily...228 O'Connor, Laura ...228 O'Connor, Laura ...228 O'Keefe, Christopher...228 O'Keeffe, Marissa ...228 O'Meara, Aaron ...228 Oatmen, Kelsey ...228 Obney, Kaley...228 Ochs, Andrew...228 Odea, Michael...228 Ohnsorg, Monica ...228 Oken, Tiffany... 228 Olen, Nicholas ...228 Olgers, David ...228 Oliver, Emily... 228 Olson, Hannah ... 188 Onofrio, David ...228 Orians, Elizabeth ...228 Osborne, Kathryn ...228 Osterink, Parker...228 Ostrander, Madison ...228 Otteman, Christian ...228 Otter, Kelsey...228 Otto, Sam ...228 Ouellette, Sloan ... 188 Overhaug, Teagan ...228

p Padilla, Alan ... 188 Paliani, Dominic ...229 Paljac, Chloe ...229 Palomino, Rebecca ...229 Panton, Ashley...229 Panzer, Jonathan ... 188 Parcell, Brandon ...229 Pardonnet, Jacob ...229 Parisi, Matthew ...188 Park, Audrey...229 Parker, Carly...229 Parkins, Megan ...229 Parliament, Nicholas ...229 Parmer, Blake ...229 Parshall, Abbygayle ...229 Parsons-Valles, Alayna ...229 Passalino, Olivia ... 188 Patterson, Theaphania ...229 Patton, Patrick...229 Paul, Timothy...229 Payne, Adam ... 188 Pearson, Ben ...229 Pearson, Jane ...229 Pederson, Benjamin ...229 Pelter, Charlyn ... 188 Pelyhes, Matthew...229 Perkins, Elizabeth ...230 Perroud, Kayla ...230 Peters, Evan ...230 Peterson, Camryn ...230 Peterson, Dane ...230 Peterson, Ivy...230 Peterson, Katie ...230 Peterson, Sarah ... 188 Peterson, Sarah ...230 Petroelje, Emily...230 Petrovich, Matthew...230 Petrson, Madeleine ...230 Petzak, Brooke...230 Peuler, Michael...230 Pfau, A m y ... 188 Phillipi,Molly... 230 Phillips, Becca ...230 Phillips, Jack...230 Phillips,Justin ...230 Pieri,Zachary...230 Pifer,Andrew... 188 Pikaart, Hannah ...230 Pikaart, Karis ...230 Pilon, Olivia ...230 Pimmler, Katherine...230 Pinkham, Alyssa ...230 Plaehn, Eric ...230 Plaep, Gabrielle ...230 Plaster, George ...230 Platte, Chase ...230 Pledger, Jacob ...230 Ploeg, Sandra ...230 Podgorica, A m y ...230 Poe, Justine ... 188 Poest, Shelby...230 Pogats, Kristen ...230 Polet, Stephanie ...230 Pollack, Jennifer... 188 Ponstein, Payton ... 189 Popa, Mackenzie ...230

Popp, Megan ...230 Porchik, Melissa ...231 Porte, Arianna ...231 Porte, David ...231 Porter, Lindsey...231 Post, Keaton ...231 Post, Laurel...231 Postma, Lauren ...231 Potgiesser, Faith ...231 Powell, Megan ...231 Powers, Mckinzie ...231 Prager, Sara ...231 Price, Nicholas ...231 Prince, Alexis...231 Prince, Ashley...231 Prins,Amber... 189 Prins,Audrey...189 Pritchard, Shaylyn ... 189 Prokott, Taylor...231 Proos, Chelsi...231 Pulido, Destini...231

Rabbai, Taylor... 189 Rader, Ethan ...231 Rahrig, Natalie ...231 Rak, David ...231 Rak, Peter...231 Ramaker, Laura ...231 Ramirez, Gianna ...231 Ramirez, Miguel...231 Ramirez, Nancy...231 Randall, Heatherann ...231 Ray, Ellen ... 189 Raycraft, Nicklas...231 Reader, Mallory...231 Reason, Kyle ...231 Reason, Ryan ...231 Rechenbach-Chapman, Lauren ...231 Recknagel, Hannah ...231 Recknagel, Paige ...231 Reeg, Elizabeth ...231 Reitsma, Hayley...231 Reitsma, Mitchell...232 Reveley, Colleen ...232 Reyes, Lucely...232 Reyes, Sabrina ...232 Reynolds, Elizabeth ... 189 Rhoads, Bradley...232 Rhodes, Alison ...232 Rice, Ashley...232 Rich, Alison ...232 Richards, Jeremy...232 Richardson, Brandon ...232 Richardson, Justin ...232 Richardson, Nicholas...232 Ricks, Katie...232 Rico, Omar...232 Ridlen, Linnea ...232 Riedlinger, Madalyn ...232 Riekse, Sydney...232 Rieman, Elizabeth ...232 Rietsma, Matthew...232 Riley, Adam ...232 Rimelspach, Erika ...232 Ringel, Elizabeth ...232 Rinke, Meredith ...232

Ristau, Allison ...232 Ritsema, Ashley... 189 Ritter, Evelyn ... 189 Ritzman, Thomas...232 Ro, Yoonsun ... 189 Roaten, Hannah ...232 Roberts, Anna-Leigh ...232 Roberts, Christian ...232 Roberts, Rebecca ...232 Robertson, Adalee ...232 Robson, Noa ...232 Rock, Logan ...232 Rock, Nathan ...232 Rodgers, Evan ...232 Rodriguez, Angelica ... 189 Roegner, Brianna ...232 Rogalski, Jamie...233 Rogers, James ...233 Rohrman, Lucas... 189 Rolain, Adam ...233 Rolain, Matthew...233 Rommel, Nathan ...233 Ronayne, Meghan ... 189 Root, Kyler...233 Ropp, Jared ...233 Ropski, Emma ...233 Rosado, Mason ...233 Rose, Matthew ...233 Rosema, Lisa ...233 Roskamp, Elizabeth ...233 Roskuszka, Madison ...233 Ross, Peter...233 Rot, Andrew...233 Roth, Autumn ...233 Roth, Miriam ...233 Roux, Randall...233 Rowan, Lisa ...233 Royer, Jada ...233 Rozema, Nicholas...234 Ruehi, Marissa ...234 Ruff, Matthew...234 Ruiz, Nicole ... 189 Rukundo, Kevin ...234 Rusch, Isaac ...234 Rush, Daniel...234 Rush, Karleigh ...234 Rutledge, Casey... 189 Ryde, Delaney ...234 Rzepecki, Katharine ...234

S Sadogierski, Heather...234 Sagastume, Eva ... 189 Salazar, Jose ...234 Sales, Murray...234 Salguero Palma, Mary ...234 Sail, Micah ...234 Salomon, Nicholas ...234 Samuel, Shirly... 190 Sanchez-Gonzalez, Regina .. 190 Sanders, Clayton ...234 Sandgren, Matthew ...234 Sandy, Jacob ...234 Sanon, Josias...234 Sapkota, Shubham ... 190 Sarvis, Erica ...234 Satkiewicz, Rachel...234

Sauer, Katherine ... 190 Savalle, Jacqueline ...234 Schaap, Alexandra ...234 Schaap, Zachary...234 Schaar, Claire ...234 Schaefers, Devin ...234 Schaetzl, Heidi...234 Schafer, Owen ...234 Schalk, Natalie ...234 Schierbeek, Gina ...234 Schipper, Benjamin ...234 Schlenker, Erika ...234 Schmidt, Courtney...234 Schmidt, Karyn ...234 Schneider, Robert...234 Schรถlten, Jordan ...235 Schรถlten, Samuel...235 Schomber, Kieran ...235 Schonfeld, Elizabeth ...235 Schrampfer, Marie ... 190 Schrank, Elizabeth ...235 Schroeder, Benjamin ...235 Schroeder, Brian ...235 Schrotenboer, Andrew ,,.235 Schrotenboer, Sarah ... 190 Schubert, Alicia ... 190 Schuiling, Sarah ... 190 Schukos, Grace ...235 Schultz, Allison ...235 Schultz, Sierra ...235 Schultz, Tessa ...190 Schulz, Hannah ... 190 Schuster, Samuel...235 Schwan, Melissa ... 190 Schwark, Jacquelyn ...235 Schweppe, Caylee ...235 Scott, Amanda ...235 Scott, Jessica ...235 Scott, Naomi...235 Seeburger, Delaney...235 Serrano, Moises ...235 Seto, Christopher...235 Settecerri, Andrew ...235 Severt, Jordyn ...235 Seville, Brooke ...235 Shanklin, Kathryn ...235 Shanley, Frank...235 Shaw, Nicholai...235 Shaw, Sonya ...235 Shay, Andrew...235 Sheesley, Jonathan ...235 Sheffer, Caleb ...235 Shelton, Ashton ... 190 Shelton, Michael...235 Sheridan, Sarah ...235 Sherman, Rachel...235 Sherwood, Lindsay... 190 Shin, Caren ...235 Shine, Emma ...235 Shurlow, Kyler...236 Sicard, Andrew...236 Sieck, Margaret...236 Siegfried, Claire...236 Siegle, Clayton ... 190 Sievers, Maxwell...236 Sikkenga, Logan ...236 Simko, Stephanie...236 Simmons, Allison ... 190 Simon, Tim ...236 Sims, Garrett...236 Singer, Kaitlyn ...236 Singer, Katie ...236 Sitterley, Elizabeth ...236 Skaff, Erick... 190 Skaff, Erick...236 Skatrud, Olivia ...236 Skinner, Kristina ...236 Skowronek, Ryan ...236 Slette,Andreas ...236

Slopsema, Julia ... 191 Smies, Eli...191 Smith, Abigail...236 Smith, Abigail...236 Smith, Adrienne ...236 Smith, Akia ...237 Smith, Alexis ... 191 Smith, Ashleigh ... 191 Smith, Austin ... 191 Smith, Brentton ...237 Smith, Emily... 191 Smith, Glen ...237 Smith, Hayden ...237 Smith, Hillary... 191 Smith, Katie ...237 Smith, Macall... 191 Smith, Tyra ...237 Smith, Xavier...237 Sneed, Nate ...237 Snoap, Carlie ...237 Snyder, Anna ...237 Sobczynski, Andrea ...237 Sobieski, Julie ...237 Solberg, Marvin ... 191 Solomon, Daria ...237 Sommavilla, Carly...237 Sommerville, Jillian ...237 Sorace, Clare ...237 Spangler, Gabrielle ...237 Spencer, Sarah ...237 Spindler, Reagan ...237 Sponseller, Genevieve ...237 Sportel, Jordan ... 191 Springfellow, Nia ...237 Staffa, Elizabeth ...237 Stagg, Geoffrey...237 Staggs, Kevin ...237 Stahl, Courtney...237 Stanwick, Rebecca ...237 Starks, Samuel...237 Staub, Tymi...237 Steed, Sarah ... 191 Steeg, Jacob ... 191 Steele, Miranda ...237 Steenwyk, Mckayla ...237 Steers, Nicholas ...237 Steffens, Marissa ...191 Steinfeldt, Chelsea ...237 Stelk, Corey...237 Stephan, Michael...237 Stepho, Amanda ...237 Sterba, Megan ...238 Sterkenburg, Samantha ...238 Stevens, Denver...238 Stevens, Hannah ...238 Stewart, Alexandra ...238 Stewart, Brett...238 Stewart, Carolyn ...238 Stewart, Savanah ...238 Stinson, Claire ...191 Stinson, Steven ... 191 Stock, Julia ...238 Stock, Mckenzie ...238 Staffer, Lillian ...238 Stover, Stephanie... 191 Strickland, Melanie ...238 Stuckey, Peter192 Stuckey, Peter...238 Stuive, Cody...238 Stump, Jordyn ...238 Sudberry, Kamara ...238 Sullivan, Daniel...238 Sullivan, Danny...238 Sumner, Elizabeth ...238 Surya, Raymond ...238 Susnak, Amanda ...238 Sutherin, Laurel...238 Sutherland-Smith, Curissa ...238 Svendson, Emily... 192

Swartz, Sarah ...238 Sweers, Lauren ...238 SwiftBird, Kenneth ...238 Switalski, Noah ...238 Syverson, Lauren ...238 Szymczak, Hanna ...238

T Talaga, Stephen ...238 Tallarico, Holly...238 Tollman, Matthew...238 Tan, Regina ...238 Tans, Lucas ...238 Tarallo, Brandon ...238 Tarsa, Kaelyn ...239 Taylor, Madeline ...239 Taylor, Rachel...239 Teahan, Andrew...239 Telfor,Zach ...239 Telzerow, Evan ...239 Tenhoeve, Cailyn ...239 Thayer, Tyler...239 Theiling,Alex... 239 Theis, Mary Chare ...239 Thelen, Jennifer...239 Theodoroff, Britton ...192 Thomas, Abigail...239 Thomas, Currey... 192 Thomas, Currey...239 Thomas, Damon ...239 Thomas, Justine...239 Thomas, Lucille...239 Thomas, Mendon ...239 Thomas, Michael...239 Thomas, Miriam ...239 Thomas, Paul...192 Thomas, Reinie...239 Thompson, Alexis...239 Thompson, Rodger...239 Tienstra, Maia ...239 Tighe, Meghanne ...192 Tilma, Hannah ...239 Timmeney, Mara ...239 Timmer, Summer...239 Timmerman, Lindsay...192 Timmerman, Lindsay...239 Timperman, Peter...239 Timyan, Mitchell...239 Tito,Courtney...239 Tobias, Carson ...192 Tobin, Kaitlyn ...239 Tolsma, Nola ...239 Tomes, Amanda ...192 Tongue, Abby...239 Tooley, Allison ...239 Toren, Caroline ...239 Toren, Julia ...240 Towns, Bailey...240 Trapani, Anne ...240 Traversa, Amanda ...240 Traversa, Mandy...240 Travis,Jamelah ...240 Trentadue, Kathryn ...240 Trier,Michael...240 Trierweiler, Katherine...192 Trinh,Anh ...240 Tryon, Stephen ...240 Turner, Shannon ...192 Index

Twitty, Eleanor...240 Twitty, Jack...240

U Ulmer, Miranda ...240 Underhill, Victoria ... 192 Underwood, Brandon ...240 Unknown, ...240 Urban, Allison ...240 Urban, Ashley...240 Urbanik, Shannon ...240 Ureste, Emily...240

v Vacik, Olivia ...240 Valesano, Andrew... 192 Van Deelen, Anna ...241 Van Duinen, Michael...241 Van Es,Jennifer... 192 Van Es, Michelle ...241 Van Eyl,Anikka ...241 Van Heusden, Madeline ...241 Van Loo, Alec ...241 Van Loo, Trevor...241 Van Noord, Amber...241 Van Reenen, Jonathan ...241 Van Swol, Eric ...241 Van Valkenburg, Bradley ...241 Van Wieren, Annika ... 192 Van Wieren, Ty ...241 VanZyl, Carly... 241 Vance, Nathan ...241 Vandebubte, Anna ...241 Vandebunte, Joshua ...241 Vender Loan, Trevor...241 Vander Meulen, Alyssa ...241 Vander Ploeg, Adam ...241 Vander Ploeg, Ryan ...241 Vander Zouwen, Ellyn ... 192 Vanderkin, Blair...241 Vanderstoep, A m y ... 193 Vanderstoep, A m y ...241 Vanderveen, Jacob ...241 Vandervest, Alexandria ... 193 Vanderweele, Brady...241 Vanderzwaag, Katie ...241 Vandewege, Elizabeth ...241 Vandixhorn, Ashley...241 Vandyken, Emily...241 Vandyken, Tj...241 Vanhouzen, Courtney...241 Vanoss, Laura ...193 Vanportfliet, Troy...241 Vanremmen, Taylor...241 Vanvleet, Alex...241 Vanwerden, Alyssa ...241 Vanzwieten, Madison ...241 252


Vanzytveld, Rachel...242 Varnhagen, Elizabeth ... 193 Vartabedian, Elizabeth ...193 Vasquez, Gabriela ...242 Vaughan, Bethany...242 Vaughan, Kevin ...242 Vazquez, Gabriela ...242 Veasley, David ...242 Veenbaas, Emily...242 Vega, Marco...242 Vela, Natalie ...242 Velandra, Deana ...242 Veldink, Abigail...242 Velthouse, Whitney242 Verduin, William ...242 Verhage, Elizabeth ...242 Verna, Brandon ... 193 Verschueren, Jacob ... 193 Versluis, Philip ...242 Vesper, Noah ...242 Veverka, Madison ...242 Villa, Danielle ...242 Vincent, Ariel... 193 Vismara, Thomas ...242 Visser, Abby...242 Vite, Jared ...242 Vlahopoulos, Grant...242 Vlisides, Jessica ...242 Voskuil, Anna ...242 Vroon, Sarah ...242

w Waechter, Christopher... 193 Wagoner, Trevor...242 Walas, Sarah ...193 Walker, Laura ...242 Waller, Jensine ...242 Walsh, Nicole ...242 Walterhouse, Edwards ...242 Waltersdorf, Stephen ...242 Wanyagah, Isabel...242 Ward, Victoria ...242 Ware, Jonathan ...242 Warner, Ashley...242 Warner, Mckenzie ...243 Warren, Chandler...243 Washburn, Anna ...243 Washington, Luke ...243 Wassilak, Collin ...243 Watson, Cole ...243 Watson, Joey...243 Watson, Jorgie ...243 Watson, Joseph ...243 Watson, Skylar...243 Watt, Kristin ...243 Wayne, Karley... 193 Webb, Eric ... 193 Webb, Matthew...243 Webb, Rachael...243 Weber, Zach ...243 Webster, Katelyn ... 193 Week, Kyle...243 Weeda, Eric ...243 Weeiffenbach, Dakota ...243 Weeldreyer, Nate ...243 Wehner, Matthew...243 Weigl, Griffin ...243 Wells, Peyton ...243

Wells, Stephen ... 193 Werkema, Chloe ...243 Werner, Gabrielle ...243 Westley, Spencer...243 Wetzel, Jenna ...243 Wharton, Brookelyn ...243 Wheeler, Amanda ...193 Whitaker, Christian ...243 White, David ...243 White, Rachel...243 Whitehead, Colin ...243 Whitfield, Antonio ...243 Whitman, Ross ...243 Wickstrom, Kendall...243 Wiederhoeft, Cameron ...243 Wiederhold, Lindsay...243 Wieland, Macauley...244 Wierenga, Jeb ... 193 Wiesner, Grace ...244 Wilcox, Kyrian ...244 Williams, Gabriella ...244 Williams, Joseph ...244 Williams, Kayla ...244 Williams, Patrick...244 Williams, Zachary...244 Williamson, James...244 Wilson, Abigail...244 Wilson, Betsy...244 Windley, Heather...244 Winegar, Hannah ...244 Winkelman, Karina ...244 Winter, Nathan ... 194 Winther, Mary... 194 Wisneski, Breanna ...244 Witt,Cornelia ...244 Wittenbach, Alexandra ...244 Wittenbach, Stephen ...244 Wittlief,Cryssanne ...244 Wohlfert, Katelynn ...194 Wolf, Patrick...244 Wolff, Jack...244 Wolliston, Brandon ...244 Wolliston, David ...244 Wolthuis, Brooke ...194 Wolthuis, Hannah ...244 Wong, Janna ...194 Woolpert, Victoria ...244 Wooster, Carley...244 Wortz, Gwyneth ...244 Wright, Rachel...194 Wrozek, Emily...244 Wubben, Alexandria ...244 Wunderlich, Grant...244 Wurster, Michael...244 Wysocki, Ryan ...244

Y Yancey, William ...244 Yonov, Aleksandar...244 Yu, Xinrui...245

z Zaccaria, Benjamin ...245 Zandbergen, Zach ...245 Zandbergen, Zachary...194 Zank, Ben ...245 Zanski, Jakob ...245 Zeeryp, Kaeli...245 Zeller,Natalie...245 Zick, Robert...245 Zieschang, Sarah ...245 Zimmer, Caroline...245 Zimmerman, Ethan ...245 Zimmerman, Evan ...194 Zita,Jeff...245 Zoeller,Shelby...245 Zoller,Emily...245 Zuiderveen, Abbie...245 Zwintscher, Blake ...194 Zyck, Joseph ...194

X Xiang, Zhaojin ...244



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The yearbook staff is the life-blood of the Milestone. Without the hard work of these dedicated people, the Milestone would not be the award-winning publication that itis. It takes a lotof love for people, passion for Hope college, and great time management skillsto be a Milestone staff member. This year, this team accomplished more than imaginable going above and beyond every page assignment, these are the stars you have to thank forthe creation of this book.





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From geeks to greeks, ifs our job to know everyone. We call it"socially acceptable creeping" and we are really good at it.This team of section editors used collaborative efforts to perfect each section of this year's Milestone with an attitude of inclusion.

TeM Schultz Grüupt 2015

V\ Pc f •.

SierraSchultz Spürtt 2015

AndreaSühczmki Academics








Ctömlm ECCiA





AbigailEmeri&n StudentUpe 2016

Special Thaakd! Other contributing photographers:

W e often get so lost in trying to capture the moment that we don't allow ourselves to just be inthat moment. This talented team of yearbook photographers made that sacrifice so that you didn't have to.

Monica Dwyer ('15) Mary Kate Hoerr ('17) Greg Ogles, Public Relations Alan Babbitt, Public Relations ErikAlberg, Dance Dept.

W %£


GarrettGünnCey 2018 ■:


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Ju/BneP&e 2015

P m Govdmn 2015

LaurelSutherin Greekt


From freshmen to seniors, these women have been a part of the Milestone tradition. "When we took on our new leadership roles," said Justine, "we could not have been less prepared." She went on to explain how she wouldn't have had itany other way. Since stepping into leadership, the Milestone staff grew by 47%, sales increased by 25%, and the tradition felt alive again. Drew, a Biology major, showed her dynamic abilityto love science and have a creative side. Her and Justine, who studied Communication and Management, mad e themselves a team that loved to challenge each other and share in their passion for Hope's rich history and vibrant present. They would especially like to thank Wilma Hart for her kindness and resourcefulness and Anthony Perez for his charisma and expertise. Colophon




year*in review


popular video games “TitanfalT “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare" “M a d d e n N F L 2 0 1 5 ” “Destiny" “Grand Theft Auto V" “Minecraft" “N B A 2 K 1 4 ” “The Lego Movie Videogame” “Battlefield 4"

★ Fans flocked to see “T h e Hunger G a m e s : Mockingjay - Part 1 ” around the holidays. T h e first of t w o movies scheduled to b e m a d e ba s e d o n the final b o o k in “T h e H u n g e r G a m e s ” series dre w rave reviews.

* A spacecraft launched by the European S p a c e A g e n c y 10 years a g o successfully landed a robotic probe on the surface of a comet. T h e probe, n a m e d the Philae, immediately sent ba c k pictures a n d w a s expected to monitor the c o m e t for four to five months. * SpaceShipTwo, o n e of the planes for Virgin Galactic’s n e w s p a c e tourism company, crashed in the Mojave Desert during a test flight. O n e of the plane’s t w o pilots w a s killed, a n d the c o m p a n y ’s test flight program w a s set bac k several months.

★ Devoted Harry Potter fans received a special treat w h e n author J.K. Rowling published six n e w short stories o n the Pottermore website that provided a whole n e w round of backstory on the Potter world.

* After 2 0 seasons, N e w York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter retired. T h e 14-time All Star finished his career as the Y a n k e e s ’ leader in hits and g a m e s played. His final total of 3,465 hits w a s the mo s t ever by a shortstop.

key ■* N e w s ★ International n e w s ★ Trends ★ Entertainment ★ Sports ★ Science a n d Tech Photo Credits: Newscom

★ Lava from the Kilauea volcano o n the big island of Hawaii destroyed a h o u s e in November, five m o n t h s after the lava flow began. N o one w a s injured. Residents had b e e n o n alert to evacuate since June, a n d were moving possessions out of their h o m e s to protect them. ★ T h e National Football L e a g u e b e g a n working with N O M O R E , a national anti-domestic violence awareness campaign, after s o m e incidents involving players c a m e to light. O n e of those involved Baltimore] R a v e n s running bac k R a y Rice, w h o w a s s u s p e n d e d by the NFL.

★ Sports fans m o u r n e d u p o n hearing that E S P N SportsCenter anchor Stuart Scott died Jan. 4 after a long battle with cancer. Scott w o r k e d at E S P N for m o r e than 2 0 years, with several of his catchphrases b e c o m i n g part of sports p o p culture, including the famous, “Booyah!”




* O n the strength of her 70m p h fastball, 13-year old M o ’ne Davis b e c a m e the first girl to pitch a shutout a n d get a win in the Little L e a g u e World Series. T h e Associated Press n a m e d Davis, w h o also plays basketball a n d soccer for her school in Philadelphia, the Female Athlete of the Year.

yearm review I,N e w Port Richey, Fla.


•k In

an unexpected m a t c h u p of t w o wild card teams, the S a n Francisco Giants defeated the K a n s a s City Royals in seven g a m e s to win the 2 0 1 4 World Series. Madison B u m g a r n e r pitched five shutout relief innings on t w o da y s ’ rest in the final g a m e to clinch it for the Giants. •k N A S A took its first steps toward Mar s with the initial launch of the Orion spacecraft. Orion, which w a s designed for h u m a n exploration of the m o o n , asteroids a n d Mars, took a test flight in December. It w a s h o p e d m a n n e d missions with Orion could take place by 2021.

* A campa i g n to raise awareness for A L S called the Ice Bucket Challenge wen t viral across social media, with participants filming buckets of ice water being d u m p e d over their heads, pledging donations, and then challenging others to d o the same. T h e A L S Association estimated m o r e than $ 1 0 0 million w a s donated to its cause.

* O r e g o n D u c k s quarterback M a r c u s Mariota b e c a m e the first O r e g o n player a n d the first Hawaiian to ever win the H e i s m a n Trophy after throwing for m o r e than 4,000 yards a n d 4 0 touchdowns.

watch this photo come to life!

* Malala Yousafzai, 17, of Pakistan, received the Nobel P e a c e Prize for her w o r k supporting the education of w o m e n in her country. Kailash Satyarthi of India also received the P e a c e Prize for his wor k in freeing children from forced labor. Both wen t about their w o r k at great risk to their lives. ★ Teen girls were wearing dresses inches a b o v e the knee, jeans, leggings a n d jeggings with bab y doll tops a n d even laced c o m b a t boots. Scarves and fringe wer e a m o n g the accents. Layered looks remained in style for both guys a n d girls. G u y s were sporting jogger pants with elastic cuffs a n d jeans with or without rolled cuffs. ★ M a r c h e s a n d other forms of support appeared worldwide o n behalf of the freedom of expression after a terrorist attack in Paris at the offices of “Charlie H e b d o , ” a satirical magazine that p o k e d fun at m a n y things, including Islam. T h e French phrase “Je suis Charlie Hebdo," which means, “I a m Charlie H e b d o , ” b e c a m e the rallying cry.

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n I jESUis A#:» '

\ Im

★ Choice Comedian: Kevin Hart Choice Reality Show: “The Voice" Choice Rock Group: Imagine Dragons Choice R&B/Hip-Hop Artist: Iggy Azalea Choice Drama T V Show: "Pretty Little Liars" Choice Movie (Drama): "The Fault in our Stars"

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year*in review



★ President Barack Obama issued an executive order offering millions of illegal immigrants the chance to apply to stay in the U.S. temporarily ifthey have lived in the U.S. more than five years, have children and pass a criminal background check. Questions were raised about Obama’s use of executive action versus working to get an immigration billthrough Congress.


1. LeBron James 16-6 miillcsn 2. Shaquille O’Neal

9 million ★ The nominees for Best Picture at the Oscars included “Boyhood,”a coming-of-age film that was shot over the course of 12 years and showed a young boy and his sister growing up through their school years. Other nominees included "American Sniper,” “Birdman,” “The Imitation Game,”and "Selma.”

3. John Gena

6.6 million 4. Kobe Bryant

5.8 million 5. Carmelo Anthony

★ Ridesharing service Über expanded to more than 200 cities. Smartphone users were able to arrange rides via the Über app. However in many cities taxi drivers protested Über, claiming they were avoiding the fees and restrictions taxi companies face.

5.7 million Source: Twitter

★ NBA superstar LeBron James shocked many by choosing to return to his hometown team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, after becoming a free agent. James began his career with seven Ffj seasons inCleveland, before leaving to lead the Miami Heat to two NBA titlesinfour years.

I k

★ In his firstyear as host, comedian Jimmy Fallon helped boost the ratings of "The Tonight Show”for the firsttime in years. Fallon introduced the traditional late-night show to younger viewers with comedy bits that quickly became viral video sensations.

o m A M C Net

★ California architect Greg Henderson invented a prototype hoverboard. The "Hendo” hoverboard glides just a few inches above metal surfaces using four engines that emit magnetic fields and push against each other. I ★ Republicans gained control of the House and Senate in the midterm elections. Issues before Congress could include the Keystone XL pipeline, immigration and health care. ★ AMC’ s zombie drama “The Walking Dead" continued to gain viewers. The show’s season 5 premiere was watched by more than 17 million people, making itthe most-watched episode in cable TV history.

Democrats Republicans Independents

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^ ’1


2014-2015 Ä

year*in review


★ Scientists declared 2014 as the hottest year on record. According to the World Meteorological Organization, 2014 was the 38th consecutive year with a higher-thanaverage annual global temperature. * Serena Williams won the U.S. Open for a record sixth time, and stayed at the top of the world rankings. Her 19 career Grand Slam tennis titles rank second, behind only Steffi Graf’s 22.

*The New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX, 28-24, over the Seattle Seahawks in dramatic fashion when rookie Malcolm Butler intercepted a pass in the end zone with 26 seconds left. Seattle’s decision to callfora pass, rather than run, with the ball on the 1-yard line was questioned by many. * An outbreak of measles that health officials said began at Disneyland spread to at least 14 states. Most of the people who caught itwere unvaccinated. In 2014, the Centers for Disease Control said a record 644 cases of measles in 27 states were reported, up from zero in 2000.

key News* International news* Trends* Entertainment * Sports* Science and Tech* Photo Credits: Newscom

yearun review ★ While the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan ended in December, about 11,000 U.S. troops remained there as support for Afghan forces. The United States has had troops in Afghanistan for more than 13 years, since the Sept. 11,2001, terrorist attacks.

★ Movie studio S o n y Pictures lost confidential data w h e n computer hackers accessed the c o m p a n y ’s systems. S o n y ’s film “T h e Interview,” a c o m e d y starring J a m e s Franco and Seth Rogen, w a s leaked on to the Internet before its release date, along with several emails from studio executives.


* I





R -A?/ /

m f c m


V tiAY



★ President Obama announced the U.S. would begin diplomatic relations with Cuba, lifting some travel and economic restrictions that had been in place since 1961 against the island nation 90 miles south of Miami.


top box office movies 1. "Guardians of the Galaxy" 2. "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1" 3. "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" 4. "The LEGO Movie’ 5. "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies" Source: b o x o f f i c e m o j o . c o m

★ The latest hit movie from the Marvel universe, “Guardians of the Galaxy,”earned more than $330 million at the box office and introduced a new group of misfit superhero space characters out to save the world. ★ Bethany Mota, a teen who became a YouTube celebrity thanks to her fashion videos and own clothing line, was chosen to be a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars”and a guest judge on “Project Runway.”




★ American teens today are not as lonely as their parents were when they were teens, according to a study published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. The study showed that even though teens spend a lot of time alone with their smart phones and computers and make fewer close friends, they are slightly less lonely and more independent. ★ British singer Sam Smith reached stardom when his debut album, “Money on My Mind,” became a huge seller and he received six Grammy nominations. Smith’s song, “Stay With Me”was one of the biggest hits of the year.

key News* International news* Trends* Entertainment ★ Sports* Science and Tech* Photo Credits: Newscom

year*m review

2014-2015 / Health officials struggled to contain the Ebola epidemic, which began in West Africa. A few cases were treated in the U.S. Of those, two people died, but among the survivors was Nina Pham, a nurse who caught Ebola while treating a patient with the disease. * iPhone sales surpassed 500 million devices as Apple released the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The newest iPhones came with the largest screen size to date, and an improved camera.

★ NASCAR driverKevin Harvick won the firstSprint Cup championship ofhiscareerat thefinalrace ofthe season in Homestead, Fla. Han/ickclinched itby holding offRyan Newman ina three-lap dash tothefinish. ★ Country singer Craig Wayne Boyd was chosen the winner on season 7 of “The Voice." Boyd’s song, “My Baby’s Got a Smile on Her Face,”which he performed on the show’s finale, hit number one on the U.S. country charts.


Protecting Tho Valley .com

★ Rory Mcllroy kept his status as the number one golfer in the world by winning the British Open, the PGA Championship and leading Europe to a victory in the 2014 Ryder Cup.

* Denver’s Peyton Manning became the NFL’s all-time leader in touchdown passes during the Broncos' Oct. 19 win over San Francisco. Manning’s record-setting 509th touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas allowed him to break the old record set by Brett Favre.

★ Three teens from Ireland - Ciara Judge Emer Hickey and Sophie Healy-Thow won the top prize at the Google Science «■ Fair for their idea to help solve world hunger. The science students researched a nitrogen-fixing bacteria that could reduce j{ the germination time of certain crops.

★ California experienced itsthird straight year of drought conditions, before heavy rainstorms finally hit in December. Many lakes and creeks dried up, while water restrictions were in place for residents all over the state.

key News* International news* Trends* Entertainment * Sports* Science and Tech* Photo Credits: Newscom

* review


★ The Ohio State Buckeyes won the first-ever College Football Playoff, defeating the Oregon Ducks, 42-20, in the national championship game. Third-string quarterback Cardale Jones led the way for the Buckeyes in the final three games, after Ohio State’s top two quarterbacks went out with injuries. ★ Sitcom “The Big Bang Theory" continued to gain in popularity and was once again among the most-watched shows on network TV, averaging more than 20 million viewers each week.

^ ★ Gas prices dropped for a while, hitting a low not seen for four years. A midDecember survey by Lundberg showed a price range of $2.82 per gallon in New York City down to $2.06 inTulsa, with prices below $2.00 in parts of Oklahoma and Missouri early in 2015.

★ The video game Minecraft, which allows players to build structures and explore worlds made out of 3D cubes, passed the 60 million sales mark across all platforms, making it one of the best-selling video games of alltime. Early development also began on the first Minecraft movie. ★ Scientists discovered dinosaur fossils in Argentina for what they believed was the largest animal that ever walked on land. Named the Dreadnoughtus, itweighed around 65 tons and stood 30 feet tall.

averagi gas prices W

J‘ (as of 2/23/15)




New York Hawaii Source:


/' \

$2.48/gallon $2Ai $3.03/gailon

★ Fans were shocked and saddened by the death of actor and comedian Robin Williams. Williams’popular movies included “Good Will Hunting,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and “Dead Poets Society.”

fek ★ Lauren Hill, a freshman basketball player for Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, Ohio, took the court to play in the team's first game despite having an inoperable brain tumor. Hill’s inspirational story spread through social media and helped raise more than $1 million for cancer research.

key News* International news* Trends* Entertainment * Sports* Science and Tech* Photo Credits: Newscom


2014-2015 * New York Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made one of the more memorable plays ofthe year in November when he jumped up to make a one-handed, fingertip catch inthe end zone on Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. ★ In November, areas of Buffalo, N.Y., received up to seven feet of lake-effect snow in four days in November. People were trapped in their houses and vehicles, and roofs collapsed. In a two-week period in January and February, Boston received more than 75 inches of snow, with more on the way.

* T h e N B A ’s Sa n Antonio Spurs hired retired W N B A player Becky M a m m o n as an assistant coach, making her the first full-time female coach in N B A history. During her playing days, M a m m o n w a s a 6-time W N B A All Star and a college All-American.



I ★ Apple unveiled itsfirst mobile payment system, called Apple Pay, which allowed users with Apple devices to make credit and debit payments at certain locations, essentially replacing theirplastic credit cards.

* Itwas a bad winter for the fluacross the U.S. The primary fluvirus the annual flushot was created to prevent, known as H3N2, mutated by the time the vaccine was ready to be used. The flu shot offered people some protection, but the H3N2 virus spread rampantly across the country.

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