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The Anchor Volume XXXIV

H O P E C O L L E G E . Holland, Michigan, D e c e m b e r 7, 1921



Y. W. C. A.


" O h , Praise Ye T h e L o r d . " At • » HIIJI A A t i r m P k i M r Wihiy oriticize, censoire, or strongly ^ Thanksgiving season, what topic f\ | I lillNFFRFNPr could—ihiave been- more apfpropriate VVIll bllLllUL condemnn — • ~ vpu uai^c CONFERENCE AT CHICAGO ON Andrew C. McLaughlin, th,a,n t h ! i s ? NOV. 13 AND 14 BRINGS Magdalene De Young, our STATE C H R I S T I A M University of Chicago. T/he f a u l t s you may see in another? ,ea er RESULTS Just take out tlhe beam that is found ^ » pictured to us the sufferings rowccDPM^r. ^ Charles H. Judd, CONFERE of the Pilgrims and how a f t e r thpir N C E HELD AT ANN in y<)Ur e y e Wesleyan University. ' I W r i l f f r i m s a n d , f t o w a f t e r theii ARBOR rs ear new ^j||er • llhen the mote will leave t h a t of your " ^ y country Goiver P E R M A N E N T ORGANEdward A. ]Miller, — TYrW DBradford Y^o r] £ r^r*r7s sI 4>V% n tthanksgiv1 - f_.Hope Y. M C A ,broth r nor the ZATION FORMED Oberlin College. * ' ™ , * 1 " r u . l issued Sends Thirteen ou ^ weakness, follies, and i n f f procliaimiation. And in addition, be it f u r t h e r re- ^ Men Student Thought On National Affairs sins; " D o we keeip Thanksgiving as a solved Tnem r To Be Given Attention o y of t h a t day? It is true that That this convocation aroused by He has them—that is doubtless too Last Friday and Saturday, Dec. 2 true, New England has given us the herit,lc consideration 01 of me the gruac great prooprob- ^ j • . . tthe v;viiamt3imjuuii ' Assembied in conference in Chi- i e m s n o w u n d e r d i s c x l B 8 i o n at Wash- B u t here is a question I Id like to pro- age of the first Thaniksgivlng day, and 3, found thirteen Hopeites in the S(tate but each yeiar God gives us our mani- Ann Arjbor, t o attend r e p r n t the : r i N O ; - 9 3K an ' d 4 1 4 1 r " in^on ^ attention of college ataves of 226 American colleges u n i v e r s i t y o f f l c e r s a n d s t u d e n t e What sort of a fellow are you? fold blessings,—so that our dlay is Qhristian Callings Conference f o r to C<)lle e M e n vowed the desires of the national stu- t h € n e c e s s i t y o f p r c v i c , i n ^ m o r ( 1 f u l l y - enouigih - --to set aside to thank — hardly ^ - All report—as RooseD o y o u h;Ue to ourself the Hm l f o r H l s Hirri f o r His goodgifts, gifts, bothtemportemmor^ when he left the Whitehouse dent„ 1body of , resolutions, instruction y delusion good both a n d<) r e s e n t c oLUUIfcCS u r E e s o f OI . V in ,, a niuimiber ... , ' t hman uvpj/lCBCUt mStrUCLlOn of which the fnl Inwinor ic fVio »rr»r»yf . . . . nKf 1 i>l onrl orrn'rn+iinl T r.«« J 1 'a corkfing good time," and, added al and spiritual. J a n e Crewdson has ab6urd Z ^ T r 8 ' 3 ^ , Z 0 T t : i n A m e r i c a n educational institutions ' well expressed a thot in one of her to it, a f u n d of new inspiration f o r S i ; rt !• N a t 5 , ( ; n ! 1 n C 0 n an intelligent understanding . nia an , n g of 01 ^ Christian work. vocation hymns:— cation of Universities and Colleges t )h, ep p r ( > b l e m s o f n a t"i o n l ® That in you perfection is found? al ™ a n H® The Coi^fjference oipened; with a on International Relations, including . T T TW /.k / "' "Thou whose bounty fills my faultless? j i• . national life. To that end that pres- Do you think yourself banquet on Friday evening, at which representatives of more than two e n ,1 * <. • *u caip You know you are not,— j • ... , , ^ defects in these matters be corDr. H. R. Ohapnan presided, and nundred universities and colleges as;+ • j ^ i. With every .blessdng meet Then why pass your comments 18 c urpes of Pres. Burton, of the U. of M., was sembled at Chicago, November 12 ' ' ° f around? I give Thee thanks f o r every ,nRtrU)Ct 0n h p r 0 V , M M the chief sfpeaker. The latter gave 13 and 14, 1921 desires to e . w e s s its : f ^ 1 1 It will keep you quite busy safedrop rlppn anni*, f * tu • acquaint students in schools and colan excellent address on 44 The ChalThe ibitter and (the sweel." deep appreciation of the .mportance l e guardUng your thoughts. w i t h t h c f u n < ] a m e n l j a l necessity. and significance of the step which the ^ -i ^ Without trouibling what others may Mondlay was aJso the day set f o r ^ eng ® ^ ^ o n / ' In which he eonS0Clal C0 0 perat,on a d t h e d i s a Presiident of the United s J t c ' s has - ' ; " twinging our presents f o r the Christidealism a n d unselfishness, do: • taken in calling the conference t ^ la.k of in- You'll agree that it will, knowing mas box we are to send to the In^ilfcoy and Bishop Rem,u. . ai ternational harmony and war. w initon also spoJce. Wasihington on the limitation of armWn +^0 ^ c * r onothers will ask, dian reservation in New Mexico. We 1 , 1. • » t''16 representatives of 225 nn,nry4.nThe Saturday morning session was aments and relatea matters. « n • iWhat sort of a fellow are you^ There were all kinds of toys and a r Rp<?nlvpH ih a + f v * xcolleges m conference asseimbled, at ticles of clothing, which will make characterized iby an adtairable adex nrp^0 :. ' ' T 0 0 " Chica«0 IIlinois. on November IS presses with unqualified enthusiasm a n ( 1 ] 4 > 1 ! ) 2 1 ( d o a u t h o r i z e t h e n a . Oh, the sdn and the follies we find little h e a r t s glad at the Chrisltmas dress by Dr. Petty on ^Christian its hearty approval of the ausDicdous 1 • 1. , in ourselves! season. The Prep, girls filled a spe- Thinking f o r the New D a y . " Other WinmniL f i t u , auspicQous t l o n a l o r g a ^ j ^ ^ n outlined below: Degmmngs of the conference already NameTJien why should we censure our cial box whidh they are going to send speakers were Dr.. E. B. Allen, Dr. C. made, and of the words of the Pres^ brothers? toto Anne brothers? Anne Tysse, Tysse, Prep. Prep. '2( '20, who is M. McConneU, and Dr. A. G. Studer. Section m m e of or ident and of the S e c m a r y of State, panization shall be- " T h e NatSoml T h o u g h t ' h e y h a v e t h « i r weaknesses teaching in Grayhawk, Ky. Hope vs. Franklins Friday Which express, wo believe, not only S t u d e n t Committee for the Limit:.- ^ n y of them— J a n e t Boumia was there to receive ^ l n o u r s e l v e 8 w e sh t e the purposes of the administration, i t o n 0 f Armaments." ' a l l find there a r e ^ ann/ual dues and although a good ALUMNI /NEWS but the heaita nd conscience of the p others. many of the girls paid, we are sorry people of America. urpose. Look not ^Jhean were not .WW f o r the W.V. man xi uc411who possess no 11U —* iiK/b there. tUClC. 'd UT x SUJTllrrber t w o ^Resolved, t h a t in the opinion of Section 2—Its purposes shall be to net will be ready at a n y time to regraduates no fauitS( 6re this conference it is a matter of su- stimulate among college students an For we all have them, many or f e w ; « i v e the dues which tave not yet p ' " HoiLami. Mise Alice 19 a n d Ja preme consequence and of happy interest in the iwues confronting the When condemning another, don't f o r - been paid. ' ^ ' y ^P86were WncVi;no4 « — j x. .. --_ . . . u n i t e d in the holy bond.'' rt Washington conference; and to moU W e MMr. r augury that various nations of the get 'twill be asked. The social committee had prepared P Z ( ^ ^ Tr bilize and make articulate student g r a d u a t l n f r o l n H o e world have sent their delegates to What sort of a fellow are you | delicious refreshments and after f t J* ® P sentiment relative thereto. 0 m e d i c i n e a t t he Washington to discuss the limitation talking with each other f o r a short * —C. B., '23. Function: Scl 001 of M e d i c i n e of armaments and to dispose of extime, we left the meeting, feeling , ! - He Section 3 — I t shall seek to achieve f 0 r ach<,lar i isting difficulties that may menace that it was one of the .best we have ^ ^ P ^ere these purposes by:— a t c o m l >letion of the peace of the world. had and thamkful to God f o r all His ! ^ ** his work f o r having made the highest a. Furnishing speakers on Resolved, t h a t it is our belief that blessings to us. grade in his class of more than one disarmament to the colleges. the subjects to be discussed by the hundred medical students. b. Preparing pertinent syllconference at Washington deeply afPREP NEWS A t present he is filling • very def e c t the welfare of the world and abi. sirable appointment in t h e Mayo hosr c. Encouraging meetings for that the students, alumni and faculSome of the Van Vleok seniors are P R O F . O T T T O G I V E L E C pital at Rochester, Minn. study and discussion. ties of the colleges and univeVsities T U R F . O N < < V T P T ^ P V > , n 0 t e a s ^ y attracted by the Preps, and Another Hope man EdKvard C^thd. Conductiing simultaneous UJN V 1 U 1 Q here represented,most earnestly hope RY their activities, yet Thomas Ten cait, is filling an internship at the straw votes expressive of underthat in the spirit already shown ev0 d t i m e Bl00d WILL APPEAR AS SECOND NUM^ i l , ^ ^ i w K o n . iThis t u s presents a Mlayo "institution. graduate and faculty opinion. ery effort will be made in good faith B E . OP COLLEGE LVCEUM " " Z ^ ^ e. Doing whatever else will, and in high honor to achieve the purin the opinion of the excutives, poses f o r which the conference was f u r t h e r the cause of internationcalled, namely: of the greatest lecturers on the lyc- ve ™' 1) er 26, 1921, by means of a de. . " Cathoart al disarmament. eum platform, is the next speaker to bate. graduated f r o m the University of T h e limitation of armaments;



Number 9




Structure: appear on the Hope College Lecture The reduction of armies to the course here, December 19. Section 4—The structure of the lowest praciticable limits; Prof. O t t ' s lectures on " S o u r organization shall be as follows: And that the underlying causGrapes," "The Spenders," " T h e a. Each institution partici es of war, such as diisputes or Haunted House," and other topics pating in this movennent shall differences of apparent interest gave him nation-wide recognition, be represented by an underOver a million people have heard his in the Pacific be composed in the "'Sour Grapes," and he now lectures graduate whose duty it shall be spirit of harmony and good will. to practically two hundred thousand to adapt the National Program Resolved, that in the opinion of the People a year. to the institution. convocation the pulblic should be He is slated to give the Holland b. The representative referP P U l a T leCt Ure 0,1 made acquainted with the stages of 2 "Vici J red to above shall join with the tory when he comes to deliver the the progress of the conference as f a r first of two lectures, which Dr. Nyrepresentatives of the other colas consistent with the deliberations kerk has been f o r t u n a t e in securing leges in his state in electing a of the conference and that the final f o r the college lecture ' course. state chairman, whose duty it conclusions and the reasons for the No person who is interested in nahonal problems can afford to miss shall be to effect the purpose of reaching of them be fully published Prof. Oltt s famous lecture, which has to the world. the organization in his state. made a profound impression upon the c. The states shall be groupResolved, that the convocation exthousands of people t h a t have heard ed five regions as indicated be- * presses the hope that the conference t L i f ' ® l ^ r e ° n "Victory", a low:— may be a first step leading to inter-

Eastern E astern national co-operation f o r the preserMaine Now TTam^ w v vation of peace; re, erm - « P,U" T T T u 6 ' p . T , <)nt' T 1 Ma a useftts ^ Resolved, that copies of these reso^ ^ ' Rhode-Island, ConnecYork lutions be sent to the President of * ' P e n n s y J v a n i a , New the United States, the Secretary of . e y : D e l a w a r e , Maryland, West ir n State and to all colleges and umvorc. unrivers- ^ ^ i a > District of Columbia. ties. North Central Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, MinnGen. Nathan W. Mac Chesney, ^ Wisconsin, Illinois, xmnuia, MichiuuenUniversity of Michigan. esota,• Iowa, Charles S. Deneen, gan, Ohio, Indiana, North Dakota, Dnlr/vfo South Dakota. McKen'dree College. (Oontinued on Page 8)

srs A

K:hlglan Thomas Ten Hoeve's violent PPS Medical School, where he gcs ,f , ' made a creditable record n and Nel90n D a a k s gentle voice Hone's scien^. m o n > cause,d e a c h P a r t t o b e acted in such oomoftSn^ winTv. >t seems are a m Perfect manner as to arouse the k • i i s s i o n a n e a in 11 t 0 t h e i r A t e l a M , a t interest of every senior in Van er. VleCk And thiu^ thpv • Application f o r membership in the they ' , ^ o n l y e a i n - Pi Kappa Delta, Hope's honorarv for ^ themselves a reputation as deorennizfltinn w K • j baters, but also the attention of the T * been received Seniors toward the Preps .^ ®V- G e o r g e Steinenger of New Mr The subject f o r debate was "Re^ ^ - Ste5ninWl11 4)6 r ca]VpH thnt n nnfeM i, n • j i ^ ei«m.bered as one of 0 o u t s i < l e r 9ha11 ? f , indulge Hope's brilliaTit ^ m the ^ e a a i r e of stacking rooms in national remm^K • t 0 Van V l e c k . " B«th carried the affirm.s t a t i o n in. forensic work. ative, only viewing it f r o m ddfferent I'd rather be a 'VouhMbe" Mirerent aTlsles E, ' . If I couldn^t be an "are," 0 pert<Mt "b 0 pleasure of the For a ^,would•4>€', is a "may-lhe" seniors and the merit of the debate With a chance of touching par. Poor Tom found his room, in absolute



^ 'T

" '•

I'd rarther (be a "has-lbeen" Than a "miight have been" by far For a "(migh have (been " has never

to m e very doors w a i. . , , . — u r oown w n hhompn omes ed Wwith ltih of oour .nnri has Koa an strikyy Wwent to bed » and Ppleasiant ^asbnt ing messa e that « fi^s its wav into of the f u t u r e , when he would been the heart of every true American. meet Doak on the platform at an While a "has-beenM was am "Are." elimination elimination contest. contest. 'HiilftdaJe Oollegiaii. Maurice Visscher (to his physiology Prep. Reporter. class): What do we call a person who lives entirely on vegetaWesf Si Heemstra: I've lately acquired ^ H o p e v s . F r a n k l i n s F r i d a y Prep. A vegetarian. the habit of talking to myself. vt , . ^aisy -Would you object to a husProf. Visscher:• Correct. Now ixuw n . Korver: A.o: H. No wonder you look band who smoked in the house? we ca ^ one who lives on so -bored. mpofo? meats? , Mabel-—I certainly would. But Til

Same Prep.: A unitarian.

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E ^ D o n ' t Miss the First Game.

keep quiet albout it unttil I get one GWte.

his eyes. Sottw -of us e pwsi- tfhan othem and we h more toiuches. Dick's Juat received a new supply of Non-Skid and Dodgers Shoes for Basdents: *1 V.: ket Ball Players. Buy now while the line ifc complete at "There is no ik)6Tn in Wesleyan constancy In our reli P ibliihed every W e d n e i a ^ w t n g the Col- ^ preside is not ery day contact with the Master. N U P E R I O R C I G A R € 0 . lege year by itudenU of Hope oollefe. ^ ^ 206 RIVER AVENUE Last weeik we heard an excellent Justified' by clear purpose and faithfui^effoitt. No one is entitled to a and most profitable ajacounit of The BOARD OF EDITORS Great Hand^Boodc by A'l King^na. widely known lecture "Victory." PETER S« DE VBIE8.. EDITOR-IN-OHISF The dangerous criticjism now pre- Sometime ago Dr. Dimnent and Dr. viaiertt'thalt the K b l ^ i s nbt practi<a- iNykerk gave the organiaation a giood Janet W. Bouma Campus News 1 r e n u o u s a n d *JB1 4 life; the boost with a donlaition f o r new instruRanald Fell.. h ble and suitable f o r ' W p r e s e n t civilfor the-a/bleat and the William Joldei ments, in particular the (fruims, so STATIONERY DISTINCTIVE? Maurice Visscli^ ^ ^ • -rr-* - - - — ization was attacked on its own t h a t , the orcihealtra will be able to Everdene K u i p e r . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Bxclujge best." .h'lOil Qri'P 9 / oauiVf TT . Mat U....U... * —Pres. Shanklin of Wesleyan Um. grounds. Especially H. G. Wells' pe- give the public a greater t r e a t than Does your business s t a t i o n e r y s a y to heretofore. Two years ago Prof. tition, tihat, we need a new Bible and your customer, " I am substantial 'There is no reason why a boy who srAltTMENT Meineeke was highly comimended for a n d reliable"; or d o e s it g i v e h i m a Jehn Flikkema jenn *Manager C 0 ( m € f i fo college should expect any tJhat we do aWay with the Old Testa- the splendid work of his musicians n e g a t i v e , f a l s e impression of you? ment, w a s denounced on the ground 1 f v I t was asserted at that time that Golden o p p o r t u n i t i e s t o r e i n f o r c e scT'S p f c i I ? adviiEi easier bkne than a boy who goes to that he does not know our Bible. If p r e s t i g e a r e o f t e n sacrificed f o r t h e Hope's orchestra was equal to any single' WfrAs.'C A. $ U J J.. i V ^ i n a factory or in an office.**** s a v i n g of a few p e n n i e s in p i i n t i n g . he 'knew it he wouild see in it i the that had been develo»ped in the sitate. Accepted for Mailing at Special Rate of- A college is a workshop, and if it is P r o b a b l e no m o n e y s a v i n g wan efWith aidlditional members and the negreatest book of all ages. f e cted. i r k i n g to main tain its place in tf.e cessary instruments, the orchestra The Bible contains the mind of ^IGNOOLIIHT CTNT»G^ .A . J T/R .Y »(| ESTEEM OF A NATION that hae supiportE v e r y l e t t e r h e a d ; e n v e l o p e a n d billwill oultdo its previous work, when head does more t h a n c a r r y t h e mes= = = = = ^ = i ! ? ^ = = = = = = ? ed us with such unstinted generosity, God, the condition of man, the way it appears at the next mimlber of the s a g e i t s e l f — it c o n v e y s a n impresof salvation; its preempts are binding, college lecture course. The orchestra Mercy Meegh says it is beautiful w e m u ^ t gee that the gospel of honsion t o t h e o n e w h o receives it. is pllanmnig on gavimg a concert some to 'JeajMt withiAowers/i' ..but nios(t e S t W0T fk is not only taught in the binding, its doctrines are holy, its D o n ' t dress your f a i r y in rags. time later in the school year. Prof. •histif 1 er are Irue and its decir.ons M a k e it distinctive. f e l l o w s find it cheaper to use the telecolleges but practiced by all of us Meinedke is hope*ful of developing are immovable. We read it to be We a r e specialists a n d qualified to phone and the movies., wfy) have anything to do with i t . " the best orchestra that he has ever supply t h e n u c l e . s of f a v o r a b l e imwiise, practice it to be holy and be11 1 trained. -Pres. Richmond, Union College. 1./1 • '• pressions—excellent a n d a p p i o p r i a l e lieve it to be safe. It contaiins light We were^ratiher, struck .with our <«it & entirely possible to exclude business s t a t i o n e r y , properly prinrA BLUSH ed. We q u o t e f a i r price s — t h e same roommate's differatjation between loafer and the man who is foul to direct us, food to support us and comfort to cheer us. It is the travto e v e r y b o d y . w Why did you blush today when in a 'pretty" girl and a ' ' r e a l " g i r l . ' ' A mouthed, the dull, the sileepy, and pilot's compass the your eyes . pretty- girl/! says he, <4is one in a. the aimless. .Thds year is the time eler's map, the 1 crowd; a real girl is one in a million.". eliminate all such and keep only soldier's sword and the Christian's I read your love? 'Tiwas strange!— Steketee Van Huis Ptg. House It made me feel i: ii;..7 a ,'ii • ,ij 1 •' 'i Vi: 0 > 1' those who are of high character ami chart. In it paradise is restored, Geci Prlatlil-Qnlck S rvlcc heaven is opened and the gates of As when the first red rays of sainAndrfflWi IBW!® . t h a t f W ; ^ i r l Clean m i n d s . " 180 River Ave. HOLLAND. MICH. shine steal that^^eads >4^ ^ijl ^ r i v e to find out (1 Pres. Faunce, Brown Uni. hell are dteolosed. Christ is its objust ^ h a t constitutes the differpce Considering this same issue. Prof, ject, our good is its design, and the Across the dawn of early summer hopes glory to God is its end. skies— between hei" a n ^ . t h e ot,her^999,999. ^ e n ^ Lafayette College says:— never The meetings are well attended, It made me glad! It took you by Had never fancied it—had .-L.ii j - — — ; — > 7 i ~ ij*' Vx f ' "School sins are too well known to dreamed Stm .1 is a happy old world a f t e List includes consecration and enthusiasm are surprise all, isn t it, when you stop to eons.de. ^ i a c k 0f dominant; and our prayers are an- I know but that one blush did sweetly That such a bliss could be—so f a r of above tha seal ' ^ T i r v . r t W . 0 0 r . a , r e e .t! - and aim, amaU aflpelite for book swered. boys all fihd that " o n e ,n a m.lhon, ^ hard w o A i scholarly am. All that your eyes, unguarded, did Such common, earthlbound loves as and yet. there are always enough to ^ ^ mline you seemed! The Hope College orohesitra, under r i s e s n,o h i g h e r ^ a reveal,— the direction of Prof. Bruno Mein- You love! 0 Godt what joy that thot And now this blush hlas told!—iMy go aroundi. 1 ^ , 'gentleman's grade'.••••For the ; ecke is making a splendid prooress. poor bnain gropes. implies! most men haVe aCqU d The orchestra is preparing select T H t C O N F E R E N C E ' A t CHICAGO. M !If Half-mad, to grasp it all,—you love! these as new faults in college. The n-umbers which will be rendered Dec. J you love! —Xezex delivers his One year agone, and all m/y sweetest , < . L! IL ill i . • • • . ' i v. i j • iiboy boy that 1 emters a college that is 19 when Prof. Ott T 1 ! f,,u4rhr^ ^ S " l ? fairly f r e e of such blasting ideas will the report of the resolutions of the ^ develop these delinquencie5 stu d e n t C^nve^tion held m Chicago omllly M e < i he{oTe he on N t k ' l S and 14, as regards the "WT J Ajros-Limi^io^ qorierewe. Its . W l h a t t h e C o i l e g e S are purpose in puJolishmg it is to bring ... „ 1 it to the ^.ttentionjpf the student-body ' T "i ' • • at Pope. Any student who is interest FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS. ed in the Conference a t Washington —and every Hoipeite certainly is— . . ,. should be i n t e r r e d in this expre.T t o ad^ertB.ng .s ent.rely unsol.csion of the sentiments of nearly 250 ited. It is purely t e s eme o tolje^es and uuiversities in this re- something which seems to deserve '4 »V •Hitlorf or Crooks Tube r gard.: . - i lavoralble coanment and attentiion. . 4 / ' i ' : . . . . i. U J 0 „ J sJ The resoUftions drawn up by this rrhe Christmas season is a t nana ana *•. '.t Studemt Oon|fejenceareipmisewrthyy every student is busy with a gift list, yi an expression $f tJ|e opposition of g i U t besides the friends and relatives the nation's slt^deut^y to a mad com- i j ^ e d for a gift there is always a petitjon amorna the nations f o r ^ u p r c ^ost of acquainitances with whom one IR James Mackenzie Davidson visited Professor Roentgen to find macy jn aCTpfem.en!ts, in regard to exchanges cards bearing the season 's the national student organization,. This year there is someout how he discovered the X-rays. formed, as a. result of resoluT thing new available for Hope stuRoentgen had covered a vacuum tube, called a Hittorf or Crookes tions, as much .cannot be said. Undents. There are Christmas cards tuhc, with black paper so as to cut off all its light. About ffur yards seems .that a national organization of i n s j ^ h envelopes wh'ich have the away was a piecc of cardboard coated with a fluorescent compound. students should have a more compre- ^ i of Hope College engraved in on? He turned on the current in the tube. The cardboard glowed brightly. hensive () platfoiTm than that put for- corner. The seal is a clever, original wa^d by this Chicago Conference v ]it t ouch added to the cards which arcSir James asked him: "What did you think?" should no-t be designed merely to y artistic. The Hope Text Book meet one international crisis that has Agency has s h o w n itsprogressive spir"I didn't think, I investigated," said Roentgen. He wanted to already arisen, bin should l e able to it by putting them on sale f o r the 'know what made the cardboard glow. Cnly planned experiments brin^ its influence to bear on any students. Taey are a bargain too. •could give the answer. We all know the practical result. Thousands important natioflfl situation that ^ e p r i C e is five cents whereas simiof lives are saved by surgeons who use the X-rays. may ^rise.' In that way the collepata i [ a r ciar dis retail for ten or fifteen .^ body.copty become a factor in our CenAs in otSer stores. The agency is Later on, one of the scientists in the Research Laboratory of the political,1 life. To be sure, the matter t , 0 t making money on this sale; ti.ioy (General Electric Company became interested in a certain phenomenon of arniKrlinvitation Is no trival affair, a r e dbing it for Hope. Wouldn't it sometimes observed in incandescent lamps. Others had observed it, but it is only one of a number of fae a good idea to send tlicse to your but he, like Roentgen, investigated. The^ result was the discovery questions in which the students aro friends at other schools? Buy so^v of new laws governing electrical conduction in high vacuum. interested; and an organization that and adveiltiise your college! Besides will be able to give expression to y o u w i n ibe startiirg something new Another scientist in the same laboratory saw that on the basis of those s t u ^ n t ' opinion in all of its major iaTWi w h o doesn't like to be an originnew laws he could build a new tube for producing X-rays more effecv " phases can be more confident of per- a t o r o^ a novel idea * Be sure to get tively. This was the Coolidge X-ray tube which marked the greatest •v mancy of-in^uenc^ than one that kt^ yours early before the supply is ex-' advance in the X-ray art since the original discovery by Roentgen. tempts merely, to give , i t expression hausted. —GThus, scientific investigation of a strange phenomenon led to the in on^j^n^^paxid to" give: a tardy ex4 • — >•{ ledd discovery of a new art, and scientific investigation of another strange pression at that! Y. M. C. A. • v m phenomenon led to the greatest improvement in that art. \ (' • j I 1 triflets dlay wai

Is Your Business



How Were X'Rays Discovered?





J ji

, »a• •


A bright a f t e r m a t h of the week of ' atooh • 17 '.fij oi WHO OUGHT TO GO TO COLLEGE It is for such reasons that the Research Laboratories of the General TjVjfl "."ii rfMlil l.'i. infi ti'iii fl ' i 'fO'l prayer was enjoyed by our Y men ,.il ium , ' all sbna Electric Company are continually investigating, continually exploring OJJ- 1 Before the war the answer was two weeks ago when Dick Blocker led T , ; the unknown. It is new knowledge that is sought. But practical all-^uffl^oenit,; Anyone who can pas^ the meeting with this subject, "The We learned that results follow in en endless stream, and in many unexpected w a y s . the eprtr^Mf'eKa(rtliha^tidi)s;', but this Second Touch." 1 •democitat/ic fowmuJa is no-lonirer ad3- there is- ft seCortd touch and a third v > ..V t • vtyvAJ..< // : quatp |tpi •tjte of 'the- conrmiltee and fourth and fifth. * To t h e new "I on admission r with several applica- men the weelc of prayer may toive .nnc tion^; ^nfj bianidf6« e v e r y !va(/aney'to meant a greet deal, but to the old •J fill. ?9?.i/orf sdi ni f.'Syloin^ odv/ bn men it should have meant just as os n o 88V i I 1..IIP OHO lli,0 97r0i> Hhp jq^rtlegtefeiihold fa sltrateiric fKlsi^' much, and more. Christ's first "toilth ScheDCctady, N. Y. G e n e r a l OUco made the blind man see, b u t he knew *>?/)((o' I'lK t i o n / j ^ , this rejgard t h a t t h e n e v e r I ofnuB • (C s'au'l no bouniJnoO) beifore, ( ft|lf0yed^TJThlat college presi- not what)lie iskiv;- ilt toofc' a secthd dents are taking advantage of the touch and then he knew what he situation to Clear their halls of the saw and appreciated Him who opened



1•>1 "• »M/l)n .

0• .a-gohmlO

"""" "V™' ' r ~





P A Q P , 1 ^ ^ ,;,


Aiherioa, too, has her literary haahmakera. \ have in'(mind an order of hash that you cannot help but relish, typi-v caRy Amerioan hash* flavored witJi iii anifll oua* own history and politicB, and thorouglhly spioed with tihe fascinatLITERARY HASH. Perhaps you prefer your food like inig personality of a noitable Aimeria gailor doea his driTiikS—straigiht; can. Prof. Wiehers has termed ilt the My mother once Hold m e ~ a n d 1 and too much mixing tendb to upset ,T T > 0 nie consider her an excellent cooik—that you* mental eyuilibrium,—well, be it " ? f ^ piro^,u,ce(1 hash i s n t made; it adcuonulajtes; and so, yoirr literary appreciation is ne^ • r e l s nw>re o ever thereafter I considered it a cessarily limited, for in tihe proper .1° • a n ^ en (t , h f D siasni in is c cheap food, to be relished only /by mixing of one's ingrediients lies the L , .. ^ " f j0 »» 0I 0 eriT, a 1 an unfcultu red palate, and •then not secret of the succssful stylist as well,..**. ?. y y® y a a U really relished, but merely allowed^- as of the suceeeaful ciherf. Arul Lamib ' ^ J ^?" a man hl3 Perhaps I considered it cheap be- was an artful m i x e r , - h i s formulae ^ ^ 1 30,00 ly ciuse of its contrast Witlh money, seem impromptu, but there is art .1^ ^ a r aS which doesn't accoamulate (as f a r as behind that seeming. And yet, com- ? ^ ^ s uc, ces8 goes, an tihen e I ani comcemed, at least), or perhaps pletely analysed, his formulae were f , .' 0U n 1 e uc,a lon it was merely one of those unac- one and sfimple: take wfhat was left , L a ^ ar Ure 0 countable and yet inorisiteinlt dislikes over from brealkfast and dfinner, the !. u ^ \ I* ? oetonian, 1 6 a! oun to which we are all naturally suibjeot. crumbs and bits of food that the T ^ If . f ^ ^ ^ of two nierioa resi n 3 Anyway, sinice that time Hash and I guests have neglected, add a little of " ^ ^a ^ure have never agreed,—I ignored it the milk of kindly philosophy and un- 2.5 Pr0 rnu e U U e U completely whenever I found it on derstandinig, gake slowly to a rich S i r e ' . 3 'T , ^ tihose P 0 1Se n the -bill-of-fare (printed thereon, 1 brown in your mental oven, and serve r ^ V ^ 0 8 e iy mean), and it generally got even by while still warm. And his hash is per^emen s ^ J ' ye a n i f co u 00 exerting some occult inffuence over fact! Go t(hou an^l make some like , | ' hacil: 0Ver 8 ct,<)T1 the gentleman beside me, prompting unto it, aoid I ungrudgingly accord * ^or him to order it, and hoping thereby, thee a place among the immortals! VVa! 1 isc-onltent of a 8 er I presume to make me strongly Thou hast the recipe and the matter- ^ . . ° 1 dlnvin19C<) a t was a aware of its invincibility. That, how- ials,—go then and produce! But f i . ^^ !\1, ' r ever, merely conviniced me of its wait—thoukno west the recipe and the ^ j .... 8 6 1 W m cheapness—this insistently insinuat- materials, but kniowest thou, too, the J? . P . ' ® . ® a n to ing quailitiy that it has—and made proper temperature of the oven? Yes, ^ ^ 1Sa 10 S 0 me relegate its memory forever to there's the rub! Who knows with n i ** . . ^ ' " ^ ^ €r ou n that oibsc^ure corner of my mind what heat, or with what mild glow, i J ^ T .. ® y fi d a 1 Sl0, ) y 0 r e where are contained all unpleasant those crumbs of life passed thru the ^ ^ 'nce o . [ ! ' 'J ^^0I1» reminiscences. mfind of Lamb? Gentle, kindly Lamb! ° f ^ ^ fchat So much f o r .hash—culinary hasdi^— And yet at times locked up in a mad- a j ^ i n a ' c o m p l e x i t y an inltongilf has a la leftovers, if you p l e a s e , - house, frantically insane! Sane T , 1 Z .. , » • . j• . , j , , . understand'ahle, at least more sacred rt may it never be my fate to dine in 0agair, he smiles and laaighs, and ttfw a n ( j the household here it acicumulalbeith. world smiles with him,—a betlter, r + T i U 0 n0 C1 <)0S,e yOUT But there is another kind of hash kindilier world because of his smUling F "f . ^aS^ - s o nearly related are our likes and and laughing. [Z { * . T ' ^ !! ^ ^ y0U <>r u rse dislikes—that is for me the most deAnd there ,is Carlyle! That eccen- ^ 'f. " ^ ' • joy lightful of foods. When other foods trie old Dyspeptic has prepared for iscovery ever ma es a oik more have lost their savour, and I'm weary for you an order of hash that you ' 8 0 1 ' i n y o u ^ ^ lT1 ^' y011 111,011 with much eaiting, I fall to it with a may ni'bjble at for years, and still find i ^ 0 ^iat y0U a w a y lcm your lustful joy of a true epicure. It con- it as fresh as when you began. He 8 ^ :or y» o r * 4.u « |•« .i i i j xi.* ^ ii i i. , essay, or sermon, or whatever it m'av tains for me the essence of life, the looked at has fellowman and found a . K f * of I'f 8 undescribaJble satdsfaction of a whole bit of the eternal in the covering he ' ^ i ^ • a. .L € C a S e r . ^ ^ Jumut of tastes tihat other foods have had prepared against his nakedness. s e e < J n j n ^ ^ i n n&l1 e something that fiailed even to arouse. I have in mind Others had seen clothes, h)ad worn ' ^ ® s u r e you ve stumibled 0 e a l t i ,or Literary Hash, the odds and ends of them, handled them every day, but • ! - f " ^mse^» human experience as told by some it took a coarse, ruggied old demi- a p p l y I n e ^ w ® v ^ n l n is uork. You human who has really lived and found g)od like Oarlyle to find in them a ^ J / it is merely a both somxw and joy in living. One philosophy. Sartor Resartus! Patch- * ^ i. • ^ ousy chosen


finds it not in the week's best sellers, nor openly ddsplayed on the fly-leaf under its proper name, but hidden in the unseiaiiched-out corners of literature. Here one finds it in the form , , , of a humorous essay, humorous because it nibbles playfully at the etemail seriousness of life; and here in greater volume in a masterful auto biography, a fascdnlating nlarration of all tihat life 'has meant, all that life has worthwlhile, all that he had hoped that Idfe would bring, by a m!an who had truly lived Ms life, and was begdiming to u n d e r s t a n d - t o onderstand, not tlhe Why 0 r the Wherefore, but the simple grandeur of it all Literary Hash! The little odds and ends of human experience that when found in our reading make life just a bit more undersltandaible! It is hash because it has not set composition, or,—well, just because it accumulates. Like the days of one's life it slowly grows into a rounded whole that is complete in its formlessneas and unbounded in its variety; and when some master thanflcer withdraws dt from his mind with all its native freshness and newness, there is presented to you the supreme order of hash,—mere life, condensed life, witV-all its fascinating variety and

es repfcitched! What can it be but hash, literary hash, leftovers that were cumlbring up that clear-seeini? miind, and had to be removed, done away with? m « . . , . i . /* See ham sit there by his fireplace of evenings, pondering over a clothesphilosophy as ruggedly incoherent as hamiself. He knows not where to begin—there is too much—he has countless things, worth-while things, to say, but they are merely a jumble in his mind. The reading public dedands are ordered correlated whole f * has not an appetite for W a s h how thrust upon it this manifold and gligantic philosophy of clothes? Somehow there arises in that crudely imaginative mind the picture of Herr Teufelsdrockh and Ms paper bags. The problem is solved1! The public will eat hash when told that someone else has made it over, and that you have merely tried your best to unmake it! Patchec repatched! Exquisite hash compoundled of gleanings from the Eternal! And hat is his recipe? He had none: God made it when he made Carlyle, and then destroyed the formula: it is Oarlyle himself. With a deep, earnest sincerity, everla?tingly goaded on by an unflagging


x e a l f o r ialboi-, he shrikes mercilessiy at all a ham and hypocriey. He gives no quarter there! And in that mood he prepares his h a A ^ c r u m b s and ineat of life balced in the fierce glow of an intense and serious sincerity, the volcanic heat of an utmost conv*faon. Spaced with a pemliar flavor of his personality it Is a dish f o r the g o * , the imperishable pmduct of a gemus mad with reality. Canst thou

?"n i n l ^ f ' p u I T v., I constder Char es Lambs essays to be about as delightful an order of h a * as one oouM des.re. There is i pkyfubieBs and wit wise foolishness, philosopfby or fo«lish wiseness, kindly irwinu^on and a fund of quaint thinkirtg abounding in all of tfiem. One sits down to him with an appetite and arises ith a s m i l e ^ h r u some M wizardry the wnrikles in one's

i T J ^ f 6 6 " ^ ^ t0 ^ehaflpyarrttewnnkleson one's face.


vwrth ^whiile^


their National numlber a Regional Chairman. e. Tihe five regional chairmen shall constitute the National Admiindstrative Committee f. The National Administrtative Committee shall appoint a National Chairman, not one of their own rnumJber ,to serve as .the National Executive officer. g. Tlhe National Adlmimstrar tive Committee shall appoint an honorary National Chairman/ Finance: Section 5—The expenses of the State, Regional a^nd NlItioMl b r a n c h es of the organization shall be defrayed by a s s e n t s on the colleges which shll be based on their enroll nient; and by such contributions from otfher sources a s may be forth coming The fumte shall be collected and administered by the National Committee Section 6 _ T h i s plan of oraHmation shall go into effect invTditely


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....Some kind friend sent in another verse to t/he poem. Here it is:— T'hey stood on the bridge at midniglnt. He wondered what ailed his tasite; Like a lilting loon, laughed the moon, Fool! "cheery lips?"—red paste!


During a discoission at the dinner taible one day, Ann De Cook said that she was having more fun this year than any other since she came to college, wihile Freda Heotland said bhat she was having less fun than in any other yar. Whioh all caused us to come to a pretty definite idea as to the relations between "engagements" and happiness.



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